British Silver Queen’s Beast 2 oz Lion Coin United Kingdom: Silver Stacking Coins

hey what’s going on everybody Jim Lewis with isn International Silver Network got another great unboxing video for you today I actually got him over the weekend and could not wait and took them out of the envelope already but I’ve got something really cool to show you and you’re gonna love it I love these coins so check it out another one two three six ounces of silver look at this this is beautiful so what is it you say what is it so these are thick that it isn’t the 2 ounce round officially called the Lion of England so these are made by the Royal Mint of London one of the oldest most prestigious refineries in the world on the back we have Queen Elizabeth I’m going to take it out of this one to see really see the detail what a phenomenally gorgeous coin see if I can get it to focus for you look at that just gorgeous so this is the first release just got these in and might be a little better clarity anyway it’s a first release 2 ounces very rare to see a 2 ounce coin like that from from the mint so it has 2 ounces of pure silver and it has the face value of five dollars right you can see that gorgeous gorgeous and on the back of course we have Queen Elizabeth it has the 5 pounds wow what a beautiful mirrored finish you find this on the Britannia is quite a bit just a beautiful design so what they’re going to be doing is issuing different crests and different designs this is the first one in the series I’m definitely going to collect all of them I think it’s going to be a great collectible as well in addition to two ounces of government struck government struck silver so we picked up picked up a few of them I’ve got six ounces here and just a beautiful coin it’s got that real heavy look to it real heavy feel to it so again this was something that we got out of profits from our isn business never out of pocket and if you have an interest in collecting really cool things like this that have both intrinsic value it has metals value it’s going to protect your wealth long-term you definitely want to be stockpiling the silver as fast as you can right now this is the time to do it at these prices it’s an absolute no-brainer and we have a phenomenal little opportunity with ISN international silver something my partner and I stumbled into about a year ago and it’s it’s proven to be just an amazing transformation for our stockpiles of silver and being able to build a network of referral network of people around the country around different parts of the world 25 different countries and we can refer people to the company they get their silver and we are an affiliate Commission on it we take a lot of that commission in in both cash we can take it in cash or we just pick say hey send me some silver so we do that as well and gold is a full-service precious metals firm we literally have anything and everything you would want and can get if if we don’t have something we have the resources to get it and with very very competitive market pricing of course that’s incredibly important and the fastest turnaround times in the industry up to five to seven days is all it takes so we’re us-based it’s a great opportunity I just want to plug that here with my coin so you can see some of the benefit of having a home-based business that’s in the silver and gold industry I mean how incredibly who is that there’s nothing more I’d rather collect and talk about India rental then it’s old and silver alright guys have a great day check out the link below if you have an interest take the tour of the company and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible alright later see it

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