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hello everyone its Nakamoto Jedi daily crypto news and in today's video we have a couple of different news stories that I think are quite important so let's get into it let's see what the market has prepared for us what do you think Kim Bitcoin breakthrough 8300 or are we going down but I know you guys don't response the institutional crypto fund Pantera Capital predicts that tenfold increase in the price of Bitcoin by the end of 2019 analysts of the fund believe that in a year we'll give bit point for $67,500 but I'm more concerned about the near the forecast for the maximum in 2018 is $21,000 pantera capital predicted to rice of Bitcoin price back in 2013 but still I wouldn't have hope for the warranties now everyone can call himself an Oracle and say that they believed in Bitcoin as early as 2008 but for some reason I don't see their villain and now some other news about regulation Japan virtual currency exchange Association suggested that crypto exchanges set trading volume limits for certain categories of traders of course such news is annoying as heck but the idea of this organization seemed very interesting to me the fixed limit will be set for different categories of traders on an individual basis for example the limit will be mandatory for underaged traders trading with the some higher than the fixed one will be available with the approval of the Guardian and this is very problem yes sorry for the rest trade experience income asset value in H will be taken into account I hope the approach will be honest ok let's move on to some other news iw Capital has published an interesting statistic on crypto investment in Britain it turns out that 2.5 million British investors invested in crypto spontaneously not even realizing how it all works only a few of them googled or benefited from the assistance of financial advisors at the same time a third considers cryptocurrency a bubble ok dudes so you haven't learned anything about crypto but you see it as a bubble and at the same time you invest your money in it so British and it's logical that only 5% actually made at least some profit bonus what does this story teach us invest competently a good research is a necessary part of investing and don't forget that you cannot invest more than you're already through lose without a trace even if someone says that their rate will rocket to the moon any who have been investing stay positive and don't forget to subscribe and push the like button under this video see you next time

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