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and we're live all right awesome cool I didn't break anything alright guys hey thank you so much for joining me today for another episode of breaking Bitcoin sorry we're starting a little bit of an hour late guys running a little bit behind this morning had to stay up of course very late last night to watch the pump to manage the positions to communicate with everybody so as well as getting our giveaway our next giveaway already in prep so I'll be talking about that here in just a second I'm gonna give a big shout out to everybody I want to give a big shout-out to everybody joining me in the chat today as well as everybody that's been coming by the discord lately stopping in talking it's been a really fantastic awesome wonderful time doesn't seem like the restream chats working on this page hopefully gets fixed when we get into the UH when we get into the other majiggy let me get into the other scene but anyways guys of course today is February the 18th Monday you know what that means the week is starting and it is not a Monday a bloody Monday in fact quite the opposite so as I said yesterday in last night's stream Sunday really begins the week we really see what the institutional order flow is gonna do and we're gonna see what kind of follow-through we get we're gonna see what kind of follow-through we get from the larger players and of course last night it was very indicative of the movement that we saw now here's the thing out and I want you guys to be aware of this pattern when you're watching for which way the market is truly going to move um when you are looking at when you're looking at a local top when you're looking at something that that order flow is going to sell into what your often going to experience is price near a local top in your resistance you're going to see a very volatile stabbed up a high wick up with absolutely no follow-through and then immediately to the downside that is typically how all volatile movements begin they begin with a stop-loss hunt to the opposite side of which way the market will move to clear out liquidity into trap positions when it's exactly what happened actually right prior to to Bitcoin breaking resistance to aetherium breaking resistance but what I want to show you when we get to the charts is that you know you rarely see as I talked about last night in the show you rarely see just such a clean cut beautiful break of resistance that and as I said last night once that occurred once we had a candle open and close above resistance the local area of resistance that I had charted out I mean it becomes very clear that now all opportunities are for buying now can you be wrong in your analysis of course you can and that's where risk management comes in but you still have to take the no-brainer trade when you see resistance get broke convincingly you take the trade in the direction that resistance broke whether that's to the upside to the downside and very clearly last night and yesterday excuse me actually during the show I mean we talked about this during the show both both xbt and aetherium broke to the upside now as I talked about last night I did not put on an x PT position I took a theory on why because there was more profit potential and I'm very very happy that I did that as well as hopefully these subscribers as well all right again restream chants will not work and I don't know what's go in here if I can't brush it sorry guys this some minor feels like here browser hopefully you guys are doing fantastic today you working here oh it looked like it was working there I think I just messed it up like I just messed it up like I fixed it like I fixed it and other we go okay it seems to be working alright sorry about that guys Wow a lot of people watching today cool awesome thank you so much okay so before we get into the charts though I do have to talk about the regular stuff what we've got going on at cracking cryptocurrency as well as one of our proud supporters so for that let's go over to this scene real quick and we'll talk about this so as you guys know we just did a giveaway we gave away three one-month spots to our to our premium trading group congratulations to those people who won I have received one email from one of the winners although I know one of the winners was in the chat last night and I did give you a shout out but I haven't heard from you yet on the email so guys please get a hold of me the contact a cracking cryptocurrency comm all the contact informations on the website you can hit me up in the discord I want to make sure that the winners get their spot but I did get an email from one of you I'll be getting your role upgraded as soon as I get done with the show hmmm so obviously we've talked about x42 before proud supporter of the show we are teaming up with x42 you give a give to do a giveaway again we're gonna be giving away five masternodes worth of x42 so five people are going to get enough x42 to run a full masternode so for that simply go to X X 42 cracking cryptocurrency comm just the same way as the last time this just went live like an hour ago we already have 139 entries so very fantastic of course lots of ways to participate guys yeah we tried to focus a little bit more on on the tweet or this time so yeah you guys can tweet out with a hashtag you guys can refer your friends you know everything that you wanted to you get bonus entries for all that so I'm really looking forward to doing this we're gonna run this I believe the original plan was to run this for a month although talking to the devs from X 42 we might just run this for two weeks we don't want it to drag on and to infinity so but anyways make sure you guys get in and take part of this very excited to to team up with X 42 all right I did I did a garthe's guard I actually showed all three and that ended up being a mistake because while depending on how you think about it I wanted to make sure that they knew that they won but I did reveal I did draw the winners randomly live on air so all this that and the third cool make sure you guys take part in that all right now what you all came for over to the charts gonna start off with spot price guys this is what I was watching last night I thought this was very interesting because tether and again I like to do my charting on I normally do the charting excuse me I typically do the charting or long-term Bitcoin analysis on bitstamp which is very helpful for looking at old levels of support and resistance and for getting higher time frame analysis however on when you're looking at what chart will actually move the market and what is the best chart to base your for example your derivatives trades off of so for example your bit Mex trades or your debit trades or whatever what have you you really do want to be looking at the the BTC USD teacher why there's just more liquidity and I do find that it moves the market first and that was actually a very time trying experiment and I want to give a thank I want to give a thank you to the individual who actually helped me discern that so you know who you are thank you very much now what do I mean what am I talking about well if we look here very clearly at the daily chart of BTC USD T we can see that the resistance trend line was broken much earlier than than for example if we go look at the bitstamp sure so if you go look at the bitstamp chart we can actually see that we have not broken long term resistance yet in fact this would be positing in hey maybe don't take a positional trade right now so this would have actually had you locked in your socks and maybe locked out of a position unless you were simply buying the horizontal breakout whether that was at 36 53 for you whether that was a 36 80 or 3700 doesn't really matter I'm you can you can very clearly see here by just using the USD t-shirt you would have been able to have confirmation of your trade earlier you didn't actually see that the candle that closed yesterday so the weekly closing candle actually did take out that resistance level and closed convincingly above it and when we see something like that what do i do of course just my personal method for trading i do go down to the three hour chart and you can see our very strong close and then an open and close above resistance so if you were being very very tentative very speculative of course we did enter closer down here if you were excuse me well we again I took the eath trade but I was calling for this earlier and again I don't don't get it don't get it twisted like I'm at here saying like I'm always right or hahaha bla bla bla no I mean there's there's there's many times that I'm on the wrong side of a trade it's my risk and my overall trading strategy that allowed me to be a profitable trader but I just want to be pointing out for you guys the benefit of doing analysis of having clearly identified higher timeframe levels on your chart so that you can make better trading decisions why not just look at the bit mixture because the BMX chart can be a little misleading now I generally do base my entries and exits of course off the bit Mex chart but when you're looking for direction in the market it does help to analyze spot price first because remember we can just use a very simple analogy we'll use a very simple analogy when we're looking at for something for example the difference between Long's and shorts ratios so for example we're often looking to counter trend trade long stir shorts when the Long's become overly aggressive we're often looking to counter trade them when shorts become overly aggressive we're often we're often looking to counter trade them conversely however when we're looking at supply and demand something like the market death ratio which is one of the be the data metrics that we do look at commonly on this show more buying more demand equals price appreciation so conversely while we are looking to counter trade the sentiment of traders when Long's become overly aggressive about valuation of price on when we do see more buying than selling then we are expecting price to appreciate regardless of where the sentiment of the futures traders are so anyways but we did have clear confirmation of the break whether you were looking for this candle you were looking to aggressively enter on the open and close or excuse me just simply the close above the resistance trendline or the actual open and close either way would have put you in your trade this gives you a little bit more tricky or risk management of course the only way to manage this is once you have the open and closed you enter on the open of the next candle and generally your stop-loss is going to go below either the candle did the breakout or your local level of support the more aggressive traders of course would be placing their stop-loss excuse me the more conservative traders excuse me I would of course be placing their stop-loss below local support which did not give them bad art arm especially looking at the upside targets here so daily timeframe nothing's changed using our higher time frame analysis we did have upside targets of 3,800 we did hit that and of course the next target coming in is up here this is done using fib fib extension on a higher time frame as well and because my things being a little tricky right now it's just for BTC USD tea I don't know why but that level is for tea at 23 above that we do enter into now I do want to I just I just want to make sure that everybody's on the same page here this is good this is quite good we have had a clear change in market structure we are in a market environment where pull backs are for the purposes of buying until the trend significantly reverses anybody else is I think over irrationally trying to short into a market that is not yet had a critical level of resistance for example this is a rational area too short we are approaching a critical level of resistance on a higher time frame this is weekly resistance this is a rational area to short we are entering how we are entering a level of critical resistance we are in the proximity to the weekly timeframes this was a rational area to short because now you have had three touches of a trendline so you have established you have established a significant zone of resistance so there was nothing wrong with shorting at this level but again we have broken through significant resistance now so we have had a change a fairly significant change in market structure now do I think this means that we are immediately going to 5k no I'm going to be very cautious we have still not broken a significant level of resistance nor have we actually put in yet a higher we have still not yet put in a higher daily high so the strategy remains the same the overall analysis of the market must remain the same until we have a until we break the level of four thousand on a convincing basis preferably on an opening closing daily basis would be confirmation to that um so the zone we do have an upside target again in the lower four thousands but the area between 4091 and 4162 this zone right here that is delineated by the red lines on the chart of course this is weakly resistance if we go to the weekly chart of BTC USD T you can see how I have delineated that zone that is the open and close of the weekly equilibrium block again just for the sake of those who are tuning in to the show for the first time what is an equilibrium block an equilibrium block is a block on a higher time frame for me that signifies a shift or a weakness and market structure so we can see here that we have a very strong downtrend we have a very strong downtrend we put in a shift in market structure we put in an equilibrium block and so at this price level the Bulls sense weakness and the Bears selling pressure and of course that is the area that is retested once twice three times on a weekly basis pullback to a higher level of support and then looking for the retest of that zone it is very difficult to be bullish it is very difficult to be bullish for higher price appreciation about 4-thousand until that level is convincingly broken on a daily basis on a daily basis because we are talking about weekly trend lines right here I do think that anybody rushing to the table to short Bitcoin right now is probably likely to get their face smashed in because you are now trading against the trend so you can see we have a weekly bullish trend and again you do not trade against the trend now again we are still in a bear market there is no signs of that bear market being ended signs of that bear market potentially being ended would in the short term at least and again it doesn't matter is the bull market over the bull markets our excuse me you can't and I've talked about this before it's very difficult to say hey we're going to all-time highs hey the bull markets and that's completely irrational stuff to say until we're above the floor at 61 fifty sixty two hundred until we're above that level and we reclaim it so breaking pulling back and claiming that area you can't you can't you can't buy all me and say that say that the bull markets in because this is the most significant level of resistance on the chart when this level is broken many market participants that we're out of the market would be entering the market however until then this area remains an area to sell into the reason why is because you still have I know a lot of people find this hard to believe but you have a lot of trapped buyers who bought at 6,000 and who are underwater who have not sold it a loss as price approaches the break-even price for them they would be attempting to sell as well as technical traders like myself who just see this for what it is which is a clear level of resistance okay on the daily timeframe the levels that I'm keeping my eye on are of course four thousand that would be our next area to test I don't really see there's nothing really in between us and that do I recommend a course you have to manage your own trading positions but you also don't want to chase parabolic movements so of course as with all things healthy pullbacks are good to see especially after nice movements like this what are areas where price is likely to pull back to well 3,800 is a likely price area to pull back to you can wait and see our price response to that level 3650 would not be out of the question of course for me I'm not looking for short positions until price closes back underneath this level or 3,500 potentially even 3565 I might begin looking for a short position at 35 65 so I know that that is potentially irrational excuse me it's not irrational I know that some people are obsessed with shorting the top I know some people are obsessed with loaning the bottom in my experience banking your success banking your career as a cabs a counter trend trader is stepping over dollars to pick up pennies there is more profit to be made overall with conservatively safely trading with the trend just as we are right now we are in an environment where you should have been in a long position on the brake of resistance if you were paying attention to the charts you are in a market structure right now where pull backs are for the purposes of buying we're healthy retracements are good and positive to see you we want to see here we want to see an established higher level of support so some at some point here I'd like to see how if we pull back sideways consolidation we form a local resistance from that you PI the breakout just again and again and again and again and again you continue to move your stop-loss up into a profitable area and you continue to scale out partial profits as we go why would you continue to scale out partial profits as we go because we are overall compared to this level from here approaching the vicinity of resistance on xbt we're on BTC we're only talking about five to six percent above us before we enter critical resistance levels it's very hard this is still an area that you would sell into technically once you get a bearish reversal now should you blindly sell into the area no you wait for price to come up to this area you look to take out mostly all of your profits at this point in time and then at least that's my personal strategy and then you wait until you see a bearish reaction on a higher time frame or again for me that is eye chart out my chart out significant levels on the weekly I refine those levels on the daily I trade off the 3-hour and I enter an exit on the 15-minute chart makes life very simple yeah there's not a whole lot to be said here man bullish trend dip surfer pulled our excuse me dips are for buying you're looking for a higher level of consolidation for an entry you're not looking to chase a parabolic movement you never want to buy local tops and you never want to short local bottoms so just continue to take partial profits on your way up be very cautious of these of this resistance zone right here which is a weekly resistance zone potential upside target is still 40 23 4000 on t3 and this is a higher time frame extension which has worked quite well for us you all right so a lot of activity in the chat I want to give a shout out to everybody joining us of course today Jasper tenacious V yo yo hey what's going on the moon is cold too right thanks man and get a Texas blues once it's take a look at xlm if we get time we'll definitely check that out man let me pull open my you LM noted and since this report says well I was hoping price would stay lower for a little longer it's all good man real stager Roach thanks for joining us man hopefully you're not late for class today hey moneymaker how you doing man thank you dr. faz I appreciate that man he says I called it well you know the man charts dude again I'm not always right but you when you see something very clean and beautiful like this and again you know it was most clean and beautiful on the etherium chart if we go over here to to the etherion bit max you can actually see so this is the position you mean you just rarely see something just so clean and beautiful like this man you know nice bullish nice bullish formation a nice symmetrical continuation pattern form clear open and close 3-hour candle breaking the horizontal level of resistance right here the daily so you guys can see that right there timeframe resistance price nice close above that a reason to not be bullish man reason to not take the position they wants me to take a look at card an yo take a look at card an you Nance beta h19 hey dice Enzo good to see you man bonia says the moon boys are back thoughts about bch ought to go over today honestly five golf gonna just gotta kick that at CNN news for talking about crypto man Justin what do you think why this dude didn't sell bitcoins in December 2017 Paulette I don't know man long-term faith believe longer timeframes difficult man to determine why somebody why somebody would not want to sell bitcoins in December 2017 most people didn't most people did not sell the top you have many people underwater from purchasing at the all-time low and this is why I think that its overall investment in learning how to trade is or just understanding speculation a Christian debit good to see a man Agartha Asgard Rick Schmidt says the harmonic Gartley played out maybe it's time people learn their harmonics Elya the market is on fire power to achieve nerd Robert says bull trap you Dyson's Oh says over 600 Bitcoin fans and only 32 are happy with Bitcoin junk impossible oh man you're welcome conscious vegan thank you for watching man that crypto good to see a man Edward Park be slice dream pearson Maya says thanks Justin I'm actually not losing so much these days after watching the stream well thank you very much I highly appreciate on Bitcoin USD bitstamp we are being held by the 100 day moving average do you think this will keep us down potentially it's a strong level of resistance litecoin thoughts um the question is why and how did it here iam lead the charge why didn't Bitcoin stay stable what am I not understand let's see here what's interesting so how do I answer that question I think you might be looking for for too much sauce in the pan man you know aetherium is just more more volatile so since we understand that that Bitcoin and theory move in lockstep when you see one convincingly breakout you can make the logical assumption that the other will follow um the reason why I took aetherium as opposed to Bitcoin is that the chart was much cleaner the pattern was much cleaner if we go over here and look at the bit stamp chart you can see my you can see my cobbled together pitchfork which again if you guys go back and watch my pitchfork video I do think that pitchforks as far as chart patterns are pretty much one of the very few chart patterns that I do enjoy trading you can actually see here and actually I cut some flack for drawing this because I manually drew a pitchfork by hand they're like oh my god it's ugly look at all that it's not symmetrical well guess what man the markets not symmetrical but guess what this is this is a hand-drawn accurate representation of price action you put in a local top you are in a descending barding channel where I had no interest in putting on any trades rekt rekt rekt rekt rekt rekt rekt but what do you see here what do you see here right here at this point in time you see a open and close above the mid line and a clear break in local market structure this is when I became interested in looking for a long and then just as I said on the show last night this was the candle where I actually entered into a long position and I had excuse me this is the candle so excuse me on because of etherion this is Bitcoin this is the candle where I where I began to feel very strongly that we're gonna move to the upside because we opened and closed above the upper line of the trendline after we already had an opening close above the mid line which we had not seen convincingly so here this is not convincingly because we wake up and we immediately reject back down so not something that you want to be interested in in trading but when you see this with some follow through and then consolidation right in your resistance and higher lows and then what do you see here a shakeout to clear a shakeout to get you know a shakeout and then another shakeout right so a lot this to get a lot of people to go short this to you know trap all the shorts make sure everybody thinks the price is going down and then BOOM so again you coulda waited for confirmation until this candle but this candle right here and this candle right here were your confirming factors where your best-case scenario is to take the trade to the upside now does that mean you're gonna be wrong or excuse me right under person at the time when you attempt to buy breakout no but it's what you do man you know trading is about taking highly is about stacking the odds in your favor and I have to sorry ma'am remove you from the Batman and can't have AB name I did that's just a little too much you you hey thanks Jurgen I appreciate that ma'am Toni Aguilera asks yeah man that's just a little crazy man you know no need for all that man live streaming's a trip man okay so I think we've gone over pretty oh so sorry let's let's go back and look at so we've talked about aetherium we've talked about upside targets again just as I said man like I know a lot of people are eager to short this I know a lot of people are screaming for continuation and there's nothing necessarily wrong with that I mean it's there's nothing logical with looking for shorting opportunities there's absolutely actually nothing wrong with looking at this and saying you know what we haven't broken weekly resistance I'm not going to go long I'm not looking for Long's and they're looking at the opportunity here and they're looking at the opportunity here and they're looking at the opportunity here for example and they're looking at that and they're saying okay well great yeah sure we've put in a 15% trade to the upside but look you know I mean I made 50% down here I made 30 here 15 here 10 here there's nothing wrong with that again that's that's a classical method of looking and analyzing the market saying that listen as long as we're in a dominant bearish trend and we haven't broken significant resistance to prove that the downtrend is over then I'm not looking for Long's I'm only looking to take shorts I mean that is the definition of trading with the trend however I would I would argue that locally excuse me locally that we have seen a significant change in that now we've broken one significant resistance zone the other significant resistance zone that I was looking at that we actually smashed through first was the daily 55 exponential moving average now somebody had made a comment that we are being governed right now by the daily 100 period exponential moving average again I'm going to assume that that is so I have to assume that they're looking at the simple so let's take a stab and look at the hundreds simple price yes coming against the daily 100 simple moving average so mmm you know it's your preference it's your preference so how can I be largely consistent with this logically consistent yes so local resistance of course ma'am 100 period simple moving average seems like a likely area to run into resistance however what I'm going to default to is I'm going to default to my horizontal levels of resistance on the weekly time frame so looking at that and taking that into account yes is this an area where we could experience a local pullback yes absolutely however that does not change my opinion it does not change my opinion that until we have a significant break in market structure and again that significant break in market structure is by crashing through an area where we've broken out of I'm dips remain for the purposes of pullbacks now why does it pay excuse me in my opinion why does it pay in my opinion to be more conservative in that fashion the reason why the reason why is because the opportunity cost is in your favor so when you've broken significant market structure again you've entered into an area where pull backs are for the purposes of buying also by the way when you're talking about significant resistance let's talk about the 55 exponential moving average which did act as local resistance add a little bit of a pull back and then price just shot through it again now again you're not being overly and what's something that I say all the time them don't chase parabolic movements I'm not convinced in fact I'm fairly assuredly convinced that looking for a long at this position when price is looking like this you never buy on big green candles man that's that's just a simple mistake so if I were not in a position right now I would not be looking to buy at this level in time I would be waiting for a healthy pullback so seems like a logical area to experience one as you can see right now but just because you hit resistance I just want to make sure I qualify that just because you hit resistance doesn't mean you throw everything onto a short position again for me for me my and again you guys are free to trade your own women my data metrics right now my battle plan is to look at all opportunities while price is above 3615 while price is above 36 50 I look at all pull backs that consolidate and then break to the upside as buying opportunities and I don't consider anything failure until we close below 30 650 and then I really get tentative and I wait until pretty much a close below this level I'd like to see 3500 touched before I look for shorting opportunities why because as I've talked about on higher time frames the downside targets are quite nice so from 3500 from 3500 downside targets are 3,100 we have obviously the local bottom and then if we go back over here on a higher time frame we do have the liquidity zone where buyers are likely to be on on BTC USD T it's at 28 26 on regular charting its 2,900 but let's actually go to the higher time frames on the bit next turn so we can see that very clearly alright so significant support coming in at 30 180 and then 29 39 on the bit Mex chart there are likely to be buyers underneath the liquidity zone at 29 39 should 29 39 fail then we then things start to look a little nasty that's why as we if we as we as we approach 3100 and this fails basically also looking at the bitstamp chart that also becomes quite clear 36 48 fails to hold then we're looking for short positions down below 3,500 basically a stop loss at this level and we're in a short position until we get significant signs of a market reversal and that's just the way to trade men in my opinion markets trending up or looking for long positions the market begins trending down we look for short positions all right so enough of BTC you SDT for right now go take a look at mr. theorem you we're very clear on what we're working with here now I have just for the purposes of explication shown that yes we do significant we do potentially have a level of local resistance it's not the most significant level on the higher time frames on the daily but we can see where we have an initial support here slight resistance slight support slight support we break down and our experience in level as resistance that's one 4505 price is currently trading above that on the bit Mex chart and the next upside target for aetherium USD is 15650 as we approach one as we approach the level between 15650 and one sixty to forty five it still becomes an area to sell into so that level is convincingly broken why because that's significant resistance on the weekly you how do you tell the difference between a healthy pullback and a change in correction well if when you when you have a healthy pullback to a significant area of previous resistance that you would expect to turn into support and then you see price consolidation and then further movement upwards out of that consolidation if however you see price fall back to a local level of support if that local level of support doesn't hold you can look to aggressively enter into a short for example although I still think that you're trading against the trend or if for example you fall back down to a previous level of resistance turns support which you would expect all the support you see consolidation and then you break to the downside then that pretty much invalidates the consolidation inflation to the upside so for long positions you're still in a scenario where all you're doing all you're doing is looking to all you're doing is looking to lock in profits now let's look at this area really quickly here on the three hour chart looking at the 8-hour chart for our trend and looking at the three-hour chart for our price action which is how I how I do things we can see potentially here a swing high forming a swing high is delineated by a higher high with two lower highs on each side okay now when does this become a confirmed local high and we expect to see a pullback to a first level of 137 55 when the candle begins trading ideally closing below the open of the last a bullish candle that confirms this area as a swing high because as you can see here we have a high / high lower high though this candle fails this would be a 1-2-3 pattern and not I'm not talking about wave patterns just your simple one two three higher high pattern uh and again the next the first area that I would expect to see a healthy pull back to would be 137 55 lower areas are 128 90 and of course the breakout zone at 123 31 now it's your preference when you're looking at something like that you can be like short busting the short go that's your preference man that's absolutely a preference I'm not convinced that that's the absolute correct way to go I prefer to not trade against in my opinion what seems to be the dominant trend right now you all right so we've got a theorem to the US dollar we've talked about Bitcoin so now if you guys don't mind just follow along with me and I'm going to do a little bit of my own analysis you so all I'm doing right now is I'm comparing different time frames to make sure that the unnatural volume function is correct and all them as you can see obviously we have unnatural volume now typically when you see a natural volume at the top of a movement typically an excellent time to be doing you're selling however these these price action candles right here and this price action candle right here as well as this one back here are not similar because those candles did not break significant resistance this is still pretty significant guys this hasn't happened we haven't broken a local level of resistance in quite a long time it's been nothing but breakage to the downside continued breakage to the downside continued breakage to the downside so while to be quite honest with you while we're underneath the weekly level of resistance while we're underneath the weekly level of resistance I do have to assume that bitcoins price has the potential to fail and see lower lows in the short term in the short term I have to expect that we will at least see a retest of our next level of resistance which would be this zone right here I don't trade my opinion I am bound I am bound to trade what the charts telling me to do so here's what I'll be looking for guys if we look at the fisher transform right here if we look at the fisher transform if we look at my time transformer indicator the three hour chart is telling us right here by printing its first purple arrow to be on the lookout for a potential sell now although I'm not eager to rush into a short here if we look at the etherium chart and again go down to the three hour chart we just talked about that potential swing pattern formation now BRE our chart on aetherium us DT has printed a couple potential sell signals right now and one thing that I want you guys to understand because I get this question a lot when you have an indicator like this that I've designed it's not that you blindly follow it you don't just blindly follow it as you can see here if you blindly follow it sometimes it's not going to do what you wanted to you have to use your own judgement so for example what I like to see for example when I'm trading against the dominant trends so for example as you can see here so just so you guys understand what I'm doing here with this indicator is that I'm looking at the trend on the 8-hour chart while I'm analyzing the 3-hour chart okay so let's take let's take this let's take this buy signal for example right I like to look for a few levels of confluence for example I like to see divergence or I like to see I like to see a natural volume to justify a buy or a market structure where I think it makes sense so for example just to be completely quite honest because I'm not gonna cherry pick examples if we look here we can actually see that we do get a bullish divergence on this on this position right here on this buy signal right here that was a trade that would have not worked out for us of course you can have your just the scalp on extremely tight ranges it's absolutely fine generally not a bad indication to enter and then a few candles later we enter into a bullish trend as denoted here by the candles printing White's generally the way that I use this is I take a speculative buy on an oversold condition and then I look to double my position or increase my position not double my position i pyramid in so which means I would buy half of what I initially bought of course there's multiple ways to approach this I teach multiple ways to do it to scale in your position and then boom you're up here we get a purple candle printed here meaning a potential sell you confirmation of the cell and this candle and you're generally out of the trade of course this candle would have turned black somewhere around here so even worst case scenario you bought here and you bought here and you sold on the close of this candle you still make a profit but you have indications to sell up here okay so what do I mean by that what what's the point of what's the point of talking about this so when we have as we talked about when we have a significant break in market structure as we talked about and we're looking to scale outs and profits this is a signal to scale out in profit this is a potential signal to scale out in profit when you're trading against the dominant trend as you can see here we're trading it's a very dominant trend here if you're trying to take this to the downside on these are indications when you're oversold and you have a short term cross under there are opportunities to take profits they're opportunities to take profits of course you can adjust this as well so I'm just using my default settings but we can adjust this to the actual asset which is unfortunately if you want to get the best results out of time transformation something that you have to do it can be individually tuned to any asset any ticker ID any timeframe you strapping boys were going to the moon Malachi says death handsome asks do I always use logarithm charts no in fact I'm not using one right now the only time I use logarithmic charts is actually if I'm doing a long term analysis of Bitcoin and I just want the information to mean better Ricardo Jean Philip uh keeps asking this question over and over and over again but I will answer you sir and I would hope that hope that you'd be satisfied I'm happy to help man um can someone explain to me how bull run happens please how the price goes high well there's more buyers than sellers man that's that's very simple you know I was having a conversation with somebody last night and you know we were just talking and I said man you know this is exciting you know like this is a good time dude a theory I was just just a theory I'm a Bitcoin or skyrocketing and the question they asked was oh man does anybody know why yet yes because there's no because we're buyers and sellers like I don't even understand what that question means why we broke resistance traders are more interested in taking the trade to the upside more individuals are interested in buying rather than selling shorts are closing positions they're adding fuel to the rally fire there's you know this the the in my personal opinion man the answers are right here the answers are right here the answers are not you know I don't even know what the website is but the answers are not over here I like I guarantee you you go over to this website here CCN and I let's let's just see here man okay I mean there's just gonna be article after article after article purporting to explain to you why why this happened but you know just me humble guy in my charts or anybody else I think with just some basic ta skill could have been over here watching this and said hey guys something's going to happen and now the news is running desperately to try to explain why so we're now printing a potential sell signal on aetherium US dollar on both excellent three-hour time frame now we got to talk about the opportunity costs looking for a short trade so classically the correct approach lastly the correct approach is to look at this as an opportunity to scale out a small portion of profits and move your stop-loss up below support you 15-minute time frame hi local hi over I you if I was going to chew bubblegum and throw out a reason for breaking resistance of it there Scott goddamnit I just talked about that so if the I didn't even see the chat man so I wasn't targeting you with that just so you know so if the only reason is resistance brakes would you say sentiment has changed to positive due to some sort of change in overall opinion to the positive side nah man like I just I just don't I don't I don't think that that's I just don't look at the market that way man think that news or or anything or events drive the market in a fundamental way those things are already all priced into the market wrapped I'm trapped okay I'm not trapped anymore all right you but if I were gonna chew bubblegum man I would have to say if I were to throw out again it's difficult for me to do that man cuz I just fundamentally disagree with that approach yeah I mean sentiment just changed man you've had yet you know a lot of people stacking on short positions attempting to take the trade to the downside you had overall negative sentiment you had you know all these you know want to be signal groups telling people guys we're going we're going to we're going to $80 right now we're going from here to $80 I thought man maybe we were going from if we were going from here to $80 but sure we were going from here to here all right man I'm not trying to come off as flippant I want to take your question seriously it's not sure assassin yeah yeah I mean sentiment sentiment changed and the idea of traitors man like I'm if I back man the stash and bitcoins for the past two months finally paying off would love to be able to sell and buy back and lower but I'll just ride this up as long about candles by the way here's to the best in the TA world man thank you so much Eli thank you so much for the ten dollar donation my friend you weren't one of the good ones man here you're quickly going to be coming up there and rallying with with Gabriel right there man you because I I don't I don't necessarily think they do man the functions of the project have nothing to do with price action or traders opinion buy or sell or bot buyers know I really don't man I really don't I think the traders and institutional traders people who move the markets or speculators by nature and so broadly Spradley speaking so weather so so when you're talking about so okay so I think that stuff applies to five ten twenty year time frames yes like broadly speaking my daughter my daughter apparently doesn't like aetherium went broadly speaking when you're talking about you know is an asset going to valuate over the long term is their overall interest from investors yes that all comes from a fundamental approach so do investors think that a theorems technology is sound otherwise if so there's going to be there's going to be buyers eventually at some point and there is going to be price price appreciation and sustainable price appreciation if serious investors do have long term faith in the project but for short term movements which this is keep like lettuce let's have no doubt this your short-term movement this is trader speculation a Sherman take a look at the nerd Roberts charts you baby capitulation you baby capitulation I see yeah okay you make sure that I got your nick says justin has anything changed in your overall opinion do you still think the low or the bottom is not in yeah I'm I'm I'm very conflicted on that man and to be quite honest guys as long as prices below 60 150 and I know that sounds crazy but as long as prices below sixty 150 we do have the potential to go lower now that doesn't mean again I don't trade my opinion it's not like I'm I don't purport to be an Oracle I know that some people have their orders down there at two thousand and they're they're not going to get back in the market unless it goes down that well I think that's I think that is the wrong way to to to go about it I think that the correct way to go about it is simply now I see read like again that's the wrong approach man like I'm not a psychic dude I just trade the charts we're still in bearish territory which means the potential for lower lows is possible all right but when you see sentiment change you trade with to market dude this is not I'm not telling people they missed the lows because you should not be overly obsessed with buying the lows know like very rarely do you buy the lows very rarely very rarely do you sell the tops like that is the wrong you know pardon me for saying so but I think that's a kind of immature and frustrated way of looking at the markets and assuming that assuming that I can do more than any human being can do there's no human being out there who's gonna say guys the bottoms at this price and the high is that this price so all you got to do is just set your limit order there and set your limit order there and everything is going to be beautiful bro there's no human being in the world who can do that man as a trader I take the losing sides of trades sometimes I'm the only thing that makes me allows me to be profitable and to do this for a living is risk management and in overall profitability of my strategy man that's much more important man that's much more important from a trading perspective than looking at the charts and saying okay the absolute bottom is here I have downside price targets high upside price targets and I'll trade in whichever direction the market moves if you sits if you sit and worry about I missed it I missed the bottom or that guy was wrong you know why didn't why wasn't he a hundred percent right why did his take profit target come three dollars short of take profit one you know there's uh there's response there's personal responsibility that needs to be made for your trading decisions man and I never purport to do more than I more than I'm capable of doing but overall eyesight it seems to me that I'm that I'm right most of the time or right more often that I'm wrong which is all I care oh yeah man don't listen don't don't be overly frustrated or worried man if you think that you miss them if you think that you miss the the bottom or top dude whoa what's going on I'm trying to looking at this for a while man and I'm gonna need you to explain and I put my stop-loss around 36 50 so I'm gonna need I'm gonna need for you to explain to me uh what what I'm looking at here man I'm sorry I don't want to sound you know disrespectful but I'm just not sure what it is that I'm supposed to be you as Bitcoin being bullish changed the way you trade alts no not really I'm still pretty a pretty speculative on them I think that you know here's the thing man you know I have I have 70% I keep 70% of my stack on on features platform I keep 30% of my stack on Finance 15% of that's in USD T 15% of dots and BTC the 15% bits in BTC I don't worry about its USD value I it's just there for the purposes of accumulating more Bitcoin but that is a 15% investment of my trading portfolio I'm just for the purpose of acquiring more of a primary investment okay I have long term faith in Bitcoin I'm willing to accumulate more Bitcoin at a USD loss with a small portion of my portfolio in the mid term the other 15% the other half of my portfolio that's on that's on Finance always stays in USD t I only trade USD T pairings other than that other than that I maintain the USD value of my portfolio by by pretty much constantly pinging constantly being in the market either long or short you unknown says I asked you yesterday for inverse correlated coins to pick coin you ignored me a pumpkin all right cool man sure let me uh you know let me let me point you in the right direction man men this is what you want this is this is this is a very good resource you know in fact let me switch over to news and stats bro we help over ask you a question eat an answer sorry man a lot going on bro not personal in a world with hundreds of people in the chat room one man must have employees the answer all the questions so if you come over here to bro and you go to correlations I just click on correlations at the top this is going to show up a correlation factor between positive one and negative one for you okay so you can see Bitcoin you can see coins that are positively correlated you can see coins that are negatively negatively correlated right here and the higher the negative correlation factor the more negatively correlated they are so as we can see right here in time Bitcoin is just running train on the market the only well actually we can click on it and we can see more negatively correlated coins but currently the top negatively correlated coins are Ignace be CEO and TRX as we saw this will explain the BTCC correlation evolution so obviously correlations change over time I really do like that about Android you can roll down here and see the heat map so what is negatively correlated at what time frame you know here's seven days 14 days 30 days 45 days ideally you're looking for a negative correlation in the short term so zem negatively correlated strat negatively correlated maker coin negatively correlated comodo so you know just looking at Bitcoin you know as the underlying asset for most of these trading pairs you would expect for them to be devaluing you would expect for those coins to be developing and the coins that have positive correlation the highest positive correlation you would expect to be going up with Bitcoin there you go pumpkin Oh so as we can see right now the coins that are negatively correlated most significantly to Bitcoin on the longer time frames here oh there's two R's in correlation dude I'm gonna give me a holy guacamole they didn't click on the line nah there we go sweet at work man you Rex be CEO and ignis are the most negatively correlated bum bum bum bum bum bum bum somebody said something about yo says yeah boom oh damn it done bus me honest grazie did somebody just threw a lot big-ass buy order on us is what that means you oh yeah I just market about the hell out of that you very simple men and yes right here no indication to sell yet Badman you yeah that's what it sounds like that's what it sounds like in my house now for sure all right well you know what that means you and let's go here the spirit now you patience Padawan patience patience you vitamin-a XR peep you y2k save yourself guys you that's the link to n red guys here we go you I also own crazy I know like they know the user and a lot of subs guys thanks so much guys I appreciate that give a shout out give a shout out to the sub love guys what do we got going on thank you so much Jim Ward JPM destroys hex RP it reminds me of like Scott Pilgrim vs. the world man I love that show ten made our Richard mind Jen's I you know if I mangle your last names guys I apologize Rahul Mishra Jean Louie Canton fizzles Xavier 76 H John choy and Dan man knowing thank you so much for the subs on YouTube guys highly appreciated welcome to the community guys looking forward to chatting with you guys if we go over here too daily this completely changed is a weird activity feed I want to thank a lot of followers on I'm crypto curious I'll boost and row hack 1976 Chun Norris 34b tax 2:30 summons or SSU manzano rui 1971 Griselda fishbone 0-7 thank you so much for the follows on twitch guys highly appreciated welcome to community guys all right seems like yeah if you wanted to be really aggressive this wouldn't be a bad play or ideally you wait to see what price does at this level you you a bit of hidden bearish divergence on the 15-minute shard after bearish divergence right here at the local top versions to speak of on the 15 minutes or excuse me on a three-hour but yeah coming down here real nicely to 140 in the next area that I want to keep my eye on and we'll reevaluate yes let's see here I want to do you buddy definitely don't want to buy you oh no I can't chase that short probably not I probably want to do anything with you going all wack noodle like that you you yeah it come up to local resistance broke the resistance trendline right there guys this is kind of this is a nice clean example of a breakout to consolidation consolidation on relatively low volume at a resistance level a clear Pierce above a pullback this is called reclamation or reclaiming resistance as support you open and close candles above that level right here Ambu you I would have been a logical sell you yeah when you approach when you approach resistance on high momentum anything like this is gonna initially get sold into oh if you're scalping I mean you can take this to the downside but you want to be you want to be pretty cautious looking here at the 15-minute chart we could see continuation writer nice bullish movement a bit of sideways consolidation continuation nice bullish movement a movement potential follow-through so just classically the way to do this is to look at this horizontal level wait for three or two depending on how tentative you want to be two or three fifteen minutes candles to print above it and you can take it to the long side stop-loss goes below support or below the candle that breaks the resistance level and I said target right here I lost about 1.4 percent away yeah I went be too short this right now I actually have some more follow-through you well there's kind of a cell wall now on spot price bro as there should be with with prices high I mean everybody's rushing to sell whoa Wow I just broke the computer that's all good it's all good in a world where EOS has already pumped 15% would you be a dummy for trying to take it to the long side you hey thanks so much money manager for the follow on twitch man you ah in a world where aetherium long to come down in a world where we're getting a sell signal on aetherium daily longs by the way oh by the way aetherium long seda ath out no no no no you wanna make sure I want to make sure that I represent both sides of the argument goes so we'll compare the price on aetherium finnex alright and here's the daily chart of lungs and shorts and pretty much every time that you've gotten a daily sell signal on the etherium Long's was a good time to turn to a short you and I'm looking at shorts or excuse me along you can always use Long's as a leading indicator this would seem deposit but would seem to posit that if this trend gets broken that potentially you're going to see some pullback you you hey you're ignorant does Justin do me a favor and give crown script okay of the mention since he did the same for you today he complements your stream nicely although your stuffs better thank you man I highly appreciate that no you know I don't know I don't know crown personally interestingly enough and you know nothing's confirmed or anything but last night I did come across a shared discord server where I see I don't know if it's him but there's some some analysts in there and they post content into and I have and one of the one of the co admins for that discord server is somebody that I know so I reached out to him last night and I was like hey man you're free to throw my channel in there if you want so but yeah I've watched crown show a couple times man he definitely seems like he knows what he's talking about so bad at to him eine ein Newton says taking a break from the baby justice funny oh yeah we got the showbiz people in can't we just badmouth Craig right instead you Thank You Jo Ackerman's I appreciate that man you I am I on the 5-minute chart never look at the 5-minute chart you you the boys were going to the moon the Golden Cross is real in a world where all dips are getting purchase but Long's are in a dangerous situation but we'll break first you sorry if there's a lot of dead air on the show today guys I mean it's just there's not a whole lot to do except sit here and watch and wait man a bullish trend you know you're looking to lock in profits now if you want to be a little treacherous man look for opportunities to scalp short but ideally you're looking for pullbacks to significant levels of support man you're looking for some sideways consolidation another than that man you're just you're just happy come on man we haven't we haven't had happy times for a while don't don't rain on the parade guys this is good times constant says where you think will be at the daily close hmm you well you you know I'll be honestly I'd like to see here's what I'd like to see for continued bullish movement after something like this I'd like to see a little bit of pullback and some consolidation around 3,800 would be nice to see to hold that psychological level and then a continued movement upwards which is gonna which would piss a lot of people off alternatively I'll be quite happy if price just continues to come up here to 4,000 we're only a hundred dollars away we're only hundred dollars away from from second xbt argument but stop losses should be right here ideally and if your stop-loss gets it you're looking for consolidation and looking to take the trade to the upside if it breaks to the upside again I'm not looking I'm not really looking for positional shorts you know if I want to be active in the market I want to be active then I'll look for I'll look for scalps ma'am but like I just talked about a few minutes ago you know this would not be this would not be out of the question you so if we if we see Bitcoin doing a little bit of failure like that can probably expect Bitcoin to have a pullback at this point as well when we're looking at the levels where Bitcoin is likely to pull back too again same thing on XP t stop loss at 37 80 if we pull back and reclaim the trendline on bit max of course if we're looking at BTC USD as a leading indicator we've already broken that trendline a while ago so we have to have our we have to kind of push our we have to push our what's the word I'm looking for we have to set our standards a little higher we have to assume that 3800 tools we have to assume that this consolidation zone holds but all that means is that you're out of a long doesn't necessarily mean that you're looking for a short long as you're above thirty six fifty guys pull backs or opportunities for buying price below thirty five hundred all rallies become selling opportunities the next area that I would be interested in selling into would be this zone right here after taking profit right here we're reducing risk and really tightening up my stop ends on if the market blows through this or you know kind of comes up and just consolidates their everything you have to kinda have to gauge everything within the lens of risk to reward now we came like three dollars shy of my target right here so this is what my day is gonna look like guys just a lot of this out of this is what this what we do you uhh well you keep talking man yeah I mean so so the other the other logical extrapolation you could take from this is that okay guys well listen be T C and F have already done their thing so what we should be looking at is coins that have not yet hit their target so for example let's go take a look at our other let's go take a look at our other big ones so we'll take a look at ripple and will it take a look at litecoin the first thing we need to look at is spot price for XRP BTC a spot price for XRP BTC so this was this is this is really nothing's changed on my setup guys I'm still feeling bearish about SERPs price price action and I will still Phoebe feeling Barris about SERPs price action until prices about 85 fifty eighty five fifty is the invalidation level for a short play I still don't see any reason that you should be overly excited about taking this to the upside if if we do bottom here on a daily basis however that would be a little bit more bullish divergence we did see some bullish divergence here gave us two days of upside and then just complete rejection again from my invalidation zone I actually need to see it close above this the reason why I did see a close above this is because we're talking about higher time frames the higher targets guys closure above 85 50 would to me pauses in a return 299 31 a next stop on the way to one one five and then ultimately one four is my upside along my upside target for XR PBT see anything else is just you know kind of in between kind of wobble wobble stuff not overly interests in that downside targets remain in 74 88 and 6382 until we come upon significant true support at 60 to 50 below 60 to 50 40 10 oh yeah just higher time frame structures guys Oh to say that XRP is doing well is it's that's not true XRP is not doing well XRP is putting in a Darth Maul candle at the bottom of a downtrend so it had a little bit of a pump like a what a 1% pump I think a 2% pump and then just sold into now it did grab the liquidity to the downside but I mean you just don't trade something like that man you wait for confirmation it's going to three our chart see what SERPs doing a man who looks nasty a state that a descending trendline haven't been able to close above it while were highs in the lower lows man doesn't look good does not look good does not look it and I'm willing to be wrong about that insult price can come up here and show me you know show me the money show me the money than that dude you guys have fun taking syrup to the long side right now I will wait exort PUSD t see if we have confluence er XR u XR PUSD T looking a little better I'm not gonna lie so if I were to take a cleaner cleaner trade chart um it would be XR PUSD T and there's nothing wrong with that guys you know different Fiat pairings different everything dude so we have the invalidation zone right here at thirty thirty two point eight zero cents or 0.3 two eight zero two tether I think if we get a nice I think if we get a nice close above this I might potentially be looking to enter into a long position we do see that there's really nothing in between here and 37.6 $0.85 so that would be a nice little juicy trade you would have a initial take profit target right here of course Oh we doing get down there all right you would have an initial take profit target at 34 cents that would not be a bad breakout trade to take for XRP USD T but Bitcoin pairing looks like crap I wouldn't touch that with it with a bull but here's the thing man when you approach as we've said many times man when you approach resistance on high momentum what do we see here urging resistance on high momentum I'm often you do end up rejecting firm resistance so ideally what I'd like to see is consolidation some nice healthy consolidation close to resistance here I'm close to resistance here for you know a few days or maybe a but can I get a few hours and then a nice healthy break above a 3-hour candle opening and closing above the resistance trendline then I might look to take a breakout trade to the upside on xrp us DT with upside targets of 34 and 37 but and though we'll keep our eye on extra POS DT but as far as taking a leveraged trade no I don't think so sir well I'm going to need to see more before I want to risk my capital on his herb leverage trade but if I had to suggest tentatively some levels the important levels to be looking for an X or pH 19 or of course gonna be 86 95 85 Oh 882 96 it I can't go ahead and delete this level now because that was a delineation for the XRP short that we put into yeah much less data just to trade the futures contract chart here so it really does help to get it you can get a good beat on spot price you now if I did have to say some positive things about XR pH 19 if we're looking at my short setup obviously we can see where the the stop loss was so entering into the entering into the bearish trend we can see where we're scaling into positions on our 15-minute sell signals right here we break the trend right here and we're out of the trade but we have another resistance trendline that's formed right here we find support off this one so this is an invalidation if you were waiting for confirmation of this trade right here to the downside taking profits and then we break this one to the upside and now we seem to a reclaimed support so potentially if you want to spend more time on surp than I want to spend time on for example a theorem right now that's totally fine that your preference it's yes that's all man definitely got the potential on there for a decent trade but I'm just going to be patient in a world where I don't think this is going to get bought up until 13750 550 I can you you you some crypto traders must find the courage counter trend rate anyways moving okay so we talked about sir let's talk about like litecoin daily timeframe now I see like when it's kinda interesting to me like when same kind of thing here too but I'm gonna be a little bit more tight with my with my litecoin idea here so as we can see your higher time frame analysis we have significant resistance Allen litecoin coming in at point zero one three okay we came up tapped on that pulled back formed a little bit of a higher high so now we have an invalidation zone for any bullish trade that invalidation zone is point zero one one five four nine or point zero one one five if you like to round as I do as again Weston there's no other way to looking at take profit targets above previous eyes dude we really got to start looking talking about take profit levels above previous eyes now so you know like coin being a very strong leading indicator here now there's more clear data there's clear data on the Bitcoin and aetherium charts so I don't want anybody to get irrationally rekt or overly exuberant man like when you know that's what's sad man is that you know there's just been such good trading opportunities here lately dude and so many people get on the wrong side of the market or you know enter in at the exact wrong time or become overly irrationally exuberant and they make poor trading decisions hopefully man hopefully uh thanks Ann Marie I appreciate that yeah man start on the weekly identify your important levels refine those littles a little bit on the daily watch the three hour chart to get a general idea of what the markets doing today or within the span of a few days and then once you've got areas picked out that you want to react from just go down to the 15 minute and wait for the confirmation but you don't duck don't start on don't start on the lower timeframes and build yourself up no no no you will drive yourself absolutely crazy um like when daily chart I like when daily chart would we see right here we see the fissure above the neutral zone not bad to see we do see a higher low positive and we did see a little bit of bullish hidden divergence right well distinct cool to see higher low lower high on the oscillator sign of strength sign of strength a little bit of local resistance coming at a point 0 1 2 1 6 8 let's see if we can close the daily above that really in my opinion the positional trade is to wait for the breakout of point 0 1 3 1 4 and look for the up side trade making sure that you do not get SFPD ie that you just have a little bit of a higher high and then complete failure you do not want to see that you want to see follow-through I'm going down to the 3 hour chart for a potential litecoin trade in the short-term what do we see we do see a breakout and a potential reclamation of that point 0 & 2 1 6 8 level on the 3 hour chart that's going going to be your governing factor alright entries and exits 15-minute chart what do we see here we do see some short-term excuse me work term blah blah we do see the break through that area and the potential reclamation potential reclamation now if we start getting nice bullish reaction from this level as we're potentially seeing right now then you can go ahead and get yourself into a long trade if you want to god you would have upside targets of 1 to 837 and then of course probably looking to probably be out of your position at that point in time and then then you're just patiently waiting for the higher time frame structure to break let's go ahead and put that level on the chart as a potential target and then Tara dun dun dun da dun dun dun turned and your invalidation level well if we close below here so that doesn't make we have a problem here now with risk management we have a problem here with risk management but that is the trade guys that is the trade so looking at litecoin Bitcoin and not really sure that I want to take any actions and a wiggle-waggle again I think the I think did better trade is to wait for confirmed rejection from this zone or to play the breakout to the let's see if LTC USD T is going to tell us anything different LTC USD tea nasty I like LTC USD T quite a bit more honestly guys this seems to have the better potential don't really have any resistance man until 72 15 of course you can be looking to scale out profits at these trouble areas right here previous swing highs of course you do have that descending bola right there and magnet mode off Oh settings it does not extend excellent yes so just you know natural natural breakout behavior man looking to scale out profits above swing highs now what I'd like to see as I'd like to see the daily fully reclaim this level ma'am we're piercing the level the daily chart on LTC USD T what I'd like to see we're taking another LTC USD T position is this level gets successfully reclaimed alright so what you do is you wait for a little bit of consolidation here or you wait for us to start trading above at this case at this point in time right now 4874 let's see or you can even be a little bit more speculative 48 92 let's call it 49 bucks I'm you're waiting for price to go 49 bucks that's technically your trigger to enter because you are now trading above higher local highs Asian zone and then at that point your stop-loss would okay your stop-loss can go here to be a little bit more aggressive or more conservatively of course your stop-loss can go below your local swing low coming in at forty dollars and forty cents now we do need to close closure below this level puts me in an area where I'm potentially looking for for rallies to sell into but I don't really scale into a hardcore short position and using this as a leading indicator for V the LTC BTC of course until we get to 40 dollars and 40 cents of course if you're on something like rack and you can take LTC USD side on or if you're on bit the next don't do a lot of my trading on business what's going on mal good to see you man you no cracking crypto no I think um J Jamal sorry man why am I talking to myself brother but doing the show too long man no a USD the BTC pairing does not need to go up for USD t for USD pairs to go up because people can speculate with fiat currency and not Bitcoin in fact I think the reason that USD T pairings are going up more than BTC pairings right now or because people are not selling their Bitcoin to buy all coins but people are taking their tether and their USD to speculate on all coins like me I would rather use my BTC to speculate on BTC and etherium for example than to sell my BTC to speculate on alt coins where to sell my USD to speculate over any speculation on alts ones Bitcoin stops the spread well if BIC Sallah dates at higher levels typically the market cycle that we see is that bitcoin is aetherium take a nice move upwards they consolidate at a higher level the mid the large caps pump then the mid caps pump then the small caps pump and then the market dumps it seems to be the seems to be the modus operandi you hey what's going on Scott wait what's my cue for 2019 prediction um don't think of the market in terms of that way men that's what Oracle's do I'm just a trader man I'll see what the charts look like at that time I think all that listen I really think that all that stuff's just gonna get y'all it's fun to talk about man it's it's really exciting to talk about but it's just completely unrealistic man like there is not a human being in the world who knows when price is gonna go up or go down it just doesn't happen man you look at statistical likelihoods higher timeframe levels of support resistance a psychology of retail traders and you just base your decisions based around that man anybody who says otherwise is trying to promote fraudulent voodoo we do not promote fraudulent view do on this channel we only promote honest to do time transformation haha a bit cone Etna I'm thinking about making a video on arbitrage the website that a lot of people unfortunately have had their funds locked out of I've kind of been you know honestly it wasn't really on my radar until recently and I don't want to make it very controversial but I have some pretty strong opinions about what's going on over there but we might make a video about that you I want to keep my eye on this right here or is when I'm as conceived what I'm doing is I'm actually compiling Long's from all asset excuse me from all Fiat pairings on the necks so eath USD eath euro eat the British Pound eats Japanese yen and then compiling them to bestie um so it's a good price to sell litecoin again again that is dependent upon your time frame your analysis your risk appetite where you bought I mean to be quite honest like this looks like a good level to sell like wine least in the short term I mean it depends man if you want to be a long term Hodler I'm a trader so I frequently get in and out of positions I'm not overly interested in holding long term bags that's never really been my approach to the market so I think that that gets a lot of people hurt more than it does help them out I mean the one time that they happen to be on the right side of the market they never sell at the right time because they get overly irrationally exuberant but oh man things look pretty good right now dude I'm not gonna lie things look pretty good oh you know we just one thing at a time one Satoshi at a time man if we open and close the daily about 49 bucks it seems pretty logical to me and really about 47 85 which we're trying to do right now seems pretty logical to me that you stay in your long position and you look to scale out profits here here here and here so let's be very clear about what those levels are what are your scaling profits out levels your scaling profits out at swing highs so we've got four of them take 25% of your profit off each level man we've got one we've got two we've got three we've got four all right boom you've got 56 88 6186 65 67 and 69 45 man you pick yourself up a nice big bag of like coin right now LTC USD T I would sell here here here and here man would take a loss if we closed the daily below this level 45 29 man and I would look too short the hell out of the market below $40 and 40 cents simple as that daily doesn't open and close above this level then you're not doing anything if you want to be highly aggressive then you're waiting for price to trade right here about $49 that's just the way you do it man and then guess what guys when we get to 70 $2.15 we're gonna do the exact same thing all over again so just to give you an example if I approach the charts and this is how I again this is this is again how I how I try to teach people to do I'll approach the tarts approach the charts from a higher time frame perspective I do prefer to go to the weekly chart what do we see here do we see a very significant level of weekly higher time frame support yes support for two weeks support for three weeks support for right here breakthrough confirm resistance retest seems like an extremely important weekly level for me all right cool we've got a very significant level of weekly time frame support now we got under the daily do we need to refine that level whatsoever looks pretty gosh-darn good to me so when we break 70 $2.15 what's the next area that become significant resistance 106 50 what do we do we look to take profits here take profits here probably take profits here and then if 106 50 breaks what do you guys think at that level if one is 6:50 brakes then we're gonna have to I've 106 50 breaks then we just have to then we just have to be on longer term weekly trending conditions and look to take profits here here and above the swing high you our Dre Jamal says sorry if I'm mr. cracken crypto where's your LD see us auntie stop hopefully hopefully I play I just Belen eiated that man sorry I know I get a little wild and crazy sometimes guys I'm just trying to have fun and for EQ SDT let's go over to eath USD t right now my Ethio SDT stop would be a 140 dollars and at that level I would be looking to reevaluate you I want to give some sub love guys though she bought me a Costco hot dog and coke hell geared um big shout out to all the subs man thank you guys so much guys nowhere man that XH Craig Neve Richard Leigh John del Senor Richard Herring Tony M chase Martin thank you guys so much for the subs on YouTube welcome to the community thanks for joining man and of course the money manager thank you so much for the follow on twitch what another one 18 Mile Creek thanks so much for the sub love man I Lee appreciate you guys we make sure is that thing working yeah it is cool you are prominently displayed you all right cool so let's we're getting close yeah man we're getting close to where we got to wrap up man it's 3 o'clock 3 o'clock my time I've got to go ahead and make sure that I that I manage these positions very well for the premium subscribers I've got some footage to shoot today as well as some mentoring of course as we always are doing in the discord man let's end today with let's end today with just a recap of what I think's going on guys let's just look at the big ones rear real quick let's look at let's look at Bitcoin of course to the tether will use the tether as this is the leading indicator listen ok let's just be very clear man things are looking very positive yeah the the significant higher timeframe levels that are on the chart that are really the only things that you should be basing your mind around excuse me in my humble opinion on four thousand thirty two dollars would be my next and last take profit target for a Bitcoin USD T long when we reach the area when we reach the trouble area between forty thirty two and forty one fifty seven let me make sure because for some reason on the tether pairs so forty one sixty one and 40 88 so when we reach those levels and feel free to round those up and round those down as we approach these levels the logical move I'm sorry is still to sell into these levels why it's the weekly it's the weekly equilibrium block it does actually take a significant closure a convincing close above these levels to be looking for higher timeframe targets we do have a trouble area at 4500 we also have a slight trouble area at 5,000 and then things look good if you wanted to be very cautious you would wait until the daily open and close about 4,500 and you would look to take a trade to the 6,000 area 60 150 potentially looking to scale out profits around 50 850 900 and then again once we reach that level still the logical move is to sell why because we have a lot of trapped long so not Long's but all everybody the bought spot price at these levels that is still underwater as price approaches break-even they will likely sell into it as well as technical traders like myself we just see this level for what it is which is significant the most significant level of resistance on the chart if and when price breaks through and reclaims this level very convincingly and then I would expect I would expect the rally to be fairly significant and again just as we're talking about with litecoin you look to take profits about previous swing highs guys it's very simple in the interim in the interim after the entry after the well you know where you were we were talking about entering xpt again remember very clearly that for me personally I took the eath USD long they take profit target of 3837 eighty we were talking about on the bitstamp chart we were obviously talking about the resistance trendline obviously on the bit Mex chart as well we blasted do that as well as the daily 55 i'm seeming as somebody well pointed out seeming like we are having local resistance at the simple 100 daily moving average a nice pullback at this level would not be out of the table I would like to see price pull back slightly and consolidate around 3800 move sideways a little bit establish a higher floor if price breaks to the upside that's your opportunity to enter into the long if you haven't already um don't try to catch falling knives and don't try to chase parabolic movements guys if you're not in a Bitcoin position right now and you're looking at the chart right now and you're saying to yourself oh my god I missed it it's never gonna pump this hard it's never gonna move this far I'm not I can't believe I missed this trade why do I even do this I suck at trading I hate my life I'm gonna go kick my dog just stop man stop thinking that way you don't I mean uh there is always gonna be another trade there's always gonna be another position you don't irrationally enter into a situation that you have not strategically planned to enter this is trading man when you click that button your money is in the market and any error on your part is gonna get you is going to end up incurring you a loss you do not do that if you want to do this profitably if you want to do this successfully if you want to be a successful speculator or a successful trader you do need to approach this seriously with rity Jacana in mind strategic planning in mind I recommend the way that I approach the markets identifying what the important levels are on the higher time frames and look to base your trading decisions around those levels identify your key turning points in the market on the weekly chart refine them on the daily trade on the 3-hour inter on the 15-minute and for those of you who don't have the time to to actively trade like that just stick to the daily in the weekly and it'd be very simple men um yes so continued upside target continued upside target here from you guys is 4023 I would like to see a little bit of a healthy pullback in consolidation it does seem like we are having a slight pause in moment that is also just the time of day so we'll see what price is looking like around the daily Kamla close in about three hours again I would like to see a nice healthy pullback here to 3800 so if you're not in the trade yet you are looking for a pullback we are in a market structure where pull backs are to be bought so you're waiting for a healthy pullback consolidation and then a break of that consolidation to enter into a Bitcoin position if you are not in one for aetherium for etherium I would not same kind of same strategic method here aetherium on the daily looks quite good my stop-loss would be around the 140 level for my current long if price does pull back and consolidate sideways and break to the upside that is your next opportunity to enter the next upside target for us tt is 159 the market structure shifts if we break significant support at 126 95 that's the secondary level of support below 140 dollars the invalidation zone where I began looking to short the market I'm using eath USD t as a leading indicator is $119 and 32 cents if and when that does occur then I'd be looking for downside targets at 81 79 on eath USD t and honestly significantly much lower honestly down to $50 if this fails significant resistance on eath USD t still coming in at 167 32 it is very very difficult to scream for a bull rally until we are above that level if we are above that level next significant resistance is a two hundred and fifty seven dollars and fifty five cents and you're looking to scale profits out above swing highs those swing highs coming in around really to twenty five to forty one and then probably looking to reduce risk right before we hit resistance around $250 and just as I was explaining with the litecoin position if we break that significant resistance the next level of significant resistance is 353 and you're looking to take profits here and here so looking at the chart does seem like we are experiencing a short-term pullback what is my target for the short-term pullback 1:40 would be nice if you want to try and scalp a short of course we gonna have to go over and look at the VEX charts for that that wouldn't be an irrational decision my opinion but you're not getting overly excited about your short positions again very difficult very risky trading against the dominant trend so that's eath and bitcoin as we do like to finish things off with I'm going over to the bit Mex chart so I know a lot of us are going to be executing our trades going to the daily the bit Mex chart does look a little less positive than the BTC USD T chart so do take that with a grain of salt on the BT on the bit Mex chart we actually do have the resistance trend line coming in at a more significant factor level we have not opened and closed a daily candle above the resistance trend line we did come just a few dollars away from my upside target on my bit next long 39:30 so much more much more positive price movement excuse me for for the bit Mex pricing so and this at this current stage in time I would not be in a long position on xbt USD and I know that that might sound irrational but I just have to trade each individual chart because we've already come up into the proximity of my take profit target now I am patiently waiting because the level of 4096 still represents significant resistance and that still represents a sell for me so regardless of whether price wicks up above to test this area or whether we end up opening and closing the daily candle below excuse me below the resistance trendline and 37 80 37 we're still in a market structure right now where dips are technically to be bought but for myself I'm going to be a little cautious and wait to see how price responds around 4096 because that is still the technical sell because that's still the higher time frame level of resistance getting above that level we have our first trouble spot at 46 24 so that would be an area where one would want to potentially reduce risk definitely look to reduce risk and then definitely wanting to sell into 6150 so we'll keep our eye on what happens here over the next few days guys things do look good things do look good but the USD T pairing more so than the bit mixture so keep in mind how the colors are being painted here guys on the invalidation zone for x bt USD again for me is going to be that thirty-five hundred thirty five fifty if price ends up trading below those levels then i will be in a positional short looking at downside targets of thirty 180 and twenty nine thirty nine and not looking to be out of a short until price reverses convincingly all right II threw SD max kind of the same thing I wouldn't be surprised to see a little pullback to 137 55 we do have a little bit of local resistance at 145 oh 5 we did briefly trade above that tried to reclaim it and closed underneath it now if we continue to reject from this level I would expect to see a healthy pullback and consolidation around 137 55 if you want to look at this alternatively and you think that this is an excellent shorting opportunity your downside targets are clearly listed right here 137 55 128 90 and 120 331 ideally those are opportunities for buying until we have significant trend reversal and for me the invalidation zone freq USD is 118 dollars below that level again I am looking for I'm looking to be in a positional short trade until downside targets of actually I'd be looking at 97 60 or $100 I would probably increase my position at that time because I highly doubt that that level gets bought up again I'm really looking honestly at downside targets of 80 60 and lower depending depending on if support holds or not because you don't know if it will so you'd stay in the short until you get clear signs that you should not be just like you should stay in the long until you get clear signs that you should not as always make sure to trail stops reduce risk take profits trade safely good you all right guys so I want to give a big shout out to everybody that's been joining in the chatroom thank you so much for all the support time energy effort man you guys are a fantastic crowd an audience I'm glad to be here everyday for you guys just to wrap up and finish on the normal stuff guys make sure that you guys head on over to x42 got cracking cryptocurrency comm we are giving away five masternodes of x42 coin you know this has only been up for like what two to three hours now and we already have let me refresh the page loading loading look 315 entrance man wow that is absolutely fantastic dude like that's double just in the time I've done this show so I think we're gonna end up changing this to two weeks instead of 30 days but plenty of time to get in we're gonna pick five random winners five individuals are going to win a masternode worth of x42 kind so proud supporter of the show guys make sure you guys go check out x42 and give the crypto community some love man because we've been on hard times and we need everybody um so regular into the show my name is obviously justin wise the lead analyst to senior mentor at crackin cryptocurrency dot-com this has been another episode of breaking Bitcoin market update hopefully today's show has helped crack cryptocurrency for you if you guys enjoy the content and you want to support the stream if you're watching on youtube make sure to hit that thumbs up button give us a subscription we highly appreciate the support guys make sure you share and share the video around to your friends because I do think this is important information for individuals who are attempting to speculate on the price of cryptocurrency I mean maybe doing it unsuccessfully if you would like to support the stream in a more substantial way you can of course coming over and support us on twitch twitch TV /tracking crypto the link is in the description down below give us a follow give us a subscription it help keeps the lights on you can also help keep the lights on by heading up our patreon if you're so interested or purchasing some merch off of our store I have heard that drinking your morning coffee of the crack and cryptocurrency huddle mug does provide you 85% grander returns on your trades and makes you ninety percent more attractive just speculation although I do have some scientific case studies prove that guys um let's see here that's about all that I got for the show guys if you are interested in joining the Cragin cryptocurrency premium trading group getting access to the trade signals and setups the private discord our resource library our webinar series designed to teach to be a profitable trader all the information is a premium crack and cryptocurrency com I want to give a big shout out and thank you to all the new members that have been joining guys you guys are absolutely fantastic at 700 likes at almost Oh 117 likes guys very very very much appreciated guys very humbled by the support you guys are fantastic in debate so um that's it for me today guys make sure that you guys trade slay flee until tomorrow I'll be back here tomorrow around noon otherwise guys make sure you stop by the discord man and keep the conversation going that's where I am that's where I'll be well tomorrow guys trade safely peace out

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