Breaking Bitcoin – Is This The End of the Bullish Dream?! – Live Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

you my mic not working there we go hopefully you guys can hear me well uh geez hopefully everything is working good this morning we haven't broken anything else of course technology the wonderfulest thing about human life okay guys it is Tuesday morning guys hopefully you're doing fantastic it is February the 19th value of our Lord I am Justin wise the lead analyst senior mentor at cracking cryptocurrency dot-com here for another breaking Bitcoin market update all right so let me pull up in the chat so I can give some well-deserved kudos man well-deserved kudos so I'm gonna say that again just in case uh just in case in case um there we go nice remix of the song yes just to repeat it again Justin you were 10 minutes late yeah double audio on the intro track and now your webcam is messed up what kind of operation here I don't think we can trust you have a bit Mex account all right there we go sorry guys I really I rejected my whole setup last night I have two additional monitors now over here I've been working on installing them for a while I just repositioned everything so that I don't have to do this but the webcam is actually at face level with me all right guys excellent I also did some changes just in general stream changes so everything should look nice well good and fantastically you're all doing fantastic yep this is the Kraken crypto-currency Havel shirt guys available in the merch store uh move fast and break things man let me say hi to Jasper man gotta watch Krypto it's going on mr. eater chase Martin Ron legato blah Blee Krypto gwanak oh what's going on guys Xavier 76 Lucy Vegas red 5 golf Gunny good to see you in here man haven't seen you for a while ro Joe of course Caribbean Krypto show good to see mm if I missed anybody else I apologize of course koyla good to see you men all right so let's before we get into the charts guys let's just go through some basic stuff let's go over here to the news and stats of course we do still have the X 42 masternode giveaway going on and guys go over to X 42 cracking cryptocurrency dot-com I'm actually pretty excited with how with how popular this thing is you know we did the trading group giveaway and had a lot of great responses had about 320 people enter we've had this thing live for like two days and there's already 503 people left in this thing guys 12 days left in the giveaway we are giving away 5 masternodes worth of x42 coin x 42 proud supporter the show guys make sure you go check guys go check them out anyways anyways anyways anyways anyways yeah all good all cool all sweet if you guys aren't familiar you can take part in this competition by using any of your existing social media accounts don't e create like an account or anything I can use your YouTube twitch Twitter bla bla bla bla bla you get points for following socials just spreading the news hub in the community how guys remember it's a bear market guys it's a bear market guys we got to do support man if you guys want this to work if you guys want crypto to work man you got to do something alright moving on let's go take a look let's get right into the charts guys so let's get right into the charts you know I've been staring at these puppies all day all night had a fantastic time in the voice chat last night in the premium trading group of course we do have the VIP day trading voice shot in there that we hang out in we were up there man we were up to like we were up late last night we were up late last night while we were up late last night why because USD T coins popped off and we needed to get in all of them that we could made about 10% on Ong in about 30 minutes holo hot us DT again o ng they just listed that ticker pair h.o.t they just listed that USD T pair I was looking at OMG USD T on treks but not a blood no no on TRX USD T popped off quite beautifully quite nicely that did exactly what we wanted to do the other ones we were looking at of course was I see X and chain link I see X did end up putting in about four percent but the wrist award wasn't there for me so much rather by the breakout hopefully the that it does seem like the restream chat is not working in this sorry guys I apologize let me make a quick let me make a quick change here hopefully this will fix and then we can just talk about what I want to talk about you guys are very patience how are you guys doing today hopefully fantastic on let's talk a little bit about anybody want to talk about Bernie Sanders no totally fine that will be very proud of me as I recently learned that I can wake up and say good morning Google it will tell me everything I need to know about my life the universe and everything hmm hopefully that things stuff starts working you a lie in a world where the restream chat will not work in stream labs OBS one man must say for the love of God can we please get something that works in this universe and that's like we all took aetherium USD to the upside right it's like we all took aetherium USD to the upside and there we go maybe if we just add this drag this puppy over there we go what I'm going to have to do just the height five-thirty how's that look like it works yes Justin you an excellent job on air swapping out the restream chat thank you so bruh all right you the traffic light from the kitchen to your bedroom this yeah man it is kind of interesting working for moments like you wake up and you're like Google what's my commute like well Justin of course I have the British ladyboy so it's like Justin there is a few children's toys in your hallway to the coffee machine that your daughter had left there overnight because you did not pick her toys up also is some sticky tack that you might step your foot in be careful as you proceed hey thanks Constantine I highly appreciate that okay all right now let's see here everything is good restreams working ma'am let's get over to the charts Bitcoin starting off with XPT USD of course as we always do we do have some interesting developments coming on here so let's just go ahead and start on the 24 hour chart now daily timeframe for xbt USD we hit both upside targets that I've been talking about here for the last two days 37 80 thirty nine thirty what does that mean it means we've hit my both of my upper upside targets here on X BT USD we have broken out of the descending trendline resistance however at this point since both upside targets for me have been hit and we are now within $100 of weekly higher timeframe resistance I can no longer justify looking for a long entry at this point in time doesn't matter if I'm wrong or if I'm right all I can do is play the statistics that the charts show me so at this point in time I can no longer be looking for a long entry and in fact have to begin entertaining the possibilities for either a short trade to the downside or either a correction either a correction and waiting for another entry to the upside what are gonna be those determining factors well of course let's just step back and talk about the key levels on a weekly timeframe on the chart so if we go to the weekly timeframe we can very clearly see when you look at the chart this way it's very simple to see what are the critical turning points in the market of course we have the most critical turning point coming up upon us at 4096 now what was the reason that I had talked about 39:30 as my secondary or my highest in this range target hey Light Yagami good to see you well if we look really clearly if I just go ahead and change the color on this on this on this horizontal ray right here to red maybe it'll start to make more sense so look what we have here if we look at the weekly equilibrium block right here and for those of you who are new to the channel that is the key level of resistance in my analysis because it represents an area where we have a shift in market structure so we have a dominant downtrend we have a dominant trend we have one two three four five a month and a half of solid really longer than that I mean if you want to just take these into account as well I and overall just you know a whole year plus of absolute bear marquetry we put in and of course we do have some some brief thrusts off the floor off the floor at 6150 which is now to be quite honest with you 6150 is the most important number on the above 6150 we're in clear bull territory below 64 150 no no above 6150 I will begin entertaining you know and again guys I don't want to be you know I don't want to be bearish it's I don't wanna be seen as a perma bear all I can do is trade the statistical setups that the charts show me which is how I've been able to make do this as a living uh but when we're really talking about you know and listen guys you know I've been in crypto since I've been trading cryptocurrencies since 2016 I'll never forget the day it was the third month of 2016 when I made my first Bitcoin purchase now and it's fun man all that you know 20,000 over 9,000 we do the stuff on the stream it's all good man it's it's very entertaining but from it from a technical statistical standpoint guys we're looking over 60 150 bpm we can begin entertaining notions of approaching all-time highs or we are in full bear market well sorry just go in I would hope that some people have better things to do but it's okay guys anyways okay so definitely not tolerating any extreme hatred or racism on our channel man there are better places for that man life's too short man life's too short guys nice too short man just live and let live already get along with people in your life will be overall better you know if you're looking at a growing graph of success in general in life extremely self-centered people overall are not successful they're only successful in the short term on those who are able to be slightly altruistic in their motives and be helpful it doesn't even matter motivation doesn't matter if you are able to provide a service that is helpful to other people and you genuinely tend to care about the well-being of other people with the caveat that ideally it benefits yourself or necessarily benefit yourself then you will be more financially successful statistically overall than somebody who does not in general search to seek to seek to general and genuinely all the other people out so let's stop talking about 6150 let's not talk about 5,000 let's not talk about anything over 4,000 until we're there man let's not let's not talk about anything over 4,000 and tour there so the key level on my chart is obviously 4096 clearing that opening and closing excuse me really opening and closing a daily would be the first initial sign above 4096 then we can start talking about upside targets of 46 24 which is our first trouble spot and you know I've seen other analysts talk about this area 4,600 and they don't really have it seems like they pointed out but they don't really know why so I want to point out to you guys why that level is important because it is an important higher timeframe previous level of resistance and support so you can see here at access support now it is a matter of subjection whether you take the ceiling or whether you take the wick so whether you take the liquidity zone which is going to be coming in at around 5000 or whether you take the actual candle closing body basis which is again coming in at 46 24 you can see it acts as resistance here acts as resistance here on a weekly basis we're able to break above it we don't fully come back down and test that area for support but we do wick down in the vicinity of it so that that is established to me as a very important level also we do see on the on the volume profile if we throw the volume profile on we do see and again sorry on row that my profile my visible range we do see a high volume no.2 coming in actually no sorry so that's that's what I'm talking about we don't we only have the high volume Oh coming in around 5500 we don't really have the high volume note coming in around 4600 so I think that's the only reason that people are talking about the 5500 and the $6,000 areas but we do have a very important level of higher timeframe resistance coming in right here at that level so key area to keep your eye on and just technically the the correct thing to do is if you do end up buying the breakout which we will if we do end up buying the breakout above 4096 so opening and closing daily candles or depending on whatever type of analysis you're using but that's the analysis that I will be using because of the fear of the liquidity grab above previous liquidity grabs of course you're also you're always you know monitoring to make sure that you're managing your risk and that you're not buying into an absolute top but but anyways um this is 4624 is definitely the area where you look to reduce your risk where you look to take some profit absolutely coming in above that we run into trouble areas closer to the ceiling of 60 150 right now a previously was the floor right now it's the ceiling and on the first pass through most likely the second pass through represents a cell that is the correct technical setup is to sell resistance and to long support so what does that mean right now okay so we have changed this if you guys were following along with what I did so we do have this horizontal on my chart it was my it was a take profit level for me it was an ascending take profit level for me we've hit that and what does it represent now it represents the bottom it represents the open of the bullish weekly equilibrium block okay this is a weekly equilibrium block this is where we had a dominant downtrend we put in a shift in market structure right here for a full week we have a nice Darth Maul candle and the opening and closing basis of that candle represents resistance because as you can see we've done we've been unable to trade above that range that level has acted as resistance so that is the most critical level that we are looking at for resistance again a daily does need to open and close about 4096 before we can entertain higher level so until that happens I now have to stop looking for long entries and believe that looking for long injuries at this level with the risk to reward ratio that that represents is not profitable because again we do have what do we have we have a you know or we have a three to four percent range in which Bitcoin might value eight higher it could appreciate higher it could appreciate three to four more percent but that's alright that's alright again bitcoins been been a very good mover over the last three weeks up about twenty percent since the last bounce off 3390 excuse me really thirty four hundred on the bit mixture at thirty three ninety on the bitstamp chart and relatively the USD T chart as well but now the risk to reward ratio is not is not equal if when we were looking down here and we were looking for the long potential layoffs thirty four hundred I'll just go back to exactly what I've said in those of you who have been following the channel I hope we'll notice that I've been extremely consistent in this why because this is how I actually trade I said that if we do bounce off 3390 where we did have previous support it was a previous liquidity grab I I've talked about the fact that we could bounce off that level but that if we did and we did not go down below 3,100 previously or go down to touch support I did not think that there was enough liquidity and volume to be able to thrust up above resistance now there's two levels where liquidity can come into a market it can come in at the bottom which is where it normally does or it can come in at the counter-trend motion where you have individuals sitting in the weeds with their limit orders institutional order flow you have retail traders that for example are going to be attempting to buy into a wick on a breakout before it's a confirmed breakout so you know kind of the scene that always comes to my mind is magneto and x-men 3 you know we're all that we're all that we're all you know were whatever what's his name tries to run forward he's like no no man in chess the pawns go first so when you see a potential breakout occurring what most individuals will attempt to do what most retail traders will attempt to do is buy into the breakout before it's a confirmed breakout and and very often breakouts get faded that is a professional very highly successful method of trading as fading breakouts in a market where you can short sell and again if you look at if you look at my video on TD sequential that is initially what TD sequential was designed for if you read JSON pearls book on TD sequential you will see that he uses TD sequential to actually fade breakouts that's its purpose and breakouts are commonly faded that is a professional trading strategy or I don't want to say professional that depends on your personal that depends on your personal situation in life but it is a it is a very popular highly successful institutional trading strategy whereas a retail trading strategy is generally to buy in to breakouts now there's nothing wrong with that i buy breakouts but they have to be confirmed I have to be confirmed I will pay the premium on price to know the price is going to appreciate or have a higher statistical odd that price will appreciate then attempting to buy the wick into a breakout and face the odds of getting slammed down upon because the markets going to move when there's big spikes in volume of remember without a significant shift in volume or sentiment the overall direction is unlikely to change so just remember that okay so this means that at this current level in time I have to begin keeping my eye out I have to begin looking for a potential short entry so it's going down to the daily what do we see right here we have come up to the we have come up to that first take profit level again representing the lower boundary of the weekly equilibrium block so we are now in a red zone of resistance now can price go up another three or four percent absolutely you can can price just continue to just just bum-rush through and just go to 20,000 of course it could I think it's unlikely but just being you know just being collage idli consistent here guys in this from this range to this range I will be potentially looking for short entries now I'm not an annex BT USD short yet I'm just going to remain neutral at this point in time meaning the you know meaning meaning that my Fiat value is preserved so I'm neutral in the market on BTC anyways I do have other positions in the market for example what I think is more volatile again I've been talking about quite quite explicitly that I've been trading aetherium as opposed to Bitcoin why because there's higher risk to reward ratio in the charts I think I think the chart is cleaner honestly for aetherium so it allows me a better technical setups now but in this range in this red box range right here I will be looking for potential short entries now what are the critical levels that need to hold if we're going to if we're going to continue the up thrust and as we go down another three hour we'll talk about this we'll actually go to the eighth hour and the three hour here on the bit mix chart and then we'll move on to the other the other coins but obviously Bitcoin being the most important that we're gonna talk about today this does seem obviously coming into our first critical level of resistance a likely area for a pullback we have broken through the resistance trendline and it would be nice and healthy actually to see a pullback and a reclamation of this line that would Institute a pullback around 37 80 3,800 getting down below that level in breaking down into the triangle the next level that we do have to keep our eye on is of course 3650 which is going to be our local top range right here doesn't really account for much because once we burst through once we really burst through 3680 it's 3,700 then we've begun we've really begin to begun excuse me to invalidate these breaks of resistance the break of the ascending trendline the break of key horizontals etc etc etc 36 48 is just more the canary in the coalmine for me now I talked about this earlier if you are wanting to trade with a trend you're really not waiting and I know this is intrument this is a fury a ting for people they're like why don't you short and buy the bottom because most that's what most people are obsessed with doing and most people lose most people don't make successful trades now there's nothing wrong with that when the setup is very clear when it is a no-brainer setup then of course I will attempt to short into liquidity but the no-brainer short is price going below 3,500 I do not believe that this will hold of course we could get a bounce off and this is this is speculative right you can see that I have drawn an ascending support line now this is speculative am I going to be basing my trades off of the ascending trend lines no just like I talked about when we were talking about the descending trendline and the 55 EMA those are those are good to watch those are good areas to understand hey something might happen around this level but the critical levels that I believe and how I teach that you should be paying your most your most attention to the most attention to where you want to interact and react in the market is your horizontal levels of support and resistance your key critical horizontal levels that price has clearly clearly responded to on higher timeframe sorry let's get volume profile off there because now it is starting to annoy me all right so I do believe that if we end up breaking the 36 36 48 you want to potentially begin to look for definitely directional short orders depending on your risk appetite you can also do this if we break 3,800 as well I would be a little bit more tentative just coming down to 3,800 because that would still fit the qualifications of a healthy pullback at this point in time getting down below 3,500 though you want to have a short order in place or have your risk reduced significantly by being in Fiat in my personal opinion because we would be retesting 3100 at point in time and going to higher timeframes potentially going down to retest liquidity again if we go to the weekly timeframe and we talk about lower targets guys we really only have the breakage of 31 80 guys the breakage of support here the breakage of weekly support I would posit in the next potential buying area would be twenty nine thirty nine now I know people have been talking about twenty nine hundred for a long period most you know again I don't trade chart patterns but most people chart it out like the descending triangle and did the measured moves I think measured moves are in my in my humble opinion oh man we drew this we drew this like you know wibblewobble widget thingy on our chart man and we can see that price did this so let's just let's just measure here and let's just let all prices got to go that cent that's stupid minutes I don't I don't do you think um do you think Goldman said do you think like you know do you think professional traders at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley come onto the floor every day and they're like hey Bob man do you see that you see that cup and handle on you see that cup and handle on on on on CAD USD oh no man did you see that did you see that under under under over over ooh you know whatever whatever unfreakin JPY USD no dude hell no hell no dude no there's no floor traders trading I there's no there's no floor traders trading um mmm there's no floor traders trading cup and handle patterns do there's nobody there's nobody on the floor of seamy futures saying look at this measured move come on Dave that's not it's not how this stuff works man but we do have a liquidity zone down at 29 39 and you can just see that on a weekly closing basis there might be a width below that there would potentially be buyers below this area now if there's not if there's not enough institutional money or just really it doesn't matter if it's an institutional or retail mine it's just just money is what matters it takes volume to move the market liquidity if there's no buyers right here ma'am the next area in my eyes that there's gonna be buyers is that level between 23 and 24 hundred with the key I on 23 31 36 that's the eight eight six Fibonacci retracement it's the accumulation goal right here as you can see the lower wicking basis not the most important level of weekly support and resistance right here but we once we get down here we have very little to go off because it's just such a wide range and then we have what represents to me the market bottom in 1924 some people are talking about we're going to 1700 I think they're ridiculous but again I don't trade my opinion I think that would be inappropriate because uh who the hell knows who the hell knows you know I saw the video the other day where somebody's like on December 27th 2019 Bitcoin will do X Y and Zed and of course it will do X Y and Zed why because I know what I'm talking about look at this hat on my head it instills that I listen I've been in cryptocurrency since 2012 and let me tell you buddy I know how the markets move no you don't you don't nobody nobody can tell you nobody knows what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow nobody knows what the price of tea in China is gonna be in the morning guys as a trader you have to get that out of your head just get it out of your head man just get it out of your head that you can that you need to be right man let's get it out of your head so we'll see what happens over the next few days man I'm still of the opinion that we have not seen capitulation but we'll see man I will see below below 4,000 are to be bullish long term midterm that's fine so just you know I've made my Play we had the breakout of the ascending pattern we had the bounce off 3400 you know we've hit all upside take profit targets there's no there's no reason to be in a long position you're getting into a risky area I mean if you want to step over dollars to pick up pennies and try to pick up 4% that's absolutely fine and I'm not telling you you're wrong I could you know come on tomorrow and be like all right guys cool we broke 4096 and now we're gonna take along 246 24 and naturally people gonna be like ah Justin are you so stupid you know it's what's whatever man it's cool dude going down to the 8 hour chart let's go to the 8 hour chart for general trend and direction on the lower timeframes time transformation is throwing us a sell signal right at resistance I do have to respect that we had a natural volume on the way back up that that doesn't speak for a whole lot when we have a natural volume with continuation it means I have to discount those signals ideally I would like to see if we're looking for a strong reversal kind of the pattern that you want to see in candlestick analysis is a long wick to the upside whether an evening star candle or an inverted ham or whatever you'd like to talk about it a dragonfly doji some kind of doji candle Darth Maul whatever but you want to see ideally like a big wick up that's why that's why I'm not gonna throw it off the table that what could happen right here is a massive wick up to 4,000 and then and then a pullback that is no I'm not saying that's gonna happen but I'm saying that is the candlestick pattern that you would that you would see if we're going to as more negative individuals are who are saying we're at the top we're going to 3,100 listen that's not that's not my bag you're not gonna come on here and get some or a cold BS you're just gonna see statistical playing of the chair guys so right now I'm not I would not be interested in buying a long position I said we are in a market structure we're dips are for the purposes of buying okay wait for a dip this is not a dip did no this would be a dip you know this would be a dip you know no man wait for a nice healthy pullback if you're going to look for a long entry especially if we're above the descending trembler even ideally above 3648 guys because it's really not until we break this support until we go down to around 3,500 that we enter a clear level where all this has failed and we are going down to test lower supports why because this horizontal area of 3400 has already been bought up once twice three four five times it's not gonna hold the support unlikely to hold statistically as support more than likely again diagonals okay horizontals very important so breaking 3,100 excuse me breaking 3,500 I think that's probably a direct route 230 231 80 30 30 100 and potentially if we don't bottom there if there's not enough buyers there 29:39 and then you know however low we're gonna go but the key level here is that statistically you definitely want to be in a short position cuz you have no idea where you gonna turn around man so if you guys again want to step over dollars to pick up pennies and you know just blindly buy support time with me guys I don't blindly sell resistance I don't blindly buy support potentially now there should you anyways guys so 8-hour chart looking looking at a cell signal on the time transpiration now we haven't had one of these we've had two over here we've had two over here one you know got a kind of kind of got us kicked in the face that's absolutely fine but then we got the cell signal up here with a natural volume with bearish divergence Oh seems like a good signal would have gotten us out at the top after the eight-hour buy signal down here at 3164 would have got us out close to the top and when you're trading against the trend remember guys understand and again I just released the public version of time transformation 0.1 on to all the premium subscribers got done with the beta testing got some fantastic got some fantastic feedback always looking to improve this indicator but yes of course you can look at this as oh my god this does not clearly tell you what to do at all times yeah it takes a little bit of adjustment it takes a little bit of mental patients but it is a fantastic indicator with in my opinion I've designed it I've traded it i've been using the fisher transform and it strategies for a while as well as trend so anyways as you can see right here depending on how you want to look at this this sets you up for a potential entry right here this set you up for a potential entry you have clear horizontal levels to be looking to take your profit however you want to trade this it's absolutely fine no reason that buying here at this level should give you a loss it's whatever it's whatever your personal preferences same here set you up for a profitable trade now potentially if you want to trade the way that this is I don't dollar-cost average but you can look at it that way most people use overbought oversold doubles doubles as as dollar cost averaging but anyways would put you in here take profit here take profit here be out of the market when the trend changes it's whatever your personal preference on how you decide to trade this thing all I can do is design it the best that I can so we haven't had an eight-hour sell signal for a while anyway so I do have to respect that temporarily on the basis of what it is no divergence no unnatural volume to support this so what this is telling you in the simplest term is that hey guys if you're in a long position maybe take some profit off the table you know off the table maybe adjust your stop-loss you know down around here makes sense doesn't mean hey go short not screaming for that yet but anyways do you have to respect that going down to the three hour chart we're getting a three hour cell signal as well had some unnatural volume here on this wick above support now if we do end up moving down from here to test the support line this would be the right pattern for this would be a swing failure pattern right here where we do print a slightly higher high but we ran a we're unable to convincingly close on a higher closing basis we put in a little bit of an indecision and then we downside now that's about it man that's about it 15 if you want to actively trade this thing again this just is a shift in market structure where you have strong trend upwards upwards upwards and then we put in some consolidation break to the upside consolidate at this higher level it's just a little bit you can see you can see where things are changing I mean listen guys just as a trader when you see a nice run like this and then you start to see market structure shift you don't get greedy you exist take profit off the table and again I'm not your financial adviser guys I'm not your attorney I'm not your mom I'm not your dad you guys do exactly what you want to do that's fine I'll still be here tomorrow and I won't call you stupid I won't call you smart it doesn't matter man approaches man small approaches um that's about all I got to say about X BTUs demon not an inactive position again we're in an area where I began to look for short entries my if I had to trade my opinion I would I would expect a pullback at least to test resistance right here to reclaim resistance as support which was not really done convincingly we do see a little bit of weakening in the trend and I am it's throwing up throwing up sell signals if we get some unnatural volume what I think just from a retail psychology standpoint this candle right here does represent potentially trapping buyers but I would not be surprised with the asset class that this is to see a wick up here but that's not a long position that I want to chase for me ideally I would be looking for short entries here and then looking for a reason to be wrong looking for support to be reclaimed and then to get a nice bullish reaction off of that potentially areas to look to take profits off a short anyways moving on Rolle if you're trading with the trend still pullbacks represent opportunities for buying so you don't want to trade against the trend that's absolutely fine alright alright alright alright it's done attendant and done I got the chat going go chat going wild guys got the chat going wow thank you guys so much it's gonna take me so long to go through this so I'm not going to you what's going on here she's just got real good to see a man got some requests for extra pH 19 we'll take a gander at it Arvin and people talking about B&B what's my favorite movie man I would recommend watching Vertigo's as it is as if you're trying to find the green and it's tell the red I have a couple favorite movies man I really like requiem for a dream I really really really love that movie memento you know things like The Dark Knight are obviously fantastic I really like Darren Aronofsky especially as earlier work you know PI is really good not so much the fountain and then I you know to be honest with you guys I like some some or not not rom-coms I don't like rom-coms but I like drama dude like you know one of the one of the movies that I saw recently that I really enjoy was the Time Traveler's Wife that was a and I know that's a little bit of an older movie I really enjoyed that I liked yeah I'd have to say memento and requiem for a dream are definitely up there with some of my favorite films man but then you know you got your classics man like Goodfellas you know is one of my favorites man The Godfather definitely went over here it's the departed I love I love gangster flicks man gangs of new york and test heat oh man heats good casino Casino is up there dude I love casino let's see her moving on that's enough about movies but vertigo ad be an interesting one um googolplex access singing theha bitcoin please go to moon son James Richard Jones says so is your opinion that we're going below 3k that's my opinion I'm not going to trade it 2015 fractal intact man you uh you know what I don't play fractals and I take correct setups man in my opinion man but it's just my personal trading man if you so if you play all the rules you basically set even if you don't take risks you don't make money that's the point of the market no man you take the correct statistical setups I mean the correct statistical setup sorry man I don't want to demean you or make it sound like I think you're you're incorrect with your saying but you know I just wanted my technical analysis and my approach to trading might be different I would you know I was talking about going long from here I took ether instead of Bitcoin so you know we took let's go ahead and go ahead and hide that for right now you know again if you guys can check the you know DM anybody in our discord you go look at my technical analysis in the discord we were long from 12250 on ether on timox so we traded Ong USD T last night we traded TRX USD T last night we traded hotu SD T last night we traded those are the ones that I just remember I unfortunately have a smallsy cash position I'm not too proud of but it is what it is we were short on TRX h19 from 7:45 we were we're looking at okay so that's I think that's enough I think that's enough we sure did XR pH 19 a few nights ago got a couple percentages off that good tradesmen good trades overall good trades let's see here and some small losers for the week man like let's see here Raven we took a small loss on CDT took a small loss on don't really like trading BTC pairings but whatever we will we look we will do them occasionally that represents the part of my finance stack that I am only interested in accumulating more Bitcoin with it's about 15% the other 15% sets in USD T is there to grow my bro my USD T value not necessarily care about the USD T value but just overall to balance out the BTC portion of the portfolio yeah so we definitely take risks man yeah you can't scare money don't make money but stupid money definitely don't make money either it's my I guess my approach to it ah Mallory says I am super rich you need money no I don't but if you want to go ahead and donate a thousand dollars of your super rich donated a thousand dollars to everybody in the chat man I'd appreciate that I don't need a dime all a Scanner Darkly is so good man but the book so much better man anything by philip k dick is fantastic in fact i have it's right over there on my nightstand Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep you're also a ship coning Dee Chen he is one of us welcome brother thanks man I appreciate that man wasn't I short on ripple yeah for like a 1.24 percent movement man I can shift positions man in fact in fact one of our one of our traders just posted last night a position on XRP oh just just to make that clear just because you know I'm short on something one day doesn't mean I've taken profit and moved positions because I'm a trader not an investor so for example like let me give you an example let's look at let's look at something like aetherium let's say let's say I took a long position here when my indicator tells me to buy potentially right I might sell here I might sell here I might sell over here I might sell here I might unfortunately sell down here that sucks you know if I were blindly trading my indicator which you don't do I might have shorted here and said I'll crap I'll try to take a loss Stahl depends now let's see here so etherium let's let's talk about a theory man let's talk about a theory kind of the same thing I think bitcoins gonna lead the market for a theory of now we haven't run into the most critical level of upside of upside targets here again we do have another upside target here at 15650 but but from those of you who obviously caught what I was trying to do I'm gonna go ahead I've taken my profits from my long position right now and I'm gonna go ahead and be a Rambler gambler again we do have a couple downside targets right here let's see here mainly looking at looking at Bitcoin leading the markets it does seem it does seem like we're running to some significant resistance I know that etherium is going to follow I know that bitcoin is likely to follow etherium so it does seem like the logical aspect in the market to go ahead and I'd like to counter some of my exposure and a few of my other long positions by by having it by having a hedge or at least a profitable trip ideally both workouts both work out well so now what am I looking at for aetherium a little bit of local topping action the daily candle isn't indecision doji can we go higher than here absolutely absolutely we can again the next critical level of upside targeting is 15650 significant support significant resistance excuse me coming in at 160 to 45 now if we did take let's go to the weekly timeframe right here if we did want to take a wider view of this then that would actually put if you see where I have 1/6 15650 the exact same concept here that I did with with Bitcoin excuse me the exact same concept with Bitcoin as you can see it we have the we have the key level of weekly resistance and support right here coming in at one sixty to forty five that's the critical area for me on the chart and I've taken the actual candle body basis of 15650 as a potential upside target now if you wanted to be more conservative than me what you would actually do is establish this as a zone of resistance 15650 and look to take and look to front-run that area so that means you'd be looking to front-run in that area in the vicinity of like 152 153 potentially for upside profit-taking that's the weekly chart so you always want to establish your critical levels of support and resistance on the higher time frame so can this paper run up to 150 650 absolutely are we running to an area where the risk to reward is kind of skewed 7% to the upside that's absolutely fine overall over how's things look good things look good but be careful man be careful again the break the break out of the consolidation I mean the chart on aetherium was very clean man was very clean we put in this nice we put in this nice symmetrical triangle nice accumulation pattern right there we got to confirm break ID and I talked about I talked about all this stuff live on the stream man for me three-hour candle opening and closing above resistance in the vicinity and xbt did exactly the same thing man let's go over and look at Bitcoin I talked about this stuff live on stream and what did we see so oh look the only the only the best patterns that I like trading are pitchforks why because I think they're a clear representation in the market structure is this ugly yes is it symmetrical nope is price absolutely not but this clearly told me what I needed to do man manually draw pitchforks try that out in fact I have a video on drawing pitchforks if you guys are unfamiliar with that man so anyways we are trading in this lower descending channel just barding down barding up barding down barting up barding down burning up and over those days you know what I said I said don't trade man I don't I said don't take an x PT position because I'm not this is suicide dude organ suicide it's alright for the 15-minute time frame I mean there's great there was great trades here on the 15-minute time frame you know if you're using something like a moment a momentum oscillator or something of that nature right lots of entries exits entries exits entries exits being very quick that's fine but but when you're looking for the the higher risk to reward clearly you're looking to buy a breakout anyways and do you see me making any wack noodle measured moves will he not do that stuff some plebs let's go back over here so we have a clear break and we have a temporary break in market structure because we have this Midland line right okay we have the mid line and we have a closed is that a convince and close above no it's automatically rejected right not able to close above not able to close above resistance resistance resistance what do we see here oh look at that we have a close above and an open and close above and not immediate resistance oh my dear Lord Jesus what is going and then this candle right here was technically an open and close above the top line pullbacks are now for buying by pullbacks by pullbacks up confirmed breakout confirmed breakout on this counter right here because now we open and close and it's time to put the moon boots on man and we run up at first level of higher timeframe resistance big profit hits second level of higher timeframe resistance take profit I'm pretty happy I'm pretty happy with my analysis of Bitcoin right now so again we saw those exact same things occurring with aetherium and I do potentially at times I like trading I prefer to trade aetherium why because a this pattern was much I mean this is just much cleaner guys much cleaner much nice beautiful symmetrical pattern confirmed breakout to the upside right here plenty of opportunity to enter we talked about this horizontal line on the chart that needed to get broken you could have potentially entered on this candle when we open close above you do get a nice opportunity for a pullback breaks resistance breaks the horizontal pulls back to test the horizontal that's when you buy and it's off to the moon guys that is just a beautiful classic breakout pattern and you don't see those all the time it's just when you see them I mean when you see them you take them in that's the setup beautiful gorgeous alright see you guys and now a little bit of a little bit of a break and Mark structure man here's what's gonna happen here in my humble opinion consolidation or slight rejection down to retest support the levels that I'm gonna keep my eye on down for a short trade looking for looking for initial targets of one forty one seventy one thirty eight sixty the key levels of support that need to hold for me are gonna be 137 55 128 90 below that getting down below 128 90 and really I started concerned below 137 55 but it's okay I mean we can have an extensive pullback that's fine as long as we consolidate at a higher level just the same with Bitcoin now unfortunately with theory and we don't have the the diagonal to go off of so once this so if we just ignore if we just ignore the trading lines on my chart just keep in mind that the only important levels on the chart are going to be are not going to be these cyan lines right here and not going to be the red in the purple the red just represents my average entry watch the paint dry on this thing all night last night with my group trying to get it trying well not trying but getting a good entry kind of wobble wobbling around on it and just kind of readjusting and getting getting all positioned well but it paid out it paid out it paid out it worked out well for now good with it okay so yeah consolidation or a pullback is what I would like to see at this level and I'm going to go ahead and take that trip okay so we've done Bitcoin and aetherium and of course we're an hour into the show we got a lot got a lot of requests guys anyone know about crypto P uh you're screwed did all right man I don't mean that in a bad way but just the reality the situation is crypto P as has I would never touch crypto PA again there is nothing that control the crypto pia could do again I have never traded on crypto pia i've never traded I made a cou coin account once I don't know why I think was because I don't even know why but I did make a Kuh coin account once never traded on it I traded on hit BTC a few times because I arbitrage from by Nance to hit BTC especially Bitcoin gold I made 30% off Bitcoin Gold whoa holy geez on that was back last year it looks like everything you're using is from the three-hour chart but what did you say use the eight-hour for just a little bit of higher-level confirmation man so my particular indicator for example uses the eight-hour four bar repainting so as you can see right here I'm looking at the I'm looking at the eight-hour trend look tradingview did some changes man that's what that update was interesting I don't really like it but it's ok it does look a little prettier so you can see that I color my bars based on trend and I use a different icon or time frame so 480 so I'm looking at the I'm looking at the haiku Maui trend with regular price action because obviously if we go ahead and disable this look at this and just look at I cannot I which is how I think you should be looking at trending environments you can see that hike annachi does not represent accurate price highs and lows are not quite correct because hike naxi takes open high low close / for ohlc for so yes but um you know trading trading I cannot she is pretty good man when hiking ah she when the daily I cannot she turns green guess what looking to go long when the daily I cannot she turns red looking to go short it's just following with the trend man um so the the eight-hour is gonna make it a little bit more responsive for you because the the daily obviously the higher time frame that you go to it's going to give you more sustained movements generally but it's also gonna lag behind man sorry I feel like I'm gonna snarky mood today man I apologize man it's not like I I don't want you to take that take that in a personal way I don't want to do an Alex Jones here and constantly apologize you know for for being an asshat just uh I just feel good today man I've you know I've got to feel good the juices are flowing man had a great night last night trading man those USD T pairs just just did exactly what I wanted them to do it's just a good good day man just a good morning it's a good good morning so so for me I establish let's get off the hiking oceans time treasure for me I establish key levels of support and resistance on the weekly timeframe refine them on the daily look at the eight-hour four overall trend and just overall refinement but generally I do most of my trading on the three hour chart man and then I go down to the 15-minute chart for entry and exit I think the reason that a lot of people fail is because they're married to like the 4-hour chart and they don't know how to switch back and forth and look for a confluence and confirmation it is helpful man like for example like overall like if I've got a daily cell signal but the 3 hours telling me maybe to buy I'm like that's my let me just wait for the dailies telling me to sell let me wait for a pullback to a higher level you know let me wait for a little bit of a retracement and then you go down to the 15 minute you know as long as you're using your three hour levels like I usually will draw trend lines for example in the three hour chart and go down to your 15-minute chart and make sure okay look we're coming up to that three hour level and good good reaction boom go go go go go go okay so we got a lot of questions comments concerns sarcastic remarks and death threats let's go to dr. faz man from here what does datum ish and BC depth dot IO tell us with regards to Bitcoin let's go check it out man but you know what it is one o'clock we've been doing this live for about an hour guys how about you guys give me just two minutes let me go grab let me go refresh my water when we come back we'll look at we'll look at some requests guys so if you want to throw the if you want to throw some requests into the chat I'll be happy to take those maybe maybe Scott or somebody can curate those so I won't so I won't forget them in hey Magnus sir the bug going on man good to see you Legion bro thank you so much moderator in our community man all right let me let me peace out for just a second don't go anywhere I'll be back in just a couple minutes guys and we'll do requests and we'll look at some informational data metrics guys be right back all right hey guys thanks for sticking in there and we're back guys all right so let us go over here and take a look at VC depth I'll let us do that man we'll start with Bitcoin well look at Bitcoin real quick I think a bit of skip data mesh because I'm not an expert in data mission not something that I use all huh what is a VC depth that IO tell us about Bitcoin well hmm it tells us that currently right now the shorts if we zoom in here if we look at the weekly right here let's see what we can see here mmm-hmm we have a nice spike up and by we have a nice spike up in buying some more buys than sells in the order books averaged across exchanges oh but I do like to see is here's what really excites me honestly what I'm looking at BC depth at IO and I think this is the most important thing is overall rising interest we have a big stab down and rising and open interest so what you want to see ideally regardless of which direction the markets going to move is more buys and sells coming onto the order book the more buys and sells there are the more interested buyers that's rising open interest meaning that there's going to be volatility and what is volatility imply that you have profitable trades on the table all that that's kind of your first qualification for do I want to trade something is there a lot of volatility in this particular asset because if there's not a lot of volatility you're gonna be sitting there watching the paint dry hoping that you're in the right position there's gonna be wicks to the upside and wicks to the downside and you're like why did I do this why did I get in this position you're most likely to get stopped out when there's nice volatility when there's rising open interest then things tend to work right well so we've seen some nice rising open interest some increasing in the order books over the last week since the 15th which has been beautiful to see regardless of which position that you wanted to take to the upside of the downside that nice ascending open interest is good to see that means there's more interest in buying Bitcoin now if you're just trading this as is the market depth ratio is currently negative meaning that's and if we look at the order book right here overall this is the order book for all Bitcoin markets including bit Mex which is kind of nice to see enough that they've even this out in fact then adding bit next to this has kind of kind of made the order books a little bit more representative you know one thing that I that I liked before they added Mex was and what's interesting is it seems like do I need to refresh this because I know they added Mex but they did they remove it because it seems like I don't see bit mixed it seems like they don't have bit mechs on here anymore so perhaps they felt that that skewed the market depth ratio because the problem here's the problem and the reason why you do want to look at your analysis on something like spot price for example especially when you're looking at the order books is that with bit mechs you can have irrational traders who are taking on much taking on unnecessary leveraged positions impacting an in essence spoofing the order book so you can have somebody with $10,000 throwing $250,000 $500,000 positions down on the order book regardless of whether they're going to be liquidated very quickly I just means that the order book and the depth ratio on bit mechs is going to be highly kind of untradable just because of the nature of what bit mechs is but when you're looking at things like cracking and bitstamp and Finance you actually have to have that money in play that's why overall I do prefer looking at those looking at those exchanges where you actually do have to have the money to to put on the position a bit mix is gone that's why we have to step down yep kind of what I discerned you're just looking to this so that's actually good to see I prefer looking at just the exchanges of course we still have oak x on there so you know but I do prefer looking at the depth ratio on exchanges that are just going to be basically you have to have the money to put on the position if you don't have the money and that's gonna be a good filter man that's going to be a good filter or just as I was just as I was speaking about irrational positions versus actionable trading so we do have just over the last just over the last nigh let's say here so over the last 24 hours I'd say the market depth ratio turning bearish and open interest in buying significantly dropping off here so we have a nice big spike up and buying this occurs on the 19th right around 6 o'clock in the morning ah let's see here 1960 in the morning so let's go I'm not gonna pull it up but just for the purposes of looking at the market depth ratio I'm gonna look over here I will see if this does confirm yep so six o'clock let's go just I'm just gonna point it out in the chart real quick here's bit Mex we what do we see at six o'clock in the morning we see this candle right here we see this candle right here we see a very big spike in buying right here this probably represents now this can represent two things because we don't have confirmation ma'am but this would ideally be as I just talked about a potential swing failure pattern where we do print a slightly higher high this is classically an area where you get a lot of trapped buyers you have a lot of people attempting to buy that having bought yet that have been sitting on the sidelines that did not take the technical setup that are irrational traders they are attempting to buy because they think price is going to the moon they get in there and they just run into an absolute wall provides liquidity to those who want to sell and it does seem it does seem like if we look at the market depth ratio it does seem to back that up because we have a big spike in buying it gets immediately sold into and then interest in buying sells off while we have a steady increase in selling pressure so blindly trading the MDR is probably not in your best interest but this does give you some good direction especially as you can see now if you saw sustained follow through with the MDR like we know when that when the buying is growing quite quite nice and healthfully here generally good indications for you to be putting on your positions but then when you see the the selling pressure overtake the buying pressure generally when you want to be looking for your exit strategy alright so that's all for VC depth data we will take a quick look that's going to represent the bid-ask sum as well so we won't look at that we will however look at margin trading sentiment so let's go ahead and take off short positions in long position and I just want to look at bull bear income bull bear income right here again I did the way to properly interpret this chart if we go ahead and go back in time a little bit just go back in time a little bit actually stretch this out we got the seven-day good that's kind of what I want to see here pull this back pull this back good here so as we can see right here when we have a spike in bull income right here when when long positions are in profit what happens represents an excellent time to exit the market right here actually if I zoomed in a little bit more you would see a spike and bear income right here it depends on the resolution that you're looking at this on we do see a spike in bear income actually at this level but because so let's actually actually tighten this up a little bit but anyways we do see a little bit of a spike and bear income right here at the market does reverse and then our last local top when we were at 3,700 before the market declined back down to find support at 3,400 we had Bulls and profitable long positions when you're in a profitable long position or in a profitable short position in this type of market environment you're often have your finger on the trigger looking to take profit and as we can see that is an excellent time to sell when we do something long and profitable positions so let's fast forward that's what we got going on right now and what do we see we see Bulls in extremely profitable positions man we have you know slight slight profit here around 36 37 hundred dollar area and then a big spike up big spike in bull profitability is this an indicator to blindly sell into no but it is just good confluence when you're looking for oh man the Long's are in pretty profitable positions I don't know you combine that with the market depth ratio the fact that you've just seen a drop-off in the amount of buying you saw on the charts the technical setup of big spike up not a big spike up but a spike up a swing failure pattern and little follow-through these things are indications as well as running into that higher timeframe resistance level we are now in the bearish order block we are in the weekly bearish order block all these things represent to me be cautious man be cautious look to take profits on your long positions tighten up your stops you don't have to blindly sell into a short but on overall it's saying the market is telling you right now be careful man okay so a free man script a verse what's going on good buying positions for Bitcoin and aetherium at finance not sure what you mean man but thank you for the thank you but coach marshal hey thanks so much man I highly appreciate that says hey Justin coins like excellent typically pump last ie when Bitcoin etherium consolidate thanks bro yeah man yes I would tend to agree with you I think that xlm actually does have the potential just looking at the technical setup man I'm looking at the technical setup here for that I have been watching xlm USD T man I was watching Excel mus DT last night and again we're running into that area where I don't want to be jumping into a long position so now I just want to be careful because we have had a nice we've had a nice 20 percent movement off the bottom here and what are we running into we're running into resistance we are running into resistance we are running into the resistance zone as you can see very clearly man when you look at higher time frames and you look at critical levels as you can see on the daily timeframe we came up into the resistance block and pulled back from it now does that does this not mean that xlm can have a nice run here absolutely does not just remember we've already had a 20% run we put in a bottom on high volatility high momentum nice and decision doji candle at the bottom we get a buy signal on the daily right here we pull up we form a higher low we have a little bit of we have a little bit of divergence but look at this no unnatural volume until right here now ideally when we see a natural volume when we see high volatility coming into resistance that to me is generally an indication to sell because it means that potentially you have whatever direction the trend is going you have a sudden spike in volume and that can often represent a local top generally does so yeah this first area of a natural volume if I relax the settings here a little bit most likely I would get a natural volume on these bottoms but you know kinda that's kind of one of the problems of looking for a filter here so that you can filter out false signals obviously the last I believe the last trade that we took on xlm us DT was in this region right here we did get the buy signal and then we ended up buying on the confirm reversal right here so what is this this is my excel mus DT chart basically the idea that I have in my mind right here is that we're in the resistance block right here the only the only player right now is to look for a bullish reaction and you can also see that we have the daily descending trendline as well where we came right up to BAM hit it in the zone in the weekly resistance horizontal bearish area so the the only play right now in my humble opinion is to buy the breakout of these levels if we consolidate in this level and then on a lower timeframe I see signs of a breakout then cool I'll be willing to play Excel mus DT again obviously we do when we're just looking at a breakout like that we're looking to take profits at previous swing highs so of course we have 10 cents 11 cents 12 cents 13 cents just to round them down but you can see them very clearly delineated here on the excellent USD teacher the next level that we would like Lisa Paul back in consolidation would be it that would be around 8 0.87 cents so I'd be keeping my eye on there I have alerts set for this level and alerts set for this level and I'll pretty much take whichever way we go if we do get that nice diagonal breakout which is going to be confluent with horizontal breakout as well then I'll be pretty excited for xlm and feel that we can run a little bit exilim has some serious upside potential here guys but Emma do I want to buy right now am i overly excited to buy right now no I'm really not putting in that nice unnatural volume going down to the 8 hour chart we are seeing time transformation is printing purple meaning that hey listen here buddy maybe you should pay attention for a sell no confirmed we are in we are in overbought territory as you can see right here so once the Fisher crosses under once the Fisher crosses under that would be a confirmed pullback and again I'd just be looking at those levels of 87 cents the next level that you could potentially be looking for a pullback is down here at 80 80 80 80 87 cents but point zero eight seven cents and point zero eight three would be the likely pullback areas if we're going to maintain the bullish momentum or you wait for the confirmed breakout man you can wait you wait for the confirmed breakout I'm going to the three hour on xlm USD t looks like we're trying man I'll putting in that nice putting in that nice not a swing failure pattern putting in that reversal candle right here that inverted hammer can't or not that yet the inverted hammer candle sorry pardon me excuse me but you know again it looks like we are getting a nice little bit of a bullish reaction but just not not an area where I want to be buying into man I will wait and be patient for the breakout why because buying right here with the with the with the with the potential to get faded after a nice 20% run makes me very tentative man makes me very tentative because you come into an area of where do you set your stop-loss do you manage your risk because we're I don't long into resistance man if resistance is broken convincingly and we're trading up here at about 0.9 for cents and we're continuing to move up okay that's an area where I'll potentially look to enter ideally I'd like to see consolidation in this range right here I'd like to see candelas consolidation in between point 0 9 1 and point 0 9 4 that would indicate to me consolidation at a higher level and I'd be looking for I'd be looking for a lower timeframe oversold conditions that are above support at that level because then point 0 9 1 would become support so those are my qualifications for entering xlm USD team turn turn turn turn and turn Chardin xlm USD yeah man not oversold yet on the 15-minute chart but as long as we continue to get rejected from the resistance line and as long as we're pretty much under here as well without this consult see the consolidation needs to happen up here man the consolidation needs to happen up here and then potentially we can look to enter 15-minute woulda given you the nice buy signal right now and you'd be up about almost two percent right now I pry this is this is where I'd be taking profit reducing risk um what about Bitcoin bull bear income for three months you know obviously bears are in higher profit what I think when we're talking about the bull bear income the higher the longer that you look at it I think that the the more it averages out and I think the less the less tradable it becomes if you just look at the weekly and look at your uh if you just zoom in your resolution I think you're going to get more tradable behavior here guys Oh freemen scored over says missed survived a crypto Bitcoin in etherium so not sure when to jump in I'll thank you me ain't no problem man yeah like I said like I said over the first hour man not areas where I'm interested and putting on positions to the upside for for Bitcoin and II and I would either wait for a pullback just my personal opinion I'd either wait for a pullback or our way to buy the next breakout so somebody to asked about xrp so we will look at XRP the daily chart on Mex does not give us a whole lot of direction but just looking at important levels obviously xrp did a nice little thing last night at 6% spike you know I think that this will most likely have a little bit more fall if you're going down to the 8 hour time frame we do have a pullback right now in bullish reaction off what I would consider the pivot point the turning zone right here where you have support it's broken through excess resistance break above on a very volatile movement now typically you don't want to buy into a big wick like this you don't want to you don't want to chase a parabolic movement so obviously the eight hour gave you a buy signal right here gave you buy signals here opportunities to exit but you know unnatural volume here on this big spike upwards you know we run the risk of this moving lower but again what I would I would be heaping my own is do we get a little bit of consolidation at this 8550 level because we're getting an initial bullish reaction off of it I just don't know if it's strong enough because there's a lot of selling pressure right now we're not really getting the reaction that we'd like to see but if we go down to the lower timeframes we do see a little bit of a stronger reaction we'll just see if it's enough to propel us upwards now we'll see if this is going to be the nice SR flip that we like to see so I mean this is the level to be keeping your eye on 8550 if you're just doing your ta on on the Mex price I'm overall if we go to okay cool so this is exactly the window that I want to be in so let's go to Zerby coin so look at serbia queuing going to the weekly timeframe we can see we can see what we got going on here weekly timeframe for Bitcoin obviously my my my higher upside target for for a long position is going to be triple zero one four two one nine that's where I like to see why just based off there's a couple levels of confluence their volume profile the the reality that we came down and hit the 786 off the entire bold movement and we reversed off of there generally when you purchase the 786 you target the 3 a 2 if you target if you purchase the 6 1/8 you target the 2 3 6 that's basic fibonacci pullback strategy BOTS and now goes are designed to trade it around that mechanism don't mind that descending trendline that's a lower descending trendline timeframe if we wanted to set up a higher if we wanted to set up a higher time frame descending trendline it would look something like this looks something like this when you're looking for the weekly breakout you can take the breakout above that so that gives us a nice key horizontal level as well not as critical I think butts could be important it's the 6 1 8 Fibonacci retracement you can see where it's essentially acted as support resistance here support here resistance here so you could plot that on your chart if you want to it's also liquidity zone it's also a liquidity zone in the past so let's actually take note of that level mm oh and I already have it on the chart here I already do have it on the chart ok cool so yes so that's that's reactionary line that's the reactionary line and basically with that so since it's since it's purple or excuse me a light pink heart pink on my chart what that represents is an invalidation zone meaning that currently overall on the higher time frames circle does look like a short position zerk does look like it potentially will come down to 74 88 or 6382 but that idea isn't validated essentially at 85 50 that same level that I was talking about on next price when we come over here and look at spot price so getting a nice getting getting well above the 85 50 level would seem to me to deposit a reclamation of this invalidation zone and potentially a movement back up to resistance but we're gonna have to go look at lower timeframes for actual take profit targets again you can be a little bit more specular looking here we do have the 6 1 8 and the descending trendline having some nice confluence actually at 8802 so if you wanted to be a little bit more conservative you could wait for the breakout of that when you're looking for a surprise now overall I do want to be bullish on dessert but I do just have to trade I do just have to trade the way that the chart looks at this particular moment in time so and that is no confirmation yet essentially we're not trending strongly to the upside we're not really getting potentially I'll keep you up you keep my eye on this let's be logically consistent potentially getting a weekly Fischer crossover here to the upside and again nice nice bullish reaction man nice bullish reaction off the bottom so three day buy signal three day buy signal not bad to see I've had to see looking at the 24 hour time frame what do we do we we pumped up kind of retested in the vicinity of that descending trendline I'd really like to see us get above that because we have not been able to and again just looking at that horizontal red here pretty good confluence there support here again resistance here as we talked about so either you can use the invalidation zone right here if you're being aggressive the invalidation zone coming in 285 50 or more conservative 8802 and then of course you're looking for I don't want to do this willy-nilly but you would be looking for looking for profit here would be looking for profits here where you run into resistance and then you're re-entering on the confirmed breakout of resistance and then you're basically at that point you're essentially in a blue sky breakout if you open and close the daily above above 99 31 and then yeah here on your way to in my opinion you're on your way slowly but surely to triple zero one four seems like the only logical course of action for me but careful guys be careful you can see that we have a lower timeframe if we go down to the tower chart we have a lower timeframe resistance trendline right here now the eighth hour is opening and closing above it we are butting up against that resistance trend line right there so again if you're being aggressive you are potentially looking at this around the zone as a potential entry right at this point in time if you're entering aggressively now I would add that tick profit level as well to protect yourself if you want if you want better confirmation you're waiting for the daily to close in this level but not bad not bad not bad reaaahhr timeframe what do you see here you see kind of the same thing that we see on the next chart that we were just pointing out you see a nice volatile spike up a pull back down to attempt to reclaim the resistance level that was broke so here we go we have the resistance trendline on the three hour chart we have nice consolidation right above it a break above a pullback if this level gets reclaimed again you could aggressively enter into ZURB BTC let's go over and take a look at ZURB USD tea very nice bullish movements officer pew SDT let's start off on the weekly sir pew SDT very nice aggressive movements of syrup UST tea you can see the take profit level that was hit right last night all my analysis did not personally take this trade myself but its analysis that's posted in the channel this is was a take profit level this is the invalidation zone again getting above getting a nice open and close above this level does posit you in for bullish momentum to the upside you do have your initial resistance coming in at 37 cents on the weekly time frame not a lot not a lot of weekly structures here to plot out so this is the most the more speculative asset pairing that I would talk about here when we're talking about syrup USD tea just because of the lack of overall market data as opposed to the Bitcoin pairing going down to the three-day let's see er three-day quite similar not a lot of higher time frame structures really the daily is going to be our saving grace for looking at this so we do have the invalidation zone coming in at 32 32 at 32 point 8 cents which we are now trading and trending above on the daily timeframe we already hit that initial take profit target that I had talked about at 34 34 cents I think I drew this on the stream the other day so now at this point if you are if you are in a long position where you're looking to take profit I would let's do we zoom out didn't know reference here I would definitely want to be front running weekly resistance so this zone right here potentially taking profit at thirty six point eight cents would be your next take profit target getting down below your invalidation zone at thirty two point eight cents is where you would want to be out of the trade where I'd be want to be managing risk at this point in time of course will go down with the lower timeframes when we're talking about a potential trade and then you definitely want to be out of the market before resistance and then you can again rebuy the breakout of 37 cents and once and if that happens we can look at higher time frames on that level go down to the eight hour chart what do we see here the break above the invalidation zone which could potentially be considered resistance at this point in time but I considered it more appropriately an invalidation point for for bearish activity nice bullish reaction and natural volume in the eight hour telling us to pay attention for a sell so looking for and getting the 8 hour crossover potentially now it's not confirmed we have to wait for the candle closed for the for the sell signal but looking for that little bit of higher consolidation as we talked about on the higher patterns 3 hour time frame bearish divergence as we can see here higher high and price action lower high on the oscillator so after a nice would we get here nice eleven twelve percent run what we ideally like to see here is consolidation in this zone in between take profit one and the invalidation zone if you wanted to be more speculative I think you're waiting for I think you're waiting for your oscillators to come down here a little bit more to the neutral zone and you can by all rights be either managing risk at this level if you're still in the trade this is where my trailing stop would be somewhere in this vicinity right here getting a three-hour close below this level you definitely I think would want to be out of the trade for whatever metric you would have taken to buy the breakout but yeah this doesn't look too bad man this doesn't look too bad I'm not gonna lie if we can consolidate and hold this higher-level again this is this sr flip in at thirty two point eight cents I think if we can hold this level then we can by all rights logically look for those look for that higher take profit level if we do hold this level quite nicely and get that nice bounce off then it seems logical to me that we would be managing risk right here @ 31.7 cents and the art are on that is quite nice if we're looking specula at this area around 32.8 sense or really anywhere in this consolidation zone so i would like to see a little bit of consolidation now i'm not going to lie going down to the 15-minute chart you it looked like a potential to our both leg nice flag ish pattern so if you want it to be if this is gonna be your day trade for the day you're waiting for that 15-minute close above they're looking to scalp profits at 34 69 34:46 excuse me and then you're holding on for that higher target man higher timeframe trading swing trading you are looking for that higher level of consolidation in between these two zones Oh you yeah we'll take a look at I was looking at icx man thanks Ryan Atkinson I highly appreciate it man am I correct in my observation it seems you are taking about 5% profits for most trades I don't know that I don't think that would be quite accurate you know every trade is different man I just looked to take profits depending on whether it's a trending trade whether it's a scalp trade I think that your take profits and stop losses should also should all should always have relevance to the to the structures on you yeah we'll look at the NBA guys no problem you yeah I'll respond man um you know it's cool man I don't I'm not I'm not exactly sure if the comments are directed toward me it's totally cool man you know I take a lot I take a lot of flak you know coming on here and doing doing my thing I just please I would just ask please uh you know please try to keep the the chat room the live chat accessible for everybody I'm pretty uh I'm pretty I'm pretty cool with people coming on and telling me I'm stupid totally fine with that man you but please do not target other people in the chat room everybody is entitled to their opinion if your opinion is that that I am a stupid you or that man okay B&B all right so we talked about B&B the other day man about B&B the other day what we looked at B&B BTC though see what Alice's changed that the daily last time we talked about B&B last time we talked about being me exactly what I said guys symmetrical pattern I did not necessarily and I was not I did not feel the need to do any position on B&B I didn't I kind of stopped watching B&B honestly I'm not gonna lie whether that makes me crazy or not I don't necessarily but it's but it's bullish man it looks really good man let's do some let's do a little bit more here so we'll focus on B&B USD T because I'm not necessarily interested in trading beats other pairings man uh yeah there's let's look at the weekly sorry B&B USD T it's not a blue sky breakout a blue sky breakout would be here if we're above here that's a blue sky break a blue sky breakout means there's nothing above you there's nothing above you that's the blue sky breakout so let's do this let's do the B&B chart live on air and try to bring some rationality to to all of this you guys will see how I approach to the chart man Alex believe says thank you so much man or sorry he doesn't say that but thank you so much man for the $2 donation man a highly appreciated says eath possible bullpen pennants on the 15 minute in the 45 minute chart a gander real quick you so if you're doing 15-minute breakout strategy we've got that we've got well what honestly is for me a my average entry at 147 but just being logically consistent guys if you wanted to look to take to break this to the upside you're looking for the 15 minute close above that level we'll pull over we are not over BOTS as we're approaching resistance which is typically a good sign that you want to see man so we shalt see you I am totally fine looking positions live on air man totally fine with that yeah we do seem to see that is a nice that is a nice bullish formation man very similar to what we saw down here on a lower timeframe is Justin going to be wrong will he have to move from his short position to a long position stay tuned guys coming back to be and be USD T men clickbait climate tech come on day this is YouTube sorry guys for the click rate but yeah it is what it is it worked okay so when we're looking at critical higher timeframe levels of support and resistance what are the levels that stand out on the chart probably the easiest way to do this is you just roll your mouse along man and you look you know at every level typically you're looking for you know did the market you're looking for your tops and bottoms did the market reverse here no did the market reverse here won't clearly it reversed here so what does this represent this represents significant resistance obviously that is going to be considered the top of the market all right coming back down the market bottom tier has this been a significant turning point in the market before yes it did act as let's see here it acted as support an act that has supported acted as support and it was a pullback level for the break of that level so this is ortant and is now local words local support now local support well we have resistance right here had resistance here we had a pullback to test it as support here it was support here it was support here it was resistance here it was resistance here and that is the area that we are testing right now let's see if this does this accurately represent the area best or does this and yes this is the subjective part of drawing this stuff I'm just trying to be as logically consistent as I can do the best that I can hmm so seems like the debate it would be this level I think this is going to honestly be the best representation if I'm being logical sorry that's not the level I meant to draw at the level that I meant to draw was that one just be logically consistent so this represents currently distance sorry that's higher timeframe resistant our time frame resistance getting above this we don't really have those same structures so we can just look to take profits at previous swing highs correct way to do it and here alright cool and I have quite a bit really nothing in between us until significant resistance lets their own volume profile see if that seems to match us up let's see here volume profile would tend to and to agree that we have done what we have done is traveled through a low volume note that we don't have significant resistance until this level is actually what V PVR would seem to tell us so let's refine that a little bit now that we can use V PVR we refine our level slightly as what we want to do is ideally front run the high volume note so that would posit that level now so we can refine it using another indicator I'm going to give us more data so now we can see that we do have a low volume node all the way up to $11.84 so cool to see good to see that is significant resistance why because we broke above significant resistance here as you can see you had the breakdown zone you had consolidation right here where price did stall out broke through it very nicely we are traveling through a low volume node as I've talked about when using the volume profile low volume notes our train tracks price likes to zoom to the train tracks and high volume notes represent train stations where generally price likes to hang out and do stuff get washed up invite new buyers sell off old coins man we do stuff at train stations we take selfies we do call kinds of stuff alright anyways so let's see let's see what happens at $11.80 all right so we've we've made a row we've made a road map we've made a road map on the weekly timeframe obviously we can go ahead and denote if we want to support down here it kind of seems like it's a no-brainer but just sometimes it helps to throw it on the chart okay now we can go to the daily and see if we need to make and we've already refined that level on the weekly timeframe now we can zoom out if we want and refine this level more fully on the daily timeframe just look at the whole market structure does it seem to make sense okay good does this first take profit level makes sense yes it's the beginning of the low volume no liquidity grab and then we have another take profit zone in a low volume note an area where price is likely to jet through so we do want to be taking profits on big wicks and it's also front-running significant resistance we could if we wanted to be funny you know obviously at some point in time set it take profit up here but since we don't have any structures to go off of in the market above this level you're just using a trailing stop you're just using a trailing stop and you're looking to reevaluate at 20 45 in my humble opinion alright cool so now we can throw a volume profile off because we want as few distractions as possible when we're looking at our charts okay man so just being quite honest with you man and you've got seven and you've got another seven and a half percent to potentially buy into B&B USD T before we run in a significant resistance getting above that level getting above that level then you are looking for a breakout of $11.84 you're looking for consolidation directly beneath directly above excuse me and then you have upside targets of fourteen dollars and eighty-eight cents sixteen dollars and 59 cents see it's pretty clear to me now here's the problem guys do you want to buy now or are you just happy that you bought B&B down here to be quite honest with you does not represent an area where I'm interested in buying I don't is not generally advisable to buy into parabolic movements yes sure could this thing keep running absolutely but let's talk about this like you have money in the market and like you're not just randomly buying into stuff that just booms up hey do you remember all those times you bought into something that was just mooning how'd that work out for you now I'm not saying that that the buying around here would have been a bad idea and perhaps I slept on B&B it whatever up and kind of busy with other things but it's cool mint B&B has been fantastic man and I got being BMI by Nance account what do you think reduces my trading fees but that whatever anyways moving on but buying into a parabolic movement like this right now at this point in time not good man you're just holding on your profits dude you had a nice consolidation down here you held a critical level of support and now you uh wound up man looks good dude you you know you're using a trailing stop at this level my trailing stop would probably be at nine dollars and forty seven cents or that's what uh that's where I would have put it on at depending on where you bought but now I mean you're up 15% if you're not throwing on a trailing stop three commas I oh you're not throwing on a trailing stop at this point in time and you're up 14 15% as a trader now if you're an investor you have a longer time frame and you think this baby is going to 30 bucks and you don't care cool man that's that's your preference you're a possibility but as a trader looking to this I would never buy into a parabolic movement like this I would have bought into potentially into something like this but I would never buy and do a parabolic movement like that the risk is just too high because you're looking at in my opinion you're looking at a 7 to 8% trade and you're looking at a stop loss of 13% thank you there are other opportunities there I mean there are other coins did there are other coins that haven't done the movement that B&B has done yet so the only the only advice that I could the only way that I can look at this is consolidation and a breakout above $11.84 sure that that seems to represent a pretty good bullish movement into $14 and 16 dollars and 59 cents but I just want to make sure that we I mean listen after look at this run look at this run we haven't consolidated this is us this is a little bit of daily consolidations this was a potential buy a nice bull flag on the UM B&B but I want to see some consolidation at a higher level I'd like to see some consolidation at a higher level and fully reclaim these areas now overall I feel pretty bullish about B&B man by Nance is a good exchange I don't feel like it's going anywhere overall if you want to approach this from an investment standpoint which is not how I approach things so always take that with a grain of salt but if you're looking for a trade I wouldn't buy now plenty of opportunities to have already done that wait for a good opportunity what our pullback areas now you SR flip right there there you go nine dollars and thirty nine cents would represent a likely pullback zone after a parabolic move like that really you're just waiting to buy into a further breakout if you're an man congratulations to all to be and be USD T hollers right now man you guys are doing fantastic dude great read you Jasper well I'm glad we've got those permaban here we need somebody to sell it to you right you three commas does have well it's not it they do have bots on there but I use three commas just to duo Co orders on by Nance one cancels another so you can set a trailing stop a stop loss to take profit simultaneously which by Nance does not natively support because they like stop flush trading fees you su se Simon says I am in B and B but unfortunately sold 75% at nine dollars and sixty cents there's there's no unfortunately about it man I'll tell you what as a trader it took me a long time to realize that guess what guys how do I put this man how do I put this maybe maybe if I explain it like this or just the way that I the way that I approach investing I'm in trading and money management is like this okay you never look at the chart with the regret you never look at a trade with regret the only thing the only way that you look at the chart negatively is to evaluate your trading strategy or your money management skills and say that you know what I've been doing this for a few months and I've kept accurate records right here here's my trade journal let me look at it and it seems like I'm losing more money than I'm making but I've been doing the same thing over and over and over again so I know that since I've been doing the same thing over and over again I now have a reliable statistical data set to be able to accurately look at and try to figure out what did I do wrong what am I doing wrong what can I adjust in my strategy to make me more profitable is my you know what you know can I adjust my how I take profit can I adjust how I do stop losses am i trading on the wrong exchange am I using too large of a position size is my risk management wrong am is my entry and exit strategy incorrect you can analyze all those things if you have a consistent trading strategy and you don't look at a chart like for example maybe I'll give you an example oMG we took a 16-point 22% trade on Ong last night ok and I took some profits I took most of my profits at around 11 percent okay and we were in the voice chat and I took my profits I set a trailing stop and I said and I set a trailing stop and and I and I closed the screen I closed the screen and you know some people in the wished I was like oh it shot up another 7 percent well I only captured like 3 or 4 percent of that that's fine because my trailing stop but I would there's no reason to look at the chart it doesn't matter if it ran up another 50 or 70 or 90% it doesn't matter there's always here's the thing guys and this is this is what's different about it's not really different it's the exact same thing in stocks it's the exact same thing in forex so many people are approaching cryptocurrency as a get-rich-quick scheme and they've heard the get-rich-quick stories of people that bought Bitcoin at 3 cents or 30 cents or 2 bucks or a hundred bucks it doesn't matter and and they think that they can have the same kind of success they think that they're going to be able to just just take the trade guys overall it doesn't matter as a trader as somebody who can make money off volatility in the market there's always gonna be another trade there's always gonna be another asset that's mooning or dumping or consolidating or reversing it doesn't matter dude if you missed out on B and B if you missed out on e th if you missed out on X BT guess what there's tomorrow and there's another trade the market moves in cycles do we go directly from here to 20,000 probably ODS and we get there eventually sure man would we go below 3000 potentially yes don't get greedy man yeah there's always gonna be you know and I think that that's just that is a statement of a the lack of economic education that is given to individuals and that in general mankind generally represents very few people understand actually how to generate wealth even though the information is out there the problem is it's so diluted with everybody's selling snake oil like yeah man you can just totally become absolutely fantastically wealthy just by this and blah blah blah and this and that and you know buy this stock and it's do real wealth just go talk to any rich person man real wealth generation does not work that way made quickly lost quickly you know that's what I that's what I teach my students man in the mentor in the mentoring program I teach individuals to grow their accounts slowly man grow your accounts slowly and sustainably have side income so that you're not reliant upon your trading source of income man there's always opportunities real wealth generation happens real real wealth comes from a strategic plan and discipline strategy grow wealth whether that's trading or setting up your own business or working hard or learning valuable skills doesn't matter man you yeah not drink oh yes the coffee mug yeah yeah drinking drinking you're drinking your morning coffee out of the crackin cryptocurrency Auto mug scientists a scientific reports prove that it does improve the trading accuracy 85 to 90 percent now as well as making you 60 to 90 percent kind of depends on the sunlight a more attractive all right so that's enough for mr. Acharya see here it's 153 it's about time to go man we got stuff to do today we got we got we got trades to search for man – here one two three four five only in five positions men or sorry for one's just a buy order oh we will be looking at this and looking for opportunities again I think that the best opportunities right now are in the u.s. DT Paris on Finance ma'am but again just at that kind of point where you want to be careful man when most people here's the thing man when and this is just you know whether whether this is gonna be true this time or not it's just a pretty good phrase to go from man so you know it doesn't matter guys because guess what I'll be here tomorrow whether I get punched in the face on a trade or whether I make out like a bandit doesn't really matter to me when when when people are when people are yelling moon Oh generally a good chance to be selling when people are yelling you should be selling and when people are crying like you should be buying as generally the appropriate way to look at it man so be careful man because we have very clearly and again I think that the different approach the market just depends on your technical ability and your technical experience as a technical trader as a technical analyst all I can do is trade the chart patterns in front of me man and when I see price approaching resistance high momentum I'm like no it looks good man but I'm definitely not gonna FOMO into that you show us those moon salad we'll take a look at the good old doggie coin why not I know doggie was up like 50% and yeah this is a doggie Bitcoin man just winch just amazing valuation man basically if you were to put your money if you were to put your money into dogecoin when bitcoin started tanking yeah you would have increased your you would have increased your wealth about hundred percent that's kind of the og secret by the right there by the way that's what a lot of the crypto OGIS did I'm not gonna lie a little bit uh I don't know if that's necessarily insight or information but you can like just look at dogecoin it's acted as a hedge against bit coin dropping man a little bit of that secret sauce knowledge all I'll let you guys know man do dogecoins good man dogecoins that og coin it just moves it moves with Bitcoin when Bitcoin goes down dogecoin generally – Hegeman doggie coin don't a Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton all right so we're gonna go ahead and go over to a chair iam watch this for a minute meanwhile I'm gonna look into this man you this is a pretty good article that I just came across on this whole on this whole Russian thing men see I'm looking for the newest information this is from two days ago you under the statement there is not a bit of common sense much less ideas that would be considered in government circles the Russian Federation like any other country in the world is simply not ready today to somehow combine its traditional financial system with cryptocurrencies and to say that in Russia this idea can be implemented in the next Oh at least 30 years as unlikely to be possible vote from the from Alina Sidorenko chairperson of the State Duma for managing risks of cryptocurrency turnovers quote even if Russia wants to place its cryptocurrency assets now it simply cannot do this due to the fact that we do not do not have any mechanisms that would allow us to introduce a system where these assets would be stored which authorities could be responsible for it which would be responsible for abuses and stuff very very professional language coming from the Russian State Duma representative such a model under the current criminal financial and civil legislation in general does not fit all over the world that cryptocurrency is considered as a high-risk asset in a similar model naturally would not suit anyone all right guys fake news buy buy buy buy buy cancel all orders doesn't matter man how to buy Bitcoin in Russia everybody's got a pretty good you don't get me started on substrata man I will expose the whole nest of substratum lies the whole den of vipers will come crashing down and I will lose 30% of my subscribers I'll still be here though alright we're talking about Brad we're talking about what was that what did you just talk about Oh BTT let's go look at BTT man mal took a great radon BTT man lb TT all right DT chillin man chillin chillin chillin valuating with the rest of the market eight hour time frame got the nice nice got the nice eight hour buy signal right here the nice eight hour sell signal right here man I love the work that I've done on this thing 60% of the time it's right every time all right so now we can pause it now that we've got a little bit more data to go off now we can pause it something like this man okay we can potentially pause it in a little bit of a bullish penance so we'll see which way this way breaks man hey Wally thanks so much of the five dollars my good friend man and Mother Russia crypto crack see you in Mother Russia Korea cracks you thanks dude I highly appreciate it man learn earn and don't get burned as always guys make sure you guys go check out gun butt all right cheapest cheapest advertising this side of the Mississippi man let's see here man so nice bullish pennant man kind of in that no man's land potentially forming a higher low my opinion on my opinion on on bit torn remains the same we had a we had potential buys here here you know again this this thing moves man very nice very nice-nice price contraction we talked about BTT BTC which I'm no longer interested in trading again we already took the one trade man we talked about buy zone from 19 to 22 and buy zone of 19 to 22 and again 45% profit opportunity I thought we did that live on the air man we did that live on the air BTT BTC not an asset that I want to be interested in trading in fact I'm really not interested in trading any Bitcoin pairings honestly I'm interested in trading USD T pairings why hey they're easier to manage and B there's you don't have the risk man and look look at that B TT BTC chart I'm good that's Heather chart dude that is nice that is nice I like that so we buy the breakout man by the breakout by the breakout or you buy oversold near support you only have a few metrics for take you would take a profit here degra you take a bow that is the way you do it man just for fun did just for fun we can't do that one but we can do this one I mean we already plotted that out that equilibrium swing from the breakout is 53% I would be putting us around here man so I front run that of course don't do measured moves I think those are not an accurate way to look at taking profits fib extensions and equilibrium swings I think are pretty good to men so by the breakout and look at that equilibrium strong of either of these swing movement listen if anybody has a link man nice try sir I really like I really enjoy I really enjoy that you have very little time on your hands than to come and troll me but I am so so so pleased that you choose but you choose me for your morning trolling sir thank you so much highly appreciated moving on let's see men truce what's going on dude I have never once heard one joke out of you I'm starting to think that you're a bot eyelets here by nancy listing cloak mod salt sub and wings bye guys each ain't anything on that master I'm down then just to do with the chart man if finance d-lister crypto does it Dino just goes to crypto Pia or in this case I guess it goes probably die alte all Tilly or it's pumped and dumped I'm just vegan says lmao imbeciles like data – they'll probably shill substratum in yeah man you'll never see I don't do any of that stuff like I might be wrong and I will promote projects that I'm either friends with or that I like or that I'm part of their community and by promotion I mean like helping them out or giving away coins I'll never tell you guys to go out and buy anything I'm not you will know if I ever say listen please if I ever say this because I watch I very rarely watch them but like I just came across one last night because um I came across I won't mention it but I had a social media platform basically sent us and I get them all the time man like social media platform contact me know like hey will you promote our show on your site or not or excuse me our site on your show or a product or service on your show and same with my same with projects man unless I know you or unless I use you or unless I you know use your product or service or I like what you do have to kind of take your money to show you know my people to watch the show I make you know I'm good on trading dude like if if it's something really cool and it's like a mutually beneficial service then yeah I mean if it's something that I use yeah if like if I'll give you an example like if brave browser hit me up and they're like hey man we'll pay you $1,000 to talk about brave every show ok I use brave every day you guys should too I'll take that money but uh but you know we're pretty cool you know brave we're a verified publisher on there guys if you guys are on brave browser yeah we do got ads on the YouTube channel but you can use I don't know really how it works I'm not the Guru on that but apparently you can use like dat to not watch the ads I don't know I don't know ours all right James Jeffers thanks man I'm here every day dude I'm here every day oh it's 208 I gotta go alright wish I could stay does that would crack a joke but I'm stressed because it's tax season it's not a joke man you oh but anyways I was watching uh I was watching the back and our eyes on I was watching I came across this like YouTube video last night and this guy is like listen guys let me tell you about the most amazing investment opportunity you're ever going to hear about in your entire life this will make you richer than anything in your wildest dreams and if you do not buy now then you will forever hate yourself and your wife will leave you your dog will die your children will become vagabonds and your father and mother will disown you and become converts to insert religion that you hate here and they're talking about this whatever coin this ABC XYZ dxq coin you know has a volume of like five Bitcoin and it's just crap like that dude just stay away from that stuff man you k7 man sorry you are one of the most interesting people as always in bed let me look back on your back on your comment I think you asked if I was keeping my eye on gold um and I haven't taken a look at gold in a minute Oh check her out look at the look at the CFD that's generally what the euros are gonna be trading looking good dude looking really good going back down to the weekly timeframe of gold yeah still still setting up you had you have this nice this nice very nice ascending triangle on gold man the conservative trade is to buy right here looking at the weekly timeframe on gold look time transformation just hits every bottom dude by signal here on the weekly buy signal here and the weekly reduced risk be out of the trade as you're coming toward resistance I do have the weekly sell signal right here reduce risk again probably hold on to your position again when you got a profitable trade like that you don't just blindly sell your whole stack man you trail stops you you scale out of profits man we're coming to that area where we're getting close to the apex of the ascending triangle man we're holding the six one eight man we're above the 50% retracement now we're coming up on resistance man we are coming up on resistance right here one thirteen 65 men but this looks really good man we don't have significant resistance again we don't have significant resistance and they're like fifteen seventy dude so this is definitely a weekly breakout that I would love to buy dude now you know because just like again I wouldn't be buying here I'm just holding on to that you would just be holding on to the position man and the potential of ping pong back down 10% and hit this ascending triangle support line again but this is starting to flesh out to be really beautiful man consolidation at this lower level I mean this this looks really good dude gold looks really good came but right back down I mean I did this chart like this charts old came back down and just poked its head into the support level right here just poked the Soudan in the support level man but yeah I mean just another way to look at this too is if we pulled down to the six one eight and when you buy the six one eight you sell the two three six so that would put you all the way up at 1607 man and you can see i'm front-running that I love you two men I'm gonna take you a few minutes to make a new account by then I'll be offline yeah I use brave browser and I do hold that because all the that was the decision that me and Scott made all the again we don't like get a lot you know but like some people tip us in be eighty and we just decided you know we're gonna hold dat not necessarily from from an investment standpoint but just just the kind of support just to support the be IT community men cuz they're doing good things with a brave browser so we've probably received like maybe like a hundred dollars in be eighty so it we'll just talk with that man the least we can do man for the browser that I use every day you alright guys I know there's a lot of comments in the chat man I'd love to keep this going man no for another like seven minutes all right seven minutes that's it so let's answer some of these questions ma'am let's see her you you think that YouTube would like filter for that stuff but whatever man is all good you you and rhythm on estimate you okay truce that's funny dude that's funny man thank you so much dude thank you so much dude thanks for the five dollar donation I highly appreciate that man he says joke explained Bitcoin in three thousand words or last answer I can ah I think I can I we have done a few presentations man how we've done presentations and explained that movement in gold will be 15 years well some of your portfolio should represent long-term holding ashleen Goldman Gold is gold Justin when are you going to accept the 24 hour stream challenge I don't know man probably I'm pretty undecided about it I've talked about the the up Falls and pitfalls of doing what other people do as well again my main concern with just trading live on air is a one of security I think that other people do it kind of full heartedly and I don't think that's appropriate I'm pretty I'm pretty upfront with everything that I take you know you guys can hop in the discord for a little bit more conversation but no I'm pretty pretty blatant and upfront about it you can just DM any of the anybody that's in the group man but yeah I mean that's dr. faz makes a good point there's another aspect of it too I'm a father you know I kind of have a family I have a life and I don't have anything to prove man it'd be fun you know maybe one of these days it would be fun I wouldn't mind doing it you know get some guests on the air you know bring like people streaming in you know baby basically eat some popcorn while I'm trading live it'd be cool to do man beer okay burger you've asked about knee over a while man let's check me ou-out well that is an ugly-looking weekly chart I'm not gonna lie almost a positive thing I can say about this is that you did get a weekly buy signal right here and now you are I guess that was a take profit level yeah resistance take profit level and now you're there so I think what we need you redraw these higher timeframe struck you not supremely clean so we're gonna have to go ahead and go with the actual resistance yeah cuz that was just so not good right I have to use that level distance or 10 resistance Lauren and that's about it this would represent your ceiling all this stuff is just kind of fluff man but $43 is your most critical level I met okay 24 hour time frame you are potentially breaking resistance right here at nine dollars and 13 cents which would pause it in we're gonna have to get out of the daily for take profit levels buts let's look at the me PPR if we have confirmation on those structures like we can go ahead and move move that on up gentle with the VP oh my god that's a little bit better yeah that's good right there I like that the sneeze thank you all right you still got a program because that was a good sneeze all right all right we've got the structure that we need there on the weekly going down to the day date day thank Santa Masai appreciate the man I appreciate the comment GTG Kaiser from California see your skills of an artist you hey you're welcome in um dragon chain man man dead alright so this is actually I'm not gonna lie just from from what I'm initially seeing here on on neo this thing could potentially run dude I mean look there's just nothing in between there's nothing here nothing in the volume profile nothing but train track man I'm not gonna lie you know actually looks pretty good on the higher time frames let's talk about where we would take profit naturally we take some profit here this baby does what we do is this the neo bull run or in a world where neo has done nothing but gets sold and sold and sold and sold sold sold sold sold sold sold in that world finally get daily buy signals sthiti coming up on resistance what the hell is the Fisher doing daily ah my dear lord if we reject for me this will be bearish divergence at resistance who would have thought you could see bearish divergence at resistance would have thought resistance could resist price my god now I for something like this man since we are let's like to speak white honest dude like if this thing does we what what ideally any any bowl would want it to which is just boom go on a moon mission right here you got plenty of time man you got plenty of time we're taught you're talking about like a 70% rate man just to be quite honest just looking at the range man there's no reason to be irrationally exuberant about this you are waiting for your daily open and close above nine dollars and 13 cents other than that man if we do end up turning back around here then that is going to confirm bearish divergence on the daily timeframe and you're looking for a pullback technically to $8.32 hoping to hold that if you're blind buying that's where you blind buy and you would set your stop-loss down here around 6.60 eight cents but i would prefer to just blind buy here if I was going to blind by not saying I would and manage risk down here around seven dollars and 84 cents yeah but ideally you don't blind by blind sell you just wait for confirmation so like if you're pulling back to support you're waiting for a nice reaction off there all those people that are like man I set my limit order low and I got filled you're dumb cuz sometimes you're gonna get your low order filled and then it's just gonna go much lower now dude says all right Jasper says listen guys if we just buy if we all just go right now and buy neo u.s. DT right now then the market will move up that's correct but can we do uh how many people that we got in the chat some reason the view count doesn't seem to be working that's because I went I went from the be right back screen and came back man and some for some reason for some reason some reason the viewcount does not like to work so I have no idea how many people are watching me but what about like 750 people potentially can we get the can we get the market can we move the market with 750 people I will never I would never do such thing three hour by signal hair through our cell signal here got an eight-hour cell signal here and then hidden bullish divergence right here hidden bullish divergence right here a little bit of regular bearish divergence here but didn't have much follow-through but anyways you had good indications dollar-cost average buys here sell here yeah overall not bad man running pretty strong I still would like to see a confirmed open and close so after a big move like that approaching resistance man you just got to be careful man or 20 Yolo all right guys Jesper says I was just kidding and we sit here and watch boo alright guys that's about it man I do got it everybody chip in one Bitcoin all right guys oh it was a great show man you guys been absolutely fantastic man I think you so much for spending your time with me thank you guys so much to the thank you so much to the individuals who who sent a donation man we highly appreciate the support thank you to all the subscribers I do need to give you guys a shout out I apologize I'm so heading over to YouTube man I do want to welcome to the show welcome to the community everybody that's subscribed today let me just check here Harry no Bauer no Bauer sorry Eagles funny world videos sculpt them Frank go ting sweat see Simone Kiki cool hoon Ron Ron nedelin Ronal dan eldon Joseph Joseph Rogers and Peter Wilson guys thank you so much for the subscriptions on YouTube welcome to the community very pleased and pleasant to have you guys here if we go over to here one game Redoute jiron CB 2008 shrink gut the guys thank you so much for the follows on twitch highly appreciate the support guys you guys are fantastic so as we wind down guys as usual as usual guys if this was your first time to the show make sure to hit that subscribe button give us the thumbs up we highly appreciate it thanks Kirk for the sub by the way it does push us up in the view rankings and I think gets this information in front of eyeballs that really need to see it because I think there's a lot of false information out there in the crypto space guys so we highly appreciate the support if you'd like to support the show in a more substantial way you guys can come follow us on Twitch you know we get gives us a little bit more of audience interaction and we're looking to improve on that actually as we move forward so give us a follow give us a sub on there of the subscription on Twitch does help us keep the lights on guys you can also check out our patreon if you're so interested or you can head over to our merch store so you could Rock some beautiful stuff like this or drink your morning coffee out of the Kraken cryptocurrency huddle mug which I am told will improve the success of your trades by 80 to 90 percent and make you 60% more attractive guys as you can see I was looking up some of this Russia stuff alright make sure that you guys head on over to x42 got cracking cryptocurrency comm we are giving away five master notes worth of x42 proud supporter of the show not a recommendation to buy again we don't show anything but we do know the x42 team great community great project we use x 42 so let's go check that out let's see here other than that guys if you'd like to trade along with us guys if you're interested in the cracking cryptocurrency premium trading group you can just go to premium cracking cryptocurrency dot-com for all the information links at the top right there other than that guys my name has been Justin wise I am the lead analyst and senior mentor at cracking cryptocurrency dot-com this was another episode of breaking Bitcoin market update February 19th 2019 a year of our Lord hopefully this show today has helped crack cryptocurrency for you and until tomorrow guys make sure to stop by the discord and keep the conversation going guys it's so much about is this it's as much about the community as about the show guys so until next time guys make sure that you trade safely I'll see you tomorrow

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