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well hello good afternoon to all you wonderful people here today in cryptocurrency lands I hope you guys are out there crushing it today and I hope you're having a fantastic a fantastic Wednesday guys today December v/o you guys know it's 12:12 guys this is the date the magical number everybody told you to buy Bitcoin before the state because you know why we're going to 9k that's what everybody was saying that's not necessarily what I was saying so let's get into what actually I have been saying and we'll move forward with that again sorry we're starting off a little late today guys I had to go to Maya my daughter had a Christmas play this morning she played a candy the narrator it was quite fantastic honestly it was she did a really good job there was you know what I'm surprised because I've been the kids plays and they're normally like fairly wretched Affairs honestly like just being realistic guys a hand huh this one was actually quite nice there was some good enthusiasm among the actors and actresses so that it pretty good for elementary school children man let's see here moving on ah let's see what else do I want to talk about some quick updates guys quick updates of course as well oh yeah hey make sure that it's early in the show of course guys but we got to do it otherwise Scott will pour boiling acid on me actually is actually it's written on our contractual obligation as business partners so make sure that if you guys are new to the channel make sure that that subscribe button and the notification bell so you can be here live every day so as we watch us crack cryptocurrency guys and if you are a returning viewer make sure to hit that thumbs up button we highly appreciate it guys smash that like 2018 style website continues to be updated continues to look nice beautiful wonderful and awesome head on over there guys cracking cryptocurrency comm give us your thoughts your opinions your sarcastic remarks your potential death threats as always leave them in the comment section down below or email them to us always looking for ways to improve on this as well anything you guys could think anything you guys could think would make this nice and spruced up but Scott's been doing pretty pretty fantastic job getting this up to date and running um quick update on the trading group guys scroll up here a little bit week 2 updates right now currently up 60.9 seventh out let's see recently closing out another be cash the 18 long yesterday which was a scalp posted that on the 8th actually didn't actuate until the 11th so actually let me make a quick adjustment to that right there yeah I'd posted that call on the 8th actually it was just a nice little nice little 5x scalp targeting the lows of EPS V closed out on one potential X BT long that we did and however we are still in profits on our other x bt long and our long-term position long as well so three different calls we have put out for the x bt long raid and aragon eos nothing's really changed there as well need to actually update this because we did close out TR we do have a little bit here for TRX and x RP as well so kind of running a little bit behind guys but that's just an update on how the cracking cryptocurrency trading group is doing pretty swimmingly again just another update me and scott will be speaking to the milwaukee chapter of the american association of individual investors on January the 19th around 10 o'clock in the morning be doing about an hour-long presentation on blockchain technology and how individuals can invest in cryptocurrency and use mining as a passive income source so if you guys want to come check that out they still have tickets available so you guys can come see us talk in Wisconsin if you're in the Midwest area alright let's start off by just doing a little bit of PATA on PA guys so Bitcoin last night came down and tested our current current support area where we also have stops out at 30 to 90 here looking at the bitstamp chart Bulls defending this area quite nicely guys just an ATR 1x multiplied so Average True Range which is the average implied which is not implied volatility skews me which is the average volatility of the current market I simply used an ATR of this previous consolidation order block to to generate this this support level right here we still have our current load zone right here on the 4-hour chart from 32 57 to 32 54 that's your low-end load zone which is also acting as your as your topping support zone another support zone at 31 90 again that's your 2x multiplier and 30 40 an area where you want to be managing risk on any of these along because as well going down below that again still support at 39 39 38 20 excuse me 29 38 2900 I've just gotten a little bit more specific with well where I've put these as volume continues to develop and as I generally just look more at this honestly and do a further analysis so what do we see here there's so let's point out the potential negatives first the potential negatives obviously is in this overwhelmingly bearish trend and bearish market we could actually see on the 4-hour chart of potential Head and Shoulders form here we won't have any confirmation of that until we actually form a top here and get rejection right now Bitcoin going along quite nicely but on I wouldn't say extremely low volume but not a massively impressive volume here just looking at spot price guys so we'll just see how this continues develop obviously everybody's nice and excited and we've been kind of calling for this for a while obviously we've been in a long position as well with a little bit of drawdown taking profits a little bit on the way for that measured move for the inverted head and shoulders that we saw in the lower timeframes up to 36 20 and taking a little bit of 35 50 3500 as well I will be honest though if as far as the xpt USD position I know compared to the other calls that we made since everybody's all eyes on xbt people tend to get a little emotional about that particular trade position and and I know that some of the members in the members group have been getting a little whipsawed so we've been doing our best to make it up to them with successful calls and other and other outlets but overall if they are following the strategy and sticking to the plan they should be doing quite well let's see here so I mean nothing really a whole lot to talk about here guys obviously we are looking at obviously we've broken above our previous rejection order block which was nice to see the most likely thing we could have seen really two things here guys when we have a nice move down we do see a perfected 9 count to the downside on the TD sequential we did get an immediate reaction from that and it bounced back up back into this ascending channel pattern that we do have right here now is this a potential long-term bull flag that is going to take us down to 2900 28 50 potentially I know that's what a lot of people are talking about we won't have any confirmation of that until we actually get a confirmed really rejection from this area and really a rejection from these areas right here testing our yearly lows that probably would be a fairly negative sign I would probably expect capitulation I would not actually expect these support levels to hold up and we'd probably move lower into this amorphous area that I have been charting out for a while 29 38 to 2120 with 28 50 being a fairly key area there of importance there on bitstamp but we'll go to the higher time frames to look at that so I will just see how far we can go here we do have our next area of resistance is going to be around 34 83 3,500 that's where we had a little bit brief period of consolidation so that would be our next order block that we'd be looking to overcome so let's actually switch on our volume profile so we can actually dial that in just a little bit for you guys come on guys okay excellent and we'll go down to the lower timeframes to do that as well do you have an issue trading now i refresh the page to refresh the page there we go that's what I'm looking for right there and we'll hide that and we'll hide that and we'll have make sure that's on and we'll hide that as well okay fantastic let's go down to our lower timeframe so we can see a little bit more clearly what we're gonna be looking for here and turn logarithmic off as well all right so yeah as you can see here a little bit more clearly we did break above our previous resistance block with a brief with a brief stab down to retest the low of it as well sweep the lows which makes sense before continuing upwards we would be expecting to see the exact same thing right here we do have a double a little bit of a double top resistance here on the 30-minute chart from an area we could expect as well so we do break above a previous kameen it's very simple guys you just look for where are you likely to expect and suffer rejection well it's areas where people were interested in trading in the market so I'm guessing it especially if we turn on bps V okay now we've broken we've broken above the point of control on the session two days ago and obviously the session yesterday which was the consolidation accumulation area and now I would expect a pullback in a retest of again what we're seeing right now the upper value area of the total volume profile and the point of control on our current day's session as well as the session two days ago which was distribution fairly congruent to this point of control area right here of highly traded volume so if price is able to come down test the upper area of the value area the next area we would be looking to target would be up here at 3528 abound that 3434 82 35 20 area that I was talking about earlier on the four hour time frame so we'll just see what happens then and then our next area of supreme resistance to overcome before we can start talking about our more upward targets of 3,800 3,900 potentially four thousand is our is our long term rejection area that we broke down after forming this bearish consolidation pattern right here so things looking positive for right now but we'll just wait and see how this plays out guys just be cautious guys just be cautious don't chase the top don't chase the high you know the optimum area to enter enter obviously was down here so just wait you can wait for the pattern to play out and look for an entry either to the upside of the downside so going over here to X BT as well we see the exact same thing nothing has changed in my position my position still absolutely remains the same guys just for a brief recap you can see here I've cleaned this up just a little bit just by making things smaller so you can see a little bit better but again my first fill was at 3,500 3,300 I got a partial fill believe it or not at 3200 and then we took profits at 35 50 36 20 I know some again we put out the signal that individuals could enter at 30 380 the other day yesterday and they are doing fairly well they suffered a little bit of drawdown and one of the things that somebody had brought up in the chat in the private chat last night was this potential head and head and shoulders pattern forming on the 30-minute chart projection for that would have been a stab back down to 32 50 which would make sense a sweep of this low right here around this area that didn't actually play out and you would have got confirmation of that as we said as soon as we actually started closing candles above the right shoulder of that potential head and shoulders so when you're looking at patterns like that guys you always want to be careful you can enter early but this would have not been a bad would have not been a bad play I mean I don't I don't I don't short anybody who looked at this pattern and tried to play it especially when you're right here in the market and you're looking to short again I don't like to bottom sure you never want to short the bottom of any market guys you always want to wait for a higher potential entry an area where you're likely to be entering into resistance so like right here this is obviously a good area to be entering into a short targeting somewhere around here and you would be in Nice profits right now now whether this is going to be a scalp or actually a long-term play for you remains to be seen this still looks potentially quite nice to me especially looking coming down and retesting the upper area of this value area that is a very likely area to hold as well now if we start closing down below this than I would expect actually that the only scenario is left are if we get a sweep of this potential low but that's more not likely the reason why is because we already had a little bit of consolidation in this area before sweeping the low and continuing up higher hey Jay Kors man thanks for the sub on YouTube highly appreciate it thanks for joining the cracking cryptocurrency family bro so if we actually do break down from this area more than likely we're going to retest our next value area which would be right here which would be fairly negative for me and I'd probably be looking at actually at that point actuators areas right here like 30 to 50 or 3,200 so that is the downside potential so for right now as long as things remain kind of where they are I'll be ok I could I could be okay with moving a little bit further down but once we start closing below here below like 33 90 3390 230 380 particularly I start to become a little bit more negative about that now we do have this descending trend line on the lower timeframes that we did break above and close which is quite nice as well so things will just remain to be seen and as you can see we do have that if we go back over to spot price we can see go to the 4-hour chart we do have that we do have that ascending channel that we are now trading and so this would posit a return back up to this area if this channel pattern plays out unless we get rejection here from around the 50% line which would make son I know a lot of other traders trade that way I don't put a lot of stock in the chart patterns honestly because I've seen them revolve somebody resolved so many which way is that it's it's it's fairly not congruent man so yeah so overall looking at current resistance around 30 480 35 20 if we can close above this area then I start to feel fairly confident the next area that we're likely and come into resistance is this current bearish order block right here that we did break down from we can get above that and things start to look fairly positive but we can start looking at upside targets this is most likely not going to act as strong resistance more than likely the next area if we do break above this area around 36 so if we get about 3,600 I feel fairly confident that we're actually going to probably run up to around $4,000 honestly that's the way the chart looks right now so yeah it's a pretty positive guys things look pretty positive now the short-term xpt signal that we had put out yesterday was an entry around 30 380 targets at 34 40 35 20 so we did actually close at one position they should now have their stops at a break-even down here at 30 380 so there are nice profits on that at 5x leverage 9.1% so looking for that next next move up so 33 80 33 82 55 20 would be the next next little baby target right there so about 20 by 20 percent profits if we can actually pop that next target so looking forward to that and we'll just we'll see where the bearish pressure comes and we do have nice nice nice bullish volume here this is not really weak sauce volume especially on the 30-minute chart now when we go to the higher time frames you're right it doesn't it's not it's not anything to get over your skis about so we'll just be real cautious at this point in time again never chase the top guys you do have this tweezer top this tweezer top potential reversal candlestick pattern right here so we'll just be cautious guys again this value area needs to hold if we're gonna remain the bullish optimism here and look for our upward targets of around again as we've been saying thirty six hundred thirty seven hundred thirty eight hundred thirty nine hundred four thousand and if we start closing like four four three two hour candles back in this consolidation area things start to become less positive at the worst-case scenario that's going to be definitely at least a sweep of this low around 30 to 80 which at that point in time will be well out of the trade at that point and just looking for a potential re-injury around that point but let's see here but if this valley area is able to hold up then things start to look positive to the upside so we'll just see how this develops whether this is going to be a shooting star candle or that this is going to be a hanging man candle that actually actuates to the upside so checking in with aetherium as well aetherium a chart boom as well here looking at BitFenix alright so we've got a little bit of bullish volume right here but assyrians movements a highly unimpressive honestly we do have this descending channel that we had charted out and we're just kind of creeping along the bottom of it and when we creep along the bottom very close to our yearly low here on aetherium it makes me feel it makes me feel not very not very positive the fact that aetherium bitcoin is actually going to rise up i think the ratio of a theory and bitcoin is actually going to devalue and that's why as I was saying yesterday I think something like an eighth z18 hedge on a long position on xpt is a fantastic way to hedge your position for those of you can weren't trading options which I'm not because I'm not on dare a bit so let's take a look at each USD and see how its following actually yeah we do have a little bit more bullish momentum actually hear from eath USD so eath USD still stubbornly staying in this order block area as we've been talking about for a while nothing really exciting here to see until we're able to get above $100 really a hundred and 170 as I have it charted out as resistance right here based on historical data really nothing really nothing exciting to see again I think et USD value will probably rise as BTC USD value rises naturally everything's gonna follow BTC at this point in time but then we start running into our resistances around 108 110 dollars really that's our massive order block that we've got to overcome which I have charted out right here around a hundred eight hundred and ten dollars so we're able to get above 100 bucks gray probably running up to 110 and then we'll just see what happens there guys but nothing super fantastic to get over our skis about again nothing's really changed here as well I think this order block probably will break to the downside and if we close below $77 we start closing daily or even higher our excuse me daily are I'd say twelve six our candles below seventy seven hundred and then there I were going to fifty two dollars the next area of consolidation would be fifty two dollars to forty one dollars I don't really see anything holding us back from there because it's no-man's land as far as volume goes let's take a look at X RP x RP BTC still kind of like stubbornly staying in this order block area right here getting a lot of downwards resistance so I am actually expecting x RP BTC to break this support line and continue down to potentially test the top of this channel area but the next the next likely area of support if this channel breaks which I am actually expecting it to do aka cheater man welcome to the cracking cryptocurrency community man thanks for the sub on YouTube no cheating to be out here though man only straight honest technical analysis again breaking down below this level I'm not actually expecting this trendline to hold I think that if we do break down from this area which is looking more likely the more I look at this the more we just see price action play out we're probably definitely headed back to at least test this high right here to test these lows sweep this low right here which is also our consolidation area right here which was our previous accumulation so nothing super fancy or fantastic there let's look at XR PUSD xrp USD again like nothing's super amazing here to talk about stubbornly staying in this current order block that we're trying to pause it out we have a little bit of consolidation I think this will mostly resolve to the downside again we have yet to test this consolidation and support area that's below us again 26 to 28 cents twenty seven cents splitting the baby in between that I talked about this for a while if XRP USD did break this low at 32 cents then we were most likely going down to 27 I don't see anything to change my mind on that as well still getting a lot of resistance here from from the highs right here and not able to break above that so not excited to talk about XRP USD until we can close above 32 cents and and then we'll really talk but honestly there's nothing excuse me back that up there's really nothing here to talk about unless we can actually close above 37 cents because that's our previous that's our previous bearish order block that we did break down from so just supply and demand zone resistances guys nothing really to talk about now if we are able to close above 37 cents then potentially looking to jump up to 43 cents and retest that low as well so that's gonna be a nice little 20% move but nothing here that's making me feel extremely bullish about XRP USD but just keep in mind that if BTC does rise which I kind of expect it to do in at least in the short term right now then XRP USD is definitely going to hasten this descent back down to 27 cents let's go take a look at some data metrics guys let's check in with vc health io and look with the look at the historical market depth of BTC right now alright so historical market depth actually is looking kind of bearish we did flip bear about let's 307 the so about three hours ago we did actually flip bear so if we go back and look at the charts here on BTC interesting more selling more interest in selling than buying starting about three hours ago so we got one ones this came out at 35 minutes so about one to three that makes a lot of sense just as we were coming up into this resistance area we flipped a bear as far as the market depth ratio goes so market death ratio is not looking particularly fantastic right now volatility is on the rise but not volatility is at about week highs right here for the BTC markets let's see volume actually overall continues to decline we did have this nice bullish accumulation volume and now we're running into fairly weak sauce volume honestly on the selling as well market cap actually continues to fall where's the market cap out today actually we're about two billion dollars up from our previous low about two days ago so not not looking too bad actually there as well so yes so again this has been fairly accurate again now the the order books on BTC is spoofed a lot more than something like an altcoin honestly just because of liquidity but when we do flip bear actually on the on the on our villa on the market depth on the historic on the market depth ratio right here excuse me on the market depth ratio then that is indication of stronger selling or more interest in selling than buying which makes a lot of sense just naturally coming up into a previous into a previous resistance block right here so I'd say spotty interest in buying this overall on the spot price but we'll just see how this resolves because things actually just as far as price action goes but again you can't trade on price action alone things don't look terribly terribly bearish if we go over here and look at Long's Long's are quite high here at least we've had a recent skyrocket in longs actually so actually for overall ratio Long's are only forty four point eighty one percent but if we can just look at this massive increase and long since this area they didn't really die off and now they're piling and again if we just look at a lower timeframe we can actually see starting here how the Long's have just crept in now generally this is a bearish sign when you have the Long's just kind of skyrocket like that typically you're gonna see a retrace because they're longing into resistance which they really should not be doing guys so if you're not in position right now again our butts are covered because we entered at in the short-term for those that for those in the crack and cryptocurrency trading group those that entered late that again we put the signal out of 3380 profits at 34 40 next target being 35 20 now they can they can go ahead and cover because they're already in profits they can go ahead and have their stops at breakeven so they're fine I'm not really looking to short the market at this point in time again I know that that's what everybody wants to just rah rah rah rah rah rah bout but guys we've been shorting xbt for quite a while and we didn't really even flip to a long term long position until just down here why because I think 3000 is a strong psychological area for the Bulls to hold so until I get any until I get some kind of indication that might that I'm wrong in my analysis then my position hasn't changed guys so how many guys everyday in my position hasn't changed I've been talking about it for nigh on a week now so calm patient steady trading guys don't fear don't FOMO don't do anything crazy guys now what where would I be looking for a breakout trade I'd be looking for a breakout trade if we were able to close above 3600 that's I'd be pretty positive about taking a breakout trade – about – at least – at least 38 3,900 if we're able to close fairly strongly about 3600 that's a that's a key psychological resistance area right here I mean we have that's our that's our lows where we actually did bottomed out before this relief rally and breaking down below that was the strong psychological capitulation down to about 3200 so getting above that area it would be quite positive but again we have that exact same thing over here guys we talked about that over here we had this strong psychological area around 4,400 4500 once we did break down below that that was the last short that we took all the way down here and then we were talking you know we said the same thing over here guys hey if we're able to get above back about 4500 guys were going back to 6k well we didn't and we broke down there and we're seeing the exact same pattern play out here so I mean nothing nothing changes guys closing down below these yearly lows is gonna be fairly negative moving us into sub $3,000 levels we'll see we'll see we'll see how strongly the Bulls come in to defend the psychological level right there a but right now the only the only areas that we have to talk about guys again one day at a time one satoshi at a time is how we do this that's how you can be a successful trader guys you react you don't predict when you do predict you look at key areas where you should be reacting from hey Pierre Damon welcome to the cracking cryptocurrency community man thanks for the sub on youtube highly appreciate it guys so yeah nothing nothing super super crazy or guys volume looks pretty nice especially on the lower timeframes again once we go up to something like the 4-hour chart the volume doesn't look overly impressive right here guys and I would be concerned at this point in time about a potential head and shoulders forming right here for that to play out we'd actually happen again I mean just the same thing as we were saying yesterday when we actually set the stop at 30 to 90 when we didn't close any significant time frame below that so again as I've said like multiple multiple times guys yes risk management is important but when you're dealing with something as volatile as Bitcoin if you're using hard stops you're generally gonna get rekt the only time I'll set hard stops is 3.5 X ATR Average True Range away from a consolidation area because that generally keeps me in the trade but again you have to look at the risk management because then I'm only entering into a small amount of my position in the actual consolidation area and then I'm actually looking to enter the majority of my position at a multiple of two ATR lower or higher depending on which direction I'm trading away from the consolidation range because you're expecting what a stop-loss not a push to liquidity and then generally setting your stop-loss a hard stop loss if you must use one at 3.5 X ATR away so this was you know again it's just it's just it's just common mistakes guys setting your stop-loss setting a hard stop loss and not seeing a higher time frame closed below it so again using the 3.5 x ATR method but it kept you nicely in this trade and you'd be up in nice profits at this point I'm J V man thank you so much for the sub on YouTube man highly appreciated shout out to the 338 people watching us guys across twitch and YouTube highly appreciate you guys thank you so much whoa whoa guys guys guys Jose to solo what welcome to the cracking cryptocurrency community man thank you for the sub on you too brother alright alright let's get a sip of water and let's add to the chat guys I said to the chat and see what you wonderful people are doing and then we'll look at some more data metrics guys long as in shorts we'll look at a little bit more data Ben Joseph good morning to you sir how are you doing man I hope you're doing well dude I hope you're doing well help the trades are going good treatment jörgen Ernst good morning to you Jay constant what's going on man Jay constant don't be coming here and panicking dude don't know listen I love you dude but don't be worried about missing the bottom dude just calm down Christian debbik what's going on from Croatia Christian another Christian spelled differently I like that Christian debbik I really you know I really like the way your name spelled Christian hey Daniel Klerk's what's going on man NPC number 15 53 well welcome man you're setting the left you're setting the left hair on fire using that name but welcome to the community man thanks for the stuff on YouTube Caribbean crypto okay guys guys guys guys calm down man calm down all right I know it's a good show but listen deado X thanks for the sub on YouTube man welcome to the community brother Caribbean crypto show shout-out to you man how we doing down there in the Pacific Pacific the Pacific Pacific yeah down me down where it's nice and warmed its frigid here dude I almost did the show on my hoodie man but got a rep off the new merch Daniel clerkes what's going on brother any opinions on XRP end-of-year uh let's see yeah sure I can give you again I'm a reactor not a predictor but I mean we've got just key areas where we can look to react from guys again it just kind of depends on on where price tries to go I think that's end of year most likely XRP probably looks a little negative unless BTC does get that nice massive rally as we said I don't think we're gonna be going back to two really significant levels on BTC here until probably the latter period of q1 2019 maybe even mid Q to 2019 that's when we have that that'll give you know a good good good couple quarters or at least one quarter for for some of the futures and the Nasdaq to kind of play out their thing and see where see where some of our more institutional investors gonna move the market you know because then they'll actually have an opportunity those individual investors that are actually stepping in right now and buying an OTC that will give them about half a year to actually start influencing the market with actually wetting their beak and waiting into the and waiting into the actual and waiting into the actual markets and again I'm kind of I'm quite curious to see what effect Beck's gonna have on the market again I think it's going to be a overall positive effect it's discovery I think once we have some good price discovery from a venture like fact then we'll have more retail interested in trading because there will be in their eyes congruent significant price data that is that you don't have to use an index or average across exchanges anymore but we'll just see more than likely if more than likely I expect XR PE BTC most likely until the India to continue to drift on downwards and again all that I'm really expecting right now is a nice relief or recovery again I'm not really one of these guys that are screaming to the moon to the moon to the moon right now we're just not in that market cycle guys I mean the bear you know what's what happens in a bear market you know you got to remember the overall trend there in the Bears can attack at any moment so always on the lookout for that looking to take advantages of relief recovery but also overwhelmingly the smartest thing to do in a bear market is look for opportunities to short so generally again I would be right along with everybody else I'd be wrong right use all pops as opportunities to short and again in any other situation that probably Butte where I'd be right now but again I had entered in the magician here here here and here so I've got to wait for that to actualize you have to be patient you have to wait for things to play out and then just wait man and then just wait and if you're wrong you're wrong but we've already been able to take profits so even if we do get stopped out which we have been stopped out because I have divided my position up on the way down as well and the last stop that I had the last two stops that I have are down here and they're just hedging risk at that point in time so just patience low comm trading man no stress no no anxiety nothing like that Joey rocket script Oh what's going on brother J constant the song needs a BTC freestyling it man bring it to us man hop on that mic brother we'd be happy to rep you man Christiane's she plucks the Trump bone right uh yeah my daughter does play the trombone man thank you for thank you for remembering that let's see here that predicted uh did Scott Mass – reppin it in the moderator position today good morning to you my brother ah weds a dad what's going on for fortune my bro you should check out bitpay black friday song we're still in euphoria well uh I'm you know I'm hesitant to play things I'm hesitant to play things that could potentially get us copyright infringement so I'll check it out I'll check it out Haden what's going on to you this this morning brother thank you man awesome background by the way Daniel clerks thanks man yes oh oh that's what I like to see yo about 992 thank you so much for the follow on twitch man welcome to the family brother yes we do have Bob Ross painting to the moon in the background the day we have switched it up a little bit guys now a lot of people are like man you should put that you should put like a background like you're in Maui dude well I'm not in Maui dude I'm in the frigid like Midwest dude it's cold as hell out here dude like it's cold but we will be updating the background depending on depending on our particular bias on any given day let's see here no this is not recorded man just just as this is live just losing my life saving is just a typical day in crypto man yes it isn't the book of the hand crypto man uh y'all give me good morning to you my friend hey respond to your DMS I'm trying to holler at you bro let's see here how much link for the hit or miss girl in quotation marks not sure what you mean by that let's see here thanks guys I appreciate that one link in 2020 what's up just enjoy B what's going on brother point zero zero one link in 2020 point five oh yeah I did want to point that up Ben B hey what's going on man welcome to the chat bro I did want to point that out yes that did catch my eye link so we did go over if you remember I did go over a link yesterday and I plotted out a potential trade and yeah that actually actualize just a short-term breakout trade that I talked about um nothing super fantastic fancy here guys but if you remember if you go back in the in the Wayback Machine in the time machine guys we were actually right here on this candle right here the last time we were talking about mr. link and I had said yes if you close a four-hour time frame above this this position right here you could look at take profit targets here and here that actually did end up playing out however right now I'd probably be out of the trade at the very least have your stop at breakeven again if you guys don't believe me go back and look at my training view I did publish this idea you can just press the play function and yeah so just a short-term little scalp baby right there you would have entered right here and you would have been able to garner about a 2% you would have had about a six to seven percent profit potential you're very hard to catch those wicks though unless you're looking at lower timeframes and you're experienced in day trading on something like altcoins but yeah things Holden nicely you can have your stop at your at your entry point right here I definitely wouldn't be taking I wouldn't be setting my stop-loss any lower and and managing risk at this point in time excuse me or or being tolerant to drawdown at this point in time like you've taken profit take profit off the table man again you know one of the one of the most like rookie things that I hear guys and there's just this is what you have to be cautious with with doing your research on on like I don't know doing your research on investing from people who don't know what they're talking about and you're not sure about the information I hear this a lot let winners run yes that's absolutely true that's absolutely true but I often see that in conjunction with this which is don't make the rookie mistake and take profits off the table too early well I'll tell you what I've been doing this for quite a while guys and I love snagging 1 to 2 percent profit guys there's nothing wrong with that why because it adds up you know you're able to do that a couple times a day or a couple times a week man over time your portfolio does grow the problem with all coins is that there's seasons for that there's seasons where you just want to let your winners run what's the season for that bull markets in bear markets you want to get in get out take your profit get down and then short it back and get it get back into a short if you can now just based on the psychological level the bitcoins out again that's why I'm not doing that at the current moment in time but I've explained that ad infinitum all right Ben B thanks man you I'll put this boys and girls thanks Hayden I appreciate a brother all right at the time that it at the time I want the script already ah we all do man we all do love the volatility though man freakin Peter McKinnon started to smash that like crap you know where I got it from I actually got to smash the like button from I don't know who Peter McKinnon is but Ivan on tech does it and he got it from Adam Meister Adam Meister is who I then been listening atomized her for a while guys he's a pretty pretty funny character man in the cryptocurrency community guys so ah let's see her a little bit more chat man than threaded them done yeah yeah I do I do keep tabs on chat as it comes through the problem is is that it just moves so fast man I just move so fast viii chain has been such a non-stop dumpster fire for a while approaching all-time low on Finance can we look at this one the day and let a problem in let's let's scroll over look at it right now let's look at it right now yeah you know uh interestingly enough I do spend some not a whole lot of time because I think they're mostly full of crap but you know I do it's just part of market research guys I do kind of pay attention to what other trading groups or whatever whatever what other traders are doing and yeah one of the things is V chain was being shield pretty hard recently let's see what I think about it just from kind of a objective standpoint as objective as I can be let's pull up in the data window and we're not gonna be able to look at that's what I don't mess what I hate I don't like don't like it so we'll just actually do an ATR multiple of one and we can get our 1x average true range right at this point in time guys so we do have our swing low right here another potential area again if we're turning off the wick but I prefer to use the wicks because they tend to hold more support for me and as we can see right here we do have a bearish shorter block right now that we must overcome that we must overcome yes we must really gonna be right there so nothing really fantastic ride home to ride home to your mom about until we're able to get over that order block then we can potentially look at this gap trade range right here and we be looking potentially to hit these targets right here buddy whoops no that's not right magnet mode you failed me how dare you looking to hit that target there and probably that one right there again and most definitely that one right there that one right there just to split the baby so now I should have pressed okay so yeah if we're able to close fairly strongly about this order block so that order blocks anywhere from like 120 Satoshi's 216 Satoshi's you call it something like a four-hour candle above that we on volume would be like okay yeah maybe we can at least hit these two scalp targets can I be doing something like a 60 30 10 definitely a 60 30 10 because things just haven't been running like they used to back in the old days guys why because the Bears can attack at any moment guys be careful um however though if I was I mean this is just all you got right here is just an opportunity to scrape the bottom man that's really all you got dude um this is just a bottom scraping potential here's your uh let's pull out that we got that ATR so let's do some measurements we got to zoom in for this bad boy right here all right so price is currently right here and ATR is one frickin Satoshi above you dude one one Satoshi above you on the 4-hour chart man volatility is low if we get over here to somewhat of a more volatile area okay maybe we can go something off this this makes more sense to me okay volatilities three Satoshi's Wow what uh what what lovely what lovely weather for a sleigh ride together to go down to zero most likely not it's just a zombie coin so let's use that let's use that let's split the baby and use two x8 er okay I think that's probably probably probably the safest okay so you can take a sucka so it really I mean let's just do this fairly guys all right so you're at 108 so your accumulation area is gonna be 2 X 8 er below and one x8 er above so you've got 106 and you've got 1 over 109 109 and you're managing risk let's see here you are managing risk managing risk at seven satoshis 108 so 101 so you're managing risk right there so again if you want to take the speculative entry right here here's your here's your yep there's your load zone all right now we can delete these lines cuz they just get in my way and this 101 becomes your bottom support as well as your stop-loss as well and then again the areas that you're looking to target on in this particular entrance would be in this case slightly different because of the nature of where you're at so this bad boy right here and this bad boy right here yeah I'd definitely be scalping and then looking to I'd be looking to see what happens when price encounters this disorder block if this scalp potentially plays out to the downside you have like some really rough like accumulation right here you do have some nice bullish volume coming in right here which does potentially portend accumulation but the market cycle is just so overwhelmingly negative like could you get a pop like up here cuz you get a little like 5% play off this like yeah yeah you probably could because it's just the volatility of the coin and it's it is going to rise naturally as the as the market cycle Rises and looking over at BTC again it's kind of positive right now now if we actually break bear right here then it becomes less positive and I become less confident about all coin positions right now again we're only in a few all coin positions guys and they're more like long-term Phil's when we do when we have been trading all coins for like the last few months like with the exception of like mana and a few other things like we're in and out man in and out short-term scalps um let's see here baby uh again I'm not super confident about this the r2r is fairly terrible because you've got you're managing risk at 6.30 5% and you're only have an upside target really at this point of the same thing so it's a one-to-one it's like a Forex scalp scrape on the 4-hour chart could take you up to like a day or two to complete this I don't really like it man but if you want there it is I'd feel the only I'd feel like way better about doing the same thing down here so I'd wait I'd probably wait for this load zone because it seems more likely so there's your entry one Satoshi above and two satoshis below and managing risk at 7 Satoshi so that's 101 so 90 for managing risk right there managing risk right there and then in that case you'd be targeting even lower targets buddy you'd be targeting something like here and then these upward three targets as well so yeah that's the only I mean just off of supply and demand man this looks like overwhelmingly negative this is a super nice catch trade man things look like crap again all coins I prefer to wait for like some confirmation of a bullishness in any way shape form touch smell feel anyways but there you go man if you want to try and gressive lee catch a knife right now which i really do not recommend you've got your entry zone in between 109 and 106 you're managing risk at 101 preferably the only again the better knife catch is probably 102 to 99 satoshis managing risk at 94 Satoshi she's looking at targeting upward area if you're entering here like 110 114 if you're entering here like 107 110 114 and then again I the breakout trade is on the table if you're able to close fairly strongly above like 120 then you can be targeting areas like 128 135 maybe even 147 but I definitely be doing it like a 60 30 10 split as far as averaging out of your position Justin still does aetherium second sorry man how much is it subscribe to the premium trading group it's $80 a month sir when XRP is number one he'll get around to it in the random requests yes yes yes they could add link man Leo Martin what the hell is that dude get out of here with that Pepe check xrp i believe i did sir but i look at it again huh yeah gimme looks like we're going down but could go up yes we will definitely be moving to the right as price goes up and down $3,600 on and I use bitstamp for for spot price actually so if we're if we're going up spot price just looking at bitstamp right here we have our next area of resistance that we're coming into right now the summary so thirty four eighty two thirty five twenty right around here we can see it a little bit more clearly on something like the 30-minute chart let's Auto that baby we can zoom in so yes we have our we have our little baby bitch order block right here that we are looking to surpass and overcome by a magnet mode you have failed me for the last time uh really looking at where the volume is kind of like right there okay I feel fairly confident about that again this is a fairly if we look at VP SV which will actually break the days volume down we can see that actually for that daily session wasn't the point of control we've actually broken above the point of control on that session man we actually don't have a point of control up here man like we're a whole lot of volume is traded believe it or not until we come up here to the 36 15 which is really the point of control for that bearish rejection area guys that's why this order block is so critical man so critical in fact you know actually looking at that a little bit better I can narrow that down I can narrow that down to I can narrow the bearish order block down a little bit okay cool it's actually good getting more refined every day as we look at this more as we get more price action and more price detail let's Auto again okay great so we've got the current bearish order block that we have to overcome have to overcome again that areas around I said I said 3462 234 76 really if you want to be honestly fair and closing about the heís using supply and demand zone you're talking about 30 480 to 35 20 I feel a little bit more comfortable with that that's your current bearish order block that you have to overcome getting over that then you're looking at this $3,600 range that order block is 35 74 to 36 33 this is the area where you would want to be looking again these are areas where you generally want to look to be entering a no short or to break above for a long position for a breakout long and these are areas where you're looking at inter along or taking a breakout long position as well so so yeah 3600 is the significant area right here all this is honestly fairly weak sauce crypto red eye man burning the midnight oil thanks for the welcome to the cracking crypto community man hope you are not burning the midnight oil too bad man so yeah these are all just things to keep in mind guys 3,600 a very key significant area right here you can see the spike here in this area on the volume profile indicating that this is an important area and it's just an area we haven't been able to get back over dude like everything down here has pretty much been retested and touched a couple times now and this is just a consolidation area and we're just gonna see if we break bull or bear I mean my my bets on the bull side but I'm fully prepared and hedged in my position if we break if we break there it's all good man calm patient slow easy trading let's see here all I want for Christmas is a fat bag of xrp Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton ah let's see here this has been B again with mother cat what's going on man thanks for the support brother 999 subscribe all your the a thousand subscriber hey thank you so much guys it's been an amazing journey and I just want to thank each and every one of you guys for coming along with us and helping us out guys for anybody that hops in the discord right now I got it pulled up I'm into this cord right now the next I will actually rain some MMO guys I'll throw off some nice tokens guys I'm gonna go ahead and rain so MMO so the next the next 50 people that just say I don't know you could really say anything man you know say say link I don't know you could say anything I'm not for compelled speech guys but discord cracking cryptocurrency calm in the general Channel the next 50 people that post something man I'll rain MMO on the next 50 people just for congratulations on helping us get here guys thank you so much I really appreciate it man Vincente YAG asks what is ETR that's a TR my friend average true range which is the indicator that I have here down at the bottom of my chart and it shows you something that most indicators will not do which is volatility that is so I used well I use this to average out how likely price is actually to move and within a certain metric of time Michael asks am I taking my Bitcoin off exchanges on January 3rd why should I sir could you please could you please tell me why Ryan boss and dental ax both asked for cardano's so we'll take a look at that bad boy yes we will one Alex one of our analysts was actually calling for a long on this yesterday we didn't take the trade well mainly because he didn't post the trade I don't Matt but uh but yeah this is looking this is actually not looking too bad we've got a little bit of bullish volume coming in now keep in mind we are in an overwhelmingly bear trend so don't get super excited guys calm down don't get over your skis let's see what we see here guys again hey stock bro man thanks for the sub on YouTube man welcome to the community all right guys ah so let's do some let's do some support resistance here um do we have any oh yeah we're gonna have to go back yet so let's go to the daily chart for the deal there's a weakened that tricks man this is looking pretty terrible honestly all right why not you okay here we go so all that has now become resistance antastic you Europe starting to look rough man there and here as well because we're short term here man short term alright so yeah you do got this this nice little period of consolidation you have something like a selling climax right around here so this kind of does look like a little bit of oversold volume you can just see the rise in volume as we're moving down and you eventually hit a climax where just the sellers are exhausted in price naturally moves up this does actually look like just a natural response to the market cycle it doesn't move here guys yeah we do have a little bit of nice volume right here but look we're I mean just look where we're at we've got this bearish order block right here right above us and we're in an area of consolidation as you can see right now so we really have to wait for this to really break break Bowl before we get excited about it see actually we swept highs in or previous so yeah we swept ties into our previous little baby order block right here Yeah right there guys so we did sweep one high into our previous order block which is generally when you're when you're trading an OP and an excellent opportunity to look to enter into a short when you get a nice little sweep I like that and you would be in a fairly comfortable short right now with multiple opportunities to take profit let's get that ATR out of the way because it's just annoying me at this point in time yeah I mean honestly this doesn't look like a super sustained movement guys like if you've been in the trick I mean obviously if you were able to catch the bottom here and catch this knife I mean you're in decent profits right now but I'd be hesitant man I definitely have your stop at a break-even level wherever you're looking to enter and this doesn't really look like anything that I want to get into again we're not gonna have any kind of positive momentum looking at volume profile look where you're getting rejection from the very top of your volume profile and this just continues to descend down a little bit so you're able to actually push up push up less and less and less now one positive thing to say is obviously there is a little bit more volume here at this point in time than there was here this is obviously clearly a week a week rally on less volume than this push up right here so if we continue to get a little bit more bullish volume in that'd be fine but it's just not anything that I'm really interested in taking again I'd be managing let's look at ATR and look how you could be managing your risk I guess again your your lowest uh if we if we look over here I mean yeah you do have you do have areas below you but so I wouldn't be looking at I mean you got this area right here I mean who who wants to catch a knife in this area like I don't man and and it's just not a good way to make money if you want to make money in the markets right now you need to be over on something like that next order of it that's just where the money is that you have to go with the volatilities that guys this volatility is not super impressive man you can still day trade all coins like it's absolutely fine but when you're looking at longer time frames it's just extremely dangerous man you have to be very cautious because the overall tendency of things is just to continue to go down so when you're looking to go bullish on things you want to look for when the markets nice so again you've got some upward targets here at 905 929 40 again I'd be kind of excited to take this trade if we're able to close above 920 then I'd probably actually be comfortable with with the trade to like 9:40 and 9 7 it'd be a nice little 3 to 5% pop because then you can set your stop-loss right underneath your breakout zone right there it's a good way to manage risk right now I'd be very cautious about entering this as well and we can actually see just look at this with just wick City just just crushing resistance downward guys so where could we see this pick up well potentially I don't know see here this area right here is gonna mark the bottom of your value area right here and if you start closing for hour or two hour three hour one hour candles below this area then most likely you're going to move down you'd have a pop back up if you so sorry how this works guys so if you come down maybe have a little consolidation here or maybe even a little pop back up down you come back up to test that says resistance and then you just continue moving down okay that's typically how these things resolve and that's probably how I look at this thing resolving as well guys we'd have one touch on this so I wouldn't expect us to break through the first time if we do go to the upside probably down back to touch the top of the value area if we are gonna break out and then we could potentially look at that trig right there so at that point in time I'd be interested in taking that trade from maybe that scalp from 920 to 940 a maybe even potentially 972 because then you can manage your risk either at your low depending on however this movement plays out or right below your breakout zone area it's what I got for you man I'm sorry it's negative but it is what it is guys it is what it is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean beautiful down there man thank you so much you question yo which all coin would you recommend me to buy more of you well listen ma'am the all coins that have future that have potential are going to be your aetherium your ripple most likely Bitcoin cash still I mean you can kind of split the baby on which one you think is more impressive I think that I don't think guest fees is gonna end up doing anything the only way that s fees gonna end up doing anything is if like you know like Craig Wright turns out to be Satoshi Nakamoto which is the most depressing like aspect I could possibly think of in the world I think he's a psychopath but I think probably ABC is actually the better bet it's price is depressed it's it's it's around a good area could go like a lot lower but I don't think anybody should be buying really all coins at all in this level unless you've got like unless you've got a strong hand and you've got a long time frame guys otherwise I'd just be accumulating Bitcoin because that's the one that I do have the most faith in for the future I mean I have overwhelming confidence in bitcoins ability to weather the storm and continue moving upwards all the data feeds you know all all that all the sentiment data all the news all of that supports that guy's so again if you're selling Bitcoin at these levels you're a tool so just be cautious ma'am my liquidation is 35 50 safe to hold well you're gonna have to Kieran you're gonna have to tell me if you're in a long or you're in a short position I would assume that you're obviously whoa okay you're obviously in a short position right now I mean so so where did you enter in on what leverage like you you know I need I need a little bit more data than that I huddled my Bitcoin goals and I can't get a man let's go check in with that bad boy actually yeah Bitcoin go actually expect to see reactionary movement here with the market we're at a key support level right now again things looking below us and we're right between that six one eight and seven eight six so yeah like are their fundamentals buying Bitcoin gold like no it's just a clone of Bitcoin I don't think it's really anything really special to get over your skis about but it tends to move with Bitcoin honestly and we do get some nice little pops relative to other alt coins as well you want to be careful but you can see them excuse me you can see the bearish momentum has kind of died out here a little bit so be cautious but I manage your risk but again it is witness Cardno is basically aetherium to me could be great currently isn't doing much functionality-wise however worse than me because it doesn't have any platforms of dabs on ya cardano's hot garbage man what do I think about Tron I actually think Tron's Pro not too bad man I have 8800 plus should I buy more listen man that's all dependant on you dude let's go take a look at Tron and we'll look at it in I think that Tron actually probably has a future man it's got a really Tron I mean it's gonna piss off a lot of people that I say this but Tron actually has like a really strong community around it Tron does actually have a lot of projects like you know they've done like really scammy weird stuff dude but honestly I think I think Tron is probably gonna be one of those altcoins that actually does weather the storm honestly it just depends on your time frame and if you believe in Tron then and then invest in it man but you know you just got to put your money where your mouth is bro and be careful man you gotta you know you have to it's it's an honest assessment of your personal finances and your risk man to invest in anything she's got to be careful dude it over your ski is dude as the Recovery's probably not coming anytime soon man we're in the square in this man we're in this and look at this right here I mean you have your your lows for tether right here you come back up test and get rejection man you know you don't get you don't get just like you don't get the chance to buy the bottom you don't get really the chance to short the top man so this is probably gonna continue on downwards no could we get a little pop off this yeah sure man anything's possible dude current price action we got a little bit of consolidation posting in a higher high or posting in a higher low volatility is quite low so I would be expecting a movement in the fact that's actually holding up in this area I would actually not think it's crazy the tron does actually have a nice little pop-up right here let's look at this bad boy on BTC cuz I'm actually I'm actually it's actually at a fairly important resistance area right now looking at BTC yeah right here so actually a Tron actually does look overextended we can see here that we have this man so let's uh let's hide the drawing tool so you guys can see a little bit clearly yeah okay so this makes I mean you can just obviously see here you have this nice descent down and you're moving in this likes you know this consolidation pattern right here now this could resolve bullish Lee there's there's positive ways to look at this as well you have entered into this consolidation area and now you're up here at the top you formed a bullish channel and you're testing one two three four five six seven times buddy you're testing that resistance area the more times you test resistance the weaker it tends to get now I'd like to get a little bit of confirmation but I mean looking at volume right here man you don't have a whole lot above you dude if this if this does revolt the resolve to the upside which it seems to be breaking above the value area right here then we could go on a nice little run for TRX right now like in the short term though looking at the negative possibilities right here looking at the negative possibilities you do have this descending trendline and you have the death box that has just held you back down a whole bunch of times so I think you're looking at only taking a breakout trade if you're too late on TRX right now so if we actually do start resolving to the upside right here fairly positive but I think more than likely we actually probably do reject from this area and move back down to these lower levels will be proven wrong if it does actually break to the upside right here so things to keep in mind volatility is low and we are expecting some kind of movement right here fairly soon because high volatility precedes low volatility so we'll just see right here you and actually TRX and correlated so I she would actually go up but all in all men things go up higher in valuation when dick Wynn rises so Tron has been a pretty good performer over the last couple weeks though guys not gonna lie and we'll see if we can actually get a resolution of this to the upside you that was an old trade you so your breakout potential right here is I'd look for a strong for our close about 400 and then you could be looking at upward targets of 441 469 maybe even 508 if this thing does tear if this thing does resolve so we do have this this this bullish accumulation if we do break to the upside man just you know measured move on that is about 40 percent as you move on that's about 40% oh yeah right up right back up and this your significant bearish order block right here see that man but not calling for any of that crap yet dude not overly excited on what Quinn's yet I would not be whatsoever surprised that that we break down and just continue continue on with this bearish consolidation it results to the downside we've got quite a bit of ways to drop to if we do drop this area about about 24% until we touch our supportive trendline right there as well so we'll just wait and see how this resolves man nothing yet nothing yet – nothing yet to get excited about we need some kind of breakout either above this descending trendline or maybe out of this channel or you know above above our previous resistance at 400 right now which has suppressed the which has suppressed the the consolidation period right now but just based on volume if this does resolve to the upside things actually do look fairly positive so you can see where I've targeted below key area key areas of swing low and swing support that will now turn into resistance but the way that I do my targets then that I chart resistance is I actually chart them in areas which will also serve as take profit levels because they're below high pockets of volume so you can actually achieve those levels before you run into massive resistance where most other traders are going to be setting their limit orders you so I recommend the you buy more card on oh never bro you that o-x says I bought Cardinal ten cents and experience what it felt like to make a 10x gain but you didn't sell man yeah I mean entry and exit is where it's at man ninety nine percent losses Mike him so at two cents card on o is a steal I mean if you think it's gonna go up but I don't think so man yeah I mean listen bro I'm questioning your intelligence and I'm not saying that you're wrong but I'm just saying when you're calculating its interest rate you're you know three point five percent interest on something that's not valuable is not valuable I have no there are no indications that Cardinal will recover their their their the fundamentals are not behind card on oh man they're not I feel very bearish about card on oh man sorry to say is PO worth talking about I don't know I kind of like poet I don't I don't know a whole lot I don't know anything new Christian how do you use the Fibonacci retracement and when you can use it whenever you want me that's one of those powerful tools you get have in your tool book so let's uh let's just just look at DVT so gvt here's a good example so you know there's lots of different ways methods and strategies to use the Fibonacci retracement tool and typically you want to do something like a stop it magnet mode will help you so you just what I like to do is I like to target the true high and the true low and I use magnet mode to make sure that I'm getting it right there we go did I get it right oh my did not get it right you and then you're just targeting key Fibonacci areas man I mean the moats in its most basic form you're looking for the golden ratio of six one eight so the way that I have my Fibonacci right here you're looking for a retracement to the six one eight Fibonacci level and you can actually see the price did come down around to that area found support around there and then bounce up you never want to use Fibonacci's as like pure numbers again like to measure off wicks because I like to include all the volatility and all the capital and liquidity in the market because these are wicks a wicks are important man because those are liquidity pools that's where individuals are interested in setting the limit orders so that's where price would be interested in returning to that's also why I use them as take profit targets and also I use them as support but your common retrace owns are gonna be in between Dow Theory says that everything at least retrace is 50 percent well it's not as specific as I thought that he says everything retraced fifty percent its the Dow puts a lot of emphasis on the 50 percent retracement especially for large cyclical market movements the traditional fibonacci approach is anywhere anywhere between the six one eight and seven eight six lately we because of the market cycle we I have actually been noticing that the eight eight six is fairly impressive as well so well a couple key notes about using the fibonacci whenever you have a movement and then you do actually find the top so essentially at that point you're just betting that you found the top price always retraces always at the very minimum or chases to the two three six always and if it falls down below the two three six more often than not you're gonna go to at least the 0.5 and if you do break down below zero point five six one eight seven eight six become your likely retracement zone so they're just helpful key points that you can look at targeting in the market and you can actually go back in time what's interesting is that once you plot that fibonacci retracement up you can go back in time and see naturally how price respect to these areas so when you're going up like price did not understand that these fibonacci zones existed because the market didn't know how high I was gonna go but the entire idea behind Fibonacci is the idea that there is sacred geometry everything follows a mathematical pattern what what adds above so below everything that's repeated in the past will repeat in the future so according to Fibonacci Theory to take it kind of spiritually the market does absolutely know what zones are important and where it wants to go so again just measuring the top to the bottom you can see how on the way up before there was a Fibonacci retracement to plot the market knew which areas are interested in it you can see it goes up finds resistance off the eight eight six breaks through the eight eight six find the resistance at the seven eight six comes back to assess the eight eight six goes up finds resistance that's six one eight consolidates shoots through tufa suits to the fifty percent retracement find resistance at the two three six comes back down to test the 50% and then shoots up makes it all-time high and you can see where it runs into a little bit of consolidation at all these key levels men so important areas to look for now whether or not they're gonna turn the market all depends on the market cycle that we're at obviously with just the overall bearish market that we're in there are only areas where we've had consolidation but you can just see how important they are for consolidating as well so generally you know something that's that's really important or something that you can use probably immediately is uh let's go to the let's go to something like X PT and we can go ahead and measure measure any recent movement so let's measure this movement right here so in this movement right here if we were if we were trying to buy a six one-eighth of Bonacci retracement we try we'd be trying to buy around thirty three sixty three and then we just wait for price to come down to that area and we would assess our risk at that point in time so we would assess okay well where's the volume at is it congruent with what we want to see do we think this is likely an area where we're gonna get a bounce actually do we get a doing it do we get any kind of reversal pattern a candle is bullish volume pouring in so we'll just wait and see guys right now on the 4-hour chart on bit mechs this is kind of resolving into a shooting star candle and gaining a little bit of bullish volume as we see so unless we get unless we get an influx of bullish volume right here more than likely we're going to come back down into this value area it's still holding up right now the value area is still holding up right now so we could still get a bounce off this order block area guys but more than likely just right now just looking at fibonacci more than likely coming back to retest 3363 at the very minimum but I think if that happens we're falling into that low volume node and more than likely this is going to be a failed rally right now so so we will just wait and see you guys nothing nothing to get too freaked out about right now at the moment but again we're hedged but again you would want any you you would definitely want to be looking to minimize your risk and minimize your downside potential if you did get into this rally you don't want again you know longing here is a terrible idea man longing here is a terrible idea everyone along into you never went along into resistance me have I ever heard of Hadera hash graph H bars no I have not oh yeah let's go check in on that FML Rain Man whoa all right cool we've got we've got it we've got a lot of stuff here man so let's just uh shoot rained mm Oh 50 50 there we go I just made it rain mm Oh guys for the last 50 people that chatted and I'm gonna do okay hold on just one quick second guys okay oh right now is the number of coins a number of people of random online users know I wanna you brain mmm oh five in the last 20 now shoot pointing to the last five so rain MMO 22 five there we go you what okay I don't know I try to get it work but I just threw it I just threw some MMO around guys hey if you didn't get any DM me and I'll tip you guys some directly man but thanks so much guys I really appreciate the support guys you guys have been awesome all right a crypto red eye asks the gossip protocol question mark not sure exactly what you're talking about man you next milestone and work toward achieving as a thousand twitch followers man that would be nice dude that would be nice been trying to build up the twitch man I've been trying to get opinions in like four different shows no response yeah man I'd be happy to talk about what you got going on man but I'm I'm you're gonna have to I'm not super familiar with what you're talking about bro I'm sorry stop bro great stuff man hey thank you so much brother a favorite low cap coin I don't really have one honestly man I'm not just I'm not I'm just not that guy man I'm not the I'm not the altcoin chillin you know looking at like super fantastic awesome stuff man I really listen and it's not because they're a partner of the show I really fundamentally like their project I like x42 I like em mo Pro you know I know the development teams there they're good guys you know I think that's Tron you know Manero aetherium litecoin I think those will all pricey a nice recovery eventually at some point in the future long term bullish on those low-cap coin man I don't know like I don't even I couldn't even tell you anything off the top of my head you uh well I mean I guess that's not really a low cap coin but I like Minako I like Minako and pip X honestly theta might be kind of interesting I'm not sure if it's just a pumping up yet but I like the projects that they supposedly have so see about that and Raven coin I like Raven coin like Raven coin not too sure about anything else honestly I mean I'm sure I probably find things that are interesting if I continue to go through here decentraland I actually think it's pretty cool pretty neat I don't like electro Neum Komodo I think is neat because the atomic swaps steam I really like steam but I'm not sure how how far they're gonna how far they're gonna be auger is pretty good with predictive analytics poon Dax I actually kind of like honestly and factum I'm friends with those guys down in Texas so but it might it might work out I work out but I mean yeah there's a lot of like really cool interesting projects man but am i overlay all bullish on anything like not and if it's a low cap coin no it's not my thing – that's not what I do sorry not not saying that like you're stupid or anything it's just not not really what I'm in bro Charles Hoskinson is such a charismatic man he is you know I like listening to – Charles Hoskinson why bitcoin cash um just because man because it's got so it's got a lot of supporters it does have use cases it you know will it have like when things resolve man there's only gonna be one currency and I doubt that it's gonna be a Bitcoin cash but it's just in the meantime the volatility is something that's interesting to bet on them Tron cone on cone base somebody's been watching a whole lot of crown XRP to the moon man early noon dude that's uh hey man I come on here everyday and I'm a pretty neat dude man but uh that's pretty up rough so I don't know if I don't know Scott already took care of that but you you yeah I reported you because that's sick dude it's up bro anybody miss that it's a guy talking some inappropriate stuff about my daughter man that's uh I won't stand of that dude if I see on the streets dude I'll pound your face in bro sick weirdos dude anyways um moving on you I'm gonna take I'm gonna take a break man cuz that I'll be right back guys I'm gonna take like a minute to two minute break because I've never never seen some of something like that dude like I'm on you're doing two at Ta and somebody wants to come on and say some some some weird sexually explicit stuff about my butt my ten-year-old daughter man like you can go to hell dude anyways sorry not trying to break up the vibe in the mood guys but I'll be right back guys I'm gonna get some water take a quick break I'll be back in about I'll be back in about a minute two minutes maybe at the most all right guys get your questions ready I'll look at requests guys I'll be right alright guys we're back alright nobody freaked out it's all good man just dumb people man try to ruin the vibe it's all good man doesn't bother me ah let's see let's move on here again I'm a little I'm a little bit delayed in the chat man so let me just scroll up man how do I feel about queue time I think it's pretty interesting I'll look at the chart man if you want brother Magda Emanuel quite quite some quite some quite some anger there man not sure what you mean by that about like coin or Bitcoin this G DAC still around yeah that's coinbase pro man what am i sending from coinbase to finance not sending anything from coinbase to finance right now I don't have an account on coinbase only G Dax I'm pretty sure that that gives you an account on coinbase but that's coinbase Pro now you is neo still legitimate or it's in the same reputation as Aida yeah I feel about neo like I feel about Aida are gone Behaim more hay more are gone by a more full name men are gone I like that a first so you think we'll sweep to 3100 yeah that's a potential I have buy set at thirty two hundred and thirty one hundred men yeah jake onson I kind of agree with you there when the sheep's still want to buy coins the bottom isn't in by far more than a thousand shift coins need to die wake up yet and most likely Javed Khan thanks boss icon and Bey alright hey Satoshi Nakamoto we doing man expos is a Tron cone maximalist oh yes the McAfee pump coin red coin yes exposed amen hey I appreciate you guys I appreciate it man it was on YouTube but let's not worry about it let's just carry on guys hey Jibril's how's it goin man welcome to the stream bro alright so I think a couple people asked at cuter man yeah we'll look at cute it's cool let's look at Cuba I don't know if I've got cute and plotted out do not have cute and plotted out man this just looks I'm sorry guys these things just look rough dude you know when you when you just pump all the way up and you retrace 100% man but okay well that's just I mean honestly you just gotta but you got to approach every chart the same way min you got to approach every chart the same way calm calculated collected no emotions man just statistical likelihoods all right let's see er huh so you hear you have you have interesting liquidity right here you've got whales positioned to buy right here man now whether this is BOTS malfunctions or legitimate limit orders set in the books most likely a little bit of both honestly and you're just kind of dangling right above that support level right now man honestly so you've got let's see you've got resistance man that you've got to overcome dude you've got this bearish order block that you are that you already resolved downwards from this actually looks very negative to me and hopefully I'll point out here why guys hopefully you guys can see hopefully you guys can see what I see and even this baby right here actually and be kind of interesting as well well you guys can see what I see so look I mean you have this period of consolidation you have this sideways movement of consolidation and actually I will plot this out right here so here you have your order block right here I mean you can clearly see it just based on volume profile this is an area where a lot of orders got filled and this resolved to the downside and you broke down below your point of control which is going to be your highest at the point of control right here is about 6/10 so that's gonna be six thousand ten satoshis six yeah six plus two yeah um our 6100 Satoshi's excuse me so six plus two yes sixty-one yeah 6100 Satoshi's excuse me um no 6100 Satoshi's yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes this did resolve to the downside and now look what's happening right now you have a movement back down and then a little bit of bullish volume coming up but look where you reject from you reject you reject here because this previous support is now going to turn into resistance and this is also this is also verified by your volume profile you have your value area right here which is the area where a lot of transactions are being conducted and once you break above these areas you look for these areas to act as support the very top of the value area if you if you then start piercing back into the value area the next area you look to test is the point of control which is the which is the middle which is the highest spike here in volume per price if that area doesn't hold then you look for the lower areas to hold his resistance excuse me as support but it's the exact same thing when you break to the downside man and we did we resolve this bearish we broke bear we came down and now we have a little bit of pump to the upside but look where we're getting rejected from we're getting rejected from the very lower area of the value area and I would find it very difficult for a few and we'd have to get a lot more bullish volume here man we'd have to get a lot more bullish volume for to have any resolution back up to the upside so if we are able to break back into the value area then most likely we do actually head up we actually do head up from here to test the point of control most likely but again we've got to get we've got to get over that first man so you've got you've got resistance now this is gonna act as resistance so you've got resistance overhead at 493 so 49 49 thousand forty nine thousand three hundred Satoshi's 52 thousand three hundred Satoshi's I think if we are if we are able to close back on a daily timeframe if you are able to close like above here like right around where we actually whipped up to if we're actually to close the daily candle up in this area in between this area I would actually be looking maybe for a potential breakout trade to the upside so where we could get a nice little actually 20% pop off that actually return to the point of control before rejection because as you can see like when we actually did resolve bearish to the downside we actually didn't come back up to test it as resistance before breaking down further which is generally what happens as well but we go over and look at Bitcoin like that never happened as well either we just continue to resolve we move into consolidation we don't actually move all the way up to retest the point of control and we just continue moving downward so you know cute um's kind of an interesting coin fundamentally but but the chart looks quite bearish your mam expecting this actually with this resistance area it's around 493 to 523 to act as resistance more than likely but you can take a speculative stab if you actually do start closing daily candles up in the 490 around the 500 region if you start closing daily candles above this in the 500 region then you could look for a speculative trade up to about 600 600 Satoshi's I'd be a little cautious and be taking my profit in low value areas or low volume nodes in between that area but just how I take this but right now it doesn't look like anything that's that I'd be interested in taking your next two areas of support are below you man and you can take speculative knife caches at that but based on the fact that they're just too ridiculous SiC wicks to the downside dangerous territory man again you just you know you want to just look for you just want to look for like a confirmed trend reversal man and I've been saying this for a while like you know a daily close above our fifty-five period moving average would be actually a signifier of a trend change for me we do get a fake-out right here but generally you'll also have indications here to be out of this trade as well yeah you do close daily candles above it but you're having but then you get a shooting star pattern on the very next candle and you actually have two shooting star pattern – shooting star candlesticks right there and it resolves just as it should to the downside so so yeah man this is actually Christina Black thank you so much for the thank you so much for the sub on YouTube men highly appreciate it and welcome to the cracking cryptocurrency community so yeah this actually does look like a retest and a rejection most likely from this value area right here as buying Bitcoin now a good idea again you know I will I'll take the unpopular opinion and say that yes yes ma'am yes buying bitcoin spot price of these levels don't never go all-in man never go all-in but a slow casual planned idea of dollar cost averaging from the $3,000 range to your your upper your lower $2,000 range even preparing for the eventualities is something like 15 1,800 I think is a good dollar cost averaging strategy man just you know make sure that that's congruent with you know your total portfolio of your investments and and that you're not going to be tapped out that it's not actually going to negatively affect your life to be able to have that kind of drawdown because institutions and larger traders are able to hold down to that level man or not trader so much but larger holders are able to hold down to those levels and suffer the drawdown why because they've split their portfolio up and generally crypto currencies at this point are going to account for a small portion of their portfolio guys when the time comes to like really get crazy and enthusiastic about cryptocurrency again you know to really like you know bet the bank again you know we'll have confirmation of that man because these things you know we have nice good market cycles on the way up guys now things do move quite quickly but there's gonna be plenty of time and you're gonna know you're gonna know when that you're gonna know when it's time to buy but I think that's for an investor dollar cost averaging on the way down as I've been doing for quite a while not a bad idea okay I'm buying Jesus Jesus man producer whare hey how's it going man welcome to the show so let's say we've got about 22 minutes for this candle to close looking like it's gonna close this for our candle is gonna close like as an indecision candle let's go over and take a look at the 30-minute chart a little bit clear data yeah we just got kind of like this resolution pattern here we are finding supports off the thirty four twenty area right here the top of the current order block so we'll just wait to see how that holds again if that level holds then looking good at the top of the value area as we had spoken about again if we start closing down inside this value area then more than likely a couple possibilities either a retest again the point of control right now is at about thirty four hundred 3404 if that point of control doesn't hold and more than likely we move down to test the lower area of the value area which is around thirty three thirty if that doesn't hold then yeah we're gonna see us we're gonna see we're probably gonna see a sweep of our lows this low hasn't been swept and tested yet around thirty to fifty neither has this law around thirty two hundred so long term still remains the same bias at thirty two hundred and thirty thirty two hundred thirty one hundred stop loss at three thousand reducing risk their fully out up at rate of twenty eight fifty again I've been saying this for a while guys trade setup has not changed guys in the next area that we'd be charting right now in the short-term or something like 3,500 3,600 excuse me 35 35 2036 and $3,600 range if we're able to close above 3,600 then things start to look quite good quite good actually for a retest of my of my top three targets right here let's go take a look at some more data metrics guys let's see if the market depth has changed at all no we do see a little bit of decline in the asks right now guys and the bids have kind of stayed the same the bids have kind of stayed flat Sophal you guys can see that right there I know it gets covered up a little bit but we do have an increase in the asks starting right here around 9:50 in the morning and again this is like on UTC time so this is actually like six hours so that's like actually like three o'clock in the morning we do actually have an increase in asks across all market exchanges looking at top arbitration opportunities from finance to hit BTC 3% margin only 7740 1228 dollars in the book so that's that's good arbitrage opportunity right there from liquidate to hit BTC but really I kind of like this one by Nance and hit BTC I like seeing arbitration opportunities like that we got volume picking up a little bit right here let's look at the daily chart yeah volume kind of flat picking up just a little bit right here so this kind of intimacy to see the asks kind of tilts or kind of teeter off from reaching their point right here let's go take a look at coin farm as always and look at margin data and see if we see any significant trades again we've got these significant trades thing idle crypto says thank you for the vet analysis no problem but they're gonna sit on the sidelines consider catching the knife at the all-time low Heyman mad at euro Long's in the dominance man we've got 53 53% to the long side we've got 46.9% to the short side just on percentages of trades that are being entered overall we've got some interesting activity in the last 30 minutes kind of choppy obviously the superiority to the Long's not by a hole not by a stretch man only up only up 1.38 six million let's take a look a lot of long and profit right here last 30 minutes right here not so many Long's and unprofitable positions a lot of shorts and unprofitable positions right now though so we see here that's a lot of long centered at 34 36 50 prices at 34 38 so they're not super they're not in extremely unprofitable positions but we go back and take a look at actually we go back and take a look at our price data actually going back to the third back right here yeah see I mean it's just typical man you get a lot of people looking to short the bottom you know you get a lot of people looking to short the bottom and and they really shouldn't man you want to look for opportunities at the top to short and again it's just something that people it's just a hard psychological barrier to overcome and like you want to coin farm dot on line together to the bottom coin farm dot on line when you're looking at when you're looking at when to lets just take leverage trading out of it let's assume you can't short but let's just let's just let's just take regular let's just take regular trading you want to buy on red candles man you want to buy on red candles and you want to sell on green candles and it's so hard for people to do that like people want to buy on green candles and sell on red candles and generally when you're when you set yourself up to trade like that psychologically that's how newt that's how novice traders trade and they end up you know like they think they're buying and prices just gonna continue going up and generally to their horror price continues to go down and we see that played out here with higher with higher risk and reward on margin trading on xpt I mean right here this is this is an opportunity where a lot of people were looking to enter into a shortened what happens price moves against them this is an area where a lot of people were thinking to go long right up it right up here in this areas and what happens price moves against them guys this is an area where a lot of people went short and price moved up and you don't want to get caught in these traps man you don't want to trade like that I want to trade like that a prom row I'll snap let's go look at the last hour last hour we had a lot of shorts coming in last two hours last two hours starts equal app because we have a lot of Long's two shorts so this is actually a pretty pretty interesting we do see outliers right here generally the way to tray this guys is you look for an outlier in Long's that's when you're looking too short you look for an outlier in shorts that's when you're looking along on these lower timeframes let's go let's look at the last 72 hours last 72 hours more longs than shorts interesting let's see your margin position let's look at open position we can see how many how many what margin is as far as what what positions are riskier so the percentage of margin and long positions is actually less than the percentage of margin in short so this is actually flipped so this isn't really a drastic divergence nothing nothing to be nothing to really get over your skis about but it just means that shorts are uncomfortable short positions their margin dup enough to not get liquidated external obviously you're gonna have bottoms bottoms short is getting liquidated you're gonna have top longer is getting liquidated as always but overall it's not at a it's not at a level where you have to be overly worried so it's kind of 50/50 so meaning that it's all going to come down to spot price really as far as as far as what's gonna move the market here guess let's go take a look at let's go take a look at bicker and then we'll take a look at CeBIT quantity you so according to the last commitment of traders report which I did not actually go over last Friday but according to the last commitment of traders report funds are still neutral professional traders are still selling and retail is still buying and we do have rising open interest actually so yeah we see here Bitcoin open interest in longs let's see here so yeah actually this is pretty interesting guys you can actually see the rising open interest in long positions here from the CMA and CBOE funds so total total rising open interest in longs from from the funds twelve thousand eight hundred and thirteen long positions calculated among the CMA and CBOE funds CBOE being what is it one bitcoin per contract see me five bitcoins per contract or I potentially have that backwards but let's see here open interest in shorts about the same thing so funds are neutral so they're hedged fifty-fifty but we do see the we do see the more dramatic rise in the longs here in the open interest in the longs between funds and we do see the the more sporadic you know the more even smooth interest in shorts here from from fun so fun still hedging they're not really betting on one position one way or the other meaning that funds are taking the smart position in the market and they're saying hey we don't know so we're just gonna go long and short edge repetition and this is how professionals do it man the sell professional funds do it when you have a lot of capital they will have simultaneous long and short positions and they will use the position that is not profitable and add to the position that is profitable as time goes on in a very calculated slow methodical manner at at at important areas what side is this this is bit ger calm vit G you are calm um let's take a look at let's see so CME CBOE shorts come on give me the data point right here four thousand and two professional traders and Long's twenty fifty so professional traders and asset managers are are selling more than they are shorting or they they haven't really picked up their Long's it's remained fairly stable but just a slow slow slow rise and actually just a slight drop off right here actually in their short positions they're hedging they're hedging it's actually congroo stew them just getting out of their positions more and totally not actually a legitimate fundamental belief and movement one way or the other honestly alright let's look at trading sentiment over the last seven days looking at bull bear income here you rising open interest we do have more Long's coming in and we do have those shorts that we're continuing to drop off kind of neutral rising a little bit right now but not you can just see the difference you can just see the difference in the growth pattern right here still a lot more short positions all this data is calculated from BitFenix actually is still a 30 6404 shorts to 29,000 580 Long's and we look at the income of bulls bulls are still in unprofitable positions actually yeah Bulls are still in unprofitable positions and bears are still in profitable positions that had a slight little spike down right there typically when we look for a increase in and when we look for we will look for a sudden decline and the unprofitability of bulls we actually look for the bears to come in on profit you know basically the way that you would trade this out the psychology behind this is that bulls and profitable positions are going to be eager to exit their positions and bears and profitable positions are going to be eager to exit their positions whereas bulls and unprofitable positions are going to be eager to add to their positions so generally Bulls being in unprofitable positions would lead to a change in the market however this is highly correlated to a ranging market and not one that's trending so dramatically downwards so this is just indicative of the fact that people are continuing to catch the knives of Bitcoin like like yours truly right here working out not too poorly for me obviously in the long term so let's see let's look what our machine let's look what our machine learning is gonna tell us about Bitcoin price prediction man this is kind of interesting I don't necessarily use this a whole lot but this says over the next 24 hours the price of Bitcoin will be traded in a channel near to five thousand three thousand five hundred and thirty with three thousand six hundred and fourteen as the upper border and 3452 as the lower Porter interesting so we have the volume profile here just on that just for the 24-hour period right here so according to this prediction it will be traded in the channel with the average mean price being three thousand five hundred and thirty and 3614 forming our upwards resistance 3452 forming our lower resistance so fairly interesting this price prediction for the next seven days says price of Bitcoin in the next seven days will probably be in a channel close to three thousand seven hundred and thirty five dollars oh my god you heard it I is telling us we're going to the moon guys calm down over and look at our heat map points Christmasy day or over a red day look at volatility volatility is pretty low right now a lot of volatility in Bitcoin private man Yass litecoin those are interesting markets to pay attention to be and be unusual volume Dex swm Bitcoin private unusual volume there so those are interesting things to go check out those are markets that you want to check out when I'm looking for again I pretty much use VC depth thought I owe to screen for trades right now but you know all this data is very helpful guys I you want to get a fundamental idea of what you should want to be getting into just based off and the traditional way to do is just based off volume and volatility um so here I'll pop in the chat like all those websites that I just looked at and that's the one I'm gonna look at next date it up at Kearney org you all right you twenty-four-hour MDR change Trump coin man Trump coins been on a pump and Trump coins been pumping guys you know what that means no Russian collusion look at that market depth man that's crazy dude huge huge cell wall look at that look at that look at those asks just just coming up man that's crazy dude again this is what's the what's the volume on this coin well cell pressure 42 for 296 on crypto PSO go stock up on some Trump coin guys you I was looking through this last night Spectre AI when you're using this some mithril imma throw a lot pretty pretty pretty big as far as the MDR change that's one of the newer coins there on corn market cap oh yeah look at that massive spike and buyers right there the ask to buy ratio just skyrocketed dude it's actually pretty nice myth this is on by Nance but the data isn't showing here just it it's just got list of on vine it's not so long ago we traded it so this might be an interesting buy actually the chart doesn't look overly fantastic honestly but oh yeah you got a lot of volume traded in this area you had this nice little scalloping position this could be you could look at this as a cup and handle pattern cup with your handle right here and let's see here if that actually is right oh you're low – you're high sorry no no let's just do this the traditional way so let's just take candle bodies in and measure to your beard neckline right there so yeah typically where you want to enter for a cup and handle is in between your two three two and your three eight two with your stop-loss of your fifty that would have stopped that however your six one eight it's frustrating because your six one eight in between your six point your seven eight six is the secondary where you look to enter with your stop-loss underneath your eighty eight six so I don't know not not a recommendation to buy obviously you guys make your own decisions but kind of an interesting area you know like price did break above the point of control coming back down to test it if it holds measured move on that bad boy would be about eight percent to the upside oh that actually puts you around your 55v mao retested 2271 i will see ya retested he sais but it doesn't look overwhelmingly bullish to me but just looking at the just looking at the MDR you know we've got a lot of selling volume right here that really isn't able to push price down very high meaning there's a lot of people buying this up or whatever reason but it's just good to have that data it's good to have that data you can just see the massive spike and buyers right there today actually starting today one o'clock in the morning and up until now and the buys continue to rise up oh pretty interesting myth roll might be a decent metro might be a decent trade right there let's go over to that quantity and look at the bed ask some look at the entire order book it's gonna look like Christ which is the entire order book by the hour bid-ask some still looks positive but it's been positive here for quite a while we do have a rise in in in bids which in this case is gonna be long positions people looking to buy on bit mechs it was trending down here for a while but now we can actually see that it's just broken above if you want to do some TA on this you have a little bit of resistance right here topping and you did break above that right here obviously correlating with the increase in price and now we've settled down and hopefully finding that that as support so that's actually pretty positive and actually look at the number of people looking to sell is actually diminishing so looking at the bid-ask some on bit mechs is is very congruent its number one volume actually so this is this is actually pretty interesting man this is the last 30 days – so starting out starting off what this is gonna be like the sixth and the seventh pretty pretty much starting on the seventh you you get this you get you get asks rising up and then let's so okay really I'm sorry my my bad my bad where does this really start well you get the break to the upside really on like the tenth which is fairly congruent with what we've been seeing guys um with price action and then again yeah you break your your bids break above this area come back down hopefully testing this as support and look at your cells they're following off people people looking to sell and short are actually falling off resting let's go look at BitFenix you this is weird man there's a lot of weird spoofy stuff going on you know with this this is indicative of spoofing on the BitFenix order book so this is somebody with a huge buy order and then the reason that you see the bid-ask some just drop off the face of the planet right there is because they have a massive bid wall up to push price down so they can buy at a lower price and they just keep taking the order off the books and when that happens I mean it's a massive order I mean you have fifty eight point eight million dollars there I mean drops all the way down to almost almost like 1 million below 5 million so that's that's like a 50 million dollar order that they keep spoofing the books with so somebody is trying to suppress to push the price down by moving that bid wall down and down and down and down and down that's freaking crazy dude you let's go look at the media data an idea of where price likely to go on BitFenix for the within 5% of price we do see that there are still more buys than asks and asks her on the rise as our bids after this nice little this nice little pullback right here so interesting interesting interesting and–but mixes well within 5% of price so this is what's gonna move price immediately just looking at the last 30 days today we do have buys actually moving down and asks moving up within 5% of price so what that's telling me is that in the immediate term things actually do look a little bearish but not a whole lot of resolution overall the the overall order book looks quite bullish honestly so midterm honestly still looking still feeling quite bullish about about BTC and short-term potentially potentially gonna see if we're gonna actually break down into this area again that's all congruent the price action man looking at all that data it just helps you clarify and hone what the price action is telling you on the price action is quite simple man if we hold the support at 30 420 then we're probably gonna continue moving upwards if we break back down and the next area to test is gonna be 3400 if that doesn't hold then most likely going back down to the bottom of this order order book area which is around 33 30 breakdown below that then we're looking to sweep blows man and this comes back into play so nobody get over your skis yet man just calm down and be patient you expect pomp in the next for our candle until the daily closes perhaps yeah we should I mean we're going to be seeing some action here over the next four hours we always do get action when the daily candle closes still feel kind of positive about this nibble says it feels very much like when BTC dropped from 9k to 6k I think there is one more big move downward to the 1.3 K range that will cause full-on mayhem news is a bit too calm for a capitulation thoughts yeah I mean I don't I don't see any signs of the capitulation yet this was just a continuation of what we had over here and I yeah I mean I don't again I don't know about it could be man but again down to 1.7 1.8 K I mean that's the lowest lowest lowest targets right here let's go over to the bits damn chart go to the weekly and on log yeah you got you got interesting areas here so you have you have closed obviously let's pull up that moving average here so you've got your 200 period simple moving average that price did wick off we haven't closed below that yet so that's really our next area of support that's around that 31 60 and that's why I say I've got buy set at 3200 and 3100 the next I like I guess key area of support would be 29 38 but I think a break of that psychological area of 3,000 is actually probably gonna push us down to test this this is the secondary ascending get eight eight point six Fibonacci retracement at 2331 and we also have this order block right here between 29 38 and 2120 I think these areas most likely would represent the absolute bottom if we do break that 3000 psychological support level we'll just wait and see what volume does when we get there it kind of depends on how we get there what the volume looks like again there doesn't necessarily need to have to be news to usher on the capitulation but I do agree with you I think that I think that um I think that if we were I don't think this is capitulation yet I think that we have we have further down to go for sure but whether or not we see a nice little relief rally or more sustained weekly relief rally here maybe to retest these areas and fully reject from them on a longer term time break time basis would be would be expected not not not absolutely necessary but expected but on the daily timeframe we're just hanging around in this consolidation area between our death block and between our bio block right just hanging out in order block area we talked about the the I feel like so you think you should much for the sub on YouTube man highly appreciated we talked yesterday about the the td9 and talked about the repercussions of that most likely see ah all right guys it's 201 man so I got to get going we've been doing this for a little over two hours and I got to get to I gotta get to do some more chart and man and update everything and we'll be back on tomorrow everyday 11:00 a.m. guys so let's talk about let's talk about the most important thing that you can do today guys point your browsers on over to cracking cryptocurrency calm beautiful website Scott is working hard on updating this as well guys I up at the top it says join trading group now it's gonna bring you right to our discord guys join the cracking cryptocurrency community guys a lot of great free fun chat man we do technical analysis you can talk about your charts you can talk about your trade setups participate in the community and just have some support for trading in this trading in this kind of a ephemeral weird market that we were all existing right now guys if you guys want to support the show guys as always make sure to hit that subscribe button in the notification belt because we're live here every morning at 11 a.m. 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