BREAKOUT ALERT!! Day #16 ⚡⚡ Best Cryptocurrency Trading Chart Free Bitcoin World News Ethereum ETH

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16 thoughts on “BREAKOUT ALERT!! Day #16 ⚡⚡ Best Cryptocurrency Trading Chart Free Bitcoin World News Ethereum ETH”

  1. Stick to the long form, relaxed format. For real. It's the best part. Just edit down the video to when the charting happens and leave both videos up. Just my opinion.

  2. BK.. I just want to offer that the first ETH breakout was 373% (the one you called small) the second (the one you called big) was only 164% though it looks bigger, as you know the higher up the chart scale you go… magnifies the moves. Worth measuring and mentioning.

  3. Your money dollar rant at the end is EPIC. Keep spreading the word… it's scary how few 'merkins understand central banking practices. Blindly believing.

  4. Thanks BK. And to add to your chart. A lot of the fear in the market should be resolved by that point. Late Oct/early Nov. Due to the expectation of news good or bad from China and the end of the re-election of the Chinese president.

  5. Hi BK
    Ive been looking at many charts and the the date , 14th Oct matches up with a head and shoulders pattern I found on trading view with the exact same date, but it was the peak of the "Head". Chart done by TheCryptAlpha if you want to take a look. The chart was BTC 60 day pattern long term. I know this was on ETH but obviously BTC and ETH are generally correlated.
    Keep up the awesome vides! Going to join your FB account too.

  6. Just found your channel Boss. I was on the search for a live streaming crypto guru such as yourself, and after watching a few of your vids and watching you go boss mode on those charts, I've subbed and I'm here to stay.

    Show me the money! ???

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