Breaking Bitcoin – Easy Breezy Low Volume Sunday – Live Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

all right and we're live good morning everybody welcome to December the ninth to Sunday guys it's a Sunday so we are just chilling on the weekend hope you guys are doing fantastic man hope you're doing well and hope your trades are going well for you as well if you're in the market or if you're just spectating there well it's exciting to watch guys good times you know I make the I make the videos for the show the night before and I was up a little late last night as I am a nocturnal creature and I was you know I was expecting you know easy breezy low volume Sunday and it's just lovely to wake up now again I think trading is kind of a symptom so you know when I go to sleep I have the aggregated trade sticker right there so sometimes I fall I fall asleep watching that last night it was actually I was listening to a webinar last night on social media the data current manipulation so that was kind of interesting one thing that I want to point out just before we get into anything here kind of a PSA guys I just want to go over shoot my Twitter here we go last night I posted or yesterday I guess I've posted a potential loop ring set up shoot for that that tweet that I made hmm Oh tweets and replies I'll come on now all right give me one second guys give me one second I appreciate you guys sticking through with the technical difficulties so how are you guys doing this morning as our fantastic right so what did I want to point out there we are there's my tweet and here is the original okay good let me I can't let's do it like this there we go fantastic now we can bring that back mr. Schill Gates had posted this last night and it's kind of all over the tweeter but I just wanted to point this out because this is pretty scary men so this is Twitter's updated rules and policies or and this is this actually this might get me in trouble on YouTube I don't know we're gonna find out guys con spur a tional content policy so twitter has updated their rules and policies to say that you cannot speak about certain things unfounded console claims our conspiratorial claims excuse me you may not promote alternative historical viewpoints that have been found to lack basic evidential requirements in which target a particular social group in a harmful manner this includes the use of hashtags and video content that contradict this policy conspiracies of note several prominent conspiracy theories that contradict our policy include Holocaust denial the Q a non the JFK conspiracy Pizza Gate spotlight Armenian Armenian Genocide denial the 9/11 truth conspiracy anti vaccine myths and the religion of Scientology now I have I have different views on all of that stuff but this is pretty totalitarian that's pretty totalitarian to actually being to actually encode in there rules and policies restrictions restrictions on free speech I'm highly against that man I think we live in a the the idea here is to live in a free society in a free country and to just encode these things into their policy which they have all the right to do their private business they run their private private platform they're free to do that but they're just lying when they say they're providing an open forum for conversation and debate so I am very against this so I replied no next adopters of this tyrannical thought police and will be YouTube and Facebook it's incumbent upon us to vote with our bandwidth and support platforms that defend free speech and open investigation guys there are lots of mysteries out there there's lots of things to be discovered lots of fascinating things to puzzle around and the idea the logic here should be open investigation and genuine interest in truth not in cannot in confirmation bias so again you know Twitter obviously ran by a lot of people that leaned politically to the left ideologically to the left unfortunately in America specifically and across the world you have a lot of creeping in I used to be defenders of the poor or defenders of the the you know defenders of people who are generally put out by hierarchies of value which you need to have a functioning society but they're there it's a balance it's it's it's a conversation you always need to have that conversation between hierarchy of power hierarchy whether it's a meritocracy or a hierarchy of value whatever whatever fashion you're always gonna have so it is coming then it is coming one day you can't talk about this tomorrow while we do not be able to talk about Bitcoin I don't know probably not so let's get right into the charts guys so obviously again I made the video title last last night and we are listen we are having an easy breezy low volume Sunday now it's it's a nice Green Day everything seems to be moving up it's very positive I feel very justified in my long position right now but I just wanna I just want to recommend a little bit of caution guys because what is coming tomorrow Monday what is Monday been for a long time now Monday bloody Monday okay so I'm still I'm still confident my long position they haven't changed anything about it but I just want you guys to be aware that statistically the the statistically good trade here would actually be a speculative short down to retest the lows okay now I still feel fairly comfortable in the fact that Bitcoin will reach my take profit targets that's why I haven't really changed anything but I have updated my stops and I have updated my position sizing as I post earlier in the discord so let's go take in a look at X BT we're actually just about to hit that measured move for the inverted head and shoulders let's see here actually we did hit it we did wake up and hit it let's double check here let's see the high of this candle was thirty six twenty so congratulations the inverted Head & Shoulders who pointed that out on a 30-minute chart yurgin you said the the 30-minute in birdie Head & Shoulders wasn't validated technically but I don't think so because we should have known that and I should I should have mentioned this yesterday but generally the way that xbt moves is you're always going to sweep the lows to cash and liquidity before a significant movement upwards so actually that's interesting so another take profit target of mine was just hit so you can see here and you can use ATR to determine what that's going to be again I like to use ATR 3.5 so if we actually here let's throw on date my template sir powerchute Scot this is it's too much going on here dude it's too much hold on a second I just added a new a new template so that we could have something else to talk about which is our oscillators so we'll actually look at that here in just a second but there we go I just wanted to pull up a TR so I could show you guys an example of how you can use a TR and live trading situations to determine where you should be placing your stops so here we are yesterday yesterday when we were talking we were looking at this potential inverted Head & Shoulders pattern which the profit the the measured move did play out we did just hit sixty at thirty six twenty so good good looking out guys but if we open up our data window you can use ATR to accurately determine where should where we should be setting our stops okay so we just highlight the candle and we can see we scroll down to ATR so eighty are yesterday roughly when we were talking about it was thirty five dollars so you want to use a multiple of ATR at least two so that would be seventy so if you were entering into a long position from here you would want to be setting your stop at seventy dollars you can see that you would have gotten whipped out of that trade 3283 now actually what where my chandelier stops is and my trailing stop strategy is actually three point five so that would be again it's Sunday morning so I'm gonna use the calculator to do thirty five times 3.5 okay one hundred twenty two point five so you would actually want to set your stop one hundred and twenty two dollars and fifty cents away from where you're at depending on the time frame that you're looking at now obviously the higher up you go in the time frame the more conservative you can be with your multiple for your ATR but on the 30-minute or the hourly I do like to use three point five it is the actually the default for my trailing stop strategy that's not it's not mine it's the common strategy but so that would be one hundred twenty two dollars so if you had entered into your long there $122 stop would have kept you safely in the trade but yes we can always expect that when BTC is moving sideways in a period of consolidation we're always going to expect a sweep of the lows and a tap in the liquidity why because the market wants to move into liquidity now it doesn't always happen and this is why what I do and again I've been trying to to explain this at length for some time guys you never want to go all-in in any position guys you know slow comfortable easy calculated trading guys easing in and easing out of positions guys the only I don't even go all-in on break out trades on break out trades I generally will enter with more into an initial position size like if I'm if I'm market entering and when I'm doing scalp trades I generally will set the entire position for my scalp but often when I'm scalping I'm only looking at margins of like maybe 0.5 to 1% and that's comfortable like you know I lock in two or three of those a day like yesterday yesterday when I woke up I had posited five potential scalp trades only one of them actually hit the other Ford did not come come down to the entry position so they're still valid and on the books so we're just waiting for those to complete at some point in time but yesterday we did cash in on a BCH z18 short and the profit the profit potential and that was only 0.97 at 5x leverage so that's four point eight five percent P&L on that particular trade yesterday so with that but that's a different type of trading CI day trade and I swing trade when I swing trade I'm looking to ease in and ease out of positions guys that's why I was talking about yesterday I mean I've been very transparent with actually how I played this out I initially and you can ask the people in the discord I initially entered at 3,500 everybody's like man you're crazy whatever it was painful to drawdown sucks but it is what it is I doubled up so I entered 10% of my initial position at 5500 so the position that I had calculated out for this particular trade when we hit 3300 I entered double that amount alright so now I'm thirty percent into the trade I had double that set at thirty two hundred and thirty one hundred split up between those two which would bring my average entry around two thirty three hundred okay a little lower actually thirty to fifty so my average entry would be right around here now I only got if you can actually see the low of this candle did hit thirty two hundred I only got a partial fill on my order set at thirty two hundred it was about 25 percent of the position that I had set there so my average entry still right now is only about thirty three thirty okay and none of these have changed now the only thing that have changed is I have moved these up a little bit just a little bit okay and we'll go over that here in just a second so I had talked about yesterday my initial take profit targets were 3300 coming back up that was just a honestly just a little bit to reduce risk so that was actually 10% of the position 20% at 3,500 20% at 36 20 and then let's see here so let me actually pull up the discord because I don't have these on I don't have these on raise okay 37 32 38 65 40 24 guys it's a little bit more specific I think that everybody in the discord probably screams in me when I do this stuff but hey they get access to a lot more that you guys don't set they're still special so I have moved those up just slightly to congroo with what I feel are more specific areas of support and resistance so I actually like to target rip wicks on the way down as support and resistance instead of actual consolidation periods those are more vital for determining where price is likely to get bogged down but for actually looking to play wicks and have safe comfortable target levels you're looking for your extreme wicks are coming down and you're looking for where your extreme wicks are upwards for support and resistance as you can see I have red here so some fairly interesting things let's go over to the spot price chart and just take a look at this baby now we are seeing some good movements guys now what what is the most likely what does this I don't want to say safe but what is what is the higher likely potential trade here in that in this particular situation well it's probably actually too short it's probably actually too short it's probably actually looking to enter into a short around 3600 to 3,700 in the target areas like 36 you know 35 34 33 expecting a potential sweep of these lows now this is all congruent on the idea that what is uh what at what our institution is going to do or what are the larger trader is going to do when they come in on Monday again I just want to prepare us for a potential Monday bloody Monday now that doesn't change how I'm actually playing my position font which man I really appreciate that you know guys that's 49 followers on Twitch guys we only need one more follower on Twitch 250 followers so you guys I'm you know not doing anything but if you guys want to support the stream if one more person wants to be generous and just slat and just smash that bottle button would be highly appreciated guys so this is looking this is looking pretty positive right now obviously it's always nice and positive when we get nice nice bullish volume and price continues to go up however I want to caution us look at this lowered volume guys look at this lowered volume volume is lowering down we can look at the volume moving average it continues to move down slightly so we don't have the signs of the of now potentially this could still execute at this point in time it doesn't necessarily mean that we have to have a sweep and a retest of the lows we've already had two of those now it depends on where larger traders are positioned when they come in on Monday so as you guys are familiar with the statement when retail misses the bus they miss the bus when institutions miss the bus they pull the bus back you know what I'm saying so this is always something that we want to be this is always something that we want to be cautious of okay see here is connected amen uhh you got to keep my mind straight there's a lot I wanted to talk about this morning so looking here on spot price we can actually see something fairly interesting and we had this descending resistance line and now we have broken above that and close the four-hour candle above it as well so that's that's good to go so now where are we looking at for resistance coming above will be broken above the two key areas that I had plotted out is resistance so we'll just wait and see there we go man thank you so much tom kay crypto thank you so much for the follow on twitch man all right special man hey feel collector on Twitch what oh you guys are awesome man hey if you drop by the discord man at me and I'll throw you guys some MMO crypto burrito 94 alright thanks guys that's awesome man thank you guys so much dude we are well above 50 twitch twitch followers now thank you guys so much dude I really appreciate that man awesome cool bins now that means I probably got a like update I don't know what that means I don't know what that means I think that means like we can add like cool stuff for you guys to do on Twitch like play games or something like I don't know I don't know we'll see again we've had a lot of I'm a good trader not so much with the OBS so the fact that this is able to work is good so we'll see what we can do for you guys to make it more interesting and exciting guys as we continue to progress and grow here so we've got a couple key areas right here first key area is okay all right you get em mo and you get em mo and you get em em oh heck I might even throw some x42 in there guys you guys are awesome guys oh that's another thing man Scott and I were talking about it I I think that we're probably gonna do a giveaway I think that would be pretty fun to do or for a Bitcoin price prediction on Christmas I think that would be a fun thing to do I haven't I haven't figured out exactly how we're gonna do it and I don't want to say something that's gonna get me over my skis and get our counts mad at us for anything but probably looking at doing something something you know pretty pretty nice like I don't know fifty dollar giveaway or something like that potentially look at doing it that for Christmas do do like a Christmas giveaway so the times and everything you know because people are different time zones uh you know biased I'd like to do it just on my time frame I'd actually prefer to do it like what is price gonna be on midnight on December the 24th so the the moment that the clock shifts from Christmas Eve to Christmas I think that would be what's important for me I'd like to have a price prediction within I'd say ten to twenty five dollars you know I think that'd be fun to see so what we might get that meet me and Scott are gonna get that rolled up and we'll see how that actually plays out man um but we'll probably maybe open up maybe put something on the website or open up a channel in discord for price prediction games so we'll just see how that plays out guys so looking at spot price here on bit Stan we've got some key areas of resistance coming up above us well first off we have the candle body closes of our previous supply area excuse me our previous demand area so I had drawn this ascending trend line and actually you can see that when we actually do break down from it right here we break down on a very very high volume and that has a confirmed breakdown of that area and we do actually move much lower into a period of consolidation until we get on the next candle with is potentially oversold volume and as we can see now we're moving back up now we're coming back up to test that trend line which is around 36 60 okay on bits now so we're gonna see if that is actually able to suppress price we also see our 55 EMA creeping down at this area so depending on how long it takes us to get up there we'll see if that is if that is gonna act as resistance as well then we're moving back into this previous this previous candle area of high volume of this previous accumulation area which served as accumulation here and which served as distribution over here so this is an area where I'm expecting price to probably stall and hang out for a little bit 36 53 to 30 707 is the order block area that I have currently right there above us we have the order blocks at 37 81 to 38 41 and then above that 39 89 to 39 22 now if we are able to get up into this current order block area we run into our last period of resistance which is our descending trendline that we've had suppressing price on a larger scale that was actually forming this descending triangle pattern which didn't really play out we had 1 2 3 4 5 touches on it which 10 typically which actually makes it valid but the fact that we broke out more around the 50% line and not the 30% line this could actually be indicative of a false breakdown all right so a re-entry into the triangle pattern would be quite bullish to me because that would signify at the very least a movement up to touch the upper area of the trendline which would be which would put us right at around that $4,000 target so that would be quite nice to see so looking over here on xpt again I said what is the most likely what is the statistically wise move potentially in this situation well it's probably to enter into a short these areas potentially predicting a movement down to sweep these lower areas at 3,500 3400 3,300 even potentially so we'll see Monday will really be the foreshadowing of this so and this is what I had said in the discord earlier if you are in profit right now you want to look at how to strategically lock in your profit and also how to strategically be able to ease yourself out of your position so I do have stop set out to reduce my risk and take my position out so that I'm fully almost in profit except for the last 30 percent of my position which is gonna be down around the $3,300 range would be my exit strategy for that and then I'd just be looking to re-enter on on confirmation that we have hit support and that support is gonna hold around around probably 3300 again my buy is at 32 and 31 have not changed I still have a 70% fill left to get filled at 3200 and a hundred percent fill at 3100 completely reducing risk at 3000 out of the trade of 2850 so nothing's changed as far as that position goes and but for those of you who are more diverse and are looking to lock in profits and perhaps perhaps potentially are over your skis on your position sizing here potentially look to lock in profits and move your stops up potentially even to a no-loss zone there's nothing wrong with that especially if you are newer to trading so nothing has changed as far as my position goes looking at the 30-minute chart looks looks pretty positive to me I am expecting a pullback from this area at the very least at the very least to 3472 34 you know at least a 3500 anywhere around this area 3,500 234 27 at the very least I would be expecting a pullback to these levels markets do not just shoot up immediately guys I mean or or sustainably they a moving wave patterns they move in wave patterns guys so let's go over and take a look at our shorts alright so this is pretty interesting so ayodhya de marked out the measured movement from this broadening top pattern and placed my gavel up here where i was expecting to see the squeeze now this is not the squeeze that I want to see guys this is the squeeze that I want to see I've been talking about this for a while guys I was really hoping that we were gonna see a squeeze like this see this is this is this is a massive short squeeze what we saw over here when we did actually get up into the death box was not the short squeeze that I had wanted to see this was actually so we gotta go back and look at that pump we can see that was on the 7th of December and if we go back and look at our shorts and look for the 7th of December we actually don't even really get that much of a short the only thing that got squeezed on that particular movement was the bottom Shorter's as the bottom Shorter's always gets close ooh I like that SQUOZE so you want to always be careful at at shorting into support and longing into resistance and that's why if you are looking at this right now and you're not a position this is not the time to go along guys you know if for those of you been following the channel in my eyes this was the time to go along here and here averaging averaging on the way down and then averaging out on the way up guys moving into nice profits slow comfortable patient trading guys when your swing trading man nothing nothing violent nothing reactionary you just wait wait for the trade to come to you guys and in my eyes right now the immediate trade would be a short probably down to retest at the very least we have our 200 simple moving average here on the 30 minute chart and we also have that fib retraced own area and two previous areas of resistance that we are looking to test as support so 30 3500 to 3400 definitely in those areas I would look to be looking for a pullback in the immediate we'll just wait and see how this plays out guys so nothing's really changed as far as the xbt position goes wild left price scale boom um let's go take a look at the CME price actually so if we look at where the CME and ended we did have the seamy did record the nice bounce up on the 30-minute chart up to that 55 EMA a nice pretty sick wick above that and then a pullback to retest the 21 the 21 EMA which is pretty bullish now I am expecting to see me to gap up significantly tomorrow morning when the markets open because currently the CMA is trading at 33 20 obviously with with price trading above 3600 right now we'd be looking for a gap up unless we have a pretty drastic decline today which again is potential again I'm looking for this pullback and then we'll just really see how drastic it is actually going to be so expecting a pretty significant gap up on the CMEs if we actually take a look at Bennett's commitment of traders indicator we actually have some interesting data so let's see the last report would have came out on Tuesday and I didn't go over the commitment of traders report this week maybe Aya's oogh Thank You Man for the follow on to H highly appreciated if we actually look at what what retail trade are what institutions have been doing looking at the institutional trader net we can see that institutions were significantly buying up starting on the 19th of November they just really jumped up in there buying whereas at the same time retail was selling because they're not smart professional traders however have been selling as well so these are these are asset managers so they're looking to probably hedge if we look at what the top four funds are doing what the top four holders are doing so the last report again would have came out on the 3rd of December so our data is only going to be good up until the 3rd of December and will have an update actually next Friday or the excuse me the 4th of December I will actually have an update on the 14th for what the traders are doing up to the 11:00 so still it's still experiencing good rising open interest in CME contracts and futures so that's good to see many people are looking at deleveraging out of their short positions and we can actually see that starting on the 26th November the largest fourth ones did deal average their shorts and increase their long positions now you have to take this with a grain of salt these individuals are mostly hedging but it is good to see that massive jump up and institutional buying of long contracts I mean very significant jump up in buying there and just that slow gradual sell-off of retail traders and then looking at what I'm seeing here with professional traders then just particularly hedging risk alright particularly hedging risk okay so I am expecting that gap up and we'll just wait and see how that us how that plays out let's go take a look at mr. aetherium a theory of moving unlock step with Bitcoin as we're expecting so if the theory immed uhz continue to move up we are expecting or excuse me a Bitcoin does continue to move up we are expecting a theorem to follow right along with us and follow our coattails here looking at the four-hour chart on BitFenix we can actually see we're coming up into some pretty significant resistance right here we do have I believe this is the measured move okay no I didn't actually chart it out on I didn't actually chart it out on spot price so we'll have to actually look at that Maxim we go over there and look at that but we do have this resistance area that I'd plotted out right here we are hitting that as well as the wicking up to the 55 EMA on the 4-hour chart so we're looking to actually probably see a little bit of a pullback probably to retest this upper area around $95 before we continue upwards or we move where we ran through it we re-enter into a period of consolidation what is nice to see is that we do have this descending channel we've had 1 2 3 4 5 touches on it now with a fake breakdown and then a sixth touch a sixth touch to signify that this is actually a valid touch of this channel actually move down a little bit sorry ok handle body closest there we go so um and now I have to adjust this one as well all right Magnum mode I'm like you right there so if this does play out that's which is going crazy man thank you so much man I sue I sue a superbaby thank you so much for the following twitch man so we'll just see how this channel plays out we're gonna get a little bit of resistance expecting at least to pull back down to the top of the this this order block right here $95 or at least a retest of around 91 92 dollars before we continue moving upwards are we gonna break down again again current support at $86 right here we did actually wick down to about 83 82 so I know that a lot of people are calling for shorts but I'm very hesitant to short the market at this particular time a lot of people are saying this is a bull trap is it a potential bull trap is the safest thing in a downtrend to short all bull traps yes it is however I'm going to stick with my position as we've been talking about now I am still overall bearish on aetherium so I do think we probably will eventually go down to $50 but I want to see how bitcoins gonna really run the show so if Bitcoin does absolutely break down from these levels and invalidate the support at 3200 really more so and validate the support that we've posited in at about 30 to 50 30 to 75 then I would be looking for those downward targets as well but we don't have any confirmation of that yet so I will I am going to be pretty much the only guy I think on YouTube or whatever and I like anybody that I know that's posting stuff that's saying hey guys this is actually a good opportunity to take a position looking at Bitcoin cash actually looks like a good opportunity – to the upside so if we actually look at we actually look at ATR right here we can see when ATR was at its absolute lowest on December 3rd and that foreshadowed the decline down and now we seem to have reached a bottom in my opinion and we're moving sideways and I think that again ATR is again at those lows and this market cycle lasted this market cycle lasted ah 4 days 22 hours and 30 minutes so I've actually charted out the next market cycle four days 22 hours and 30 minutes and so I also have my my targets to position 2 on the up side and my targets to position 2 on the down side and this is all calculated by ATR multiples of ATR because I am expecting again if we do actually move up here with BCH I am expecting a sweep of these lower levels now that well that will depend on what what mr. BC HSV decides to do that will depend on what mr. BC HSV seems to do because they are negatively correlated also BC HSV seems to be negatively correlated with Bitcoin so if Bitcoin moves up expect SV to go down if SV goes down expect B CH ABC to move up which if you're trading on bit max is the ticker that is correlated to the B CH z18 contract so looking at the shorts we can actually see that we did have a run up we didn't actually make it all the way up to the measured move and we do have these shorts getting squeezed right now although this is not the beautiful this is a little bit of a short squeeze right here this is not really the beautiful short squeeze that I wanted to see Roberto Duvalier Rodriguez thank you for the fall or thank you for the sub on YouTube le appreciate it we have actually come back down to test the lower boundaries of the death box for the shorts and what is most likely potentially a around the area of a retest of the top of this broadening top pattern that we had charted out right here that we have on the 4-hour chart we actually do have the 55 period resistance or excuse me support that has been holding up the shorts here here here here here here and potentially here so be cautious guys be cautious that longing into this resistance right here again you know I'll be honest with you guys the statistically likely thing is actually to look to take a short position on both on both markets at this point you but we'll just play this out I rarely enter into long-term swing positions on Bitcoin and etherium that have not been shorts for quite a while but feeling different about it guys feeling different about it right now let's go take a look at mr. ripple nothing really has changed significantly with ripple we are still in this descending channel right now that we have not broken bullish out of yet looking at the 4-hour chart we have actually broken down below 200 period simple moving average so most likely looking at a looking at a retest of this descending channel line that we have right here it looks fairly arbitrary because I drew this on the daily chart but I'm gonna keep it right there because again with trend lines guys I don't trade trend lines they're just key areas of interest but looking for ripple to potentially move up and retest this as resistance which we already seem to have had right there but most likely Ripple look moving down to retest that 85 336 support that I have for us right here let's go take a look at all right so aetherium dollar a theory and bitcoin not extremely valid for me at this point in time it's going to move up let's take a look at x RP USD you all right so xrp USD t not looking fantastic actually so we had broken down below all the periods of support that we have been talking about for a while and then we had our previous order block area right here that we did break down from and now we're coming back up and testing it as resistance and looking like we're actually getting rejection from it all right we do seem to be forming a little bit of a sideways accumulation pattern here could be redistribution could be accumulation so we'll see we have that 55 on the two hour on the four-hour chart excuse me creeping down creeping down creeping down so we have not been able to break above that so we're gonna need to see at least a break of 33 cents before we start looking bullish so if we go over to XR PUSD or I have the fuller charting done I believe yes we have the fuller charting on exort PUSD here okay we did actually come down we did actually come down to kind of test the area of support that I had labeled here at let's see where is that baby that's 20 around 29 cents we did get a little bit of sideways action here guys a little bit of sideways action now this does kind of look look like a bear flag to me we are wicking we see we have support here that I have excuse me resistance support that turned into resistance we broke down from it right here a couple days ago and this is now seeming like we're getting rejection from it and our 55 is creeping down here as well which is giving us confluence that unless we get a strong break of this region then we are not potentially looking to move back up into our order block area around 37 cents so things actually look kind of bearish for ripple right now where are we gonna go from here if this is actually a confirmed rejection we're not able to get above this support or excuse me above this resistance then we're again we're looking at going back down into the previous order block from 28 to 26 cents below that it actually starts to get kind of hairy below that it's actually 21 cents before we have support again guys so things not looking super fantastic for Ripple now you do have this area right here would be a more aggressive initiation if you wanted to take ripple to the upside however I would definitely be waiting to see if you can actually I would have bias at a 28 between 26 to see if you can actually get in there and then use ATR to manage your stop as well and make sure you manage your risk based on your position size and what you're looking at as well let's head over to the chat guys man a lot of chat this morning Oh a lot of chat atomic stag man how are we doing prodigy that beat us fire three times thank you so much man coin hustle what's going on brother three man's crypto verse hey what's going on brother uh gotta watch crypto I went long after taking profit short and I'm up 13% awesome man hell yeah fifth Ronan hey thanks for joining the discord by the way man cheers bro a my mining anything no there are a few I'm staking X 42 and mm oh that's about it I don't I don't mind that would be Scott's that would be Scott's area of expertise hey Ben Joseph how are we doin min a thought police of Twitter yes indeed man funniest one of the Twitter not allowed with Scientology yeah man Pharrell Scott like is so maybe Zuka dec I just did ripple Meister what's happening to BTC it's exploding now right well definitely be one way to look at it more than likely again looking to come back a little bit at these levels anytime Bitcoin goes in a nice little bit of a run we can expect to pull back unless unless we see another massive increase in buying right here guys excuse me toh X over 9000 and it looks long it's cross 3610 Dragon Ball Z breakout hell yeah man Clayton Lane how are we doing this morning man P past the FPV let's go back to 10 K that's what we all want man ariza hair tu de are there a chance bt she's short rekt this day and how hard the green dildo to liquidate the short cuts to volume is so low I see you've been watching crown my friend as so is there a chance that BTC shorts get rekt today and how hard so okay so I'm assuming that what you're asking is how significant would the upthrust have to be to liquidate the shorts well we already saw a little bit of a we already saw a little bit of a short liquidation right here III really would like to see a more significant one so we'll just watch I'm gonna be watching this on the 4-hour chart seeing what seeing what price does as we come up to this 55 EMA and really us around the area of a retest of the of the previous resistance turned support of the broadening top pattern let's again as I said I wanted to look at okay let's make sure everything is updated so I don't lose when i refresh the page okay good to go I did want to start talking about divergence with you guys and that's not something that I typically look at but it is an interesting thing to add to your toolkit so let us look at oscillator x' here and before our chart and see if we see any divergence all right well okay we have on the 4-hour chart we have our Stokes oversold let's see here every time the Stokes have been oversold on the 4-hour chart what do we see here we do get it and we do get a little bit of a nice bounce up we do actually see here a little bit let's see here we do get a little bit of continuation divergence here on the MACD histogram as you can see we have a low here and then a higher low with a lower low that is Class B continuation divergence and that would be in the direction of the trends so all good whatever we also have we have Class B reversal divergence right here where we have a higher low and then a slightly equidistant low now if this actually depending on where this actually tops out this could actually be Class a continuation divergence if we actually get that lower that higher low and then a lower low so we'll see where that tops out but right now it's Class B so yeah we'll see where the shorts play out here we see where the shorts play out they do have the potential to to find some support right here and we didn't make it all the way up to the measured move which is fine I'll take that we'll see if this is actually there gavel hammering and if they are gonna come back down break through this and potentially have a repository test of this level right here looking at our fibs here we see that we do have a pull back to the 236 which is actually a bullish pull back so we do that if we do actually hold this level and we do actually see the downward momentum actually slowing down so we'll see more than likely actually I do expect that xbt will actually probably pull back a little bit from here unless we go full-on super saiyan which would be pretty fantastic guys because if we went full-on super saiyan and i was just able to close out my positions right here that would be really good more than likely that's not going to happen right now more than likely that's not gonna happen we were lucky to hit 36 20 right now on this nice beautiful upthrust right here and we're gonna have to actually we're gonna have to actually we're gonna have to actually hit my next bro graph they have 3,700 I think before more shorts get liquidated men I really do believe so we already had two nice short squeezes right here and congratulations to everybody that was able to get in on those man I feel like I remember the day man it was just like what a couple days ago so let's see yeah that was the seven so two days ago I mean I was live right and price was right here and I'm like guys I'm long like you're crazy and then pop so sometimes it feels good to not be crazy there there is a there is a slide method to the madness and thank you so much for all the followers on Twitter man I really do mean it if you come into the DM and our excuse me coming to the discord and and at me in general and I'll make it rain soon mmmm Oh BTC at 3650 should we close our Long's well you definitely should how to take profit there again like I always I've been averaging in and averaging out of these positions so again profit targets 3650 around thirty six thirty around 38 40 and then forty 24 actually right now so and then stops in currently in profit with a little bit of reduced risk down here in the lower $3,300 area but I just want to prepare you guys for a potential sweep coming in tomorrow morning Hentschel sweep and knock out these levels at the very least well we'll see what happens here we'll see if we actually enter into a period of distribution at this level or a period of consolidation and then we'll kind of be able to get a good test we'll be able to look at ATR so I'll post those charts up in the discord we'll just see how this we'll just see how this baby plays out what's the twitch ID jy is free my good friend there's no twitch link here on YouTube yeah I probably should the bed man I bet Scot already put that in yeah there we go Bitcoin oh hey Texas blues what's going on brother Bitcoin inverted head and shoulders worked out perfectly took profits on eath but too early yeah it's a I took some I took too early profits on me two men don't feel bad sometimes I don't really like trading youth men but I took profits at 94 95 and 96 so I feel okay with that and the reason why is because yesterday I had I had stop limits set for the same thing so yesterday I actually took the trade at 88 that was actually back here so I had some significant drawdown actually and then I had stops that I had stop limit take profits 94 95 96 and none of them triggered on this wick so I remove those put in limit orders and all those got hit this morning so feeling pretty good I'm actually out of a position on earth so the only thing that I actually have open is the is the XP tea tray be cash be SV sellers who manipulated the markets are out of Bitcoin probably not the shorts didn't even cover so take a look at them now you're goddamn right they didn't man know your gosh-darn right now let's see what happened the last time that RSI was oversold like this on the 4-hour chart we had RSI oversold we could team to move up we actually reached oversold right here we came back to test the upper band of the 70% as support and then we actually popped up and had another test of oversold before we actually moved down and then came up and had that bearish divergence before the movement downwards so that would be our last example that we could used to play this out especially after a significant spike like that so here we've had slightly different but another significant spike looking at RSI we actually do reach over so overbought right excuse-me overbought I always say the wrong thing overbought right here coming back to test the 70% if history played out we would actually see another pop back up which would be which would foreshadow the Monday bloody Monday before the pullback and then a bearish divergence and then the movement back downwards potentially down to 0.5 or 6 when it Fibonacci retracement somewhere around this area and that's what I'd like to see as well looking at our looking at our Long's now looking at our lungs look pretty good we did actually break we are having a breakout right now of the descending channel that we were trading in and again I don't use channels like everybody else does dude so yes dude like yeah these aren't even on candled but like when I'm drawing specific triangles or channels yes I like to go for full bottle full body Campbell closes but they're just areas of interest man like I don't know anybody separating I don't know anybody except for Hayden who who legitimately makes consistent money trading trend lines that they think are accurate man they're just they're just zones of interest men they're just zones of interest but looking at this this is a fairly interesting parallel channel that we have drawn here we have we have obviously resistance here at the top which is respected 1 2 3 4 5 times we have support at the bottom which was respected 1 2 3 4 times and then we have our 50% line which is respected 1 2 3 4 5 6 times so this is a fairly valid channel in my opinion and now we're looking at a potential breakout right here but we had 1 2 3 4 fake breakouts previously before and again you know you take that with a grain of salt because of the way that I'm actually doing this and I know this is probably hard for you guys to see because it's a blue line against the black background Jesus Christ man where does this guy like who pays this guy to do this stuff man 3 oh and so currently we've got a little bit of resistance above us at 395,000 397 shorts or excuse me Long's so we'll see how that plays out I still want to draw to your attention guys the fact that um there are I talked about this yesterday I don't have the link anymore but there's almost that what there's like almost 1.9 million aetherium and–but Finn X's wallet and if we look at shorts we can see that according to flubber 60k are lent out in shorts excuse me that's xpt uh we currently have a 400,000 and in short positions lent out for short so for these shorts to cover in any significant way they would have to purchase back 25% of all the Bitcoin on BitFenix now looking over at now I do have this so we can actually look at the the Bitcoin rich list and look at the BitFenix cold wall and we can see that they have one hundred and thirty-eight thousand six hundred and sixty-one in cold storage now if we go over here and look at our Long's you let's look at our shorts my bad Joanne Peters thank you so much for the for the subscription on YouTube keep it coming guys so we currently have he's according to flipper he said there were 60,000 Bitcoin lent out in short positions we can currently see that there's around 40,000 right now so that's 40,000 out of 40,000 out of 138 thousand in their cold storage wallet so if it is true that it's 60,000 as flivver was saying and I'm not sure exactly how we got that metric but that means they would have to buy back roughly like 30s 38 to 47 percent of all the Bitcoin that BitFenix has if these shorts were to cover in any significant way so that's something to keep your eye on as well guys either way as and this is what I talked about yesterday either BitFenix would have to exit scam because of all their financial troubles that they're having right now or this the price will significantly spike on BitFenix and at least in the short term probably drive everything up as as well because of how irrational the market is so again tomorrow is gonna set the standard for whether we're going to continue the downtrend or whether we're going to see actually a significant relief recovery here a relief rally now obviously I'm positioned and prepared for the relief rally but again guys like take that with a grain of salt if you're looking at entering your positions at these point in times like I already have been fairly successful in how I've played this out so again entered at 3,500 again at 3300 and got a partial fill at 3200 okay guys I've taped profit at 35 taking profit at 35 a slight 10 percent profit at 3350 and then I just took profit at 36 20 right here so again upward targets are up here and I've got my stops measured out in profit and then I'd be looking to re-enter around the $3,300 range so potential short trade on the table down to a potential sweep of those areas however I'd be very cautious in doing that you really want to wait for confirmation and kind of followed the trend whatever happens tomorrow morning is really gonna predict how the markets are gonna move Wladimir crew broke Levitch hopefully I said that right Vladimir Pro cool evich thank you for the sub on YouTube me I'm highly appreciated this is gonna that's gonna determine the pace for where X PT is gonna go so we're gonna know pretty strongly tomorrow morning whether we are going to have this relief rally up to around 4,000 or whether we're going to break down from 3200 and continue down to the down side targets of well on on below you know below 3000 guys braking 3000 again I didn't say this with 4k or 5k braking 6k was pretty significant psychologically breaking 3k is also going to be fairly significant psychologically so I don't think that $2,900 is a thing I think that right now the key the key level to hold on spot price is 30 through 50 I drew this line a long time ago as you can see the Bulls valiantly held this price level right here now the Bulls have to valiantly hold 3400 but breaking down below that again we're looking at 28 95 to 2659 and that's actually being generous if we actually look at bit Mex where I actually have this wide-ranging a box of indecision it actually ranges from 28 58 to 23 80 guys and below that you don't even want to know the downside targets after that guys no no guys we'll listen we'll take it one day at a time one Satoshi at a time compeition trading guys compeition trading guys calm patient trading don't react violently slight prediction react when your prediction is validated okay so actually Bennett if you guys aren't familiar with an Bitcoin trading challenge he had actually he actually brought this to my attention the other day because we have been talking about VC depth at i/o if you guys haven't seen this video go check that out this is not the way that I'm exclusively screening for all trades right now but it is a very powerful screener so now we have the same thing that is actually updated every minute to look at historical market depth for Bitcoin guys so if we actually look at historical market depth for Bitcoin right here we can actually see that we can actually see that buys gained the dominance around 7:30 this morning my time and right now asks have retaken the dominance right now so we'll actually see how this baby plays out we are seeing rising open interest which is good to see we are seeing a little bit of a rising price falling volume though all right so we do want to be careful here guys we do want to be careful with the following volume but I'm gonna go ahead and pop this in the chat so you guys can check this out this is a fantastic resource guys I definitely want to add this to your tool kit man definitely want to be adding this to your toolkit so that's VC healthy oh and then you can go into you can go into trainings coins Bitcoin and see all I mean this is just a fantastic data compiler guys fantastic data compiler so let's go look at let's go look at some other let's go look at some other data metrics here guys let's go look at coin farm and we'll go look at open margin positions right now 6040 to the long side so that's typically actually on not sustainable this could actually lately what's been running up as high as 65 67 so we could actually see maybe a little bit of a higher push here but again I wasn't looking at this live just a few minutes ago so it actually could be that it was that I and now it's just the leveraging you so yeah we'll see so again this is just validating the idea that we're probably looking at a short-term pullback right here at least an XP tease price let's go look at what active price is doing right here and we've had some significant shorts enter into the market top shorter smart Shorter's and let's look at where we're positioned at well unfortunately we've got a lot of position longs at 3,600 you never went along the top guys you never went along the top guys these guys are gonna get crushed unfortunately man unfortunately long still have the dominance at 52% to 47 47 82% right now so we'll just see how this plays out guys everything's telling you to buy and that's typically when I want to sell in the short term guys in the short term let's go take a look at Eve I assume this is gonna look almost identical to Bitcoin and yes it does long still have the dominance although we've seen some significant short step in here million in the cell box nice spirit err still have the lungs of the last 24 hours so not bad last 30 minutes shorts have the dominance let's see where our big positions are a lot of positions at 96 they're under water everyone along the top guys never went along the top short short resistance long support guys ease to success open positions on aetherium 50/50 50/50 oh really could go either way here you have most year Long's in the last 24 hours actually positioned at 92 so they're not doing too bad actually you have most of your position shorts at 96 so actually smart trainers here guys smart traders I feel better for being in an 88 but but I'm already out guys I'm already out I was out at 96 94 95 96 now that plays out you oh yeah so I didn't want to point this out just cuz everybody's talking about it and I figured it was a good reason for me to actually start talking about oscillators even though I don't use these to trade whatsoever guys I think that they're like it's fine dude if you want to use Bollinger Bands and RSI and all that stuff to trade like it's fine but it's just it's too cluttered for me dude like I don't I don't just look at volume guys just look at volume volume by price key areas of support and resistance guys like it's it's fairly simple man it's fairly simple I'm gonna buy e that $50 me – dude me too hell yeah brother so anyways let's let's throw up the oscillators alright so some interesting stuff to look at here on the daily chart and on the two day chart as well we do actually have bullish divergence on the daily chart we do actually have a lo here that we posited in with Bitcoin around that thirty six hundred dollar range and now we have a lower low and look at the RSI we do have bullish divergence on the RSI if we actually look at the stochastic we actually do have slight bullish divergence on the stochastic as well looking at the MACD and the MACD histogram again this is a special MACD super special it's super smooth and Fischer so we actually do have right now on the daily chart we are experiencing the crossover to the upside of the MACD we don't see any let's see here if we see any we don't see any bullish divergence because since the the MACD is super smooth and it's on the daily chart we actually have that falling momentum but actually looking down when did our bullish momentum pick up we can actually see that the MACD histogram would have told us to buy right here MACD histogram told us to buy right here potentially even right here but if we zoom this up yeah actually it told us to initially buy right here and then the bullish momentum starts moving up we reach a peak right here this is when MACD would have told us to sell looking at my super smooth histogram as soon as we saw the decline and and and bullish momentum right here so that would have been a sell signal from here to here so you could have gotten out anywhere in this daily candle and what are we seeing right now we're seeing the MACD histogram move up meaning the bearish momentum is dying and potentially we have maybe a few more days here until it starts sticking to the upside again guys so we will see how that baby plays out yeah again we don't really have the only the only bullish divergence that we have is here and that doesn't count because that's our previous previous low we have our more significant low right here and that's actually looking at the daily chart moving into our actually are rising positive moments and looking at the MACD so bullish divergence on the RSI on the daily MACD histogram AK D crossover on the daily and bullish slight bullish divergence on the stochastic as well guys just wanted to bring that to your attention so we'll actually see if we are due for a nice relief rally here movement up again to 36 37 38 4,000 potentially and then we'll just go from there guess we'll just go from not calling the bottom but definitely this it's the high it's the high statistical 'ti right here that I'm taking a long position I've been fairly transparent with my position yes all right we've been live for an hour guys you know what that means we've got to take a quick break guys we'll be back in one to two minutes do not go anywhere guys cuz when we come back we're gonna talk about some critical stuff we're gonna go over a little bit of information that I want to share with you guys what's potentially coming tomorrow and then we'll also take requests guys so if there's stuff you want me to take a look at or a particular charts you want to share guys we will break those down and dissect them as well guys so don't go anywhere alright guys we're back thanks for hanging in there with us okay the little drink water I don't always drink water but when I do I drink it out of a Hottel mug yeah guys coffee time for me is around four o'clock in the morning guys double up at six o'clock and then I'm good to go for the day cold shower at 5:30 a.m. success so much winning I did want to point this out – on the daily chart when you're looking at candlestick candlestick Theory we did actually close we're looking–we're where this daily closes today will be fairly significant as well because on the 8th yesterday and actually where we saw that nice squeeze on the 7th music we weren't able to actually close above any any candle body true highs and although yesterday was a net green day for us we weren't able to close above the the candle of the open of our last bearish candle and we weren't able to even wick above the true high today's candle conversely I just skyrocketed guys and we are above yesterday's close and open our last bearish open and close and above the high of our last bearish true high so as long as this candle closes up here nicely than the last area will be looking to come in jewel way at is again that thirty six eighty eight and that peak at 38 41 upward targets of 30 we already hit the 36 20 target guys next up were targets around thirty seven hundred thirty eight hundred and mr. Cheers at at 4k guys again we'll see you guys for some beers appears you know what I'm saying so let's pop up in the chat and see what you guys want to take a look at I have no problem again I missed a whole lot of chat man I am bait man thanks for thanks for coming out today man Sunday so I guess you got time to follow it to watch on Twitch brother how you doing man our the masternodes going brother all right let me make sure I didn't miss any chat I do an X 42 masternode I don't actually brother you should we short BTC USD on BitFenix instead of bit next i don't trade on bit the neck so I couldn't give you I couldn't give you an accurate accurate thing there oh yeah Scott thanks for pointing that out we do have a patreon now for for anybody that wants to support the stream man like you know obviously subs and follow us on Twitter I appreciate it but we do have a patreon guys if you do want to support the stream guys you go check it out I have not done anything with it whatsoever we'll probably what it'll probably happen is that we'll integrate that with the with the signals group and the mentorship program and you'll probably get access to the private chat trade setups and end the webinars so we've got if we're gonna have to figure that out guys we'll have to figure that out k7 kicks r1000 man hey ya GSXR 1000 man great bike Asian Sunday traders reporting to an upside this week hell yeah dude Tom K crypto a thrown around discord gonna ping yet what's going on brother make sure you ping me et Cie voting to $100 you heard it here first ma come on man Texas blues thank you man I appreciate it thanks for thanks for supporting the stream brother pepto Mac says he shorted BTC at 3,600 great choice man great choice be careful though be careful all right vanish Bajaj how are we doing man please look at x RP b TC and eos b TC on BitFenix aren't you I don't think I looked at all this cuz I had to run the other day I didn't get a chance to look at n cash cos BTC and XRP btc-e on Phenix Mike minor what's going on really shorted BTC and long bsv for now right taking the hedge man taking the hedge that's good ulc I look at qlc you am I sure this wasn't the bottom I'm not going to hop out there brother I am Alex asks would you say now is the best time to buy a Bitcoin if you don't already have some so again I take a controversial stance on this as opposed to all these other clowns that are out here telling you what they're doing but yeah I've been adding to my spot position pretty significantly I added at 5k I added at 4k I added at 3k and I will continue to add in these price levels I'll continue to add it to K I'll continued out at 1k it doesn't matter to me man I believe in Bitcoin fundamentally so as far as my for what I have for trading I'm fairly comfortable with I'll continue trading with that amount but as far as what I'm putting away for the future as a long term investment yes absolutely I think these are fantastic prices but again you guys are in charge of your own decisions gotta watch crypto I closed long for 10% gang hell yeah dude what I like to hear uh-oh and bsv BTC man Vance you got a budget you got a bunch of requests okay I'm actually gonna look at BT CSV because there's the most volume but all right so since I have BC HSV open first hour excuse me BC HSV let's just go take a look at that and I lost my I didn't lose it but I'd have I'm gonna have to redo it so I figure now is probably as good a time as any although I'm pretty comfortable with this with this chart right here even though it's kind of it's kind of loud but let's take that off let's let's start off with looking at the big picture and we'll switch to hike annachi and we'll make sure that we're on the our chart okay okay so what do we got here all right well let's take a look at what the measured move was on this right here twenty three point twenty nine percents yeah you would hit that nice beautifully right there that measured movement upwards to the upside upon that breakout trade right there we haven't taken any SV trades man we haven't taken any SV trades so what do we got right here let's throw on our TD sequential all right pretty good a pretty good TV sequential doing really good on the 4-hour chart as well you did reverse on it perfected eight you ran all the way up to a perfected nine count you actually had a few more candles that ran up actually to your upper risk we're sure you broke above yeah right here look right this is pretty interesting actually you had previous tdst systems right here and that's fairly congruent with about where you broke out of the dissent anyways we were talking about this previously because we were holding that we were consolidating around that 55 EMA so always something interesting to look at here currently we're on a 7 of 9 and coming up again to the support of the 55 EMA so this doesn't actually look like a terrible place to potentially enter into a speculative position from let's get rid of this fib and ok so this is our outlook here for four hour hike annachi where our hike annachi looks like this is a potentially good bottoming area we are coming up on a key resistance slash support level now which is 0.026 four five five so pretty much an entry in this area would be not a terrible speculative entry and you would be targeting at the very minimum a retest of this of this I have to look at Japanese candlesticks because I don't see any metrics for factory not valid that's not anything that's not anything so looking at current Japanese candlesticks actually looks a little bit more bullish on the on the 4-hour chart you're actually on a perfected eight looking for a perfected nine and you're right around that fifty-five EMA so this is actually looking like a potential trade is coming on to the table what will you get if you get an actually another nine to the downside again I'd be careful I'd be I'd be looking to take wick trades let's look at let's look at ATR a tiara let's pull up in our data window here a TR right now I sell one I'd ATR right now at about double 0 16 so you want to use eglise to 2x multiple of that so double 0 32 so current entry right now you'd be looking for let's see so you're 1x would actually put your would actually put your stop-loss down here if you're looking at speculative SPECT you too lovely and Turing right here hold on a second let's measure down some current price double O two six six five six and what do we say double zero sixteen is one eighty are right now so double zero one six right about there okay so if you wanted to take a speculative entry one ATR would protect you at 2500 forty two however unfortunately you would want to be doing at least a 2 X of multiple and that's fairly a wide stop right there I would actually probably prefer to use those as entry positions so if you were wanting to take a long position you currently have tdst support down here at about double zero excuse me oh no 22 at point-o 22 point out two to 2.0 two three all right let's call it split the baby right there which is right back in your previous accumulation box so the way that i'd actually probably prefer to play this is with a tighter stop so you're looking for that fifty five EMA and you're looking for the completed nine count to the downside to potentially reverse price you are trading below your yesterday's daily close so all that is kind of adding up so you're looking at upside targets at least of your 21 EMA so point out two seven seven five five and you've got resistances at 0.02 9.03 oh so speculative entry right let's take turn magnet mode off speculative entry right around here with your stop right here alright so if you're entering around this area that puts your stop at about 4% away from you and then you're looking at potential upside targets of targeting and this would be fairly congruent with what we're seeing a slight pullback in in bitcoins price so that would foreshadow that as well so 0.02 775 0.029 4140 okay so that's actually a very good 21 and that's congruent right there with that and then 0.02 9.03 I'll just I'll just publish this as a script so you can actually see so here's your potential speculative entry you use your stop-loss and here's your take profit targets you by the line right there you Lan's nothin boom and boom yep so I'll go ahead and publish this you you you you you you you you and so this will be on my Twitter as well guys you you you Johann Magnussen thanks brother you you I gotta watch crypto that's how that's how institutions do it mother they they long on one platform and they're short on the other and they looked a hedge risk that's actually absolutely what we're seeing on the CME platforms right now and that's what I try to follow with our CIT reports so you know it's very simple to do if you have two accounts you look at your you pick your directional bias and you start off 50/50 position sizing and then you simply reduce from one side and add to the other whichever side starts winning and then you let your winner run okay so that's that's the potential trade setup for BC HSV and we'll see how that maybe plays out all right so else we got EOS BTC and XRP BTC on Phenix make sure that it's saved a good Oh update you you three big one right soon you now into double tab one's a single okay you you you let's here we were talking about EOS the other day I think I charted it out on Finance though hey thanks Mike miner I appreciate it man gotta watch crypto man thanks for policing that like button guys yeah man if you if you guys smash the like we really appreciate it guys doesn't cost you nothin ah let's here let's turn back on TV sequential do we would have seen or our chart we did get that perfected 9 count to the downside on a cluster of four hammer candles right here buddy we would have gotten our entry position right here on the close of the nine count at the very least right here when this two started trading above the true high of the one so it's at fifty to one sixty two your risk level would have been automagically projected for you at four fifty nine sixty five and you're currently on a six and nine coming up the tdst resistance right here at fifty nine 308 which is fairly congruent with where I actually have support and resistance resistance at 6:06 triple zero six zero six so this doesn't this is uh this looks a little late for the entry for me right now I want to see what happens if we I want to see what happens right here in this distribution area that I think is gonna be a little difficult for us to overcome you can see right here we're hitting our first zone and resistance right here which is the compass in between this distribution area that we can see where there was quite a climax of quite quite a bit of distribution right here in price moves down this does potentially look like a speculative area where you could enter because it's quite different from this previous large-scale distribution area and all these as well we actually do see some nice positive bullish movement up here all depending on of course bitcoins price moving up as well now if bitcoins price moves up then we can look to speculatively enter into a lot of all coin positions guys you just want to be looking at reducing risk at this point in time guys because alt coins have been in a protracted bear market you're going to have plenty of time to take trades to the upside so how would I put particularly play this well how would I particularly play this well okay I would not enter now I would wait to see what happens in between these two resistance lines and see if we enter into a period of sideways consolidation if we do that I will feel fairly comfortable entering into potentially taking a speculative long using something like a TR to calculate out where my stop should be and and we'll go from there man so but where are your upside potentials if this big first little bit of resistance at triple zero six oh six you're also going to see if you can break tdst resistance right here at triple zero five nine let's just call it triple zero five nine you'll be breaking other TD tdst resistance at triple zero six three significant resistance at triple zero six a triple zero seven five triple zero seven nine so I'll post this chart the way that I play it out is so let's you got the cable in the window you you you you you okay and where is that level that I'm talking about turning off magnet mode while that level is going to be right here okay so we'll wait to suit we'll wait to see what price does in this area in this hvn as we see right here this is an hv n we'll wait to see what happens if we actually break tdst resistance here on the nine count to the upside that'll be pretty bullish then we'll look for a pullback potentially to test that or 606 as support if we actually break up and then we can actually be looking for an entry into the trade let's look at and then we can calculate our stop at that point in time so I'll publish that you you you I'm all out of love I'm so lost man I guess aw that any of you guys have seen that supernatural episode man you we're Dean and Sam are driving in the car and they're like renting they're driving a rented car and they turned the radio on and you know Dean only likes to listen to metal music or whatever and and it's this that song right there and and Dean starts singing it and Sam's like looking at him and Dean's like trying to cover and pretend like he's not saying it you guys know you love that song dude what trading tool do I use om Bay good looking out man yeah don't forget to subscribe and make sure you ring that Bell why ring that Bell cuz we're live every morning at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time noon Eastern Time man did that do it for you embate thanks brother I use a lot of trading tools man so this is uh this is tdst sequential writer this is uh this is TD sequential developed by Tom de mark I have a full 101 video on it no need to run out and buy tone vases man I there's a better one for free all you got to do is ask for it um let's see her wanted to let's look at our oscillators here I got an update as well so let's refresh the page see if we can get some confirmation bias here all right what do we see right here buddy or our char your RSI is in the positive area your Stokes are in the positive area looking at potentially being kind of becoming oversold that's why I say just wait for a little bit that's looking at our MACD histogram we've actually begun moving into bullish momentum as we see right here and we just crossed over as well so we'll wait and see how this baby plays out I would just recommend caution wait to see what happens in this consolidation area and see if we actually see if we actually consolidate here and can break above some of these resistances that'll be a little bit more bullish for some of these upward targets alright xrp BTC on finnex as well I believe probably going to move down because bitcoins moving up picture you you hmm you yeah the short-term here with xrp BTC you they'll work down three SEC web tag all right let's see you you you now I'm not really digging that I don't think that's the thing could be a thing I don't think it's a thing you guys think it's a thing I don't think it's a thing that's the thing you hmm kinda looks like opium to me looks like opium I'll allow it you mm-hmm you you all right I'll allow it just for the sake of argument maybe it looks like to me but whatever all right so we won't even worry about some of those down there for right now all right so big-picture view here men you raining below yesterday's daily candle close that's bearish in the short-term you've got confirmed support right here you got confirmed support right here at 86 176 or 86 190 all right that rut that area has reverse price ones to three times so if we were to use this is BTC so where's my you too big yes that's actually where your 280 our stop is as well so what about three 3.5 it's a 3.5 burnt price and Abby percent so let's do five of 2.5 to the upside I to the upside I have to the dunce it's too big for me I don't like those margins intellect wasn't urgent but let's say you there and there okay so this is all congruent upon BTC going down if BTC goes down you can look for this potentially to complete I could look at a speculative entry in this area which as you see I've measured it to the top of previous resistance which should be strong support you also have this potential opium ascending trendline which is our second area of confluence as well and then you have the the strong support right here now here's the problem looking at volume profile no-man's land right here guys no-man's land right here and this is this is again not construing with what I had talked about earlier ah looking at xrp on–but Fenix's well actually I already have it charted out over here and and there we go oh yeah I got the same kind of the same level right here broke down below that 200 SMA is what I said lending channel downwards I don't have that drawn a 200 simple moving average is much more generous with it but essentially that ascending trend line that I really kind of think is hope iam let's go over and look over here because this was charted with fresh eyes that XR PBT starts a little old hmm that is what I said earlier most likely a test of this support to see if it holds a little bit lower that's congruent with that same area that same box area I drew over here so let's say you wanted to take a position from here well JT are too 1.16 so let's say you get to average out your entry here your stop be right here you I don't really feel super comfortable with it but if BTC does go down from here look at that consolidation up in that order block area nice that's kind of what I wanted to see see you guys see if if if BTC does go down here to retest these previous areas or at least to sweep these lows then you could be looking at a potential long trade here for XRP so key area this order block area right here you could be targeting upward targets of quadruple zero 88 uhh right here quadruple 0 91 8 potentially I don't feel very strongly about it I'm not gonna publish this one I will it so you guys can use it you you here's your entry box with your averaged injury probably around quadruple zero eight six one nine stop-loss right down here and then if that doesn't hold you're looking to do the exact same thing down at this level as some more conservative entry on garage ooh quadruple zero eight to quadruple zero eight zero is a more conservative entry this is a more aggressive entry applause and then you've got take profits here I'd probably just target that first area definitely was something like a 60 30 10 split if you had three targets so maybe split your take profits up you and right here and then look some area in here maybe just split the baby right in between them like quadruple 0 9 would be pretty good potential that would be your 30% to take profit I'll put that on there this for you you won Oh you but this is not a trade I'm going to be taking potentially if if I see BTC go down I mean it's not a horrible it's not a horrible bed it's it's a hedge bet it's a hedge tread not terrible you you you you you you you ah you I BTC now before 1212 yeah that's that Gann theory uh GSXR asks do I ever use fib fans to gauge the overall market no no I don't my friend I heard that etherium whipped down to $13 and usually we make it to the bottom of wicks these days do you think we will see $13 eath no probably not that was a u.s. DCE Theory impairing on coinbase with extremely low liquidity alarm just went off on yo yo BTC it's running again 12 percent 45 minutes ago well we got a look at the other requests first sir and then we can take a look at that crazy crazy eyelet eath by zone we can talk about that let's just share my position what else qlc our last one eighth jaysus cars you bring or you I at nothing here you and down this very like once Weiss we only go off historical data at an air you there we go by that let's try that I mean so historically this is your load zone here you had some nice bullish buying volume that signify the entry they're here no you didn't have that round so let's look at volume well liquidity man ten volume right there I mean really their only way to play this bro is cuz I mean yeah you take your speculative entry here man but you know you want to be cautious at how low this baby can go so we'll just use a TR to get us out I mean historically this is the time to enter one two three but look at the time gaps time lapse between obviously your first entry and then your second retest and then you're not able to make it above on any kind of closing basis your previous distribution area your previous accumulation area excuse me that turned into a distribution area so very very strong resistance in this area man extremely strong resistance you would have expected this to actually be able to pop a little bit more but again these things are just following the markets of Bitcoin so price movements in Bitcoin will set ATR to three point five actually that pains me so that's 9% away from current price 9.5 five right here 87 applause see it that's the red resistance line over here right here where it started back that azz resistance or it's acted as or at once two three four five five times so in its act that as resistance twice big profit and cross it hey Dan I do have 50 followers in here man does that mean I can use my prime sub soon I'd highly appreciate it I don't know man I don't really know anything about twitch too much dude I'm just trying to ease into it I will look into that today man and see if I can figure out like what I'm supposed to do now I don't know but yeah thanks brother I'd appreciate it um so yeah this is if you wanted this is how I'd play qlc if I was potentially playing it I'd rather pay the premium and get some like Jesus just some indication that this thing is actually going to run all you're doing right now is just stump me in supply-and-demand zone trading them this is a demand zone historically it's worked out for you for three times fourth time being the charm take a look at TD it's not a super clean that's super clean this has your current return resistance you don't really have anything down here man we're in the TD you really got to make it up above the second take profit before your before your bullish so we'll see man this looks pretty speculative but most likely probably a little bit of sideways here we'll see if this if we can get some more bullish volume porn in but everything is going to be a little green because of bitcoins action right now but I'd be hesitant on sustained sustained price action you you you you you you Kim you I use Beach oh cool it did start taking that crap off just for funsies you you you you and again guys if you ever want to see those they're on my Twitter and in the discord in the technical analysis Channel right sup sup Joey Rock and how we doing brother hey thanks hey man I really appreciate that brother thrown in you you I might I might I might I might take that yo yo we traded yo-yo a little bit last month short wick you my daughter's butt you you you all right it's come on you wascally wabbit you load zone you I got two bones you two three all right so you got three historical loads right there the man zones and find your resistance you one two three sir you two three you Bree you okay all right now that we got this baby mapped out zolteck Zoltan thanks for the sub on YouTube man highly appreciated guys we're almost to a thousand subs sigh dead léo so what CEO you're gonna do well we just did fall back into a load zone man and we worked all the way down almost to our secondary load zone and now we've bounced so that makes sense to me it's speculative areas to enter let's see let's look at up in our data window here volume when you had the previous turnarounds let's see if there it's like congruent with the pot that you would have gotten so here's our previous load zone and we had one point 1 1 million volume on that previous returns to this load zone about 1.5 4 followed by 1111 really foreshadowed that last real big run-up and volume right now is up 2.8 and 9 so that was four that's pretty much congruent with what foreshadowed this pop-up right here I'll be cautious because listen man there's a lot of position buyers though in these areas so these are gonna be very significant points of resistance man the reason why is because you already have a lot of people that bought here and they're heavily underwater and they're looking to get they're looking to get out of the profit you see the same thing here but with less volume I mean look at this massive spike of volume right here there's a lot of trapped buyers in this area it's gonna be very hard for this thing to run up and experience another like just you know a short-term parabolic move like that but in the short term I guarantee you this is being pumped by telegram right now but it always is but but for good reasons I mean for technical reasons I mean it's reached a load zone so then they just use I mean it's not-it's not manipulation dude it's just like how are you gonna get your message across man you hey what's going on brother that's good man Joey rocket cryptos man keep that Scout pants strong brother they constant what's going on man you've been hiding back in the weeds dude I appreciate a brother of soy boys here man real brother Dean what's going on bro thanks for joining the channel guys we're just about to hop off for the day but appreciate it you guys could find us man we're here every morning at 11 a.m. CST noon on the eastern seaboard bro alright um let's see her oh no yo-yo could probably round up to 453 right now we'll see if I probably stop-loss set right here at 425 it's probably gonna get hit but if you would enter it anywhere in this load zone I'd be pretty happy with what you got man averaged I mean you had up to 12% profits right there so yeah that's probably gonna pull back let's see if we look at a smaller time frame you big bullish volume moon minute I don't know man that baby could run dude a baby could run you generally see a in pouring of bullish volume and people see stuff pumped but the problem is like the problem with all coins man is that generally you're providing liquidity to these trapped buyers dude imagine the trapped buyers that are right here look at this you have this look at the volume boom you got that little baby bitch pump right there there's a lot of trap buyers right there two men there's a lot of trap buyers right there and they'd be happy to exit at breakeven she just got to be careful man that doesn't mean that the bullish volume can't become insurmountable dude but what's the what's the average pump on these bacchanal loads what's the last pump on that one here you get about 12% and what do we get here man about 12% so yeah bro we could run up to like 453 maybe even 470 I just be careful dude be careful man scalp that baby dude scalp it scalp it never went along the top dude like wait for a pullback but the problem with all coins is that you often just miss the movement dude that's the thing with all coins do you like traditionally like if you're trading any like regular ta you see something like this you're like alright I missed it I missed the Train I have to wait for the pullback I need to wait for the pullback and then I can enter but that usually doesn't happen with all coins man generally when you miss the train you miss the train yeah so like maybe maybe have some speculative bets right here anywhere around here from like 416 to 402 you could potentially look to hop in it if it pulls back that far and then you can just set your stop like underneath the swing low like 380 it's not really a trade I like to take a slug eighty percent to the downside did I don't like that Christie man thank you brother I appreciate a man well tack Zoltan keep missing the bottoms you just got a you just got to do the charting man like see I would have missed this but when you go back and just chart your load zones and then you just look to take entries from there man like it's the only way to do this well if you actually want to catch good entries dinner catch wicks so like right here you probably got wikked out of your position man but if you're like live monitoring this then you would have been fine cuz you would have seen like yeah this would have scared you but you got to wait for the candle to close and the candle closes on a hammer and you're like I'm good it say you bought here say you bought here so you're averaging in so when you got a load zone like I always like place my beds like three to five buy orders man one here one here one here one here one at the bottom often I'll actually have the fifth one like way down like a crazy buy order so that you can take advantage of that man and you would have got loaded right there dude you probably got your load and and you'd be great right now you'd be great and then when you're looking for your stop you just use a multiple of a TR like 3.5 so let's throw that up here real quick sir grip you can use chandelier stops if you want blow up in the data window yeah see I got to figure out I got to find out because I have to calculate this stuff manually I always have to but I got to find I got to find somebody who's written an average true range script that will account for Bitcoin multiples decimal fractions I always have to look at the stuff in USD T and for something that doesn't have a USD T pairing like yo-yo doesn't help oh yeah you use your right around here when you're in your consolidation your 3.5 multiple would have been about 10% down so you're just looking that's in your previous load zone man so you can do it you can do it a bunch of different ways man you can say your 80 are multiple at 23.5 whatever and then you're looking to double up maybe in your load then you're in your secondary supply or demand zone what interface am i using to view this trading view brother best website on the internet dude couldn't live without it oh yeah man my bad who's Minh East my bad bro I'll check it out too late centered BTC now is it yeah I'd be pretty I'd be pretty scared about long in the top here dude like we're in positioned from 35 33 and 32 so and we just took profit at 36 20 so yeah dude I'd be I would be tentative I mean you could go for the speculate like okay like right now like 30 minute chart okay this is how you could play it right now 30 minute chart just using the EMAs you could enter because you pull back to the 8 so it's the same with like HMO coup strategy you're playing aggressive pullback strategy with like the ki-joon or excuse me at the keys you in the 10 con so actually looks like look at that look at like fisher transforms prodigy okay well even on the 30 minute chart like an aggressive pullback strategy is not having you buy until you actually pull back here to actually amazingly where i have where i have significant support now because we've broken it so resistance turns into support at 3500 which was also a take profit target for me so pullback to 3500 and look for a speculative entry they're aggressive pull backs you'd set your stop underneath your ki-joon so 3463 conservative pullback strategy because now you're now you're in pullback strategy because why just using it you moku and again I'll move it over to EMA so we can look at this and the similarity so this strategy calls for when you break the cloud you're buying any pull backs back to your 10 con and you're setting your stop on your key gym and serve it is your buying any pull backs back to your keys you nor your baseline and you're setting your stop just right underneath the the cencon spawn that the top of the cloud so that's two ways you can play that if you want to use the FIB Oh EMAS which is available in our discord then then it's the 8 and the 21 so you're buying aggressive pullbacks you're buying any pull backs to the ATM a-and you're looking you have to use your own metrics to take profit either a multiple of ATR is generally what I like to do so ATR 2x so if we actually look at what ATR is is here on the 30-minute chart we can see that ATR is $34 and 53 cents so you're looking to take profit on $70 intervals so like right now if you bought on this pullback to the 80 you're like right now your your profit target is like 3644 3644 would be your profit target right now and your stop-loss would be your stop-loss would be below your 21 period moving average conservative would be pull backs to the 21 EMA with your stop-loss underneath your 55 ultra conservative would be pull back to the 55 stop-loss underneath 100 but I don't do that own do that man Oh yep we're good man upward targets still on our xpt long 37 32 38 65 40 24 but now I've laddered my stops and take profits with the last two as reduced risk yeah so just keeping that in mind guys just let me repeat that guys look out for that sweep tomorrow man if this rejects here then the the smart play is probably the short down to down to support right here but I could totally I could totally foresee a sweep of like 3300 potentially even 3,200 man before we move even further back up I could see that when retail this is the bus they missed the bus when institutions missed the bus they pull the bus back but we'll just wait and see man I'm pretty positive on this right now I wanted to get the view with volume on the side yeah that's V PVR man I also use the PSV actually the PSV is the only way that I'd a train at session volume assuming away I'd a trade you got to have the at least the pro account with trading view so you can sign up for the 30 day free trial and then you just go into indicators and it's under volume profile visible range session volume right there stevan you gave me all your VHC already nah appreciate that rose or something you want me to take a look at o t RX RX v GI 0 no I got you a little long that I'm in Oh goddamn it I got a look at okay eath my bad dude alright I promised I promised that look at ease I'm gonna look on Ben X Freeman so my eath position hasn't changed bro Guzman my eath position hasn't changed I still have byes at 83 and 80s at 94 95 and 96 so again this is all congruent on if if BTC gets swept back and weary sweep these lows which we already saw here so reefs weep of the lows now would be I don't know we already saw re sweep of these lows so we'll see if we enter in a sideways consolidation right here I wouldn't be calling for a long at this level now you could take the potential inverted inverted Head & Shoulders trade setup that we had that we had charted out yesterday right here which is giving us actually a measured move of 110 bucks but we need to break that neckline and that neckline is 90 675 so we need to close a candle above that I'd actually prefer to see something like a 4-hour candle close above that that would be more bullish to me a 4-hour candle close above that would give me potential and a potential injury up to 110 you could take that breakout trip but it's not gonna be a straight shot man it's gonna be kind of a rocky road up there but higher highs me or excuse me higher lows higher lows I like it I do like it so okay but you want you want more concrete advice dude like entry-and-exit okay I got you dude brother you okay well we're kind of in that crucial area right now I think probably the smartest thing to do is pry too short ease down to 93 92 90 maybe I'd like to see that pullback that probably the smartest play and then look – so you got two possibilities you can look to enter on a return to the point of control potential trade so that's gonna put you that's gonna put your entry around $90 that's going to be returned to this consolidation area potentially even like 91 to 90 – if we actually hold the top of that value area if we drop down a little lower then you could also look for the sweep around and I don't want to put you in a bad spot bro maybe 87 maybe 87 but you got to look at hedging your risk man looking at what you're using the leverage and and what what your outlook is dude again I'm probably not gonna buy it the only way that I'm gonna buy an aetherium long at this point in time is if we close something like a 4-hour candle above 90 675 then I'll be comfortable with entering and I'll probably have my stop underneath 93 bucks or at least reducing risk at that at that area then I'd be looking for that that confirmation of the inverted Head and Shoulders pattern and looking at a target of 110 otherwise my bias for aetherium are still at 83 and 80 dude so that's that's what I got three men on that brother yeah for a Monday that's I'm trying to caution you guys cuz I'm long but just so you understand like I am prepared for the sweep down to to test those three K levels I got by is that 31 and 32 that have yet to be filled I only got a partial fell on my 32 bid and I've got by as at 80 and 83 alright oh because Monday is usually a CR admin to see how that plays out we'll see if it's gonna be we're gonna know tomorrow we're gonna know tomorrow especially when tomorrow's daily candle closes if we're gonna see a relief rally or if we're gonna we're gonna continue the downtrend so there's plenty of time it's plenty of time then you I'll look at yeah when I say sweep is that a sweep of stops yet it's it's a sweep to is to sweep back to liquidity men so we can see just so many examples of it let's look at let's look at X PT so when you're expecting price to go up and you have a period of consolidation what do you have you have price violently moved down to tap into liquidity because you're gonna have stops all throughout this area those stops get triggered and actually cause price to move much further down because those are long stops and then you're able to buy out the steal and then you have the pump in the same thing you see here you've got this you're back in the order block you're moving sideways you're consolidating in this area everybody that everybody thinks that we've put in a low here everybody thinks that we've put in a low here and then we're rising and then we enter into a period of consolidation and everybody's thinking hey we're gonna pop up no dude you're gonna sweep you gonna sweep you're gonna break below your support usually usually an eighth so that's why I say on depending on what time frame you're looking at using a multiple of ATR will keep you in the trade three point five to five will keep you in the trade 2x is gonna get you kicked out of trade 2x is generally when you're looking to enter so looking here what was ATR at that point in time ATR right here in the area of consolidation was 34 $35 so $70 below that is actually where you wanted to had your buy set right there you would have actually been able to enter this trade right there right there and the multiple the 3.5 multiple we put your stop at 12250 and we can see her 12250 would have kept you in the trade guys so whenever you're in a period of sideways consolidation and you're expecting price to move up and you see rising volume a smart method is to place your by actually to xat are below where current prices and set your stop at three point five ATR that's why I say ATR is one of the most useful indicators you guys can use cuz it's not it doesn't it measures what other indicators won't tell you which is volatility also go check out m59 SVC I have ala Tillett E channel index is pretty fantastic but I'm not I've never used CCI so that's why I use ATR instead of it I need to go with him and probably actually have me have him give me a briefer on on CCI so I can be better I feel bad though because the last time that I talked to em 59 I had been up like a long time and I had taken my melatonin and I had had a drink and he's like trying to explain to me and I'm like not anout like while we're all were video chatting he's like hey are you there and I'm like yeah yeah yeah I'm here dude I'm good yeah so I feel real bad about that bro if you're watching man my bad man but he DM me the other day so looking forward to chatting with him in the future let's see here II so so we I'm just gonna wait wait for a period of consolidation and then look to maybe answer on that sweep but in this case I'd probably to the short side so you're looking for just reverse everything I said looked into 2x above price X about price with your ATR so right now that's actually uh eight a window about 34 bucks 35 34 50 so you're looking enter about $70 above current price with your stop at about $122 above price so like let's say we enter in this period consolidation right here you'd actually be looking to enter into a short around 30 36 40 with your stop at 36 90 right right here boom but I'm not I'm not shorting xbt right now I'm actually gonna I'm gonna stay with my accumulation down here and if I miss out on this short that's absolutely fine because I've already got my I've already got my account locked up with my capital for all I want no problem yeah dude I already did my screaming that we're going to the moon man I do think that we're gonna go up here and see I think we're gonna go up here and have beers at 4k I do I really do before we move below 3k but we'll see I got my risk I got my risk managed and I got my buy set and we'll see brother thoughts on litecoin man I haven't looked at litecoin in a while I'll publish that yo-yo you you you you you you last time I looked it's actually technically in a load zone yeah you you buffer Oh and hundred you you worried about that up there let me get up there look man litecoin might might might might might might might might might might might might might pump a little bit with bitcoin writer but god it's just not looking good man is not looking good for mr. litecoin you guys think you guys think that's a thing be a thing it kind of looks like a thing that kind of looks like a thing so where's the other thing nope oh oh I think that's just the support line we can expect bounces off of and where can we expect and ask next bounce around eight or nine bucks man or an eight or nine bucks you Hika naxi on the on the daily tells us that we might get a little bit of consolidation just the same thing that we saw over here we see hi can – you move sideways a little bit and then we posit in r8 and perfect nine and if we have two more daily sideways candles we will put in that same eight or nine and we saw we got three to four days of correction and then the continued movement downward so this isn't too bad actually if you would have bought here you're still above your risk level the tdst would apply that TD would applaud automagically for you um I mean I could see taking it I could see taking it with your stop-loss like right here on a daily close below 22 bucks 22% lost moon but this is all coins dude this is the life that we've chosen I'm gonna feel more comfortable right here though so myself between $9 and $12.50 I'll feel more comfortable with that load if not them I mean we fall back and to like pre anybody being interested in Bitcoin price levels you know around three bucks to a dollar did it happen it happened ma'am that last little period of support but still kind of an accumulation box so if you took the tray and then if you took the trade I mean might get a run up to 29 30 bucks while percent nobody can sneeze at that but you miss kind of the best entry on a wick down stop loss at 2250 mmm yeah no you yeah like coin simply put is cheap and will move with Bitcoin Yemen hmm Jeff Weidman Thank You Man I appreciate that hey private private thank you brother you yeah I agree with you man looking at short shorts don't look super healthy for the next right now now we've got the potential for another another relief rally for the shorts actually up here I've got the measured move for the BTC shorts here and again as I've been saying man if they cover in any significant way I mean they're talking about 35 to 50 percent of the bit the Bitcoin that the BitFenix has if they cover in any significant way and the Long's got a lot of room to grow men broke out of this parallel channel I'm going back to retest it as support right now we had that over here but we made it up to the first resistance level and broke that nice healthy pullback to the six one eight and now we'll see if we can't get that other push neck back up to the second area right here so nice healthy retracements guys healthy movements and bitcoin spots looking pretty darn healthy oscillators we've been we'll see where today's daily candle closes if we are actually able to close above what's that critical area for me buddy really a clinical areas let's just call it 35 30 if we close today's daily candle about 35 30 I'll be pretty I'll be I'll be pretty positive that we're gonna hit these upward targets in the short-term if we don't then I'll be pretty confident that we're gonna sweep so we'll just see we'll see you guys we got about five four and a half hours to the day the candle close five and a half hours excuse me not four or not hours yeah yep for nine hours so the daily candle close buddy and you know I'm super tired man thank you guys man thank you guys for for joining man thank you for the support I really appreciate it awesome to see a lot of new people in here today man you so yeah I've been actually streaming for two and a half hours guys I gotta get something to eat and I got I got to work on some stuff so let's get out of here man let's do it like we always do guys if you are new to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button we really appreciate it and a notification bell why the notification bill you asked because we're here live every morning 11 a.m. Central Standard Time noon on the eastern seaboard guys opposite timeframes in the old country man where the Sun never sleeps now the most important thing you could probably do with your day today is head on over to cracking cryptocurrency dot-com guys and click the blue button it's gonna bring you to our discord guys we put out free signals once or twice a week we've been slacking on that I know my bad I've been super busy um a technical analysis charts fun giveaways chatting good community guys we'd love to see you guys in there if you guys support stream as always you can hit that subscribe button but if you'd like to support us in a more substantial way you can get some merch guys again I don't always drink coffee but when I do I drink it out of a cracker crypto huddle mug that's water actually my bad uh so Scott just made some new designs guys we got a lot of cool stuff on here man we got the cracking crypto design the huddle bitcoin sign the design and the huddle sign guys and if you guys aren't aware guys it is scientifically proven that if you drink your water out of a crackin crypto huddle mug you will be 80% more attracted to the opposite sex I mean we've proven that guys if you would like some help with your trading you we do offer we do if our trading service guys so you can get access behind the paywall to the VIP service you get access to all our trade setups you get access to the IP jet room you get access to the VIP day trading voice chat you get access to our resource library and you get access to once a week private webinars with me to go over trade strategy and setups guys if you have any questions as always leave them in the description down below as well as sarcastic remark guys we do respond all of them or you can email us at contact at cracking cryptocurrency comm or fill out this beautiful form or DMS on the discord guys we do respond to everything so I thank you so much guys for joining us today we'll be back here in the morning guys and Scott did just set up that patreon but I don't I haven't done anything special with it so wait until it's higher-value all right you guys been fantastic enjoy your day and as always trade safely guys peace out

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