Breaking Bitcoin Market Update – Last Night Took An L, But Tonight Alts Bounce Back!

hey what's going on guys thank you so much for joining me for another episode of breaking Bitcoin market update and is this a breaking Bitcoin market update guys it's really fantastic we do be the chance to come in and see such amazing volatility just got the internet back online was dealing with that maintenance issue kind of all day so just brief update TLDR everything should be amazing and diamonds moving forward there shouldn't be any issues so I'm really glad to see all you guys in the chat it's good to see you guys active it is an interesting and exciting day obviously some amazing volatility in the market I hope that you were able to profit whichever way there was at a beautiful trade to the upside beautiful trade to the downside I'll give you guys a little bit of an update on my position and how I played this it's kind one of those interesting things where you know because of that spike because of both spikes indicators have been adjusted so did my updates this morning but now I get the opportunity to kind of come back in and we get to do this together so this is gonna be a little bit of a different show because I'm just coming back online and being able to see everything that just happens so real quickly the first thing that I did when I got back online was posted all the updates to the current trades to the members let them know what you should hold what we should go ahead and take profit on etc etc so got that all done very confident all the positions that I'm currently holding right now it's a pretty good it's a pretty good basket I think that it's diversified and will kind of hedge me against any way that the market decides to go so if taking profit on what I could take profit on and I'm holding on and buying tips where I can buy dips so anyways let's get into the market get into the scene before we start the day show off I just want to give a shout out to all of you guys coming in and tuning in thank you so much for all your support you guys are a wonderful amazing audience I hope you're doing fantastic wherever you're coming from and one way or the other hope that you guys were able to profit from the movement of course I do see I do see all the regulars in here actually I see some new people into what's going on Ron legato CB and v good to see a Jasper what's going on man are you gonna be playing d broadly speaking drinking game tonight hopefully let's see here Jasper kill Wilson Mr ether good to see you what's going on chief vlog you're a new one tristant oft BF Tod Andrew Adams says this is when you short Bernardo Patricia oh good to see you Seth Shepard yeah so it's good to get kind of the evening crowd in here when I when I get when I do the shows a little bit differently so everything looks really good tuning along if you have any questions please drop them in please dropping them in the chat and we'll do our best and we will do our best to kind of stay out of I don't even know where I was gonna go with that anyways to the charts alright and here we are here we are the live scene and my webcams not on that on interesting okay anyways we'll go to the schedule here real quick and make sure we got this updated we're gonna look at we're gonna look at all the data metrics we're gonna start off by doing an analysis of the movement that just happened we're gonna look at it on the edge of moku which is the indicator we're highlighting this month next you know I think that's something that I'm going to be doing I'm gonna be highlighting different indicators and how you can practically utilize them for day trading applications how you can also practically utilize them for or longer-term swing trade analysis as well so obviously you know this month we've been focusing on the HMO code now the HMO ku is an indicator that I do use on a daily basis in that I do put a lot of weight on however I want to in the goal of helping you build your own if this then that strategy what I'd like to do moving forward is pick a different indicator that I think is good because there's there's thousands of indicators out there and one of the things that you will notice quite plainly is that that you're going to get a lot of there is a there's a bias out there in the trading community right because for years and years and years and years years you if you tried to utilize indicators and trading and I'm talking about going on forums or whatever you want to want to want to talk about I've been doing this for a while and so I've seen the scoring bitterness hatred rage you know people get tribal and they go into their different camps but there's lots of really good indicators out there that if you are a retail trader are going to be able to help you devise strategies you're going to get flack from that you're gonna get people that tell you look bro all you need is a naked chart and – that's – the small percentage of people who are able to utilize that and at the end of the year have their equity curve higher that's fantastic I am able to do that as well but I prefer to fit price action analysis into what my indicators are telling me why because with indicators you can build an if this than that strategy right and then you can enhance that over time with an understanding of price action analysis you can put nuance into what you're seeing in the chart but people who especially retail traders newer traders coming in you get told that nonsense that look bro all you need is the naked chart man this and you'll be good dude this is why 99% of traders lose money it's because yes you can capture the tops you can capture the bottoms you can understand what prices doing if you put the time discipline understanding price action analysis but the reason that the majority of traders lose money is because you are entering that realm worshipping at the altar of price action is entering the realm of subjectivity okay you are entering the realm of I don't know what to do when because if you ask 10 different people they're gonna give you ten different answers like this movement that we just saw is this the beginning of genuine downtrend or is this a stop loss on was it a stop loss on to the upside was it a stop loss hunt to the downside you're going to get 19 different answers if you ask 19 different people all right so just give you guys a brief update on where I'm at so that I'm so that I'm disclude so that I'm so that I'm being upfront with with where we're at where we're going on as I said in yesterday's video and as I posted you know I need to be better at posting in the general discord I'm sorry guys I'm just so busy I've got so much stuff going on I need to be taking some of the stuff that I put in in the premium section and moving it over which I intended to do and will do better moving forward with the daily market analysis the Scott does help me out with that he pings me every day and he's like hey did you remember to move that over to everybody yes you know so I do try to do that as best I can but if you guys refer to my video yesterday I pointed out the areas I pointed out the areas on the higher time frame level that I did want to be look looking for short entries from I broadly spoke about the area of 50 350 or excuse me above 50 300 but if Yuri watch the video you will hear me identify the levels of 53 25 and 50 375 I just went back and checked so because I wanted to make sure because I posted that I know I posted it in the members section but I wasn't sure that I said those specific levels on the stream and I did I did I go I went back and double-check that I did say those levels so but anyways I did have limit sell orders at 53 25 and 50 375 for an average entry of fifty 350 sorry if I misspoke earlier 53 25 and 50 375 average entry of 53 those were filled on the pump was not in a I was not in a long position before the pump but my short entries were filled and we're going to we're going to play that out right now it's not a position that I'm interested in losing money on because if we do refer back to stop if we do refer back to price action analysis which we'll get into here in a a little bit there is a convincing argument that I will give he to and then I will out for the bullish scenario I know a lot of people are very excited very exuberant what are we gonna be seeing in the immediate hours we're gonna be seeing sideways action in the immediate hours after a volatile moving to the upside and a volatile moving to the downside I would give this a 90% chance that we continue in consolidation and depending on the peaks and valleys that that consolidation shapes I believe will be indicative of whether this is the beginning of genuine downtrend or whether this was a stop loss however I will go ahead and I'll make the bullish scenario first but before we do that before we do that let's throw in a mo qu and talk about analyzing in this price action behavior what were these signals what were the signs what what are the trade opportunities that you could have utilized utilizing Ichimoku to take this trade so getting here we're gonna we're going to start on the 15-minute chart as we have been doing as we can see price is in general sideways we do get a buy signal here with time transformation at around 50 to 11 we don't get a cell signal let's go ahead and take each mo go off cuz that's going to I so there you go here's the 15-minute time transformation indicator as you can see you did get a 15 min a buy signal right here this candle closed adds 50 to 11 and 50 cents and then you do get a sell signal right over here right before the dump so I you know again if you can point out to me an indicator that consistently and regularly can be that that's that good I would like to hear it yeah and again it's it's not perfect there are times when it does give bad signals and indicators but when it gets it right damn does it get it right Todd says me trading Bitcoin is cha ha ha oh shoot man price action alone driving a car without rear view mirrors good indicators driving your car kids thanks man I appreciate that to the fatherly advice gam all right do that yeah guys I mean it's just simple if you don't have an if this than that strategy you're not going to know what to do you could see both games now okay let's let's uh let's let's hold on to that for a while okay anyways moving on I'm actually gonna build a nicer scene for that but let's so we've pointed out what happened with time transformation you would have got that indicator at midnight 45 midnight 45 my time zero zero 45 on the ninth so right this morning you would have been in a long position you would have had a maximum of about 1.2 2% drawdown and again kind of the critical ideas here now this this zone right here might have faked you out that's what we're bring will bring back HMO COO to give you the indications that HMO Co would have given as well but anyways you have I do you have a directional bias why because you do get a buy signal here if we flip to if we flip to the daily if we flip to the daily as well the daily will be a little bit and again so here's an example of where you do get a 20 out we had talked about this yesterday we talked about the confirmed daily cell signal obviously we didn't talk about the confirmed daily cell signal the reason why is because the candle has to close to confirm and we did not we did not we obviously weren't on air for the daily candle close but anyways we did have that cell signal yesterday however the things that I did point out and that I did say in yesterday's stream and I'm just in all honesty what I am watching personally is we did get that daily cell signal but after a move like this and with the sentiment in the air I mean really what you are looking for technically is the daily cell signal and a daily close below that ascending trendline that has been supporting price again if we go back to the hourly right here if you go back to the hourly right here we can see that that ascending trendline has really worked good wonders so let's go ahead and extend this to the right side and we can see that it is still holding up quite nicely which is which is part of the bullish scenario that I'll build here in just a little bit but but before we do that let's get back into that 15-minute chart and talk about how you could have caught this movement again you you know utilizing time transformation it's going to be more sensitive it's going to give you better indications the reason why you do want to use it in conjunction with something I think it's best using a junction with a volatility indicator or a volume indicator that's gonna the purpose of a volume indicator the purpose of a volatility indicator awesome muscle are not awesome oscillator but excuse me the volume oscillator is not bad it's not great but it's not bad wata tar is a little bit more nuanced do you guys know that that is the indicator that I use to measure volume and volatility and what that will do is that will help me stay out of bad trades the problem is is that you cannot use water at our in conjunction with buy and sell signals on time transformation why is that because time transformation buy and sell signals as I've coded it and I have got a lot of requests to make the time transformation trending indicator right because it does have the trending function now utilizing hi ganache all right so we're always looking at I cannot cheat to determine what the trend is and then time transformation will give you trending signals as well I don't recommend using it on the 15-minute chart I recommend using the 15-minute chart for intraday range scalping which you know for the majority of time for 80% of its are actually a 95% of the time is a good strategy the reason why is because the reason why is because ninety are you know lately price has been ranging right yeah price ranges for majority of the day and then has a quick 10-minute move right either up or down and then consolidate to the higher level but that consolidation enters in to the opportunity where you can again utilize your rate your range scalping abilities right you buying oversold and selling over BOTS and this strategy is gonna work is gonna do well for you the majority the time and with proper money management key point here with proper money management is not necessarily stop loss placement although that is important the the important thing is position sizing okay so for example had you been range trading this ranch here for example right and say for some reason you were short on Bitcoin and then Bitcoin did its nice spike and you panic sold the top right not not a key good not a good idea to do right not a good idea to panic sell you should always have an area on the chart you should have two areas on the chart right always with stop loss placement for those of you guys who are in the members group you guys know this I'm constantly on this there's a hard stop loss level where you do want to set a stop market right this is okay price has gone way too far I have made it I have made a significant error and I must take a loss right I do not recommend setting a hard stop loss where you actually want your stop-loss especially if you're trading on bit Mex the reason why is because you're going to see especially on bit Mex because it is somewhat of a sinister exchange you're going to see a lot of grabs for liquidity just point blank period now the stop-loss the stop-loss time excuse me the stop-loss timer or the time out feature on three commas which you guys know or at least the guys in the members group know I utilized to trade finance Bennett's got a great video on that as well if you guys wanna go check that out I think it's one of her one over one of his newer videos but that stop-loss timer feature is great you can also I want to say that trailing crypto has something similar as well but I'm not sure the thing that I'm that I'm excited about with trailing crypto is the is the Oso order so the one sends the other right so utilizing this the proper way so I get questions a lot right you know questions I get are you know how do you kiss because you guys are familiar with my strategy if you guys would watch the video a lot you know when take profit one is I set my I set my stop loss to break even generally when take profit to is reached I set my stop loss to take profit one this does require a lot of active logging in and modifying my position with oso orders however you can set that all up in advance you can set that all up in advance so you can set utilizing Oso and Osio orders so Oso one sends the other ooo CEO one cancels another so you can you can set it up in advance to where okay listen I'm gonna enter this trade say I'm gonna buy some Bitcoin at 5,000 right I want to take profit at five thousand one hundred five thousand two hundred five thousand three hundred I want my stop loss to be at 4900 right if my stop loss gets hit I want to cancel my take profits all right that's the Osio order right you can set that up that way the Oso order would be okay we'll listen when so when I set the limit order at 5100 if that order gets filled it sets a stop loss at at breakeven right so you're you're not gonna to the best of my understanding you would have to have Oso + o CEO orders you know they have to be more complicated or to have to be more advanced for example to take out your lower stop-loss but that's not important because because you can choose reduce only for example right if you're trading on bit Mex and again I don't think you can use trailing krypton bit Mex correct me if I'm wrong but I don't because I don't use three you can't use three commas on to trade that mix and you can't you can't use trailing crypto as far as I know to trade on that mix I don't know I haven't tried because I'm comfortable using bit mixes integrated platform for trading because they have they have advanced order features they don't have you know everything that you would want for example they don't have the Oso orders but we're able to make do obviously if especially for the members you guys watch the two hour long videos that I have on on bit max the two hour long video that I have a bit max where I go over the orders so utilizing stop orders utilizing trailing stops for example we were able to get we're able to do exactly what we want on that exchange off of the most part would it be better if we could utilize Oso orders and OC orders more advanced yes that would be fantastic and amazing Arthur Hays if you're listening please take note um anyway so I feel I have digressed a little bit so let's get back in to what we were talking about so we talked about the 15-minute time transformation buy sell signal how you can't use water at are because water at R is utilized for trending traits again the request that I've gotten a lot that the traditional way to take a trending trade is if the Fisher is crossing above zero that is a trending buy and when that occurs if you are utilizing a trend trading strategy you need to have a secondary indicator that is measuring volume or volatility to tell you if that trade is worth it right the nice thing about reversal trading is that you are at something to buy the bottom because you're looking for a turnaround you're looking for a market reversal right that's the definition of a reversal trader and that is typically my strategy the problem that I have with trend trading in cryptocurrency is that often the volume the volatility is not there and often you are not going to be entering at the right time same with my hesitation on breakout trades now does this mean that I sometimes miss pumping dumps sure but again I don't think that that's the better I don't think that that's the point the point is not to catch pumping dumbs that's not a sustainable strategy when your insider information dries up or when when there's when you just kind of fall out of the loop on your little pump and dump groups you're gonna be left at the end of the day with no profitable strategy to carry on in the future right I get a lot I do get I get messages I get questions all the time I wouldn't say I get flack because you know I actually am pretty impressed by the by the what do you call it the feedback that I get glass in 1989 thanks so much for the sub on YouTube I do get a lot of positive feedback and that's why I say you guys are some of you know the best audience you know obviously we get you get some you know we get some jokers in here but for the most part it's a really good crowd and that's genuinely what I'm trying to build you know I I take this seriously I try to you know I I try to do everything I can to make the stream as good as possible so anyways so you know I get but you have people in their camps and their tribal camps and they say you know Justin you know why why don't you you know why don't you like aetherium and that's the different question but or you know why are you not you know getting into pumping up groups don't you know how much money you can make or why are you not reviewing all these projects that want to give you money like don't you know how much money you could make okay that's all well and good right that's great and there are projects for example a just full disclosure like there are project that I like that I'm not interested in taking payment for we had x42 protocol on the show the other day I've brought digi warfare from Spectre security coin I like those but I like their projects they didn't pay me to come on the show right that's not what I'm about so it's a little bit different approach what I'm doing because my focus of my life is trading right it's working very very hard like I have over the last year how many years to build a strategy that works for me and at the end of the year gives me more money than when I started with it doesn't matter to me if it's more money or less money than somebody else or if I'm doing you know if I'm not doing exactly what somebody else is doing you know if you if you approach me with an amazing strategy I would love to look at it I you know if I can find a way to incorporate elements of that into my strategy without breaking my strategy I'd be interested those those opportunities especially now you know with kind of how far I've taken my strategy it they're less common but I'm always looking for opportunities to enhance my strategy I'll give an example things like scanners things like you know like crypto meter things like algorri which was recently shown to me like I'm not very good at you just using those tools why because I've never used them so there those are elements and areas at which I am looking to improve my my ability my trading and I'm always looking for anybody that wants to offer tips tricks that has unique ways to utilize those tools and features there are things that I'm working on building into my strategy and making available in a better way for the members group because they're kind of like tools that get thrown at you and there's so many options and buttons to click on it's like okay well now it's data overload I don't know what I'm looking for so whenever you have a powerful tool like that you want to be able to know that you want to be able to utilize it properly because if you have a tool that gives you a lot of options but you don't know how to utilize it you're it's better off just not using the tool it's better off utilizing what you're good at and that's why I know traders who use very simple methods and they're profitable they're more profitable than people who who can talk about 19 different complicated advanced things right and be looking at 90 million different things and have 15 screens up at the whole time but at the end of the day some of that simpler methods some of that simpler strategy is gonna make your life simpler and it's gonna give you good returns right it's gonna give you at returns the problem with having too much data too much information is that you will tend to over trade so you know you got to be aware of the opportunity cost the risk to reward ratio of incorporate additional information in your life let me see your I'll give a shout-out to crypto Tobias and SK tech thanks so much for the subs on YouTube guys that's a little bit that's a little bit behind the thing M Bates got a new strategy bye-bye sub by subset s coins and pray oh ok so one thing that I need to do I noticed this yesterday so let me change this up my bad I noticed this yesterday something happened and like the height of these chat got cross so let me let me fix that alright squirrel there we go okay there we go yeah I had changed that when I had Gabriel on from X 42 protocols so that I could fit his thing up there and I didn't go back and switch it so anyway sorry back to what we were talking about let's look at it your moku here let's look at the 15 Ichimoku because again you cannot utilize water at our or reversal trading because what Attar's purpose is to measure volatility and you're going to be using that for the basis of a trending trade so if you're looking to scale into your position for example if you have taken a trip if you have taken a reversal by pursuant to time transformation strategy for example and you're looking to like maybe add to that position you're looking for the time for you're looking for time transformation to be above the zero line and you're looking for what are to be green and bullish right you're looking for it to confirm so you know an area like this right an area like this where you have time transformation crossing above zero wada Tarr is confirming down here or an area right here where time transformation crosses above zero you know this would have been a pretty decent scalp depending on what you leveraged up you know you had about a 1% maybe more profit opportunity but there was the signal right here here you have time transformation crossing about the zero line right here I mean if we look at what what ATAR is doing it is nice and green and trading about the explosion line so that is how you can that is the purpose of what ATAR what avatar is to be used as a trending confirmation indicator okay there are methods and ways to use it to enhance reversal trading I'll go into that I'll I will go into that in more detail perhaps in a later video or perhaps later on in the stream but again pressing issues things we want to get to so anyways price is over here so let's go to let's go to that buy signal so let's start at midnight 45 price breaks down below the cloud what did I say I said that if you're looking for a short and you typically do not want to buy you typically don't want to sell or short on the traditional way that you're going to be taught to utilize Ichimoku for example traditional Ichimoku strategy would tell you that when a candle closes below the cloud that's bearish and you should sell there are going to be maybe this is subjective because I'm putting a percentage on it but I would say maybe 15 percent of the time maybe maybe 25 maybe 25 percent of the time you might miss like us like a violent breakdown movement right okay but 75 percent of the time if you sell at those levels price is going to retrace to test a level of previous support as confirmed new resistance and then the movement begins and the majority of traders are going to enter on what they think is a breakdown or if we flip it Kumal a breakout a breakout and they're gonna sell or they're gonna buy at the worst time and price is gonna pull back on them or price is going to pull up on them and they're gonna take a loss because they are emotionally reacting to what they see on the 15-minute chart I am seeing now of course we do this candle did just open but we did just close below the ascending trendline we've only done that in this brief spurt right here and that was a fake-out double bottom price bounced back up but we're not having again we did have a nice bullish reactionary off the volatility of that candle just like we got one eye actually no we didn't really get one here if you look you know we got significant selling price moved up and then price pushed the downside a little bit different now so we are looking for that 15 minutes a closed below the ascending trendline obviously the next thing that we're looking for is for price to close blow to kuhmo cloud and things get pretty nasty now just reversion to the mean strategy I would expect us to move down and then move up a little bit before moving further down okay things just don't go straight down things go down and they have to retreat back to confirm resistance to let the market know hey no this is actually weakening and we're giving opportunities for sellers basically whenever you have a strong move down right it's going to it's gonna pop back naturally just because you have limit orders that are set down there you have larger positions that are trying to accumulate you know any dips and they're gonna take advantage of that and the question you have to ask yourself was okay so for anybody that had their so imagine this like every every every tick on the candle is a buyer some so we see that the lo of that candle that this impressive candle that everybody wants to talk about the lowest 50 109 so here's the low so somebody bought at 50 109 and they are now they were here they were up at a max of about 4% okay if you are attempting to get money out of the cryptocurrency markets right and you are setting big limit orders around the range of price your your profiting off intraday movements okay it's a little different from it's a little different from what you typically think of like you know long term holders or people accumulating bags and people taking profit know anybody that is moving the market within a tight range is either a market maker or trading like a market maker as the capital to move the market and is scalping those intraday ranges okay I see what you're saying you said you can't see the chart but okay well so sorry let's swing over um so you have to ask yourself what was the movement what was the projected trade for them was the projected movement you know 50 109 250 800 you know was that was a market maker really trying to make the market in that way there you know market makers really gonna hold on to a position that long or was the movement 50 109 250 300 almost what was the hiatus 53:23 nice 5% trade boom BAM done you know III don't know like high position 5% off you know you know what ten million dollar position so anyways let's go back let's go back over here so anyways we do get that what's interesting is that we get that we get that signal to the downside right there right we get the kuhmo cloud to break down okay traditionally going to be taught that you should sell that don't do that you're only gonna miss movements 10 to 25% of the time it's worth it risk management wise it's worth it to miss the move then to the overwhelming majority of the time half price retraced on your entry and you're often gonna take a loss now as we can see her price does not break back above the cloud but you do get you're bullish you do you do get you're bullish signal so let's say you would have short of this movement right your drawdown would have probably been about one percent okay why do I say your drawdown would have been one percent because if you are following the strategy to proper way if you are trading at you moku the proper way you would have been short on this candle but again that's not the proper way either the proper way would have been to wait for any any zone right here you have you have multiple areas that were that I would consider a good entry right because you never know in advance whether a trades gonna work out right you just have to take the best setups right that are congruent with your strategy that you back-tested that you know are gonna be the best entries over time right so for example here's a good entry right because you have price closing below the cloud and you have price pull back up and put in a 15-minute bearish candle against the kiju okay good that would be a good entry this candle would have been a good entry probably a better entry why because you come back up you test the upper boundary the sync you spawn a and you reject okay this candle would have been a good entry rejection from the upper boundary of the cloud this candle unable to close above the cloud all these represent pretty good entries in my eyes this area right here this one right here would have been a you know it this one's a little tricky because it is a bearish Campbell formation you can see the price does move down about one and a half percent from that but it is technically closing above the cloud so this would have been an early warning sign to be out of your short the other warning sign to be out of your short is definitely this area right here this is what I'm trying to point out right here so let's draw a bet let's bring back out that drawing tool and let's highlight this zone right here okay because right here any of these would have been good short entries it doesn't matter the price did not go down right what I'm talking about is that utilizing this strategy in this method that's a good those are the entries that you want to look for right price is close below the cloud you're testing your testing support once twice three four times I mean that there was the best argument to make was to the downside why because you've weakened support and because typically the more times that you test support the weaker it becomes and then you have this zone right here where price actually breaks below the ascending trendline which it had never done before it was a fake out right price does continue moving up from this a little bit so let's get rid of those let's get rid of those drawings I don't have to me represent one there we go okay and then your your obviously you're signed to be out of the short and to take a small loss would have been either here when you have Christ close above the cloud and then making it begin consolidating above you pull back down to a level of support you have the ascending trendline and then you have the tank and now acting as support and you are now firmly above the cloud definitely your last your last kind of tell is this area right here right where price is now above the cloud pulls back down and finds the cloud as support okay and then price continues to move up okay so those are the warning signs that you're looking for but hey I should be able to short and I should probably flip long why because we found supports we've had a bullish kuhmo cloud breakout we did out this 15-minute buy signal back here so that would you know I'm just keeping it jamocha right here but again you have that 15-minute buy which is kind of in your mind right here it's kind of in your mind so you're looking for a reason to go long and you get given that reason right here now what are the odds that you profited on this long trade if you would have been trading the intraday scalp if you weren't holding on to a long term position long so we're talking about trading the intraday we're talking about trading the intraday levels so sorry okay all right let's recalculate anyway so what are the odds that you were able to profit off this movement to the upside or act quick enough well I hope so I mean you have to have the you have to have the guts in the glory man to take to take profit on on big bullish candles like that if you're long you know whenever you see nice nice bullish candles like that you don't want to go on and for an opportunity to break that down I'll actually want to talk about my eath trade right let's go talk about my eath position right so I was actually short on aetherium I posted that last night so let's let's go talk about last night let's just go find the correct time let me actually I'm going to pull up in discord here real quick and I'm going to go to the members lounge you you sorry a lot of chat in the members lounge lads a scroll through hold on let's let's middle click was this morning sorry guys I get my timestamp correct you and 8:30 8:30 so let's go look at here's eight 2030 okay trading a little bit of a different time frame obviously it wasn't trading the 50 minute I'm from I was trading the hourly I was turning the hourly so okay oh yeah this is brick so anyways so 8:30 why because I saw a high-volatility I was yes be honest he is the one that chart is that's typically what I have that max on at all times you here we go so this candle right here yeah on the 1-minute chart so I saw a I saw a pretty massive run-up right I saw a pretty massive run-up and i shorted on this candle right here i shorted on the scandal right here why because I'm taking the I'm taking the gall to short on a bullish maneuver to the upside right because I have a fundamental bearish bias I for the majority of the day that trade did not work out well for me right was underwater for the majority of the trip price comes over here uh you know moves pretty pretty strongly against me and then we get to you know what happened over here now I'm going to be completely transparent about this had I had I had my internet on there is a potential that I might have done something silly most likely not to be honest with you you know price moving up pretty volatile you're expecting a very violent move down especially because we were hitting resistance but regardless we'll never know because I did not have access to the Internet when this manoeuvre happened just recently got access back to the Internet do get the woman it sell signal there that's not super indicative of anything but anyways the point that I want to the point that I want to make is that about the time that I got access to the Internet this happened right here this maneuver happened right here and when I saw this candle i market bought i market bought I was able to get out of my position at a let's go back over here that's a two point six two percent profit that I had to hold throughout the day not my best trade completely honest about that but it ended up working out well because I had the the foresight to take profit on a big bearish candlestick right and waiting for the market to shake itself out in consolidation before I enter into my next position so let's go back to xpt because I do want to continue an example so anyways we talked about the 15-minute time transformation by signal we talked about how the correct trade Ichimoku wise was looking for those short entries and actually I mean depending on how you're trading the intraday ranges you had multiple good trades right you had almost 2% trades you had you know your first one right here you had a 1.7 a 1.7 4% opportunity right there and again look at that look at that level of support that we have labeled right there I mean that level of support has worked really well you know 51:45 which we've had on the chart for quite a while now price breaking above the cloud price moving up you do get that 15-minute sell signal giving you the opportunity to take advantage of that and be out a trade potentially being a short as well now that's that's how you could have utilized Ichimoku and time transformation in conjunction to capture that movement as you can see right here what it saw also goes bullish and confirms a trade so here's that time transformation trade again here we have time transformation crossing above the zero line right here and we have whadda at our confirming a trending trade as well and then you get that nice sell signal on this candle from the 15-minute time transformation telling you to be out of the trade so that would have given you an entry on this candle right here and a sell right there so that was a nice clean quick two percent two point one seven percent so good trade for anybody was able to take that and trading the lower timeframes as well okay so we're about to zoom out and look at the higher time frames and look at what we're looking at really for the future and what I'm expecting but while we're here on the lower timeframes let's point out some critical things right let's point out some key things because I do want to make the bullish scenario here right the bullish scenario let's start with that let's start with the bullish scenario and then we can go to the higher time frames to build a better scenario and maybe you add to the bullish scenario as well the bullish scenario is that price action wise let's get rid of Ichimoku here and just price is that we have consistent lows at fifty one forty five where stop-loss is going to be placed directly below that level we had a nice spike to the upside we had a supremely volatile movement to the downside and cleared out all the liquidity from fifty one forty five below fifty one forty five we can see that that was okay the Sun this is definitely we're sorry let's save this and refresh my page because sometimes those labels get wackadoodle thank you there that's much better okay the bullish scenarios that we've taken all the liquidity below those lows we can see that price did get bought back up like it has been getting bought up on every dip and that overall let's see her that on the daily I guess the daily would be good now because the 15-minute is actually below there is that the daily has not closed below the descending trendline in fact you know price went briefly below the descending the ascending trendline on a daily basis and then pop back up things that I do want to keep you in conjunction with we did out the daily confirm cell signal yesterday right I'll confirm daily cell signal putting a lot of people in position and a volatile moving to the upside the tap against significant resistance again if you guys recall the area that I'm gonna get into here on the higher time frames that roughly the $5,500 level which we rejected cleanly from an interesting thing to note is that had you been paying attention to the 10 shirt charts order books paying attention to the tension charts order books you would have seen over the course of the morning that 10 million dollar ask bid spoofing the market over and over and over and over and over so there was a 10 million dollar order that just kept popping on and off on the ask side so that was that was something interesting I should have pointed it out again today was a little bit man because the because of media comb coming and everything but anyways that 10 million dollar order book spoofing I'm not exactly sure where I wanted to go with that just you know kind of a sign when you see significant task site spoofing wherever you see spoofing there you know you can you can build a bias that price is likely to move in that direction now whether that's a sustained movement or a stop loss hundred grand for liquidity or just a volatile market micro mover maneuver is another thing the other thing that I did want to point out okay that I did want to point out in the order books is that you can see if you do pay attention to the tensor charts order books right here you can see that the larger orders are brighter rep so we had that order spoofing around that $5,300 area and then that order was finally significantly pulled for a long period of time that allowed the reason that that occurred is that that allowed resting bids to be filled okay so that was market suppression you know having that bid at so that there's a couple elements to it you're having a large ask order a large sell order flash on and off on the markets that is a signal to bots it's mostly bots people think that you know for some reason that's they're like fake out order book traders the the the great I mean the 98% of order book traders are bots okay most bots do not trade technical indicators most bots trade ohlc data and order book to order book information they trade you know deviations standard standard deviations etc etc you so anyways we saw that order book spoofing at 5300 that order was pulled and where did that order go to and where did it rest fifty five hundred fifty five hundred is where it went to and sat and didn't move I was noticing that right before I lost my internet so but anyways I digress so yeah and and and to be honest with you tensor charts as well just because I've traded for so long I I have a good bead on this data do I utilize this for day-to-day trading not so much honestly because it's just not it's not really my jam man it's something that I that that I need to get better at I'm very comfortable in what I do I I must lose trading view I mostly use technical indicators and the strategy that I've built over a long period of time this is great data though this is great data and I am looking this is if there's anything that I'm actively looking at incorporating more into my elements of analysis it is tensor charts so for the most part I look I look on here to see where large orders are and then I do like to keep my eye on where those large orders are to see if they're going to be spoofing or to see if they're legitimate the other great thing obviously is the bit mech stats to look at open interest but again be careful with open interest be careful with open value you know be careful with these things you know sometimes they can give you great leads and great indications and there are there are good beads on the market but again you want to qualify this data with technical analysis right because this is not I would say technical analysis this is sentiment analysis so all right man let's get back over here to the charts so we'll see what happens in relation to as we can see right now price has whipped down below two kuhmo cloud grab liquidity we did close above the cloud have not closed back below the 15-minute cloud that does mean technically from Ichimoku strategy that we are bullish and that that this was an opportunity to buy a dip we do have overhead resistance we did have that bearish TK cross there near the top we haven't had a bullish TK cross yet and we do have that overlying resistance around 5300 again so actually the the 15-minute TK is are coming in around 50 to 91 if we went back to that tensor charts and looked let's go back to the charts here on central chart so actually and let's see where the order book is sitting at this is gonna take a little while to load 5300 you have a six point two three five million dollar order there we'll see if it gets pulled we'll see if it gets filled but that is the more significant one let's see here where is down at 5100 would be the most significant buy order right now and then above that you're looking at really not a whole lot above that so that's that again that could be the case for the bowls if the order at if the if the 6.6 million dollar order of 50 300 is not allowed to get eaten into and gets pulled you can see that the ask side is actually not that not that deep it's actually not that deep so I'm always cognizant because again it's not always just about you know I know exactly what the markets going to do at all times am i a profitable trader yes can I teach you how to be a profitable strategy yes but when it comes down to any individual particular market movement strategy so I'm always cognizant to attempt to paint both sides of the argument even though as I said at the ending of the stream I do have a short order in see how that plays out the short order is not something that I'm going to be willing to lose money on so okay what else do I want to go over with you guys I think now we need to go to the higher time frame so I can talk about critical levels coming up before the quince price action you you you okay before we do that if you guys will excuse me for just a minute I've been talking a lot I've been talking for like an hour and my throat's really dry so I need to go grab some water this is a good opportunity to take a little bit of a break before we take a deeper dive into the higher time frames because as I said we're gonna be doing this together because I do need to update my charts because that movement has moved our indicators a little bit so we need to we need to take advantage of that and move the areas that we're looking at so this will be a good update from the critical levels that we were looking at yesterday and it's gonna be nice because normally I do this by ass crack dawn and nobody's around but me it's just me and you know my google mini so it'll be nice to do it kind of live on air so apologize with a little bit of off today and I and I'm sorry guys for you know moving the show back multiple times I am sorry for that just things came up man I'm sorry first off we had the internet go off and then I had an appointment with my daughter so all right so I'm gonna take a brief break if you guys want to help us out man there's not a sale on the merch but if you guys do wanna help keep the lights on around here you can go over to cracking cryptocurrency calm toward slash merch and you can pick up a Crichton cryptocurrency t-shirt or coffee mug what you're gonna see me busting my coffee out of here in just a little bit I have been told by the scientists that drinking your morning or afternoon or evening coffee or alcoholic beverage of choice out of our mugs will improve the efficacy of your trading by about 80% and increase your personal attractiveness by about 90% men so again anything if you guys would like to help us out in a more philanthropist way you guys can go to top G top G crack and cryptocurrency com give us an upvote pushes it up pushes our discord server up the ranks we highly appreciate that as well we went from rank 300 to rank 7 so awesome really appreciate the help and support there guys that's top G cracking cryptocurrency comm I'll be back in just a few minutes guys don't go anywhere oh you guys can see the Batcave Oh No welcome to my life anyways thanks for hanging in there with me guys and we're back thank you so much to anybody who went and uploaded us on top G I highly appreciate that and if you picked up some merch I think that you're trading efficacy if the scientists are correct man and they're right you know 20% of the time they're right every time so anyways let's get back over here into the charts we're gonna take this brief opportunity to scroll up and see what's coming up with Ron legato says is there a foot tapping emoji now it's s live and sorry about that man you alright let's go through the let's go through the comments here you dete see a yellow hey good to see it Seth Shepard says fellow Hawkeye what's going on man Jasper says now I'm late drunk already Brian heredia hey new to the channel great content thank you so much man glad to see here ah pod nuts hey what's going on man good to see you dear Lord oh man it is so good to see you in the chat yes totally different layout we did do some upgrades thanks Scott I mean he did all of this man he did all this and he all that dr. faz what's going on my good friend a big shout-out to pi like pi lied doing a very good job QC turd Ferguson good to see you guys on here then just laugh good all the regulars man all the guys in the premium group good to see you guys bad indicators is like drinking and driving Matt says you know Justin started the new Durbin account gained 30% of that new account today nice man SML all says Justin could you share your Ichimoku settings mine look very different with the trading view defaults yes so okay so a question that I was asked is Justin why can't we find your HMO queue indicator you can if you go to TV dot cracking cryptocurrency com that's a sub-domain it'll take you right to our trading view account and you can just click on scripts and and use my HMO coop but if you click on indicators and strategies you can type in cracking crypto AHA cracking crypto you don't even got a tight ball thang cracking crypto and it's right there cracking cryptocurrency Ichimoku 0.1 by cracking crypto 95 likes go ahead smash up the old like button on that I'd appreciate that makes trading view makes trading view much more willing to do my bidding muah-ha-ha-ha-ha because again training view has this wonderful feature where if you publish if you publish a title with a version number in it and then you push further updates to that the question that I get all the time is hey man can I get access to that zero point one point two dude and I'm like you've got the right one the the script titled zero point one point one has the all the updates we're actually at zero point one point four now so if you have if you're a Premium Member and you do have time transformation the correct one that you want is zero point one point one in fact it's the only one available if you go to I believe if you just type in time France transformation you want time transformation the zero point one point one that's the that's the correct version right that's the updated one the one that's titled and I know this is dumb but you know again this is tradingview the one titled zero point one point two was a beta test for the for the beta testers to work out any bugs and kinks so then I pushed the update to the one titled zero point one point one same with none that same with anything because code Rigo could quadri go I haven't updated yet because there's really no reason to update it and unless I find some better way to calculate it a TR but I can't think of anyone maybe I'll rewrite the code just on whatever any losers if we're gonna go sideways now for a while I wonder what else we'll do so that is originally what I wanted to talk about right because yesterday everybody was panic selling their Alton what did we see over the course of that just a beautiful green day in the market man we saw alts bouncing back and then paratha taking Bitcoin profit taking a theory and profit taking all the coins profit taking so I will be interested to see I will be interested to see what they do over the next few hours I would expect after the pushdown always always when there's a volatile move down there's always scalping opportunities to the upside man all you have to do is have the cojones to to buy on a on a huge big bearish candle you do have to get you have to have proper position sizing because again it's not something we're gonna get rich but there's always counter trading scalping opportunities especially in cryptocurrency that's why I am a reversal trader in cryptocurrency and only in cryptocurrency and Forex and traditional equities I was only ever at well that's not true because I've tried every different trading straighted so many strategies over the years but if you if you had to put a gun to my head and tell me that Justin you've got a trade Apple stock Justin you have to trade the you have to trade the British euro you have to trade the pound euro I would only ever ever ever ever trade the the with a trend trading strategy and I will only ever trade one timeframe so watching watching sorry you guys can't see very well so let me drag this over to current price price rejecting from the TK so we've got a cluster of the tank Anunnaki June here on the 15 minute chart let's go to the hourly and see what price is doing price as well so on the on the on the large dump candle we can see the price didn't close above the T and the K Ryan Martin thanks so much for the sub I missed somebody else as well I apologize I missed a couple people let's see here Vineet Tamar the dude 7 for 71 and Ryan Martin thanks so much for the subs on YouTube highly appreciated guys welcome to the community if you guys if anybody wants to make me smile a little bit more if you want to go over to or it's twitch cracking cryptocurrency comm twitch dot cracking cryptocurrency comm right yes and and give us a follow give us a subscription on Twitch highly appreciate that ma'am really really looking forward to the fun things that I can do it to it let's see here so a man I'm sorry I completely blew over your question dude but the settings are yeah here's the Jumoke sorry so the settings are my tenkan is 20 Mikey Jun is 60 my sin qu spawn length is 120 and my displacement is 30 so 20 60 31 20 or 20 60 120 30 depending on how you do it I believe in the regular Ichimoku let's pull open the trading view default Ichimoku I know that default settings are 9 and 26 not a big fan of those I'll shoot reset settings 9 okay so here what you're one of the the way you would set this up if you wanted to put the correct in my opinion cryptocurrency settings under the default is you would want to put in 20 would be your conversion line the conversion line is to think it's on 60 would be your baseline it which is the same thing as your key gene you're lagging span two periods your sync who spawn a length your sync respond length which is 120 keep in mind your sync respond B is gonna be the average of your conversion and your baseline and your Tankian in your ki-joon so that's the difference between that's the difference between Ichimoku which uses a donkey and algorithm right to to take the average of price and a moving average which takes the average closings of price right so it's going to add up the closing level so okay so with a moving average if you have 10 candles it's going to add up the value of all 10 candles and divide them by 10 that's gonna be your moving average right with with Ichimoku it's gonna take so for your for your conversion line for your t'ankin you have 20 you have a 20 candle look-back period so it's gonna take the last 20 candles it's gonna take the true high and the true low and whatever the whatever the mean is of that whatever the averages of that is gonna be the is gonna be your level is gonna be where your tank ins at and and due to that that's why i like it you know q so much because if you ask any trader out there most algorithmic traders that i know trade a reversion to the mean strategy right they trade a reversion to the mean strategy and and that's a very profitable strategy so i I utilize kind of my my idea behind it you moku or why I like it you moku so much it's not only because I've noticed that it works really well just practically it makes me money but it's uh it's following the same concepts of reversion to the mean that I know work well for a lot of other traders as well even though I don't directly utilize it in that fashion so anyways um nice things about again you know my HMO who's free so this is you know not shilling but I'm just saying the reason that I made my indicator in the first place was because my indicator has alerts it will plot with color bar changes you know TK crosses and and kumoi breakouts and breakdown uhh so there's that does rosetta stone make a trader language lesson it just takes some time men what the hell is what Tatar it's actually wada ATAR so that's another indicator that I have on my trading view as well it this I didn't design wada tar and nor do I nor can I take the credit for this for actually coding an into trading view all I did was I was talking about water that's our one day on the stream and talking about how I like to use it and then somebody said hey man this doesn't work on all coins and then I noticed it there's a line of code in there that messed with the resolution I removed that line of code and published a version that you can utilize with all coins so if you want to add that to your trading view template you just type in wada w adda h and you will see the full credit goes to lazy bear for take the the gentleman who designed this indicator his name is wada ATAR so he was a I know that this is gonna be oh you used the word Arab he's Middle Eastern he was a Middle Eastern trader he could be Indian Iike to be Arab I don't know I'm not quite sure but anyways he created this indicator for Forex lazy bear a port of this indicator over for trading view which you can utilize on anything and then I made it specifically modified for altcoins right it works the standard wada thar works okay on USD Paris has some problems on some USD T pairs but it's gonna work pretty pretty well pretty fine but I made I just took out that line of code so that it works well on all coins it has an issue with low SEC wins so I could make a more elegant solution I just haven't had time to do it yet but anyways if you just search for wada w adda h they will all pop up a lazy bear version and the correct encrypted currency version these are all okay but you know lazy bear is the best one oh and I modified lazy version so anyways Seth Shepard thank you man you want to be Emmy in the in the discord man I'll be happy to chat with you man embate getting back to em says new strand Oh dr. faz man I can't believe that you're not wrenched yet dude welcome to the team Thank You Sookie bye I highly appreciate that man you by the time I'm spendy thank you so much man I highly appreciate that Ayana Valentin says I see on the metatrader4 chart without week a big difference than trading view I see I I'm not sure what you mean by that if you more specific about what the difference is that you see that'd be great if you're talking about the indicator it's most likely our indicator settings metatrader4 is okay but some I it's it's old man's things a dinosaur you you Thank You Andrew Adams I appreciate that men do I think it will reject off the 50 moving average on the weekly ah so I don't care sorry there's a lot going on here I don't have the 50 moving average on my chart I don't typically use moving averages I do have the 55 moving at the 55 exponential moving average and the 100 exponential moving average and we are currently trading above both of those on the weekly battle we've got a bit of time for the weekly and the current weekly candle is it's struggling man is struggling we'll see how price shakes out okay we're about to go to the higher time frames and actually talk about all that wonderful stuff because again like I said we do have to move some stuff around I just wanted to get to the chat let's see if I missed anything all right so we'll just go all the way down you definitely deserve a wrench he says I'm actually a highly irresponsible person meaning with this wrench I will wreak havoc I'm Brian home thank you ma'am Antonio cats are off what's my opinion on dragon chain Treach that is again okay so I would so that's my initial instinct everything that I know and have heard about dragon chain it sounds like when wrench watching games you're in their room um everything so so dragon chain was one of those coins that I that I heard about back in 2017 and that I was interested in accumulating a position in because of the information that came out about it I never did you know because obviously what happened toward the end of December and throughout February happened and we ended up exiting most of our positions and then just you know playing the bear market on the way down but since then dragging chains pretty much died as far as I'm aware you know it just hasn't done anything well so the last that I was aware of Dragon chain was basically it I don't want to say it's a scam project but it's just something that never went anywhere right I don't know if they're still actively developing so you know I don't like talking about things that I don't know very well my initial my initial instinct would be like scam trash garbage but again I want to qualify that with I don't exactly know what I'm talking about I haven't done the fundamental research that I have done on other projects that I actually am interested in accumulating position sizes over for the long term so anywho okay so Bitcoin moving a little bit sideways in a descending pattern we have not yet broken the 15-minute cloud yet we've pierced below it we have not so that means we haven't broken any cloud yet close looking to close the hourly below the the TK we're about to get that bearish TK cross as well after a brief pop-up let's start with the weekly and work our way down and for this we're actually going to do we're gonna do bitstamp we're gonna go move our levels around on bitstamp because as you guys know if you guys watch the stream yesterday that's why I had those orders at fifty three twenty-five and fifty three seventy-five I'm going on okay so here's the here's the here's my long-term setup guys so let's just let's just refresh and talk about what it's in this uh even though I have elie man thank you so much for the $10 my good dude I think you're gonna you're gonna overtake Wally dude no overtake Wally but thank you so much for the for the $10 my friend he says I bought an average at around 185 SATs do you think I should just do you think I should hold on for dear life or ride with Bitcoin thanks my man Justin in this awesome chat group Thank You Man Jack Martin says I tried buying some DMT but they ripped me off can you get me my BTC back probably not man but one more comment like that and you're gonna go bye-bye I don't allow profanity or any kind of obscenity in the chapter you guys can get wild and crazy but that's though you know the difference Peng's one on Twitch yeah I mean you can you know I don't know exactly what you're talking about man but you can end me up in the in the discord I'm sure Scott will drop the link its discord crackin cryptocurrency calm I'm right at the top as an administrator I'm pretty hard to miss anybody that's got any questions you can always DM me I try to respond all dm's than 48 hours you know sometimes I miss stuff I apologize man I get I get tens and dozens and dozens of dozens of DMS every day so I do my I do my best to try to respond everything within 48 hours but damn it let's see you thanks Blackie and I appreciate that verge right all right sorry man let's go look at version but having a virgin so where were we at yesterday so I'm trying to recall exactly what we had said yesterday yesterday I had said and kind of my opinion still stands man here's what's going on of a daily man again the daily is about to close in about two hours so I what I had said yesterday was okay look you've had a you had a nice spike to the upside we'll go some higher time frames here as well sorry let's grow on nitrogen and let's get that itch omocha back on so here's the daily Ichimoku you can see that you still have a bullish TK cross right the tenkan is still about the ki-joon that's bullish you have price coming back down after a breakout to retest the kuhmo cloud the upper boundary the sync you spun B because b is above a so when B is so sorry man I given that some like nerd algorithms stuff here but when the sanku spun a right is a variable that you can set right it is the average right just like it's all dawn Chian right so the tenkan is the is the mean it's the mean price of the last 20 bars right so the the middle of the so you have to true high of the last 20 bars and the true low of the last 20 bars whatever the middle is whatever the average of that is the middle of that that's where the tanken sits ki-joon same thing last 60 bars thank you spawn b or the first boundary it's actually the second boundary but of the kuhmo cloud is the last 120 days right you can set it to wherever you want but those are the settings that I used for crypto currency when when the average okay sing goose pond B or started suspense thank you spawn a my bad I apologize Zankou spawn a is the is is a variable that you can set okay the last one or xx thank you spawn B is the average of the tinkin in the key G okay so it's same method you know wherever the tinkin is where the keygen is what is the middle price that's where sync respond a is and then it's displaced its pushed forward 30 bars okay traditional at remote who is 26 but I use 30 um sue that's just some nerd algorithm when sink goose pond be so when when the average of the tank and in the ki-joon are greater than the average of price over the last 120 days that's bearish right and the cloud is red when when sink you spawn a so in long term price are this so that's that's long term price is higher than short term price right that means just on average price is bearish price is moving down because the longer-term price it's higher than the shorter term price when it flips when shorter term price is above longer-term price it means that yes it is appreciating the assets going up because the asset is trading higher than it was on average over the last 120 days whatever that mean is right a moving average will actually give you the average Michinoku will actually give you levels so moving averages can be very helpful obviously for identifying trends jamoke ooh I think is better or giving you signals okay and as a trader I don't really care about what I know like you know if you if you gave me the option of hey check it out man sorry I'm along let me you you um when you are if you gave me the option of being able to come on the show everyday and accurately predict where the market would be heading that's analysis uh and then said that yeah but but you're gonna have a bad strategy for entering and exiting so you're not gonna be able to do a lot with that information you know what is more important you or if you said hey man you're gonna have to come on the show every day and be a real genuine human being that really tells people like what trading is like and that at the end of the day your analysis is worth pretty much as good as your average and your strategy is really what's most important how you enter an exit you know how you're able to take advantage Nick thank you so much for the sub on youtube man welcome to the family how you're how you're able to take advantage of that information is far more important than the information itself for example so the moving average is pretty good for analysis it can give you and again there are higher timeframe levels of the moving averages they're going to give you excellent entries and exits but jamoke oh and my experience gives really good signals right gives really good signals and that's what's important right that's what's important for an if this than that strategy because it gives it gives signals very clear signals that are objective and they're good on average they're good a lot better than a lot of other stuff ever so I digress so what are we going on with verge we talked yesterday about how that that big volatile movement to the downside did represent in my in my opinion an opportunity to buy dips so far price is still above the cloud I see the daily flirting with looking to close prices still you know and what did I say here I talked about I drew this initiation level so this must have been what I was talking about yesterday I would have said 180 to 182 would represent my stop so you said you bought in at an average of 185 okay you bought in at an average of 185 okay so basically you're in a position where I mean where you're okay so you're you're wondering should I just take profits now or should I take a loss we've got to take this I'm sorry you okay uh again gotta have a good relationship with your family guys um so I'm like I'm doing my show they're like what all right bye Tom Tom Tom Fogle's thanks so much for the some on YouTube min I highly appreciate that okay so you're in a situation right now where you're slightly above your injury Jerry Pak thinks so much of the some on YouTube as well you're in a situation right now where you're about two percent up and you're asking yourself should I take profits or should I let this ride okay what would I do in this situation I would I would look at my original thesis I would ask myself why did I by verge in the first place what are my projected take profit levels and if I didn't have that information looking at the chart right now would I want to be shorting verge or what I want to be buying verge okay and just brought in again if if I give you I'm not going to tell you what to do man I'm just gonna give you my best opinion okay if I'm looking at the chart right now and if you gave me the option of going long on verge right now or going short on verge right now I would go long I'll tell you why you have the TK you have a bullish TK cross you have the Fisher above the zero line you have water at our trading explosion level but hasn't really reverted to bearish yet if we look at a little bit of a higher time frame let's look at that weekly okay look at that long period of consolidation right prices move to roughly down roughly moved up when every other coin has really popped off and Burge is one of those that you know again don't don't kind of give it up and you look at that rising volume right look at look at what it's are and look at that rising volume on average right that's that's a good thing to see I think that this does most likely represent accumulation we do have significant overhead resistance at 2:33 and again I've kind of charted this higher time frame level out because on the weekly level we only have the weekly ki-joon coming in that's up here so this represents neutral not in position most likely anything below this would represent an opportunity to buy without a significant change in market structure so let's go to that three-day the three-day as well we have price approaching the vicinity of the cloud if we look forward into the future wow that cloud just let go no no it doesn't it won't go on forever so let's adjust that okay the future cloud is I'd say it's stabilized it's flat it has not moved down at all as the cloud continues to move down prices continue only getting more bearish but we do see the cloud flattening out does that mean that this thing is gonna make a massive maneuver right now no it doesn't but if we look closely at the three day we can also see it didn't happen yesterday we talked about this yesterday we're looking for a potential three day tanking ki-joon cross okay I do have this area drawn on the chart one of those levels 182 178 represented buying opportunities for me on a wick to the downside but as we can see as well on the three day the three day tenkan and the three day keygen would have obviously represented a buying opportunities as well as you can see down here price came down to the three day ki-joon and is currently holding that level man still hasn't closed the through day below the kijun and went down to the three day Tinkham a lot a lot it not bad it's not a bad looking sharp man especially after look you have consistent resistance resistance resistance price breaks and price is pulling back on the daily and testing that area as confirmed support and what happens after you break out you pull back and you confirm support typically you go higher so in your position right now I would say depending on what you have lined up against the depending on what you have down the road because is there an opportunity cost to sitting in a coin um so what you could do right I'll give you an I'll give you an idea what you could do is since you are in profit right you could take 50 percent of your profit off of the table take two percent off 50 percent of your position um and then you could you could say to yourself okay listen if the daily closes below that ki-joon I'm gonna take a loss and that's gonna make the trade overall a break even if true if price closes within two percent of your average entry so if your average entry was 185 and price closes within I'd say 180 181 you won't have made any money but you won't have lost any money right because you're gonna take 50 percent profit two percent and you're gonna take a two percent loss on 50 right but that allows you in the short-term let's let's assume the best-case scenario okay let's assume price does appreciate right significantly that will that will reduce your opportunity loss because now you can do something else with that fifty percent that sitting in birds you can you can go invest it in something else or go trade something else or you can move in a tether or whatever you'd like to do right and you still have a good position size with half of your positions should verge take off like a light socket man again if Bitcoin goes sideways here alts are gonna bounce back man I'm still fundamentally bullish on alts right now so in a Spain and looking at birch I mean all I can do is look at the chart in front of me let's go see I'll do that I'll do my best do my best to look at some data metrics here man let's go look at the market depth ratio the market depth ratio is very bullish it's 53 point 41 percent bullish nearest one percent of price nearest two percent of price that's bullish nearest five percent of price that's bullish nearest ten percent of price it's bullish in accumulated you you yes there was a ton of selling right here right at this bottom that price is currently on on the hourly chart brief resurgence test a little bit of a stop-loss hunt right here and price has not gone below that so in this vicinity there's obviously clearly a very interested buyer is if you add that much selling that occurs right there I mean how much was sold like that's 1800 if we go down and look at significant trades 1835 1836 about what 27 Bitcoin worth verge was sold in those two hours and price didn't move an inch and then whoever bought there is defending that that level five so is that Eli are you away like that bro scooping it up and you can see that the order book is very bearish right now ton of people trying to sell and price isn't really doing anything man it's getting bought up so I would say that as long as the dailies about the ki-joon a pretty good man that ki-joon is coming in at 185 so you know you could set you know you take 50% profit off the table adjust your stop-loss to break-even with a soft stop-loss so say if the daily closes below 185 I'll be out of trade that's probably what I do man that's what I do in your position and I'll give you an idea for at a profit target 201 well one would be decent conservative them on a higher time frame perspective you're looking for a retest of that three-day kuhmo cloud that's given you you know 201 to 212 you you pilot what's going on man BTC bull hey good to see you man good to see you on Twitch man thanks for ki and over there my good friend pile as well throw them hands up you FG Kirk style man all right thank you again for the $10 you'll appreciate it all right 5:30 all right last 30 minutes guys we are gonna break down those higher timeframe levels make sure okay so it must be on this one you sorry guys all the weather today is like no I want to get back to my LTS scam you you market you I do it over here sorry this is very unprofessional but I did I had updated all my levels yesterday and we've gone AWOL maybe I didn't save the chart oh I'll fix it tonight but anyways that's not the important things we're gonna do this together anyway so what doesn't matter so we get the draw I'm all over again so these levels don't get moved though these levels don't get moved because these are higher time frame levels of support and resistance right so for those of you who haven't seen this for those of you who might be new to the channel anyways this is the bit stamp chart this is where we do our long term analysis on so anyways we do have some resistance levels that we are that I think are critical and key so 50 78061 53 those represent the zone the last zone that I'm looking to be taking profit that zone around 780 represents the last zone that I'll be looking to take profit a lot of people screaming for that $5,800 level could we see it absolutely we could see it that's that would be the last level that I would be looking to take profit on any leverage long position and actually most likely I haven't I haven't fully committed to this yet because part of me wants to just say hey I'm pretty confident that even though we are gonna see it dip it back down to three to four thousand you know we'll just accumulate and we'll stay out of tether for now since given given it more thought it does not seem that that's probably the best case scenario so getting that bearish reaction from that 5780 level I most likely will move back into tether before we move back down to three to four thousand because I do think that we retest that area I do think this this is the first significant rally okay of the bear market it's not likely that we go full parabolic from here and it's just listen I get it it's exciting I love Bitcoin and I'm sitting in spot Bitcoin right I have not sold any Bitcoin spot no tether and you know it I love you know can please you know it's very nice that my spot bags continue to be pumped and I've been able to hedge any losses on bit mechs that way which there have been three so what's the point I want to make here anyways 5780 represents the last area that I'd be looking to take profit off any long position and then once we enter that realm between fifty seven eighty and sixty one fifty three that's when I began to look for a short we can see that this level of fifty nine seventy nine has not done a whole lot neither is forty for us and 4606 but I don't think their levels to disrespect I'm not going to remove them from my chart why because they're important horizontals during a previous level of consolidation right here we have previous levels of consolidation and you do have my lower areas for bitcoins price to go should we go below 3000 that do I think we go below 3000 on a sustained basis no I do not I I have no opinion I don't it's not that I have no opinion it's just that you know the the low of this weekly candle the low of this weekly candle so 31 22 may represent the bottom it might not guys it may represent the bottom it might not there's no way to know and anybody that focuses on that is there you know it's it's wonderful to speculate upon and the individuals that are but but the individuals who are on Twitter you're seeing the bottom is in you that there's no way we're going lower the bottom is not in we're of course going lower completely unproductive completely unproductive and at the end of the day doesn't matter right you can make money going up you can make money going down there's always going to be opportunities to make money in a market whether it's bullish or bearish obviously for most retail investors or passive investors they're gonna be able to make money much more easily when it's going up you do have to be a little bit more nuanced and strategic to make money when the market is going down and I've been very thankful for the bare market of 2018-2019 because it is it has made me a better trader it's it's made me a better trader every opportunity that I have to enhance my skills and have to kind of be under the gun and have a lot of pressure it always makes it always makes you a better trader and I anyway I digress I do wanna I will contend with the argument so somebody somebody sent me a chart and they're like look man bitcoin is just making a lower high or high or low or high lower high lower high lower high lower high lower high I disagree with that I disagree with that why because to understand like the word high or low like the have to meet certain qualifications to be a low or high right so the actual qualifications for a low or high is high so so a true high is a high with two lower highs on either side a true low is a low with two higher lows on either side right that's a low all right that's a confirmed low this is a high okay this is a high this candle right here this is a high because it is a high with two lower highs and price moves down this is a low because it's a low with two higher lows on either side so you can't just say you can't just say bruh and you know this never worked in the first place but maybe let's try it let's try this are this alright that doesn't really work out there you can't just say you can't ignore this you can't ignore this behavior of price activity and say that this is just another lower highs this is well we don't have a high yet because again what does the high have to be I has to be a high with two lower highs on each side we don't have one of those yet and again the higher the timeframe the more accurate that you can have you can use this on lower timeframes as well you know looking for swing failure patterns you know swing failure patterns are one of the best chart or one of the best chart patterns to trade much better than budgets or triangles you know such nonsense even though we will plot them on the chart because sometimes 90 or 60 percent of the time they work every time you know it's one of those things you Dima what's going on man I'm sorry I missed you good to see you bro good to see you in the twitch man much love brothers must love make it rain you look cute Kirk style are actually you know what let's get it let's scratch some records minks ATL style I think I'm gonna I think I'll rage you guys I think I might try to Anna raid the day is she streaming oh you know what no let's raid pilot propeller okay we'll try to do that at the end man something I've never done so if it screws up let me know but we'll see anyways I digress is there background music or you want there to be background music it is kind of an evening show but anyways it's getting yeah we're getting toward the end we got 20 minutes left and we got a lot to talk about so let's start off on the weekly here we've identified our critical horizontal which is always the first step in my opinion we've identified our critical horizontals and now let's start throwing on our indicators so that we can identify our critical weekly levels alright so we have we have our weekly key June coming in up here and when I'm done I'm actually gonna save this out oh that's a better approach but I'll just redo it I'll just redo isn't it so anyways Pistons you okay so we have our weekly ki-joon level now these levels are less applicable we're gonna get into the moving averages here in just a second the Exponential's that I think are more critical to the weekly time frame here on bitstamp but we do have a weekly key gene coming in at 74 53 that's gonna be an area to be looking for to take profit I would say on the initial breakout which I don't think we're gonna be seeing anytime soon that initial break at about 60 153 so the first kind of profit taking area waiting for a pullback is if your short-term trading again that's not gonna be my strategy once price is about 60 150 I'm not really looking to take profit until until we get if we get a strong weekly sell signal and then I'll just be buying pullbacks because that is my long-term Bitcoin strategy and then we have 4279 that's interesting so 4279 acting as support now because again resistance turns into support so one of the one of the main schools of thought is that price can't go lower than 4200 so we actually have that weekly tenkan which is going to be a significant level of support coming in at 4279 so that's interesting let's keep our eye on that as we move along the reason like I said that we needed to redo this is because recent price action did move our indicators mainly on the three-day chart so there we have our weekly key June and our weekly Tinkham let's go to our emos and figure out where at so currently we talked about this a little bit earlier we talked about how the 100 exponential moving average on the weekly time frame was acting as closing basis resistance and the 55 exponential moving average was acting as true high resistance we can actually see that that has been that has been violated now we have traded above the weekly 55 exponential moving average still unable to close above it so we are looking we are flirting with closing the weekly above the 100 exponential moving average getting out of the way of the 55 exponential moving average would kind of relieve any and all resistance to price running up to that 57 80 level that I talked about earlier again that level between 57 80 is pretty much the last area that I would be looking to take profit or at least once you go above 50 780 let's put it this way you put your stop loss at 50 780 right you let price go above you set your stop you set you you move your stop-loss up to 50 780 move yourself into guaranteed profits because I do believe that we reject very very violently from that 60 150 area whether or not we make it up that I we will see over the next few days of price action ok so we also have so so I don't think there's any point in plotting out the resistance levels here potentially but for the sake of fun we will not for the sake of fun but these will be useful coming forward because again how can I sit there useful because I don't want 50 million lines on my chart but we will talk about this 55 tema right here 55 TMO legally is acting as current overhead resistance for closing bases we will see if we close the weekly underneath the 100 exponential moving average I would expect a significant pullback eglise to the forty nine hundred our area that's the very bullish case that's the very bullish scenario whether we continue to get whether we get a second leg up to fifty eight hundred that would seem logical that would seem reasonable we do have other areas coming in that could be more dramatic pullback areas as well for example to $4,600 level or the $4,400 level which is actually so 4450 is actually where our weekly 21 exponential moving average is coming in and our weekly 8 exponential moving average is coming in and we are looking to get that 8 above the 21 cross you guys know that typically when you do get a moving average cross that's bullish you almost always pull back and the 8 above the 21 is the first one that I look at us sniffing at the 8 about the 13 not so much we can see here that it did herald a good movement you can see how the 8 weekly exponential moving average acted as beautiful support supporting price once we were actually able to close above it that was really the first one right here and then the 200 weekly exponential moving average obviously was suppressing price so we have our weekly t'ankin coming in slightly above our 200 weekly exponential with the average and we have my horizontal level of support resistance the ceiling that price was trading underneath that 4102 we have that coming in almost directly with the 200 exponential moving average so this is going to become support now great that is going to become support now as well as 4606 okay so so let me let me qualify this because as we move forward there's gonna be more lines and one thing that I want to tell you is oh there's so many lines of course one's gonna hit the point is not that I'm saying that price is gonna stop at this level and not go any lower or the price is gonna stop this level of not go any higher these levels are on there to trade off of so if you want to know where to set limit orders at where there's likely to be large orders resting in the order books and you can take advantage of Wix and then movements to the upside whether or not so that's the difference between taking advantage of volatility and that's the difference between being a lazy trader and saying well I'm just gonna buy and I'm just gonna wait for price to go up no you need to have a plan you need to have strategy what levels are you gonna be executing from and these levels as you can see if you would have set a limit sell order at the 55 exponential moving average you would have been able to take advantage of this movement right here you would've been able to make three percent off that trade just by setting a limit sell order there and taking profit at some point similarly setting buy orders you know at the eight exponential moving average when price broke above it again would have been a great strategy would have had a little bit of a draw down but price rebounded very quickly back up to your breakeven and boom there you go setting a setting sell orders that's a 200 exponential moving average while price was above it would have allowed you to profit off this this this this movement right there I mean right there studying it setting a limit sell order at the 200 exponential moving average you had what you had maybe one and a half percent of drawdown and then 10% of profit so the reason that these lines are on the chart is so that you have an idea where to be a passive buyer in a passive self – red that's where you're a passive seller the line is green that's where your passive buyer at least on the first pasture actually this is weak by bad this is strong okay so secondary test ii weekly test of the 55 x miniature moving average let's look for price to consolidate and then we'll look for that movement I would expect I mean the most logical thing that I'm looking for here is they pull back at least to the 4900 our area and then and then logically I'm moving up to 5800 but we'll see we'll see we'll see that's less important right now at this point in time okay so we've got our weekly levels and we'll also start I did I did leave the as you guys know if you guys regularly watch the show typically the only Eamon's that I'm interested in are gonna be the 55 the 21 and the 100 and the 200 those are really the only ones that I do watch you can do CI that I have the ADA 13 on here because they are out 'fl at some points in time but in general I stick to the larger ones because they're more indicative of where price is likely to go sorry and that's going to be or we need to leave so we know our weekly 21 now that's where I'm gonna stop I'm probably not going to put as many lines on the chart for the or the three day because typically when once we get below the weekly I'm really I look more at the HMO ku because I think it's more indicative but we will take a look at the emails so we are trading inside the three-day cloud we are trading in through inside the three-day cloud and if you want to be very very very very bullish you would I would take profit target now of about 6500 dollars because that would be an edge to edge trade to the 3-day como cloud we need to close inside the cloud though guys we need to close inside the cloud so this this candle just opened last night we have two evenings before the this candle closes so I can't be calling for any overly optimistic edge to edge bullish trades until the three day candle closes inside of the kumal cloud something to keep in mind that is gonna that is going to not gel necessarily with my fundamental analysis of where bitcoins price is headed but again you guys know I'm always going to trade the technicals and I'm very humble about my analysis sorry realize that I have to go through and make sure that a czar click that tricks with tradingview it assumes that I don't want to see weekly levels on lower timeframes and why not because that's where I'm looking is she eight week it there alright great getting down to our three-day nothing mega indicative I do see that we do have that horizontal level of support resistance that I think the tenkan is likely to catch up with on the three-day coming in at forty six oh six so no significant changes to that yet we do have that key June making a little bit of a lower move yesterday the last three-day candle it was actually congruent with that forty nine seventy nine it has dropped down a little bit to 48:27 so since it's not really moving sideways I can't really since it's an active movement I'm gonna actually need to wait for another three-day candle or it's actually go flat so that means I can no longer utilize this as a level and I'm gonna have to default back to that horizontal level of forty nine seventy nine so no updates really to be made on the three-day chart except to just note that we are trading within the three-day kuhmo cloud I'm not getting overly optimistic for that edge-to-edge straight yet I do need to see price close within the close within the within the kuhmo cloud and we'll revisit this in two evenings as far as that analysis is concerned getting back to the three day and throwing our amazon we are gonna be looking for confluence all right so quite similarly so fifty-five email we also have our three day two hundred exponential moving average and we have our three day 100 exponential moving average so I would feel better about acting I would feel better about acting at on the forty nine seventy nine forty nine hundred dollar level which again that forty nine hundred if I actually do backtrack now and think that's gonna be congruent with that three day ki-joon as well but what we can do is utilize this as a take profit level support week shoot that's that 3-day 100 exponential moving average so on the short trade that could be a potential take profit level it's coming around 50 114 we can actually open up the data window guys and actually get these precise levels ourselves so 50 110 you 5110 is where she sits not a bit all the way interesting so we've got the 55 exponential moving average on the weekly and the 200 three-day exponential moving average acting as overhead resistance you can also notice the equi distant highest so this is something that you want to be on the lookout for is liquidity grabs to the upside whenever you have equal highs especially at the higher the timeframe the better the signal you have equal highs and then you have a volatile movement above to clear stop-loss and the Columbia trap there and then price typically moves the opposite way and we did get that nice Milan reaction on the higher time frames so 51 51 10 49 79 4606 in my opinion represent good downside targets for a short position at this point in time and we'll be looking for nice consolidation and bullish reaction off of any of those levels to be looking for an opportunity to reenter so regardless of whether you're looking for the trade to the downside you're looking for areas to buy back in either way those areas represent hot spots on the chart where things are likely to happen it's gonna get pop in in there we do see the daily 200 exponential moving average giving us nice confluence for that $4,600 $4,600 moving average going to give us some nice confluence right now with the zone between our horizontal and weekly 200 exponential moving average and our weekly Tankian so very critical areas on the chart is going to be obviously the 4640 606 region the 49 79 $4,900 region and then obviously the region between 40 140 to 1 so if you're looking for a long term accumulation or long term targets for shorts there you go that's how I'll be playing the chart as well all right you is there a GoFundMe for your chair yet crypto meister asks listen man let me tell you this the in sali have been through a lot together a lot a lot a lot a lot okay and you know I'd like to be I'd liked you know me and Scott talked about this like you know I I am thinking about buying one of those nice gaming chairs I probably better on my lower back because you know I did a lot of I did a lot of aggressive bodybuilding in my 20s and didn't do my back any favors that's why I've switched to doing lower weight not not lower weight but still heavy but you know I'm not I'm not I'm not putting four hundred and five pounds on my back and sitting down and standing back up again I'm not doing that anymore you know I'm not lifting 500 not lifting 535 off of the ground which is what I used to do when I was younger I'm focused more on Cross Fit pull-up spreads clean and presses clean and poles hitting the heavy bag really really focusing on you know the heavy bag in my form of my style right now there's not a good gym around here where I can roll jiu-jitsu but if I can find one you know I get there is one but it's like an hour away so it's like yeah you know I want to go Monday Wednesday Friday and you know it's just one of those things so anyways so it'd probably be good that was a long divergence on my freakin lower back but anyways that's not important but oh but thinking about that but if you want to be a good trader my are my recommendations building a fist than that strategy and find yourself a chair that can get you through the battlefield man me and Sally we've been through ups downs we've been through late nights early mornings coffee spills been through it all man you bit cones exciting again yes sir twitch not showing in the comments which not showing in the comments on the on the tubes I'll have to fix that I think it is hashtag by the chair all right Sally sorry but you know your crypto Meister time to go into the it's time to go into the what do they call that it's time to go to the place where old chairs go to die all right so yeah that's about it man that's the that's the HTF you yeah over here is where I'll come and do it CHD death let's get back to the live scene here real quick and check back in you you all right we have not broken down through the kuhmo cloud yet we also have not you know we closed below the 15 minutes our excuse me we closed the 15 minute below the ascending trendline but popped right back up not able to get back above our ki-june do we have that bearish to get cross no they're equal they're battling it out for supremacy right now so definitely an area of definitely of consolidation future cloud is bullish so we would be looking for that close if you wanted to take a momentum long you would be looking for that close now above the 15-minute ki-joon to be looking for a long position for me pretty comfortable in my short position again not what I'm going to be willing to lose money on but I'm comfortable on short position especially if we start seeing a Bitcoin break this is sending trendline and break below the hourly key or break below the hour excuse me the 15-minute kuhmo Club getting back to the hourly timeframe let's go to the hourly and we'll just start moving ourselves up get rid of that okay looking to get that bearish TK cross a little sooner than expected here on the hourly again the hourly rejecting as well price just squeezing below the ascending trend line and the ki-joon our Li is about to cross below the zero line giving an hourly trending to the downside signal the three out and look at that you know in the three hours look at that Darth Maul candle in the three hour that's a good one look at that three hour came perfectly down to the three hour tiejun bounced right back up three hours been really good on this man look at that really good on that all right Elizabeth three-hour tenkan you know just wait price closes above the three our second being the trade price looking like it's gonna close below three our tenkan so maybe be out but again I would so I guess there's two there's two scenarios right there's two scenarios there's this scenario right there's that scenario and then there's this scenario right and then there's this scenario there's there's that scenario okay so scenario a scenario B and you're welcome to play either scenario the end result is going to be the same the end result is going to be his name rejection from this higher level in breakdown again whether it is the sending triangle formation which you can see that we tried to break above and then immediately reject it from initiation level on there so you guys can see on the three hour and the hourly you can see the ascending triangle formation whether it's going to be the ascending triangle climaxing and pushing up here to that 5780 $5,800 region on bit mechs and then rejecting or whether it is a break down from here and tapping in the liquidity so this has already happened so now we'd be looking for that return to that 4600 on our level excuse me the 4900 ah level 49 69 is the level on the bit mechs chart which would also be at 3 our kuhmo cloud and then a spike back up to retest but again you're gonna get that sideways consolidation so those are the two main scenarios that I see price action working itself and playing out with you're welcome to play either one I think there again I'm bearish right now I'm in a short position I think there is a good visit I think there is a good argument to be made to the upside so just use your best just use your best judgment take the best tray that you possibly can but again if you're looking for the longer-term positional trade just just be prepared to be shortening Sallu trades blockchain games good to see you man all right it's 601 man I got to jump man I got a jet dude I've got dinner to cook and then I'm gonna come back for the evening session so if you guys in the members group if you guys have any questions want me to do any charting if you have any questions about the positions were in drop them in the chat or not dropped in the chat dropping them in the discord man in the private discord and we'll we'll hash it out when I get back to the evening session let's see here bad Andy that's tensor charts calm answer charts calm all right guys but that's it for me thank you guys so much for your support thank you for having a wonderful evening stream sorry about the delay we will be back at our regularly scheduled time 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. central Daylight Time Monday through Friday 5 to 7 p.m. central Daylight Time Saturday and Sunday Sunday we're gonna try to only be doing crypto currently show so if you guys want to hear us talk with somebody relevant from the cryptocurrency space about technology about the feature of cryptocurrency that's what we're trying to gonna do on Sunday nights so it's it's been good man you guys have all been amazing I hope you're doing absolutely fantastic again wherever you happen to be tuning in from I hope you guys are being safe out there have South who trades everybody if you guys would like to help support the stream in any way make sure to click that subscribe button if you're on youtube if you're on twitch as well highly appreciate it it helps us out click the notification bell as well because that way you can get notified whenever we do a show if you guys hit the like button we also appreciate that obviously the light goal for this video is 500 likes if we can get there that would be amazing I don't know if we're there already are we there already maybe tuning in from I hope you guys 51 now 52 because I like my own video so if we get the 500 likes that'd be amazing maybe I should set the bar lower let's start with like 100 likes maybe 100 likes and things will be so anyways let's see your you guys can check out cracking cryptocurrency comm forward slash merch if you'd like to pick up a coffee cup that can improve the efficacy of your trading by about 80% your personal attractiveness by about 90% and then of course if you would like to trade along more closely with myself and our team how you guys can of course check out the banner at the top of the screen premium dot crack and cryptocurrency calm to get access to my webinar series to get access to a private discord community to get access to my custom indicators and strategies as well as all the trade signals and setups from the analysts and traders at cracking cryptocurrency I digress you guys have been fantastic thank you so much guys that's about it for me you have any questions comments or casting remarks and/or death threats leave them in the comment section down below shout out to X 42 protocols Specter security coin MMO coin and your crypto daily you guys are fantastic thank you for all your support and that's it man until tomorrow guys trade safely

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  3. Вcе четко,, пo дeлу.. Автору кaналa cпacибo oгpомнoе!!

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