Breaking Bitcoin – Monday Morning Update – Live Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

hey good morning everybody we're live thank you so much for joining me for another episode of breaking Bitcoin you just adjust the camera here a little bit all right hopefully that's good hopefully everybody can see me and hear me good all right how're you guys doing today is of course the new week guys Monday February 25th 2019 failure of our Lord I want to thank all of you guys for joining me for this morning's breaking Bitcoin market update guys of course its if this is your first time to the show make sure hit that subscribe button and the thumbs up we highly appreciate it guys we're here live every day so the bail will get you notified guys alright let's talk about a few things overall um just personally before we begin being very cautious in the market I still have parts of my parts of my short position open done price putting it a nice little bullish reaction right now which doesn't surprise me if we look at things like gbtc and simi futures both gapped down after the week open so does not surprise me the price would gap up in a bullish reaction really the level that I'm keeping my eyes on just overview and we'll do this when we get into the charts I'm looking for a bearish reaction most likely off 3900 I'll wait to see how price responds but I will likely add to my short position or look to exit the let the the rest of my position and some decent profit after having already taken profit at the levels that I indicated during yesterday's show eli back thanks so much for the $5 donation man my good friend thank you so much men he says let's start this week off strong let's do it man the week looking pretty good but I am being very cautious with new positions right now being very cautious with new positions you know sometimes the nuts sometimes but all times guys as I as I as I teach in my course and on my webinar series for subscribers you know the trading the the the skill in trading the skill in capital preservation begins with risk management not so much with technical analysis that's why I always start and I wish I had learned this way when I first began trading unfortunately I didn't and where I think that most traders go wrong is through risk management and capital preservation after you make a really killer trade like we were able to capture with a de with sorry with a de with EOS and with Bitcoin short after you capture massive massive move like that and make a very successful trade you know the most important thing becomes holding on to that capital because if you over trade if you rush into new positions that doesn't work out too well for a good trader sometimes the best thing is just to relax wait for the market to choose a strong direction and go that way so this bullish impulse wave does not really convince me that we are going to continue to the upside what I really need to see is how is a is a higher floor a higher established level of consolidation and I need to see if we react Yuma late or if we if we redistribute we have a lot of trapped Long's that have not been liquidated yet a lot of trapped individuals that bought spot close to the top I would expect them as price returns that 30 30 $900 level but a lot of them would look to cut their losses at a at less of a loss than selling the bottom of course a lot of them did sell the bottom when they provided liquidity to individuals that we're trying to scalp the market to the long side that's what we're seeing right now however I know that there is a large position of individuals they're gonna be interested to take the market short again but it's very difficult to gauge a strong direction off of this again right now we're just seeing a natural retrace after a pretty volatile movement to the downside so it's gonna take a little bit of time for the market to consolidate and pick a strong direction and I'll trade whichever the market decides to go there are a few things which we'll see when we get into the charts there are a few things that could potentially show that we could have continuation of a bullish uptrend it could happen I don't think it's gonna happen right now that would highly surprised me really what we have to wait and see is what happens in our next level of consolidation we're going to need a period of low volatility to re-establish and that's where I will re-enter the market with addition when we have a period of low volatility okay so having said that I hope you guys are being safe out there um let's see here that's nasty shadow on my head well you know maybe one of these days you know maybe one of these days we'll get that nice holographic microphone you know that nice see-through microphone one of these days well hopefully you guys come to look at the charts maybe not so much me so when we get into the main charting I've seen hopefully the shadow will be lesser but thank you so much man all right I want to give a big shout out to everybody in the chat I see Newt and I see Jasper I cesar dr. crypto nut Jonathan Krauss Texas blues Cruz CIT Sam B Robert Patrick Ashwin I see all you guys you guys are doing absolutely hey real stalker Roach sang on the script oh good to see you guys thank you so much if I missed anybody I apologize hopefully I did not miss anything anything in the chat sorry if I missed anything of course if you guys have any suggestions comments questions concerns leave them in the chat guys we'll try to get to them as we approach them now first thing I do want to talk about is give a shout out make sure you guys head on over to x42 cracking cryptocurrency comm there's six days left in our giveaway I mean we've got 1179 entries so far guys let's see if we can break that $2,000 barrier we're giving away five masternodes worth of X 42 so five individuals will receive enough X 42 to stake their own masternode a great opportunity guys so go check that out check out X 42 Tech if you're not familiar with the project you can read up upon them there's a brief or review here for those of you who weren't familiar again we highly appreciate the donations we're allowed to donations like the ones that Eli just generously provided for us we're able to reinvest and create you know how do I put this better we were able to purchase the the gleam plugin and subscription here so we're able to do these giveaways on a more consistent basis and get back to the community that has been so appreciative and will and welcome and warming to us so we'll be doing these for quite a while guys we've got more giveaways lined up after this we're going to be giving away a lot of MMO coin we've got another proud supporter of the show that's gonna potentially do a giveaway after that and we'll just keep lining them up guys so thank you much thank you so much for your support and again x42 crack and cryptocurrency dot-com all right let's get into the charts guys let's spread over here so we'll start off with just an analysis of Bitcoin tether us DT which is pretty much what I which is pretty much my go-to for looking for looking for general direction of bitcoins price movement so a couple things that are standing out to me so if you guys recall on the way down my take profit levels these were cyan lines on the way down Jonathan Krauss thanks so much for the $4.99 many thanks for your sound advice in education he says thank you so much Manuel one of the good ones thank you so much ma'am um is Bitcoin going up or down well it's going up right now I'm fairly ambivalent upon how far are her little again I still have a portion of my short position open I will potentially look to re-add to that here shortly depending on what price action responds to the psychological level of 3900 currently sitting at about 38 50 and we're having about a 2.84 percent a little bit of a rally during the day which is nice but again the overall strength we're just looking at price action remains with the Bears so after a nice and I mean nine percent movement to the downside you really have to see if this gets sold into very heavily then it shows very little very little strength in the bowls honestly so that's kind of what you're looking for when you're just looking at price action analysis price action analysis tells you quite a bit of what you want to see about price so as you can see when price is moving up and I went over this pretty in-depth last night as price is moving up very weak reaction from bears unable to push price down you just look at the size and the strength and the momentum of the candlesticks and that is the direction of the trend some some people find it very difficult and it can be very difficult for those of you who are new to price action analysis elie thanks so much again dude five dollars again you're the man dude I'm always happy to support you and always thankful for your ta on my sheet coin well you know as we do man let's go ahead and add that to the schedule check out I hope II while at i/o be scheduled well hopefully that's coming in quite clear okay better than ten tenten okay so just looking at the daily timeframe BT see us DT the levels that I'm going to keeping that potentially I should be keeping my own or 3969 the level that I'm actually keeping my eye on right now is going to be 3900 why because that's a psychological level it doesn't have a lot of it does not have a lot of horizontal significance as far as that's not necessarily a level that price has responded off of strongly to in the past on a daily timeframe it's just kind of been a level I mean really the only thing of significance was it acted as slight resistance here for this consolidation period and attack that has recently support here for this consolidation period so you know just basic general rule of technical analysis resistance becomes support support becomes resistance and although it's not the most critical level of resistance on my chart it is the level that I'm going to be keeping my eye on for a potential area to add to my short depending on how price closes above or below this position potentially reduce the risk on my short and wait for consolidation again I won't be entering into a long position until I see some consolidation an actual sustained growth because I do expect this to get sold into on its first retest and kind of some of the leading indicators that I look for for this is so let's actually go over here I want to start I want to start a little bit differently today so let's go take a look at continuous futures BTCC Emme and this is this is the chart that I put out this morning guys so here's the eight our analysis of the seamy futures again opened up on a gap a big gap down big gap down and what's interesting is actually on the daily timeframe the CME's did not make a higher high on the daily because they didn't have that Saturday for price to really be pushed up so all they did was they had the bearish reaction off the price action from Monday morning because obviously this mea futures open about 5:00 p.m. my time on Sunday evening so steamy futures opened gap all the way down and it is pretty natural I would say for that gap to be filled so if we go look at where they actually opened you can see that we had a very nice about 5% gap down actually yeah and I ended up finding a bottom down at about 6% down on the futures which is a pretty large move for a gap for a for a for for CMA futures even if we're talking about Bitcoin that's a that's a pretty massive gap even when we go back here we this is this is quite a larger gap in the pre just one that we saw anyways so nice nice gnarly gap down it does not surprise me that this gap is getting filled if we look at if we look at the volume profile and just zoom in on recent price action actually sorry I want to take into consideration period into account great excellent what we can see is actually that we're now traveling in a low volume note so the high volume note doesn't really begin until 39:16 on the CMI futures we're currently trading at around 38 20 so for the CMA futures kind of the area that I'm keeping my eye on is this is this lower def density of the low volume node right here this is an area again corresponds to previous support previous resistance over here again this seems like a likely area for price to get sold into so should should the daily see me open and close above this level or really just close above that level and consolidate that's really what I'm looking for if we're able to close above this level and then move sideways and then show a bullish impulse up from there then I will then I'll probably be looking for a long and I will be expecting a higher high to be quite honest because then that would be a nice buy up of the dip indicating that enough enough individuals have bought up you still have to be very cautious as you approach this level because as we can see when we go back to the regular charts just the just the amount let's take a look at something like volume here yeah just the just the number of individuals that that bought into this candle is pretty drastic and actually you can see the depth of this volume as well if you guys recall back during the hourly maybe we can see this on the hourly if we go back at the hourly actually before the before the dump you can see you can see them the the massive amount of volume that transacted there but still a lot of individuals that purchased into this dump now you can see that those were actually low volume areas so that was another leading indicator that price was not gonna continue to the upside you have this nice blow-off reversal candlestick on the hourly you have plenty of time to get out of your long position man there was no reason I you know I you have to be very cautious man you have to be very cautious I mean I tried to I talked about this for quite a while I talked about a lot of things the longs to shorts ratios I talked about critical levels of horizontal resistance the fact that we had not gotten confirmation of higher daily highs and you do have to expect guys you just have to have to respect higher timeframe resistance and expect that it is gonna get sold into fairly significant on tests so here is what from a very general Overson this is what we would ideally be looking for if the bullish dream is not going to die if we are seeing this and again I don't think that we've had enough consolidation to really in the bear market per se but I think there is a potential that we go up and test 4500 potentially even 4900 and we'll see how price reacts from that level those are kind of our tricky sticking areas for BT see us DT most people most individuals think that if we do open and close the daily above 4,000 4,000 161 which are levels of weekly timeframe resistance right here that we're just gonna march all the way up to 6,000 I think that's that's possible anything's possible but it is likely that it is likely that I think we move up for a bit of a bear trap and then again depending on price action I do have lower downside targets should we break 3000 pretty much any time whether we go up here first or whether we reject from here initially the critical level that I am keeping my eye on for whether we're gonna go down much further or whether we're going to consolidate in this range from 3000 to 4,100 give or take would be 36 50 if we go down below 36 50 we are I feel very strongly going to retest 3100 and most likely lower because should we go down and I do have the levels here on the charts good do have the levels here on the charts we do have a logarithmic on great that's gonna make it a little bit easier to watch we can just see critical levels here and actually what's gonna be most helpful so now I'll go ahead and look at the bitstamp alright because now we're going to need a little bit more historical context all right cool so if we end up if we go below 36 50 that's kind of the midline for the range for me I will represent that we have failed to hold a higher level of support and again I've talked about this previously that level of 3400 has already been bought up about four times now I don't think that it's gonna get bought up again it's highly unlikely that that level access support and I on the daily you can see the multiple times that the buyers have bought that level up again the more times the buyers buy up a level the less interested buyers become buyers are interested in fresh new levels and sellers are interested in fresh new levels as well so there is a potential for 3193 or that 3130 $200 area to act as support it would only be a secondary retest of it on the higher time frames but you don't know more than likely price goes slightly below that to liquidate longs before moving up if it does and I would expect to see price wick down as low as twenty-nine 72 now if there are buyers at or below 29 72 so just right in this range and we do wick fairly fairly on fairly high momentum back back close to 3,000 or back inside that 3000 $4000 range then I'll be pretty I'll be pretty bullish at that point in time if we get if we get a nice wick down and a volatile movement back up I would expect us to begin marching quite higher and I'd probably change my tune as far as a as far as we're not going to 6k we don't have enough liquidity I feel we don't we'd have tapped into enough liquidity at that point in time but the reality is you don't know how far down you're going to wick so the safest position below 36 50 is of course to be in a short and you don't really try to buy the dip when price is breaking support and going down because you're just gambling you have no idea whether price is gonna go in at 2,900 or whether it's going to go down to 1900 or 2300 again we have accumulation goals right here the area that represents the market bottom for me is 19 excuse me 1917 that's kind of the lower boundary of our previous dip right there of course there are lower downside targets but I find it very unlikely the Bitcoin goes that low in fact I'm ambivalent on whether or not Bitcoin goes below 3000 again the key indicating factor is 36 50 if we go below 36 50 than I do expect us to to at the very least retest 3200 and most likely most likely eglee's to way down to 29 72 but again you need to be in a short position when that time comes because you have no idea whether we're going to break and continue down quite volatile eh if we close below 2929 72 then likely we do end up marching our way down to a lower level of consolidation before before then finally being able to emerge from the nuclear apocalypse of the bear market but that's more long-term speculative analysis that's different from trading so really all that is just my opinion and it really we need confirmation from price action you can do any of that so for me in my opinion it's quite simple I think if we go above if we go above 4,000 now then likely will we will retest at least 45 4,600 and we'll just kind of take it from there if we it of course those levels get sold on the first pass through if we consolidate at a higher level I add to my long position and I look for higher targets so basically I'm expecting we've already gotten three we've had wall on the daily timeframe less so let's go to BT see us let's go back to us DT because you know bitstamp is is well and good is just fine for looking at long term analysis but when you want to actually make some trades you need to be looking at the USD you alright let me give right let's see here as certain and says I should have listened to you I am now underwater on my BDC long position what you're going to get an opportunity to sell at less of a loss or potentially just just hold on man you definitely never sell a market bottom man because after a big volatile move like that you generally you generally expect to see I'm whatever Jasper says blue pink spin I smell all says hey Justin I love the new look at your stream only drawback is that the mic is casting a nasty shadow on your head um Gabriel Rondon says sure to the top at 4150 should I hold to it or just take profits so I took profits at 3900 excuse me 39 69 oh so this is this is the tether charge geez sorry my cellphone track guys so the levels where I took profit this is the this is the overlay oh sorry I was messing with this guys doing some fun stuff last night I created an overlay version of my time transformation indicator so anyways so you all right cool yeah I just had to check my account so thirty nine thirty thirty seventy eighty thirty seven eighty and 3652 is my next downside target looking at this right now mmm I'm not really inclined to be out of my short position I still have a small position in my short and again we'll kind of see what I'm watching for is how price reacts to thirty nine hundred so that's a ways away that's your perfect man it's difficult for me to answer that question for people and again I don't like answering questions about specific positions because I don't know what your timeframe is I don't know what your risk amount is I don't know how you know I don't know what your trading methodology is but my personal opinion is that this most likely gets sold back into I don't think we've seen enough consolidation and Eli yes we got shirts t-shirts posters antique you possibly need man's got did a fantastic job with with what we got going on yep we'll check out IO Dirk's listed on coinbase I smell all said so thankful for everything I learned me and well from you and the others was able to ladder in shorts up to almost exactly the top yesterday that's awesome man good here I started trading in October naturally with some educational losses November yes it happens man so xlm and XRP pumping we'll take a look at those guys let's take go ahead and pause for the cause XRP got listed on coinbase that's a nice little pump right there you okay double bottom on the daily bit of consolidation that's a nice point ma'am up about 12% I never chase parabolic movements like that you can if you want to I buy into that and be very cautious around that 34 cent mark because this has happened a few times before man you can see test pumps here where you can see test pumps here where were you know XRP pumps up and then just immediately gives it back to the market lower highs on the daily here higher level of consolidation and then yeah just just extreme town thrusts back up man the same thing man whenever you enter into a trade whenever you enter into a moment of high volatility you're inherently taking a lot of risk you had a lot of people that would have bought in right here and then they got their face ripped off so again coming back to a level like here it's likely to get sold into but when you have a news event like that when you have a news driven event like for example you know being able to be listed on coinbase things do pump for a while and then they generally give it all back to the market so hmm you know with Bitcoin doing its thing with Bitcoin being unsure about its future direction I have no I have no strong opinion about establishing a long-term position observed but you can always you can always try to wait for the next pullback or I and now if you want but I don't recommend I don't chase parabolic movement like that don't you we got we got some significant resistance coming in at 34 cents I actually would expect though that if this continues to pump like this you price smash do it on the first to go through the more significant resistance is coming in at 37 68 so if you're jumping into high volatility and you want to take a high-risk gamble all those would be your tick profit targets see if we can't get a 20% pump at at XRP today all right back to Bitcoin here real quick guys okay so you what's best for Bitcoin I know it's a funny stupid question going up or down which one will prolong well I mean just from a fundamental level man it just matters where the liquidity comes into as I said as I said previously when we initially bounced off 3400 I said I didn't think we would have enough liquidity or that we tap into enough liquidity here to be able to actually break out of the trading range now liquidity can always come in at the top of the market or really at any place in the market and we do see if we look at something like total we do look at something like total getting again getting a nice bullish reaction back to the market cap ma'am so currently right now a lot of individuals and again this moves just a lockstep with a Bitcoin so it's just it's just a good confirmation indicator from when you're looking a bit coin in my point and my personal opinion but having a nice bullish day in the market right now not a Monday bloody Monday kind of having a green lovely green you know what I mean but again when things like this happen I do tend to be very very cautious because it's just a bullish reaction so far from from from an asset being taking taking a real big dumb man you know and one thing I do want to point this out man you know I don't really follow what a lot of other people say about Bitcoin I tend to rely on my own analysis because that's in my experience just gonna serve you the best but you know I saw some articles this morning and somebody linked me to a like a couple like trading view posts and I I've made my opinion on those clear the people that post those daily like trading or trading view posts like I typically if I look at them I pretty much look to do the opposite of what they say but what's this do I don't even know what his name is like magical something I don't know like something anyways he he was talking about how how the big candle the the big candle the downside was signs this is clear signs of how easily manipulated to market is like there's no market manipulation like this was pretty clear to see you expected to get you know listen like you know bitcoins been on a what pretty much say a four-week uptrend without some without any pullback without any significant pullback whatsoever when you saw all the bids drop off of the order books this price pushed closer to 4,000 and you saw you know the aggression of the lungs like tap in and you saw that the lungs were everybody was like 75% in that long these order books are relatively thin 14 billion dollars can drop the market nine 10 percent on Bitcoin that's exactly what it did there's no manipulation man that's just that's the size of the order books and the liquidity that we're talking about up like that people who talk about market manipulation generally good sign that they were on the wrong you yes let's sear crypto not says is there a way to get access to the time transformation indicator in trading yes all premium subscribers get access to my time transformation indicator as well as Cod rego as well as all my other indicators as well link in the description at the top my premium dagger picker you should be studying real estate law of the business father oh thanks dr. Paz I appreciate that man um anomaly one two three says what makes you think one more shot downward to 2500 is going to be the final capitulation a market will recover after that what if it goes to 2500 then 2,000 and then one thousand it could man it could I think that there are other levels there are areas around 2300 it's the 88 six Fibonacci retracement it's the area where we previously it's the area where we previously bottomed daftar the last bear market and Bitcoin back in 2014 just from a fundamental perspective so let me start off by saying that I'm bullish fundamentally on Bitcoin which a fundamental analysis is where the best investments are made so I think that Bitcoin has extreme value I think that it has the ability to be appreciated that it's price will be appreciated over time I think that there is a deep fundamental value in what Bitcoin can provide I see the interest in Bitcoin from investment from investment from investors from all frames and walks of life everybody is excited retail investors are excited institutional investors are excited sir Newton man thank you so much for the super chat my good friend I appreciate it not even a comment and just support thank you so much man you one of the good ones um so it also seems that that area would be likely based on volatility based on the volatility index and the fact that Long's are still relatively high even though we've seen we've seen a pretty significant drop off of the Long's I think a drop like that would would lead us to some good capitulation and also there's previous horizontal weekly support so just as a technical analyst I have to look at what the charts tell me just based off that and also maybe a little bit of gut intuition I find it unlikely the Bitcoin goes below two thousand there are other factors but Joan how much does you to take off your super chat cache I don't know I think it's like somebody told me it was like 50% man I don't um don't actually quite know Scott probably knows how do you think the next having will impact the market I think likely so so historically the year before the happening is always the best time to buy bitcoins been true throughout bitcoins mmm so but that would that would essentially lead us to be in consolidation or still in a bear market until August if you're just going off very simple analysis of the happening so um I would be very surprised if why put this I would be very surprised if we were in a if we were in an extended bear market and not moving into accumulation by the end of 2019 I would be very surprised at that but in either way there's going to be opportunities and all kinds of and all kinds of things so so here's kind of here's kind of what I'm gonna be keeping my eye on for the day ma'am if we're able to close the day strongly above 2,900 then I'm probably gonna be completely out of my short position and I'm going to be I'm going to be looking to look for a long I'll be waiting for the next momentary pullback or consolidation ideally like to see a level of consolidation before I just jump headlong into a long because that's not how it's not oh I trade I have I would I would expect the 3900 initially gets sold into here on the first pass through but I mean that's the two levels man I have to initiation levels below 3650 i-i crank up a short man i add to my short position above 3900 i would expect us to actually have consolidation and then push higher but we'll see man it's going to take it's gonna take a few days before we have clear clear clear ideas on what the market is going to do right now this is just all impulse reaction so alright so we looked at cm e we looked at gbtc oh we didn't look at GPT see but yeah gbtc another neat little leading indicator yeah you can see how price ended up gapping down we go to the hourly chart on GPT see had a pretty gnarly gap down so right now the gaps just being filled typically you get it you'll have a gap filled and then continuation on in the direction of which initially caused the gap but we'll just wait and see mem oh we'll just wait and see I'm waiting to see consolidation if we consolidate at a higher level I'll be quite bullish if we initially reject from 3900 then I'm going to be quite berry when twitch I'm on Twitch man if you guys want to come support which man I highly appreciate him I mean YouTube's a nice platform and everything man you're able to meet a lot of people but twitches twitch is good for content creators man so Bitcoin looked at bitcoins hello USD Impossibles bullish reactionary looking for a reaction off 3,900 potentially even waking up a little bit higher to 39 69 if the Daly is able to close above 3900 I'd expect to see some consolidation I'll be Adam I'll be out of my short position at that point in time and I'll be looking for a long on a breakout of that consolidation probably probably honestly being quite honest with you probably targeting 4,500 in it that's kind of the way I'm looking at it right now should we reject from 3900 then I'm probably going to add to my short position as soon as the daily as soon as the daily goes below 3,800 and I'm gonna be targeting initially 36 52 which was my which was my third take profit target for my short should we get down below 30 650 I'm going to add to my short position quite a bit I'm going to take a very large position to the downside and I'm gonna be targeting 3,200 and potentially looking to either exit my position should we get a bullish reaction off of that but again bullish reaction consolidation and then I eggs in my position if there's no indication of the continuation of the downside but should we go below 3,200 I'm holding on for a screamer holding on for a screamer okay so that's basically what we got ma'am not an area I just don't advise anybody and again you guys are free to make your own decisions and if you guys want to trade along pretty fully with with the signals that I make and the trades that I make and the setups that I make you can check the description in the top guys I'd love to have you guys join us in the group but just not an area where I'm eager to jump into a trade one way or the other I mean I'm in a very comfortable position right now you know I made it very profitable I made three very profitable trades over the weekend so I'm not eager to lose any of that money and I'm not eager to jump into a position based off short term bullish reaction seems like the azure chillers are just bouncing from stream to stream mad thanks man I appreciate it um I was at it what a magic magic poop cannon that's his that's the I think you got okay I think that I know what you guys are talking about yeah I think that's that might have been the chart I was looking again I don't know it's hard for me I know that you know like bitcoins funny and everything but hard for me too let's look at some let's look at some data metrics guys I want to look at some data metrics the first thing I want to look at is the aggression of the market Long's and market shorts on max you yeah 53% so definitely in the short term if you're if you're scalping right now definitely looking to take trades through the upside because you're trading in the direction of the current lower timeframe trend the daily high cannot she still read those so you can't be looking to open up positional Long's if you're looking to smartly trade with the trim about seven point two four seven million to the by just a couple minutes ago so nice push up man all right looking at the looking at the market depth ratio let's give this a refresh even though it does update I don't know why I just give it to refresh you all right cool and we have another leading indicator here guys in the form of bull bear income so as you can see as you can see as we were approaching the top Long's quite profitable we have a floor and this is a good way to interpret this so I've spent some time looking at this and what you're looking for is a spike after a see after a ceiling or a level of support consolidation in the bull bear income itself so as you can see here sometimes it's quite clear sometimes it's quite clear just in general you have spikes you have spikes in bull bear income or excuse me you have spikes in bull income which represent pretty much the best time to add a position but you in general you can see just a nice flat ceiling here guys because when the Long's are profitable they're looking to take profit and what happens when long takes profit their market selling and price moves to the downside ending here we have a spike in bull income and price reverses to the downside if we go back in time we can actually see that when shorts are quite profitable when shorts are very profitable the market reverses to the upside so generally the market moves toward liquidity and the market moves too when we're looking at the psychology of positions in the marketplace when we're looking at the psychology of additional traders in the marketplace when you are in profit you get nervous and you look to profit but when you have a lot of individuals who are very profitable you would expect you would expect the market to move by volatility Heights you okay so bull bear income has not shifted drastically the shorts honestly not in in massively profitable position so we'll just kind of wait for this information update uh as we can see story to the bull bear income let's just look at long and short positions in Bitcoin so long positions pretty much again and we talked about this earlier man a lot of long positions dropping off here dropping off again not a lot of individuals quick to short the market so and I think we can see we can see I'll look at that a little bit clearer when we actually go look at the longest shorts but here's bit max here's the bid-ask some 5% of price the bitmask the the bit max bid ask some is quite bearish so we have a ton of sells here within 5% of price so I think a lot of short order stacking around that thirty nine hundred four thousand dollar level these are limit orders that are on the books and I would expect that that is mostly people looking to get out of their trap long positions or excuse me their trap long positions at less of a profit if they haven't already been liquidated pretty much everybody's already been liquidated that was 10x or above but anybody that was low leverage or positional trading on you know one to five x leverage they're just looking to exit their position they're looking to exit their position at not a loss and you also have this also represents individuals trying to short the natural retest a previous support as resistance so dependent order books quite a quite bearish but that's Louise that's using future sentiment so if we do look at coinbase coinbase and BitFenix are actually quite quite bullish in there within 5 percent of price within the bid-ask sun we do see asks and offer steadily rising and after a pretty sharp decline in the bids we do see a recent spike back up pretty much overnight so but not climbing higher currently I think a lot of those orders already got filled so fifteen minutes guard over there and if we look at BitFenix as well also bullish but I would say more drastically to on its face it's bullish man we do have higher bids within 5% of the order book we'll see if we get continuation again price action is the thing that I'm mostly keeping my on and again I talked about that well wrong scene again I'm looking to see how price response to that thirty nine hundred dollar level definitely not rushing into to get into a definitely not rushing to get into a long right here guys there is no reason in my opinion now if you are the reason for it is though is if you if you missed a movement or if you are if you're thinking that price is just gonna run away from you it's not gonna run away from you man you're gonna have plenty of opportunities if we're gonna go on a nice little extended bull run here you have plenty of opportunities because what you're gonna see I think 3900 most likely gets sold into could not if it breaks through and we consolidate higher that is going to be your opportunity to enter in a low-volatility market when price is react yuma lating at a higher level you're having all the trapped by or selling into new buyers at the higher level and then if price breaks to the upside on that I would expect price to go higher and actually break horizontal Brazil that would be that would be the trade that I would take I would take I would take X BT along to the upside targeting 4,500 we'll see we'll see though but for right now below 3,900 I expect 3,900 to get sold in 2 I know I know light I know you're so excited I'm so happy for you um what website is that which one guys I have so there's data Bitcoin any org this is bit ger calm this is VC depth do and this is coin farm dot online I'll drop those links scription you hey money manager thanks so much for the sub all right so we've talked about Bitcoin at length what I'm looking for what I'm expecting to see we looked at gbtc we looked at simi futures jiya right so let's go over to gbtc looking at gbtc on the hourly again we are looking at the delayed market but I'm not I don't read stocks right now I'm not going to pay that extra little feature getting an initial bearish reaction from it kind of the midpoint of the gap so mmm let's go check out the updated chart on b tch 2019 the March contract so we'll have the new candle in about eight minutes because we are on the target here but ma'am see me features got a big gap to to contend with here guys big gap to content you justin is now it's not publicly available and it's a private script okay I want to go look at again again you know I feel like I only need to do one but taking a quick look at aetherium which actually to be quite honest with you should should price do what I want or excuse me what what is possible here and consolidated a higher level of support and break to the upside I actually probably will take a theory M to the upside and and not Bitcoin being quite honest with you because it's more volatile they're just gonna move in the absolute same direction but if we take a look here to be quite honest a theory of not putting in the same amount of bullish reaction that bitcoin is I mean bitcoin is putting in a fairly impressive bullish reaction I'm not gonna lie it's pretty clear to see but it's a theory I'm not really leaving the charge as well so 15 minute chart you have a nice clean ascending triangle formation and you do have a nice break to the upside so not a bad not a bad short-term trade had I been so inclined to take that but already being situated in a position as I am I would just look to add and expect rejection from this level book we'll see I mean the critical level again not to sound like a broken drum broken record is what happens around 3,900 do we consolidate at a higher level better etc sir so let's go look at a theory I'm so since aetherium has been an underperformer what we could expect and again kind of see that same thing that nice ascending triangle pattern you have consistent resistance you you retest resistance so once twice three times that's resistance you pull back down and form a higher low and you are testing right around the breakout area since we can expect aetherium to follow a ride along with Bitcoin I would not be surprised to see aetherium March up here to 148 30 potentially as the level of resistance that I have for it wouldn't be surprised to see yeah yeah the gaps gonna get filled them not now when I say the gaps gonna get filled it doesn't mean it's gonna fully retrace all the same way it just means the price is gonna go back into the gap generally when gaps get filled they get filled and they continue on in the direction that caused the gap in the first but you guys are funny man you jace I'm not gonna lie that's pretty fine then okay let's hear Robert G says we go up it's bearish we go down it's bearish ta guys I love them I will say it goes up or down and I have a 50% chance to be right um yeah I guess you you could say it could go up or down and have a 50% chance to be right I don't know what the same n I've been practicing technical analysis for quite a while and I don't know a better metric to base a trade off of otherwise I've been you're just kind of blindly selling but the reality the situation is you know price reacts I look at price with a if this than that so there are certain things that would lead me to think that we would continue appreciating a price there are certain things that would happen that would lead me to believe that we're going to depreciate in price and I would make a trade and base the decision based around okay so I think that's enough e XB t pretty much covered all of that um so here people want us we got to take a look at ILP stellar lumens an x RP of course man dile tim says so i just got in here and i do not understand what are you doing but it's interesting to look at so can you summarize what are you doing I'm doing technical analysis on crypto currencies which is how I make my living analyzing trends in price I'm analyzing momentum I'm analyzing volume I'm analyzing feature sentiment so I can determine how to base a decision of B right off of whether I should take a trade to the upside or whether I should take a trade to the downside or whether I shouldn't do it all you but all right thank you so much for the subs guys all right so here's the schedule we're about an hour into the show you know we are gonna run a little bit longer I do want to give a big thank you guys big thank you so we've gots um let me see here Darrin three weeks the money manager and leave and aus key thank you guys so much for the subscriptions on YouTube I had no one over to twitch guys thank you so much we've gots rajesh 13 Lance Messi spunky 133 I'll be a Kiwi I think I gave you a shout out yesterday raspberry swirl and deal 10 thanks guys so much for the follow us on Twitter highly appreciate you guys as always all right thank you so much man I appreciate it and I'm gonna take a quick one-minute break guys so I can grab some water and when I get back guys we're gonna take a look at ILP stellar lumens and zerp the coin on everybody's lips right now syrup syrup syrup syrup serve and crypto Kiwi thanks for the sub on YouTube guys so don't go anywhere while you're waiting guys we are still giving away I have master notes worth of x42 so if you're just tuning in to the show make sure you guys head on over to x42 dot crack and cryptocurrency calm six days left in the giveaway 1179 entries so far let's see if we can't break that $2,000 level and appreciate if you guys hit that thumbs up button while I'm taking a break guys I labors I'll be right back and that should give you something to fill your time all right see any future is continuing to fill that gap you and gbtc as well I didn't want to take a look at the Long's and shorts and one thing that that I do do and you guys will notice this so the way that I look at Long's and shorts is a little different than everybody else so I see the numbers I see most people just look at BTC USD Long's on Phenix which is fine and well and good and I think will enhance your analysis one section but I think that it's better as you can see more markets more data more data more actionable information so what I actually do is I look at all the Long's I look at all the Fiat pairings so if you're just looking at USD Long's you're not looking at individual trading against the euro trading against the British Pound trading against the Japanese yen you're also not weighting it against the current price of Bitcoin so this in my opinion gives you a more accurate reflection and does change the numbers a little bit so I think it's I think it's superior to just looking to just looking at Long's worship anyways as we can see here in general compared to recent price action heard a recent price action pretty low sentiment and that doesn't necessarily surprise me because after a very high volatility movement you do expect just significant unloading from both the Long's and shorts the shorts unloading much earlier than the Long's obviously the market was um as we can see right now shorts on the rise shorts on the rise on FedEx and long still on the decline after a little bit of a nice pump up here again Long's pumping up right at the top right at the absolute worst period in time you can see here that Long's were quite low pretty much as Bitcoin was on its rise you had the the entire market quite long on Bitcoin all the way up till the 18th of February which was pretty much the last spike and you just saw a massive amount of Long's exiting their positions taking profit and then a lot of indecision consolidation in the lungs and then a big spike up from 20 seconds to the 24 this the absolute worst time to enter and then the long is exiting generate generally at a loss honestly shorts shorts again shorts piled off you know again just you can just see that this is generally information that you that you counter trade when you're at market tops or market bottoms when you're near critical levels of horizontal support and resistance it's much clearer to take action it's much clearer to catch really profitable position when you're when you're somewhere like no-man's land which is kind of where we're at right now when you're somewhere in no-man's land where you're you've broken out of consolidation so right now the momentum is to the upside temporarily but we're not near any critical higher term levels of support and resistance so again I wait for consolidation near more critical levels and then I'll take action based upon that but shorts are stacking on right now as we can see good opportunity but you know it just blows my mind shorts piling it again shorts piling in at the bottom of a highly volatile movement you expect to see a retracement man you expect to see a natural retracement kind of the critical level is is it a 50% retracement that holds that's generally bullish continuation or is it a less than 50% retracement that gets sold into so oh thanks Robert gee I highly appreciate that man you you as Yousaf says this instrumental is fire only the best on our stream man thank you very much 10 wrs thank you so much for the sub man I appreciate it my good friend there it is all right thanks so much man um okay so let's go look at let's go look at the stuff that's on everybody's mind of course we're gonna look at ILP for our good friend Eli back well I wanna give a shout out man double check man ah you lie back back in the number one donation spot man so thank you so much for all your support man you so much you're one of the good ones okay so let's take a look at IO P like there's telling me that no there we go all right X excellent man so kind of just what we talked about yesterday man I talked about that bullish impulse man we did go up we did hit 3165 I actually had a little bit of a profit opportunity about 5% above that had you had a trailing stop coming back down now to that midline to that support level so still above the descending trendline the long-term descending trendline still let's be quite clear here I want to be logically consisted in what I say uh mr. Eli still not necessarily an asset that I'm interested in trading I mean let's just be let's just be quite real this is not an amazing-looking chart huh you know but it's but again you know going back to penny stock days going back to its old coin trading there's there's great volatility in a man but looking at the daily time for a man that does not look good I mean this was just a pump and a dump I expect more sideways consolidation it might it might list lazily upwards but very very difficult to make strong to be bullish on this asset for for strong continued movement until we're able to break above my upside profit targets here that you do see that I have but you can actually see that this latest pump and dump was not as impressive as the last time that we had that that last one was actually a little bit more impressive and had a more convincing candle body close forming that level of resistance that I talked about man so just as I said man hard hard if we get if we consolidate if we break about 30 165 and closed about 30 165 you'll likely see these upper price targets but right now just a pump up to resistance and I mean just a brief just in just immediate rejection man so a good nice 10% pump as the rest of the market pumped as well but just again bullish reactionary after such a volatile movement nothing sustainable nothing looking very fantastic and again if the daily ends up closing below the support level here at 2995 but does not look good man I look good you can make the case that as long as we're above the long term descending trendline right here you can make the case that oh well we broke out but I don't like to see us break out lazily to the left again consolidation consolidation and then probably a bullish reaction if that does happen man but again just when we're dealing with most coins not something that not something that I can have a lot of faith in and I mean be realistic about this that's the bottom of the market cycle and and I know I wax loquacious Leon this but I know you love her so just gonna just going to hold on IOP another okay so if i had to be if i had to be a little bit more largely consistent here so we can see we can see a very critical level of liquidity right here so we can see where price wicks down to on two consecutive days and you can see where we establish consult where you can see where we establish support there we actually have a nice double bottom off of that and a stop loss on to the downside at the tap into liquidity so let's actually make this an initiation level from honestly not support initiation level because it's been bought up four times now that level is not likely to act as support so even though i had said what did i say twenty nine ninety five I believe twenty nine ninety five 2995 SATs closing the daily below that looks very very negative to me but twenty twenty twenty eight eighty one man definitely if you open and close 2881 I would I would probably just just roll roll IOP roll that's that's when you got to take IOP and you know just just take it out to the back put it on its knees down by the river and say no what you did just put a bullet in the back of it said man it's not about looking good but again getting above 30 165 we do have some upper upper price targets here and really the supper price target this should actually be not a profit taking target to be quite quite realistic this should be an initiation level when I'm looking at a market like this and I'm pretty sure that if we go ahead and throw some indicators on here so let's look at something like sumo coup yeah so issue moku we I mean we bounced off the tinkin son found resistance at the key gym and if we look up at where we're at depending on how long it takes us to get there we can see the initiation level being being the directly overhead cloud we do actually have the cloud down now at the resistance level so that's another another way to put it as well seen I mean just the future clouds extreme not even twisting up or tightening up whatsoever so looking at a Tomoko analysis should we get again should we consolidate up above this level this would tell us that we're in the future cloud and we could be a little bullish and again look at these as potential upside price targets and again getting up above 38 43 we've broken out of consolidation as we can see here quite clearly if we look at the volume profile I suppose look at the volume profile yeah but looking the volume profile we can see the massive high volume node that we're currently trading in and really all we're doing right now man is getting rejected from the lower boundary of the value area man getting rejected from the point of control which is the midline the highest level of traded active traded volume finding support again finding support right at that level the the the lower boundary of the value area does act as support there's good confluence with that twenty twenty nine ninety five level but I was just talking about so getting below there looks very very bearish and just based on horizontal level 2881 pretty much is the Death Note at Rio P doesn't mean that it can never come back but it just means that if you could short it you definitely want to short it then so just hold on there man if you're gonna hold on there man but we don't have any indications that things are gonna look good let's see if we get any confluence from our emos yeah rejection from the daily 55 as well which has been suppressing price here for quite a while and I'm transformation had given us the buy over here and then we had a natural volume indication to sell right here and actually what we're getting right now is rejection from the neutral zone which is not a good sign to see either so just another pump in a dump man while we're looking for us to get out on that next good pump man you be here my I bought just bought be cash 45 minutes ago you know smart crypto but I got a buy signal on bch USD T last night I decided not to act on it because because I'm not really again just you know I made three amazing trades on Saturday I'm not really eager to throw my capital back into the market wait going to wait for some nice consolidation and then a more sustained movement out of that red 5 golf Gunny what's going on man the new Galaxy S Tennis crypto friendly yeah that's huge man that's huge you know whether or not again doesn't matter if we exit the bear market this year or next year but Samsung stepping into crypto and saying you know this is gonna be this is gonna be huge and we need to get in on this now that that is big man that is big you um dr. faz hey what's going on breath also a very hard question and this is a follow through question with regards to the trading range thirty one hundred forty two hundred early and everything has been bought up here all supports and resistance was that a contraction may be used further down Oh what are your what are my probabilities and percentages on us changing trading ranges 4000 to 5000 versus us Jane changing rages between 2003 our dancer yeah okay so so bass so the next I'd say okay so this next week is gonna be very indicative to be quite honest with you man and again just to be consistent with what I've said and what I'm looking for should price hold 3900 I'm after a nice bullish impulse up if we don't get automatically rejected from it I would actually expect us to potentially make higher highs and I'll probably be in a long position should we should we safely hold 3900 I do expect to get to get a bearish reaction again off that $4,000 level just as trapped long drags ending their positions in short you're trying to short it but we have to keep in mind that yes everything has been bought up so this is a fresh level that has not necessarily been bought up extensively except insofar as it as it was aggressive initiation back at 3,800 so if we throw the volume profile on this bad boy profile on this bad boy and actually go to something like bar replay well let's bar replay right here you can actually see okay look this might be difficult for you guys to see but if i zoom in here cool you guys can actually see where piranhas thanks for thanks for just make difficult let's just get more visible so style and we'll make fifty percent with you can actually see where we have what's called aggressive initiation so you have price trending up very strongly you see aggressive initiation here you see aggressive aggressive initiation here it's very clear to see on the lower timeframes but basically those are levels so based off my VP SV scalping strategy when I'm using VPS V to scalp in the marketplaces what I'm looking for are levels of aggressive initiation or violent rejection or returns to point of control those are the three types of trades that you can safely take with VP sv and they tell you a lot so basically that was an area where you did have a lot of fresh buyers enterings in the market around that $3,800 level so a natural level that you would expect to take a long from when price returns to that area well let's cancel that out all right so that's the that that that represents its area as fresh buying potential but when looking for a strong directional trade which is what I think we should be looking for right here I mean of course there's great opportunities for day trade scalping this but I'm more interested in the long term positional trade at this point in time as I talked about I opened up a positional short up here at 4114 again took profits on that on the way down still have a portion of that open should we hold 3900 again just to be logically consistent and very consistent what I'm saying holding 3900 and consolidating and breaking upwards from that I'd be pretty I would be pretty confident that we go up to 4,500 as far as switching trading ranges from 4,000 to 5,000 I don't really have a strong answer on that to be quite honest from you again it's not a cop-out but really it depends on how we react to 4500 because our next overhead resistance breaking 4500 which again I expect to get sold into on the first pass through but we if we we get sold from 4500 I will see if we establish a ceiling above 4000 then most likely we march onto five to 5000 4939 actually I'd four I always front run all around number you um Andrew says can you make a living exchanging crypto from very little capital at the moment like five dollars um no I don't think that you can make a living just with five dollars in cryptocurrency although you can trade five dollars on on bit max for example so you know is it possible to run that up to 50 bucks certainly it is man you yeah crazy huh as I go on vacation to a place with no internet and Kryptos decide to do something hey man I haven't seen you around for a while dude I'm hoping you get back soon I hope you're having a fantastic vacation though man I hope you're at somewhere hope you're somewhere sunny in 75 men vut am in Madero vero I like that name look is there any difference in strategies in my private group to my public work here um so my strategies don't change based on who I'm talking to my way I approach the markets is the same but members of the trading group have access to all my trades I post them in very clear under easy-to-understand ways access to all my exclusive morning charting so I do a lot of charting in the morning they have access to that they have access to all my indicators our database library resource set my webinar course where I design and teach people how to trade as well as access to the private discord where they can actually communicate with me and receive mentorship from myself and from our team of do I use cross leverage generally yes generally yes especially if I'm in a positional trade so cross leverage is best if you're looking to establish a position I will occasionally use isolated margin especially from trading old coins but since I'm mostly trade aetherium and xpt I generally do use cross margin yes you 5.5 x long I've minutes later broken ah you guys are crazy okay Eli hopefully that was good free man IOP over to the editor big shout out man to the new subscribers thank you guys so much ten wrs Essen Ahmad Michael Gomez jancowitz and Adam edge thanks guys so much let's go over to my editor of the schedule Oh BTC done ass done IOP done let's go take let's go let's go peek in at ZURB man and see what SERPs do see if it's giving it all back to the market yet all right having a little bit of pull back on the higher time frame just from my upper take profit level that I was kind of talking about right here basically as you can see on my on my SERP USD T chart kind of the area that's important to me is that 30 is that 32 cents thirty two point eight cents guys I think if we open and close if we close above this level and have some nice consolidation I think SERP will probably push higher that's just the initiation level of what I was talking about I had initially expected thirty one point seven eight to act as resistance on the first pass through but that was not taking in the the account that the desert headman listed on coinbase so hmm so good news we'll see if this is sustainable or if it just gives it all back to the market because as I talked about let's actually look at Jared Maxfield thanks so much for the soemone YouTube Men let's go look at XR PBT see on the higher time frames and let's talk about this for a while let's noodle this out guys so okay so not a bad opening to the week 4 XR PBGC getting above that initiation level on the weekly time frame that you can see that I have on the chart again yellow dashed lines those are initiation levels so as you can see this was establishing a very strong ceiling or kind of a bifurcation a bisection observes trading range so you can see it acted as support acted as resistance acted as support as resistance a confirmed kill on the movement down resistance resistance support above down below and now we're gonna see if this level access resistance on a higher time frame breaking above you can see the desert BTC I do have upside targets if we're actually able to close convincingly above 85 58,000 550 Satoshi's so we've already hit in 1 profit level right there 8000 805 let's see the high of the candle nope sorry I have not hit it yet the high of the candle was 87 91 so almost just came right up came a few stats below my first take profit level so 80 805 92 83 and 97 99 however overall just looking at the chart right now I feel more confident and looking to establish a short position especially if we see a violent rejection from here and a massive offloading of bags because generally when something gets listed on coin base and this is it this is dependent upon the market cycle that word but we're still in an overly bear markets like where there's a lot of indecision in the market so a lot of capital still sitting on the sidelines not freshly flowing into cryptocurrency yet it hasn't happened yet it will happen it will probably happen around 5,000 will probably happen around 5,000 or ideally large institutional capital would flow in above 6,000 when BTC is above 6,000 because that would that would establish that we've broken the largest level of resistance on the highest timeframe and that we're most most likely going to go much lower especially because we have a lot of trap shorts etc it's ER you ah Jake nope Colorado with endless snow but I'm back let's make some money let's do it boy I highly appreciate a man yes if you guys can get us up above that hundred likes we would HIGHLY appreciate that guys it does help us get this information in front of as many eyeballs as possible and I do think that individuals needy um yes YouTube's algorithms aren't going off of likes anymore they are going off of watch time and viewers what you mean it's just you mean the YouTube likes are only to show how many people support the video god darn it guess I'll just be happy I'll just have to be satisfied with the support well if it's watch time in viewers man I say we I mean and thanks tits it's it's you guys I mean you guys are the ones who helped support the show man so and that lends I mean statistically we're crushing it and it's all due to support from guys like you I highly appreciate it man um let's see you're curious if I like any masternode coins I like X 42 proud supporter of the show and again I don't talk about projects that I don't personally use or support I wish you guys could see my email every day I get emails can you can you review my coin review my project can you do this nut and if it's a good project and I'm open to having that conversation if I've never heard of you or if you sound shady or if you're just some random coin the nut we're not gonna do that unless you guys want to give me you know if you're happy to give me like half a Bitcoin I'll give you guys 10 minutes on the show and I will it fully explained to the entire world exactly what I'm just giving you our time Red Bud Red five standing by you Craig Smith says institutions have been buying over-the-counter for months now they may be looking to start their retail offerings yes but that still is gonna take nice time that's why there's always going to be a trade guys and there's always plenty of time generally to develop a positional trade if BTC does go on a bull run then it's gonna be a nice sustained movement because we're gonna be in a very different market structure with much more long-term retail involvement and institutional involvement and I think I think are we going to are we going to have the exponential growth as quickly as we saw last time probably not this time I think it will be much more sustainable and easy does this mean that zerp is not a security so far No but the jury is still technically out on that anyways daily timeframe yep so sir plucking to give it all back I think the critical thing if you're looking if you're not in a position now I mean obviously just from a training perspective I mean you see you see a big pump like that hopefully you're able to get in on time when you see a massive volume spike generally it might be too late definitely not an area where I would want to be a buyer observe what I'd like to see as I'd like to see consolidation at a higher time frame on our excuse me I'd like to see the daily open I'd like to see some consolidation and if we break to the upside then I would can I would potentially take this over although this is just so far a lower lower high on the daily and probably probably continuation of the downtrend ma'am again looking at my downside targets for for ZURB we do have 74 88 and 63 82 which do represent likely areas where price is going to move down lower to now should price get down to 60 to 50 I might potentially become an interested buyer let's look at some let's look at some other analytics yeah so if we look at looking at Asha moku on the daily time for him we can see rejection from the key June price is now inside the cloud should price close inside the cloud you would typically look for an edge-to-edge trade so we would be looking to target 90 to 83 which is again another take profit target of mine but yes just currently rejection from the key June haven't gotten any longer-term trend changing indicators like a break above the cloud or a crossover of the tinkin and the key June let's look at our moving averages looking at our moving averages again kind of the same thing rejection from the 55 daily exponential we did end up actually going all the way down below the 200 daily exponential now generally interestingly enough about that when you do get a bearish cross endure so we have the 8 crossing under the the 200 exponential times when you get kind of like a death cross or often times when things do give a last-gasp pump so we'll see kind of a kind of a convenient time for for coinbase where I would send looking at the overall volume profile and I don't want to look at everything I just want to look at the latest structure okay let's see what we got going on here yeah price found support off the lower boundary of the volume profile off the value area again kind of kind of the very similar thing should we reject from 8550 and open and close the daily below 8550 I think that were probably gonna end up going much lower I would actually look to potentially establish a short position on zerp depending on what it does with 8550 but again not rushing into the markets to do anything nearly okay let's go to look at extra pee which if I was gonna do anything would I would be going long an extra PU sttm probably hedging by taking any into the downside especially depending on if the markets well yeah that's what I want to do let's take a look and see err you all right so we have confluence there's no backwardation you mm-hmm hmm yeah man I mean the be quite honest with you man this this isn't super impressive man like generally when you approach resistance on high on high momentum you get rejected from it and that level of resistance is still that 32.8 sense man again this is resistance as you can see it's been a ceiling if we're able to if we're able to close and we get some nice consolidation here in an up thrust higher then I'll be then I'll be a buyer I'll be an interested buyer upside targets a thirty four point four six cents let's actually look to establish let's go down to the eight hour time frame we're going to establish data over time for him yeah I'm transformation doing yeoman's work here on the 8-hour chart as it generally does by signal here here and here cell signal right here at the top let's see if the 3:00 hour would have gotten us in there aw no no got a buy signal on the hourly right here at the market bottom I signal here to sell signals at the absolute top by sitting right here I'm transformation doing its thing as normal let's go down to the eight hour chart to establish some potential higher take profit levels in the events in the event of bullish continuation all right I take profit here right for the hvn also definitely this level right here previous liquidity area and as you guys can see also a shallow area of the volume profile so generally good areas to take profit from even though it's still overall a high volume note it just is a nice structure that I like to see I like to see little dips and rivets in the volume profile similar to that one and similar to this one because should price not make it all the way to resistance this is a likely area for people to have their their their cells stacked up their limits sell orders as well as it's also a previous area of liquidity so the market was bought up at that level and you expect that area to act in the short term anyways as resistance and although it's not the most critical area on the chart as you can see my primary take profit is as you can see support right there confluent with a shallow area of the volume profile I still do if I'm looking for upside profit targets those are the structures but I look forward to establish a profit target as well as no no no no no as well as this area right here so as you can see another shallow area of the high volume note so if price were to get rejected from significant resistance here as you can see formed by the volume profile of the high volume note you're coming in around thirty six point two one cents it's likely to see I stop loss hunts or at least a liquidity grab to the LVN directly above it I'm directly above it and not actually the high volume note above that so so 36:52 so should price consolidate above 32 cents I would potentially become an interested buyer potentially buy the pullback to 30 to 80 ideally like to see solid ation though and then again upside targets observe is going to continue a bullish run of thirty four point four six cents 35 point four five cents and thirty six point five cents probably scaling profit out 50 30 2000 slightly and trailing my stop as I go with the use of three commas Ryan Atkinson that's a great you know that's a good idea man I should have Scott come up with that's a good idea Scott if you're watching man we're definitely going to need to develop some time transformation t-shirts I think that's a good Clawd aiyo hey man would be happy to have you man the the banner is at the very top of the screen just go to premium dot crack and cryptocurrency calm all the information is on there man or of course you can join us in the discord discord crack in cryptocurrency calm and you can either DM myself any of the admins any moderators or any of the premium members they'd be happy to get to get a point you in the right direction man you don't do it don't do it don't go down that commercial I sleep Thanks blockchain I highly appreciate that man you mmm RJ Jamal says am I not worried that today is the 70 percent gains like that week in 2017 no I'm not overly worried ma'am not overly worried again you know it would be mmm there are a lot of individuals that are kicking themselves right that they missed one of the biggest movements in bitcoins recent price history which was that fought nearly $500 drop from the top you know I was able to capture that I caught that I caught ADA I caught Yas and you know I'm not I'm I don't have to rush into a new position man being patient enjoying enjoying my gains carefully watching the markets and determining my next move no reason to jump into any bullish reactionary and pulse when I expect it as I said yesterday I would not I would not be surprised to see price to see price noodle up a little bit but we'll see if we consolidate at a higher level if we consolidate then I would expect it will have actual sustained continued growth from here and so the next big trade I mean the next big opportunity would be 39 to 4,500 that's the next big opportunity then the opportunity is not necessarily 3800 let's you Kenneth burmeister let me I just wanted I'm in on this so so with though with over-the-counter trading there's there's no slippage over-the-counter trading is a promise to buy at a certain price which is a discounted rate from the market so that you don't incur slippage you you would actually no sellers would not benefit from slippage if if they're not selling at a point in time unless you're actually able to time the Mart like just perfectly ma'am if you have a significant enough sell order that you're gonna move the market you know like one or two percent which is possible or for somebody with enough capital then no you you can't incur that slippage so you're willing to take the discounted rate which is which is how what you see is it's a promise to buy unlocked in rate for a certain number of contracts or a certain number of units of an asset because generally you're running the risk of putting your money in the market or in the direct market in the retail market because you have no idea how much it all depends on the point in time when you click that button you know Oh days Kaluza you thank you so much dr. faz I appreciate a man Penny Stocks hey what's going on man he says hello first time here and amazing ta one thing your charts are incredibly difficult to see due to the colors is there anything you can do so yeah this is I understand that they're set for mised I haven't gotten that a whole lot I've made some changes to make it a little bit easier to see perhaps just the fact that I'm zoomed out but I'll definitely I'll keep that in mind man I've gotten questions and comments on that before so yeah when I'm really zoomed out I can understand that it can be a little little difficult to see Izu min that seems pretty good to me but no I appreciate that I appreciate the the the feedback man thank you so much anything I can do to help out man I just I've taken kind of a poll and I think most people are pretty comfortable with it most people are able to discern the information fairly well if it ever gets to an area where I'm getting a lot of hey man you really need to change your colors well then oh I'll probably unfortunately you know red green but I recommend guys if I could give you just one aesthetic comment I highly recommend you guys who's white in black handles or ideally you know another thing another thing too is just use one color candlesticks Ryan Atkinson says how does the course material work for the premium group obviously the signals are very important but I also want to learn how to fish and I would like to teach you how to fish sure so it's a it's a growing it's a growing list of webinars where I teach risk management or I'm teaching technical analysis where I teach how to use my indicator right where I teach how to trade and enter and exit positions as I do and it will be continue it will continually be added to over the course of the next year so the goal here is to build very patiently and very astutely because I take time and I and I take time to develop a very professional that you know and there's also going to be course material as well so workbooks when I do get done with everything so subscribers get access to all my signals and setups they get access to the mentorship they get access to the team of analysts they get access to my indicators the resource library which stocked full of stocked full of everything that I've ever gotten my hands on about trading and access to my webinars as they you that's funny you that's awesome jf airplane when Bitcoin cadet monomers are already in or the same you I use a lighter blue background you know that might help oops I'll play with the hues a little bit later on maybe we'll go to Sian you you okay so hmm you yeah this is not a this is not a bad this is not a bad chart this is not a bad trade high volatility means a lot of opportunity for trading getting sold into pretty significantly here but the logical move would have been to buy the retest of support as you can see it gets gets bought up quite nicely here and this allows you to manage your risk fairly well your next take profit target to be 34:46 but if you open and close a 15 below 30 to 8 you have to be out of your trade the next level that you would potentially look to buy up is this zone right here sorry actually be a retest of this zone right here let's go to which screen name can't find it just cracking crypto man oh yeah let's look at xlm X and I see a request for Z cash I don't know if I'm gonna have time man you you oh but on the schedule I do got to get back to the now consultant you all right so let's check xlm USD team let's start on the daily all right so kind of the same thing that we had talked about down here at this level the last time I talked about Excel mus DT we have this long term descending trend line on the tether chart we did get multiple buy signals on time transformation I said that's what would our initial take profit target be Oh obviously be you take profit at your first level of resistance generally which have been the return to previous resistance right here at about 86 excuse me point zero eight six cents excuse me Oh point zero eight seven eight all right hit that pushed up the the more significant level of resistance obviously was this zone right here which you can see we did end up getting rejected from crashed back down so always generally guys you have to understand that that breakouts are almost always faded on the first go through so this was really our first attempted break out of the descending trendline what do we see now in current price action oh we see a break to the upside and then a rejection from that level so we already took profits on the one xlm trade that was a potential so what would be the next maneuver the next maneuver would actually be you need to get up you need to get back up to nine cents man nine point one seven nine point four or five cents is where you need to get back up to if xlm is going is going to go on a nice sustainable run you want to see price convincingly hold this level of resistance right you want to see price convincingly hold this level of resistance this previous break down zone and then you've got pretty good because you can see it's consolidation up here and rejection so this is your current break down zone where you also had previous support so where support turns into resistance so this level needs to be consolidated AB we formed technically a higher low so far and pushing off that quite nicely now we just need to wait and see if we get rejected from the descending trendline rejected from the zone of resistance rejection from the previous support as you can see here of this consolidation zone so this was a take profit level became support and now is currently acting as weak resistance okay so you could begin if the daily closes above this level you could potentially open up a small you could you could purchase a small position in XL mus DT if price gets up to this level and closes convincingly you could look to scale into the rest of your position in pyramid in I'm still overall pretty bullish on Excel M in the grand scheme Microsoft just launched information of its new token platform basically where they're going to help and provide support for individuals that want to launch their own tokens I think this is going to mostly apply to secure to tokenize securities which i think is going to be the next big thing in cryptocurrency organization of all assets but upside price targets if xlm is able to close and hold this resistance this previous breakdown zone then again you you look to establish a position and you look for upside targets of ten point three nine cents eleven point oh nine cents twelve point four seven cents and thirteen points thirteen point three zero cents would be the current upside targets for xlm and then your front running resistance getting it back above point one four three probably definitely gets sold into you probably see a healthy retracement down to this zone and I'm just painting the bullish scenario here you become interested buyers depending on the bullish reaction from either level which would become support again take profit become as resistance where you take profit at breakage above in return you look for it to act as or but you you reaction you react you don't predict you react the next the next bullish consolidation zone we're gonna have to get over the next kind of leg to go through is 0.143 to seventeen point four six so again need to get a daily open and close above that level and then we can establish profit taking targets in this area as well so potentially not looking bad market bottom higher low potentially a high or low currently retesting the level uh currently testing a significant level of resistance which is the long term resistance trendline here for Excel M if we can get back above that then again I think we have some pretty bullish targets but we'll just see men finding support on the tank into the Ichimoku unfortunately the lagging span is below price that just means that we are technically bearish let's see here I got the got the cloud very big cloud sitting overhead so a lot of resistance to get through for exilim USD T but if you're a gambling man you're looking at this and you're expecting us to break resistance but haven't broken significant yet in fact just broke it and got rejection from it in fact hit the 55 the daily 55 exponential moving average rejected from it consolidating right now at the 21 up is pretty bullish down is pretty bearish guys just one of those kind of areas where we're just sitting and waiting not an interested buyer for xlm us currently at the time at the ear earn its cycle right here let's see looking at the volume profile I'm looking at the volume profile this isn't too bad this is also a retest of the point of control and a nice bullish reaction off the point of control yeah let's just get back above that again that resistance line right here which denotes the higher high volume node right here we have a pretty nice LVN to at least initially take us to our first profit target too bad man I would like to see breakage or resistance before I become an interested buyer again you Clawd ayah says I really want to short Bitcoin but I guess that's not one of your setups right now that it's correct so if I join the premium group I'll get an invite to the discord is that way the trade setups are the discord is free for anyone to join discord crackin cryptocurrency calm there is the hidden discord so when you get some premium subscribers get access to our database library resource which is hosted on another server so you'll get login access to that you'll get credentials to log in to that you'll also get access to our private webinar videos you'll have credentials to log into that and view that material as well as our live trades tracker same thing all those are hosted offline or not offline but on a different server than discord and then we do and then we have the the hidden discord the signals Channel the members lounge the day-trading voice chat the resources the technical analysis channel the market updates and insights educational materials resources links to everything that you need to find your way I just upgrade your role in discord you you how do I feel about bit Mex margin verse crack and margin I mean there's more opportunity on bit max man there's more opportunity on bit Mex there's more liquidity on bit Mex obviously if you I would say that you know there's another thing that I like about bit next to is that I think that everybody talks about the wicks on bit necks which is yeah pretty pretty nasty but I mean honestly I honestly I'd like to see a better platform than bit Mac's come out eventually but it's gonna be the same wherever you go man it's it's not the platform it is the it's the it's the liquidity and it's the order books guys the more money there is the harder it is to push price around the way it is oh but it's just the reality of the market that we currently trade on and the high high risk is what makes the high reward so tantalizing and as a trader you push you you strive for liquidity and volumes so even at these depressed prices Rippa currency still remains generally if you know what you're doing and you're successful trader more lucrative than and trading and trading most of assets but there's opportunities out there in stocks there's opportunities out there in forex but the nice thing about cryptocurrency is that even though it's dominated by much of the same as you see in traditional markets I think cryptocurrency is one of those rare environments where if you know what you're doing you can actually be if you can actually turn a profit um so I prefer I prefer bit maxes margin to Krakens margin obviously but crackin is not a bad platform Krakens probably I had to say there was an exchange that I trusted the most and liked to be crack it I don't do a lot of active trading on cracking though let's look at C cash and you guys can actually look at a bad call that I've made we'll just see Z cash gettin hit pretty hard with everything else man so had established a small position in Z cash as an you know as an altcoin we're talking about generally with all coins 0.5% risk for me and pretty much just doing the exact opposite of everything that I wanted it to do so we'll see her man the original trade initiation we do have the daily breaker up here so that was the breakout trade if you're being very conservative you're waiting for the break up above the daily breaker I bought the potential breakout and price just pretty much reversed on me so not every trade I make is a fantastic one man but looking at time transformation time transformation did give us a buy here and it is giving us a buy here so a little bit of consolidation underneath the resistance trendline and now breaking back above it and holding inside the value area still below support some looks fairly gnarly but it have a nice did have a nice 4% pump there right there so what kind of wait-and-see men I like Z cash but overall market cycle looks like crap and just goes to show you even I make mistakes see here go look at HMO ku my HMO currently getting resistance from the tinkin song lagging span below price meaning we are in a bearish trend we'll see we'll see what kind of reaction we get off the oversold buy signal you know pumped up gave it right back to the Markey it's still consolidating above the trend line have not hit my stop-loss yet so we'll just wait and see man being kind of patient with this pea potential double bottom chart pattern so we'll we'll see looking at the emos yet projection for the 21 exponential moving average which has been suppressing price pretty much I guess the easiest way to look at this is that if you if you wanted to buy a potential breakout you would be buying either too close or the open and close above the 21 exponential moving average and targeting 255 or you'd be waiting till we get back up to the daily breaker which is about point zero one five looking at I guess a little bit more short-term for Z cash what do I think about the intraday sorry let's go I hate looking at i'm Primack bench moving wiggle-waggle around I'm gonna hear about one point or point zero one three four to just around this rain right here um but again I'm some pretty significant resistance overhead as well so just in it just in a consolidation range man now you had an attempt to break out to the upside but got rejected from previous resistance doesn't look awfully fantastic ormally just looks like a little bit more the same I'd say that if we are able to get back above you know like on a convincing closing basis we're able to get back up of this resistance not point zero one three seven four four four six so just round that down point zero one three seven four then we'll probably see s spec higher we're now just consolidating in that range but remember we custom we test the support one two three four times it's likely that if we do end up rejecting from here that support will not hold and we'll look to revisit I guess there's potentially a liquidity grab that we could have down to point zero one three three but happen in time I kind of built become an entire name again the the worst case scenario is the worst-case scenario is that we do fall back into the descending glitch pattern that's the button level at the ledge putting us all the way down here as this level already been bought up once twice it's currently being bought up right now we'll see not looking not going to lie not looking very you sorry about that guys have you tried turning it off and back huh again you did that fix the issue you I did unplug the microphone and plug it back again and so hopefully that helps you you all right cool guys sorry about that yeah I don't know what's up with that for the first time last night and you know what's interesting is I did reorganize to where I did have the overhead mic cuz it just clears out my desk a little bit more and they started doing that whack a noodle reman I don't know know what it is but you know they say mics are supposed to they say mics are supposed to be good for a long time and this is a really nice microphone I don't know we'll see you guys anywho zurz we'll see here if Dirk gets bought into a little bit more here I mean just on its face you know bullish push up you're looking to buy the pullback you mmm bobak really wouldn't be until back down here around 32 cents or excuse me 0.3 to 12 the first pullback was already bought up right here so see if they gets if they get their face smashed in or not but just on its face I mean logically you would you would take the chance and buy the pullback after a big volatile move like that where we try to short it will see men you Wow yeah second guy you Wow cool right you sounds like you're being invaded by an alien takeover your voice it could happen alright guys it is two o'clock that means I must depart from you guys thank you guys so much for another excellent show guys thank you so much for showing up I highly appreciate the support you guys are fantastic and amazing people I appreciate all the support man let me give a I've got a few things to talk about so don't run just yet I gots to give a shout out of course to anybody but I missed let's see here moving down a little bit we do have jared Maxfield Luke's Burland Alexander marki Valera eyes etaf and Westar thank you guys so much for the subscriptions on YouTube highly appreciate the support I want to give a shout out and a thank you to junior out of mud spaced space there d9l pay zero and the BTC bull thanks guys so much for the follows on Twitch highly appreciated make sure you guys head on over here there's a bunch going on guys a lot going on at cracking cryptocurrency um of course we are doing the five masternode giveaway 4 X 42 so still an opportunity six days left for your not for an opportunity to win enough enough X 42 to stake your own masternode of X 42 so go check that out X 42 Tech proud supporter of the show we have a new article on our website guys so if you had to crack in cryptocurrency calm and go to our blog you'll see a new article here about Tron's upcoming hard fork make sure you guys go check that out get yourself educated about what's going on everybody's talking about the etherium hard fork but Ron actually has a hard fork coming up as well make sure you guys go check out at the website if you had a extras for countdowns in a theory and we actually have our dev Ben he made a fantastic updated by the chain write updated per block right you're not gonna find a timer like this anywhere else on the internet we've made he's made timers like this previously for Manero v for ether classic for oyster pearl so if you're interested to know exactly what moment the the hard fork is going to occur this is gonna tell you because it's based on the block not based on some arbitrary time and this automatically recalculates based on differences in block length or size so guys will check that out we highly appreciate the support again he did this for free guys so if you want to give him a little bit of a donation power up to code he'd highly appreciate that guys all that stuff goes directly to been doing really omens work here trying to us out alright guys if this is your first time to show guys thumbs up buttons and subscribe we highly appreciate that if you want to come on over to twitch TV forward slash cracking crypto we appreciate the the follow where the subscription over there helps us keep the lights on and of course helps us improve the show do you guys would like to help us out some more you gotta so you can check out some merch guys you guys can get yourself a sweet cracking cryptocurrency t-shirt I've heard that wearing our merch or drinking stuff out of our out of our coffee mugs does make you 85% more successful in your trades and 90% more attractive that's scientifically proven good thank you guys so much for the support and help and wait let's see is there anything else that I need to mention I want to give a shout out to x42 spectre security coin mm Oh coin and your crypto daily proud sponsors yo talked about the X 42 giveaway if you guys would like to trade along with me have access to all the trade signals and setups the indicators the mentoring the courses you guys can check out the banner at the top of the screen premium crack and cryptocurrency comm would love to trade along with you guys and help you guys out in your trading journey and experience and of course we're still looking for individuals to help us out so if you guys are if you guys have any skill with designing thumbnails if you guys have any skill with designing are doing videography graphic editing or writing we'd be highly interested in having you approached us iridescent red pupil if I start and that's about it guys yeah so anyway you guys wanna help us out we highly appreciate that man um and I guess I want I do want to pose a question guys so um I think the question of the day is gonna be about deserve let's go take a quick look at SERP again so what do you guys think do you think this is gonna be sustained bullish movement or pump-and-dump alright do you think this is herb's exit scam or sustained bullish movement guys I let us know in the comments or ideally I'm head on over to discord crack and cryptocurrency calm and keep the conversation going guys it's not just about the show it's about the community so thank you guys so much for your time wisdom and experience and the support guys it's been a fantastic show and I will see you guys tomorrow at the same time and until then great safely and I hope the show has helped you crack cryptocurrency

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