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good evening everybody thank you so much for joining me for another episode of breaking Bitcoin market update of course I'm Justin Wise lead analyst and senior mentor at cracking cryptocurrency comm I hope you're all having a fantastic evening of course it is about 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time Saturday February the 2nd 2019 foul year of our Lord and you know I really enjoy the weekends man smooth Saturdays especially smooth steady kind of low volatility the markets now unfortunately you know if you are a part-time trader and if you're using if you're working on Monday through Friday job you're using the weekends to practice for your trading cryptocurrencies a little different we often you know me personally I really dislike trading on Saturdays it's all retail volume I generally moves in the wrong direction what is nice for Saturday is generally kidding you set up for how the markets gonna move on Sunday because what I have noticed and this is just fairly unique to cryptocurrency but but general as well as generally as well across the realm of stuff real quick Eli back thank you so much for the $5 donation my good friend sorry you can't stay and watch the stream but I will take a look at IO P for you I absolutely will do that and you can replay and watch this in fact I'll try to pay attention to when I do the analysis and then I'll throw the timestamp down in the description know you're one of the good ones thank you so much my friend all right guys yeah so often the market will move on Saturdays in the direction in which it will conversely move in which it will conversely move on Sunday because Sunday evening is generally when you start getting some traders coming in right around the afternoon for those of us in the States is generally when the Asian markets start waking up and moving the markets and then right is where generally about to go to bed the European markets wake up on the other side of the pond and really start pushing the ended that generally they generally tend to following lobst equites lot lockstep excuse me with what the Asian markets are gonna do but again you're just following the volatility of the market you're following the direction of the markets moving alright guys so I have been working I've really been obsessed this last week on projects that I've been working on for a while and that is my custom indicator scripts as the as the subscribers know I've I'm working on putting the finishing touches on one particular script idea of mine which I clearly identifies overbought and oversold levels as well as trending environments as well as unnatural volume with alert conditions for all of those and easy adjustable settings to change all those parameters to your liking I find that the default settings that I have coded for it do tend to average anywhere from a 63 to 75 percent success ratio on the strategy back testing I do have to take into account the fact of the way that trading you paints bars so this is an issue with strategy testing but what I've been able to do is accomplish a fair a fairly higher success rate with it incorporating my personal strategy of risk management that's the next step is fully fully including that but right now I do have those CA orders included into it as well as direct logic for when to enter and exit as well as position sizing one thing that I've also gotten it to do is in the back testing dynamically adjust your capital allocation as your portfolio grows as your capital grow so what that means that as the strategy works in your favor you're increasing the PACU punch it's just like playing at poker you know as you make money with poker you move on to a more profitable poker table so with that said let's hide on over here and talk about the giveaway and then we'll get into the charts guys now please don't forget that now and for the next two weeks you guys can head over to cracking cryptocurrency dot-com The Namesake website and we are giving away three one-month packages of free subscription to the cracking cryptocurrency premium trading group that competition is still live if you visit cracking cryptocurrency com this wonderful pop-up is gonna appear on your screen it says when a free month of the premium trading group it's going to describe everything that is included with access to the premium trading group trade signals and setups access to the members lounge in the day trading voice chat the database library at the live trade track a sheet at the webinar series the mentoring and education and the own and your own personal trade journal that actually pulls API data so you can live update your portfolio as you go so all you got to do is click on this wonderful icon right here take me to the giveaway it is going to redirect you right to the giveaway page this is powered by gleam that's what's a little expensive but it's totally worth it we've got 87 entries so far thirteen days left in the giveaway guys thank you so much for participating you can log-in with any existing social media account that you have so you don't need to create an account for gleam you can simply log in with your discord your Facebook your Twitter your Instagram your Twitter YouTube whatever your own email if you still want and then you simply get entries you get additional entries for how many of these things you decide to do if you're a member of our discord channel you get a point if your follow us thing on Twitter if you're following us on Twitter you get a point subscribed on YouTube blah blah blah so all those things give you additional entries and then at the end of the giveaway we will be the the program will randomly pick three winners obviously the more entries you have the more chances that you have to win so really excited about that guys really really glad that almost a hundred people have taken place so far this just launched yesterday so I'm looking forward to looking forward to trading with you guys and congratulations in advance to the winners who do win that again I'll be reminding you guys as we go along alright so let's get into the charts okay do you want to say hello to the chat guys Wally hey how you doing man glad you could join us this evening as garthe's guard a garthe's guard my bad I apologize that I mispronounce your name Eli back of course my man cannon man Ivan X Maltese hurricane haven't seen you before Quinn berry able to look at vibe man 480p for me – hey Khalil good to see you man and Don er yeah we'll take a look at litecoin so we're gonna start off as we always do Bitcoin aetherium ZIRP and then we will take a glance at litecoin as well now the title of the video the trade that will change your life forever what trade is that going to be probably at this point in time no trade okay now let's go ahead and pull open let's go ahead and pull open spot price on Bitcoin and of course as we always do we'll just go ahead and get rid of the distraction and just get rid of the noise and we'll just look at price action now as we've been saying for a while what are the metrics that we want to look at what are the metrics that we want to look at well one thing that we want to understand is where is liquidity and where our retail traders likely to exit their positions where are where is institutional order flow likely to be activated and do we feel that this is going to be a represent Efrat goal of what happened up here okay and again I've been very dismissive of the fact that this that this chart pattern that we saw play out this nice descending a supply reaching or supply increasing to meet demand and then overpowering demand I've been very skeptical skeptical of the fact that this is going to play out in the same fashion and the main difference for me is time we simply have not had enough time to have the same amount of price contraction to get the 50% movement to the downside that we have here now anything is possible and it's definitely on the table and I know all of you love that trader talk but you do have to be realistic about some certain things because nobody knows anybody that tells you they know exactly which way the markets gonna move you should probably run immediately in the other direction there's a few things that when you're trying to receive when people are saying that they're going to be trading advice or that they're successful traders if they know this or that or the other there's a few things that you want to be looking out for well I mean clearly I mean once I mean once you saw this this spinning top doji you know with like two little wicked was you know surrounding I mean clearly you should have been out of you're out of your position anybody who says things like that like clearly of course must that is very poor grammar to have when you're when you're talking about trading because those those don't exist certainties do not exist and anybody that talks like that what it is indicative of is that they don't have the experience necessary it it would suggest that they have not internalized the psychology necessary to be a successful trader because if you pay attention to my vernacular to the grammar that I use to the words that I use I've been doing this for a very long time I've been trading for a very long time and so my grammar supports that fact because I speak in terms of probabilities because I have fully accepted that psychological reality of the game that we are talking about a game of statistical likelihood we're not talking about a game of certainty there's no indicator there's no strategy there's no the chart analysis that will 100% tell you which way the markets going to move that's why before technical analysis must come money management you have to understand that every time you click a button in a market that you are putting your money in position and there are going to be consequences for taking it out of position there are consequences for putting it into position there going to be consequences for removing it from position now whether those consequences are positive or negative depends upon how you manage your emotions and how you manage your trade going in but the most key factor here is the money management skills understanding how to manage your entire portfolio your bankroll and understanding how to manage your positions as well and then after that less important than that is your technical analysis and that's why in the webinar series we do begin with risk management before we get into technical analysis Oh announcement for the subscribers the I apologize I didn't post this in the discord I should have but the Friday webinar is going to be coming out on Monday there were some slight technical technical difficulties but one of our analysts Fibonacci is going to be releasing his instructions his webinar on how he specifically trades the HMO COO cloud indicator so that will be released on Monday a full explanation from start from scratch to more complicated methods of analysis of using HMO COO of how he approaches the markets how he uses this specifically on bit mechs and and yeah so that's gonna be coming out Monday I'm really looking forward to it he's got it he's got a fantastic presentation to go along with it all right oh you know what you know why the video quality is low I apologize that is my fault it is my fault because we were having latency issues yesterday we were having bandwidth issues and so I had to reduce the framed resolution output so I'm recording in 1080p but I had to frame it down to 480p output and now that my bandwidth is fine I forgot to change that back so I apologize for the inconvenience guys normally we're broadcasting and very crisp 1080p resolution that'll be fixed for tomorrow's evening broadcast all right apologize fat hopefully it's not too bad for you guys so let's just get into let's just get into now an analysis of Bitcoin now one thing that we do have to understand is that the manner in which we approach so first off I'm not looking to put on Long's in the situation I would not be surprised if Bitcoin made an intraday stab up to 3,600 potentially even 3,500 that's actually the play that we were doing the short scalp on the hourly timeframe all right we were playing this potential we were playing this potential ascending triangle formation the problem is is that this was only being painted on banan see us DT and not so much not so much the not so much the others but this was the potential play on the books and then obviously we would be targeting an area right here so that was the potential long scalp not a position that I personally was taking because I am waiting for the bigger play on BTC so why is the title of the video the trade that could change your life well because the trade that could change your life is most likely at the current point in time no trade no position you know it amazes me to see the role of bit mechs wrecked to see the liquidation is occurring in such a tight range of volatility and look at that price contraction as we descend now we are hanging quite nicely around the 3390 level of support and all we need to do to confirm that level of support is simply look at the volume profile where are we oh yes of course we are at a high volume node what's below us a low volume node in between our secondary level of support at 30 to 39 and then coming in below that I do have to target the swing low at 3122 as support hmm now actually I do I need to be specific about how I'm reading how I'm going to handle this position now I've been looking at this as okay I know we're gonna go down before we go up and I know at this point in the market that retail traders are extremely bearish in their sentiment and Long's but Long's are still quite high if we take a look at BitFenix long versus short ratios and so we're gonna have to go to sorry my favourites and be of xls apologies let me just move this up there we go come on us on diamino all right let's get rid of that left price scale because that is distracting okay here we go all right so we're gonna be looking at pair this pair would be quite fine but just to be sure we're gonna put in BTC USD and cumulative will be fine for me and Long's percent seems fine to me as well yep so this is gonna be calculating the percentage of longs to shorts now here's what I here's what here's what concerns me about this is that Long's are still quite high percentage-wise compared to shorts if we do look at that ratio of Long's to shorts and when Long's are quite high and we talk about this quite commonly if we go over and look at something like a bull bear income when Long's are quite high it's unlikely that the market is going to move up why because the market doesn't really like to give you profits the market generally works to take money away from you because the market does what it wants to do not what you want it to do and this is why I counter trade retail traders so as we can see when we're looking at margin sentiment let's actually go back to the last month and you can find this information on bit Kerr so first off we'll take short positions and we'll just look at the profitability of long positions and the profitability of short positions on the green line in the middle representing price so as we can see when price was just recently at the high at 4000 so if we go back here and look at the chart so when price was right here this point in the market right here we can see sorry we can see that the Long's were quite profitable so a lot of individuals did the right thing they put on their Long's in this area of the market right here so a lot of people put on Long's in this consolidation period right here which was not a bad thing to do when you have a nice volatile movement down up and then you have a movement down and then you move sideways for quite a while generally an indication that price is going to go back up because you've had a healthy retracement and then another period of riah cumulation but if you're playing it safe wait to take the break to other side she would have been watching a lower timeframe rather than the daily but plenty of time to catch this into day trade and then what happens you come back up into the resistance order block again this is formed on the weekly timeframe from those of you who have been following the show for quite a while so if we do go take a look at the weekly chart we can see how that resistance order block is calculated of course that is the true candle body of the area in the market where we have a extremely strong bearish downtrend and then we stop and then we stop and at this point in the market the Bulls sensed weakness in the Bears and of course they came back up to retest this area as resistance it held for four weeks and now we've descended back down to retest the lower areas really hanging out in no-man's land and this price contraction over the last three weeks has really been psychologically difficult for a lot of traders of course we've had good intraday trades the upside and the downside but overall trading Bitcoin over the last you know over the last three weeks really really ever since you know the 10th of January has not been a profitable has not been a profitable thing trying to take scalp longs has not really worked out well for you clearly the best thing to do has been in your directional short that you would have had many indications for being in the resistance order block again you do not long resistance to short resistance looking at the fundamentals looking at how the Long's to shorts were quite high when you're at the top when you're at the top of an ascending movement and you see long spike that's generally an indication the price is going to reverse especially if you couple that with the profitability belongs again remember the market is there to take money away from you if you're a retail trader and it is to provide it to those who are more savvy so you want to trade unlike everybody else is trading hey what's going on Alex good glad you could join us Prager bought 187 hey thank you so much Khalil I appreciate the recommendation my friend no I can see you guys thanks bugger I see you brother Alex you called it alright so ok so that's one factor of my analysis why do I think the price is unlikely why do I think the price is unlikely to or excuse me why do I feel that it is a possibility that we do come back up to retest resistance of course we do have the point of control which is the area in the volume profile where the most volume has been traded we do have that coming in around the 36:20 area that's also where I do have my daily resistance zone again as I was talking about in previous videos 3620 I was talking about this range right here when we were in this consolidation range and I said listen guys I'm not gonna take a trade until either of these timeframes break of course we did actualize to the downside and found support at 3390 now on hey thanks Foxy Loxy thanks so much for the for the fellow on twitch and I missed I missed somebody let me pull up my my scrolling log apology um let's see here l 3l l3 LE 87 and mr. Milo 365 thanks so much for the falls on Twitch guys highly appreciated we've also got B GB Huck rush attacked err rush attacker and light head to vidya yars give four four two three the letters walk oh and malicious upload thanks so much for the resub man for the 2 monthly subscription I highly appreciate that man hopefully you're finding hopefully you're finding that hopefully you're finding that let's see here yeah hey DM that to me in the discord Alex okay so let me get back on track all right so longs to shorts ratios Long's are becoming quite bullish as we see here and when we see this happen price is unlikely to move up so what I could see here of course anything can happen but what I would not take off the table is a movement back up to retest resistance around that thirty six twenty dollar area if we move up before moving down if we move up before breaking support at three thirty three ninety and retesting 32 and 31 then I'm gonna be looking for short entries at these higher levels I'm not gonna be looking to take the long I'm not going to trade against the trend and really I would even be willing to sacrifice on this particular trade for the better opportunity for the short because I would rather wait for confirmation upon a break above resistance right here but until here's the problem guys is that there's not enough liquidity here there's just not enough liquidity here in this area to really propel price the liquidity is down here the liquidity is down here below the early low below the previous yearly low this is where the markets gonna be make going to be made or broken and I know that sounds a little open-sided but the reality the situation is again remember what I've taught what remember what I've talked about many times um if price approaches support on low volatility it is not a sign of strength and it is likely to breakthrough if price approaches support on high volatility it's generally a sign that sellers are being too aggressive in that light the price is likely to reverse to the upside but when we approach resistance or support on low volume and low momentum that is a sign of strength to the dominant trend which right now the dominant trend is to the downside it's only when you see high volatility that you do get a train that a change in trend remember without a significant change in volume or sentiment the overlying trend is unlikely to change and so we do have a spike in the downtrend on on Bitcoin right here but we haven't really seen a significant change in volume or sentiment now we do have one candle right here that is showing about 1.5 X the moving average for volume okay and that's why we've kind of gotten this brief little relief rally right here but to me it's forming more of a bear flag formation and again we do have this overarching resistance at the point of control if we go ahead and throw on our emos – let's look for a little confirmation with our emos yeah we've got the we're being governed still by the a on the daily by the a period EEMA oh we've got our 21 coming in right behind it so we can cross the eight I don't really get excited about a bullish a bullish situation until we're actually above the 21 then generally in strategy is you take the close above the 21 and you look to target to 55 but the problem is is this resistance order cluster that we have here so me I would I would need a close above the 21 and the point of control and then I might be looking to take that 3% scalp but the risk to reward is not there for me again guys it's not the scalps it's not intraday trading that's gonna make you a lot of money it's going to be long-term swing positions that what that's what typically adds to your account because you can pyramid into winning positions you can you can scale in you can re-enter multiple multiple times and that's why the risk to reward that I'm looking for is again the short from this area back down to support that's my 10% trade and potentially even lower because I'll hold that short open until I get strong confirmation of the reversal or the short from from from potentially even the resistance cluster if we do happen intraday wake up here or conversely I'm going to be entering the long around this area down here I'm going to be entering the long around this area down here when I get confirmation and I'm going to go ahead and ivory evaluated this a little bit I'm gonna go ahead and cancel my orders here and here I'm not going to be setting limit orders here to to pick up the lon what I'm actually gonna do is I'm going to be observing price and I'm actually going to be removing this stop-loss right here which I originally had placed because it's just it's just become very apparent to me as I've played these markets out that yes this might work for the first pass through like it's completely possible that we're just range bound and stuck in this range for quite a while and we do only dip down to the lows right here that we do down to lower support potentially even down here as low as the early low before coming back up potentially even breaking this resistance downtrend and testing the resistance zone again and then back down and then up and then down tightening and tightening but I don't want to remove the potential to be able to catch to be able to catch the volatile intraday wick down and when we look at what capitulation looks like if we look at what capitulation looks like for example look at this look what happens and this is not the most similar market structure but price we have a little bit of a bottom here price comes down breaks through that bottom and then moves down almost almost let's see her moves down almost 22% moves down almost 22% before immediately rebounding up and then price never comes down below that area again that was the slight bottom 2017 we had a pretty nice big fake-out and if we go back even further I want to go back to here we go this was the end of the bear market in 2015 we see something quite similar let's zoom in on this yeah so you know we're we're basically descending we have support right here and we approached that support and then price moves down I mean this is very similar to what we've had you know price moves down moves very volatile e down in this area could be seen as kind of what we're in right now of course this is just two days where this occurred and then price moves down almost 50 percent moves down almost 50 percent in the course of three days and then rebounds back up almost over a hundred percent so I don't want to have a wild let's just jump to the future I don't want to have a wild stop-loss down below support when I know that in all likelihood a price is likely to just wick down 20 and 25% very quickly and then come back up and this could happen over the course of a couple days and what's going to determine this for me is how long we stay below 3,000 if we wick down very quickly and then come back up I'll be very bullish I'll be very bullish and I will be looking for 5500 if we if we go down and close a daily below 3000 on the other hand then again as I said I'm going to be putting on short in this range right here somewhere in this range depending on price action responds and what my indicators say this is where this but this is the positional area I'll be looking to apply my short I'll just hold that open and I will close out of my short when I see that when I see something like this and then I won't immediately go long when I see price wick down very volatile e on an intraday basis below support so like this and then if I see on an intraday basis so let's say that's obviously a red candle so say this is the wick down and then if I see the candle just shoot up and close something like this so we form like a hammer candle then I'm gonna be out of my short hopefully I if I start seeing a shooting back up I'll just go ahead take brow if you see a massive red candle like that man sometimes you just got to take profits guys because you can always answer so that's how I'm gonna be playing that out if we have a volatile wick down and immediately rebound I'm gonna be looking to go long and I'll be very bullish if we have a big marrow BOSU candle down on the other hand and close down then I'll just hold my short up and I won't be looking to exit that out at any time so that's the trade that can change your life guys that's the trade that can change your life the trade that can change your life right now is to pretty much do nothing man don't get excited about a freaking like three percent trade up here dude it's risky or true you're trading against the dominant trend all the fundamentals are against you it doesn't matter if it happens dude it's just not smart just look at the higher time frames to determine what are the key levels in the market and what actions should you take when we approach those levels so that's the that's the plan for Bitcoin right now guys alright let me check out to them are you really saying that many Silver's causing a NEMA hey dice Enzo yeah that is a that's a good point you do have the 200 simple coming in right around was that our take profit on EOS Alex some very nice pumping action from yes right now you oh baby go alright sweet alright guys take profit one hit on the EOS trade let me actually pull up the specifics I'll look at this TRX in just a sec bro I just want to go look at the premium signals channel and rule up and look at your setup for us let's see here entry at 65 70 and 64 65 let's see here yeah so right here yeah basically when the indicators told us to go long oh I see yeah we bottomed above we bottomed above zero good indication to go on I bet if I adjust I'm about to go over my indicator here in a little bit guys because I'm excited about it let's try nine I bet you have it on six don't you hmm anyways alright let's go check out like one by popular demand go baby go mm-hm successfully closed above that resistance level right there very nice very good action ma'am let's see where we top out and see if we get any bearish divergence right now you have no reason to not be out of position and galaxy's got us in that two men gonna check my account I've been busy these last few days now Lex has just been throwing on trades and throwing on trades yeah oh yeah long on litecoin as well you said nine fifty right and ninety nine fifty so we're coming up on let's go to the intraday time let's go to the four-hour did we get ninety nine fifty yeah we get ninety nine fifty are at sweet we hit your moon target dude sweet congratulations guys alright let's take a look at I was waiting for $2.00 litecoin nah man yeah we're gonna get some nice pump and pumping from Bitcoin right now let's see if that turns into a failure or some follow-through again this is not anything I'm gonna be jumping on guys it's not anything I'm gonna be jumping on Saturday nice retail volume piling in getting a little bit of getting a little bit of volume though not too bad let's take a gander let's take a gander do we got any yeah see that's the problem with I still haven't fixed that yet much chain-link am i holding none I I did not I didn't I didn't trade a I didn't trade I didn't hold chain-link I didn't hold hollow congratulations to those people who did it now let us do something right here so this gives me a perfect opportunity to talk about my new indicator so let's talk about what I've been working on and let's get rid of this and this and this and we'll show this all right so here's here's what I've been working on ladies and gentlemen this is what I've been working on for quite a while it's pretty much done I've got I've got the I've got three premium subscribers beta testing this right now I do have the strategy tester for this quite well as well this indicator is pretty much designed to do it all it's designed to catch the bottoms it's designed to catch the tops it's designed to let you know when price is trending it spots divergence which actually I'm going to code in there that's gonna be the next thing this thing is going to spot fractals it's going to be able to plot what a higher high is and let you know if there's divergence on the oscillator and that'll automatically pop up bullish or bearish you can easily adjust if we take a look here at the settings you can usually adjust the length of the look back window for the algorithm that I'm using right here you can adjust your Oversoul and overbought thresholds you can adjust this thing automatically scans for a natural volume as well so if there's unnatural volume you're going to get a pop up so for example right there this is the multiplier so right here is the multiplier for overbought volume because this differential between overbought and oversold volume so you can change the multiplier do you want volume to be one and a half times the the moving average of volume do you want it to be two times you can adjust all this right here so not too bad and as you can see you're getting that volume notification right here for overbought volume on the on the 4:00 hour time frame so just being honest guys when I see resistance being approached on high volatility I do like to enter into a short do you like to enter into a short I haven't gotten the confirmation yet on the Fischer so I'll wait for that if we look at the higher time frames we can see we can just kind of take a gander how would the Fischer have you know kind of taught us to play this out let's see here well the Fischer would have had a scaled in right here doop doop doop and it would have had us out right here so we would had an average entry somewhere around here and we wouldn't caught the absolute top but we'd have got a nice 25% profit on that the other way to trade this and perhaps the better way to trade this is just to do what the Fischer tells you to do about following trends for example the way that I have it coded is that it actually modifies the bar color and I'll put it in there so that you can change this if you don't like fuchsia and blue you can change this to your standard you know black and white or red and green whatever whatever you want I can have it repaint the bars however you want it to but this is telling you that hey the market is entering into a bullish trend right here and this lets you know that the market is exiting a bullish trend now if we were one thing that I do recommend is that since were in a bear market you do want to move your oversold level down so that it becomes easier to sell otherwise it's gonna become more difficult to sell the problem what that is is that it will it will make it harder to catch the tops if something bull is trending very bullish Li but if you're if you're in a let's see how we can just maybe play this better if we just adjust what our overbought settings are all right yeah so here we see so for example so for example where previously we didn't get any indications to get out now we have the indications to get out we want to make it easier to enter into shorts and again the other thing too is that when the bars are fuchsia you're not looking to take long signals unless you're trying to counter trade especially if you see unnatural volume that's those that's kind of how the system set up is that this lets you know when you can take a counter trend trade and then let you know when you shouldn't because like right here right here you do get a buy signal where the bar flashes green but you don't get any unnatural volume to really tell you that you have oversold volume and oversold price action conditions so you wouldn't look to take this you would have just listened to what the bar told you to say it probably would have been in a short sense right about here you don't get any unnatural volume I mean you can take these scalps of course you can and you do get the crossover signal but this told you to go short here and you don't have any oversold volume to confirm any of these signals right here so this would have had you short all the way down on litecoin of course you would have to be getting in and out on ltch 19 but whatever so utilize this with some very basic trend trading strategies to utilize the the blue to blue to fuchsia and you'll do quite well so I've traded this even just using bison cells even just using crossovers so enter when it's oversold so when it's overbought I have the strategy tester up and running and I've coated in specific risk management systems into it it's not a hundred percent done yet but I do have OCA for example one cancels in other orders and also dynamic position sizing and then the next thing on that I need to implement is the stop-loss system but it's going pretty well man yeah you can change it you can apply it to you can apply it to any time frame a real stock Orochi to see man I hope you're not late for school today I don't hold anything I'm a trader guys I buy things when they're cheap so here's the five-minute chart on litecoin and let's adjust our oversold levels sorry there we go so here's here's using it as a scalper so if you're using it as a scalper for oversold and overbought conditions as this how it would've played out short here cover here here here you could enter into a long here here here cover here you didn't you would've been scaling into a short and you do get the unnatural you get you don't get it here so you're you're protected but you do get the unnatural volume indications right here to let you know hey my price is really doing something and you would have covered here right at the bottom you also would have been in your long positions here and here you need to get the unnatural volume indication on those as well telling you that you should be in your long positions same here get the short right at the top get the unnatural volume you started scaling in here you're potentially covering here but you don't get the unnatural volume so maybe you don't take that and you do get the unnatural volume there and maybe there so yeah this couple with some basic trend trading strategies do quite well for you so you can you can incorporate Emmas into this you can incorporate anything you want here's another opportunity where you caught the absolute top on the unnatural volume signal and then you don't really get an indication to get out cuz you don't have the natural volume one thing that you can do is you can just simply use when the bars flash blue if you haven't got none unnatural because that's a stronger indication because that means the market's trending so for example right here you do get the oversold indication or the overbought indication in the bars flash red and you get the unnatural volume to let you know hey this is actually serious there's enough volume to actually move the market you get confirmation just in just a few bars and actually one just about twenty minutes because then the bars do flash fuchsia and then you get some indications to cover but you don't get any unnatural volume so maybe you don't take these but then the bars fly bluh I'll let you know how each probably out of your position and then maybe you should say hey maybe that was a goodbye signal over there maybe potentially take it but he would have gotten another opportunity to enter in so all kinds of ways you can use this it applies to any time frame it applies to any asset insurance casino it's going to be available to subscribers man so if you are a premium subscriber to the kraggen cryptocurrency trading group it's currently $150 a month there are discounts for longer packages all the informations at premium cracking cryptocurrency comm but this indicator as well as this is the this is the one indicator that it's that's in beta testing right now I have two other strategies that have higher success rates than this but their trend there they're true how do I put this they're true or trend caching strategies that I have personally used and developed over my time in fact the one that I've been working on for the last the strategy that I've been working on for the last two years I finally figured out how to put it into pine and tell the computer to do what I want it's and again learning pine was difficult for me this is not my first this is not my first skill set but it was definitely worth it so that I did not have to rely on anybody else let's go something like the four hour time frame so you have four hour time frame we haven't gotten the bearish crossover yet remember that the higher the time frame you're on the more you're gonna lag behind and I'm just gonna say this right here like um this would be I'm selling like I'm sure I'm looking into a short guy looking to enter into a short approaching resistance on high volatility no bueno doesn't mean that we can't continue the bullish movement but at this moment in time stuff like this I'm like hey amazing and again what are we gonna tell them Alex like how long when weed when did we enter long on litecoin ltch nineteen let's go ltch nineteen sorry I wasn't really taken that I vergence into account cool yeah letting them winners run with that trailing stop starting at 9:50 not bad let's see your most recent trade on LTC 891 885 so here were our entries and 885 right here okay cool okay cool so yep so we were in I think is out is actually right here wasn't it wasn't it I was like Alex on the 31st check last Thursday that's Thursday last Friday night doughnut sorry guys I like pop music yeah the 31st so actually okay we only got the first fella date 92 but yeah Alex did a great job catching that bottom man did a great job catching that bottom fantastic trade to the guys in the premium group I'm with this indicator we would be here we've been in here the problem is we do get the sell signal here we do get the sell signal here we probably get faked out on the 4-hour chart we probably look to take profits there would have been anot not a bad trade that have been a 4% leveraged trade we do pull back down again Alex using his amazing skills to catch this trade but we could have been in here we could have been in here and we would have been able to catch this because the bars flash blue telling us say we should ride the trend yeah it's designed it's designed again it it's limited by my ability to code in risk management money management what I have in it right now for the strategy tester is the ability to dynamically allocate your dynamically adjust your position size so the more profit you make the larger trades that you're taking and then the only thing that I need to incorporate into it is my dynamic risk management system so setting a trailing stop and exact I'm not exactly sure how far I can manipulate Pyne to do this so the next step with this is is it's the future testing it is future testing it so I have to I'm gonna throw I'm going to throw I'm gonna throw some money into an account I'm gonna hook up the bot and I'm gonna see how well this performs in real time because whenever you're back testing something on trading view I'm you do have to be concerned about how candles are painted now I've traded this strategy this particular strategy manually for quite a while now and it's very profitable I mean I do okay for myself again if you incorporate understandings fundamental understandings of how to exploit retail psychology of how to exploit other traders of key levels in the market where they're likely to change and then you look for something like this to give you indication for confirmation ok cool we're approaching a pivotal level on high volatility unnatural volume I'm getting an over saw and oversold bullish crossover let's go man let's get this money I appreciate your I appreciate your comments and thoughts best website you know I guess I guess I guess I'm not like the one script to rule all scripts and all the rest of you who can't get on my level or dead I don't know what to tell you that I just I know that my style of trading makes me money so congratulations if you're better than me man thumbs up hey thanks B I appreciate a min.i on Johnson sir I got a lot of requests coming in guys yeah I mean insurance casino you can do whatever you want man what is the market going to do in 12 hours from now is there a bot the predicts the future nope there's not man all right xlm I see X ion and IOP now it's how good dude I get listen I'm a trader dude and again I live in the technology field so this is how this is how most this in my opinion this is how most technological conversations go right like you've got a bunch and again I got to thank Scott for really giving me the best example right like you've got say you've got like three IT guys or they'll you know whatever computer nerds and they're like looking at a problem and they're they're not exactly sure how to fix it and they're like trying different things and everybody's like getting frustrated like oh wait this is gonna work no this is definitely gonna work no this is gonna work and then finally when the guy who actually does the thing that fixes it like when it starts working I mean he's just like I told you I am a god you know it's just human psychology I didn't take it personal it's all good right yeah yeah completely aware man that's why that's why I'm I'm speculative about how tradingview paints the candles you know so that's why the next step is throwing it on the butt and seeing how it actually performs in real time you know I'm not gonna be honest ma'am Bollinger Band Bollinger Band and oversold RSI is one of the better strategies to start out with as a beginner man it's not it's not a bad strategy it works any strategies gonna be fine as long as you um as long as you stick to the rules the problem with most people is that they subjectively trade things ok so let's look at all we got to look at ZURB I'm gonna look at SERP aetherium okay before ZURB so aetherium I kind of feel the same way about aetherium and I said this yesterday for hook or by crook um for hooker by crook I don't know why all these stupid lines around here for some reason I mean they are take profit levels but and their corresponding to key levels of horizontal supporting resistance but I hate I hate having my Clark shuddered Michael my chart cluttered up with lots of lines it's very distracting so let's do a student Allison will throw the script on there real quick see what it's trying to tell us so daily chart on eath let's take a look at volume yeah falling volume I'm not I'm not overly impressed with these movements still be looking on to put my shorts on around 115 116 if we can get back up there because yeah if we don't go down too strong or there's not enough liquidity here man we talked about the this being a support level and I you could take the the short scalp because see it's been here for a while this I mean this this green box has been here for like a week and you know it's just the high volume you know guys high volume note here a little bit of a high volume node there this forms your buyer range but I mean you gotta talk about your wrists reward yeah I mean you put on a trade you've got a nice little a percenter up to the up to the 21 EEMA but I'm looking for that bigger trade I'm looking for that bigger trade and looking for that 25% trade so nothing really fundamentally changing I mean yeah do you want to run into the trade not really especially on the daily timeframe for our timeframe getting above that 55 EEMA so if you can close above the 55 FEMA and successfully pull back and retested us support really this is owned right here too because that's also gonna correspond with previous resistance right here and the top of your volume profile so that level for me as a brand 109 if 109 holds then you'll probably see a bounce to 116 she's got a little 7% her there you can manage your risk either with for our ATR what's for our ATR dollar 95 so let's say you look to enter here let's say you look to front run in a bit 109 25 what did I say it was a dollar so two bucks whew man that's rough so let's come on Mouse so let's say we use like two ATR I'm not starting to like this and a to ATR that's like 3.70% but it puts you where it should be I mean ideally when you're taking a breakout trade you take the trade and I don't like using hard stops guys I like using mental stops so really you don't want it to go down below here because that pretty much invalidate your trade if it goes down below 108 it invalidates your trade so you know having this hard stop down here it sucks because you know things can enter it intraday wick volatile e down but for me for me anyways if I'm looking to enter at 109 and SRB test and a retest the 55 Yuma on the 4-hour chart to make sure that we're actually breaking through it and it's a confirmed breakout I'd have I'd have a tighter stop on this because if you get stopped out you can always re-enter on them on the bullish push back up let's take a look and see what what my baby thinks about it all right now still gotta fix the problem I still got to fix the problem of it resolving correctly but on the four hour time frame let's see her you would have been scaled in here you would have been covering a short remember we're looking at a theory I'm tether us so let's see here and we do have to adjust those oversold levels because remember one we're in a bear market we want to make it easier to sell so let's bring oversold excuse me overbought we have to adjust the overbought levels let's make the overbought easier so there we go fantastic so entrance here wouldn't have got wouldn't got the cell signal in this so I'm gonna have to adjust that a little bit more on the 4-hour time for him short here cover here not too bad entry long here how'd you out here had the unnatural volume to tell you as well you know alright and we're flashing blue too so Fisher above zero but again we start with higher time frames higher time frames we don't have any indication to by right now although you did get the daily buy on this candle that's not too bad the four-hour time frame would have got you a little bit better entry right there of course the smaller time frame the more accurate you're gonna be the daily didn't have you into like right here the the the 4-hour really caught that bottom quite well so yeah that's just my personal analysis probably looking to put on the short around that 116 117 level I'll probably invalidate if we do go above that swing high at 120 and I'll probably just be waiting just depends on the manner in which price approach to this if this pops up to this real quickly then it's likely then it's likely to be a very strong short if we just kind of like trudged up here slowly and slowly and slowly I wait I wait to I wait to enter a market position hey thanks ochco it's been a while since I seen you brother well yeah I've checked there but out I haven't traded there live man 18 ox how much money do I suggest starting the strategy with well what I suggest is that you pay per trade paper trade paper trade paper trade paper trade before you put any money into an account and then I would recommend putting an amount that you can easily afford to lose and make sure that the strategy is profitable and make sure that you understand how it works make sure that you understand why it works make sure you understand what to do and understand what the limitations of any strategy are going to be and how you need to enhance your skills to be able to bolster what the script or strategy Canon can and will not do and that's gonna be personal risk management psychological control are you gonna scale into positions like here for example like let's take a look at the daily chart on aetherium and again you can we can adjust these settings right we can adjust these settings and that's what I'm working on right now we can adjust these settings but this had you scaling into a short position between here here and here all right now you had the decision to make are you trusting again you can choose to trade this you can choose to trade this two ways and you and you can blend them this this indicator tells you when price is trending because the bars turn fuchsia this indicator tells you when turning bearishly this indicator tells you when price is trending bullish Lee because the bars turn blue so typically just like with hiking oshi analysis where you're looking to follow the trend when the bars flash purple are fuchsia excuse me you can look to go short especially if you've had a recent sell indicator with with an unnatural volume spike that's confirmation so this would have had you short from here what I had you buy here would had you short here what had you add to your short here and then you would have captured the entire down trip now the problem is is you're getting it's it's flashing you oversold conditions with unnatural volume do you trust these indications or do you believe that hey man the trend is strong I'm gonna use trend trading strategy in sillies far until these bars flash blue this these things can flash green all they want so that would add to trade there depends on how you wanted to do it do you take the do you look to take the D look to enter on the blue do you look to enter on the crossover do you look to exit here what I told you to exit here are you gonna say hey no the bars up in term few she Adam – I'm staying in this trade well if you would have taken the cross so it's it's a very careful strategy of understanding how to use an indicator and again this is all included with the documentation for premium subscribers should be done with this within the next two weeks so this will be market ready for release for the subscribers I recommend reading market Wizards and new market Wizards that's a very good book to read confessions of a stock operators a pretty good book as well just understand like kind of the philosophy and psychology behind trading and then for technical analysis man I would recommend Tom demarks and new science of technical analysis that was the first technical analysis book but I ever read and although I don't trade mr. de marks methods anymore I've kind of shifted more towards on Ehlers if you can find anything that John Ehlers has ever written beautiful but it did give me my start and helped me understand kind of a very technical and logic based way to approach the markets and not psychologically subjective alright aetherium zerp and then alex is screaming at me to look at Tron I know bro listen I'm not ignoring you man ok oh yeah well I mean nothing's fundamentally changed for for Zurich I mean syrup is fundamentally bullish man we're in a bullish uptrend nothing's really changed let's throw on that's let's throw on the Big Daddy let's throw in the Big Daddy until and see what she wants to tell us Almighty indicator tell us what to do I mean pretty simple man overall I do have two I do have to agree that prices in a bullish uptrend this looks like a healthy pullback we're at that I've talked about this a lot this red line right here really represents the middle point this is the sixth one eighth Fibonacci retracement of the entire movement as we can see after zerp skyrocketed and mooned over here it crept down to find support you can see just like Bitcoin this is like this is SERP 6000 right here where we're back at right we're back above 6000 I mean you have to be fundamentally bullish man price fell down bottom right here twice broke down through it came back up retested rejected right here after a little fake breakout that's why we were forming this higher resistance level right here so you can see where once we break them with the six one eight the the 0.5 this range right here does act as resistance but I mean we've trudged our way back up there and the more times the you test resistance the weaker and weaker and weaker it gets remember you see how many times we had to test this support to really break it and you can see right here we get a confirmed kill because we do come back up test it and then reject all the way down excuse me so yeah I mean everything looks looks good man you've got all your emails curling up your your at that six or eight for Bonacci retracement you're holding your support level you're inside you're back inside the consolidation range for reserve now I mean we really haven't broken out honestly to go on mr. moon mission really all you were able to do is capitalize on the oversold conditions right here alright honestly like I wouldn't have entered down here I mean you did it you did indications yet indications actually this indicator would have had you going into a Justin not quite quite where I want it actually yep so this this centered right where I wanted to enter it either right here right here on this candle where we finally enter into a trend you get the indication to sell right here enter here sell here or you can just hold on and it would have gotten you out at a little bit maybe a little bit better place because this is activating on this is this only flashes on the close of candles so you would have exited here you always wait for camels to close for an to exit positions anyways and then you're back in here right where I would have bought man after you see a nice healthy movement this looks like a six one eight retracement this is where I would have bought anyways you get the crossover as well in the daily chart and then again you're you're pretty much in this still here till here or here when when the trend ends so when you're trending very strongly you want to put less weight on the oversold and overbought conditions and you want to put more weights on the trend ending otherwise you're gonna miss out on profit now when you're range bound when you're just kind of like moving up and moving down then you want to rely more on these because these are gonna be able to let you catch the bottoms and sell the tops I'll see ya I'm fundamentally bullish Jones or which which you know sucks because I don't really like desert as a project as a coin but doesn't as a tradable asset man I don't know I think you're you're probably Superman now I don't I'm not gonna hold SERP I'm gonna you know when we flash when we flash blue again I'm gonna re-enter and then I'm gonna write it up as high as it goes it's pretty simple we all our EMA is coming up we're at that six or eight Fibonacci retracement if claw our way back up out there now if you did want to be a little bit more if you wanted to be a little bit more speculative about SERP the better way to trade it I think when the daily closes above ninety eighty seven which is the resistance zone that I have right now if the daily closes back above ninety eighty seven you look to take a range trade up to ten thousand four hundred fourteen honestly I'd set my cells you could set yourselves if you wanted to be safe a little bit below ten thousand because that's a round number of psychological level wali you make a very good point guys you make a very good point always wait for Campbell close to make a trade what about when the wick goes to crazy profit levels when you want to catch them automatically yes I suppose there could be some amazing automatic magical way that could incorporate potentially catching those huge huge huge big wicks with this strategy I wonder what it could be dunt dunt uh you're a gentleman and a scholar Wally thank you so much for the five dollar donation that is going to be some kind of system that it can incorporate a trailing stop and potentially potentially while we might have what you're looking for ma says crackin crypto BTC USD on GX just closed a for our green bullish candle above the 50-day EMA is that a signal to go on that depends it can be is that if that is your strategy if your strategy is when a when a green candle closes above the 50 EMA I'm gonna enter into a long position I'm gonna target the hundred EMA that's a pretty decent strategy it's not a bad strategy you do have to incorporate into that strategy okay where's your risk management where's your stop-loss gonna be are you going to skate are you gonna trail your stop etc etc etc I always recommend trailing your stop that's why I use three commas for bye Nance Trading and of course bit max the greatest platform ever invented shout at the Arthur Hays that has built-in trailing stop functionality all right we got some sub love coming into the house man we got some sub love coming in let me check out sorry I gotta open up my stream Labs OBS um let me check sorry guys Gabriel piccu Erik caffeine Mateus Tim Jo vicente mein on I'm not I don't do last names if I can't do them very well man Tom Tom boo boo oh I like that a lot man I like that a lot that's uh thank you so much guys for the for the subs on YouTube wali I'll mention it man yeah I'll mention that for you man especially for the support so let's see here if you guys are interested in something that can help you were trading while you might have something that you're looking for I will mention that for you what does it man the gun bot is 50% off until tomorrow heck yeah you can drop the link in the description man if you want not in the description I'm sorry you can drop it in the chat if you so choose guys how do you set a trailing stop it depends on what platform you're trading on okay so mm-hmm yeah like coins killing it like coins about to kill it litecoin is about to have its name written in the Death Note and Light Yagami is about to sign off hmm TP one TP – yeah I like it at least TP one and not the greatest art are that's just 180 are above the swing high yeah no other way to take it man you adjust your position size accordingly ain't no problem in listen guys yeah so what are those new things you added a gun but dude that's bit mechs bit mixed trading margin trading that's the v12 release guys pretty excited about that I am I'm actually looking forward to getting my hands on that and running this through that so Wally I'm I'm hoping that you're gonna be able to help me out with getting this baby all all set up man counting on you man the man the myth the legend come about University Wally all right I'm sorry guys now I'm just kind of it seems like I'm just clicking buttons now all right Alex let's take a look at what Alex wants me to look at bro bro okay if we break this significant support we will also break down from the pitchfork channel this would be a great place to add to the short if that happens hell yeah I'm looking at any opportunity to add my tron short boat all right so let's take a look at what analysis Alex one of our senior analysts has for us who I don't want to do that that's gonna adjust the page did I screw it up I feel like I already kind of did oh I see why I see why you're not being able to see all that cuz I need to actually switch the scene well let's switch the scene because this one isn't cropped for trading view but trading view here we go alright so reading his analysis he says if we break the significant support level right here what we're coming up on around that 740 level we will also break down from the pitchfork channel this would be a great place to add the short if that happens that's the TRX 60 minute chart right there yeah look how it's just creeping around creeping around on that support man what have I said as you approach support on low volume it's not a sign of weakness for the dominant trend in the dominant Rend is bearish you know do you know when you should be going short on things like Tron when like BTT happens sorry guys that's another another drop in a swear bucket I apologize hey Doug Benner thanks so much for the sub on YouTube just drop another bucket and swear jar I'm sorry guys but all drops in the bucket to the swear jar do go toward my daughter's College Fund so exactly you know and again the only solution while you're absolutely right using out of you does give it to it does give access to your browser the only solution I was having this conversation is you could run yeah might well my dot and and yeah my daughter's never college fun real soon and all all donations to the to the swear jar are shut up bit I hope my daughter will be able to get into Harvard on her own that's because she schooled at home and not at school you don't learn anything at school man there's not going to be an idiot I here's the zoomed out perspective on Tron but when you see things like when you see things like BTT and when you have everybody and their mother saying that oh my god dude Tron is just so strong right now it's just go and go and go and I'm so smart for buying Tron I'm gonna buy more on margin let's go that's when I quietly navigate over to my to my trading terminal and I go 10x short and I look to add to my positions here here and here I need a vape jar to know I definitely go off camera to babe it's my I mean it's my one it's my one guilty pleasure well I get stuff like guys I'm all business man I I know you guys don't want the personal reflection but I mean all I do is operate my company I trade and I and I and I raised my dime and I raise my kids that's all I do I'm not much of a partier seven that song goes off then I feel like partying I feel like partying right now thank you so much exit only 23 thank you so much for the subscription on Twitch man you're one of the good ones brother thank you for joining the community so yeah I completely agree with Alex this is the pitchfork that we've been trading it for quite a while if we do break down from this level I mean alex has been trading this pitchfork for I mean geez I mean just every time just down up down up down up that's why it's that's why it's good to be a trader guys that's why it's good to be a trader it's not good to be an investor man investor I mean if you would've bought if Jesus you guys think investing is a good idea like if you would've bought the S&P 500 like 10 years ago how much money have you really made which one of you really made you trade I mean if you have okay okay let me how do I put this in similar terms unless you have you know over a million dollars to just invest even if you have a million dollars you're just gonna be better off trading there's more opportunity to grow your capital quicker because once you put your money in the market and you've got time limits and you've got a 401k and you got an IRA and all these rules and taxes and penalties and blah that dude sorry another no I'm in the goddamn fire you are god yeah I'm not gonna give you a trade recommendation mr. win but yes yes yes I would actually yes the swear jar is in Bitcoin Mike and that's actually believe it or not Scott and I are going to do our best you know see like most twitch streamers like and no offense to them I get it anybody who's out there twitch streaming or YouTube streaming and you know trying to make a living doing their hustle I completely respect that it's totally cool you know they they rely on donations and tips and they put the little jar at the bottom and they try to incentivize people to give them money and that's totally cool guys if you want to make a donation to the show we appreciate the support helps us keep the lights on here and does help to improve the stream but I mean we're traitors we're traitors we do okay so so yeah we're actually gonna put the swear jar down there and bdc so it's instead of being like hey give me money it's gonna show I mean it's like my money and it goes to my daughter okay okay okay by psssss I'll check out vibe man after I finished one did I pull this one up yet I'm sorry I want to finish on a finish looking what alex has for us oh shoot so here's the six-hour the same TRX fingers crossed folks maybe we get some weekend movement or something here yeah yeah this is this is a good setup guys we see this break down below this level and then we've got to recalculate the pitchfork and probably I'd say this is probably gonna be the best where's those reactionaries reactionaries here yeah reactionary here here and here yeah clearly reactionary here here and here so that means the pitchfork would go here would be your median line and you would just be entering I can all I can I can see it visually so when you connect the pitchfork here your median line is gonna be drawn this way in between and you're gonna be just entering your first quartet hey thanks the Frenchman I appreciate that man let and again listen like I don't want to cached on any other this in any of the other streamers I'm familiar with some of them I don't watch anybody else's content because again I just I trade and that's all I worry about but but but yeah I mean I I respect their hustle if they're dependent on donations but it's it's I mean listen if somebody's like dependent on donations and they're like you know begging for donations and they claim to be like a knowledgeable trader which is I mean I that's what I do for a living I teach people how to invest their money manage their money make good trades if somebody is it needs donations and that's their field of business like I don't know I've never walked into a financial advisors office and seen a donation jar on their desk you know hey Wally you're awesome bro you said clearly I was worried about people who keep said money to the grand reserve alright yeah let me draw a TRX out all right Justin what's up man alik she gave me a fright there man when Alex says something serious is happening then I stop and I pay attention to all right yes you know here's the thing I don't give financial advice and that's the reason I don't say that I there's a disclaimer down at the bottom of the screen there's the disclaimer down in the down in the description of course you know again you guys are responsible for your own trades do your own advice but listen I you know I legally protect myself like saying streamers who think that saying like or traders who like do whatever this is no funny choice okay that doesn't mean anything you think that sec if you've done something untoward or really like solicited financial like solicited people to pay you for to be a financial advisor unlawfully do you think that's really gonna stop if you've really done something illegal saying no for new boys or it doesn't do anything just don't don't get financial advice all I do is post my trades and how I'm looking to set them up and then I give people mentoring on how on how to trade I don't tell them what to trade I tell them what I'm trading and I show them how I do it I'm very simple okay we're back here let's let me look at vibe man I'll look at vibe real quick for you bro because I know Quinn you're you're gonna you're gonna die okay so vibe on the daily doesn't look too bad man yeah you know this actually looks like a lot of what I was looking to trade hey thanks for the subs guys Doug mentor Shaun Meszaros ABC Friday jeremy rowan and doug pro stock thanks so much for the subs on youtube guys welcome to the community um so what we got here let's lay out the positives okay yeah vibe actually doesn't look too bad man i don't know if i jump in now but definitely if you caught the bottom which sounds like to say I know but sorry mmm okay so all we're looking for is the big ones sorry guys I've been renewing my training view lately so yeah almost I mean almost came down to the 786 that's why if you used some people use the 7 1 5 but it's all good but I mean yeah you did come down like almost perfectly to previous resistance right here would have been nicer to see obviously this is where you would M targeting this is why I got front-run actually on the buy up you can see you get the seven eight six here and previous horizontal resistance which would act to support but your your your top Scout front around your highs got front run which is good when you're watching this and you see price slowdown I mean look at that falling momentum let's see here you know really get a natural volume you got the crossover entry right here on the daily so let's actually get out of the for our this would have caught yeah exactly so I indicator would have had you in here it had you scale in here but you don't get on natural volume you get a natural volume here and then you get your buy signals so that's again you're looking for confirmation you're looking for confirmation if you're waiting for confirmation I mean you're in right here on this blue bar right here so you're already up 10 percent this indicator would've caught for you well really you would have been buying here so to be quite honest you're up like eight so eight ten who cares so are you coming to you are coming to your first level of resistance I'd like to take profit on my first level of resistance here's the thing overall bearish market all coins do pop and go quite volatile but at the same time like when you're in a downtrend like yes they they come down you get like a very small window to buy them up and then they pump and you know there's lots of money to just in taking the scalp trade if you're doing all coins because the scalp trade on all coins is a life changing trance at 10% trade if you're trading traditional stocks or Forex you have to wait like a week to make that unless you're leveraged unless you're leveraged to the hilt man how would I describe the bottom on vibe how much initial money is enough to make trading worth it I mean beat realistically like five grand and you could if you're trading crypto you could probably do pretty well for yourself if you manage your money okay you know it's near I can be a millionaire overnight but you are you know a cryptocurrency is one of those few areas where if you know what you're doing the technical analysis you have the right tools then you can't actually do well for yourself whereas with stocks and Forex you're it's coming you're completely front-run man you're completely front-run now I mean I can make money may play in that you know the S&P e-mini futures I can trade lots on there I used to you know I can trade pips on you know I can trade pips on you know CAD odd but I mean those markets aren't fun anymore dude you know there's some there's some stocks that I see that I don't want to get into but I'm just kind of waiting man I'm kind of waiting hey God Sal what's going on man all right so people want me to take a look at so i've ha i've heard i on a few times i'll look at sky burnett work for you Wally and BK ABC yep one percent a day with five grand is good just got to make sure that you have the right tools man that you're dynamically adjusting your portfolio size and that you're putting on the right trade the right position sizing risk management psychological management it happens man but you need to do your research you need to make sure that you have a strategy that you can back tests and paper tests on future tests as well and then stick to that strategy and then don't deviate so with something like this again on my indicator I got I got a natural volume right here right this looks like oversold volume and look it's a nice it's a nice bullish hamrick handle right there price does move back down and then I get the buy signals right here so it entered here I would have doubled up here and then I look to take resistance I liked profit at first resistance with about 50% of my position and then I'll set a trailing stop for you know you know something luck and so somewhere like this I'm just looking subjectively on that because my trailing stop is subjective you can average true range to make it not subjective so average to range on the four-hour chart is 41 SATs so say from your take profit level you set a trailing stop of 41 sets so right now you have a you have a trailing stop right come on baby don't let me down well it's not gonna go because of the resolution but so right there so you got a trailing you got a trailing stop like right here that probably have been triggered but then this is gonna move up with you as you go and you just let that baby run and run and run and run and run you can set it to wherever you want you can set it to two you can set it to whatever you want you could have set it down here but then you would have been potentially losing more your profits why I mean just my personal preference for trading when I see a good set up you know I look to you know depending on depending on what it is if it's something that I think might trend hard then then I'll wait until the bars flash purple excuse me fuchsia I don't want to do any insults to purple but remember what I said when price approaches resistance on high momentum I don't really like to see that that's a good indication to to sell so this is this is how I would have managed this trade just looking at primary resistance I would have entered when my indicator told me to and I would have taken profit at the first level resistance with half of my position o or thirty that's all that's all your preference of that's depending on your level of aggression or conservatism and then and then just set a trailing stop for whatever whatever portion you want let your winner run you know obviously your next target right here for me let's see here let's take a look at this baby right here I mean traditionally the way to do this is to purchase the six one eight and target the two three six or to purchase the seven eight six to target the Creator so as you can see price had a nice bullish run-up we actually got the sell signal right there at the top obviously something like an automated bot would have let you catch at the top quite well hashtag not a sponsored no no we're not going to allow that man this is not a Superbowl Channel hey math tutor actually we have an advisor for the team that is a crypto Buddhist that is an accountant and is specialized in cryptocurrency so we are gonna be bringing him on the show later on as we get closer to tax season to help toe up explain that so I would be doing him a gross disservice even though I basically understand but I'll let the man who actually handles my taxes explain it to you a tldr if you lost a lot of money on cryptocurrency you need to claim that because you can roll those losses into future capital gains it's how it works and you can actually do it for a long time if you have an accountant who knows what they're doing so anybody who's like what's the odds that you made a ton of money this year what's the odds you're gonna make a ton of money next year much better than the odds that you made a lot of money this year 95% of people lost money this year just the way it is very few people made money because very few people short of the market anyways so yeah but I mean I try to be an asshole I'm just saying oh I'm a failure what I am saying is that if you have lost money in the bear market then you need to make that legal so that you can actually reduce your taxes your taxation in the future and put yourself in a better financial light and you should pay your taxes anyways there's better ways to oppose the government and then then direct disobedience there is a time in a place for that we're getting close though we're getting close yeah so traditionally if you're when you're playing fibs you come back to the six one eight and you target the two three six now since we have entered into blue trending you can try to take that trade you've got a lot of resistance to get over though honestly I would still be like trailing my stop fairly tight and then I'd be waiting to see what happens like can we you know like like what happens basically right here at this resistance cluster right here you can see we took profit at the first level of resistance smart thing to do let's say we get back above this maybe we can double up to our position you know maybe reinvest our capital and then set a trailing stop because then and we're only going to be exposed to the risk of the new position that we add and you add a smaller size to your position so say you you took 50% of your profit well you only add like 30 percent or I'll add an alternative to that if you feel something that's if you feel that something is going to trend hard then you pyramid up instead of taking profits so at your take profit levels you actually add to your position size and and in smaller and smaller positions and then just move your stop up and move your stop up that actually mathematically will get you more profit if the trade goes in your favor but understand that you're gonna if you use that strategy of pyramiding up and not taking profit at the first signs of resistance you're gonna have way more losing trades but when you have a winner it's gonna be gangbusters it's gonna be gangbusters okay thanks Hollywood trip yeah I mean I used to Trey I used to trade him man all the time dude you should trade them any futures all the time man get up my Lots bro and let's go man and you know you could be profitable you could be you could be profitable trading e-mini futures with like a 35 percent success rate honestly if you're mister if you're risk management is tight enough which that was again I want to give many thanks to the people who helped me along in my journey because I started with risk management and not technical analysis cuz when i started detecting combats it's like every time i bought like the market moved against me every time i I sold the market skyrocketed I mean just you know I made every mistake in the book the first two years all right so vibe I've been looking to take profits man but I do see I mean obviously listen if you if you want if you want to ride the trend if you want to ride the trend you do want to wait for or for our clothes above this level I mean I don't like to long resistance so this is an area where I want to enter the for our we're about to get oversold let's go back to the daily because we do want to take our trades from the daily yeah man I don't know we're not trending yet on the daily if the daily if the daily flash is blue and we get above the if we get above the Fischer or if the Fischer gets above zero daily I might potentially I mean it might be okay to take a potential trade to 382 but I don't know man I just look for I just look for good opportunities man like right here you can see that you know we had plenty of we had we were in a nice accumulation phase right here so all these times that flashed you to go the flashy to go green I mean you have good opportunities here and then you have a nice nice bull run and actually this indicator caught this whole movement and it didn't tell you to sell I didn't tell you to sell until here and you had a natural volume as well to confirm that so and when the bars turned blue out when the bars turn red man but that's a different market environment from descending from a descending area we haven't really had a long period of accumulation I'm really had a long period of accumulation I like to see a long period of accumulation to see a nice strong movie cuz that's a 16% movement now it just seems like we're trailing down forming a higher look forming a lower high and I think we'll probably just form another lower hymen but that's your own preference man again I would have been in this trade here and right now I'd be out 50% with a trailing stop and we'll just see how high goes yeah there you go Hollywood trigger that's what's up bro what's happenin the bull run started oh that's a good question man let's go take a look real quick and then I'm gonna do Tron and then I'm gonna look at some other stuff I don't know why that's switched to DC u.s. DT 24 hour fifteen thousand if you're following the if you're following the trend so this would have had you if you're just trend trait if you're just trend following the strategy this would add you at 3958 this would have had you out at six thousand three hundred seventy-three back in at seven thousand two hundred ninety seven and then out at fifteen thousand 114 percent profit this would have broke even on you right here this would have broke even on you this would have worked out quite well for you you get faked out right here right but you still make the profit done well for you at 21 percent trade this one would have done well free as a 20 no 22 percent trade let's see here this one would be a 20 another 20 percent trade you take it you take a loss on this one five percent loss take a 10 percent loss on that one this looks more like kind of a break-even five percent gain you break even on this one let's see your 17 percent gain there you make a 34 percent trade there you make a 20 percent trade there this more breakeven you make a nice profit here and you can catch those by changing the you can change it to open instead of close so that's all in your personal preference of aggression or conservatism so yes so not over all bad and yeah would have caught the bear market right here or excuse me wouldn't not the bear market but what it caught the dissent from 6 K right here because as you can see I want to see actually very clearly because we had so little volatility here I want to see if you got faked nope told you to go short right here on the 10th of November so this told even if you were waiting for the camera close you would've been short at 6435 and you would have been out candle close mmm you got faked here you'd have been out at 4190 and then back in at 38 87 and then out right here 36 61 depending how you want to trade it again I have to you can adjust the levels you can adjust this free level aggression this is just throwing it on and showing what it does right away man all right let's take a look at ion Oh 24 hour time frame hmm ion doing some things I am doing that snakey snakey down at the bottom man again the coins look like this I don't get mega mega excited about but you know doesn't look too bad dude you can see that every time the Fisher goes into oversold territory we do reverse I mean this is just range this is just ranging accumulation we haven't seen a spring yet so do we see we do see a little bit of a selling climax right here the volume isn't you know again the volume isn't always representative of course you do see that it's higher than normal so this can be an overall selling climax so you do see it more there and then obviously we bought them right here let's see here automatic retest boom mm-hmm mmm would have been nice to see a spring here if I would have seen a spring of course you can always need a spring for a for an accumulation phase now if we can get back above here this could be our sign of strength and then the last point of supply and then a breakout so yeah I don't look too bad man I mean you're right at the bottom of the range where should you manage your risk on this bad boy daily time frame average true range 229 this is just my personal preference because I don't like to get kicked out of altcoins oh that's that's too wide of a range isn't really 229 229 set yeah I can't be right one two three four okay that's why let's pull out the calculator so it would be where's the swing low actually this is the swing oh look at that SFP man look at that SFP that's a nice e I'd buy I on that looks pretty nice actually I'm not gonna lie nice bullish hammer candle about to get that bullish crossover and oversold territory yeah I like that quite a bit all right point one two three four three two seven minus and then average true range oh no no not three two seven what's the low just three ten 2871 yes pretty wide stop man but I Hagen I Hagen whipped out on on Alton you know look at your wrists reward man so where are your all right so I'd say your first upside target for ion is gonna be how this thing is going absolutely batshit crazy stop stop what you're doing in the name of the law I broke hit look hit him there we go just chill that man I'd say your first upside targets gonna be 356 that's your first level of resistance and also your point of control you got your 21 email coming in there as well and then you're targeting obviously kind of the top of your initial range 390 to 400 around in that range you got your you can even be a little bit more conservative like 387 390 you got your 55 Yuma coming in there and then next obviously the your range high which is where your 100 EMA is so around that 465 470 level and yeah just look too bad now what I do want to do is slap my baby on this hasn't had you sellin just accumulating about to get that crossover right here so I think this is about to flash a buy but see I got a code the logic to because this is why you do need to manually interpret this until I can just make it a hundred percent perfect which will be happening over the next few weeks because there's situations where you get that crossover and you can adjust this you can adjust your oversold territory to make it easier to buy so we can see what happens when we do that for example so let's adjust our oversold levels to negative one yeah and if we do that you can actually see that we would have caught this this this this and this yeah we are flashing a buy actually on the current daily candle fur for ion and then since we're range bound if you would have adjusted your overbought mmm it's still not enough overbought still not letting you sell but you can see because I need to code the logic to actually touching and not crossing over even though the crossing over in OB is a better signal but you can see the price does touch your overbought level all right you can see the price does touch your overbought level one to three times I'm going to giving you the exit signal here here and here for those trades are you gonna watch it do man satoshi nakamoto thanks for joining bro I mean no reason to watch it man I mean you got to have your money in the market bean and I'd buy dude and it looks like a I'm gonna I'm gonna make this trade mm-hmm I got my stop-loss on there and I just talked about my take profit targets looks like a good chance I'm going to take initial profits at 350 set let's zoom in I guess you we could take an initial profits at 3:44 it's gonna be your first hvn talking about 5% and so pretty much a 5/10 read 510 trade which means you can either be very conservative and use a 2.5% trade or you can look for the big long setup cuz my stops 12% away but that's how I trade alts I don't take large position sizes and I just my position size dynamically so that if whatever I put into it goes down 12% I lose my or which is 3% of my portfolio that is what it is or one you again you're a risk management that's on you guys I can talk about it and tell you guys what I do but you're gonna have to be responsible for your own trading decisions um or you can you can use the daily you can use the daily and understand why I want to do it that way and look for some big targets man I mean we're in some nice we're in some nice accumulation and we're at the absolute bottom of the range I mean as if we come nice back up here especially oh god he's gonna he's gonna put a line on there guys you know what that means yeah I know that was a swear my bad guys now this is where I'm gonna have my hard stop loss mental stop-loss really but in all actuality if we close a daily below this line if we close the daily below there I'm gonna be out of the trade I'm just being real with you guys but you can see where I'm really initially looking to take profit at that point of control sorry let me let me be a little bit more specific so yeah the big point of control right there at 3:58 but you can actually see where if you do take profits that like that 340 342 level you got a good shot for an intraday Twix up to that level if this just goes out and goes completely down and then you can look so you look at sake like 50/50 and then double up if we start trending blue so if we flash blue and then we start breaking this resistance trendline and get above this point of control then yeah I mean your targets are 382 and your range high your 100 emo but I'm going to take this can't make money on hope by some zerp with eath agree crypto is a monster zone hey Harry thanks for joining us man I will not make any specific recommendations on what to invest in because that's not what I do but I'm sure the chat rooms can it be happy to give you their opinion fanboys attack alright now I want to look at that TRX analysis that Alex was doing we got about 10 minutes left in the show so guys this is the TRX BTC setup that were that we're playing on I'm gonna have to stop flashing that but it's already there so it's like whatever okay so you took the daily okay so you took the so if we end up reversing we'll probably form a new fort bro and if I had to bet I would take these reactionaries just like that which means price wants to return to the median or you know yeah yeah that's the way I'd applaud it then you got some nice confluence there that horizontal confluence with their first quartet and you're 21 EEMA really looking for that to break on the daily and then it's down to the 55 you got some nice confluence there with your second with your again with the quartet and then again you keep on coming down you've got your hundred coming in is gonna give you confluence with your quartet again so I think it's just gonna be a nice little nice little trail down that's how I do it out there I want to say hello to the new subs guys Michael w3 aundrea Lennon and Skylar the Fox thanks so much for the subs on YouTube guys highly appreciated alright am I forgetting anything guys it's over nine hey what's going on truce do you think like one will go higher or just a trap yeah I think that's a trap dude when you approach resistance on high volatility I like to go short at least for a scout again I'm not putting long zone right now and then I'm looking to put shorts on you guys long if you want to man you guys can wait you guys can wait for some confirmation it's totally fine it's all good not mad at you I'm mad at you tweezer top pattern waiting for this to turn into something like a bearish pinbar mmm no divergence on the four hour about the six hour mmm no divergence little confluence they're about the 12 giveme divergence I'll be a happy boy and no divergence daily divergence that's what I'm looking for so if this tops right here which I do expect it to do we're going to have daily divergence embarrassed divergence so price action makes a higher high and the oscillator makes a lower a lower high of course we have to wait for this to close and actually move down a little bit for us to get that turnover and that'll also be look we are in oversold territory so we'll get the we'll get the bearish cross under we'll get the bearish sell signal just like we got here and here you guys have been good man I only got seven minutes left in the broadcast is it a nice idea surely bring them in man us all up on you man as this Bitcoin fall a chance to buy cheap now nah man it's gonna be cheap here it's gonna be cheap here pretty soon oh yeah that's right God Selby cash I'll check out be cash free man yeah I mean I can just only tell you for myself man I mean this would I would I would be going short on this I'm not because I've got my positions I've got my positions open we just went along on litecoin I mean really honestly like once I finish the broadcast I'll probably go over here and watch this closely this is the area where I do want to be putting on my short there's nothing wrong with waiting for a little confirmation you wait until the bars flash purple you can wait until you get the bearish crossover I haven't got a sell so good yet on the 4:00 hour which is kind of what I look for but I'm gonna give that daily I'm gonna get that daily some some credence boom and I'm also gonna give the fact that we just we just ran back up to resistance on high momentum you don't see that without a pullback at least to here to 90 53 so they're like for sure like I would again you know guys are responsible for your own trades but this is a gliese to 1% scalp down to 953 but to me in my opinion this is probably the best the best place to be putting on a positional schwöre now I assume you mean for spot man hey what's going on man yeah that's some pretty wicked divergence on three oh yeah and rejection from your hundred a three-day exponential omn now that's just a short-term scalp man that's an intraday scale hey what's going on Johnny boy crypto man holding on some of that poon DX 3 days trending pretty bullish Lee pulled down to that 21 exponential on the three day hmm why aren't we oh that's volume my bad that's unnatural volume right there at the top mm-hmm range bound between the 55 and the 21 on the three day not too bad let's go to the daily if funnily enough this actually is not telling you to sell moon I mean you do get that you dig it a sell signal here but you haven't in turn into a bearish trend yet this thing's still flashing bullish and look at all this you got that 21:55 crossover you get your hundred right above you man but we're just ranging here real nicely man it's actually pretty good to see so maybe in pxs is good for another run up 24 SATs here we come it's our next level of resistance previous pointer control trading above the point control right now back in our accumulation zone right here let's do these things guys alright so be cash ABC I feel like there's too much clutter here oh come on now alright daily chart on mister B cash mmm that's kind of a rough one on the daily moon got your cell signal here after going after flash and blue I haven't gotten the bycel yet I mean you've got some oversold signals right here you don't really have any unnatural you only get a natural volume right here you got a natural volume here I mean where we at yeah we pulled down to the seven eight six and bounced off of the man now back in that kind of buy zone that was acting as we you know this was acting a support this level was acting a support this is the six one eight eventually six minutes up here my bad this level is acting as support broke down acted as a resistance and that we've broken above it getting resistance now from a 50 foot 55 and our 21 EMA so if this level holds then yeah this is probably good time to be buying be cash I said you've got you haven't flashed any buy signals until here and if this thing just in a few more days this thing will probably flash blue let's take a look at the fish yeah actually fishers crossing zero right now so this bar is blue yeah that's a Bailey blue bar so I'm gonna do what it tells you man just tells you to buy told you to buy right here now here told you to get short here out here let's see so did you catch the bottom now you missed out on nine percent profit but you got up on 22 times you guys just gotta be grateful like this bad boy right here if you were following it would've got you 30 you wouldn't made your fifty that's cool though if you if you wanted to take a stab on it and it'd give you buy signals right here boom boom boom unnatural volume right here so up to you how you choose to use the system but the information is there for you very visually alright umm yeah I mean we're above the support level this was our breaker man this was our breaker acted as support broke down acted as resistance broke up and if we hold that level on the daily man the only next two levels of resistance for us to break are really our point of control and r55 and its new missions are you can see however since we broke down to the 21 right here the 21 cross is the 55 so we get the moving average crossover we get price closing above the point of control holding the support level this all amping up to be pretty bullish man I mean just the only thing that I'd prefer to see before we really get our moon boots on is for this hvm to break and then it's pretty easy ride again you buy the 786 you target the 3 a 2 so on BTC I mean that's the target of 0.043 2 that would seem to imply that's where we're heading so that is and tears a lot that's a 25% increase I mean it's telling you hey guys starting to come bye guys until Bitcoin rolls over again yeah it's possible man it all hangs on a knife edge man but sometimes you just got to take your trades man BTC absolutely breaks down then you know maybe this stuff will go out the window or maybe some stuff will be a couple men all you can do is take things that look optimum and have risk management and that's it man so we do can't tell you the future but I can tell you how to make I mean not I can I can't tell you the future but I can tell you how I'm able to profit in the system all right guys that's all it is seven o'clock it's time for me to go it's Saturday I'm gonna go hang out with my family we're gonna go watch a movie man I'm gonna double check on some of my trades and we won't that's for the subscribers sorry guys um things to talk about things to talk about for the end of the show of course guys of you guys make sure if this is your first time here guys yes sir I got it swing into full business pitch mode but you know whatever it's what I used to do for a living if you got it this is your first time here guys and you enjoy the stream and you support what you see you want to support the content that we're making here you know hit that subscribe button give us a thumbs up we highly appreciate it obviously if you're watching on YouTube I would appreciate it if you go over and maybe watch us on Twitch you know on Twitch and give us a follow give us a sub you know helps keep the lights on there we 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you get a point if you follow us on Twitter you get a point if you follow us on Twitter at a point if you subscribe to us on Twitter at 3 if you subscribe to the unit and so on and so forth if you want to refer your friends it is viral sharing so it this will actually generate you a unique referral code that you can share with your friends and if they sign up using your code you get bonus entries so you know congratulations in advance to the three lucky winners again we're gonna be running this for the next 13 days and then starting after this competition ends we're gonna be running our next giveaway we have a partner coin roll the proud sponsor of the show and we're going to be giving away 5 masternodes worth of their project so you know make sure to tune in for that we'll be running that competition for a month so from the middle of February to the middle of March we'll have that open same format but you can also follow their social media as well so they can get some exposure and we'll be giving away like I said 5 masternodes to five people so 5 individuals they each win one night that's about it guys of course if the bear market has got you down if you don't know if you want to buy or if you want to sell if you're not sure what your trading strategy is if you don't know is what risk management is if you'd like to get access to my indicators if you'd like to get access to seeing my trade setups the other analysts and traders are cracking cryptocurrency like alex da vinci Fibonacci if you'd like to get access to their trade setups then consider joining the cracking cryptocurrency premium trading group you will get access to all our trade setups the private discord the members lounge VIP and day trading voice chat you'll get access to the resource library so there's that pop-up guys you'll get access to our database Lee resource library pack with PDFs webinars courses seminars tapes everything you possibly need to supplement your knowledge on as well as access to our personal webinar series designed to take you from scratch and teach everything that I've learned over my years of trading you also get access to our live trades tracker premium curated news and and and your own customizable trade journal so you can keep track of your journey in this amazing world we call crypto currency guys that's all for me you guys have been fantastic to give a shout out to your crypto daily x42 Specter security coin I know I'm forgetting somebody castle coin um give a shout-out to gun bot University with gumball Wally and I feel like a jerk if I forget giving the shoutouts I know as you guys have all been fantastic thank you so much for joining me this evening hopefully tonight's hopefully the night's present it not presentation hopefully tonight's show has helped crack cryptocurrency for you of course I'm Justin wise lead analyst and senior mentor at crackin cryptocurrency dot-com and as always guys trade safely

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