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hey guys mmm how we doing the night man thank you so much for joining me for another episode of breaking Bitcoin of course I am your host Justin Wise lead analyst and senior mentor at cracking cryptocurrency dot-com made sure my mics on yes it is cool not clicking any buttons not breaking anything it's Saturday night February the 23rd failure of our Lord guys and I hope you guys are doing absolutely fantastic guys of course this is your first time this show make sure to go ahead hit that like button we highly appreciate it subscribe if you are a new watcher let's get into this guys all right cool economics going on in the discord and with you lovely people right hey what's going on Fox good to see you my good friend alright um let's see here okay my tabs open up so we can do this okay so without without words necessary guys pretty exciting time in the market man my personal situation we'll get into will get into my personal situation in a little bit the positions that I've put on the positions that I've put off the positions that I've taken profit off of and I mean pretty much again we'll get into this when we go to the charts I just want to do the the regular stuff guys so head on over here okay I still got the x42 masternode giveaway guys giving away five master notes worth of x42 so make sure that you head on over to x42 got cracking cryptocurrency comm so you guys can participate in this guy's a hearty nine hundred and sixteen people and we're gonna see if we can break that 1000 mark guys one thousand entrance that's pretty awesome pretty excited thank you guys so much for making this making this happen for us investing in this investing in the service in this giveaway was which was very well worth it you know we gave away three monthly spots to our premium trading group last month we're giving away the x42 master no we're gonna follow this up giving away a bunch of MMO coin and then we'll also follow that up with potentially giving away another another 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charts guys just an exciting day just a fantastic beautiful awesome day in the market man full of as I said cheers to the Hodler guys pretty much exactly what we talked about or our last show all right let's bring open the chart pretty sure there we go all right now things are now things are working let me edit the schedule here we're going to spend a lot of time today on Bitcoin and aetherium naturally we're going to do some long-term analysis we're going to do some short-term analysis starting off with Bitcoin okay everything look good on everybody can see that I'm gonna go ahead and take I'll go ahead and leave that on for addition means that I do need to thanks guys for your patience and dealing with slight modifications all right glad that there hopefully you guys can see that really well now let me pull up in the chat I want to give a big thank you guys give a big thank you guys I see Jasper man I see rotors what's going on real stager Roch I see Rick what's going on dudes Antonis I see are you watching I seen Newton I see Hasan blockchain cheeseburger man I see Peter what's going on my good dude Vincent YAG my wife doesn't believe in me good to see a Caribbean crypto show thanks so much for following Mike all right and if I've missed anybody Oh theory I see you two men power to achieve I missed anybody I apologize guys all right so let's before we get into what's before we get into the lower timeframes let's start with where I think all analysis should start on the higher time frames so things going along just as I wanted them to just as I wanted to do the last time that you remember that we spoke and which we'll see when we get down to the daily chart and you know I do want to get rid of this left price scale so hopefully it doesn't like that so it will not leave the chart that's the total dollar weighted price scale you know what and this is for those of you who did not listen to me yesterday I am there said it will not go away darn you I am very upset with tradingview for their recent update for their recent update I do not like this whole I do not like this whole I do not like this whole new price scaling thing I really do not it really bothers me I don't like the changes that they made oh this is fantastic it's gonna make it easier for everybody no it's it's really not okay so looking to close the week looking to close a very bullish week guys breaking out of the resistance downtrend and now currently price action finding itself exactly at the weekly level of resistance so this is the third test really the really the first test after it was established so after we established the the bullish equilibrium block right here back in November back at the end of November after the big decline and now price has just ranged in this area for the last two months really the last em three months to be quite honest but anyways not important Eli back thanks so much for the super chat my good friend IO P of course man as always thank you so much for the seven dollars my good friend had the test with the two dollars before we did before we threw the five dollars down alright of course man I'll throw that on the schedule thank you so much man for the support you're one of the good ones my good friend yes thank you much for the 17 man of course dude we'll check out IOP see what's changed since the last time we've looked that's your coin of choice my good friend Thank You Man you're one of the good ones bro thank you so much for the support alright so price finding its way back right in the horizontal level of resistance so what does that mean just on a just on a blanket time frame you short resistance and your long support so even though even though when we get down to the daily timeframe and the eight hour time frame you'll see that there are caught there are there are potential reasons to assume that this it will be different this time of course it will be different we're going to 9000 good possible we absolutely could ma'am but until then until proven wrong until we see what I need to see for me to confirm that we've really broken that we're really going to break out and go on a run I really don't think that that's likely a scenario for multiple reasons the long stores ratio the the total market gap which we can go over the level of horizontal resistance and just time dilation man so after a very long after a very long downtrend you can see here that when price began consolidating when price began contraction it took a significant amount of time it took about 98 days took about 98 days for price to consolidate to move to the downside now we've had a similar amount of consolidation a similar amount about 91 98 days to break to the upside but I don't think that we have had enough price contraction to break out of all of this out of the entire bear market I do think that what naturally follows and progresses a strong trend to the downside as we've been in since the all-time high at December 17th is an extended period of consolidation which I really don't think we've seen I really don't think we've seen so until proven otherwise just on the just on its face this is very simple for me it's a retest of resistance an area where I would ideally like to be in a short which I am now and it also represents it also represents what I think is irrational exuberance on the part of people who think that this is all it takes to break out of a bear market alright going down to the daily timeframe we'll whole and let's look at some other data metrics here on the weekly here on the weekly if we do end up rejecting from here it would be considered on the Fischer transform it would be considered a rejection from the neutral zone and a continuation of the bearish pattern going down to the daily timeframe all right so just as we talked about guys sticking to my guns and doing exactly as I talked about when we were down here in this period of consolidation which which looks fairly clean actually ether looks looks much cleaner the etherium chart looks much cleaner and that's why I've been interested in trading aetherium took aetherium long from 12250 scalped it a few times in the consolidation range and then it broke to the upside just as I so if you guys remember the last time that we talked about I said that I was no longer right here so just just yesterday when we were talking just yesterday we were doing yesterday's show I said that I was no longer an interested buyer and I was looking for opportunities to sell but I would not be surprised to see one last leg up to liquidate shorts because I don't think enough shorts had been liquidated we saw a massive and the reason why that was made even more poignant for me was because of a almost almost dramatic increase in the number of shorts that occurred about excuse me that occurred about last night so the number of shorts that increased last night was quite exponential there was a huge amount of shorts that were put on last night and I just felt very strongly I felt very strongly that that was not likely to to play out well for the shorts generally the market is is prone the market is designed the way that the market moves is it moves toward liquidity meaning that it will not generally make a radical shift in the opposite direction without a significant change in volume or sentiment in this case the Long's and shorts ratios represent sentiment and obviously volume is volume so a couple different things here a little bit of volume divergence here on the daily timeframe as well pulling open pulling open are pulling all the time transformation this is the first time that we've reached overbought conditions since back in August this is the first time that Bitcoin has been able to reach overbought conditions and for one of those reasons alone this is just confirming what basic price action is already telling me key levels of horizontal support resistance this is telling me alone that I think that the the movement the reaction from this level would be quite violent and that's what I am placing my money and my bets on all right so I'll give you guys a brief update on my position so this is how my day went this was Saturday I did promise to spend a little bit more of extended period of time with my family which I did end up doing for that reason alone I was not at my computer not at my desk to really take advantage of the movement to the up side last night to the members lounge I had posted a potential long on aetherium although I pulled that trade for myself because I knew I was gonna be away from my desk because of the situation wouldn't you spend time with my family so I wasn't personally able to take advantage of the eath USD long to the upside and we can look at that when we get into the area again very congruent to what I was saying to what I was saying yesterday as well I said that I'm no longer an interested buyer of of Bitcoin and the reasons why again if you've been following the show for a while so uh-huh when we did have that nice clean breakout above the resistance trendline you guys will recall I was already long in aetherium from 12250 this green level right here was at one point yellow which was the initiation level which is the level that if we go above is the breakout call to go long on we hit all my upside targets looking here on so this is the tether chart so let's go look at but look at the the next chart here real quick so it's going to be more indicative of how I was basing my analysis also close if XLS I'll merge all scales on to the right that seemed to fix it last time and yes it did okay so after that nice clean break out above the initiation level of 3650 we hit all my upside price targets 3780 39 30 now if you guys recall yesterday when we were doing the video I had plotted out two higher price targets if price did break to the upside for a higher leg price did end up hitting this guy so you can see price did end up hitting 41:31 which was the initial take profit target which is the lower time this is the three hour chart which is the up thrust above the weekly resistance level coming in very nicely right here I don't really like how my labels are overlapping it makes it difficult to reference them 4096 sorry the level that I've been talking about for quite a while so just more things that I don't like about Bitcoin or excuse me about trading views update to their to their scaling I really ticked off about this to be quite honest with you guys really really really ticked off about the changes that trading view has made it may not seem like something to to most people but for me who relies on this day in and day out and who can at times be a bit of a Luddite when it comes to changes in technology it's uh it's affect its negatively affecting the quality of my life I'm not gonna lie it's affecting the quality of my life anyways so so yeah I mean to reduce it to its simplest element you know to make to make what what's going to be an extended to make what it what is about to be an extended analysis of price action and trend and sentiment it's very simple man approaching resistance on high momentum on high volume higher timeframe resistance is my is my put call it's it's not it's an opportunity to enter into a short which is exactly what I've done so average entry now for me and again just explaining why I was not able to take advantage of some of this other wackadoodle price action which was pretty exciting man by the time I got to my desk was actually only about like four o'clock so I'd already missed the area that I would have loved to be into position on etherium where I would have been able to take a risk anyways um so I'm pretty happy with the average position that I've got because after the show I'm gonna go spend more time with my family so does that mean what that means is that I'm not going to be able to actively trade this on the 5-minute the 15-minute time for I'm not gonna be able to day trade this for this evening so because of that I'm going to have to say I don't have the time patience or energy at this point at night to be able to actively trade this volatility which I think by the way is largely drying up I think that now the opportunity is has come to enter into a position a positional position if that makes sense so there's a difference between a swing traded a trade and positional trade so at this point in time I am positionally trading some some would argue and say that the correct term is swing trading that's fine you guys you know everybody different different strokes for different folks but at this point in time I have established a positional short to the downside average entry of for 4114 was my average entry I do expect price to move against me a little bit I'm totally comfortable with that and I have my stop-loss for an hourly close about 40 to 28 I've set it a little tight that's absolutely fine in fact that's congruent with our sorry excuse me that's that's the that's the reference that's the reference PTC USD chart so yeah exact same thing here on the mixture evidentiary of 4114 I do expect price to move against me my stop-loss currently set at 42 20th already now if we're now really close now again I don't use I don't use hard stop losses and that's just my personal preference people would argue that that that doesn't that doesn't work out for me just over my experience and over my period of time the fact that I am able to actively manage the charts now if I go to bed I will set a I will set a hard stop or if I am away from my computer for an extended period of time but for a positional trade like this I will not be doing something like this so anyways moving on what what do I really expect in the short term moving forward I expect I expect consolidation I expect consolidation I don't think that we v-bottom directly down from here high volatility which today was an extremely high volatile volatile indeed a high volatility precedes low volatility which precedes high volatility so I would expect to see consolidation at the top I would expect to see a distribution pattern form and I would expect to see a breakdown to the downside from that now again can price go can can price move further up of course account but that doesn't really that doesn't really matter to me we're in the proximity of resistance and so I will look to short from resistance all right so let's continue on let's continue on with the things that I wanted to talk about so now we will go ahead and load up now we will go ahead and load up big herbs indicator here the BFX LS average and weighted volume average so this is going to be taking a look at all long positions on BitFenix weighted against their dollar value and this is going to be a more accurate representation this is going to be a more accurate representation of the actual of the actual dollar amount of Biff index long versus shorts and the reason we look at BitFenix long version shorts is because their ratios are different as comparative two-bit next for example because on bit Mex every long is equal to one short so taking a look here at our BF XLS now what I said yesterday was we were at the previous level of resistance right so we were already at yesterday we were already at 69% of the market being totally long so 69% of the market isn't long now for those of you who are familiar with sentiment analysis we typically do a ratio of 60 to 40 right so when a particular asset reaches 60% to the long side we expect that to be unsustainable and we expect the market to potentially form a local top it's always helpful to use some other form of technical indicator or other method of price analysis to justify your position now what have we seen here so do we do see that looking at as far back as this indicator reaches we do see that this thing does top out at 75 75 and 74 that means 74 75 percent of the market is net long and that is a highly unsustainable level anything above 70 percent is unsustainable in an area where I no longer be kept there's there's no way that I can become an interested buyer because the market moves toward liquidity and to provide liquidity to the market if the entire market is long the market must naturally move down to liquidate those positions to provide liquidity to the market or at least those positions the tap out cause those positions to sell at a loss or more more appropriately when we're looking at horizontal support and resistance we have to calculate okay when do we see a significant increase in the number of Long's so what price point did Long's enter into a position and if price goes below that level and then returns to that level we can act we can we can expect that level to act as significant resistance why because when you've been in a position I'm sure that you guys can can be very very congruent with this I'm sure this makes a lot of sense to you because if you're an active trader and you're watching a show like this am I expecting you do have some some experience with this whenever you enter into a position and if you've been under so when you enter into a position you are occurring you are you are accepting the fact that there is a potential that the trade will not go in your favor and if the trade doesn't go in your favor human beings naturally feel very uncomfortable emotionally they feel very very uncomfortable emotionally because nobody likes taking a loss and there's some significant psychological reasons for that but negativity bias you know just in general not wanting to lose something that you have but it all remains the same so you guys should be very familiar with the very profound psychological feeling but it is to be in an underwater position when price returns to your entry generally you are inclined to take profit or sell at breakeven or a small small small loss or a slight profit if if price goes into profit and I'm sure that you guys are aware that one of the most common one of those most common denominators out there or one of the most common advice is given in trading that is that is often under look is you know take profit when you're in profit and and cut a loss early cutting losses early and remembering to take profit and not to be too greedy are going to be the key elements that are gonna be able to make you a profitable trader it's not always and there's many different approaches to trading but I can only speak for myself and based upon my broad knowledge in this in this market is it's not always about catching the moons there are traders that are not interested in swing trading there are traders that only day trade now many day traders are unsuccessful because they have problems with the psychology of being in an underwater position they have they have difficulty with their strategy that's often that's often the biggest thing and they often have a huge problem with risk management so if you're going to be a day trader keep in mind that you're going to be putting on anywhere from 5 to 10 positions per day alright and you do need to prime yourself you need to watch the market for a while and with cryptocurrency this is quite nice because you can quickly identify whether a market is trending or whether a market is ranging and then you have to observe it for a while and what's nice about this is that you have a 24-hour market so it's not like it's not like traditional equities where you do have to wait for the bell to ding and open up so you can just review the price action from last night watch it on fast-forward and identify based on that ok what is the range that the session is in whereas our you know what's our VP VR saying what's VP BSA where you know where our supports and resistance is on the daily what are likely areas where I would like to be long from the lower areas of the session volume profile the upper area is the session volume profiles where I'd like to be taking profit the mid range you don't really want to play you don't really want to play no-man's land so getting back to talking about the long version shorts we now have we now have the entire market about 72 percent so seventy one point six four cents and actually we can just see accurately what it is without having to try to guess up in our data window here 71 point four nine percent net long the market is 71 point four nine percent in that long based upon that I cannot be an interested buyer based upon that I cannot be an interested buyer if the entire market is 71 point forty nine percent net long the market is going to move toward liquidity and the market is going to move to liquidate to a short positions so exactly what you want to see for an optimum shorting entry nice blow-off top high volatility movement into resistance the entire market just eating it up and taking on new positions and again look at social media indicators everybody is screaming for 9000 everybody's you know screaming for not the reason I use the 9000 stead of 6,000 but you know everybody just screaming for a higher price actions people are telling you that you're stupid if you don't buy now and you know I just I just don't see it man I don't think that we've had enough I don't think that we've tapped into enough liquidity to be able to break to the upside this seems to me a logical area where we're individuals who have been long I would be looking to take their profits is a natural area to take profit weekly level of resistance and it's gonna take some significance to break this level for me ideally I'd like to see a daily open and close above this level to be entirely invalidated but for me I will pursuant to my risk management strategy I'll be willing to cut my losses short on an hourly close about 40 to 28 so and that's totally fine I'm totally i I accept I accept my loss if price goes above 40 to 28 and I will gladly come in here and and take flak from my position again as a trader I will be here to tell you that as somebody who does his best to come on the show and be as honest in my positions and being be as honest in my analysis as humanly possible and just be transparent about what I do I'm never going to tell you and this is kind of why I started the channel and my big issue with other with other advice out there for beginning traders is that people tell you that they never lose that they're a master strategist all I can tell you is that I'm profitable overall and that's because I know when to cut a loss short I know my strategy that I've been trading for a very long time that I've been able to compile into my indicator that I use in conjunction with price action analysis price action analysis is the most important thing and it takes a while to understand and learn price action I think the most probably lacking skill that individuals have is probably patience you know we we see something like this you know you see something like this and and you just want to run into it and ideally you know in the grand scheme of things this move doesn't matter you know didn't matter as smooth doesn't matter it only matters if you were able to profit from it in the eyes of a trader and the lens of a trader so what that means is that if you miss a movement naturally I think this and and I'm familiar with this because I remember I remember what my inclination was when I was a beginner trader your natural inclination is to like curse yourself and I'm so stupid I can't believe I I didn't I didn't grab that I didn't get in on that I have to get in now I'm gonna miss the next run and those are the famous last words before every trader gets liquidated like those are really the famous last words before everybody makes you know a really stinky trade you know what you need to do is have patience observe the range observe the structure identify what your strategy is telling you to do and set yourself up for the next profitable trade you can't you know it's it's too late if like if you miss this long or if you know for example if you miss this long or this longer this long or if you missed these shorts going to the back end if you miss this short and you miss this short and you miss this short that's ok guess what there's gonna be another one there will always be another one there's always going to be a high volatility movement up down and to the right I promise you guys so no revenge trading and definitely again you guys are free to do what you want there is a possibility again I would not sum now I'm not going to say that I'm not going to say that so let's just continue on with our analysis so again just to reduce it to its simplest elements rejection from resistance if we go down to the 15-minute chart kind of absolutely what I wanted to see her nice volume spike what I would like to see is a nice blow off top now worry about that later okay so let's go ahead and we've talked about Long's vs. shorts we can go ahead and get rid of that now we've talked about horizontal levels key weekly levels of resistance again weekly level of resistance that we are currently at right now which is the resistance order block 4096 on bit Max and okay that's about it anything more on the daily that we want to talk about we can throw on some other indicators here and tell you what they're talking about as well let's hide our drawing tools let's take a look at our emos giggle at our Emma's coming up to our hundred exponential moving average on bit Mex right here so what I thank guys um when you see bullish signs like this and this is kind of what I'm hearing everybody talk about this is not like the personal way that I trade for example whatsoever but that's absolutely fine I just think that a lot of beginners are taught to trade this way and again I do know traders that that look at moving averages crosses with with significant and and place a good level of import upon them that's not necessarily the way that I approach the markets I think that that's more hindsight trading I think that if you do generally use moving average crosses for example you are not going to be entering at the opportune time in the market I think that you are best I think that you are best focusing on price action I think that your best focusing on volume I think your best focused on predictable patterns in the market as well as adopting a strategy that tells you what you want to do so the key things that stand out to me are this I would place that 100 exponential period moving average as just more confluence into the weekly level of horizontal resistance that we've been talking about for quite some time that level right there time transformation being overbought for the first time in a while now here's one thing though here is one thing we have not yet seen classically on the on the daily a blow-off top we have not yet seen a blow-off top so I will leave that possibility out there that and that would probably stop me out of my position but again my stop-loss is not static unless it happens when I'm sleeping which is just you know that's one of the that's one of the prices that you pay for being able to take profitable good setups but the reason that I try to reduce that is by not using hard stops when I'm actively on my computer which is pretty much of it except for on the weekends so that's just that's just layering into another level of confluence so what would be the most absolute beautiful perfect scenario would be to see a massive look on the daily massive look on the daily with unnatural volume so as you can see time transformation is not printing a natural volume as it did here but here's the thing this right here is not a blow-off top the reason why is because it is a strong whole candle body close out of consolidation a full candle body close on a natural volume or a very high volume is a very bullish indicator is the first leg of an uptrend and generally posits that you will have continuation following a brief period of consolidation which is exactly what you have you have a very bullish candle you have a little bit of sideways consolidation you have another upthrust you have some consolidation and then you have an up dressed so based on that alone what do I actually expect to see here over the next few days I expect to see consolidation I expect to see consolidation I expect to see a distribution pattern form and I would expect to see that break to the downside but it would not it would not surprise me honestly in that distribution pattern to see a stoploss unto the upside to see a grab for liquidity which on the daily timeframe this candle it may not represent but I'd still have to look at it for you know from my perspective being being just where I am in the market right now now if you wanted to be more conservative you would wait for the distribution pattern to form and you would look to take the breakdown trade to the downside now again that's gonna get you in at a worse entry because for example if we're looking at a pattern like this where we do have we where we do have let's get the Imazon there actually so when you're looking for what is really a logical area to enter into it long so you see consolidation to the downside you see price contraction here which we saw over the course of a week you see a very bullish candle on high volume as indicated by tan transformation you're printing the yellow diamond that's unnatural volume you see consolidation you would have gotten if we go down to the 8 hour timeframe let's see you would have gotten regular bullish divergence printed on time transformation which is the time frame that I generally look at for a longer term positional trading and entries the eight hour time frame right there again after that nice and if the eight hour time frame would have actually given you an even better entry because you have consolidation you know they very strong a full bottle for a BOSU candle a full-body candle close out of consolidation on a natural volume very very very reliable indication that price is going to continue in that direction alternatively when you see something like try to find a good example of it eight hour time frame is not throwing it up there for us but when you see a candle like this generally known as inverted hammer candles or evening stars for example although that's more of an inverted hammer and not quite an evening star when you see a candle with a long wick in one direction with unnatural volume that's generally indication of late-stage buying so let's say this is a candle like this so it's at the top of it's at the top of a nut movement long wick to the upside high volume generally indication of late-stage buying in a trend in an established uptrend meaning that everybody is trying to buy into what they think is going to be a continuing uptrend this is retail piling in at the very at the very worst at the absolute worst moment to be buying when we're at the top of the movement but that's what retail does they all move as herd mentality they provide liquidity to institutional order flow looking to exit their long positions and generally enter into short positions and the the liquidity that the retail buyers are providing absorbs the the absorbs the limit orders of institutional order flow the market buys of retail traders absorb the limit orders to the to exit their positions or enter or flip to flip to the downside of institutional order flow or again institutional order flow kind of a catch-all term just to refer to large volume that does actually move the markets liquidity the reason they need to do that is because large orders cannot just market cannot just market exit their positions because they'll incur some fairly significant slippage and they'll move the market which is the definition of slippage so anyways that's so that's kind of your vol cheat sheet you know candlestick and volume combined consolidation period of consolidation strong candle body closed marubozu candle with high volume out of consolidation very strong indication that the price is going to continue on in that direction when you've been in a movement for some time and you see a very long wick on high volume generally indication the price is going to move in the opposite direction that is kind of the definition of a blow-off a breakdown bottom and a blow-off top so that is how you can identify with volume and candlestick analysis breakdowns and breakouts and again always waiting for low at least for me hourly candles at the hourly candles at the very least ideally at least a 3-hour candle to open and close to really confirm really confirm a breakdown or breakout but again you can just use that make sure that you're using that with volume as well there needs to be volume in there because that becomes a that it becomes an analysis of is this going to be a trade where it's taking because you can get a nice full candle body close out of consolidation but if there's no volume behind it you don't really expect price to continue moving that much higher right so there might be a long trade on the table based off of that but when you're doing a risk benefit analysis because remember when you're buying into a breakout you have an issue of risk management where do you set your stop loss because you do expect you do expect after a breakout to exist generally you want to prepare yourself for a slight pullback to retest the breakout zone doesn't always happen and that's why generally a good method of entry is something something like 50% on the candle body close of the time frame of your choice generally should be a lower timeframe candle hour to three hour candle I know the I know most individuals use hourly candles high-volume Maru bosu candles strong Campbell body close not a big wick so almost like just a full what you'll what you will what you will see referred to as an unshaven candle for example or excuse me a shaved candle I'll you know people in Japanese candlestick analysis call it all different kinds of ways but it's just it is what it is it's just a strong candle body close just a full candle body not a big wick in the direction that you want to take the trip you have an issue of risk management because where do you set your stop so let's we can look at this particular example going back to bitcoins initial breakout so we have consolidation and we kind of see the exact same thing here so what do we see we see we see hammer candles or for those of you who don't like using those nice fancy terms the important thing is small candle body very long wick to the downside in a period of consolidation okay on high volume as indicated here by time transformation high volume generally a good indication that price is going to move in the opposite direction at some point now as we can see here price consolidates a little bit more does move to the upside here does move to the upside so what if would have positioned you just off this right here for probably a fairly unprofitable trade but about but about a point five percent trade right there which again is your traditional equity market trade moving on you do get regular bullish divergence here on the hourly chart right at the candle where you should be exiting as indicated by time transformation here you get actually time transformation prints a buy signal right here on this candle and then you see the exact same thing you see another you see another long wick to the downside here on this candle with a natural volume an indication the price is likely to move in the opposite direction which it does but if you are waiting for confirmation if you were waiting for confirmation let's turn logarithmic off if you were waiting for confirmation you clearly have a very local strong resistance area right here very strong resistance area right here you do close an hourly candle above that level but there's a bit of a wick so you might you might have been very tentative upon that you might have been very tentative upon that then you open and close the candle that's generally a good indication that you can go so if we do look at this on the three hour time frame sorry looking at this on the three hour time frame we can actually see the break out of consolidation right here the breakout of consolidation so you have consolidation right here and then on this three hour candle you have a very strong full candle body close on a natural volume above local resistance local resistance at 30 375 as we talked about back that back to that period in time as well as again on time transformation accurately printed bullish divergence on this candle right here so you had you would have had about six hours to get into the trade beef or you would have been using regular volume and candlestick analysis using time transformation anyways you you okay so that's a little bit of that we've looked at Long's versus shorts we've looked at horizontal levels of support and resistance we've looked at we've talked a little bit about volume and candlestick analysis for identifying breakouts and breakdowns as well as identifying you know is this trade gonna be worth my time let's look at some of the lower timeframes and talk about what I actually expect to see for Bitcoin over the next few days a time transformation and make sure that we're using the 8-hour chart for resolution for our ikameshi trend I'm still bullish I cannot see trends so we are trading against the trend or at least I am so I can't speak for you know obviously I can't speak for everybody here obviously a tower a tower a tower time transformation is above the neutral zone right there so again the a tower is not in over overbought conditions in fact we did get the sell signal right here for overbought conditions after the nice rally right here which would which would have been an excellent taking profits so this is a question that I get a lot they're like hey Justin well what happens what happens when and you know often it's very sarcastic because people people tend to not have like a good it's all good guys you know trading is kind of one of those things like like gaming or or lifting weights again never was you know I played video games when I was a kid but I used to lift weights a lot and kind of that same meathead mentality sometimes with traders they're like well bro check it out man I just benched 450 and I saw you over there struggling with 315 weight you know so and I apologize B's in that language but but you know trading is kind of similar guys so people are like guess what man guess what I've been long since 3,100 have been taken profit yet cool man uh you know lected to mention that you were long at 6,000 though and took a loss at 4,000 but I digress again I don't want to that's not the purpose of the show again I get asked to comment on other people's trading strategies and abilities I don't find that like useful at all I wake up I look at the charts I respect my analysis I listen to what I'm supposed to do and I stick to my guns and and then I will and I share that information with with my with my subscribers and with the members of the premium trading group so I find that if you you know when I was uh when I was maybe that's a story for another time anyways um so and time transformation accurately giving you very good by so I mean you know time transformation has been doing yeoman's work here on the 8-hour chart guys so I highly recommend if you are ignoring the 8-hour chart in your analysis I highly recommend you go check that out eight overtime time eight-hour time for it very powerful so when you are trading against the dominant trend and you get a you get a counter trend signal there's a couple options that you have generally for me I like to take profit when I get counter trend signals in a strong uptrend for example so in a strong uptrend when I get a bearish you know like overbought sell signal I'll do you know again I have to wait against price action kind of what's going on in the markets as well you know where I think that everything is looking at Long's and shorts looking at open interest looking at things of that nature looking at the MDR all all valuable all valuable data metrics but again you know you know it can all go back to the long terms as well BLX index in the total crypto market cap as well so when you get a counter trend signal in a strong uptrend and the trend hasn't switched on you can either take profit on the way up and then exit your position when the trend is switching for me the trend switches when the daily high cannot shoot were the 8 hour hike Omashu for example um goes bearish the 8 hour hike now she is going to get you in and out of trends much quicker the daily is gonna be much more powerful again as always the rhetoric that the higher the timeframe that you're looking at the higher the timeframe that you're looking at the more powerful the signal is gonna be but the more it's gonna lag as well and this is why trend trading using just the hourly chart for your entries and exits is all is is often not going to give you the best entry for example okay so a tower analysis I would expect to see on some sideways consolidation after a nice down thrust yes so three hour time frame as well let's go to the three hour time frame still a one second okay cool so still a still a bullish trend still a bullish trend let's see here three our unnatural volume on this candle right here which I don't think is going to be again as I said harbinger of continued up movement so there are some times when you do have to when you do have to take the higher time frame levels of resistance into account which is just that's just where we're at guys so sticking to my guns sitting in my short position and we'll see how that plays out there were a couple other things that I wanted to talk about here so let's go to the daily we looked at the emos and we looked at I don't think that HMO coup is actually gonna give us any actionable information yeah so actually kind of the same thing so inside breaking inside the Ichimoku cloud since since february 18th right here and then we had that little bit of upside consolidation typically typically when you do break inside the cloud you do expect to edge to edge trade and you as you can actually see we do actually have all right that took a while if I think I have it layered out here over on the tether chart have a layered out over here on the tether chart 24 hour time frame let's zoom this down just a little bit and throw in a two moku and yes we can see yeah so typically when you break inside of the cloud you do expect to edge to edge trade which would actually if that is true would would supposedly move this up to 54 40 similarly on the daily timeframe we're gonna get bullish TK cross on tether and of course on on on features as well but very similar to what we're talking about with our exponential moving averages we're about to get that 21 crossing over the 55 as well I have to take all that with a grain of salt because I know that that's what everybody else is looking at I know that's that's what everybody else is basing their trades off of and seeing as how I've been looking at this entire time and I've been very consistent what I've said guys I said hey guys you know if you guys recall if you guys have been watching the show for a while we went long at 3200 we went along at 3200 we actually took during this period in time we actually took like four trades but we took we took a positional from we took a positional from 3200 and when we got when we came up to weekly resistance as I talked about weekly time frame analysis looking at the bearish the bullish excuse me a weekly equilibrium block which is going to act as resistance I mean it's just this is an area when we have a dominant down trend and then the market puts in a little bit of resistance a little bit of shift in market structure for a whole week big Darth Maul candlewick to the upside Blake to the downside that is an area where the Bulls sensed weakness in the Bears and it is a likely area where they're going to retest but it still has to be resistance this still has to be viewed at as resistance until you're actually able to break above that level so saucy so I would expect to see the most likely thing again just to just a hammer this home guys I would expect to see after a after a nice run like that low volatility consolidation and then you can wait I mean that's really the safest move you can wait for the break up or the break down out of consolidation and again I talked about how to identify that as well three hour time frame one hour time frame strong candle body close on high volume generally good confirmation that the market is going to move and continue moving in that direction not waiting for confirmation and buying price when you know I know people that like watch the 15-minute chart people watch the 15-minute chart for example and or you know like the five-minute chart at some point in time guys this is what I want to talk about this with I want to talk about this with support and resistance and waiting for confirmation so you're looking at this level right here for example like say you're you're trying to take aetherium long or excuse me Bitcoin long and actually let's go look at the Mex chart because it's going to be it's going to give us a better example of what we're talking about here let's go down to the 15-minute time frame and talk about a common mistake the traders make so okay so you have you have this kind of example where you would have gotten faked out trying to take the long to the upside but again even on the 15-minute time frame there's no unnatural volume so very unlikely to continue moving in that direction there needs to be volume for the price to continue moving on in that direction but if you look at something like this for example say you're watching the 15-minute time frame you're saying all right well this is the 20 range high and if price goes above the 20 range high I'm going to go long because this is representing a clear break of resistance for example however you might be looking at this and thinking to yourself I would have been wrong but you have to remember at some point this wick it regardless of what time frame you're watching at some point this wick was not a wick when this was actually happening in the market and you're actively watching this this was a full candle and so you're thinking to yourself alright oh man look at that price is trading above resistance it's trading above the 20 range hi I've read investopedia and I know I should go along right now well if you would have just waited for the 15 minute candle to close you would have realized how terribly wrong you could be because doji's whether they're spinning tops long-legged doji's hammers dragonflies doesn't matter whenever you see a long wick at the local top of any movement you do not want to be continuing to go on in that direction generally generally okay so about it guys but all I got for for Bitcoin if we go over to aetherium it's going to be the exact same thing different numbers the exact same story different numbers but we will entertain it so let's actually go I'll pull up in our schedule and consider Bitcoin done but that's scheduling here a little bit I'm before I get into a theory I'm actually let's let's take a brief pause for the cause here gentlemen and ladies the two of you watching the stream excuse me all right go interact with a chat for a little bit guys hopefully again I hope you guys are doing very fantastic on this lovely lovely Saturday evening you know I went outside my house I have icicles that stretched down to the ground yes fantastic from the roof from the roof down rotors are rusts fuv says holding until I retire man hopefully next year you thank you blockchain cheeseburger I appreciate that man good to see a truce thanks for joining me right Bitcoin going to 1k tomorrow easy clap we got people saying next weekend Bitcoin to 5,000 we got people saying next weekend Bitcoin to 2.5 to 1,000 you who knew says you need to sell a theory in before the 28th the constants and ample Constantinople rolls out then a drop comes on a theorem it's Norval it's normal with a hard fork and software you all right Greg Meyer says how to take profit I am a greedy bastard well you just if you have previously hitting the green button you just hit the red button when you know here's kind of a good good rule of thumb a good rule of thumb is this is if you're in a trade if you're in a position and so this is I'm gonna say stuff to contradict this but let's just go with the first one first this is probably gonna sue you better it's might this might work this much this is what this is what I was told when I was starting out trading so we'll see how well it's aged because now I have a little bit more nuance around it when you first start out trading when I when I first began trading I was told that look ma'am if you were in good profit and you're looking at the charts and you're thinking to yourself should I take profit the answer is almost always yes the answer is almost always yes because I've heard the saying goes nobody ever went broke taking profit I believe in that I've heard some really crazy stuff that's like no people do go broke taking profit and that's how you enter exit trades too early that's all well and good it depends on your personal strategy so if you want to be a trend trader if you only want to trade strong trends first you have to identify the volatility the volume how likely is this trend likely to go because that's that's the thing traditional trend trading is gonna be profitable when you do catch a big trend but that involves a lot of deeper analysis that involves sector analysis that involves like okay you know how strongly is the market trending what is the historical you know repeatability of this I do want to pay attention now on the lower timeframes do the daily candle close so we've got about two minutes until the daily candle closes and I'm going to be watching the tether chart or Bitcoin and aetherium and I'm going to see which way they want to try and paint the next daily candle you okay you okay so okay so a little bit more nuance on that is if you are trend trading or whatever strategy that you have just have you know clearly well defined you know exit strategies again successful trading is if this then that it's if this then that there we go you feeling they're gonna paint it bearish yep they're gonna paint it bearish you which doesn't surprise me which doesn't surprise me for a Sunday you got to have one minute in the books here in about ten seconds one minute in the books for Sunday's chart Oh hahahahaha that's funny that's funny they did pana bearish all right anyway so the other is yeah okay so just to devolve on that sorry sometimes I lose my train of thought if this then that strategy man if this then that strategy you there is something to be said for actively managing your positions but statistically over time if you just have a profitable strategy and you have your you have your stop losses and take profits where they should be and then you just hit the button man you'll I I believe that you'll do better you but connect you Azrael hey sorry man if I missed your question dude he said Wow Wow Wow can you show me where that indicator is and then he said which one so I don't know which indicator exactly you're referring to I think you might be talking about the the the BitFenix total Long's and shorts all coins aggregate I think if you just type in BitFenix total yeah if you just type in BitFenix total and then to the indicator window it's right here by big herb proof of weak hands 3d keep up I have no eggs eze bro long as long-term I close at 20k I need that Lambo we got some requests for light coins so we will i'll throw like went up on the chart man I'll throw like went up on the chart it's getting to be about 6 o'clock so I'm gonna have to start running through these so again with with etherium my lambo will be running all right ah Peter Piper says Justin were you getting that long for shorts data from one good reference is tensor charts 10 shirt shirt says good well you know it century charts is gonna be a little bit different but tensor charts does have good stats this is better for looking at liquidations for example tensor charts it has baby opened up reason my tears lag and like on get up begone with you go away oh hey I'm where I am where I want to be you anyways let's sear so yeah another reason that I was uh if we go back and look at the see if we can sorry yep so looking at the daily to you you know there's a strong argument to be had that we need to liquidate more shorts but I think you know all the late bail on the late stage ones that piled in they might be gone anyways data mish is really good data bit quantity org is good looking at the bid-ask some on on Macs for example is really good to see sentiment coin farm coin farm is one of the best coin farm is great for looking at bit max long versus shorts you can see the aggression the number of markets the number of market Long's and shorts being put on which represents the aggression of the market you so yeah just about just about check out these time stamps right so just about three minutes ago we had three million to the short side market market short you can also look at the significant trade sticker am feeds good Agri trade significant trades is kind of a classic agra trade is a little bit better aggr trade forward slash pound this is each tab this open all the time but this will show you your significant trade sticker and then the other the other thing that I had on my chart which is the trading view script is gonna be that long versus short so be FX LX is the 1 by M 59 if you type in B FX LS f XLS yeah if X LS not there by m2 FX so just bit finnex it for next longs you should see em 59s indicator right there which is absolutely fantastic but for next along is versa shorts or that bit the next total buy big herb like it as well if you want to look at the whole cap look at the whole um okay what do I think about Elliot wave theory is a great way to lose money but a really good way to get people to think that you're intelligent just my personal preference man I know that a lot of people when they come into crypto and I just saw it happen all last year man really get some you know really get you know kind of like man Elliot wave is is where it is dude like you can tell where the markets gonna go um it it generally only works in hindsight so anything and here's the problem with Elliot wave theory man and I like I hear people argue against me but the fact remains is like as somebody who's been doing this for a while I have not met anybody who's like oh what's up man you've been trading for like five ten years cool dude yeah awesome like what you know how do you what's your strategy oh you know um I have I call signals based on overbought oversold conditions as well as price action if you know price is printing a certain candle my exit strategy is to ladder out of my my exits at multiples of ATR or at the first indication of an overbought signal etc or something like that right or you know hey I buy when the twenty one exponential moving average crosses the 55 and you know and I take a profit when I see a big wick you know whatever anything that makes sense to me write all those seemed like logical like profit-taking metrics right but I've never yet had a conversation with somebody that says yeah man you've been trading for a while yeah okay cool making a living at it yep what do you use Elliot waves never I've never heard that and every time I have heard it they actually were not making money so I'm again I don't want to paint the whole theory as like crap because I do think that it has general good purpose for determining for analysis right for analysis which is what I'm doing on the show so determining like overall whereas price likely to go here they're up down left right a little bit yeah okay maybe maybe it has some statistical significance I think that you're gonna have better success I think that you can have better success I'm looking at something like looking at something like Dow Theory or looking at something like Wyckoff accumulation and distribution understanding that's I base a lot of my understanding of Wyckoff accumulation and distribution you know markup distribution markdown accumulation RIA cumulation looking for things like Springs which now it's very popular I guess to understand concepts like stop-loss hunts and liquidity hunts which again people weren't really talking about that while ago especially especially encrypt occur um thank you so much Edward Park I appreciate that yeah so 3,000 subscribers by the way I do want to give a big big thank you guys to everybody that's been that's everybody that's been really helping the YouTube channel grow right and as well as all the followers on Twitch you guys are fantastic thank you to everybody who's been coming by the discord we just through a whole lot of new features in there guys we got the Alpha BOTS in there so we can do charts we've had we know we've had all pocket in there for a while we've got automatic notifications when there's air drops when there's new listings on an exchange we've got a volume scanner in there we've got a bot that scans volume you know we we we post free trade signals for individuals that want to follow along with kind of a taste of what goes down in the trading group we have a good time in there guys make sure you guys go check about it a few guys are not in there non-pom says I'm not gonna buy a Lambo I'm gonna buy an orphanage or something similar instead much cooler I would buy an orphanage if there was somebody like L from Death Note in there I would do that but that's that's noble man thank you okay a lot of comments Manson I just got to scroll down to the bottom man sorry okay Zuhair Naqvi on I apologize I missed your super chat man thank you so much thank you so much for the donation my good friend um he asks shorted 41:58 where to look for if we're positioning to test the weekly 21x mention verdict 41:58 shorted 41:58 then you're sitting you're sitting along with me but with a better entry so I'll give you guys I'll just I'll show you my have you shorted 41:58 you are a beast although I'll tell you what I would have been I would have been looking to get in here had I been in front of my computer but I wasn't so I had to enter into this consolidation period so I'm aggressive or whatever and again I fully expect price to move against me a little bit but I'll show you my setup man I will show you my setup so likely areas to take profit are obviously previous levels of resistance of consolidation so you've got an area from thirty nine thirty to thirty nine sixty you have thirty seven eighty you also have thirty six fifty those would be your initial take profit targets again if we break again to me if we open and close a daily below thirty six fifty then we're going down to thirty one but based off you could assume that that's where we be there that you can assume that that's where we would be going anyways based off the along Stu shorts ratios because they've got to get liquidated I think I really do think they need to be liquidated the market is going to move towards liquidity weekly 21 exponential moving average well if we do test if we do retest the weekly 21 exponential moving average that's gonna be bringing us in proximity to the first trouble area that I talked about in the long-term analysis of Bitcoin the weekly the long-term weekly resistance level coming in right around 46 24 it kind of actually stretches up to 50 150 but that's that's a sticky area where the markets likely to get sticky and run into resistance and you do actually have that weekly 21 coming around 24 75 actually sitting at 4490 so potential potential but I'm going to go ahead and assume that weekly resistance is going to be weekly resistance enough I'm wrong that's the price that I pay for taking profitable position thank you so much for the donation man yeah it's this court dot crackin cryptocurrency common guys can eat there you here you Redbeard says in the options menu you can change this and make a check at don't overlap price tag or something yeah I've tried that and I'm just the the level of profundity of which I'm upset with how trading you has just gummy DUP they're scaling I cannot express more likely elysian says have you seen BTC LTC I'm all-in we'll take a look man alright let's go back let's go take a look at some charting guys I'm 615 615 guys so I'm giving me one minute I'm gonna go grab some more water when I come back I think we're gonna go ahead and skip aetherium because it's basically the same same song different verse that I'm looking at with that I'm that I'm looking at with them but I'm looking at with Bitcoin if you guys recall again and I had posted that that eath USD long that I wasn't able to take advantage of anyways because of my because of my my situation now eath is a tiny bit different we have hit my secondary upside target that I talked about here previously I mean just just whipped right into it guys I don't add these lines to the chart guys go back and watch yesterday's video that level was right there man so 159 which did represent previous daily resistance now looking at the weekly timeframe we do have our first critical resistance coming at us at 167 32 I'm so it's difficult for me to be an interested buyer again just as just as I was talking about with Bitcoin a thrust up would not surprise me to see a fairly high volatility wick but again on the daily time on the daily up on the daily timeframe etherium is now overbought has not been overbought I'm on time transformation since back here in these two levels right here back since the beginning of January so I do have to assume that after a run like this we get sideways consolidation and a break to the downside even if we already continue higher I think that a lot of the end of the jewels that are going along right now they're gonna need to be liquidated so right now I am I'm short on the entire market pretty much short in the entire market if if we pull back and solid eight at a level of previous resistance and find support and begin moving upwards then I could potentially tentatively look to enter in and in too long guys but again you need to go with what the market tells you guys so those are those are the critical levels the first level of pullback that I see for aetherium is gonna be 148 30 followed by 140 and 120 6.95 getting down below 126 95 more more conservative would be 1 1932 and then we're going back to 80 bucks we're going back to 80 buck and again based on the along shorts ratios that should in my opinion that is my that is my bias right now you hey no no problem to you rebel owner no uh no there are no stupid questions man we're always happy to help I know that sometimes I'm a little bit lazy I'm bad sometimes at side watching the charts so guys give me like one minute I'm gonna go grab some water we're gonna look at ILP for Eli we're gonna look at IO P for your first man and then we'll look at litecoin and and hopefully we'll be able to talk about some other funny stuff guys and Kolya the way that I got those levels 48:40 88 240 161 on the weekly timeframe that is the candle body of the weekly equilibrium blog weekly timeframe weekly time frames that is the candle bodies that is the candle that is the true range of the not the true range the absolute range of the candle that formed resistance where you had a shift in market structure alright guys I'll be back in 30 seconds man don't go anywhere by the way as I'm going on break as always guys make sure to hit those like buttons if you're enjoying the content guys give us a sub if you haven't already guys we still have the x42 giveaway going on so while you're waiting for me to come back check out X 42 dot crack and cryptocurrency com make sure you guys get an opportunity to get 5 masternodes worth of X 42 which we are going to give away to five lucky competitors guys um and that's about it guys I'll be right back I find the button there we go all right all right all right cool back thank you guys for being patient and for hanging in there guys I highly appreciate it that question real quick red beard says I'm still learning to read the market but I can't decide if I should use RSI stochastics tachi RSI or MACD what are you using and could you explain why thank you so I am using I don't use I don't use any of those I think of those the best one is going to be the stochastic I don't like the stochastic RSI I know that some people like it I don't personally I would actually recommend using the Fisher transform that's what I've based I'm transformation off of I've taken the underlying Fisher transform algorithm and transformed it to incorporate other elements of the market that I think as well as treat the as well as tweak the underlying algorithm for better results but in their own right smack DS MACD is a good MACD is a good indicator stochastic is a good indicator the only what what makes them good or bad is how you can apply them how you can apply them to your trading strategy and a strategy that works for you so we're gonna go over here and we're gonna take a look at IO p bt c bow a little local io p bt gotcha Eli whoa excuse me first burp of the night whoo all right Virgil scales to the right I am starving in a lie so I let's just let's just talk briefly about what altcoins are likely to do the miners and the medium terms so to meet the medium caps and the minor caps the low sack poins all that stuff that stuff's probably gonna take a big hit it's gonna take a big hit after bitcoins on its run as soon as we get some sideways consolidation all coins are likely to see a bit of a run all coins are likely to see a bit of a run so you're kind of looking again you have to do your own analysis on each individual chart for each coin that you're looking at because you do have to approach each differently but when you're just doing general like sector analysis for example again money flows from the big caps from the majors to the to the larger caps so you're taught so money flows from Bitcoin in theory I'm price move sideways money flows into the big to the large cap so your tron your ripple your your you know your light coin your your stellar lumens so just your top ten your top 20 on coin market cap for example market cap by volume and then it flows into your medium-term coins so you've got your Komodos you've got your many coins many coins so why I've got my mediums your waves your V chain ontology doge bitcoin gold quantum Oh mais go h OT be a TD cred link rep so augurs ilaqua 0x list bein bc n BTS bitshares nano a bitcoin diamond for example so i update this these are the really the only things that i'm interested in looking at um as you can see I do have my if you guys can see I have my watch lists here so pretty much I I mostly trade tether pairs when I'm on Finance so I trade on Finance and bit Mex am I pretty much only trade USD T pairs have only been really trading USD T pairs for quite a while I do put out I do put out calls for Bitcoin pairings but generally personally I generally am only interested in taking USD t pairs because of how I can manage my risk again in a bear market mostly preferring to sit and fiat for the most part then I've got my medium cap so that's kind of the the flow that I look into and then and then generally I don't I don't like to take low cap coins but because liquidity becomes an issue but there are times when I will so that's kind of the progression so from Bitcoin and aetherium into the majors into the mediums and into the low SATs right it's just a nice cyclical wave right it's a nice market cycle it's it's it's a it's a repeatable identifiable pattern 99 cent checking Nuggets McDonald son oh man wrong hand squad checking in what's going on web dev newbie good to see him in Zuhair Navi says getting rekt on beam and grin yeah those were not those were not good ones chain link saw very good day trading coin man I've been trading we have been doing link us DT things in their time alrightso IOP man ok so again just just to be just to be realistic your man still longer time analysis man doesn't look great dude just you know lower lows lower eyes like I talked about in a period of consolidation so generally when we do get consolidation we do see this thing put out some nice moon candles for a while as you can see we have extreme downward consolidation then we kind of II bottom but from that move down into more symmetrical or excuse me kind of falling wedge style consolidation I'll break to the upside following which consolidation again and then that strong break on high-volume to the downside again kind of the same thing that we were talking about when we're looking for which direction are things likely to move a strong full candle body close generally on high volume out of consolidation is going to be a strong indication that price is going to continue moving on in that direction so we've been talking about ILP for a while man so time transformation on the daily gave you the sell signal right here right at the top very nice now time transformation did go ahead and throw in a buy right here time transformation through in a buy right here would not have protected you you've probably gotten wrecked from the stop-loss hunt right here but then right here we do have we do have regular bullish divergence right here on this candle red here so we have a lower low in price action because again time transformation is calculated on the close again I experiment with the open the open high low close HL to ohlc 3 all that stuff excuse me o HC 3 you we had an invader you hey great question red beard all subscribers to the group have access to the time transformation indicator as well as Qadri go ATR see see EEMA got other indicators that I've written in there – I'm multiple ones that I'm working on right now but I took a break it took me a to me a long time to get this all perfected the way that I wanted it to so after after a bitch after a big task like that man kind of take probably might take a month off from writing you indicators but I have I have other strategies and everything again I'm kind of a new comer to to pines so learning all the nuances of their of their syntax which is god-awful honestly is as miniature but it's fun it's it's fun I really enjoy it okay so IOP man 24 hour time frame analysis guys listen listen we put in some regular bullish divergence here got a nice reaction from the top we are at daily local resistance so candle body closing resistance right here coming in at 31 68 let's see what are the take a second to pop up Ritter area okay so I believe the last time that we spoke I believe the last time that we spoke price was right here so wasn't that I believe the last thing that I said again I'd have to rewind but just looking at this I'd have to re-watch the old shows but just looking at this it seems like obviously we have plotted the strong be long term resistance trendline right here the strong long term resistance trendline price pokes its head briefly above right here really before the the the nice a nice little collapse right here but time transformation tells you a this is a fake this is a fake and again kind of that same thing that I'm talking about guys when you have price in an uptrend and then you put in a very long wick on unnatural volume right here price print time transformation prints a yellow diamond strong wick to the upside after an established uptrend price is most likely going to move to the downside and on the very next candle does actually give you the sell signal right there so I think we had talked about these as potential upside targets right you were talking about pump and dump I think was this last time we talked you said you were worried you said you were worried the price is gonna pump now couple positive things that we can talk about right here again just the fact that the entire the entire kind of market is probably gonna rally because the money is gonna flow into the medium caps and the low caps so you do have an opportunity for price appreciation here I do think but just looking at this right now again still not something that I would really want to trade man just overall overall still the the chart looks like crap but again I'll do my best do my best with what I've got currently printing a bullish day right now Oh too yeah currently printing a bullish day in price action hi cannot shoot trend is still bearish that the trend just caught up so we will switch that over to the eighth hour because I do like to look at the eight hour trend so still a bearish 8 hour trend as well even though price action is rallying a little bit you're gonna really be able to tell if you get rejection here from 3048 which is kind of the low of this candle obvious also roughly a 50% retracement of the of the candle itself of the previous bearish candle if you get rejected from the 50% retracement and kind of from the lows so in this range I'd say if 30 30 to 60 doesn't look good doesn't look good but the other positive thing is we have talked about this upper price target of 2995 I do believe because I excuse me cyan lines represent take profit targets that is my that's how I do my charting actually change those over so now this is support as you see we have daily resistance right here you have a break above you have support you break down below way below and then you consolidate around that level access resistance suppressing price and then you do break to the upside you get resistance right here you get resistance right here from your upper levels from your breakdown zones so from previous support current resistance all right so this is your resistance zone coming in at thirty one sixty five the daily opening and closing above that I think you're gonna go to thirty to forty eight I don't see anything holding you back from thirty to forty eight above that 3843 those are your upper moonshot targets I would say I don't necessarily see anything on here besides a daily SR flip that would make me want to be an interested buyer besides the fact that again you're looking at this and you're thinking well you know price is really low price is putting in consolidation we've already had a stop loss on to the downside so that is a positive thing as well just as I was talking about you have a you have a strong wick to the downside I'm transformation Prince unnatural volume and price is likely to move in the other direction you don't have confirmation of a breakout yet so a breakout would be a nice candle closing on strong volume out of this consolidation area that's being suppressed by the previous breakdown zone right here so you see had you had initially you have support at 3165 you can see you have support at thirty-one 65 for this previous level of consolidation you broke down from that zone now that zone is acting as resistance you do need to get back above 30 165 if you're gonna be excited about these upward price targets and I'd say in the short term if you do get rejection from the low of the previous candle the low of the previous high and roughly the 50% retracement mark of this bearish candle doesn't look good but this is now your governing factor your your governing horizontal now is twenty nine ninety five and thirty one sixty five and in between then you have to use lower timeframes to trade that range you have to use lower timeframes to trade that range so getting a nice bullish reaction off what should be acting as support right now on the daily timeframe and that's that's where you're at man getting down getting back down below there's a couple ways to look at this getting back down below opening and closing below twenty nine ninety five it doesn't look good you probably want to cut your losses opening and closing below the resistance trend the supportive trendline does not look good either because then you're getting back down into just the bear territory the price has been in all the while now again when price kind of shuffles out of a trendline when price kind of shuffles out sideways for a little bit it's shuffle so you do get a lower timeframe reaction off this is an again this is a low stack coin so we're talking about a 15% pump but no man and really optimistic tentatively optimistic doesn't look like anything I'd want to trade really I wouldn't be an interested buyer on the short term above until about 30 165 and then you can you can manage risk by setting your stop-loss somewhere around 8 our candle close below 31 21 you take 34 28 38 43 then you have to re-evaluate them because then you're coming up to range highs he coming up to ranch eyes at that level but but yeah man we'll see what happens again it where I'd wear I'd have my eye on right now if I was trading this asset is does price respect 2995 s support do we open and close the candle below 2995 doesn't look good and then your current governing resistance is 30 165 higher time frame analysis you Invader let's see her sargam cigar Mantha online TV that's a heck and well that's a lot man um says how can I set an indicator which indicator is best and what is a good timing period for day trading so again there's I like the Fisher transform I think the Fisher transform is a fantastic indicator that's what I've been using for a very long time now and I've compiled that into time transformation but when you're talking about momentum indicators or oscillators for example I mean there's a thousand man again I would recommend if I was just giving kind of the advice that I get to everybody is start looking at hi Kenosha for trend trading look at Rinku is another very good trader trading trading strategy as well exponential moving averages do work very well HMO COO works very well volume profile these are all helpful things but they're only helpful insofar as they can help you make decisions the biggest problem is that you start throwing on a lot of indicators onto your chart and and your you get analysis paralysis because they're all gonna say different things you know there are ways that you can make your indicators work for you but it you just got to spend the time developing the strategy back testing your strategy and developing something that's gonna work for you on your schedule on your timeframe and that gives you if this then that strategy man if this then that happened if this if this happens then I do this if this happens then I do this so you know if for example if the eight hour time transformation gives me a buy signal and price action looks good the higher time frames look good we're close to higher timeframe levels of support and then I'll generally take the trade if this than that if I get a higher time frame sell signal I'll jet and and I look and we're close to resistance and we've had a recent volume spike then I'll generally take the trick you need volume and liquidity to make the trade worthwhile mark crypto bot says I'm buying a 1984 Honda CRX hell yeah dude what a stoploss that is a level where you are going to take a loss so that you don't take a larger loss I am from America Kolia says hey Justin the weekly equilibrium block in finance fits in the middle of my weekly equilibrium block in daily equilibrium block on pit mix which one to follow I realized that it is zone but it's a wide area um so uh again I'll just we'll just go back to my chart and I'll talk about mine so I'm talking about the areas that are important to me are gonna be the actual candle bodies and closes um so as you can see I would not rule out a big wick to the upside but again I would stop my losses at 4228 if we get an hour like handle opening and closing about 40 to 28 I'll realize that I've been wrong about my particular trade and then I'll wait for a pullback and potentially look to go along because that would represent a pretty significant change in market structure if we are able to open and close a daily candle above 40 90 excuse me what's the level on what's the level on tether about 40 161 so yeah this is a huge range man you're talking about a 7% range so I would recommend I would recommend watching something like BT see us DT for direction because it's often gonna move much more clearly than bit max and then you just take your trade on bit max but again you establish the same lines and levels as well and I realize that I got a lot on the chart now but that's because of I'm actively trading but yeah generally you always want to go with your spot analysis because spot spot is going to move move futures but you can't you again you have to look at your levels and your entries and exits on necks as well but when you're looking for market direction tether because it's not able to be manipulated by a and the order books better on tether to the order book is more reliable if you're doing order flow trading the reason why is because you know an 18 year old or 13 year old kid can't manipulate the books if he's got 10 grand by putting on hundred thousand dollar position hey what's going on now good to see bro you missed it all man awesome dude I'd love to see Nepal dude that's awesome I Mick says in yes we do need to look at litecoin cryptic says hey great stream thank you so much man I appreciate that interested to know what you think of the relatively poor performance of zerp compared to proof-of-work coins in recent weeks you know we've done we've done some long-term analysis of zerp mam I don't think a lot has changed I would I would be inclined to say that so let's look at the majors I'm just gonna go answer this real quick yeah actually that's interesting so it popped off because I was looking at SERP and I kind of wanted to go long on SERP and we do see that it is getting a nice bullish reaction from the rest of the market overall still fairly bearish on it because again we've seen this kind of pumping behavior from zerk before I got a lot of flack for not being bullish at the all time at the recent local high whatever but yeah man there's nothing here that really indicates that this is going to be more the same we do see kind of that that clear that clear indication right here the price is potentially going to make we do get the 8-hour buy signal right here on time transformation as you can see a yellow triangle printed it was such a low low range up there you can see the buy signal right there printed in the candle and then we put in that nice wick that nice little stop-loss run right here so again long wick generally prices gonna move in the opposite direction so at this point in time I'd consider that my opportunities probably been lost on SERP I was actually just right before the show was looking at a SERP h19 and thinking about opening up a long position just because I saw that's just based off simple analysis the markets down we're very oversold overall I'm still bearish but looking for a price reaction I would expect the rest of the market to rally and since litecoin is already up like just just skyrocketing mooning and SERPs put in pretty much no no bullish reaction it doesn't surprise me that we're getting a nice bullish reaction here from up here it's just an underperformer so you do look for underperformers to do well when their time comes so yeah very good very good nice bullish reaction here from SERP I do see current resistance coming around 8550 on spot price alright so let's look at litecoin so LTC BTC weekly timeframe yeah kind of the same thing man weekly level of resistance that we're coming up on right now I'm kind of forming this nice if you were if you were so so so minded you would say man we're gonna form a cup and handle well if we were to form a cup and handle which keep in mind guys I do not do cup and handle patterns but let's look at the big ones if we were gonna form a cup and handle pattern I don't know why that Oh interesting so I guess I need to make templates yeah you see that now you see a bro Sisu so that should be ICT interesting so apparently change huh okay well that's weird but anyways um if we were gonna form a cup and handle typically uh Panhandle strategy and again I don't rake up nettles but you would look to be an interested buyer between 236 and 3 a 2 so 107 to 116 you would look to purchase in this range and your stop-loss does go below your 50% retracement so 0.0 0.1 0.01 weekly timeframe if you were looking for a cup and handle for this to continue on to the upside that would be or that would be your game plan now looking for a profit target on that you would be looking at something like you'd be looking for something like an equilibrium swing or a one-to-one extension of the movement that's measuring from the top so you would actually want to measure it from your entry level for a one-to-one so actually the better way to do this sari is with a fib trend extension so trend based fib extensions so we'd measure from the low to the high and then from where we would want to be entering and you're looking for an equilibrium swing of like while you're seven eight six takes you to your next level of Likud resistance which is point zero one five four eight your equilibrium swing would bring you up to point zero one six nine so that's the bullish case that's the bullish scenario for litecoin again I think that looking at the entire market I do expect a little bit of sideways consolidation and then a breakage to the downside breakage to the downside would be my personal situation looking at like when independently though if we just look at litecoin and look at the coin itself what do we see see a nice a bullish run right here let's see we've got on the daily timeframe we do have regular bearish divergence we had printed a red cell signal right here and yes I know we printed a red cell sitting right there but we also printed a buy signal right here guys let's keep this in the context profit-taking when we're trading against the dominant trend until the dominant trend changes or you're just looking to do you're just looking to do it too to trade it exactly as it purports to be traded let's actually the current time resolution so still a daily bullish trend we've had a Trent we had a trend flip back down here at 1:15 roughly I'm still a bullish Daly Trent coming up for a nice double top on resistance and if this does reject from here on this would be a classic SFP min so we've had we have a high we raid the high right here form a slightly higher high and close close lower than that we're not actually able to convincingly close above the level because you can see actually we close lower than the previous swing high we put in bearish irregular bearish divergence on the higher time frame on the daily timeframe as well and then we see price pullback form a little bit of sideways consolidation for the last two days I would expect us to move further to the downside really the the indicative factor here is do we form do we end up forming a lower high if we end up forming a lower high then I would expect us to form a lower low up would be my analysis a Bitcoin of course we can take the breakout if we do end up on the daily timeframe getting above point zero one three for me potentially closing a daily above that level and not just wicking above our next levels our next level is really to take profit we don't have really resistance until point zero one five so let's look at just looking at the daily timeframe for potential take profit targets we would definitely want to be taking profits here you front-running the resistance level but that's the bullish scenario but we already talked about the we already talked about the the bullish level on the weekly timeframe if you wanted to be overly bullish you would say to yourself you'd say Justin the cup and handle has already been formed and I would tell you well I don't rate cup noodles but we'll take a look at him so that would pause it in that would posit in that if we do end up breaking to the upside that after the pullback so let's actually take a look and see daily timeframe let's see what that was a pullback to yeah not even a pullback it was a pull back to the 236 I'll shoot now I've got big illness and I want big illness alright save as big ones yes I'd like to replace okay so yes we did have that nice pull back to the two three six again generally when you're looking to buy a cup and handle pattern and this is kind of a congruent for all bullish continuation patterns pull back to the two three six three a two stop loss below the 0.5 is your longer term way to look at those things so as we talked about on the weekly time frame when we did the weekly analysis looking at the midline of the two three six and the three eight – looking for an optimum purchased there that would that gave us the seven eight six right at resistance the point zero one five four eight right now we now see that that seven eight six is above and if we're looking for and if we're looking for an equilibrium swing here measured from the daily time frame that actually be at point zero one seven five so I still have to look at this as a topping pattern I still have to look at this as an SFP until proven wrong otherwise I would expect us and do expect us actually to move further down so this is now support and if you're waiting for confirmation then you're waiting for the daily to open and close below point zero one seven nine right now you're in the middle of the range or you're in that no-man's land so not really an area where you really want to do anything honestly but yeah going down to the 8 hour timeframe what do we see here we see a nice bullish retest of resistance price chugs its way up on low volume we get a nice blow-off top here we get yep a natural volume longer wick to the upside price does move in the opposite direction now we do have a tower hidden bullish divergence right here and we are getting a nice reaction from that so again the indication that I want to see is when we top on this on this next cycle do we form a lower high if we form a lower high overall then I would expect to see a lower low you you done you would oh you know it's Becky whoa that's not a scam or less Matos you you we shall see you or you up check you it says thank you for the good points on the long term Hodler observe and nothing else I bought it because it seems to be run by the kind of establishment scumbags who end up putting everything oh man yeah for sure Mel you so we want to check out d'caché Toshi's vision any good books about Forex or crypto yeah man a ton dude i've got like several hundred books in our database light database resource library what do I think about forex trading use trade Forex man do I prefer trading crypto over for X yes um why does hit BTC charge so much if you want to move your coins token to ledger because that's a scam volume is volume that is over the volume moving average or just just just a lot of volumes to town of volume and big volumes bite Ripple Neos gonna be $1,000 in my opinion hell yeah go into the moon man get your boots on gonna be like you right on right on right on good good stuff dude I think I think syrups gonna move up a little bit higher guys it was an underperformer so it would not surprise me to see higher price appreciation she had this nice nice long tail the downside after a little bit of consolidation stop-loss hunt after this after this man this thing's pregnant fire just as I said man you guys I was I was looking at this I was looking at this right before I went on the show and I was like like a goodbye and then I didn't I want I did the show so that's too light now I won't be I won't be chasing something like that so we'll see how it's uh k7 GSXR what's going on man um do i chart be cash USD on crack and nah don't I need the charts I probably need a chart on cracking more but I just mostly I mean most of what I trade is I mostly try to theory him I'm mostly trade etherium and Bitcoin on Macs and so most of the charts I look at on a daily basis are gonna be these four right here so tether tether ioi reference everything against tether I think I think I think BT see us DT moves the markets on next I really do or that's not lately accurate but hopefully you guys understand what I'm saying get good direction on max man you need good direction on and and then I trade I use USD T bearings on on ripple so this is where I sit at it's why I have my two tabs right here so I have this which is pretty much what I actively trade and then I have and then I have this watchlist I'm not in anything a system we spend out of time last things we traded on last things I traded on Finance was 80 USD t B&B us CT link oMG that's pretty much what I I'd a trade is is the tether pairs the reason why I like the tether pairs more is because they're a that you can you can send Fiat more and as opposed to trading a lot of the all coins on Mex there it's harder to manipulate the markets it's more reliable the the technical analysis is cleaner the trades are cleaner my wife still visibly huh uh hey thoughts on that yeah we traded vet so if you guys go check out the free signals channel in in the discord discord dot cracking cryptocurrency dot-com guys um I called let me pull it up here right here Oh vici but a while ago posted this for some reason I started horizon um back on the 20th of February you guys can go look at that right now if you want if you're so inclined mediums so V chain is going to be right here so the last time I was looking at V chain the last time I was looking at V chain I was looking for a bullish reaction I'm off support here at 108 which we did yet you had shorter term targets right here I don't have the longer-term targets I just have support resistance on here but I talked about taking profit at 120 125 and 133 so 120 125 is come and gone 133 is kind of our next area if we can get over 128 is current local range resistance at 128 so we'll see how that plays out see how that plays out nice looking at the a looking at the a tower a nice nice bull flag pattern right here where you have price contraction of the downside and a nice bullish reaction off the top don't really like this candle right there because sometimes it's continuation and sometimes sometimes it's a harbinger of a failed rally to the upset but all that can be really said about be changes you know if you if you bought anywhere down here I don't really have a strong opinion on it I got current again we've got range resistance at 128 so just being realistic looking at this pattern right here and getting a nice reaction off of it it's a potential buy you pretty much double up if you close your a tower above 122 and you looked at a profit from 128 or you front-run 128 but if we just take a if we take a wider loo if we take a wider look at V chain right here we've got resistance resistance resistance resistance you know at what happens every time we get resistance but now this time will be different maybe would be just wait for that break out man which you definitely don't do is you don't enter in the middle of the range unless that's unless you've got some some bullish indications that you should be entering your during a new your trade think more often than not you're likely to fail off of that but like I said you know three hour time frame nice bullish contraction of the downside potential breakout to the upside classical bow flight pattern man moves or anything like that but redundant intent intent good move Jay man hell yeah you a Bolivian billionaire hey thanks so much man I appreciate the comment it is 659 sorry guys it is movie night Saturday gotta go so just brief a brief recap on everything that's going on guys I am purty bearish that's for real guys so I do have a short position open on XP TUSD guys I did and this is gonna sound like blah I really wanted to be on I really wanted to be short on a theory but I had to spend the day away from my computer with my family so I wasn't able to get the best entry that I want although right now looks really damn good I'm not gonna lie so here's the five minute time frame for aetherium actually right before I started the show right before I started the show I did got a buy signal on the five-minute TT so I'm gonna hi bye holla holla holla holla high-volatility you guys DM anybody if you want scalp to the upside 159 8 159 18 is about a 1% of profit not too bad to throw in my to throw in my one day trade a day I figured I had to do something for Saturday so that was a pretty good trade right now sitting in a positional short for xbt USD I've talked about the metrics here but oh sorry that's tether let's pull open the metrics here as we can see right here here's my stop-loss up here 4228 from my entry it'll be about be about a 2.7 percent loss if that triggers hourly needs to open and close above that level for me to happen if that should happen then my current thought process is my current thought process is that most likely if that does happen then we will probably look to retest then we'll probably potentially look to retest the upper high of that that bearish equilibrium block which is 44 20 on max so at that point in time if my stop loss does get triggered I'll probably wait for a pullback and look to enter into a long up to that area well but really skittish about that man really skittish I do not like I do not like I do not like longing into an area where I think that there's lots of piranhas and land sharks just lying around waiting to strike so um listen guys I could be completely wrong but here's what I'm hearing everywhere else on YouTube I'm hearing everybody and it's just not just YouTube but you know and again this is just what everybody tells me you know I'm seeing it on Twitter everybody's got their moon boots on everybody's screaming for 6,000 could totally happen man could totally happen and I'm willing to get stopped out a couple times before I say alright guys yeah okay let's go why because the you know that you're talking about the risk to reward from here to here or here to these levels like it's worth being cautious about it's worth being cautious before you throw your money into the market where you no longer have control over it and now the markets and control so you click that button you are in control once you click the button you're no longer in control so when we're entering into an area in the market where I'm like where I've been saying for a long time guys hey when we came up to resistance talked about going short we came up to resistance again what about going short we came up to resistance again took the break out of the nice pattern on aetherium so that's the that's the last positional trade from etherium long from 120 to 50 out of that trade though okay and I was just talking about that that was a good entry but all right so it's all good I've got I'm not gonna take two correlated trades in the same direction even though I think aetherium is going to go right along with your name's gonna go right along with Bitcoin and yeah there's more risk to reward but I don't know maybe it's a uh maybe it's a maybe it's a personal thing but I'm gonna open up my short on on aetherium or excuse me on Bitcoin which I already have open don't really feel the need to take a theory I'm short with it that's that doesn't make any sense to me you're I choose you Bitcoin I choose you to short and then I'll probably I'll probably look to scalp long other old coins I think that all coins are going to pump right now that would not surprise me one bit so I think you've got pretty good opportunities EOS if I had to choose a coin that I'd also like to short alongside EOS would be it it's it's really overextended Yas and litecoin would be my choices for winning too short any users yes that's about it for me today guys let's do the regular ain't no problem guys thank you so much for joining me thank you so much for spending your Saturday evening with me you've all been fantastic people I hope listen don't get rekt out there guys be very cautious be very cautious with your positions man again like I said once you click that button man you're no longer in control so make sure that you know make sure that you're willing to a accept a loss anytime you click the button and make sure that you feel confident about what you're doing you know I talked about BTT a while ago man looking for that breakout trade did not do what I wanted it to do didn't open and close a three-hour candle above resistance um hasn't opened and closed a three-hour candle above resistance yet every time it's booked set up here it's gotten rejected man so I do have my initiation level now so I'm gonna wait for that if I'm for wait for my initiation level wait for a pullback and then I'll go along on be ttusd team but not until then man this just this smells so much like it's the smell so much like you know this smells so much like distribution man nice symmetrical pattern could break to the upside but it does have the potential to break to the downside so the next entries are gonna be the entry for a breakout trade 3-hour candle opening and closing above resistance preferably above the equilibrium line I think if we open and close the 3-hour candle above the the resistance downturn right here and then get a kick off get a push off I might enter like 15 percent of a regular position sighs I'll add the rest if we open and close pull back and get a kick off of off my initiation level coming in at 102 102 102 320 is what I'm gonna do with BTT I've been keeping my eyes on this for a while so or you know again time transformation doing real yeoman's work here on the 3 hour time frame as well for TT r 4b TT so if i get if we come back down to the ascending trendline that'll be the third touch of the ascending trendline we get and over again an oversold signal by signal and time transformation a snap there too but that'll be a scalp that'll be a lower could turn into a longer-term trade Denzil we break resistance always actively monitoring my person so I'd say guys alright thank you so much for joining the show man you guys are fantastic awesome wonderful people man thank you so much Jasper dude I was able to get liquidated on TRX hey congratulations man I'm sorry to hear that bro hop in the discordant hop in the discord next time in technical analysis channel is a good resource in there I do believe um so we are still giving away guys if this is your first time to the show make sure to support us man hit those thumbs up buttons we highly appreciate it man give us a sub if this is your first time we're here everyday on the weekends from 5 to 7 you'll see the schedule here in a little bit from Monday through Friday from 12 to 2 I'll check out X 42 dot Kraken cryptocurrency calm guys if you just go to our website Kraken cryptocurrency calm you're gonna see the pop-up take you right to the giveaway 916 total entrance let's see if we can make it over a thousand guys we're giving away 5 masternodes worth of X 42 there's 8 days left in the competition so really really pleased that we made the investment on this giveaway platform so you guys can take Pitt take part in this using any of your existing social media accounts and if you guys just go show some love for X 42 and the cryptocurrency community you guys gonna have your opportunity to win a masternode worth of X 42 guys so very excited okay a big shout-out to proud supporters of the show guys make sure you guys go check out ex 42mm aucoin specter security coin and of course your crypto daily guys I believe the links are in the description down below or they're in the discord guys they all have their own separate channels in the discord so again thank you everybody I hope you guys have a fantastic evening we do have the x42 if you guys want to trade along with us guys if you want to have more access to my analysis if you want to get access to all the traders and analysts who work for crack and cryptocurrency if you want to get access to their trades to their trade setups then you guys should consider checking out the link at the top of the screen right there premium dot crack and cryptocurrency com you guys can join our premium trading group get access to all our trade signals and setups our community access to the private discord on the members lounge the VIP day trading voice chat our resource library where we have books courses webinars seminars everything that you need to supplement your journey into trading as well as access to my personal webinar series designed to teach you how to be a profitable trader and follow along with my strategies as well as access to all our indicators as well um still looking for people to help us out a little bit behind the scenes guys so Jasper highly appreciate you helping us out man um if anybody wants to help us out with writing articles with doing a little bit of graphic design for thumbnails for the show or for helping us out with a little bit of videography feel free to DM me in the discord or hit us up at contact at cracking cryptocurrency dot-com and I want to ask you guys a question man keep the conversation going on in the discord do you think that we're going to 4,500 5,000 or do you think we're going down to 2,500 that's the question that I want you guys to answer hop in the discord discord cracking cryptocurrency comm I want to know what you guys think guys so until tomorrow guys you guys have a fantastic evening great safely

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  1. Hello i have say on live (47:30 at 51:00) BTC going 4600$ MAX and going at 1500/1800$, tooday starting going -1800$. It's historical BTC cycle. After range and bullrun +70k$

  2. Here are the timestamps for today (roughly, will refine in a couple hours)
    0:08:20, Intro
    0:12:00, TA on Bitcoin
    0:57:00, Interacting with the chat; where to take profit? Longs vs shorts; what about Elliott wave?
    1:17:00, Short TA on Ethereum
    1:24:00, What alts are we keeping an eye on, and what will happen to alts with this Bitcoin move?
    1:28:00, TA on IOP
    1:37:30, Interacting with the chat on equalibrium blocks, indicators and strategies
    1:42:00, Quick look at XRP
    1:44:00, TA on Litecoin
    1:58:00, quick look at VET
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