Brock Pierce Interview – EOS, Bitcoin, Puerto Rico, Dan Larimer, Blockchain & More

yes guys welcome back to the channel
look who we have here mr. Brock piers I managed to chase him down on talking to
a second key for months obviously prop travels a lot so it’s really Sid now you
obviously this channel with ten days earlier and all voices probably thinking
he was going to go desert but now we’ve got four days on sir bring the eos back
to the game so I just obviously everybody knows he props but I just
thought a lot of guys that I see on my channel just a quick intro beam what’s
up what we’ve been up to oh we sucked everything in anything I
definitely keep myself busy yeah but yeah clad to be here this has been an
exciting day I think probably the most interesting crypto pal there’s ever been
mmm I mean the the panel had dr. doom the nori I’ll repeat right that crane
right Tony Bay so I mean it was a Bobby Lee I mean they sell super moves yeah
definitely an interesting battle exciting very heated there’s no
information I am using a shit coin here you call this a shit coin that’s not your money okay don’t bring up shit coin
if I don’t bring up it’s in Bob Wade all yesterday’s are perfectly fine really
second super Sam of shit guy I don’t hire them is and I don’t support shit
coins yes you do you support you smart shit very odd I
been a fun day always happy to be back including London yeah it was gonna say
it was so pretty the camera button one feature in the interview and your face
when they were arguing what’s that bro oh my god but yeah your your face in the
middle of those two you was like no I’m like it was like the European banker
they turn these during each other’s yeah I’ve seen them the gloves come off but
in a conference call but I thought the first question so this is like not be
your space but I think is for you so you recently bought any I think it’s gonna
mean something shirts in the Netherlands many of us and you use next so the
funder think I’m wrong you can tell me but now it was it wasn’t a Masonic
church it was an illegal Catholic German built in 1746 when the prices had pushed
out the Spanish and so there was a continent filled with widows that at all
agreed never to remarry so widows for life and they asked for
permission to be able to build this captain Chapel and yeah kind of hard to
say no to a group of widows you know just asking to build a chapel for
themselves and so busy illegal Catholic Church was permitted it hadn’t set back
far from the street and if there’s only a lot of minimal signage the front door
is God and they’ve got a coin – man Wow what was the many bulldozed if I’m a big
but you know next og but the big question is kinda like is this the
future of what you think how lending will be for like pizza I wanted to test
something else there’s a lot of people that are crypto rich but cash poor and
you know I keep young people that come to me for yourselves real estate you
know I’ll take it I hope well most people don’t want to sell their crypto I
said if you want to you know to sell real estate for crypto
you need to do it with a financial product a product that allows them to
basically borrow against their crypto because most people want to keep their
crypto outside but they’d like to get access to dollars as oh I love these
types of platforms like next so Celsius etc where you know you might be
double collateralized but you can take a million no script L can get half a
million dollar really and so I wanted to go experiment with it how does the
experience we did with it I mean it works you know crepes I would like to
get one look yeah I want to show the bullying of it because well you have to
live crypto rich but catch for example they don’t want to sell you’re right dog
yeah like gold okay so I wanted to go to play around and show people that there’s
this opportunity and you know teach real estate people that this is you know I
was cool problem like I needed Amsterdam like job I actually never stayed there
since I’m like no but my friends in Malaysia subpoenaed tear that my friends
passing through bathroom actually uh Craig sellers is staying there right now
oh really but in the show yeah that’s coming out
like well that way time someone fastest tarantula and it’s a pretty little gem
quality Boyer yeah okay that’s pre woman so it doesn’t do much so that’s the what
he’ll obviously this is I have you live in a Masonic Temple important okay guy
that’s what was missing from that’s the what poor it good one minute because
obviously uh he didn’t legend stuff man I see yeah because obviously there’s no
tax and stuff low I’m thinking about moving as well see like make Portugal a
little monkey if anywhere is but what do you see like crypto rich people and said
do you think like in the future is going to be more we’re gonna move to
governments which are friendlies whispered to you yeah I mean that’s what
we’re seeing around the world its regulatory Harbor trains and governments
have been engaged in this practice for a very long time we’re in London right now
so what it one didn’t do I mean how did London become London
what are they already but you know what did they do
if you lived in London you paid no tax another lived anywhere else in England
you have to be interesting with them that’s how they created in Asia
government’s use economic incentives to dry to the bay this has been being done
for a very long time maybe through Moseley yet most people don’t know that
origin but the reason why London end up is all this concentration of
intellectual capital and social capital and financial capital was done with an
economic incentive and so for Rico you’re an American
America the United States taxes us our worldwide income as an American if you
moved in for Rico you can face euro capital gains tax and
4% for ordinary income tax using what’s called a twenty to enact twenty and so
as an American it’s kind of a no-brainer yeah you know 340 days or something like
you know it’s it’s paradises room yeah it’s the dream and over 2,000 people at
move a minute last couple of years and yeah it’s not just for Rico this is
always worth doing the Florida Mall Singapore governments are competing for
intellectual capital you know it’s what’s happening is that
we’re moving in some aspects you know we’re experiencing globalization and if
you as a nation or as a government you know want to attract intellectual
capital social capital financial capital do you do that with the tools to gap and
tax incentives have been one of them we look at the movie industry the
entertainment industry films since movies only in places where local
government has created tax incentives yeah plus not know close got most of the
movie industry keeps leaning Hollywood own obviously cuz its headquarter there
there’s still some of it but right now it’s info Rico there’s a forty
governments like rachelandtodd Canada you know again a tax incentives have
been one of the main tools that local governments have been using for a very
long time to stimulate markets is this entertainment because like we’ve over
the finance of you for like the west and now it’s like movies main third no third
Lofton coming emoji market didn’t let they want this huge King and Yap in the
next twenty years yeah but these monkeys Leslie more how
maybe I don’t know but yeah what we’re going through the fourth Industrial
Revolution and when when the dust settles you know and the chips all fall
where they may yeah female just review be very
different yeah you know the reason why you know
being cities and big economies are they are is because they were beneficiaries
with major changes in the past and when I realized through the fourth Industrial
Revolution where detectives reach on London may not have everything on the
map yeah what it is doing a good job as a
financial hub in attracting blockchain and fin tech company which means a lot
and property has a future right now the United States and I’m an American is the
one I worry about because we have a we’re undergoing a massive
rangering you know the best and the brightest entrepreneurs and
technologists that are creating the new you know sort of system in the future
are leaving the United States and droves because of regulatory uncertainty we
could end up being third world yeah because we’re losing your life you know
how are you getting cooler so what if you’re not a participant in the change
imagine so like America’s been a big beneficiary of you know kind of
technology those World War two no onions and yeah if the internet was invented in
Russia or China if the credit card had been invented in Russia tornado America
has been the beneficiary and right now we’re going to look bigger technological
transformation than any of those and right now governments are independents
massive amounts of money to go build things in their country because the most
governments around the world haven’t recognized if you’re not a part of this
transition you don’t have much of the commune and so I’m an American and so
I’m spending as much time as I possibly can
educating our local and federal government as to the importance of this
because I want America to stay on the map you know I want my I want you know
America is a state that’s my home life here yeah believe you know my family’s
been in the United States since minute world country the only pain group will
briefing them myself one of my ancestors was like captain the
Mayflower or its movement we’re very we were here earliest people to leave well
yeah because they might have problems we were English
lived in England with them the family tree to go really fought yeah they’ve
done it again there may be other than by I know exactly at least didn’t certain
pieces of it over 2,000 years super interesting then but yeah there’s
something is trying to deal so so basically now seriously like if he
obviously making better deals you’re a boat
use your proxy lessons they sent you to the government’s logical heels but it
doesn’t stop or Jesus talking here I mean I mean defaulted people to the
government about Evie the purple you’ll see also software yeah I try to talk
about everything I try not to be a maximalist or biased I try to maintain
open mind and an open heart I obviously my especially sensitive you know too
overly promoting heels mmm because I’m overly associate and I
want to make sure that I stay chain agnostic to the best of my abilities
obviously you can’t there’s all be some degree of bias tickets through and eNOS
is obviously gotten more than its fair share of my mind share and time involved
okay very involved but I always want to make sure how many things aetherium a
big points poor I don’t know what you know is going to positively make the
world a better place and therefore I believe in supporting everything but I’m
obviously a huge fan but I like to always state that yeah not make sort of
musician yeah no I talk to great table bat shells no I’m good you know these
are the bushings and stuff of the movie before the sand sea wave of Boise a huge
news the massive possibility fall would
happen to telegram blast yeah you know next time they office it exactly yeah well we might see a lot more of what’s
happening to telegram so a lot of people like old this SEC
outcome for block one is going to be great for the whole industry I’m not
sure because block one is in a very unique situation they blocked the US
again as an American if P I mean I’m pretty sure I’m the person that said was
block America because before he knows had even been conceived or block one and
even started I was telling people to block because I love I love my country I
mean my family is you know old school yeah and I I just don’t think America is
the greatest country in the world you know we have our flaws but you know
back to the worst insults right yeah you know America’s had Alice’s World War two
new comfortable intestine right yeah that would not be true of every other
nation that may be given that same level of power and it’s basically to do the
thought against but and there’s all lack of a bunch of things and we all have
this there’s plenty of thinking you can criticisms I can make as well but I it
was very very painful to save a lot of the United States but it’s because of
you know a lack of regulatory clarity you know the United States represents
ninety nine for some of the risk and less than ten percent of the resources
so you know if you’re a trader that’s called it that’s a trade that did all
they always adult to do that and so the reason black one I believe has had such
a great outcome as it relates noon the FCC is because a lot of us and these the
only only thing is the only moments it’s gonna get the only big corporation right
outlook on idea is going to get off to CC yes it was it truly did blocking on
stays the confiscate and song is that it is all America some Americans got
through but it’s said the doctor gets you here in American we reserve the
right to not using your tokens but not gonna be able there’s I mean a lot one
did it that the mini block one handle that better than anyone
therefore they cut the best outcome and you know again I hope I hope the SEC and
regulators are well I think they also against but what is because I said that
was going to be a moment others well there’s no that for jobless regulators
and the reality is lots of people are being ripped off there are lots of scams
I mean the reality is there’s a lot of bad stuff going on you know yeah we’re
bad on a regulator was their job let’s let me know though that their job is to
protect consumers right and to prevent things like terrorism and you know stuff
like that injury and so when you put yourself in that perspective you know
it’s understandable and yes there are a lot of bad actors out there there are a
lot of people committing scams so what I call you know is that the regulator’s
take a soft a program to those people are trying to do things right right
they’re making efforts to do things right dude
yeah I put one of them in comfortable yeah I enjoy hope that they’re lenient
on the others but look what happened – telegram rescue Timothy but what is it
October 15th but we did all this opens to the investors and if it doesn’t
happen they have to reimburse the people so that one point something it might
even though the only might be funding awaits pianist collisional yeah this
might be the end Jimmy that’s good for him a telegram service but yeah it is
not going for is he well I was telegram at this point
I tell you throw in the towel and then his folks I’m putting my existing
chapters this is not worth interesting you know so we’re about to find
themselves in a little legal issue where they have to return all the money if
they don’t return all the money nothing to be fighting class-action lawsuits
students from everyone right and then that they can claim was all forms of
course Monsieur an act of God but I’m not sure that’s a legitimate claim under
mmm because it’s not an act to God you failed to be compliant you failed the
doctor eyes brush your teeth than the absolute law firms but they also it was
an investment did more importantly the most of the Americans that invested in
telegram the ground with the ton offering a syndicate and then they were
breaking all the rules breaking law handing it off and selling it marketing
it on there and I mean that that I feel one of the most on compliant I’ve ever
seen I mean if I literally it was a frenzy of people reselling and they did
a ring the offering which means that if you do that they have to hold it for a
year it was a free-for-all and everyone was flipping in a secondary market I
mean it’s it was a disaster and I’m glad I can put one dollar yeah no yeah
nothing like you know I predicted homes might happen
yeah I think I read some stuff but telegram these are huge fan of the
service I think again I’m a big telegram but yeah this is where the regulator’s
want to make a statement especially the biggest you know players I think the
lesson was lot one things as well as one possible cook and
I think what we’re seeing yours you know what television is not good
enough say anything they did not be good enough which is scary because that’s
true of a lot of other large don’t get it right then you know this one yeah and
this was a sense of the emergency I mean the reason why he has to see did it now
just because those tokens issue there’s no putting the cat only movie needs you
know I tell them that doesn’t release it oh my god massacres you know it still
might be it’s for the American investors that we’re syndicating and flipping
their positions violation of securities law then it’s gonna be lost it’s very
much way a telegram it’s a scary though the left-wing is a mastermind to use
video both and if the longshoremen huge news is huge gives news that block one
and it’s totally with the FCC I think that was huge deal the Americans he
hosted saw in terms of usage dad’s other things all great data there but there is
one thing very Mormon yeah what do you guys not it’s not
anything not every day I don’t yeah you know a majority the vast majority of the
top when the black producers are Chinese to some extent right these are this is
you know the main concern that you have is the system being captured and right
now we are you know people criticize videos being centralized or the system
being captured and to a degree that right that doesn’t mean it will stay
that way hmm but it means we have work to do and
I’m very worried about the future reveals right now because if we don’t
start to resolve these issues in the coming months you know I mean it’s
there’s great block producers that are now not even in the standby zone
throwing in the towel right now so the mo the biggest contributors to the EOS
ecosystem some of the greatest minds you know are are throwing in the dollar well
though and they’re under quitting and leaving that doesn’t mean they might not
come back you know a bunch of things but we have an emergency this is a this is a
this is a an emergency yeah that we eat – we need to begin addressing this that
means if we don’t address this right now the EOC bus system is going in the wrong
direction I mean why don’t we talk about the underlying governance and we’ll be
talking about the community we are bleeding we are living and we need to we
need to address these issues and I this is a wake-up this is oh this
is a wake-up call now I want us to succeed again I am I
think we are going in the wrong direction right now due to the emergency
so basically down by remote today 1300 this you guys we came up with is you
know the proposal I mean the people we have acidity for devasena yeah okay
sweet what are you framing for on the retail so what do you think about this
when I say emergency clearly you know if you don’t think this is a great house is
great news yet the fact that their government recognizes yeah the problem
yes critical yeah because if dam doesn’t acknowledge the problem damndest is
green that there’s a problem the reality is we’re not going to solve it because
me too much of the helos community relies on them right the community is
not solve a enough of its own issues specifically in Asia you know you know
everyone’s waiting for block one or Dan to say something if the reality is it’s
my belief that block one and Dan wants to see the community organize and solve
issues on its own and we as a community are not doing that we’re sitting around
waiting to be told what to do where’s the solving problems dan is the
man but we can’t rely on one man yeah that fact of centralization we as a
community have to be doing all that weekend because together the
teamwork makes this collective dream life yeah but yes yeah
Indiana stepping in like he is now it’s because we have failed as a community
you know to govern correctly and that you know system design Deaton upgrade
almost at issue but yes it’s like we need to engage if you care about the
long-term success of you you know you need to get engaged you know you need to
be involved in governance you need to be voting so come come alone yes you need
to be voting but now there’s hope I inclusion yeah yeah and that behavior is
winning because too many people are sitting idly about doing their part and
it’s not to say that I’m not criticizing anyone but there’s not enough community
engagement I love it I love the Chinese the Chinese have largely gotten us to
where we are but they have a disproportionate amount of
representation in the ecosystem and the tokens that they have because the rest
of the world is failing to step up and do their part and the Chinese are doing
exactly what they should be doing you know voting for themselves and all the
things but you know the Koreans need to be voting for the Koreans you know the
Europeans need to make sure that they’re being represented you know we need to
make sure that you know we’ve got geographic diversity but that’s because
too many people are sitting around and leaving their tokens and exchanges in
the exchanges have to control the app because too many people are leaving
their money in exchanges and Estonians you know it’s going to even we are
failing so TV is about education so like we need these people themselves well I
think it’s somewhat Dan is talking about heat also changed yes so I agree that we
should probably get away get red block producer hormones yeah well right now
the economic incentive for block producers is what’s causing the
problem let me know when you look at a theory but we don’t have you look any
other blockchain that there are all these people that are willing to support
the network for free because there are other ways to monetize this is going to
be rough for some of the block users but what that means in block producers need
to have other sources of remedy than other Clark so everybody the beginning
was like know from the gluteals thing up the yellow so those three markets right we need to be incentivizing the token
holders I the token holders hmm those are the people we need to be
incentivizing and paying for participation right in sending to
participate envelope we just have oh the signal boy behind you xx I think that
this one is the thought I think this is the right area and you know who pays for
the inflation the traders and the exchanges you extract the value out of
the traders in the exchangers you you compensate the holders you know the
voters because it’s taking them and the way that are staking those are the
people you want to incent scape because right now there’s a
misalignment of interest I think that we probably don’t need to pay a lot reduce
as much because once you take away the economic incentive from block producers
everything goes with everything that we had the problem and you’ll end up with
the the Chios authorities and the best block producers will end up as cop21
and maybe there is some compensation but as a top 21 will our producer also
you’re there for other reasons but the community will likely find other
ways to compensation I believe that again we don’t know and
they don’t need silver bullets this doesn’t need to be the end-all be-all
solution mmm right as long as it’s getting us through this phase of the
problem and then we’ll figure out what new issues be happy you know yeah
through that yeah I mean the nice thing is that eels was designed in a in a way
that he can iterate right mommy I know it can evolve over time that’s the
biggest of all I think the biggest thing for positioning slam of these books the
bias hi yeah if we do not operate the governance I think he’ll suppose that
yeah maybe they’re clones it’s way too much I have no I think that we are
we do not upgrade this governance eos is going to under a block and then under
10 cents I mean I think he owes fails over time if we don’t resolve this
governance issue and I think we have to do that by q1 next year I mean I don’t
think that we have I don’t think me out here or – look I don’t think this can
happen in five weeks either because we gotta get it right and you know but
maybe this is yeah I think there’s a real sense of urgency right now we need
to get this fixed we need to get it fixed fast and we need to do a price it
doesn’t need to be the right right answered the future but it’s gotten to
right for sure what I love and I love with you know Dan publisher today you know dan dan is the man you know but
Dan also needs us to do our part yeah dan can’t carrying this fight
himself in case it takes all of us it takes teamwork to make this collective
reports but the both question so you looked obeys the same basement space
like Bitcoin and that’s it do you think there is a world where could you know
eels can actually be the only blockchain for instance ladies you need new things
that will see this one’s anything but the piggy see if they were inflating an
eel succeeded without through of course you can see like I think eels could end
up being I mean I can condition the future roommate 20 hated hearing fails
to eat eels riveted not yeah yeah in addition many potential suitors yeah yeah no I mean Ito split into Buick on
Steam I mean right now we tend to focus on heels relief as being merely a theory
in this world supercomputer in the taps will it be into the mono he owes clearly
has the potential to be a currency to do what the same thing that we look at the
coin or three months per head but clearly and there’s a compelling
argument that that should be the main thing that we focus on because the
reality is you don’t really need lots of decentralized apps you need you need
some aspects and adapt to be decentralized not all of it
performance wise it doesn’t work I don’t see us having a
all of fully decentralized apps anytime soon mm-hmm the market doesn’t eat what
we do need is certain aspects to me you know decentralized tend to be immutable
but that isn’t all product it’s really hybrid type systems unless you’re trying
to build something that is so paper lying on with we call censorship
resistance yeah like more context yeah that’s a very tiny segment of the market
there’s a compelling argument to be made that you know the main thing officially
focused on within the kiosk ecosystem is just defy yes but is only on the
currents and defying to do something very similar but if you’re being so
apparently you know I continue to be because there is for you know what’s bad
for a theory is bad for all of us rising tide still raises all ships I’m glad to
see all of this this work being done but you know I don’t I don’t share today’s
maximalism he might be a little bit almighty right yeah but I don’t think we
know the mmm I also the benefits that do you really
think that in the future there’s only be one you stays right right right they
point out speed could end up being winning a big point it’s a little
possibility I keep an open mind that I cannot close
my money to potential future there’s only this you know the market is
validated and one of the top tokens it hasn’t worked out there but there’s
plenty of people that they test if you church so to discount that it’s a right
that often is that or parallel you know I don’t think that we’re gonna end up
with one chain anytime soon you know I think that you
know in terms of call it let’s just talk about a future currency I think that
it’ll narrow its way down to three dominant tokens you know one that maybe
60 percent of the market gap one that might be twenty percent market yeah yeah
well that’s telling us the one of those know your knee tap and then the other 10
percent provided wants the whole long tail because it’s really edgy because we
might lose them another thing is well Louis we don’t know and I’m no one is
going to put all their eggs in one basket you know there’s there’s there’s
clearly an environment where you know big point has
you have 16% of the market cap heõs could have 60% of the market cap a
Furion Podesta merced market happening in cash BTC
you know maybe even reporters dollar we don’t know we don’t know if we don’t
know and that market cap pricing is a reflection of what the sentiment of the
overall crypto community thinks is going to be it not and sense of insistence all
these logical a rash of it anymore either
so again it’s way too early to tell and so I strongly advise everyone against
maximalism maximalism at you know I associated like religious fundamentals
my point is you’re about to learn over thousands of years of that hasn’t really
served us it’s true I will serve you you know keep an open mind and do not close
the door on any potential future but that doesn’t mean don’t have an opinion
I’m not saying you’re an athletic hmm but the minute you say something can’t
happen yeah Never Say Never Say Never and about both Donald us to move
remember that I can’t believe that I’m very excited about you know he knows his
prospects look if we sold governance yeah you know he knows has the potential
to be one of the three primary contenders
it has that potential as soon as the new okay but I play on some governance yeah
is this like a movie that he still loves questions well then tell Pete powers
file yeah loss versus so Bitcoin right osteo so
you know you see a future where he often Bitcoin like you know he’ll since a
little bit once you have a small but the involved you know the dollar scales go
awry but happens he may point writing onions no we’re almost essentially it is
a lot of dresses American scaling here is that lunatic fourth room but we got
the awesome clip on yet I can see a theorem right not and yet is visiting
that’s all we’re gonna end up with a student again I don’t know all I see
things I think that we’re three for the foreseeable future you
know reading dominating tokens yeah because it’s too early with all of our
eggs in one basket the market is gonna reflect probability
hmm but you know I think that we’re going to see BTC and I think we’re going
to see etherion running money and they’re not in the not-too-distant
future as one of the mechanisms for layer two scalar because you know again
as long as we get covered right if governance is right you know you know
this is the most scalable operating chain today so it brings it back to the
people owning the chain well Kobey’s lor playing you know the government’s is
make the people but we have to win this this issue is right now when they say
you know centralized it’s deserved with the mayor there right at nothing yeah
because this is investing governments and the and the Amazon Web Services you
know the etherium 1670 the nose syndrome Amazon Web Services well so it’s like
well these probably well that’s fine I can also talk about yeah yeah yeah I can
see here in criticize well but my job in the short terms you know nothing I how
to solve is he owes government’s issue I can’t solve a serious problems right now
I can’t solve big points problems right now
but I can be one of the key individuals that helps solve OSes for surely idea
we got you a proxy how’s that good so like do you go do your football because
you like smoke for what we what we all prefer exchange for exchange based lock
producers we support geographic diversity you know there’s a
lot of great block from users and unfortunately most of them are not
getting enough votes mmm this is you can you can go check out its Proctor’s one
you’ve got my website to see what we’re doing there with Proctor so I hope new
take a look at their kind of what we’re doing we’re not it is we’re slow
to form opinions because people look to us and so we want to make sure that
we’re very thoughtful of the things that we do do is we don’t just talk about
referendum you know where we’re trying to get allot for the things we do
because we don’t want to make these things the goal is not to quickly do all
this to make good decisions and as you obviously know I think forever hmm but
we’re very thoughtful in the things that we do and we’re not trying to rush in
admitting enough without the doubt or memory of hearing doubt that was
basically people moving too quickly it didn’t do security audits didn’t
authorize it didn’t cross the t’s worried someone else was gonna jump out
first I care more about slow and steady in size no try not to make any major
mistakes but one lost christianities so emails right now what to use the the use
case you think is you all kind of them but it so I see the most right now the
use case of the eels platform heels what kind of that did you see really like
exploding something amazing just give you personal well I think it’s what I
said I think I’m most excited about you know so the most and it kills knowing
that if governance assault and in the context as a as a currency know that I
you know I we spend a lot of time talking about – max them up so in mind
right away heõs as a currency in the same let me
think about bitcoins probably the favorite the largest
potential and it’s able to do high transaction through quite a bunch of
things that makes it very compelling hmm you know I’m especially interested in
DTF I sort of applications the same sort of stuff that
etherium has been very focused on and that’s because you know assuming we get
through this governance issues is the highest performing I think we can you
know you can see some really exciting stuff happened over the course the next
year as long as we’re going to have to solve this governance issue and we have
to solve it if you have rather stands boast make sure nobody knows there’s
amazing if we don’t do this as a community in
the graph problems so understand you know it takes all of us
yeah it you’ve got yet Michael the point a Jamal’s offices because you know the
theory of it slightly done in companies though it’s running it videos it’s more
about she just so much move community but another this is where everybody and
this is how o’clock for new surgeons you don’t have to speak up
I mean and wet bands proposing gear so is it been change mmm and and what we
eat the one in description we thought yeah need to see you know from the block
producers but block pretty sure support this right because this is a lot of
what’s here is going to be controversial block South Korea

48 thoughts on “Brock Pierce Interview – EOS, Bitcoin, Puerto Rico, Dan Larimer, Blockchain & More”

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  3. Max buddy, next time you need to bring better microphones, not kidding but Brock has a high pitch voice and his voice with your microphone is killing my ears and head, and I normally love listening to Brock speaking… still watched the whole interview, awesome job! I share so many similar thoughts to Brock Pierce, especially about EOS governance… we need to quickly change the whole governance or EOS will lose more value and the cartel will get stronger and stronger!

  4. Let’s try to get the billions people tried to invest in Telegram/TON move towards EOS, should be enough to vote the new gov Proposals in! ?⚡️

  5. Hey dude I’m one of those dads that knows nothing about computers and have just jumped on the internet about crypto and been overwhelmed , the most important thing you touched on was knowledge and the thing peers new peers need to be spoken to and shown how it works like 10 year olds …. for this governance issue to be solved and for the majority of the population to jump onto crypto.
    Anyway for you personally ….. dude when you do interviews like this go get film school students tell them what your doing and offer something in return for an interview being taped professionally …. offer them advice on dapps and crypto …. even the subtitles has it wrong how are we going to push EOS if it doesn’t come up on the subtitles lol but hey man GOOD JoB great interview ….. and except for the sound but the subtitles did help ……
    Don’t rush man ….. Don’t try and be the first to bring the news in 24 Hours ….. be mindful of Quality which is what satoshi Dan and eth have all in cmon Quality in their product …. great interview

  6. Wishing Brock somehow had much more influence over improving governance and growing the ranks of actively voting accounts/stakeholders. The irony is the core protocol is improving smartly as vote buying continues to ruin governance and stagnate the chain. This is perhaps the best episode from MaxDapp– despite sound difficulties.

  7. Max you have a unique vibe. Relaxedly informal but digging for important points. Thank you. That said please work on your mic. The reflective acoustics of the room is distracting to the communication.

  8. Loved hearing from Brock, appreciate you putting the effort into making this happen. I think the space needs this, the fact that you interviewed opposing views is also valuable in my opinion.

  9. Boy that Brock can talk , I can see you struggled to get a word in lol , Very good to hear his thoughts though , lets get this governance issue sorted once and for all !!

  10. Brock is spot on. I hadn't thought of removing the financial windfall from block producers. Is there a way to make the block producers go along with the necessary steps to fix EOS?

  11. Awesome stuff. Thanks Brock, and thanks Max. Lets get this governance crap sorted, and get it done quickly. Peace out. Rowan.

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