23 thoughts on “BREAKOUT IMMINENT!! | Bakkt Update | Exchanges Faking Volume | US Housing Market Slowdown”

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    0:54 Bitcoin Breakout
    3:32 CFTC Bakkt
    7:54 Fake Volume
    12:42 Housing Market Slowdown

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  2. Hey Carl, can you take a look at "QUANDL:BCHAIN/MIREV" as well as some of the charts by Woobull?
    It provides some fundamental value analysis in contrast to just TA alone.

  3. They are not fairing volumes. If they are just look at all exchanges. Volumes are extremely high for 6 weeks . this is good

  4. Though I would not make a speculative purchase in the housing market right now…I don’t believe it’s nearly as bad as in 2008. Lenders were offering 100% financing for investment properties with second mortgages attached that were 7+ percent above prime . I believe a housing market decline will be an unavoidable effect this time… from all the quickfixes attempted in 2008…when it was The root cause of the recession

  5. Not just housing data, lots of other data suggests the u.s. economy is entering an epic level recession. Ex. Student loan debt in serious delinquent status; auto loan defaults reached all time record highs etc. Dark times ahead but good times for crypto as money flees stock market into safer/more lucrative opportunities. And before people slam me in comments please remember economy and stock market are 2 different beasts. Look at a long term stock chart of venezuela, while the economy was tanking hard their stock market was going thru the roof.

  6. Ok you talking only good things about BTC that's cool i like it, but i have one maybe stupid for most people here question, do you think SEC will give green line about BTC ATF? D.Trump administration says BTC are more than 50% holded in China, and more than 70% are mining from Chinese company's. How do you think the US will leave to be in depends from China, right now they are in trading war, excuse me but i don't think so, that with ATF will be happening.

  7. BITCOIN will pretend to DROP … will get rid of all those amateurs … and then BITCOIN WILL RISE TO THE MOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … and altcoins (for the amateurs) will go to ZERO 😉

  8. Yep important however go easy Carl regulators suspicious interim. They have much to gain while the fiat holds up once it caves and digital rushes forward they'll clean up their act. For what their possibilities now are in cryptocurremcy whether or not their superiors like it. They'll not be as loyal to the old paradigm.

  9. LOL Who would have predicted that a $70 BTC move will be a Big Deal!! As I said before, during these boring low volume times, it only takes a few to control the market. Right now they want to prove that BTC is a stable coin….and they gain by selling BTC contracts.

  10. Something strange in the Trading Chart, go to D1 Timeframe and add a 80MA line you will see the last price action lines up with the ma and acts as res and this rising wedge pattern as support. I think when it breaks down the trading target will hit the 80MA line on D1. Please can you take a look at it carl and any other people!

  11. The bubble is why western countries are pushing for mass immigration. They need new people to put into debt and create artificial scarcity to keep the bubble going.

  12. me too I think that break out will happen, but Which price do you mean Carl? I don't know if will be better to put a rebuy around to 3500 or 3250….

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