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welcome everyone to this July 17th edition of what's happening in crypto with the cryptolocker broadcasting to you from New Zealand and bringing you all of the latest from the crypto world and beyond today's top stories bullish news from coinbase Blackrock looking to get into crypto and Bitcoin is to blame for Russia's election meddling in the United States Bitcoin 6700 $16 up five point three seven percent in the last 24 hours we've had a raft of bullish news coming through bullish news like this a couple of days ago coinbase announcing they are exploring adding Cardno basic attention token stellar lumens z cash and 0x very exciting for all those coins to potentially be added to coin base for Fiat pairings and this is what the ripple offices looked like in reaction to that o the salt the salt although that being said a much more recent announcement coinbase says it has the green light to list coins deemed as securities part of the reason why XRP was probably not on that initial list of five coins is that there is a conversation going on whether or not XRP is indeed a security and if it is a security that's problematic but with this coin base may indeed be able to list X RP as well as a host of other digital currencies coinbase got the green light from US watchdogs to move forward with a trio of acquisitions that will allow to become one of the first federally regulated venues for trading digital coins deemed to be securities that is massive news for coinbase and great news for the crypto currency markets overall hedge fund billionaire Stephen Cohen is getting into crypto now he has invested with Arianna Simpsons autonomous partners venture capital fund but that is a really great move to see people like this really giving it a nod saying I'm in I want to get into the crypto thing Peter teal and Jehan woo both investing in block 1 because apparently block 1 needed some more money after raising four billion dollars but hey keep it real I'm not surprised that we are seeing more investments going into block 1 and I'm sure that we will see more investments moving there in the future news that has got everyone excited Blackrock the world's largest ETF manager is looking to get in to Bitcoin Bitcoin went up quite a bit just on the news that this may indeed be happening this would be a massive nod to Bitcoin saying we're serious about it we want to get this going we want the etf of course you have to realize though that the etf does carry some baggage with it when we invite institutional money in they are gonna bring all of their institutional tricks along with them in response to this news the CEO of Blackrock had this to say that a crypto currency capability no I mean we're looking at it so he came out and said no we're not really looking to buy crypto currency we don't really see a big demand for it I honestly feel like this is they are planning it but they don't really want to say very much about yet or they might feel a bit legally hand-tied about saying a lot about it yet but this has been a lot of bullish news add on to that that bitpay has received their bit license from the New York Department of Financial Services and I feel like it's definitely given that sense way where we're looking towards the markets pumping everything seems to be lining up from beach it certainly is a good time to be a cryptocurrency Hodler without a doubt even though we have been through some rough times and there will be more rough times ahead and this we are far from being out of the woods without a doubt but I am always encouraged to see such a great raft of bullish news on to Russia Russian spies used Bitcoin to hack the u.s. 2016 election says the Department of Justice Russian intelligence agents used Bitcoin to pay for crucial elements of a campaign to sway the 2016 election according to a federal indictment released today they allegedly longer than ninety five thousand dollars in total through Bitcoin ninety five thousand dollars that's not a lot of money at all is it I know it's a lot of money for a lot of people when you're talking about a government that has billions and an election where billions in advertising were spent ninety five thousand dollars is a drop why would you even mention this blame it on Bitcoin once again we see that coming through anything possible to slander Russia and anything possible to slander Bitcoin of course the Trump Putin meeting has been happening and a lot of negative reaction has come out of that the House Speaker Paul Ryan saying the president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally there is no moral equivalence between the United States and Russia which remains hostile to our most basic values and ideals the United States must be focused on holding accountable in putting an end to its vile attacks on democracy great great well said Paul Ryan I'm sure that that was exactly what they did to Benjamin Netanyahu when he meddled in the 2012 elections and I'm sure of course that America wouldn't be getting caught in a situation of the pot calling the kettle black where they themselves have been funding for example oh right the National Endowment for democracy over in Russia 6.8 million dollars in 26 team it's not bitcoins fault it is not the fact that they mention Bitcoin is such a joke you know whose fault it is it's the fault of the CIA it's the fault of the Russian intelligence services it's all these guys they're playing a political game to come in and say oh but Bitcoin though come on come on guys that's ridiculous and how much did it cost to overthrow American democracy apparently 1.25 million dollars a month of facebook ads was all it took to overthrow American democracy that's cheap that is cheap I'm surprised how cheap it was – obviously I don't think that this is actually the case but if it really was the case if it only cost 1.25 million dollars in facebook ads a month to overthrow the American elections that's a pretty weak democratic process but I have a theory here if we can all put in a theory immortal in and we can get somebody who is going to pump the cryptocurrency markets in the next election now who could we put up for election boom beach on to a lighter hearted story major league baseball is going crypto baseball wait what yeah actually this is going to be a situation of the major league baseball issuing out digital tokens representing baseball players basically baseball cards on the blockchain this makes a great example for why something like the Eco me wallet when it comes out is gonna be really popular because you'll be able to see a digital hologram of your little baseball player for those who are into baseball of course but that is massive that could actually bring a lot of people into crypto their first cryptocurrency experience may actually be owning a crypto baseball card cool the United States ranks as the most favorable country for icos according to a recent report wow that's really great we know that San Francisco has been a real hotbed of ICO innovation and a blockchain innovation so many big companies are based out there so I'm not surprised to see this of course the great irony here is that when American investors ask to get into an IC o—- this is the response from the SCC no and finally I wanted to share this piece of awesome art with you guys this has been sent through by crypto numbnuts thank you so much for taking the time to do this this is absolutely awesome this is of course the new crypto lark intro with the Hermit from the Led Zeppelin album over there on the side absolutely awesome piece of artwork my friends so well done for putting that together and a final reminder for everyone if you want to be in to win some limited edition crypto lark t-shirts get over to Twitter and hit the retweet button there'll be a link down below thanks so much for watching today's episode let me know what you think about any of today's news stories in the comment section down below thumbs up the video share these videos around the internet to help our community grow join the conversation over on Twitter long live the blockchain and be south till next time

34 thoughts on “BTC Bull Run? Russia Buys Trump – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News”

  1. Wasn't gonna watch your video based on the title. But then I remembered, you are the Lark! Great video and I'm glad you see the truth behind the Russia meddling political scam.

  2. Ok a valid link to the original Christian Science Monitor piece is in the description. You don’t even have to use my internet archive link to see that it is about Netanyahu intervening to help the Republican candidate Romney.

  3. Here is the internet archive of the Christian Science Monitor piece: Read it for yourself. Not only is Crypto Lark lying to you about what it says, he is lying to help a man who has forcibly taken 3,000 babies and children from their parents and locked them in cages where they remain today. He is lying to help a man who has deliberately withdraw rescuers from Puerto Rico leaving thousands to die.

  4. Netanyahu and Obama were very hostile to each other. Netanyahu was for Romney. It even says so in the piece you misrepresented. You are peddling total BS. Bye I don’t subscribe to BSers.

  5. No blame for Facebook or Twitter???…….? No blame for partisan politics????…..? No blame for disinformation, rhetoric and propaganda???…..? NAAAAA!!! It's BITCOINS FAULT!! =D

  6. This is a double edge sor; we want xrp to be a security because else it would be a scape goat for Ripple and we have no use of XRP if it is not supported and used by banks like Ripple made us believe. And in the other hand XRP would be taxed or something I don't know if it is deam a security. But it is a project we paid for hopping to profit. We did not donated for nothing like RIPPLE says we did. People really can't tell from a scam and that is why BTC was planed. So people want so bad for xrp to work that are closing their eyes to the fraudulent activity we all have being victims of.

  7. BlackRock CEO is lying.  It's evident in his eye movement and head gesture—  says he's lying.   Big big tell.

  8. come on Lark, it did not cost 1.25m/mo. it is just the FB ads  pointing to websites, news articles, videos. Ads was also on  Google, YouTube, just about everywhere. Also the ads where targeting worldwide in every democratic country I know of.

  9. Ummmm… no… lol. Classic. I’m loading up more bitcoin just cause it’s obvious these etfs will be coming sooner rather then later.

  10. Hey Lark! Love the content! Was curious if you would ever do a video that focuses on the problems with traditional banking. I think one of the biggest problems with crypto interest/adoption is that people are not aware of the severe issues with the current systems. They don't know how bad it really is so they see no reason to transition. I just spent a week trying to get 72 dollars back from my bank and understand "returned item fees". I didn't get my money back and I got NO RATIONAL explanation for why these fees exist. After all my research, Its so clear to me now that its just a predatory practice. Just one of many. Keep up the awesome content!

  11. Lark … I like You , but do not look down on the degree of bulshit game Russia is playing. Being in Central Europe … their bullshiting is much more toxic than the one of US or any other agenda.

  12. If Russia really meddled in our election then so what? We were given 2 shitty presidential candidates to vote on, I would of voted for Bernie Sanders! Instead Hillary Clinton cheated and stole the democratic nomination, then it was down to 2 choices, either a very shady old hag or trump. And you all know how that turned out

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