Breaking Down my Crypto Trading Autobot Software and Other Bitcoin Trade/Lending Platforms

it was so crypto nation and to be here checking in with you on the gun block let's pull over the bit Rick's account I'm still trying to get these configuration settings right shout out to East Coast crypto for a share in his settings of he's been having a lot of good success with his Abad I haven't really had too much success I let it run all night on the default settings and it didn't do anything so I rang KITT up to where East Coast had his and it made some buys now which I didn't have too many pairs in here he had like ten pairs and now I'm running 13 14 pairs right now so you see bad at CT GMT lb g ET tu made SN T you know they're asking what Paris I've had successful with it it's only day four and I had a couple days where I couldn't really get it to do anything I earned my my Bollinger Band way down because I felt like it was it was buying too far outside of the bands and I was trying to get it to to make better trades but it just wasn't making any trade so I turned it up to a more aggressive setting I guess and it uh I have faith in it I think it will work well I just I'm still tweaking it so Nick and the other people that were asking I don't I don't really know for sure how it's doing an unguent it's gonna do pretty well it's programmed not to lose money and uh you know if you let it go long enough it will make you money but I haven't really seen much result yet I haven't really been seeing much of anything no I haven't been running a lot of tears I had it turned kind of down if you will and wasn't really doing much I was just doing manual trades which I've been doing pretty good on I had a good like corn trade and I did good with odd meal and everything's been doing good though so it's you know it's not hard to be good in a market like this with everything being out you could just hold it there : last couple days and I've done good I have faith in the baud I was joking around the other day that I loaded money in the bought and it was gone but I didn't mean that the bot was there's money like I said the ball at his programmed not to lose money if you if you look if you look here it will tell you where to buy sell and your security margin you might lose mine with the security margin but I haven't seen that that that like 60% so unless it's a massive dump now I haven't seen anything like that I don't know every student coin to drop 60% ik you shouldn't really be multiple coins like that you're to be taught going shooting drop sixty percent anyway so but that's from where you bought it's over several days maybe I can see that if there was a massive downturn but the the bought isn't something that you can just set and forget you kind of have to pick good coins for one thing you don't want to pick something that it's mooning because most likely it's going to dump and you don't want to pick something that is in the process of dumping either worst case scenario you're going to end up holding some bags with it and then it because the only way you're going to lose money is if you sell at a loss and the bought one sells a lot so unless you manually go in there and sell you're not going to lose money so that's my update on the bottom still evaluating it you don't want to throw a ton of coins in here either that was the other problem I voted like 35 different pairs and I couldn't keep track of what's going on you kind of have to keep an eye on it and and watch what it's doing you don't want to just load 37 points and walk away for a day or two putting good picks things that look good like everything's kind of dumping right now but should fluctuate back up it the overall trend is up so any of these really look good right now is a perfect time to be running applauded it will eat all this stuff up but it should anyway and I I'm still testing my I still have to make a spreadsheet I've just been writing I just like my paper and pencil so I've just been keeping track on a notepad here and it did make some rather bad buys but that was probably user error you know I loaded up going to it like auger hearing you don't wanna you probably don't want to mess with something like this it just shot up 16% there's most likely it's going to come down so I loaded a coin like this I don't know if it was be a key or what it was but it ended up buying up at the pink and then it dumped and I lost USD value but I really needed his money because I didn't sell I just waited and eventually it came back up and made a sale so it did end up making profit eventually it just can take several days or imagine it could take longer it just depends on what the coin is doing you have to watch it it's kind of like a Roomba vacuum cleaner you know you can it's going to clean by itself but you can't just put it in room with like stuff all in the way you know you got to make sure that it's gonna has room to work and like you can't a bunch of dirty clothes laying all over your room and expect a room Oh to work you know what I mean you also like have it by a stairway where Roomba is gonna like go down a set of steps you know I don't have one but I imagine that would be a bad idea you know to put a robot by it some steps and it's going to fall down that's kind of my you know metaphor for setting it on a coin that just went up real high you don't want it to you know it'll ride it down you don't want to like have an open door and happy room but drive out into oncoming traffic you know you got to have some common sense so if you do buy the ball that I have a link below for my affiliate link go to make sure you read the site on how to use it on just look at my settings which are pretty close to this here but you know do your research and learn how to work this thing don't just watch somebody else they have some extensive was it they have like an explanation of how everything works on here here it is there's a page somewhere on there do your research don't really go over the site and learn how to operate learn what each one of these values mean like this is your buy and sell I don't want to get out there and all this right now is going to be long enough video ready the higher you have this let's pull up my pot here there you have this the closer to the top Bollinger Band it's going to sell out let me bring the chart over now the bot has no way of knowing where these bends are exactly it it has to calculate where they are like what it says what about where the bands are is it what isn't exactly where they're at like it'll sell your low band and high band but if you look it's not going to be the same as on graphic because it exchange doesn't get all that information okay so the botnets just kind of figured where that's going to be based on your past sales so that's that's here the trend launcher it's going to go back 30 sales it's going to be more reactive with the lower that is and the higher that is it's going to look that further to figure out where the trend is so 30 is the default this is how much your trades going to be this is how this is your time delay you don't want to set this to low or they will they will remove your license if they're standing the exchange edit down the 20 and 15 book I was only running a couple pairs you know if you run in over ten pairs you probably wanted at 30 maybe higher if run in my 20 song I wish I could find that page to explain it but explore this diet soup old up before I started a video somewhere on here it breaks down with each of these values are I'm looking at it the other day turds maybe one of these I don't know where it's at now but just go over this whole site may become Boston toriel how to fix your GUI crash when you load something a window is going to come up don't click anything wait a minute now windows will go down a click or anything that's going to cry the way I run it is this it yeah so this is good here under tutorials the way I run it you breaks down explains how these dams work okay here's where those percentages are it's going to go 25 above or below where the block thinks this band is okay where the actual band is you know it doesn't know for sure that that's the geniusness help of off is it's going to calculate where they are by looking at the I think I'm a better moving average or the last so many sales you know so that maybe that'll help you understand Rick read all this here this is all good stuff here it breaks down each setting timing okay so I'm not going to go into the sole here maybe I'll do another video where I'll go through and kind of explain what this is explaining here but for now if you want to go read this is a good place to start I don't know if anybody's even purchased the bought from you gotta last I checked nobody has but for those of you that I sent over to East Coast crypto that have been asking me you know how how it's going and stuff or you know go track this out guys this is a good visual here about the band's work see I have mine set at 40 at the same thing these Coast a decent setting pretty much I think these are work good that's a check see if it's made anymore okay so I'm not getting a whole lot of activity those are open words okay it looks like it just bought some made that was made on wave and then it bought these so far it's just been buying then they I have some stock water set for a coin that I'm just holding if you have a long-term coin that you want to hold don't run the bots on it cuz it'll sell like eyes neo strat I think it might stop water triggered for strata but like coin and neo where's my like coin it Excel I'll check on that and then here let me just go over my other programs real quick maybe I'll make a video on these big connect doing great as always over 4k turn so I'm over fifty percent ROI probably like 60 percent I don't know but I'll get there I'll return on investment pretty soon um control finance I'm about to get another $18 from this account and I have one set up for my girl too but this one's been doing good you see I just put a little bit more in every day every other day I tried to put a little bit more into compound so everything's been doing good there my next payment I should make about to break 400 should be pretty close to that today and this doing good I had another delay with a deposit but their customer supports great they took care of it just do small investments in this the nice thing is you can pull the money out after 24 hours for 7% K so you know but you know this any of these programs don't that's more than you can afford to lose don't put your you know more to get her you know rent money or bill money in there um and and yeah so far this has been great customer support has been good I'd say three point six um you know with any of these they're not 100 percent but so far I've had great experiences with these three programs I also tried that micro hash but I'm not going to even put a referral link I recommend not because that's just crazy ten percent a day I put like 20-some bucks in and it was working out and I put another twenty son in and had a problem I think the problems with my Exodus wallet it's just what I've designed them a lot of problems with that goes for some reasoning i I just put money into my big connects to and not still waiting on confirmation for some reason it's not putting the proper feed and I'm getting long confirmations on stuff and then yesterday all day I had a problem an i/o error so I don't know what that's about it's working now I'm still waiting for a deposit to those bits and X to go through a one the bottom iota so I might just have to wait a couple days for it to come back into my wallet as it doesn't look like it's going to confirm still on zero confirmation so I don't know if it has to do with cellular or what so there is an all-skate on Amber's have made on I've actually made an extra point out to the point of 6-9 only a thousand or deposit to give a couple days to go through and then it didn't show up here but they reimburse my interest so it should be a point of 6-9 I've made from them and 377 that's not counting my referrals that's just lending money my referrals I've probably almost broken even already and with the connected us some referrals through and my house wife Gayle together quick solitaire for us so you know these programs are nice to make both lending and referral and calm then afraid to sign up with so you know I think you do have to put a hundred dollars into the Connect Delta make the referral money so that that's our update on third-party programs I'm using and the boss is it's really cool it's just a learning curve with it and you know maybe if you're better at this kind of thing maybe you'll figure it out and have great success with it like I said East Coast cryptos without the amazing result of his and I've probably been having pretty good result it did make a lot of trades the other day but my USD value was going down I didn't mean to imply that the vault just losing me money it's programmed not to sell for less than bought it for which is not if you're new to trading that's a big problem a lot of people have is the real anxious to make money and they don't want to have the patience to wear which is why you should always broke down what to buy for and then double check before you sell you don't want to sell before for less than what you bought it for and somebody was giving me our time about my stop trade video saying that I set my stop for less than when I bought it for him I wasn't really I was just trying to show how to do it stop but I guess I should have said you don't want to put it less than what you bought it for unless of course you just bought you know if he just bought here you don't want to set your stop right where you bought it at because there's a chance it's gonna swing down stop you out you know so you're gonna want I mean that's the way I do it I like to go down a little bit more than what I bought it at in case it swings down you know or else you're just going to be wasting time and fees because you're going to get Scotch out a couple hours later when it swings back down and then it's going to swing back up and you're going to miss out so the way I do it is I go download of existence because I buy at the bottom of the resistance you know of course you want to buy at the lowest point like here here's the resistance level here so you want to buy here but then you want to study so you stop a little bit lower maybe even down here so you don't get stopped out in an hour when it's going to spring off a nice guys come down and swing back up I like go down a little bit yes you might lose a couple bucks I don't know how much you buy you know that's why I just buy you know small amount I like to play the market I'm not like a guy puts two Bitcoin on one trade you know I've done that before but I like to play the market now by several different you know colons and then wait for one moon and then sell out you might have to wait a week you know I'm not I'm not real big in the day trading you got to really be on point to do that stuff unless you're really good you're probably going to lose money to do that you want to be a swing trader you know you want to buy right down where you bought it at come back in a couple of days or maybe once a day check but it's probably gonna be a couple days maybe even a week you know probably a week or two with the best comeback and look where it's at if you're up then sell you know you might want to also put your the goal of how much you want to make you know if you're going to wait a week and tie your mind off you're probably going to want to make it leaves five ten percent you know so calculate that right your goal and if you meet that goal then so you know all people are just in such a hurry sooner sup start to dip they want to sell and get into something else you seen you're losing money that way you know you get all emotional about it the fear of missing out on something you get scared that it's going to come or you know you all the different emotions that come into trading you got to pull that out and that's why the bot is nice it goes in worried about does where its program to do and it won't sell for a loss you know it doesn't have any motion it's just going to advise at the point that it thinks is the lowest so the point to think it's a lot that's the greatest it's going to answer that whatever you put here at your game you know so it's not going to sell for less than 2% gain and you know it's going to work their night and might might make several trades in one day you know so that's why the ball tonight I just have to to uh you know tweak these and then wait for a good day hopefully today is going to be a good day and it makes some good morning room see where I'm at now no I thought up of Milan town 30 bucks but don't let that bother you you know like let's say let's say there's like coin in aetherium let's say that they're both 100 bucks okay we could make it easy a theory I'm go to a buck 50 only think you're hot status let's say if theorems a hundred bucks and goes to a buck 50 if you made fifty bucks or a light coin on the other hand is a hundred bucks and goes down to 30 so you lost seventy and your whole account balance is going to be down twenty bucks but if you just wait until like coin comes back up to a buck ten about twenty and then sell now you're going to be up that 50 from etherion plus the honey from my coin you know but you just have to wait and be patient that's what trading is all about it's patient it takes money from the impatient gives it to the patient okay so don't be impatient you know this money is wait even though your account values going down that doesn't mean you're losing money that's just a nature of the game especially if you spread out in the 20 30 different coins not all those coins are you're going to be doing good on probably most of them you can be doing bad huh so a lot of the time your value probably is going to be going down actually that doesn't mean you're losing money as long as you make them good trades and making money don't worry about the countdown you know you're bought for you as long as your Hubert ibadis is making good trades if the bot doesn't go amazing but to make good grades then you're going to be an appositive eventually hope that makes sense any questions leave them below like comment subscribe here hit the bell all that jazz I will love be talking you here soon maybe I'll make another video later something comes out it's not a probably company tomorrow so you all have good one and I'll be talking you here soon each love and then all key me I'm out

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  2. Nice update Vin. Yeah I had a bad night but thats because market is down from yesterday. Im halting bot trading for a few days to make a manual trade but I'll be back with it. Whats the cryptobot website you were looking at? I didn't get mine from there.

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