3 thoughts on “Breaking Bitcoin – Insert Catchy Title Here – Live Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis”

  1. 0:05:10, intro with family time stories, shoutouts and looking at the chat
    0:09:45, X42 masternode and MMO coin give away!
    0:11:34, technical analysis on Bitcoin. Big dump! Now what?
    0:32:47, interacting with chat; is weekend price action segnificant? Liquidation on Bitmex
    0:35:45, bitcoin wrapup
    0:47:30, looking at the metrics and interacting with chat; MDR, bid-ask sum, longs vs shorts, trading view charts and indicators
    1:22:00, technical analysis on BNB
    1:28:00, Justin breaks something again! He turned into the devil for about 15 minutes! His voice sounds like a real big strong…. (ahum)
    1:51:30, interacting with chat and wrapping up

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