Breaking Venezuela drops Dollar for Euro/ZRX Live on Markets Attractive

[Applause] alright welcome back the currency 365 it is October 16 2018 hope you guys are doing well like subscribe and share and thank you guys for watching the videos let's get started now 0x project ZRX is down live on coinbase comm I did move my 0x that was on by Nance over to coinbase just now before I started my video I did that so 0x is sitting at about 84 cents right now and you know what what is the path for it in the next six months maybe $5 to $10 range that's what I'm looking at okay so very cheap on coinbase and yes the coin base loves it I told you a champagne crypto what did I say I said zero acts out of the five it's zero X don't worry about the other other four don't worry about Ripple don't worry about no other coin zero X would be the coin on coinbase first that's what I told you guys I told my 365 and I toast and pain crypto and bam it was okay so we know what we're talking about over here anyways let's get started hopefully you guys did whatever you wanted to do with your 0x project okay I'm not gonna tell you guys what to do you can hold it on Exodus you can over to other places as well there's many places you can hold it it's just live on coinbase calm now after being going live trading on coin based probe didn't take long did it okay so let's get over here to Venezuela we just got breaking news here from Venezuela just just came out right now Venezuela drops the US dollar and we'll use the euro for international transactions okay so again another country that is in torment turmoils right and moving away from the dollar because they realize that the term wall is coming from the dollar it's coming from the IMF is coming from the World Bank is coming from the BIS it's coming from the Fed is coming from the rate hikes so they're moving away from the dollar that has given them problems and they're going to be using the euro okay now the euro is just a short-term thing because the euro is not it's not like the euro is going to be strong unity for a long time okay so it might just be a short-term fix until they can find something else or until the world introduces back the gold standard then you know they can use that right but right now for international transactions they are going to be using the euro okay in Venezuela that just came out right now okay so right before I did the video that came out right before I did the videos your ex project came out on coinbase calm okay so right before I did my video this is what I really really going to show you guys it was the milady talking about the emerging markets on Bloomberg emerging markets attractive at current valuations okay so we're gonna listen to this lady and she's from the black rocks okay so let's just check it out and let's see what she said the S&P has had three days of 3% drop so far this year the last time we saw that happened was back in 2011 the last time we had this market turmoil is back in February where there was a very clear catalyst which was the very move quickly in the bond markets this time there hasn't been anything that's meaningfully changed right that triggered last week on a throb this GTB chart taking a look at just the superlatives that were applying to US markets last week the support levels that were broken the 200-day moving average a 100 a movie average 50 DMA as well there were all levels that were broken last week does that tell you that the bounce we had on Friday might be something resembling a dead cat and that we're gonna get more volatility and turbulence to come so actually our analysis is a little different if anything we see the the most recent correction as as milder than the earlier ones in the year we see the the real money not really having us which position very much and this looked more like winding of some crowded position by some of the more leveraged actors so that gives us confidence that the the real money investors haven't given up on the on the constructive outlook but but obviously because there's so much uncertainty in the market people are less eager to buy the dip then than they were say say last year so we remain constructive but clearly there is a lot of potential triggers for for volatility and in that environment you will really want to focus on resilience in your portfolio and on quality securities and some that are least exposed to that uncertainty and to the tightening in global financial conditions to your point this GTV chart on the Bloomberg 5 9 3 & 9 showing how US earnings have performed in the past and against the S&P 500 and how you've seen a pause in the sp500 surge in the first quarter right there during earnings season but of course we know that the S&P 500 earnings have come above expectations for more than 5 years now when you have these strong earnings but as you mentioned this macro uncertainty how do you devise your portfolio well we we focus on those companies that have that have strong quality earnings and and and least volatility in those in those earnings and that's that's been a that's been a strategy that's paid off so far I think what we observe in this kind of phase in the cycle is that the market has very little tolerance for bad news so it barely reacts to to good news two to two beats and companies that disappoint get very large stock correction so so for us quality is really the focus both of earnings but also frankly of balance sheets because in this environment of tightening global financial conditions you want to have limited exposure to to the to the more leveraged actors be they by the way corporates or sovereigns exactly so would you find that sort of quality and maybe value in emerging markets so emerging markets at this stage is is much more of a value play emerging markets trade at the greatest discount to develop market since since 2011 so so so that's clearly a value story but even then you don't want to go there with your eyes closed you want to be selective and within that universe again focus on those countries that are at least vulnerable to potentially higher dollar – jitters or and trade tensions and to try to global financial conditions so again focus on on growth but clearly at current valuations IEM is looking attractive to us [Applause]

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  1. Venezuela drops the dollar that could be the reason America has shit loads of millatary ships just off the North coast

  2. Trump is putting together EXACTLY what he's planning on doing. The huge shakeup has started. The next several weeks are going to dictate a complete change in our economic system, concluding with the elimination of the FEDERAL RESERVE.

  3. Yes you do bring the news first well mostly. You havnt talked about liquid or at least I don't think you have . Anyway yes you was correct about ox. But you are never right about price LOL. Everytime you pump a coin it goes opposite way. Ummmm

  4. "The causes of World War I have been debated since it ended. Officially, Germany shouldered much of the blame for the conflict, but a series of factors were involved, including the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand." I wonder if the missing/dead Saudi journalist's role in the Hegelian dialectic, Jamal Khashoggi, serves as the modern-day Franz Ferdinand figure who will trigger WW3.

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