Breaking News for G20 Argentina – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies will be Regulated I G20 Nations

hello lovely people however you all I'm your host Pankaj here welcome to cryptic today I'm going to give you a breaking news that as you know g20 summit is going on and there is a news coming out everybody was waiting for that news that g20 nations will go into regulate crypto currencies honestly saying if I consider it it's a positive news and yes breaking from the g20 crypto taxation system soon will be developed by the g20 nations friends why this news is important for cryptocurrency world that g20 nations it includes USA UK India China all the major countries around the world is a part of g20 nations and friends whatever decent taken over there really going to impact the global economy all over the world Frances we got one article according to the ggtort forum it's a Japanese website and they are saying that soon g20 nations will develop a taxation system for cryptocurrency firstly g20 will issue a report during 2019 almost you can say within a year they will submit our issue a report and the Japan will have the presidency over the submit as we all know every year any of the nation of g20 gets a chance to host all the events of g20 so next year Japan will be doing that and they have a plan to regulate or to have the taxation system for cryptocurrency by 2020 the most important thing they will regulate crypto assets for anti-money laundering system as we all know many many people many frauds are going on and there are lot of financing funding for terrorism also going on with the help of the cryptocurrency so this is very important step should be taken by the g20 or all over the world regarding cryptocurrency norms and Terms and friends according to the report by the South II gadget on Saturday joint declaration was officially signed by all g20 nations and since the document acknowledged the necessary reform is required given the blistering pace of the digitalization of the globally see whatever at least there should be Norman taxation system or you can say the regulation should be there if you consider cryptocurrency or if you want worldwide acceptance of the cryptocurrency and this is the positive news I can consider it as a positive use and the regulations will get shape within next two years and we hope for the best and we wish all the best all the crypto community and all the g20 nations at least they are considering such kind of things since everybody knows market condition is not so good if we consider cryptocurrency but if you have a long term horizon we are lot of experts still think that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will touch their all-time high within next 1 2 3 5 10 years and and see there is a recent statement by the Morgan Creek CEO he said Bitcoin might code at thousand dollars within next decade and if we consider Tom Lee he is saying still Bitcoin might get touch fifteen thousand dollars within this year if we consider trend wrapper he also said by 2020 a Bitcoin might touch to 50k and friends we should not forget there are lot of things going to happen in first quarter of 2019 we are back will be there Bitcoin ETF might get approval and fidelity will be there Blackrock will be there so there are a lot of things are going to happen next year and we expect Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price will boom after such kind of things it is a simple logic if people will use is accept it and if there are lot of trillion dollars will come into the cryptocurrency so ultimately Bitcoin of cryptocurrency will grow and according to lot of expert Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is here to survive to get success so friends on the positive note I take away from you and I hope you like this video if you liked this video then do not forget to share it and subscribe our Channel your host & friend Pankaj signing off thank you

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