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hey what's going on everybody thank you so much for joining me for another episode of breaking Bitcoin market update of course I am your host Justin why is lead analyst a cracking cryptocurrency thank you guys so much for joining I hope you guys are having a fantastic day guys creeping on into the afternoon here of course today is gonna be February the 28th 2019 failure of our Lord let me know how you guys are doing in the chat I see you all guys I see you it's good Jasper what's going on man I'm trying very hard to be on time didn't break anything this morning everything seems to be running quite smoothly hopefully the guys can hear me okay and hopefully everything's good to go man I see Jasper I see Jonathan Krause doctor fast Jay constant crews says bye and then he says cell XRP Jay constant ed mccracken gypsy L Texas blues real Steiger Roche and CBN five hey what's going on guys thank you so much for joining me all right let's get in and talk about some stuff guys we actually got a pretty cool day today in the world of crypto some cool events fetch AI being listed on Finance last night mmm we've got the etherium constant until Constantinople hard fork that is going to be parsed out to the network that's gonna actually occur live on the show so we're gonna be able to catch that and see the network effect a lot of speculation about what it's gonna happen then here's the thing trading news events it's very difficult to do guys you pick a directional bias and you hope you're on the right side of the market if the market even responds whatsoever to be quite honest with you now one of the things that we had talked about last night was the fact that when BitTorrent token got listed on Finance it's 24 hour volume actually exceeded that of just about everything else so all all coins took a major hit when BitTorrent got listed because it everybody piled into BitTorrent Tok and everybody got in on that and the reason why is because again this is financed launchpads second token launched from their Launchpad platform okay so you know I talked about fetch last night in the members group and in our discord and in the general I talked about how it was listing I stayed up I stayed up to watch it list so running fumes not running off fumes but kind of running late this morning not my typical get up at 6 o'clock and exercise and get to get to the show this was kind of a more of a wake up at 10 a.m. eat breakfast do some sit-ups and get ready to go so overall not a not huge movements in the market unless you want to count that massive Darth Maul movement last night from Bitcoin so we actually had established a Bitcoin long last night before I before I went to bed just kind of a scalp could have turned into a long-term you never know when price is going to turn into a long-term or scalp but if you guys will recall xbt m-19 snagged up snagging up a long position about at 37 1937 15 and that ended up hitting my first take profit target and now just hovering above my entry at about 2% profits so whatever on that I'm xbt USD ran up from our entry hit take profit one pulled back shouldn't stop that at breakeven so that's typically how we execute trades when we're uncertain in the market if we hit our first take profit target price our stop-loss gets moved up so anyways still have a still have about 15% of my Bitcoin short from 4114 on the perpetual swap so that's doing well so overall if you want to look at it from a net net position I'm mostly neutral in the market guys I've got a few small positions that we're playing but overall just just waiting for something to make a big move overall we're still ranging even with that big Darth Maul candle that people got fairly excited about last night so we'll see what effect the etherium Constantinople hard forecast on the network I don't think it's gonna be that huge of a thing we could pump we could um overall price if you look at it from technical analysis is mostly just ranging and we don't have clear direction of strong movement yet so the best idea is to be hedged to be sitting in Fiat or just to be patient and waiting alright guys um good to see you guys good to see you guys good to see you guys dunt dunt dunt dunt done let's go to let's go over here guys and talk about some stuff of course now this is live on our website it's been live on our website for quite a while this is the etherium Constantinople for countdown our developer Ben wrote this I don't think you're going to find anything else like this on the Internet we have done this previously for other projects like the Monaro V hard fork we did this for the we did this for the oyster pearl shell hard fork we did this for the etherium classic Callisto so again I don't think you're gonna find anything like this on the Internet this is this is tied into the blockchain so this accurately counts and adjusts for block size difficulty weight etc etc been run all this from scratch and again he did it just for the benefit of the community so there is a nice button here if you guys want to give him a tip or a donation that would be highly appreciated that goes directly to Bend so that he can continue to write encode great stuff like this so he's pretty hard to work on developing things to improve our trading community actually so but we do have one hour and 40 minutes and 33 seconds from the time that I'm talking to you live on the air right now until the hard fork occurs so we are since we do run for a two hour show we will be seeing the tale into that we will be seeing that at the end of the show so we're gonna tune in we're gonna check back on this here in a little bit as we progress with our technical analysis alright so that's a Constantinople dot cracking cryptocurrency comm if you guys want to pull that up and follow along of course we are still giving away five master notes worth of x42 so just go to x42 cracking cryptocurrency comm you guys can take part in that we're all guys we're so close to breaking that $2,000 barrier that that 2,000 people barrier man not to that hasn't done but you know I was very excited that we had a thousand entrance and so I've kind of been saying guys let's go for 2,000 and then after that'll be three thousand but we've got three days left guys so you guys can go over to X 42 cracking cryptocurrency comm you can use any of your existing social media accounts and you get an opportunity to win just by you know giving us some love on Twitter give it X 42 some love in the discord you know just very very simple things that you guys can do that cost you nothing doesn't cost anything to enter guys and you're gonna have the opportunity to get enough X 42 to run your own master note which is actually pretty good pretty good not gonna lie we only I only talk about projects that I like I only talked about teams that I like receive no compensation to do anything like this so I just do it to support the community guys let's see here and as usual guys if you're interested in any of the services and products that we offer you want to trade along with us guys links to the top of the description if you want to join the premium group or you can just hop in the discord we've you know we've really been doing a lot to improve the discord so I added a lot of I think that the main name to my fame just recently is I did some work last night updating updating the updating the discord just making it look easier more seamless took out some channels that a lot of people weren't chatting in so now it's a little bit more streamlined you guys should go check out now on Fibonacci and DaVinci have their own channels in the general discord guys so they're gonna post their trades in there and post their trade updates so make sure you guys go take advantage of that there's another analyst that is potentially going to get his own channel as well in addition to the free signals that we put out for the community as well that would be that would be the CC signals that would those would be my personal signals okay so having said that let's go take a look at some data metrics and then we'll get into the we'll get into the we're gonna into technical analysis but let's let's look at some of the fundamentals let's look at the historical market depths this is vc help i want to look at vc depth actually if you guys don't mind so well we're here on internet of people and I'm sure Eli's watching so let's take a gander does not look good does not look good ile MDR continues to be extremely negative and we'll see what prices doing though but looking at looking at bit tricks here big cell wall small by wall we've only got fourteen thousand two hundred forty bids thirty one thousand 129 asks but that's within the entire order booklets look within five percent of price five percent of price looks even gnarlier yeah we had again we were talking about this yesterday Eli's so you know the bid-ask son was looking pretty good are not the bit this is technically not the bid-ask zone but it is honestly so but anyways the the market depth was looking good had a lot more bids than asks and then that's switched at about 11:30 2:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. last night so now we have a very different scenario where the MDR is quite negative a lot more asks than offers or excuse me a lot more offers than bids and well I guess we'll see what that looks like if we actually go look at the chart my good friend all right Bob miner says let's make some money let's do it man new crypto arranging indicator is the DMR the Darth Maul arranged yeah short at the top take profit at the bottom buy at the bottom take profit at the top hell yeah let's do it man crypto comedian truce is in the building man hit us with one of those hit us with one of those jokes man what's the joke of the day altcoins Shh you're gonna get to see a man my silly man good to see you as well ma'am J Constance says fetch AI as a scam 50% goes to the staff founders etc that is a very big red flag most likely but I'll tell you what men in the world that I come from so fundamentally I'm fairly negative on most altcoins just from just from a general perspective right the reason why is from an investment standpoint I don't know what's gonna be a security I don't know what's garbage I and picking out the gems and the winners out of a huge basket which was essentially this scam that was put on back in 2017 a lot millions and millions and millions billions of dollars was created in the ICL fomo back in 2017 and honestly most of the individuals that I know got absolutely wrecked or let me let me replace that most of the savvy or traders I know that knew to get in and get out that when they see something like a 2x or 3x or 4x that that is the opportunity to take profit you don't get greedy you get in and you get out because we're not dealing with something that that we're not dealing with something that has proven fundamentally right as opposed to Bitcoin which i think is something that we know in the long term has deep extensive fundamental value right so so again but most of the retail investors that came in later in the stage that thought that they were investing in the next Bitcoin I mean let's just be frank guys most most individuals and if you're sitting in this boat don't don't feel bad it happens to everybody this comes it comes along like a once a decade right where there's the one thing that everybody thinks is gonna be the next big thing right and it not ends up not being things like Bitcoin which actually are the next big thing are kind of rare it's kind of the current big thing but anyways I digress so yeah a lot of people got hurt in the ico you know kind of the ICO you know irrational exuberance so to speak and so I'm pretty tentative on I'm pretty tentative on making declarative statements about yeah this is a great project or this is a great coin I know it's gonna work especially when there's a lot of money involved especially when there's a lot of money involved so if I'm going to in general my my where I come from anyways is that as a member of the crypto community and somebody who talks to lots of projects and somebody who does talk to a lot of communities especially like on discord where we do our thing if if I if I know your community and you have a good commune you're kind of small and you're justjust just kind of trying to get out there and you're just trying to support the community and you're not just making a cash grab then I will potentially talk about you and try to put you on because I think that's helpful for the community in general but you know if you come to me I mean quite honestly I don't I don't need the I digress I digress you guys you guys get what I'm coming from we focus on trade we focus on trading and anything that I can do in the interim to kind of support the community that I know is not just a blatant like scam cash grab type thing then I will potentially talk about you but all right so looking at the market depth ratio for Bitcoin actually it does look it does look fairly negative so uh but you know it just keeps to use the technical term it keeps woofle waffling around right so we had a nice little spike in the MDR last night a price shot up and then just completely reversed and we have that night we had that nice Darth Maul candle and now the asks have reclaimed the offer so looking at what I do like to see though in general is I like to view the total market depth ratio I like to view this as kind of a kind of a leading indicator something similar to open interest right so if we do see bids and asks increasing in general we have an idea that in general price is going to be moving volatility and when we see the MD are dropping or when we see the total number of bids and ask is dropping so 24-hour volume etc etc etcetera we can expect that price is just going to be range bound and not pick a strong direction which is kind of what we see now or at the very least is gonna list lazily down in one direction or the other so right now the bias looking at the MDR would be a little bit more downside but overarching I don't think that Bitcoin has picked a strong direction and yeah again we've been kind of talking about there it is there it is again look at okay so look at okay X this is something that this is something one of the members pointed out yesterday look we've got seven point nine nine eight million in the ask side and only three point eight one seven in the buy-side that is black noodle right that's crazy that does not make sense that cannot be an accurate reflection of what's actually going on in that exchange so for that reason I have never have nor ever will grade on okay X this is VC depth that I oh okay in general let's take a look at the bit ask some because I'm still partial to this looking at the bit ask some look at BitFenix first looking at bethe next again not a clear direction we do see just a general drop in open interest honestly the number of bids dropping off the number of asks dropping up we do see actually a slight we do see a slight leg up to the at to the bids but again not a clear direction to be taken what we're looking for is a significant break so you know something like this something like this we know when prices when price was consolidating around three point five where we clearly have much more bids than offers and this is just a clear sign of accumulation and then price begins moving up we get more accumulation right here where the bids are higher than the asks thank you so much for this subscription on YouTube Nash where we have a lot more bids than asks this is accumulation at a higher price range and then price begins moving up and again if you wanted a leading indicator for this is not going to be a another sustainable leg up this is going to be a pump and then a dump the leading indicator was right here on the bit ask some so if you look here quite clearly if we if we kind of scroll back if we scroll back here let's actually go to the six months and this comes okay so it's hard to see on this one but let's just let's just stick on the thirty day and we'll go to the hour so this this comes a little bit more correlated but alright so hopefully you can see this so this was after the initial pump okay said so this is this is when price was consolidating around three point five okay and what do we see we see a lot more buying interest we see a lot more demand and supply thank you so much for the follow super-monkey we see a lot more bids than asks in the order book okay that's indicative of accumulation and that we're likely to see price appreciation okay price has a nice pump up alright we're sitting now at around three point seven all right if you guys recall again we had two legs up so we're sitting around three point seven what are we again we see we see bids significantly higher than asks signs more signs of clear rhea cumulation or now probably actually mid stage buyers so individuals that miss the initial pump and they're confident the bitcoin is gonna continue to go up so this is not late stage FOMO buying yet it can be it can be classified by way if price ends up reversing but it's the it's the second it's the secondary phase of an uptrend and plenty of opportunity to get in again as we talked back at that point in time I had drawn the pitchfork structure use technical analysis to determine that a significant shift in market structure had occurred and again I was long on aetherium from one twenty to fifty so so anyways we have clear signs brie accumulation here price does again break to the upside but then what happens when we're accumulating here around three point nine four thousand what do we see we see a significant difference in the MDI right here we see a significant difference in the bid-ask some where we have asks make a big spike a big spike up right and we see when we see bids kind of just with the waffle around right and so finally until finally we see on the nice pump up now when when the pump happens you are gonna see bids naturally drop off okay whenever you whenever you see a big spike in price after a period of accumulation you are gonna see bids drop off and you are gonna see a spike and asks but the telling indicator here would have been the the significant difference in the MDR from this accumulation zone and this react emulation zone and this this attempted distribution zone which is a pretty clear telling indicator that this is now just to pop up to tap into liquidity and trap-trap buyers eye because you're going to need you're going to need liquidity for all these individuals to distribute to distribute their positions for all the individuals that entered here and all the individuals that entered here that's a lot of money and they can't just mark it sell because they'll get slippage they'll move the market negatively against them potentially quite significantly so so they need to create an event where there's gonna be a lot of buying on the opposite side of the order book so they can unload their position and have that have that have that market movement absorbed by buying pressure and that's exactly what happened everybody you know price gets pushed up a lot of individuals by at the top and they provide the absorption that is necessary for individuals tags at their positions and that's you pretty much the in the indicative you you know huge death dildo on the way down that's indicative of everybody that's just trying to market sell at the bottom trying to market short and then price pushes that and liquidates everybody that shorted here so anyway so that's just a quick breakdown at the bid-ask some and how you can utilize that or how i you just let utilize that in my daily trading if we go take a look at the trading sentiment as well i'd like to look at the bull bear income i don't think it's going to be a clear indicator of what's going on so we're just gonna pull this back a little bit to get a little bit more data so we can quantify this right okay great all right so and this is uh this is another thing that we can see as well into bouldering coming I've talked about this extensively though if we just kind of zoom back a little bit and you have to be careful about how much data that you take in there that looks pretty good well well that looks good all right so as you can see when we have okay if I roll my mouse over it'll be confusing but hopefully you can see here so here in this area we have a significant spike and it looks cleaner actually if I go back in time so you know just the settings so that you can see what you need to see but here we can see a spike in in Bowl income meaning individuals and long positions are in profit and quite nice profit actually and what do we see and that's at a market top near resistance so you can combine this sentiment analysis with technical analysis right so we're near resistance we have longs and very profitable positions what is likely to happen Long's are likely to take profit and price does end up moving down from there and as we can see here conversely every time that we have a nice spike and bear income right where we're near support price does reverse to the upside so when generally when you have a lot of individuals on the same side of the trade and they're in the profitable position they're likely going to take profit in mass because again retail traders tend to act all at once they're kind of like lemmings running off the cliff all right let's see her they're kind of like lemmings running off a cliff if you know what I mean so so anywho tzer's yeah so whenever you see a significant spike in bull bear income bull income or bear income and you can combine that with technical analysis nothing that i've just listed here not the bid-ask sum the bull bear income though if we look at long shorts none of that can be traded blindly there's those are all tools to add your tool belt so that you can add sentiment analysis to your technical analysis which i think is going to increase your your your probability your odds of being a successful trader significantly or at least making more rational decisions because now you're looking at more market data so anyway so what do we see right now we actually do see currently right now still a lot of lungs in profitable positions so we saw a spike in long profits priced ended up reversing as we've seen now then we take a look at total Long's and shorts being put on right now generally we've seen a decrease in shorts shorts are still quite low we've seen a significant drop-off of long positions pushing us back but we still have the markets skewed to the long side guys we still have something on the order of about 25,000 long positions and only about like 15,000 short positions so this I don't think that this overall bodes well for bitcoins price appreciation as I talked about nothing really has changed my analysis I do think we see that spike back up to 39 39 15 which we might have already seen this could have been it I was expecting to see a little bit more of a slow march up there you know I would like to see more trapped buyers but you know we'll just keep our eye on a guys again and just taking a quick quick look at coin farm let's see if there's if if any of the Long's are the shorts being overly aggressive no the shorts are being quite aggressive right now so when you're looking at this you can see that the shorts are being aggressive 51.4 9% of market orders being put on on bit mechs are to the short side so if you're looking for generally when you see a metric like that you'd prefer to see 55 you know 50 anything like anything between so typically the way I do this anyway any anything between like 50 and 55 56 percent means that overall you're better if you're looking for day trades you're better scalping in the direction of whoever's dominant when you start getting it like 257 60 or 60% higher you're looking at the you're looking at those positions getting overly aggressive and if you can cross-reference that with and with bull bear income if you can crops cross-reference that with your technical analysis and see which positions are profitable you can have a good you're gonna be able to noodle out pretty well like okay this looks like a likely market bottom or market top depending on who's being more aggressive because when Long's and shorts get overly aggressive typically they become trapped and get sold into so or bought into so I digress alright moving on to maintian guys let's let's take all that with a grain of salt and let's look at some technical analysis so we'll just go right over here to our standard go twos thanks guys you guys are very helpful in the chat man thank you so much yeah VC DEP knows we're looking at the market depth ratio as well as I was looking at Bitcoin any org for the bid-ask some and then coin farm dot online for the aggressive Long's and shorts on bit mechs and then there is also bit ger calm a trading sentiment for the bull bear income oh right my ceiling man if I was an ethereal now would I be out before the fork even if it's only a few percentages of profit listen so and again I know it'd be like I infuriate people by doing this but when it comes to like first off when it comes to individual trade recommendations I don't do that on principle not only because that can be that could be construed as financial advice which again that whole note if we're neutral advisor look dude you just don't give financial advice like you don't there there's a there's a fine line between talking about trading and giving general advice and recommendations which is totally legal so all these youtubers are like well I'm thinking about bullion here not financially boys that's them like they don't understand the law they don't understand locality they don't they've never probably traded equity they never probably had a financial advisor so there's clear there's clear boundaries that you just don't cross right so so like for example like if you DM me in the discord and you're like came in this is my capital I bought here and I'm thinking about selling here what do you think I'm probably not going to give you an answer at least an answer that's gonna satisfy you why because that's crossing a line because I and again so that's from a legality standpoint from a I'm just a realistic standpoint look man one individual trade doesn't matter right a lot of people get like focused and soaked up on that what I will do generally is that an answer that I will give people is I will direct them toward proper strategy you know I will question them I'll ask like okay well what was your what was your entry position or C's now I don't really care what your position was but why did you enter into a position why what what indicators or what analysis did you use to determine that this was likely to be a price appreciation what time frame did you give to this to did you give to this trade what is your exit strategy what is your profit taking strategy and if the trade goes in your favor cool not note that down and talk about what went right what went wrong if the trade doesn't go right I tell people to not freak out like a lot of people come in the discordant is totally fine I understand I've been there before a lot of people not just coming to the discord but just in general and trading lying and this isn't just cryptocurrency this is everywhere they focus that they have laser eye focus on their their current trade or their last trade that went really bad or their their last trade that went really good and it doesn't matter like one trade doesn't matter it doesn't like it doesn't matter if like for example like you know I I was short from 4114 and I received a lot of messages that you know people thank me they're like hey you know I saw your show and saw that you were going short so I took a short position you know thank you so much it was a great trade well that's awesome ma'am I'm very happy for you guys but like that does not like that if you're watching this and watching the show I just you know I'm being trying to be realistic with you that doesn't make me a genius or a very good trader so I would you know I would ask that you know if this is your first time the show or that's how that's how you've heard of me or whatever like just stick it out man keep watching the show and determine for yourself whether in the long run my analysis is good or bad because that the fact that I made a super killer trade does not a great trade or make me just on its face right I would hope that for those of you who have been watching the show for a while it's been my consistent analysis and movements in the market over the past months the past four months that I've actively been doing the live stream every day and really over the past year almost year and a half that I've been making videos that I hope would would represent my ability in this field and in the same vein I caution individuals to not get worked up about an individual trade because one trade doesn't matter it's it's your statistical trades it's it's your it's your average win rate over time and and very significant to that is your risk management so when you're losing how much you losing when you're winning how much of you winning but getting focused up on one trade is a psychological trap but humans have a negativity bias so it's difficult to overcome but if you can master that if you can get over that it's gonna be the first step I think or a huge step into actually getting more consistent anymore I don't want to say more consistent wins but having a more consistent outcome over time being able to and the way that you do that is you keep a trade journal so keep keeping sure every single trade man just write it down I entered at this price because of this reason right I got scared and wanted to sell at this price but did not or did because of this reason I took profit at this reason or it took a loss at this level because right and then after that if you write that down okay what went good what went wrong what could I have changed and what what could I do differently next time just write that down if you're not writing that down here thinking to yourself well I'll know man I'll just keep I'll just remember it doesn't work man that doesn't work you're fooling yourself and that's that's vanity and pride that's vanity and pride because it's it's too easy to justify it to yourself in retrospect like well the reason that trade didn't work is because of this right you know and it's really easy and it's a hindsight trade and look back and you know say well of course that happened because no no no no no no no but when you're pushing the button you don't know the future you only know the past and you have all kind of emotional things that are firing off in your brain if you're seeing a big candle up a big candle town consolidation you've got indicators flying you've got Twitter scrolling you've got whatever the people in the discord saying this and that it's it's a it's not a it's not it's not as clear-cut and drive as it is looking at a chart in hindsight and determining what you would have would not have done the only way that I know to actively like overcome your own psychology is to actually write it down you have to write it down you have to keep a journal you have to if you're not keeping a trade journal I don't think you're going to be as successful as you potentially could be doesn't matter if you're making good trades now the the the thing that has made me a consistent profitable trader over time is tracking my own results against myself and and being very blatant like being very blatant with myself that I'm not as smart as I think and then I'm just as susceptible to emotional terror as anybody else and the only thing that allows me to overcome that is having a discipline strategy that allows me to look at my results over time and statistically change things consistently change things right because I do that I put the same thing in and I tend to get the same thing out so you have to keep a journal you have to keep track because if you're not if you're just changing things willy nilly or if you're entering or exiting positions based upon like this candle or that candle or this condition or that condition you're not going to have consistent results so you're not going to know what to change so I digress all right [Applause] you yeah I guess I'm having a it seems like I'm having a little bit of bandwidth issue no it's struggling valiantly let me take a gander yeah so seven five three and one minute ago I'm getting kind of getting pinged a little bit here apologies for that guys hmm you oh that's not good dropping down below 2,000 kbps then pop them back up to like 2,900 all right so let's just hope let's just hope it doesn't get too bad I'll try to keep my eye on it but I don't think there's a whole lot that I can do so on the fly fix it guys I apologize right that's funny man all right so let's let's dive in man hopefully you guys hopefully the lag isn't too bad man I apologize if it is and it was so we'll just dive in here to Bitcoin on the daily this is gonna be the tether pairing and the first thing I want to do is let's just remove the drawing tools and let's just take a look at what price she's doing and and honestly guys price is just not not doing a whole lot guys I'm looking to eigen ah she trend you know we're still we haven't gotten a strong indication to by looking at the daily looking at time transformation we're crossing below the neutral zone right now and again all as with all things the time transformation is very powerful but when price is recovering after big moments and moves like that you're going to have to you're going to have to take you're gonna have to take signals that you get with your own analysis I'd look at the look at the fundamentals look at sentiment and do your best Yohann brawl says urgent question will my open short position on a theory I'm at BitFenix be closed automatically at the moment of the hard fork today I don't think so but I can't I can't say one way or the other i I don't trade on BitFenix and I'm not sure of any statement that they've made about BitFenix hmm you I'm just sitting here watching my watch my bandwidth hey thank you so much balloon angel for the follow on twitch even with the technical difficulties huh Tyler says I'm a I'm a Verizon sales are up if you need a hook-up man all right guys all right so hopefully hopefully this isn't going to be too bad I apologize for the inconvenience so we'll just do the breaking Bitcoin just in wise radio show so just looking at the daily high Konishi for Bitcoin right now looking at the tether pairing you know currently sitting around 38 23 and you know price just not doing a whole lot from a higher time perspective or I just consolidating around that level of support that we've been talking about we have this nice little pump up which we'll see when we actually go down to look price nice Darth Maul candle tapping and liquidity up and down now we didn't have to go so far to tap into liquidity because the liquidity had already been cleared out all right so so so everybody that was trying to go long in this particular situation has already been cleared out now it's nice to see is that both both range highs both range highs to the upside have been have been cleared for liquidity so it seems that shorts that are excuse me long seven Long's have been liquidated and shorts have been liquidated so now price can actually make a movement but I'm not there's no clear indication of which way it wants to go going down to the eighth hour as well we actually do have a little bit of positive momentum here so after a nice consolidation and a dip down we can do hit that nice Darth Maul candle to the upside cleared liquidity to the upside which i think is more important than the dip down I think that's just reactionary and overall price continuing to just kind of trudge its way up here a little bit when you when you filter out the noise of what's actually going on so mm-hmm three hour time frame again nothing but still when you when you the lower and lower timeframes that you get down into I mean price just not doing a whole lot guys we're not breaking strongly to the upside again we've just happen in liquidity tapping and liquidity now there's probably lots of short-term trades to make especially if you go down to the intraday timeframes again you can be attempting to catch your oversold excuse me your overbought overbought tops you can be attempting to catch your oversold bottoms and I think you're going to be doing quite well man just again my momentum oscillator well it's not just a momentum oscillator but time transformations been catching these quite well so anyways I digress let's look at the levels again that I think are fairly important guys so if we go to the three hour time frame still looking as I said okay if we look at something like what we've looked at tether so let's actually go to let's say like to actually go to a bit max right over here and talk about something a little bit more important I think so price levels that I think people actually to be focusing on you yeah I'm sorry guys I don't know what to do about the fix the bandwidth I cannot I can try something real quick give me give me half a second I'll be right back you what's going on guys ah you know what and it just continued – slightly just wiffle waffle around the levels guys so not I don't know hopefully it's not unwatchable hopefully I haven't lost at everybody so I don't know I am pleased that you guys are still hanging in there with me guys all right I'm so getting DDoS haha no I don't think that's that's occurring Jasper in fact I did go out there and see if because sometimes sometimes you know my daughter will watch you know she'll watch her a little you know or little YouTube videos cocoa Mellon and stuff like that but that's actually not going on right now so there's not a lot that I can do man like but this thing is just crushing me so you know to be quite honest there's not you know it's just one of the negative things about living where I live you know so I have the luxury of living in an area where it's very calm and peaceful and safe to raise my children but it's not like I'm living in not like I'm living in the technological lap of the world in California so anyways guys I'm gonna soldier on guys so for posterity you guys can always go back and rewatch this guy's and if you guys are valiant and brave enough to follow me on in the live chat guys we will continue to move forward toward utter market domination guys so anyways there are some interesting things there are some interesting things if we zoom out and look at some of the critical levels so obviously when we're looking at we're looking at the dem ex char and now you know we've continued to add lines on to this chart so in the interest of clarification and simplifying this once we kind of break out of this pattern everything's taken care of like hopefully we can start removing some of these lines and just go back to critical levels but anyways we do have we do have the descending trendline right here and we are holding that level right so that was the initial significant breakout we have been talked about that at length we still have the significant resistance here coming in around 4096 that kind of ranges up to 41 18 actually excuse me that actually ranges up to be quite honest to 40 400 but getting above 4096 on the second pass there I'll be quite bullish up to 4600 in fact I won't even wait for 4096 as I talked about at length the area that I'm keeping my eye on right here is that 39 50 39 our thirty nine thirty thirty nine fifty level I think that's where the majority of trapped buyers are I think that if we successfully get back above that level and consolidate higher and then I I will be quite bullish and I think we will be pushing higher right that would be a reclamation of an area where we should be initially getting sold into and as you can see on the first pump test right here actually you can consider this one a first one as well although I do consider this candle to not be in all actuality to not actually be a retest of the breakdown zone to be a retest of trap buyers um this is just bullish reaction off of high momentum to the downside so anytime you get high volatility and high volume to the downside you are going to get a reactionary movement so that establishes kind of our floor and that was the range high that I was talking about earlier so 38 55 is that level you can be aggressive and say that an open and close above that level on something like the three of the eight hour time frame and that's going to be your signal that's going to be your long call that's totally fine I don't think that that's a bad strategy conversely to the downside you do have you have established a support a support floor so that's coming in at 37 31 you can be aggressive to the downside and say hey if we open and close below that then I'm looking for more downside potential so you know from if you guys will recall from my long call from 4114 I talked about taking profit targets of 39:54 3802 work she's not 38 it too would be very consistent with this 37 80 and 37:52 so all my all my X BTUs the profit targets have hid for the for the purposes of the signal that I generated for the for the members I still have about 15% of my short position open so I've taken profits at all these levels I've held on to it I opened up in XP TM 19 long at 37 18 and and I only have a very small position that I left so it came up in at my first profit target but I just want to be I just want to be a little bit more cautious normally I wouldn't be so quick to enter an exit that position like that I would hold that open because overall it's the better thing to do but just in general man kind of just going along with the members and reducing a little bit of risk and just waiting someone's watching in 4k it's killing everything no I think it's just I mean to be quite honest with you guys it's just my there's there's a lot of like where I get internet they they run the cables it's it's not underground the cables aren't running underground so when there's inclement weather excuse me sometimes it can be negatively affected which is kind of like a day like today we are getting over like some severe winter cold snaps man it's rough out there so I apologize for the lag guys thank you so much for being patient and soldiering on of course you can always just rewind a little bit and YouTube's a UC system will automatically clear the buffer and lag so you all right so anyways yeah you can be quite aggressive with your XPT position and say a break about 38 55 and we're going to the long side but again make sure that you're getting confirmation with an open and close make sure the internet phone while buying into a candle because that will likely turn into a wick so currently holding the current support right right here guys around that 3800 level 3784 me guys so technically as long as price is above this level that I'd kind of talked about which was you know when I posted I actually posted a long call last night um so and unless the hourly opens and glare excuse me unless the hourly closes blow of 3780 you could aggressively hold on to that long from last night but that is that's your own personal preference with your risk appetite so looking at again looking at the fundamentals we don't have clear direction looking at the technicals we don't have clear direction so best thing is to either be hedged by continuing to hold open your xbt USD short or by looking to at the same time hold on to your ex PT m-19 long so or be out of the market entirely that's your own preference as far as risk management risk appetite and because once we get a clear direction there'll be plenty of opportunities to enter so I'm looking at this looking at this the looking at this because we have not had a clear break of our previous break down zone right we have a first initial retest of liquidity what was support turned into resistance as we can see right here I'd be very interested to see what price does in the vicinity of thirty nine thirty thirty nine fifty I do still the correct thing is to look at that as an area to continue to add to your short position unless proven otherwise by the market at least on the first pasture so kind of the question is do we consider this the first test this is definitely a test of support turn resistance but I think it's just more accurately a clearing of liquidity of the upside range right so we have a range high we actually have two if we go into the hourly chart right so we had established two range highs that need to be tested we had a range high here and we had a range high here we tapped in the liquidity on both and then price move to the downside liquidated shorts so liquidate the Long's liquidated the shorts liquidated I wouldn't say the Long's probably got liquidated again except for the FOMO buyers who bought into this breakout candle and rest in peace and now price just continuing to consolidate at a higher level continuing form a higher low so of course we can't call this a higher low because we actually needed to establish itself as a low but this does on its face does not does not look overly bearish this does not on its face look overly bearish so but we don't have clear indications of a breakout everything's just kind of sideways and if you guys will recall again what one thing that I want to talk about with uh one thing that I want to talk about is when go ripple go thank you so much thank you so much Ripple all right so shout out to everybody who held on with me when I posted that report that that signal for ripple and the free signals last night very happy about that let's go take a look at that bad boy all right let's switch over to Japanese candlesticks all right she's a moanin you nice nice old nice old five minute pump right there one minute pump at five minute pump and five-minute dump ts August ESL we'll see what happens man I've been waiting for a pop remote for a while and the reason why is because if we just kind of zoom out and look at look at hi ganache II and just look at what's going on in the market we do finally have some some sideways consolidation right now we did see this year again when you've got a strong demand a trend you see some sideways consolidation it is a temporary indicator that the previous the previous downtrend is weakening so we get a little pop up here we get some a little bit right here this isn't a good this isn't the best example of it right here because this is more dislikes a little bit of the decrease of momentum stair-stepping down you get a very weak bullish reactionary from it but this is pretty significant AG least lolling of the dominant trend doesn't mean that you're gonna pop to the moon because as we can see this is getting sold into pretty hard but what it does indicate is that the dominant trend is weakening at least for the meantime generally before you actually see a strong breakout or violet move to the upside are you are going to see more extensive consolidation and ranging so but once in a while you do get that nice pop up that's the technical term by the way don't let me get you guys using that TM all right see how strong the ripple bears are excuse me let's see how strong the ripple bulls are and we will go if we can reclaim that 80 to 88 and consolidate up there I don't see us not going back to 85 50 Jasper I fixed the lag just put the speed on point seven-five Annmarie Renny I think you are you talking about that like Momo or Momo lo or Momo thing like I did I read I heard a little bit about that I think that's um I don't know as somebody who has small kids that does not let them watch random YouTube stuff I'm not overly worried about it I read some articles that said like that stuff's not really as like bad socially as it's as it's supposed to be like like essentially like yeah like there's you know like Slenderman and five nights at freddys and stuff like that which by the way that's that stuff really does concern me because I don't think the child minds are I don't think the child Minds should be watching that kind of stuff I don't think that they're they're programmed for it now like to be quite fair like I have difficult conversations to my children right that that I think that some people would say well you shouldn't be talking about things like life and death with kids you know but no like I don't I don't like my children I clearly explained to them what life is like and and in but in a way that's appropriate for them right like I don't just you know we don't just start showing in pictures of Auschwitz or anything like that but no like I'm I want my children to be brave and courageous and be prepared to fight for what they believe in to have strong opinions to not be easily swayed to not be sheep I want to make sure that my children are I mean because I mean seriously man like I look around and so many people that they are just there there there very I don't know what word I want to use I don't conveniently brainwashed or you know I don't want to be like conspiracy theorists or anything like that but it just seems my main issue is at the ethics of it right so so I I find that many of my peers many of many of the kids nowadays or many just a lot of people man a lot of people nowadays like just don't strongly believe in anything nihilism post-modernism you know socialism is very popular very very popular and I think that that stuff is ism is really psychological cancer man for the most part you know not that there's not elements of stuff that you can't incorporate into your own philosophy that are good from from anything you should study everything but nihilism and post-modernism and you know anything that makes you overly negative anything that doesn't make you feel very strongly or passionate about life about achieving about doing the best that you can about protecting your family about protecting your society anything that anything that takes away from your strength and power I don't don't see how that's beneficial you know it's all about it's all about improving yourself and and the more you improve yourself the more you can improve your your community the more you can improve your family and the more that improves I mean the world becomes a better place when individuals when individuals struggle to achieve an individual struggle to become better than they were previously so so that was a ramp but anyways you all right you yeah I'll tell you what man like they aren't really out to get me so I'm sorry guys I'm doing my best trying to valiantly trying to valiantly put on for you guys you hmm you know what I think part of it is two men is let me um get off of this page you see if that helps at all maybe that'll help trying to close everything that I possibly can I don't think that's what it is though I do generally think it's my ISP you yeah I did just see that my life bandwidth just like boosted from like 2,000 to 5,000 kbps so we'll see we'll see what's happening apparently the crypto gods reached down they're like Justin for the XRP free call here here's the bandwidth that you need dan asks how do you protect yourself from these wicks so I don't use hard stop losses is is in general my my strategy sometimes there's nothing you can do then that's not a full answer hopefully that's not – yeah let me let me just do again I don't think it's actually my-my lag but I'll do what I can to close everything the thing that I can to make everything seamless you yes you yes we're gonna have to update now it's definitely not a Windows Update anywho all right so we gotta edit the schedule man so schedule was we actually did BTC fundamentals DTC we haven't looked at eat yet actually we looked at XR p e.e fat and people I want us to look at icx extensively so we'll look at icx Oh um so ripple continued to do well let's go over so we talked about BTC guys not a clear direction guys I know that you know that's the least likely answer I know that they'd people love it when they come into the stream and I'm like yeah man all in long of course that's just not what I that's not how I trade but I mean essentially you're just trading the range prices still range bound you know you're looking too short overbought conditions you're looking too long oversold conditions so or you're just patiently waiting for a positional trade to present itself right now there's not again I myself remain hedged so moving on / – that's bits now aetherium aetherium kind of acting differently than price because generally we do like to day trade aetherium more than the old Bitcoin just because there's more volatility but a theorems price reacting a little bit differently so just keep that in mind that when you're doing your day trading because there's a little bit there's a little bit of divergence in fact sometimes not moving in the exact lockstep on the lower timeframes as well so just keep that in mind be very cautious with your trading of aetherium in this period of time so and in general because we're still just range bound and if you are you know using tight positions and you're not willing to take small losses on the journey to a couple big wins you're most likely gonna get sabotaged by a wick so currently right now we still haven't significantly retested in my opinion the 120 the 142 143 level on mechs that area still represents excuse me what should be support turned resistance and a retest of supply so I would expect the proper move right now to beat a ladder on shorts in that area an invalidation zone for me would be if we can successfully reclaim 147 147 50 the actual level that I have on my chart is 147 62 but good luck typing that into the bit mix so if we reclaim 147 50 just very similar with that 39 50 level of Bitcoin I actually think that we will see higher highs I think that we actually will likely see 170 maybe even higher so that's kind of what I'm keeping my eye on guys if we don't get rejected from the trapped buyers here where I think a lot of buyers are trapped and are underwater right now if they don't take the opportunity to sell a break-even or low excuse me a lot of them will take the opportunity to sell a break-even which makes this a short or a sell on the first pass but if we have enough if there's enough bullish sentiment in the market to continue to push price up then I think we will be doing well guys I think we'll be doing well and that's just as simple as it is so again etherium same thing as Bitcoin just different numbers purposes of intraday scalloping that's a little bit different looking at the daily looking at the daily let's get in here looking at the daily the trend we still have a bearish trend on the daily again so if we just look at the daily hi cannot you guys it's you're looking to positional it to position trade it's pretty simple man look time transformations right here buddy you got you got a buy right here you got a cell right here it's that simple all right higher time frames chill out look at I can assi it makes it very simple right you get an oversold so you're trading against the trend when you buy right here right you actually do get some some on the high ganach you get bearish divergence right there on the on regular Japanese candlesticks you would dc8 down through this level right here maybe not the best thing because you're trading against the trend it doesn't look significantly buttoned but anyways here you get to buy signals and you also get bullish divergence as well on the regular so always make sure that you're double-checking with different with your I ganache you know Japanese candlesticks again I'm not I'm not saying that you wouldn't have gotten wrecked on the way down but whatever like the journey of a thousand profits begins but a few losses but anyways so yeah so the the daily trend is still bearish again we're entering into a period of consolidation and we're gonna see if we can't pull ourselves up so basically what we're looking at here is something fairly similar to what happened here right where we have a nice bullish spike up this was our first pass through though so this is the different market scenario but anyways anyways we see price come down and consolidate get tight and then have another pop back up now this time was rejection so I don't think price will work out the same this way but I think if we do consolidate and reclaim this higher level of 147 62 then we will see higher price appreciation guys however if we do reject from this area then it's a strong short and I think we're going lower so I know that that's I know I know that that's like the most frustrating thing for people to hear like we could go up and we could go down but it's the truth guys and I won't say anything but the truth so help me God yeah so listen if I do any of that stuff live guys so first off Cruz CIT I already do that and and kits if I do that lie that will cancel the stream and I'll have to restart everything which I I mean I just don't really feel like doing and I apologize guys I know it's an inconvenience it's a bad day tomorrow will be better I promise guys tomorrow will be better they're trying to suppress me all right so aetherium and Bitcoin consolidating not a clear direction I would I would suggest hedged and but I mean I'm not gonna lie I still do think that we continue to push it on up there guys so the thing that we continue to push on up there so all right xrp just went live on coinbase so we had that initial pump immediate dump hold on I need to take some action here you you okay yeah but there's no guarantee is that if I restart the stream it's gonna fix anything to be quite frank thanks so much for the follow man you guys are fantastic man okay let's go take a look at fetch AI guys oh it's not gonna look because I got my shields up so let's go to let's see if it's sawn tradingview yep fetch AI on banana alright so what has happened since fetch AI has been listed alright so let's talk about some metrics here guys so fetch AI mmm okay the ico price for fetch a I was 2,300 SATs okay you yeah I am guys it is my ISP okay I live in the snow torn wastelands of the Midwest there's bad weather outside there's nothing I can do okay there's nothing I can do you know it's not my CPU it's not my lag it's not my computer it's my internet connection there's nothing I can do to fix it I've already checked and I've looked at the situation I know that there's a common problem with my router I can tell when it's doing its thing that's not it there's just there's absolutely nothing I can do because I'm getting interference on the network out there so it's all whack noodle man yes sorry guys and I apologize there's nothing I can do literally nothing restarting the stream won't help restarting my computer won't help there's nothing I can do I apologize so looking at fetch AI so you have Eve Hartford is crashing YouTube so let's be realistic so the the fetch a I opened when it when it hits when it hit by Nance last night it opened let's see here make sure at triple 0 12,500 SATs okay which is a wackadoodle and immediate like let's go look at the let's go look at the 1-minute chart which is what we were watching last night so I did stay up to watch this baby okay here we go so here we go all right so opened at 12,500 okay triple zero 12,500 all right the ico price was 2,300 SATs all right so let's just be very clear okay so individuals that just bought this token a few days ago bought it for this price right here 2,300 SATs okay so this this listed at 400% the ico price that's what it opened at you serious anyways and it immediately pumped up it immediately pumped up pretty much 23% so anyways just doing its nice little decline right now now if we recall back to this is the second one that's that's that by Nance has launched if we might just go back in time a little bit all this data in here cool if we go all this data in here finance initially listed and pumped like two hundred percent and then drop twenty percent and then pumped up another three hundred percent so fetch AI is a gamble man you don't know if you're gonna get the same results man you know you don't know if you're gonna get the same input but we'll wait and see men so you I mean this was crazy we were watching this last night in the in the discord mend and just the different prices that people were able to get in at is pretty wacky noodle so pretty much anybody that bought last night honestly the manual people that ended up getting the opportunity to buy like you're you're not significantly under water price is about ten percent down so again whenever you're dealing with the stuff you never you understand what you're inherently doing is you're playing slots there's no technical analysis to be done here there's no fundamental analysis to be done here you're just like well oh man the last one pump let's go let's go let's go there we go guys we hung in there survived so all right so we looked at Bitcoin fundamentals Bitcoin we looked at syrup we looked at theory and we looked at fetch nothing really to be done with this with this puppy right now in my strong opinion we will go to the 15 minute charts let's see here so China transformation gave us a potential momentum by right there but it just mostly gone sideways for us gave us maybe like two percent if you were just you know if you were a robot hidden bullish hidden bearish divergence right here price didn't up projecting we do have the 15 minute crossing over right here so we'll just see how this plays out mem I do think that this one has the potential to be different but so anyway so I bought some fetch AI last night just for fun guys will roll the dice I don't roll the dice all the time but you know you take it you take a gamble man so anyway so my price I got it at 92 Oh three men so we'll see what happens guys got in at 92 Oh three so we'll see what happens so I am currently down where we at right now about two percent so whatever no one really care it's just the slot machine man it's just the slot machine I'll be quite frank with that so so not again never never construe to say man this thing is going to do great for all I know this thing is going to just go straight into the dumpster where it belongs but we'll see man we'll see all right surf going up and going all the way back down dad it's not on coinbase yet so let's see if we can't if I can talk my best prom your exchange now I don't want to login or get started I want to look at price ah screw you anyways so let's see her what did we list at that's not gonna let me sang they let me mess with it you wicked mistress anyway suppress anything around like thirty 31 cents that's pretty cool man I actually I don't do a lot of active trading on coinbase bro mostly is that just for the purposes of moving in and out of Fiat but but this is pretty good price discovery now this is pretty good price discovery when something is listed on coinbase this is pretty good we had a little bit more extensive price discovery so what's going to matter now is what kind of 24-hour volume did we get out this so again just keep in mind guys when you're doing stuff like this you're gambling lower timeframes you know try to hit all the movements man don't touch anything you'll break it again it's fine now all right let's see here yeah thanks mr. Easter I appreciate a man just got to keep on truckin man you all right let's look at icx us DT because people were talking about the old icx I thought this thing was the future of humanity dude this is the blockchain to save all mankind these my daughter's like pissed out there she is letting the world know okay so let's talk about so basically the same thing that I talked about yesterday guys again yesterday I believe was here so we talked about B I don't know did we talk about IC access tonight I don't know again I had me keep my eye on this so anyways yeah look we've got we've got resistance consolidation looks pretty good man let's go look at the let's go look at the slowly Japanese candlesticks alright I do kind of like the way this looks all right this is a kind of a classic breakout pattern right where you have price come up to resistance form a higher low and push up now generally I like to see a much tighter higher low like a higher low here and then consolidation underneath them than a breakout but it's cool man I still wouldn't buy into this just because you'd be buying into resistance and I don't buy in a resistance I buy a confirmed breakout so if this candle closes and then reclaims this level convincingly then again just like I said I think you can see higher price targets of thirty nine cents and forty six point five cents but I think if you're just buying into this blindly I still don't think that's a good idea man I apologize and if I'm wrong and this is the pump of the century that's cool but I don't long resistance like it's just not you don't long resist and statistically it doesn't matter if you miss a trade you don't buy at resistance you don't long resistance right now having said that I will say that I do like the higher low consolidation underneath the support pattern but I would prefer to see like aetherium is a good example like maybe I can go back and find an example of a theory in Bitcoin um eth BTC etherium bitcoin did this real nicely right here is a pretty good example of it right so you're trending upwards you have a pull back you come up you consolidate in your resistance you form a higher low and then you start knocking on heaven's door right there after forming consecutive higher lows this nice ascending scallop formation right there and then you end up breaking through that's a good example of a another good example of it would be you here this is a pretty good sample so whichever way you want to look at it right you know you have you have a nice healthy bullish trend right you have an extensive pullback pretty much like a 50% retracement of the movement you pull up consolidate it form a high or low then you pull up consolidate at resistance right here right at resistance and then you can solid eight with a high or low immediately below resistance pretty bullish sign a pretty pretty bullish sign of a bullish break and you would have gotten a nice eight percent trade off of that so in the same vein in the same vein my friend I do kind of like the way that I do kind of like the way that I see X I see X works there's a couple different ways that you can position yourself in this man if you're I mean if you're already n then you're cool net you don't again you typically take profit but if you think we're on the verge of a breakout then again manage your trade and whatever position do you think what would I want to see I would want to see I would want to see price close above resistance and then consolidate there a little bit especially after a nice run like that but I mean to be frank man like use short resistance you sell resistance and long support and if you do that consistently over and over again and like not believe that anything is gonna ever break out and don't focus on being a breakout trader I think you're gonna be a lot more successful man than trying to be a breakout trader in a bear market got rejected here got rejected here got rejected here getting rejected here this time will be different I promise this thing's going to change the world I see X 2021 man you yeah actually Scott I think that's what it is I think somebody like in my neighborhood has some kind of like radio from the 1920s and when they turn it on it just goes and like screws everybody's bandwidth up if you just turn back you Cruz says herb not performing as expected I remember buying it in 2017 at 16 cents and sold it at 2.5 dollars just a slow cat for you sir just a slow clap thank you for selling when CNBC told you to buy kayak surfer Kissin it's coming for you man I've been trading zerp against the British pound for over 24 hours so does that reduce the chance of volatility well there's well actually there's it just depends on the 24 hour volume in the ball index of that particular asset we can compare them so let's do something like get away mirror you let's do extra P GBP on finex on know if yeah I can't do it on clean days maybe there's nothing ok so there's maybe maybe there's nothing I can look at on tradingview or I can actually look up xrp shouldn't you have a look I can look at it against the euro but I was pretty sure I could easily look at it against the British pound yeah that's um that's not good man I mean all you got to do is like look at your vault index or average true range or whatever volatility index that you like you yeah I looked at I see x-men I was looking at it right here I don't think it's broken resistance man from a higher time frame perspective dude I mean it's struggling valiantly dude but and it'd get sold into so let's look at volume okay so no blow-off top of volume divergence between this top and this top let's look at something like so eight-hour timeframes not showing us up let's look at the daily timeframe so look if we if we do reject here on the daily for icx it will be regular bearish divergence on the daily timeframe okay so we formed a high and we're potentially going to form another high it's gonna take two days for us to know but right now we're not technically above support name don't think we're above support them again I know that a lot of people are really excited about this and there's a couple things there's a couple aspects to and when a couple people are excited about when a lot of people are excited when the whole world is like screaming for an asset to break out I mean that is kind of screaming to anybody to bot down here look time transformation told you to dollar cost average in right here not throwing up a sell signal yet but it will as soon as the well no it won't it won't your sell signal actually technically came here it threw up you didn't get a strong sell signal because you didn't you didn't cross over and over bought territory but you did get your potential sells right here and then you actually have that backed up with with a natural volume on this candle or on this candle so anyways just I mean just to be quite honest with you guys like were I were I in an IC exposition because the last time we traded icx we'd a trade bit down here actually we did it twice but we're I in an IC exposition I mean you sell I'm sorry but you sell it resistance and then you know if price reclaims this level then you can look for higher targets because the I mean the likely thing I mean I'm not saying I'm right or wrong like I'm just telling you what happens most times is you know is rejection from resistance right rejection from resistance or I'm like that right and it may be like 15% of the time it just does this right only about 15% of the time it just does that so I think that's unlikely and I'm willing to take that statistical bet that's breaking above long-term higher time frame resistance is gonna be tougher for icx than just and just she's movin so I'm sorry to have an I'm just sorry to have a negative opinion it's not that I have anything against icx or anybody it's sold nicely X right now I'm just that's that is this statistically successfully moved to take is to sell it resistance 1 2 3 4 5 test some resistance so it is getting weaker but you don't buy breakouts without confirmation otherwise you get sold into so I mean I'm just sorry guys but just a lot of people just bought this right now and now they're wrecked or you know they're significantly underwater like this top of the wick like represents somebody who bought and they're currently down like 5% I mean that's it's good I mean that's part of trading as being underwater and learning how to deal with it but I don't know doesn't scream doesn't scream bullish okay so just to give it its due man let's look at it you moku on the 24 hour time frame 24 hour time frame we are above the ki-joon we are tanking we are in the cloud okay we do have horizontal resistance at this level but typically when you do break into the issue when you do break into the cloud and close inside the cloud you expect an edge to edge to it so you see why I've got my profit target up here my upside profit target okay we also have a bullish TK cross so let's see if we do end up getting a pullback and actually the pullback was back to the to the to the territory at the key June as well as it previous SR flip so I'll give I'll give icon its due let's see if we can hold let's see if we can hold this level right if we come back and we bounce off the tenkan that'll be pretty darn bullish and yet maybe we'll break out but again what you're really waiting for is confirmation daily timeframe getting current rejection 100 exponential moving average and everything down below is pretty bullish though I'm not gonna lie everything down below is bullish thing about to have a crossover to 21 and 55 which again you guys know I don't trade that stuff if you look at the daily timeframes however you can see that they are doing what I look at them for which is they are pointed up and ascending which means you are in a slightly bullish trend so what I want to buy right now buy a resistor no absolutely not I would only buy pull backs but as long as these exponential moving averages keep moving up again you look to buy pull backs but just be careful trying to long resist trying too long or buy into an asset at resistance right it's not that it's not that the asset is in bullish it's about your timing right so we'll see but it loses the bullish dream basically in my opinion if we end up closing below the red resist so that we have another SR flip which you know I guess you could say technically has already occurred but somewhere around point so I'm looking at USD T so around twenty four twenty four point eight cents if we don't hold that area that's going to be the king that's gonna be the tinkin saw and the key June Sun I would expect us to that would not be a good sign that would not be it so that would be a significant break in market structure do I normally get tipped for my vocal so once in a while man I guess once in a while um one question if price makes a lower high and RSA makes a higher high is that bullish or bearish that's bullish that's hidden bullish divergence meaning that okay so price so all right sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I misread your statement so price makes a lower a lower high and RSI makes a higher high that is sorry that's hidden bearish divergence okay am i bad I misread your I misread your statement because what that means is that a price pumped but according to your momentum oscillator it actually based on previous whatever you look back ranges it actually took more effort for it to pump even though the actual horizontal number was lower so it's actually a sign of weakness to be quite honest with you that's but that's that's textbook hidden bearish divergence and an indication to sell so time transformation identifies all those right here so here's a good example right here okay so hopefully you guys can see that a zoomed in so but anyways right here on the 11th of February we have hidden bearish divergence right here time transformation identifies bearish divergence right here on this candle I'm sorry on this candle right here so we have let's see where it's measuring from right because we have this candle right here and it's coming from this candle right here so we have a high and then we have a lower high but I on the oscillator right so that's a long term example on the daily timeframe but and you can see that we did have a negative reaction from that not the strongest negative reaction it doesn't mean like price is going to reverse but it's just a sign of strength like generally that happens in an uptrend or generally you get hidden hidden bearish divergence when you're on the way down and it's an indication to sell rallies that you're having another failed rally so let's go Ejim okay anyways um try to find another good example of hidden bearish divergence yeah here's a good example right here right on this candle right here so price makes a lower high in price but a higher high on the oscillator you've had you're in a downtrend pretty much you have a rally you should short that you have a rally you should short that but then price starts moving up and then you can buy into the breakout you yeah so let's check in let's check in with thee let's check in with the cracking cryptocurrency Constantinople heart for countdown timer yeah I mean we care about listen we care about SERP being listed it's not that we don't care about Zurich being listed on bit on on on on coinbase I mean I got a pulled up right here we already talked about that man but woohoo yay sorry I don't know it's another place to buy and sell syrup you know you know we need 24-hour volume we need the order books to get established we need to see if this has an effect on price some in I mean how I bought some syrup last night kind of doing okay pumped up I'm not gonna let myself lose any money on it but anyways so yeah guys just be careful with icx men just be careful buying this top did you know like if we're gonna go on a real nice run here if this actually has legs behind it then the Daly will open and close above above above current resistance right now what is going on with my or resolution man let's reset the chart turn off auto let's pump up the jam here a little bit so don't like that my labels are you know what trading view I got an issue with you man I am filing a support ticket I am a premium subscriber man I have given you guys thousands of dollars for your software here and I do not like that ever since you rolled up this last update update everything sucks yeah so I got it at twenty nine oh two cents man is my level of higher timeframe resistance man so if price is really gonna be bullish and go on a nice run here because again we do got some nice attractive upside profit targets guys we talked about it remote coup we talked about just horizontal support and resistance we talked about momentum that is gonna be thirty nine cents and forty six point five cents would be your real upside target sir male but a couple things have to happen a couple things have to happen you got a hold the Ichimoku on the daily or excuse me you gotta hold the tinkin son on the daily you got to stay inside the cloud on the daily in my opinion you have to hold the horizontal support at twenty four point eight cents and so if we do if we do come up here and close and reclaim this 29 cent level then I'll probably become an interested breakout buyer of icx but right now hell no I'm not gonna pipe resistance man and you guys can see I mean let's in the arms of the angels crypto Twitter said the breakout was happening you should flow momentum by icx right now and we're down 6% rest in peace a moment of silence for soldiers I'm gonna Silas guys you I totally follow nice 2x I suck it nah man it's cool dude like you got your gambling I'm just I'm just listen I am NOT saying that icx is not gonna like go on a massive Terrier right I mean but you know like let's just be honest like I see X has been on a tear right so what seems just what what's the lot like what's logical guys okay so let's just just take a step back okay just take a step back we've been in a bear market for like God forever man all right we've seen this exact same thing happen over and over and over and over and over with Quinn's been hey man thank you so much bro the tan in Pandi Rivero thank you so much man for the $50 you're one of the good ones brother he says a little coin for your trading account first week here good work thanks man hey I appreciate that one you're one of the good ones bro thank you so much for the support guys I am actually I think I'm gonna use that to to hire somebody to go over to my ISP and scare them a little bit I think that's probably a good idea I think that that maybe we can get the lag figured out that that so you are you are you are actively improving the you're actively improving the quality of the stream thank you so much bro highly appreciated so let me talk about this real quick and then we're going to talk about the we're gonna go check out the etherium and kind of watch the countdown because that's coming in in about 15 minutes so so we've seen this structure a lot guys in all Quinn's right where where you know you have consolidation and then you have what what is potentially a breakout now let's be real with this right you only I talked about this yesterday you only break out of a range one time you only break down from arrange one time so the odds that whatever pattern that you're looking at is actually gonna be the breakout of that range the odds are not in your favor guys if this is the Hunger Games if I'm using altered settings on HMO coop I'll show that here a second brother thank you real stagger man the odds that this is the actual breakout are not statistically in your favor man they're just not the odds are likely that if this coin is being shield as a potential break out and you're near resistance I mean this thing is up from the bottom this thing is already up 60% and in a bear market most people are gonna be very happy with that anybody that bought along here that got their 20 or 30 or 60% because honestly those gains have not been coming like they used to like during the bull market and we know the Crypt it's not that it's manipulated man it's just that you get people you know you hit up crypto Twitter you hit up the discord you hit up all these you know all the paid groups and you tell them hey man FOMO and we're breaking out and all they're doing is providing liquidity to the individuals that are trying to sell at the top man like that's the most likely scenario could icx break out and go on a tear absolutely nine times out of ten though it's probably not gonna happen it's probably just gonna reject from resistance it's gonna get sold in too hard and you're gonna have a lot of trapped buyers at the top nope we're fully yep we're fully aware of XR peon coinbase been sitting here watching it just not a whole Lots document so anyways guys rest in peace and if you end up taking a loss on icx again just write down in your trade journal why did I buy icx did I buy CX for a technical reason because let's be very clear from my perspective the technical situation is you longed resistance doesn't mean it can't work out just not likely to Banga to see me did I break something I hope not man you know what I'm still really excited about that man you so much dude the tan in Pindar aveiro that's the biggest donation we've ever gotten man so thank you so much my good friend highly appreciated you're one of the opens let's see here okay so icx we talked about icx we talked about SERP we talked about desert being listed on coinbase again just a lot of not a whole lot happening I'm got I got my monitor over here guys so where I'm always watching Bitcoin aetherium and actually I've got I've got it to nut to zur page 19 right now yep yeah I guess we're I mean we're watching it it's there's nothing who knows I mean honestly anymore thanks Ben man I appreciate it hey thanks for the subscription oh you know what I think's going on man you know what I think's going on is that I think that you guys must be on a fairly significant delay so let's talk about yeah that's a good question so hot wait hold on we've got 10 minutes left until the Constantinople hard Forks so we've got time man let's talk okay so what usually happens with coinbase listings well okay so let's let's see what do we got here man let's get rid of this so of course we've got our be cash our aetherium so we had 0x basic attention token mana DNT civic loom GN t die makers ilaqua I actually quite liked Zilla koala thing you know not sure if I want to be in a long-term position on yet but I think it's a good one man I like stos so anyways pretty much guys if you guys go back and look at the charts with the exception of basic attention token and 0x basic attention doke is actually really an example so price generally goes up a little bit and then drops all the way down you Jonathan crap thanks man you oh yeah let me answer that question about itchy men so my Ichimoku settings are twenty sixty one twenty and thirty okay I'll keep that open for just a second feel free to scroll back and look at that a few twenty sixty one twenty thirty these are pretty this is crypto standard man now that's conservative now you can make it ten thirty sixty ten thirty sixty 30 that's aggressive that will give you more signals and it's totally fun to use that as well I find that those settings work the best and I do prefer to do the conservative settings so that I get less signals because I only I don't use it you milk you like most people do like I don't I don't generally trade crap cloud breaks or anything like that I mean there are things that they're definitely things as I look at but generally I prefer to look more at trend on price action analysis you you oh yeah let's go look at fad right look at that real quick just kind of sit here and watch we'll just sit here and kind of watch all right so fed out a nice little pump up here ma'am apparently people thought it was cheap enough so now I'm actually in profit oh just pretty much round breakeven to be quite honest so a we shalt wait seems like a gamblin day man you've got syrup USD on coinbase there's no statistical probability that that works out good or bad in fact there I'd say there's more statistical probability damn so look at sir hey guys we just saw that man that's crazy I guess you're going to see it more clearly on xur page 19 look at that wick let's see if it gets bata man I mean it just did get bought up tapped in liquidity down here so cleared a lot of orders and I think they're gonna get crushed man I think they're gonna get crushed yeah ba t0x pump-and-dump man-mana huge listen everything on the way up until listing on coinbase like there are people that know what's going to be listed on coin based man so something that's been listed on coinbase SERPs a little different man because generally generally something will already be pretty heavily appreciated before the actual date that it's listed on coin base and then you see a dump because everybody that had already been accumulating it is looking for the liquidity to sell into this so that I'm going to be honest with you man this is just whack noodle dude let's look what's going on over on Kraken I mean there's no rhyme or reason to this to be quite honest with you man if you're playing zerp right now you're you're gambling just like if you're playing fat right now you're gambling so okay to gamble a little bit but just understand that you're not trading you're gambling you God why script that says double up man it can't always go down hey thanks murder I appreciate it man Juan thanks so much for the Sun man Thank You Barrow I appreciate that um what effect do I think the etherion port will have on prices I you know I'm just gonna be frankly man I got no idea dude could go up could go down be real man and this isn't that there's there's training and then there's just speculation so if I told you it's it might not do anything so let's go to the countdown timer guys were sitting here watching 3 minutes 48 seconds guys we've got 2,280 we've got we've got a few blocks left here to mine oh it blocked to that seven seven million 280,000 we've got 13 more blocks to mine more blocks if you guys want to watch this it's Constantinople cracking cryptocurrency calm and please been our developer made this he didn't get a comment he just made this for the community guys so please please please support Ben so he can continue to make more cool stuff like this again he did this back in the day for the Callisto hard fork for the oyster pearl shell a hard fork for the Monaro the art fort guys please throw him support click this button you send him a little BTC and he continued to make really cool stuff like this for the community you ten Forks left let's see if we can't um let's do this man maybe we can do a little split screen here if anything happens let's go to the tether price I'm gonna I'm gonna widescreen that's Heather price and we'll go down to the one minute timeframe do that oh you know what actually be better let's go – lets go – shoot go – I am peed laughter it all right here's the ten-second chart for aetherium actually sorry this is the one second chart now we've got the significant trades ticker a lot of selling over the last 60 seconds we're going to change this to 10-second chart otherwise it's just going to be insane Oh alright so in addition we're also going to bring up you alright guys I know this is like a little wackadoodle but you monster let's just watch this baby let's watch this baby bear you tick tock crypto man I've been actively trading crip since 2016 pretty much that's all I've been doing since 2016 is trading crypto and working on my courses and took me a while to learn kind of the kind of ins and outs manner crypto this was like 2016 to 2017 was just learning and I did good trading man because again I come from equity in forex so it's not very different if you're pretty if you if you if you learn to trade in forex you're gonna be ok in crypto because it's the same kind of it's the same kind of like big well manipulation and a bunch of little fish it's different like traditional equities like much different man especially because I'm mostly just played options but it's much different it is much different requires different strategy and then also you know you got the altcoin plethora which is you know what's going to pump today you know but again I think I think cryptocurrency is a and again I get there unfortunately guys I think a lot of people have the wrong mentality out there with cryptocurrency I think that most people think that they're like oh my god you know it pumps and it dumps and it's this way and it's that way and there's just no way that you can trade and I'm always reacting it listen that's not true man like you're just making the same common mistakes that any beginner trader makes it's just it's just a little bit more costly in cryptocurrency because it you it moves faster right it moves faster and it's like depressing because you know that so many people made money and you think this is the next big thing like if you just calm if you just patiently like wait and learn trading then like the correct way or just any strategy that works for you you'll be all right like I truly do firmly believe like in the reason that I continue to come on here and trade cryptocurrency it's all like what are you doing you know like trading cryptocurrency like blah blah blah blah like like because like it's if you know what you're doing in this space like you can make more money than you do in forex like it's just that simple you don't got to be rich you don't got to be a whale you don't gotta have millions of dollars and cryptocurrency is one of the few things where you can have like maybe five or ten thousand dollars and actually do well for yourself you do that in forex you're mostly getting it erect yes you will you will notice that our countdown timer is dynamically adjusting there we go here comes a lot of people are pre-empting it so we were at 1:36 in consolidation when we started big cell pressure lot in the ba lot in the cell lot in the cell C if it gets bought up almost there four blocks four blocks guys you pump it up note no frequence no it's not a it's not a split it's not I mean it can can be a chain split but all that means is that there's gonna be two different coins you're not actually gonna get anything for free men pump it up and dump it immediately all right there we go it's done sorry at our timer not up they properly according to according to this had happened let me go check though interesting you and refresh the page according to this there's still three blocks left to do but maybe it just pegged out oh no that doesn't happen yet alright so there's there was block one laughs technically it's two blocks left technically I'll look the for Cap'n more sideways oh shoot guys you sellers are in control right now goes we're going to see if they get overextended you yeah we're good to go now mice yeah my bad yeah the fork has happened all right so we can close that and we'll go over and check the larger price chart you so not break out not break down man just testing the bottom of the range let's see what happens those are oversold conditions so typically an area where you do want to be entering entering into a long mm-hmm mm-hmm hello hello hello nice to meet you nice to meet you say hello the show goes you they're in pork more sideways let's see her Bitcoin cash for crash the price let's hope this is not going to be too bad double digits incoming look at that above the jam you thank you very much Tic Tac I highly appreciate that man red 5 golf gun to see a man you Oh and Bitcoin not reacting really whatsoever I've got the lower timeframes oh it's Terran that's Tarun you halite what's going on man you ooh okay so straight up and straight back down good stuff man that's why I'm not that's why I'm not in position I don't have an etherium position guys we took aetherium long yesterday my entry on etherium was 1:29 20 yesterday after the dump you know we all tried to get in the members lounge some people got it you know some people got in a little bit cheaper actually took my profit around 135 I think 135 at 50 is actually where I fully got out of my position scaled out profits on the way up still have a small small small actually a small portion of my xbt USD short open and I only have I've reduced significantly the risk on my ex bTW I'm 19 it's already took profit it's already in profit right now so it's like man and then we get wackadoodle Reese tough like this you can't listen guys it just understand that when you have events like this like who knows right prices could go up price could go down right and if you're trying to catch these movements hey that's fun man you're gonna it's gonna be difficult if you can it's gonna be difficult if you manually trading shouldn't be too hard if you have some kind of automated system but again the proof is in the pudding putting them all and how effective it is but just keep in mind you're dealing with extreme irrationality right now an extreme emotional extreme emotions so people doing you know the worst thing at the wrong time and very few people doing the right thing at the right time because again I have a lot of people who try to buy that and a lot of people that just tried to sell that so when you see just big candlesticks like that man just be very cautious man be very cautious when you're trying to enter into a trade on high volatility it's dangerous one dollar pump alright man oh what's going on with fete Crashdown yet all right let's go pump up the jam baby I'm gonna need my 4x here on fat if price goes to here I'll be very happy if price goes here I'll be okay this goes here I'll be okay if price goes down here I'll be okay it doesn't really matter I don't want place to stay alright guys I know I wanted to stay I wanted to stay around for the volatility and the excitement guys it's I got to get jumping guys I got stuff to do I got to look for some potential trades for the members I got to work on my course my next series of webinars coming out you guys been absolutely fantastic man like don't jump in anything don't FOMO don't freak out just be patient a lot of uncertainty men again entering and entering into a market on high volatility is kind of asking to get recommend I continue to hold open a little bit of my fat not a little bit I continue to open the fact that I bought I'm going to continue to have that very very small xbt m-19 long again I already reduced risk just as I told the members earlier guys I still have about 15% of my XP TUSD short from 4114 so comfortably hedge do not have a position on aetherium I actually still have a small position on XRP BTC on Finance let's see here that's about it guys but we'll see what happens you thanks so much Jasper I appreciate that bro and to show stuff ma'am as normal guys alright guys so I just wanna I just want to say it hold on I got to fix this better news and stats well alright so if you guys were helped out by the countdown timer at all again been made that for the community appreciate if you guys go give him some love there's a power up decoder right there that way you can make more cool stuff like this we're still giving away five master notes worth of x42 so make sure you guys go on over to x42 crack and cryptocurrency calm calm you guys can take advantage of that giveaway we're about to break that $2,000 entrant barrier I'd be very very pleased if we could do that three days left in the competition after this we're gonna be following up with an MMO coin giveaway that's about it guys um if this is your first time to the show guys make sure to hit that thumbs up button give us a subscription we highly appreciate it man if you want to support us come on over to forward slash cracking crypto give us a follow and a sub over there helps us keep the lights on or of course you can always pick up some sweet crack and cryptocurrency emerge from the merch store I have heard that drinking your morning coffee out of our lovely mug will make you 85% more successful in your trading and 90% more attractive if you guys would like to trade along receive access to all these signals and setups from the Krakken cryptocurrency team of analysts as well as access to my webinar series access to my indicators and strategies as well as the private discord the members lounge and the VIP day trading voice chat you guys can click the banner well you can't ask I click it but you can go to the link premium dot crack and cryptocurrency comm we'd love to trade along with you guys and again hopefully pass on some of the knowledge that I've learned in this field to you guys as well that's about it if you have any comments questions concerned ëthe retz or sarcastic remarks leave them in the comment section down below or hit us up in the discord guys and the question that I have for you today is how do you feel about the etherium

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  1. PUndix tiene un bonito proyecto, como tantas otras, solo falta saber si soportará sin financiación el bearmarket, y si consigue financiación y sus directivos llevan a los desarrolladores a hacer algo grande, no todas las empresas son google, está en el tren, puede llegar a la gran estación de la adoptación o bajarse antes, lo mismo que pasa con la cotización de btc, pa donde tira? ni satoshi sabe ¡¡¡¡¡…. un saludo cryptosudaca…..

  2. 0:03:37, intro, Fetch.AI pump and dump, Ethereum fork count down, X42 master node give away
    0:10:30, data metrics, MDR, bid ask ratio, bull bear income, longs vs shorts
    0:25:40, would you be out of Ethereum before the fork?
    0:33:45, technical analysis on Bitcoin
    0:49:38, technical analysis on XRP
    0:59:38, technical analysis on Ethereum
    1:05:50, looking at Fetch.AI
    1:11:50, looking at XRP on Coinbase
    1:14:00, technical analysis on ICX
    1:27:10, hidden bearish divergence examples
    1:32:18, Justin's got talent, or not
    1:41:10, looking at Fetch.AI again
    1:43:55, watching the Ethereum fork countdown and responding to the chat
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