Breaking Bitcoin Market Update – Liquidity Grabs and More Range – Live Analysis

all right guys alright alright alright alright boom hidden with the intro guys coming in lives at you shout out to Ben Kirkland for the design on the intro beautiful stuff as always beautiful stuff is all and we're here guys we made it whoo hey no freaking out guys we made it I was able to fix the god-forsaken internets alright guys thank you for joining me today for another breaking Bitcoin market update of course I am Justin Wise lead analyst and senior mentor crack and cryptocurrency dot-com and today is Wednesday February the 13th 2019 and of course obligatory pause for water okay great let's get this thing going guys hopefully you guys are doing well out there mmm let me see if there's anything interesting to talk about right off the top of my head didn't really see any interesting news that I want to go over nothing particularly interesting I'll let all the other kind of youtubers and streamers cover the the more day-to-day mundane news nuggets of course there's some crypto whale out there some Bitcoin billionaire that says you guys should buy now while it's cheap well duh anyways moving on uh alright let's get right to this of course we do have just two days left in the giveaway guys let me refresh this make sure this is up-to-date two days left in the giveaway take yourself on over to cracking cryptocurrency dot-com and enter to win if you have not already 350 total entrants only two days left in the giveaway we will do this live on the air of course you will you are competing for a free month of access to the premium trading group for crack and cryptocurrency access to all the wonderful stuff that members do receive you can participate using any of your existing social media accounts you do not need to create a unique account for this particular giveaway now when this finishes up we are going to listen mister but when this finish is up we will be when this finishes up we will be doing a giveaway 5 masternodes worth of x42 coin will be the next giveaway following that we'll be giving away quite a large portion of MMO coin as well guys so proud supporters of the show we give them a big thank you a big thank you for allowing us to do this promotion with them um let's see the unconfirmed transactions have come down quite a bit since that thirty thousand dollars from yesterday let's see what do we go over yesterday this was a big bust this WikiLeaks thing alright moving on let's take a look at some let's take a look at some volumetric data guys first thing we always want to look at is VC depth IO give the page a nice refresh guys as always let's take a look at the global market depth ratio the top the top earners for MDR are still UDC USD see impact so still a lot of individuals moving their proceeds their profits into stable coins as we would expect the top 20 for our MDR growth in MDR is MPX s-wave waves and z cash so we will be taking a look at those alright looking at bitcoin 24 our price changed down about half a percentile on the daily MDR down about one point five three percent total that's it's so it's that's its total growth so not not extremely bearish a fairly neutral actually a theory UM's MD are actually up a little bit like Queens MD our overall up still positive still more buyers than sellers in litecoin Ripple more sellers than buyers as well as us DT which is interesting interesting people seeming to to prefer us DC and UDC now one of the things that I had mentioned yesterday one of the things that I had mentioned yesterday was although I do use tether because there's more pairs to trade tether to there is an argument to be made for using UDC u.s. DC now think about this for a second particularly us DC because they are if you are if you are a traitor if you're an American trader and particularly if you're going to be trusting a stable coin to go into tether is not if if all the worst fears in the world come true in BitFenix becomes insolvent and they default on their obligations for tether and the Treasury is drained and the money is not there to repay back investors I think that a company like circle which is backing us DC is going to you're going to have a much better chance of getting your money back from a company like circle our square so Vesey depth just a tidbit Maxo the MDR changed interesting interesting interesting cool I missed that little news nugget man I suppose I should probably subscribe to the I should probably subscribe to the VC depth that IO newsletter giveaway alright we continue to see rising open interest which is pretty good to see after just on just on a pretty good pretty good pretty good steady upwards trend here guys anyways moving on nearest five percent of price getting a little bit more short-term action aetherium looking a little more bullish ripple looking a little bit more bullish and litecoin looking a little more bullish but we do have to look at that 24 hour MDR change as well so let's take a look at Bitcoin you're right they did at bit max all my dreams have come true Oh fantastic alright so taking a look at the market depth ratio nothing significant nothing massive here a lot of sellers have dropped off but they haven't fully retreated into panic mode seller still on the rise everything's pretty much neutral on Bitcoin I'm not really eager to jump into a position one way there took a scallop on bit max obviously I talked about that on the stream yesterday bit next drop down to that 3550 35 60 level I did get an average fill around 35 55 because I had buy set at 35 60 35 50 last night I set a $50 trailing stop that hit I exited with about 0.74 percent profit that's not too bad aetherium the same thing I had talked about in the premium group how I was scaling into aetherium with $1 by order space so I got filled i got filled at 118 117 and 116 of course price came six cents above 115 they just knew i had a buy order there they didn't it's just that's that's what people say but they didn't and i said a four dollar trailing stop last night so add on that at about 3% profit got snapped out on an attempt to take litecoin to the upside now my kind of my analysis is shifted a little bit on like one just looking at price action we'll get into that here in just a little bit so nothing really fantastic to talk about here for a theory I'm on market depth ratio nothing really giving us a clear signal one way or the other a theory I'm looking exactly the same of course let's go take a look at litecoin I like when there's still more buyers than sellers which there will be at the top of an uptrend so we do need to coach this we knew that we do need to take this information with a grain of salt and we need to we need to convert it into a method that will give us actionable traits so we do know that the top of an uptrend there are going to be there are going to be more individuals attempting to put on Long's and we do want to look for opportunities in the market when the lungs are getting overconfident however typically typically as long as the market depth ratio is bullish meaning that there are more spot buyers than spot sellers price will in general continue to go up looking at ripple right here there's not yet we don't yet have the impetus to be in a to be in a positional ripple trade did take ripple to the upside last night I've got in right before the pump used a 120 sat trailing stop so I was able to take initial profits at come on brain work let me go over here to my chart and tell you sorry guys okay yeah took initial profits at 36 3660 my bad eighty six sixty eighty six sixty came down and hit my trailing stop and now I'm kind of waiting to re-enter we'll see that when we get to the church all right tell you Light Yagami what's going on you hey Delilah what's going on make sure you're paying good attention in school I love you too honey all right now let's okay so haven't looked at this sorry let me get back over to my screen here I was looking at some stuff let's take a look at bigger see if we see any actionable information let's just roll this back a little bit so we can kind of couch this data and what's really going on I just want to see a bull and bear income okay good and this is kind of exactly what I want to see so we can see spikes and bear income pressure versus to the upside spike symbol and come to the downside spikes and Barrett Bullen come to the downside what do we see right now spikes in bull income so long-term profitable positions and we can justify this we can back this up by looking at the fact that proceeds are flowing into UDC u.s. DC profits are flowing into stable coins so so interesting to see we do see that bear income is quite low at this current point in time actually if we go ahead and zoom on over we can see the exact same thing bear income is quite negative so everybody in short positions is underwater everybody in a long position is in good profit everybody that entered around this area so now is this gonna tell us exactly when and where and how price will go down no it just tells us to be on the lookout for a potential trend reversal that's Android correlations but ask some I don't think there's really any point to looking at that we will take a look at coin farm online here real quick and coin farm online aggressiveness is fairly flat okay so haven't done that so what information can we take from that the bull bear income is telling us to be on the lookout for a potential topping formation in Bitcoin and we can expect aetherium to go in lockstep with it we can expect ripple ripple has the potential to counter trade Bitcoin strength so we can look for potential opportunities up side especially looking at recent price action we can assume we can assume that that light coin has hit initial take profit targets as we took light coin to the upside we can look there there is potential for it to continue on its climb but as we can see right now it does look like it's on the way down now we have to be careful about when and where we exit because light coin being at the top of the earning potential is going to be extremely volatile for the short term so we do have to be very careful if we're looking to get a good position a good entry for a move to the downside so I'll show you guys kind of the areas that I'm keeping my eye on as we move forward and of course I'll be posting those out to the members when I actually do initiate a position so I'm currently for myself couple all coins positions a couple couple stabs that I'm going to take for scalps this morning those have been posted to the members group overall still in a TRX h19 short have been in that short since 7:45 average entry so I don't see any indications to get out of that I've already taken profits so it's about 50% it's about 50% of a position now I added previously and then price ended up spiking extremely down so I took profits on that when we did hit that initial profit level the next level that I'd like to see for TRX h19 to the downside is 575 but I'm not adding to my position yet I'm kind of going to wait wait and see how things shake out here a little bit slow calm patient easy trading so far just lower lows lower highs um let's see here okay let's get over to the church talk about some stuff you right let's start off with let's start off with the old bit next coin let's start off with Bitcoin on bit next the deilluminati Delilah that's that's what it is okay so looking at looking at looking at the 12-hour charter let's actually start with the 24 hour chart actually looking at the 24 hour chart I want to make sure that I have my settings correct getting a little bit of lag all right cool and we are going to be looking at the 12 hour time frame for our trend we're going to be using seven for our cycle length and we are not going to be calculating advance price action just for the purposes of this demonstration all right so we do see that we currently have a bullish day as far as our trending indicators telling us we obviously had a bearish day yesterday a little a little nice not a spinning top doji but just a doji candle almost a long-legged doji depending on how you want to call it came back down to that support level that I was talking about thirty five fifty thirty five sixty did a little bit of a run-up I mean this is very difficult to trade liquidity to the downside cleared out liquidity to the upside cleared out and then currently you know depending on how the daily closes we can kind of get some reference if you're doing candlestick analysis so much way this is going to go if we take a look at our exponential moving averages just the exact same thing that I was saying yesterday not really eager to be in a position to the downside until the daily breaks the twenty one exponential moving average currently just sandwiched in between the twenty one exponential moving average and the fifty five exponential moving average just like on a weekly timeframe price is sandwiched in between come on now you oh sorry we're going to have to go to the bet stamp chart to see that apologies just like on the weekly timeframe sorry lost my dramatic lost my dramatic flair there just like on the weekly timeframe price is sandwiched in between the two hundred exponential and the two hundred simple moving average so in so while and until that changes I still just rained on we do see some some promising ascending price action with the two hundred simple moving average moving up and supporting price of course price did bounce off that two hundred simple moving average as well as the 3390 area of horizontal supporting resistance that we had talked about however let's coach exactly what I said previously you you just a second guess you you hey Delilah chill out in the chat honey this is serious grown-up time okay thank you alright guys so just like price is sandwiched on the weekly timeframe in between the 200 exponential and the 200 simple moving average now price is being supported with an ascending uptrend on the 200 simple moving average on the weekly timeframe however as I said previously hey thanks so much Jack Jack K 23 just like as I said previously 3390 horizontal level of support and resistance if if price as I said if price does get a movement off 3390 I was very speculative about fact or about the potential of it gaining enough volume and liquidity to be able to break above horizontal resistance coming in looking at the weekly equilibrium block coming in around four thousand four thousand one hundred and two now we have a lot of areas of resistance coming in here obviously that two hundred exponential moving average we have the descending trendline on the daily we could plot it on the weekly but it's more accurate on the daily I'm just plotting from the wicks down we have been rejected from that area on the daily time frame three times already one two three now we do know this the more times the resistance is tested the more time excuse me the more that resistance or support are tested the weaker that they become and the more it's just like useless it's useless the more exposed I said to calm down in the chat Delilah so that people can pay attention to what I'm trying to do thank you so much I appreciate your support so the more times that we test resistance or support the weaker it becomes we do know this however until that resistance breaks until that resistance breaks in a strong convincing fashion we do have to assume our negative bias and look to put shorts on in those areas you so my optimal shorting area still becomes just as I was saying when we were coming up here to this area as we were coming in line with the daily resistance diagonal trendline still looking in these areas to put on shorts which is exactly what I was saying previously at this point in time now if we are able to break above the lead my life is going wonderful today all right now the first potential sign of bullishness would be a daily close above the 55 exponential moving average however that would be one of that would be one of three for me the current resistance is that we have been able to unable to break above currently for bitcoins declining price action has been the 55 exponential moving average on the daily time frame the diagonal resistance trend line and the weekly equilibrium block okay um so we have those levels pretty well spaced out we obviously have the 55 exponential moving average coming in at 3708 we have the diagonal trend line if we were to plot where we would potentially break that level let's just project into the future a little bit we're gonna say 38 under to 38 50 and then of course we have the weekly equilibrium block coming in between 4,000 and 4,100 now as we start to break those levels if you want to take a risky overall counter trend trade you can start pyramiding into positions on the way to the upside however I'm still going to be looking to put on shorts in this area and then I will reevaluate if we're able to close the daily above the diagonal resistance trendline now I still think that even if that does happen I still think that even if that does happen I think that will most likely be heading into a bull trap I do think that we need to go lower than we need to go I do think that we need to go below 3000 to pick up the liquidity and to clear out the market before we do go back up now can I be wrong about that yes absolutely am I married to my opinion no I'm not I'm not married to any particular individual trade position asset class it doesn't matter I'm a trader and so the purposes of analysis are to help me establish my bias however at the end of the day it comes down to as a trader analysis is different than trading it comes down if this then that logic if this happens then I will do this no no hesitation no doubt I won't I won't check stock twits I won't get on youtube and see what another streamer is telling me to do I will I will execute my trades based upon my strategy so my current strategy for Bitcoin is to be is to is to look for opportunities I still do think that we could potentially have another leg up again I'm not gonna be running to put on a short order until the daily does close convincingly below the 21 exponential moving average if we do go over to Mex which is where I'm actively trading if we go down to the lower timeframes I can point out the area where I think will have a potential play here in a little bit now we have these two equal lows I think that this is where shortstops are gonna be placed and we're also on long stops are going to be placed excuse me not shortstops short stop orders to the downside are gonna be placed in this area right here below these two equal lows and and long buy and long stop losses are gonna be placed in this area so this is gonna be the next area for a liquidity grab if you are looking to tentatively if you if you wanted to trade a counter trend or if you wanted to be a little bit more risky this is the area where you would have your buy orders placed or potentially you would just be monitoring the market have an alert set for this area when price drops down to this area you don't know how volatile it will wick down so it becomes difficult to to calculate risk management now of course you can always do something like average true range which is how I prefer to set rates so average to range one Average True Range project below that's only six dollars I don't think that's gonna be enough I love you too honey thank you so much for watching the show baby I don't think that's gonna be enough to really keep you in the trade so you know potentially going up to a higher time frame like the one hour or the four hour projecting 180 are below price or even potentially depending on your risk appetite 2.5 to 3 point one xat our that's all in your personal preference and your risk appetite personally I prefer to use a higher time frame one xat are below the swing low and or I like to establish a range box which I've demonstrated on this show before so I'll use something like the the depending on what time frame that I that I determine I'm going to trade on and what I think is the the time horizon for the particular trade generally I do most of my active trading on the 1-hour the 30-minute in the four-hour although recently becoming have have come to really appreciate the three hour chart honestly on a lot of assets in cryptocurrency but that's more that's more experimental for right now honestly so one thing that I will commonly do is I will oh and I will project an area of 180 are above 280 are below and 3.5 80 are below the 180 are to 280 are is going to establish an entry box for me so I'll give you an example here we'll do that we'll do that for we will do that for then max here this is for xbt on that mix so we have an average true range of about six dollars and I'm going to call it forty three cents I'm going to round up so we have our swing low at 35 50 you you you you bar hold on a second you you you there we go so all I've done here guys is I've measured from the swing low up 180 are down to 80 are and down 3.5 80 are and what this will allow me to do is construct an entry zone and remember the logic behind this is playing off the liquidity grab this is a playing off liquidity grab entry okay we don't know how far price how far below price will go all we can do is establish an area where we were comfortable entering and look to look to manage our risk at an appropriate level so in this in this scenario I have my entry box and then I will either fairly arbitrarily or fairly non arbitrarily ladder buys in this area either ten twenty thirty forty as a pretty appropriate area so ten at the top twenty at the swing low thirty in the median so one eighty are below price and I'm just gonna eyeball it and assume that that's about 180 are below price right there so halfway in between the swing low so 10 20 30 40 you can ladder limit orders in that way remember of course you do get paid to use limit orders on mechs so anybody that is used to trading on Finance and says you know again this is this is one thing that's I don't dollar-cost average into a position that is that is and drawdown for me if I don't have a plan two dollar cost average into a trade but I will commonly ladder enter a trade I'll also commonly ladder exit and this is a this is kind of you know I've worked with a lot of people in trading I've worked up a lot of people in cryptocurrency and some people that's like completely foreign to but you don't know how far down or far up price will go so you you take so you take your best you take your best bet you take your best bet and you manage your risk and you try to provide all other options otherwise the other way to trade again there's a limit there's there's many many many different types of twists this type of trading is more strategic where you are attempting to predict where price will go I'm using price action in this particular example or you can use whatever metric you want on this i'm just i'm just using volume and price action but for for your more aggressive active type trading generally what you're doing is just breakout trading or breakdown trading where you're entering on a bullish impulse sign and then you're just actively monitoring the trade actively monitoring the trade perhaps you have an alert set or a particular strategy that you're following and when the price turns you you mark it exit you hey off-kilter concepts not your son buddy but I appreciate the concept in comment and that is potentially possible but so if we can go back if we go back over to this example let me show you something like in SFP let me show you something like an SF P so here we go here's the here's something similar right here so I've just described a scenario right here where price could potentially go up and let's just go down here to this example right here where we did have to equal lows and and applying your methodology to that is well if we break 3350 then we're going down well what happened we had an SFP we had liquidity tapped into because in this area we had a lot of people trying to sell into a breakdown and we had a lot of long stops in this area everybody that entered in this area had their stop losses placed below the swing level or everybody that entered in this area had their stop losses placed below the swing low liquidity got cleared out price continued to move sideways and then went up so not saying that's what's going to happen obviously the market structure is a little bit different but this is a fairly common repeatable pattern that you do see quite common so for determining which way price is gonna go I'm gonna stay off the 30-minute chart this is just for more active day trading so this example in scenario that have just pointed out is going to be for more active day trading for me personally I prefer to stick to the daily the 12-hour the eight-hour a three-day at the weekly it's give me a firm indication of where price is gonna go and based on that I will not be looking I will not be rushing to enter into a short position until until the daily closes below the twenty one exponential moving average I'll get a lot of confirmation with that of course I'll get the I'll get the bearish crossover on my indicator most likely will also enter into a 12 over bearish trend and I'll feel much more confident and comfortable taking that position not expecting 3390 to hold at that level of course that level is 34 to 34 10 on neck's I would not expect that level to hold the Bulls already bought that level up twice actually three times honestly so I would not would not expect that to hold as resistance now and then I just hold my positional short open until such time as I get signs of a market reversal but I would expect price to at least go down to 3,200 potentially even even much lower because I'm not sure we can't be sure that we're going to get a positive supportive bounce off 30 to 25 or 30 121 thanks Jeff hey we might go to the left if the gets absolutely crazy dude I'm daughter left I can swear now okay awesome all right so not really Russian and guys just sideways action very difficult to trade of course you can't be doing your short scalps as I did last night because this was the candle that sorry so we got to scroll back just a little bit make sure that we're being logically consistent this was the candle no this was the candle that we actually got filled on and then we had this big spike down did not set the trailing stop until until last night and then got that it so currently out of position on XP team taking my a little bit of profit a little less almost a 1% profit but whatever not not a big deal I'm aetherium was more of a winner for me again I do sometimes prefer to trade aetherium because it's just more volatile I'm sorry let's look at something here real quick on the 30 minute chart so we can get a more clear indication of where what price is doing okay so let's look at this to descending points of control descending points of control for 1 2 3 4 5 days and then now day 6 we have a pretty equidistant level end point of control we've attempted to break to the downside we've tapped in liquidity here I would not be surprised to see a liquidity play if we do move up doesn't mean we have to it's just a pattern that we do see repeat itself currently above the current daily session so the determining factor in my mind for the short term is if the daily is able to close above 35 + 96 3600 if the daily closes above 3,600 I'll potentially be looking to open up a long entry and looking at this area as support but for right now at this point in time not doing anything not doing anything uh in this in this kind of market I mean you know everybody clamors to go long to go short to go long and do a short all you got to do guys is wait for all you got to do is look at the daily the daily daily trend as the daily trend had been bullish um so actually if we go down to the it doesn't matter what what timeframe of chart you want to look at whether you would have looked at the three hour the two hour the four hour you would have been in this trade on one of these candles you would have been in a long position on one of these candles guys and if you don't have access to my indicator if you're not in the Premium Subscription group then you can just use this little trick guys it's called a ganache II bullish trend don't dunt dunt dunt do bearish trend you're out now do you need to use something a little bit more than just hiking Oishi yes you do yes you do you need to use something a little bit more than hiking Oishi but looking at hike on a sheet and not japanese candlesticks for determining trend that's what you need to do again I'll repeat this for like the ninth thousandth time um there's only there's only there's only three there's only Wow okay so let me let me let me take that back it's not three I would say this is what I was told by somebody that I highly respect and I agree with them on part of it so let me just repeat the original statement and this is what my this is this is what one of my friends and former mentors told me he told me that there that he he only knows of three trading strategies that work only three that's hiked annachi Renko and Ichimoku it's what he said that's what he told me a long time ago he said that's it man hi Kenosha Renko it's you moku doesn't the only three that work 100% now that's mean you'll get a hundred percent profit but over time if you develop a strategy around those those those methodologies of course coming up with specifics is going to be on your own challenge to your in research but and I do do firmly believe that that he's he's wrong because I think that volume volume by price works as well in momentum as determined by the Fisher algorithm are highly indicative of being able to make profitable trades because again I cannot a is going to be a slightly lagging indicator for for quick reversals because remember it takes a while for the trend to turn bearish now as we can see here the bars don't back repaint themselves for I ganache on this candle did close green this candle did close green so you had indications to be in the trade here and again didn't matter whether you wanted to look at a two-hour chart or a 4-hour chart 4-hour chart would add unit rate six hour chart woulda had you in the trade 8-hour chart woulda had you in the trick just keep in mind that these are not reflective of actual in the time prices but they are reflective of the time period so so look at I can ask you four trend oh or look at Renko Renko takes I actually prefer I can now she's easier Renko is more tradable but you do have to you have to understand it you have to understand but you're going to need to pair yourself with some kind of indicator that can tell you when the market is turning and currently I haven't found one better than the Fischer transform and why I've programmed my indicator the way I have also had help programming divergence a natural volume and there's just many many ways you can do this I've been the last so I've been working on this for the last month and the last week I've had it I've had it I've had the latest version done but I've just been living in strategy tester because now I don't really like I'm trading new strategy tester I'll be honest with you because it's actually going to execute trades that a little bit offset actually sometimes drastically offset like one candle later then I would actually execute the trade but it's pretty good for giving you an indication of whether or not your profit your your your your strategy is profitable so I am working on automating this obviously for the premium subscribers so that's kind of taken a whole lot a lot of bulk of my work right now all right you okay that's it's pretty much it's pretty much all I got for Bitcoin today guys price flat putting in two to concurrent's two consecutive point of controls that are fairly equi distant if this if this level does hold that support I see two scenarios a wick and liquidity grab down below thirty five fifty but wouldn't be rushing into and to a trade based off that um if the daily does end up closing again homie be let me be like completely consistent here if the daily closes below the twenty one exponential moving average and the trend turns bearish I will be looking to enter into a short but not until then period period okay Bitcoin terraeum daily timeframe for mr. aetherium get rid of that get rid of this make sure we're looking at the right timeframe okay here's the here's my base uh this is based off Fibonacci and also breakers on horizontals these are my price targets for aetherium short-term targets to the upside are still 131 28 to 130 and 135 to 140 actually sorry that's too wide of a wrench let me be more let me be more logically consistent you you hmm for some reason interesting you just a second you that's annoying anyways this level coming from 137 actually to 140 and 128 to 131 okay would be the upside targets we did have we saw we pulled back down here and did an SR slight flip why are these these levels are annoying they don't like them some reason they're not scaled to the chart which is aggravating let me try refresh in the page you hey what's going on martial-arts dad yeah we can take a look at me cash today man did you want to be cash sv right beautiful donkey man how do I get that indicator you can join the premium trading group my friend you get access to that I'm coming out soon quadri go ATR my moving averages indicator and lots of other fun fantastic so what the heck is going on I knew the tradingview was talking about making an update but uh oh I see what they did I do not like this trading view I guess I guess it's okay changes changes going through changes did I look at sir Bitcoin nope not yet no be cash ABC enough f8 Toshi alright man we will look at the we'll look at the we'll look at well look at the real fake Bitcoin man not the fake fake Bitcoin no problem in okay so a theorem u.s. dollar on Mex on the daily timeframe now this is more this is this is a little bit more of a spinning top doji that I like on the other side evening star currently an evening star daily candle pretty pretty good reversal pattern right there the lower timeframes don't look too bad but of course we do have to trade off the higher time frames haven't gotten the confirmed cross under on on the Fischer yet excuse me on the time transformation and we're also still believe it or not they'll have a bit of a bullish trend to the daily this is exactly kind of what I talked about etherium just like just like just like Bitcoin I'm kind of sandwiched in between the 21 daily exponential moving average and the the daily 55 exponential moving average so I'm just gonna be patient here a little bit guys you know took that took that trade to the upside for aetherium not really eager to hop back in a position either just looking at but obviously look Bitcoin bitcoin leads the charge on aetherium so bitcoin does our aetherium does what bitcoin does just the theorem just moves more rapidly we don't have as much we don't have as much data to go off with the theorem because we haven't had multiple tests of resistance like we had like we have had with aetherium what we do know but we do know though is that unlike Bitcoin cerium Hasmik has made strides above its resistance a little bit more significantly and a little bit more volatility that's why again theorem does become the more interesting to trade so let's just be logically consistent in what we're trying to say here the daily making a very valiant struggle to close above the 55-inch moving average but currently getting rejected so what would I need to see to be entering into a short position let's go down to let's go down to a lower timeframe and take a look here guys I'd say the e the earliest one that I would have to see the 12-hour I quite like that you if I'm gonna be logically consistent with how I'm actually looking to trade this I mean the reality of the situation is I won't be looking at the theorems price independently I'm pretty gonna I'm pretty much going to be waiting for Bitcoin to do exactly what I said I wanted it to do which is as I said above or below above or below and we'll kind of see how today plays out as well right now everybody's just kind of running to get into a position and that's not me man that's not me oh we've had a we had a good trade to the upside here good trade to the upside here good trade to the downside here good trade to the upside here and now we'll just wait I will just wait and be patient guess bias to be looking for opportunities to get back in an aetherium long you got my opportunity yesterday but took my profits so let's go down to thee 30 minutes time frame and see if we can make some sense of this yeah the the etherium the etherium VPS be looking a little bit more positive than Bitcoin honestly so Bitcoin consecutive lower lows and then finally putting in that flat equidistant a lower low whereas with the theorem we were in a downtrend and we had a nice double spike back up consolidated in this level for a little bit and now we're trying to hold this previous level as support so getting above the daily VP SV getting above the de sessions of EPS V around 121 so you can look to be a little bit more bullish if we end up closing down below this level then this would be kind of be a wipeout of this level of support you can look to take a scalp short down to a lower level of support by using the PSP makes things pretty simple these things are magnets guys the problem is this level has already been tested right here this levels already been tested for liquidity the level that has not been tested yet is just this current one because this net this one now has we can consider this tested this BBA price did come back down and retest the point of control of yesterday's session grabbed it for liquidity just like we saw here so we have these two these three actually fairly equi distant lows logic would tell you if we go below that we're going down just like right over here we have two fairly equi distant lows logic would tell you if we break below that we're going lower it's not what happened we put in an SFP liquidity grab price went up so same thing here man we've seen liquidity grabs to the downside liquidity grabs to the upside man the markets just range Brown until we break a significant level of support and resistance and with you know with hearing this price inching up I'm more biased to think that it's going to break a significant level of support or excuse me a significant level of resistance so we do have a range high coming around 120 536 we did at that SFP just recently that swing failure pattern the high of that candle was actually 125 60 so actual current range high is 125 60 but we can just quote this one if we want break at this level break at this level just pretty much the same thing that I said earlier guys I said if the daily honestly if the daily does end up closing below 114 115 then I wanted to be looking for a short position that's what I pushed it up members lounge just based off right that we can see it on the lower timeframes just based off the s our test just based off the s our test so we came down tested previous resistance that support price moved up currently experiencing resistance at this current range right here breakdown zone right here that acted as resistance right here confirm resistance right here and that's all that that's all we're trying to do men break to the upside we've got upside targets here here speculatively here speculatively here I don't think we're gonna be able to hit these higher targets until until after we tap into liquidity now breakage below that level if we do end up going below 114 and this level fails as support then I'm going to be pyramiding in two short positions and I'm going to be looking to add at a hundred this was gonna be an initial take profit zone if we end up blasting through that then I won't take profit I'll just appear I'll just add to my position I'll just add to my position after that potentially adding to my position after $80.00 and then this is my low side target for aetherium $55 to $65 and this is another initial take profit target as well so prepared for the downside and prepared for the upside guys yeah ut3 pass it's available to all the subscribers to the cracking cryptocurrency premium trading group so is quadri go ATR see see EEMA which to be fairly honest is not that spectacular the next strategies that we're working on are gonna be uh you know and sorry I like catchy names but Midas touch I've been working on that that's actually a strategy that I trade it's actually going to be a reference so if you guys want to want to see one particular strategy that I trade quite frequently my setup looks like this the MACD is not an inherent part of this actually but I've been experimenting around with it generally I use time transformation without the bells and whistles I just simply just like this right here so this is a glimpse into how I spend a lot of my days actively trading except this is the daily and so I'm working on implementing this into a strategy you you dr. Faisel onna 2fast says this market is made to make Bitcoin to decouple from all coins by shaking as many as possible out then once bitcoin is decoupled from all that chaff we can take off slowly but surely in 2022 well man I hope we I hope we start accumulating before then you know I'd really like to start seeing accumulation around August but hey you know what anything's possible that's why I prepared to be to the downside so listen guys bear market bear market has a my little a my a little excited right now for the current for a little bit more for a little bit more squeezed to the upside yes but let's just be realistic about what's going on here guys always looking always looking for the Bears to attack at any moment and looking to get back in my nice positional short guys so probably one of the best things you could probably be probably do right now is be neutral being cash being fiat and wait for a strong market movement you know it's just that here's the thing man those have been so rare lately those have really been so rare you know if we go back and look at let's just look at Bitcoin let's be realistic about let's just be realistic about the market that we're trading in guys um let's go look at the weekly timeframe on Bitcoin alright yeah what do we see over here all right I mean since I mean really since since 2000 you know 15 higher highs higher lows higher highs higher lows higher highs higher lows for like three here's me for like three years okay and then what do we see now lower highs lower lows lower highs lower lows lower highs lower lows alright so the position to be up our long position to be short down and then when we enter when we enter scenarios like this we enter scenarios like this best position to be not in a position because you're going up and you're going down you go not doing that you know I know a lot of people are very successful at trading range bound markets I wouldn't say that I'm terrible at it I'm better at trading trending environments I'm better at trend trading strategies that's always been my my strong point that's why I created something like time transformation to help me out with range money markets so you know again when we break resistance or support I mean as you can see right here when we enter into an environment like this where we're just range bound which is exactly what's going on right now guys exactly what's going on um when we do break one way or the other okay there's plenty of time and opportunity to get into a position don't be obsessed with buying the bottom or shorting the top that's that's really honestly that is for that's for gamblers okay you so nothing wrong with being patient waiting for confirmation I do want to look at litecoin and then we'll look at ZURB then I want to look at litecoin looking at litecoin on the daily timeframe here's litecoin here's litecoin USD T litecoin USD T you sorry daily timeframe daily timeframe like coin USD t just shuffle along sideways we have entered into a bearish 12-hour trend I'm so potentially looking to put on shorts I think that the next level that we're gonna need to come down and test let's actually go to the 12-hour chart so we can see this a little bit more clearly on let's throw on VPS B and we just see very clearly the next level that we need to come down to we had aggressive initiation at this point right here potentially another area that we could could look to take profits on in a short position of course we can't short us DT but just looking at this for a general frame of reference the next areas that we can be looking for potential entry is gonna be 38 89 the area that I'm gonna be keeping my own as though it's 37 54 and this range right here retest to the 12-hour to an exponential let's go see if the daily does give us any lines up with that yes retest are pretty much all our Exponential's on the daily time frame we've got our hundred exponential coming in right there we're looking to have our twenty one give us the nice cross over the hundred exponential moving average the simple golden is what I call it we've got the twenty one above 255 twenty one's about to cross above the 100 exponential as well I do think the like one seems to be on its way down in the short-term and then we'll look to see if we do continue the bullish trend on a retest of that resistance or if we do break out of the sideways pattern that we're in right now although pretty significantly heading in my personal opinion to the downside now since I'm going to be trading that to the downside here let's be a little bit more specific about what I'm going to be looking for oh man I'm freaking starving but Nadia for breakfast this morning okay but before we do that I want to go check out on some coins that I'm keeping my eye on nope you yeah all right you almost almost almost no sorry to confirm it unlike we did over here so you might be asking yourself hey Justin look your indicators telling us to buy here here here and here which is fine if your dollar cost averaging but look what I've programmed in here boom that little see that little yellow diamond right at the bottom when you get the buy signal that's a natural volume telling you that there's a lot more weight behind your thing well guess what else look at that regular here let me let me zoom in on my indicator here guys so you can really see like how much work I put into this um okay you get the Bison right here the little the little green tryi hey keep your eyes open for a buy we're getting oversold okay the yellow triangles confirm when you do get across with a natural volume actually they print whenever you get a natural volume so you're looking for that in conjunction and look at that regular divergence boom divergence right there on that candle you would have been in here and the indicator told you to sell your this is zero X on the three-hour chart so I know one of my guys is playing 0x right now actually two of them are one subscriber and actually one analyst is it just got some 0x so I can only assume the double bottom play let's look at the daily you hmm you SR flip test yeah I could see it yeah tight tight tight I could see it I mean it's just logical yeah you seems logical yeah I can dig it 77 SATs you you make it 80 we managed to risk pretty tight now I don't really like it though really like it I'm not gonna lie let's look at the great foam over time here while we're over here real quick sorry maybe maybe baby you well B&B ACH and we did hit the 786 extension from the last swing I to swing low yep 786 all right checking back in with a light coin okay I'm LTCH 19 VP SV you guys can see the area that I want to be you guys can see the area that I'm interested in right here now as for when to actually enter the position ideally okay so let's go to another 30-minute time frame ideally I would like to see it is over 9000 man thank you so much I want to thank everybody else uh let me take a let me take a brief let me take a brief pause here for the cause um J hoodie tryst and slabber Peter Couchman costea aromat so your M so Charles Polidori thanks so much for the subs on YouTube guys highly appreciate it thanks so much for joining the community um if we head on over to where's that oh here we are you well shoot you recent events Buster Chen and Jack k23 thanks so much for the falls on Twitch guys I appreciate are so we come down into an area of managing risk with LTCH 19 to the downside so we're here and we want to get here we want to get here but we don't want to go here first which i think is potential so there's a couple ways you can play this depending on what time frame you want to trade on if we get another close below the VP VR then traditional strategy would tell you to go ahead and enter into your short position and set your stop loss I would do at least 180 our above so that's 9,261 SATs so like that boom daily closed below the sessions point of control you can set your stop-loss there you can also set your stop loss I mean you can set your stop-loss right there if you just want to be tighter depending on how your logic and what your risk appetite is again I do not set my stop losses directly above or below swing lows I always they always go up a little bit period period so that would be traditional logic that would be that would be not break down but confirmation to break down after the retest alternatively the areas that I would like to be that I would I would like to place limit orders it would be this area right here in this area right here grabs for liquidity so coming in around like eleven ninety and also twelve twenty doesn't mean that price gets back up to those levels it just means that after this that's the area that I'd like to that's the area that I'd like to enter so keep my eye on LTCH 19 right now not in a position right now so that's the plan hmm okay moving on dessert let's see if they're anything okay there we go you you you you while I've got Tron pulled up right here here's Tron on the 3 hour chart getting a nice little supportive bounce off the the low point of control that we put in after hitting my take profit target at 6:37 I still would like to see price come down here to 575 575 right around this region right here um one I already won one thing to keep your eye on though with TRX h19 is that you do have this as yet untested dot untested trendline so keeping my eyes on that bad boy a but I would like this to come down now in the interim in the short term which you what can you kind of be keeping your eye on I know a lot of people were pretty eager and the guys keep in mind that I've been short since we right about here some 40 ugh yeah 745 sorry so let's see here 6:52 if memory serves correctly I'd have to go back and check my logs 6:37 was the next profit target for that so we hit that quite nicely now on the three-hour chart we are seeming to want to make a little bit of run-up words what are the things that I'm keeping my eyes eyes on I'm so far nothing but a double rejection from resistance right here and not in fact not even able to make an SFP um we are making that little bit of remember we talked about this a little bit accumulation test resistance higher low potential breakout potential breakup possibility but for right now we're being governed by the point of control right here I want to see our rice reacts to this if we're able to if we get rejected from here then cool if we may be close above here and do a little spring board action especially on something like the daily so we see the daily point of control right here still below the daily point of control on the daily timeframe then potentially I'll look to enter we do see that we have entered into a bullish trend on the daily timeframe so so I'm gonna be a little bit more patient I've already locked in some pretty good profits with my TRX h19 short especially after doubling up and so it's gonna take it's gonna take a pretty bullish pronouncement for me to be out of the trade which is going to be the daily closing above the point of control so 674 675 all righty you you Scot I like how your discord says streaming streaming us that's pretty cool the way you did that alright XRP there we go you well looking at the weekly man I got to be looking for the long position you know I was really really hoping I'd get my cheeky bye dude but it's just not going to happen I just don't think it's going to happen ah the weekly trend hasn't flipped doesn't take a genius to see that what just happened that's right you better behave the weekly trend hasn't flipped yet but more often than not when we do see when we do see price on a longer time time frame come down to support and then just do absolutely nothing and go flat typically we look for a bounce typically we look for a bounce guys you it doesn't mean that we're going to balance but it just means that the dominant trend has hit a snag so you know obviously on the weekly timeframe shorts have just been running train on us I mean for the for the past two months and now they hit this level where they fit a little snag now we did this did just tap this did happen on the 14th of January the week of the 14th of January and we did just continue to the downside and then we had that pretty crazy we did that pretty crazy 10% pump that just completely continued to reject now keep this in mind we have not broken we have not broken the bullish trend lines yet we haven't broken the weekly 21 exponential moving average or the weekly 55 exponential moving average and if you guys recall the areas that I was targeting to potentially get in on on a on a cheeky spot position on XRP to refill my bags was 80 37 80 50 actually if it were to be large consistent had 7575 10 I'm not sure if we're gonna go down that low at least in the with a Gazette somebody is texting me oh I know this is you yeah we haven't broken the weekly uh we haven't broken the weekly support levels yep three-day we have broken the twin on exponential moving average this one on exponential average starting to curve down a little bit and we are sitting on that 55 exponential moving average so give us a little bit of a pause 24 hour time frame did just give us a buy signal yesterday and then we had that nice little run up obviously we took xrp to the upside we made about a nice little like one one and a half percent off that and so we'll just see daily we're coming up on the 200x finished moving average as well I haven't broken that however we do have all our lower timeframes turning down and pointing down so what does this mean what does this mean directionally positionally we're still in a short position haven't gotten confirmation but if we're looking for a spot to take a cheeky counter trend trade now is the time this is the time that we let it go I love that song if anybody knows that song it's a good one xrp goosed weekly timeframe weekly timeframe Forex rpoS DT of course this is all the market data that we have to go against you can see again where the indicator just really nailed it right here boom and then giving us unnatural volume here on this hanging man candle for the weekly pretty good opportunity to get out of your trader right there just gotta use your common sense there and then unnatural volume when you should be entering into your short position honestly the last the last month and a half pretty flat man one two three four five weeks five weeks of just flatness and ranging price action I'm sitting on previous you know kind of in the vicinity of the previous level of support kind of again you you haven't you're not bullish on the weekly by any means shape or form are you bullish on the weekly I'm in fact you in fact a stronger case is probably probably to be made for a bearish positional trade on this so not not bullish on the weekly in any in any way shape or form still not potentially looking to still not stolen me let me rephrase that again I know I say a lot of stuff guys but it depends on how you want to trade do you want to be a day trader do you want to be an investor do you want to be a counter trend trade or deal in a way for trend confirmation that's why I point all this stuff out so you guys can take all the data sets if you guys want to actually see how how I trade and put in my positions premium crack and cryptocurrency calm links in the description down below three day time frames absolutely flat as well you can see we got the buy signal here a natural volume followed we got a natural volume here ding ding ding got a goodbye signal here as well got the divergence so if this bison if you missed this buy signal then you get the regular bullish divergence on that three day candle as well all right um yeah I don't like this crap it's 100% flat and I like Trey and I want to take a trade for the USD t / you daily timeframe closing below the 21 exponential moving average looking like we're interacting with the 21 exponential moving average so far but unable to close above it in a convincing fashion just this kind of whipsaw up-down up-down pattern man men we got some goodbye signals here and divergents got a goodbye signal here but no divergence or volume to really justify it of course you could have taken the stab it's all good everything flashed by on this what indicator you use hmm sonica looks like the last two days of looks like the last two days of Bitcoin honestly liquidity grab to the downside liquidity grab to the upside four hours burn trying to see if I can't find you a position man yeah I don't like it man you don't like it nah man first thing I'm gonna be looking for daily timeframe daily timeframe closing above the 21 exponential moving average I'd really I mean with with with zerp where it's at right now I mean yeah prices low prices low is that it attractive is it at attractive price to buy but guess what guys in a bear market price can just go lower now again I think if Bitcoin tanks I think I think syrup can have a nice run up but but it's nice to wait for confirmation daily closing about the 21 exponential moving average would be nice to see the three-day closing about the 21 would be very very nice the weekly closing both the 20 my expansion my average will be very nice as well I think that if the if the weekly closes about the 2021 exponential moving average again assuming that we don't get whipsawed like we did here then actually let's go to it's gonna work daily daily we do have potential resistance coming in right here at 32 cents and then not really again until 35 36 cents so I think the daily closes about the 21 exponential moving average we might be able to hold out for 34 cents just in a short-term that's a nice that's nice right there in a low volume node right there good area to retest you yeah kind of my pot to Jasper hey Mustapha what's going on man you Caribbean crypto show nothing man I just you missed me announcing the trade that is going to make you a crypto billionaire and you can't rewind it and watch it man sorry it's what you get for walking away men you I'm glad I took my profit on aetherium when I did you you all right hour and 25 minutes into the show and what are we going to talk about now so how are you guys come here often and when I hang out I'm just kidding all right let's uh let's look at you got away got away you you I was asleep for all this you dot dot dot dot dot dot seater AGA's salon sky anyways um you you okay chill out man power ledger and then somebody asked me Texas blues hey what's going on my dude if I could please give a quick explanation of how I interpret the bid-ask some chart I would be grateful Cheers sure now keep in mind you let's go over to an Uzbek chat keep in mind I'm only going to be able to speak to keep in mind I'm only going to be able to speak to my initial interpretation of the bid-ask some I'm sure that there are many many many ways in which you could potentially trade this you'd have to do a lot of experimentation and back testing experimenting and back testing to kind of see what what potential strategies that you can weed a lot of this for me personally since I realized so much on price action I just use this as a leading indicator to kind of tell me what's going on in the order books because I don't believe in order flow trading that's just me that's just me okay so what we're looking at here is the combined order book the number of bids – asks on any individual exchange that we're looking at so typically what I do is when I load this up I'm going to look at all exchanges which is actually going to default to pip Phenix um now you can hit Auto if you want I don't really like Auto I get a lot more information on the hourly the hourly actually brings me up to the current second if you look at if you look at Auto it's going to put you back in time for some reason that I really haven't figured out hourly the daily is the same thing and to push you back in time the weekly is gonna push you even further back in time so keeping up to date on the hourly is gonna give you the best indication that you can sleep now this is going to be this is going to be indicative of bitcoins price the gray line is bitcoins price the red line is the number of asks in the order in the green line is the number of bids in the order book so typically typically when the bid-ask some when price rise when bids rise above asks generally an indication that you want to start buying generally an indication that you want to start buying another another way that this can be seen as an indication of accumulation so as we can see here price is on the decline and then when price gets to about here when price gets to this level on we see the bids just start skyrocketing and what is this telling us that that there's a lot of buying going on there's a lot of buying going on and you can see this reflected in price because price is rising and then the bids the bids are hide the bids are high everybody's buying in and then somewhere around this level pretty much everybody figures out that they've aqui and then what happens the bids just completely drop off the map the bids drop off the map as the asks rise as the asks rise rest priced down and kick out anybody that tried to accumulate in the zone and then it happens to price price moves up fairly significantly guys so this is a key aspect this is something that's very important to be watching for you want to be watching for see here's the thing you're gonna see accumulation when it happens especially on a big rise like this and this is not a hundred percent foolproof indicator man this is not a hundred percent foolproof indicator because sometimes you'll see price evaluate and then dump and then it just keeps going lower okay so all you were seeing was very short-term and one of the key indications that can be like volume did volume just like completely smash out of the market if volume completely smashed out of the market then it's generally an indication that price is gonna continue going down did volume had has vault has volume been accumulating for a while and price has been kind of rising and then we have a sharp dip but the volume still the same more than likely a little bit of manipulation trying to get price go down so when we're looking at the bid-ask some again the most general basic way to buy this is to be looking to buy when the bids across the asks as you can see that what it worked out for you quite well and then just look to sell when the when the acts when the asks excuse me when the asks across the bids you can see here where that would have not worked out for you this is why you need to use price action as well as some kind of other indication to tell you to sell but overall what do we see what do we see here looking at the last 30 days we do see a lot of we do we see a lot more buying of Bitcoin even in between 3.8 K 2 to 3 point 4 K we see a lot more buying than we see selling so this is on BitFenix which is like notoriously bullish so it's always good to couch this in between three exchanges so I look at BitFenix bit max which is always gonna be more bearish to bullish almost always and in coinbase so I look at those three exchanges I look at two spot in one features so same thing for same thing for features right here when you see when you see the asks go above the when you see the asks go above the the bids typically a good area to go short as you can see this would have been a good indication a good area to go short right here and then when you finally see what's a good time to exit your short right about here right about here when you see the bids go above the asks would have been a great time to exit your short to take profit on your short from right around here and to enter into a long position because this happened this happen in price skyrocketed so bids are still quite higher then asks which now when we're looking at futures when we're looking at futures there is there is the psychology to be able to trade off up typically when we see futures when we see long positions very high at the top of a movement it's typically an indication that price is likely to reverse especially if we can correlate that with bull bear income which we can do on bit Kerr with Bitcoin margin trading sentiment we can actually see the profitability of long positions now now to understand this you have to put yourself in the psychology of a bull or a profitable position in this market where everybody's just terrified of losing money because they don't want price to just go against them 20% in an hour what are you likely to do if you're if you're in a very profitable position you're likely to take profit you're likely to think that odds are if you just sit on your hands that your profits are gonna be eroded away you're likely to take profit now whether this is smart trading or not smart trading the reality the situation remains that when your trend trading when you're following a strong trend that's typically when you want to sit on your hands hey deal what's going on man do I trade anything else besides crypto um yeah so not not actively because trading crypto and working on my company just takes too much time and effort and energy I have traded I mean I have I started off trading stocks and options I graduated to trading Forex and then I graduated trading cryptocurrency in 2016 I've been doing that full time since then as well as running my business and educating individuals on how to trade you if I if there was something if there was something that I'd like to trade I would like to go but I would like to get back to to trading um I'd like to trade crude oil and I'd like to trade gold and palladium again those would be those would be interesting to trade I have investments in other things as well I have some real estate I have I have passive investments in some other assets as well what do I think about the Bitcoin rich list website is it real yes at Israel but to take profit we need to have a huge position to start with No I understand it'll position you take profit the largeness the largeness of your the largeness of your position size is going to depend upon your portfolio uh yeah we'll talk about us guys do I listen to any podcasts or specific people just curious any recommendations yeah I like Ivan on tech and actually uh even though you know he's not you know he's he's kind of he's kind of controversial but I like listen and Adam Meister sometimes he's got he's got some pretty good insights I'm a big fan of Peter Schiff the Peter Schiff podcast I listened to Ben Shapiro Andrew Clavin when I get some time let's see what are some other interesting podcasts that I've come across oh man here let me uh you know it's I haven't had the time to listen to a lot of podcasts lately um I used to listen to them while I worked but lately they've been distracting me a little bit more mainly because I've been coding and when I'm coding I need silence um let me see if I have my podcast catcher on this phone I don't I have it on this phone don't make fun of my chair guys you one thing you guys need one thing you guys need if you're gonna be doing a lot of trading the very comfortable chair duh faster neck nation okay here we go I got my podcast catcher on this phone you let's see here what am i following um I used to listen to ledger cast Scott recommended to me the na the MF CEO project uh for for some fun for for some fun stuff guys I check out welcome to night Vale it's a fantastic funny podcast oh Bitcoin in markets obviously by an cilinder I think he does some great work trace Mayer has Bitcoin knowledge the Bitcoin knowledge podcast used to like listening to crypto Bobby a little bit he's pretty funny guy but clay Collins has got the flipping that's a pretty good podcast or used to be anyways chap actually if you guys want my favorite favorite podcast for trading its chat with traders that's chat with traders by air in five field that's the best one um stay away from stuff like the bad crypto podcast and crypto cousins and all that stuff man I think that stuff's kind of garbage um philosophize this the Joe Rogan experience waking up with Sam Harris tides of history louder with Crowder yeah man I don't have I don't have as much time to listen to those as I'd like to but especially waking up with Sam Harris Joe Rogan and then louder with Crowder when I need a good when I need a good I need a good laugh trick I change c-cut a podcast well thanks for joining us man happy to get you over here hey I'm good yeah how you doing bro your crypto hearts broken Caribbean we're here free man I like watching the can bridge house arguments from the big whales on stage yeah I'll check that out man Oh Scott you're gonna put us on the pod catcher nice yeah I have passive investments in golden oil JAF airplane says I got a tiny position on a OS and you were up 160 percent now you're at 30% I know I can be liquidated but could I miss the bigger reward by leaving it you hmm you so so here's my here's my personal here's my personal ideology I have no idea and so I have to be very very careful with when I say things like this because all I can talk about is how I would I would manage traits and put on positions so actually we can go here and bring this baby on down and look at us okay you you all right EOS daily hiking oh she's bullish hourly chart we have the momentum hourly chart has the momentum Ranko printing red bricks you should be out of a long position should have been out right here this is when this is when the strategy would have told you'd be out of the trade now since the daily hiking Oishi is green and we have the hourly momentum you're waiting for another entry position you're waiting for Renko to print another red green brick pretty simple men I'll give you guys that one for free or I mean very simply you're looking at you're looking to pick up on retest to the hourly 21 exponential moving average now if we go let's go take a bigger term look at EOS so we can we can evaluate price action let's go look at the aspect claim you you okay you well depending on what you how you want to look at it man you know EOS has been one of the better performers yes has been one of the better performers that's not going to be logically accurate if I do that I don't think I want to do that I hate trend lines don't necessarily think they worked so I'm just going to ignore them let's not though okay I just want to throw up something for the purposes of demonstration so a couple lines that you can kind of go off your man we can see where EOS initially ran into resistance here as well as here previous areas of liquidity held down and hovered around the support level as well this was our this was our daily breaker this level right here was our daily breaker we broke that level and then we had another daily breaker right here we broke that level so yeah potentially man but if you were up if you were up a hundred and sixty bucks or one hundred and sixty percent and now you're down to thirty you need to use a much tighter trailing stop man that's what I like to do with parabolic movements like this I mean even if you're I mean doesn't matter what time frame you're trading on three hour time frame you just throw in that chandelier that man three point one three point five eight CR two point five whatever your risk management is you get kicked out of your trade you wait for a bullish retracement you look to reenter so we drew that descending trendline man we do that you're sending trend line which we broke out and broke over on let's see how price reacts to that as well as the SR flip right here see we had resistance we had resistance right here we had our we had this is our daily breaker we're coming back down to retest her daily breaker we'll see if we take that to the upset so if you were trying to follow a strong trend I mean I wouldn't be out of the trade but it depends on when you entered into the trend depends on when you enter it into the trend I mean a lot most people that weren't able to get in down here did a lot of people get in here that a lot of people get in here when we broke above resistance it's when you should have what am i using in my indicator to determine unnatural volume I think I'm gonna go ahead and hold that close to the best no offense man listen to the modern investor on YouTube no Scott does though you yeah I mean you know Jeff airplane that's that's all something that you have to determine man so I know a lot of people like when I used to trade in forex I started off doing well what a lot of people do in 4x which is like predetermined entry and exit and trailing stop or you know like so for example I I scalped Forex using VPS B so when an entry position of mine would get hit I would already have and this was all automated I would I would already have a stop loss and take profit level that was the like you know that was that was like so let's say my stop loss was 8 pips my take profit was 20 pips right didn't matter didn't matter that's scalping eight pips 20 pips like for example and I know people to trade crypto that way to I know people to trade crypto that way to you know like 30 minute time frame my stop loss for LTCH 19 or 30 minute time frame is gonna be a hundred ticks take profits gonna be 300 ticks whatever it's however you guys want to trade and if you guys don't know what ticks are if you hold if you hold shift and click on your computer on a crypto currency this number and commas to the right there is ticks so the first number is sats then percentages then ticks okay and when you're doing something like strategy testing when you're doing something like strategy testing when you're doing something like strategy testing and you're looking to implement take profits and stop losses as well as trailing stops you do have to write them in as ticks so it's good it's good to get that understanding yeah man so if you want to have that predetermined strategy where if you you know if you up 20% you take profit there's nothing wrong with that man and it's gonna be it's it would be inappropriate of me to recommend to you what's gonna work for you all I can tell you is I don't do that I I did in forex I've traded like that I prefer I prefer to use I prefer to try to enter into trends upon signs of bullish reversal especially if I spot divergence or a natural volume and then and then I will have very short term targets but I won't set hard take profits generally I'll wait until price reaches those areas if I see price stalling out or failing and getting confirmed rejection from those areas then usually I'll take profits that level and then if we if we end up breaking above those levels I'll generally market re-enter or look to re-enter for a breakout trade and then once I once I've got confirmation that we're in a bullish trend and we've broken past several resistances I'll often just set a trailing stop 3.5 X 8 TR moon and then I'll just keep tabs on it and if I see significant signs of a bullish reversal with divergence or a natural volume then I'll look to take profits so let's look and see if we see any of those conditions on yes for example three hour time frame we did get the sell signal we don't have divergence we don't have a natural volume last time we had some unnatural volumes right here that's adjustable too and the indicator guys you can't adjust your volume multiplier so if we bring that down a little bit we did get a natural volume leading up to the leading up to the sell-off as well as indications that this is a potential sell area right here and this is the three hour time frame which works berry which works very nicely with the with with time transformation honestly um so yeah I'd be out of a position man I don't know if I'd be I don't know if I'd necessarily be short on this and trading against the underlying trend I think that you got another little five percent at least to the downside or excuse me another like little two percent to the downside and then if you break if you break this SR breaker man then yeah next level I'd be looking to well let's take a look if you break this SR breaker man I mean your next levels to test are gonna be here that's four percent to the downside and then obviously down here about ten percent to the downside yeah you're below the daily session this is gonna be your level of resistance and this is going to be your next stop right here 76 41 see how price interacts with that if price is able to rally and close above the or start trading above the the the sessions foreign control 77299 your next level of resistance is going to be up here at 80 128 um yeah so so I don't know I don't code by nature man I have devs really helped me out with everything so no I mean I know HTML and a little a little stuff and honestly I'm trying to expand my knowledge in that better I'm actually pretty decent in pine-sol which is which is kind of an interesting approach because I didn't really know any programming language is before pine so it's kind of a it's kind of a small passion of mine in fact you know I it's something that's I think that if I think that if I end up being able to retire when I want to you know in 15 20 years then ah then then I'm probably gonna look to look to code in my in my in my ripe old age but might just enjoy life man I've been I've been working hard thanks Jay constant I appreciate him in yakamoto you know what Komodo is uh kind of like a sty Amman cuz I was looking at it I was looking at komodo last night and I was like you know this looks like a goodbye I should I should snag this and then I didn't I was really tired last night working on my strategy tester finishing it up and you know I woke up in a pump but it's whatever man like that happens every day there's always gonna be another pump all right it's 150 guys I got it I got to take a run into town after the show today I gotta go grab some supplies remember guys I live out in the middle of nowhere where nobody can find me so that means I have to make the arduous task once a week man yeah a ninja that's something our teams actively working on you what's my go-to breakfast oh man my go-to breakfast everytime is two eggs and sausage Minh two eggs and sausage my dude no toast Oh toast thoughts on xlm not yet man hey you to deal appreciate you in here man you're welcome anytime check out the discord if you want man discord crackin cryptocurrency calm all right guys that's about all I got for today well okay so to be specific ninja we we have we have a few we have a few we have a few algos that are running again I don't believe in order flow in a low we have an order flow trader on on mechs for xbt USD near crypto and yeah I am on the keto diet Steve how did I locate developers where I live they're all people that I've known for a long time I didn't go online to search the mountain thanks ninja I appreciate it man Oh power let me okay I'll take a quick look man take a quick look you know I'll be honest to the man a justification for a trade on this is gonna be similar to one I took recently I'm gonna bet seven eight six Fibonacci retracement yep seven eight six Fibonacci retracement this levels held for a triple test you currently got some sideways V PVR poorni control recently you know this this is this is potential accumulation man you got the spring this could be the last point of supply really the only way to trade this potentially is wait for the breakout right here at this level 24 33 and then typically when you buy the typically when you buy the seven eight six you target two three eight to buy the seven eight 16 you targeted the the three eight to you can wait for confirmation of that and buy the breakout or you can look to accumulate now in this zone right here again not a recommendation – not a recommendation to buy just just just looking at the logic of that with you and then you can manage your risk below the swing low right here something like what's ATR 44 SATs you can go higher or lower on your time friend I'm just on the three hours so something like this you can manage risk right there men hey Steve H if you want to hit me up in the discord man I'd be happy to walk you through that man all the information is of course on the on the website I'm so premium subscribers get access to all the signals and setups and trades that all the analysts and traders for cracking cryptocurrency take are you gonna you get access to our database library which has webinars courses workbooks PDFs everything that you need to supplement your information and knowledge you also get access to our private webinar series designed to teach you to be a profitable trader I'm using our strategies tips and tricks we start with risk management and then get into technical analysis so a little converse to where most people start because managing your money is actually more important than understanding on what a trend line is you also get access to the members chat the members lounge chat room and in the private discord the day trading VIP voice chat channel our technical analysis channel is our market update and insights channels all our resources and references are live tracking sheet I eat your own customizable trade journal and access to my indicators as well as access to D trading bots when it is done ah man I don't know Jake constant it's possible I'm I'm inclined I'm inclined to take I'm inclined to take aetherium to the upside but I'm just gonna wait I'm just gonna wait and see waiting wait and see to re-enter again I got to run to town so the only active position I happened open right now is my long-term TRX short I don't see any changes on that and well I entered into a position during the stream but I'll let you guys figure that one out and then I got a couple coin trades but I'm scalping you crypto trade signals from Kirby charges one Bitcoin to sign up is that normal I don't know man uh you know I'm not gonna cast shade or aspersion on any other content creator or anything like that that's not what I do I don't know crypto Kirby personally I've watched a couple of his videos I don't really like his style I don't really like his style honestly doesn't mean he's not a good trader or an idiot or a bad person I honestly don't know because I don't follow his content we charge $150 a month to be in the premium service which i think is pretty fair you know so you know take that as you will that's uh yeah I don't know that's I can't it's hard for me to put a value on what somebody else's value is you know you know we charge you know that's that's that's you know $3,600 we charge we charge a thousand dollars for a year's worth of access to our premium group discounts currently available if you guys check the premium info channel in the in the discord but you know hey it's it's whatever man um guys now I do really gotta run I need to get some food I got to go run to town and grab some groceries and supplies for the upcoming week I had to wait until today cuz finally the snow it stopped like winter snowing so I've got to go shovel snow and then I'll be back in a couple hours I'll sit down I'll update all my active positions for the members I'm trying to chat a little bit and really I got to get back to that strategy tester man because I'm working hard on this indicator I work hard follow the money so the money all right guys just to finish up make sure that you guys go over to crack and cryptocurrency calm how we are doing a free giveaway for the premium trading group guys we're giving away three one month subscriptions to the trip to the trading group there's two days left in the competition there's 350 entrants so far so hey really really happy that that we're growing and and and that the competition's going well of course after this we are going to be having the the x42 giveaway we're giving away five master knows worth of x42 and then following that we'll be doing the MMO coin giveaway as well obviously um if you guys sorry so now the normal stuff guys um if this is if this is your first time to the channel and you like the content and you like to support us make sure the hit yet that you hit that subscribe button and the notification bells so you never miss an episode as well as consider giving us a thumbs up we highly appreciate it it does all that stuff guys I know it's like you know it's like whatever but it does help push us up in the stream helps get our awareness out and in my opinion I think that I'm providing valuable information to traders and investors and it helps get that information and from the eyeballs that I think in this market scenario the eyeballs that desperately need to see it the most guys so please please please help us do that help us get this information out um if you guys would like to support us in a more substantial way of course you can't you guys can't please head over to forward slash crack and crypto we are on twitch um they do help us out a little bit more we don't get a lot of chain from doing what we do on youtube it's pretty much we pretty much work for free on this honestly to do the show but if you had over to twitch you guys give us a follow or a subscription over on Twitch does help support us we appreciate that you can also check out our patreon at cracking crypto or pick up some merch from our firm our merchandise store on the website cracking crypto calm crack cryptocurrency comm forward slash merch I have scientists reports that will show that drinking morning coffee out of our coffee mugs are cracking cryptocurrency huddle mugs will make you eighty-five percent more successful in your trading methodology I legally will not allow you to hold me to that but that is what the scientists said uh if you guys would like to join the cracking cryptocurrency premium trading group of course I don't over to premium dot cracking cryptocurrency calm for a full explanation of everything that you get with your subscription if you don't want to wait if you miss the gut if you miss the giveaway competition that information is always there and available to you guys as well as pricing at the bottom of the stream all right guys thanks Steve thanks Jay constant DL Darren Hague everybody thank you so much for stopping by of course the regulars man Jasper Jasper Jay constant zan his crypto shoe Bitcoin in G you were new in here I didn't seen you before Nick crypto in moon when it happens man when it happens yeah enterprises thanks for stopping by guys I'm sorry if I missed anybody else of course you're ignorant spod nuts all you good guys Texas blues jf airplane you guys have all been fantastic if it of course Caribbean crypto show guys alright so thank you so much you guys been fantastic of course I've been Justin wisecracking cryptocurrency for another breaking Bitcoin market update hopefully today's show has helped crack cryptocurrency for you and until tomorrow at 12 p.m. Central Standard Time trade safely guys

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  1. GREAT explaination here. Timestamp 1:18:07 Can you please interpret the bid/ask chart on CAVEAT: Justin "only uses this as a leading indicator"…

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