they laid this whole thing out back in 2011 the goal is to capture your wealth and when they say this is the last wealth transfer mechanism I believe they mean it because they want it all all of it friends thanks so much for tuning in I have a breaking news crypto update for you that I think is very important I was going to do a one-off video micro doc about this today but I reached back out to Lynette Zhang who broke the news in her recent video called the global unit of account from USD to the SDR has started so Lynette has agreed to jump back on to give us a breaking news update i TM tradings Lynette Zhang is here now Lynette thanks for joining us oh it's my pleasure Sean I'm glad you called uh-huh it is very important and you know it might end up proving my friend Chris Duane right about all of this stuff he's been very suspicious of Bitcoin and how this could be used to ensnare humanity for a very long time here's the thing in this discovery you've made about the ACC coin I believe it's a sea chain org become super node a lot of concerns here and based on that video that you put out yesterday I received this from Brad Peters who is a Intel software designer he happens to be working on a coin of his own called precious coin with a team of his friends and after he watched your video he said this Sean if a global crypto coin controlled by the BIS comes to internationalize property onto their crypto blockchain they get their one-world government in one-world currency all in the same stroke this is your 2018 Economist cover and they can print at will and maintain their control of the currency markets even in the crypto universe they get to maintain control and gain full visibility into transactions tell us about the ACCC token how did you find out about this and what do you make of it well actually a really wonderful viewer Kevin sent me the link and when somebody sends me something I always look at it then if I think it needs more attend I'll dig deeper and as soon as I saw this particularly since I've been paying so much attention to the SDR for so long that's how I discovered it and thank God he sent it to me frankly yeah so you know and I'm sorry to say that because the IMS I mean I get stuff from the IMF every day I'm signed up so they send me stuff on the SDR daily and lots of other reports it is nowhere on their website so their silence to me speaks volumes all right well let's talk about the basics here I watched both of the videos that I think well actually was Brad who sent me two videos I think videos that you watched one of which was called join ACG org become super node and at 35 seconds into that video it says this in small print it says blockchain the devil uses it to destroy the world the God uses it to benefit mankind which is very interesting I just did an interview with a steam it insider who knows Dan Larimer and he said the same thing essentially in that interview he said blockchain technology literally could liberate humanity or it could enslave us and we need to be very careful about blockchain technology and how to use it why in the world in that video would they put the text the devil uses it to destroy the world well you know I think it's interesting that when they actually did that they had thee for that moment that that text was on there they had the hundred yuan bill and the hundred dollar bill so I mean it's definitely subliminal because as you saw when you looked at the video it was not up very long and in fact I didn't even see it the first couple times that I went through it because I wasn't maybe I wasn't paying quite close enough attention but then I saw it I mean there's so many hidden things in that video it's mind-blowing but maybe they're really saying their intention I don't know but I thought it was amazing that they would say that ok and let's talk about the basics now of this coin the idea is that they want to digitize everything property money in that that longer 2-minute video they produced they show essentially gold being gobbled up fiat money being gobbled up they want to digitize everything under the blockchain well actually where they're starting they know that Wall Street is going to do it for stocks and bonds so actually they're starting with tangibles they want to digitize well here's the the piece on that they want to digitize all tangible assets okay they know Wall Street's busy digitizing all the fiat money products so if they have that under the auspices of the SDR coin then they control everything and and in its it's more than that and you know we'll have to bear with me because the more that I I mean I am definitely not done digging I went as far as I could go you know at this point and trying to think about it but they want to be the the flight to safety asset and I was what came into my head was Roosevelt's fireside chat after he had confiscated the gold from the population and that was in 29 to 33 that was really a crisis of confidence and he says and you can trust the new money because it's backed by good assets meaning the gold he just confiscated if everything is inside of an SDR coin it would seem to me that it would be pretty easy to confiscate I could be wrong I hope I'm wrong I really hope I'm wrong but you know why and they're starting with tangibles so no it's not the currencies because currencies themselves aren't real it's that people marry the legal money of the state and so if they see that dollar sign or that euro sign or whatever then they just assume that well it's the same thing that we've been using for the last however many years when it's not true so no it's tangibles there they are specifically they said it specifically going after tangibles all tangibles now there are some grammar issues in the text in that longer two-minute video – and so it appears that this is sourced this this beast coin is sourced out of China we're wondering though if it's really who are the puppet masters above the source in China I mean is this coming from the Bank of International Bank for International Settlements we wonder right I and it's gonna be a wonder I mean I dug and dug to see and all they show are a bunch of techies that are part of it but remember that China was tasked with developing a market for the SDR and you know I don't China is not and really well there's probably no real democracies left anyway but China is certainly not a democracy so I'm you know I don't know I can't prove it I'll keep working on it so when I can I'll let you know yeah but that is definitely my bet because that's their job that's China's job is to create the market for sdrs they issued the first em SDR bond and that was the other thing that I thought was interesting in this okay there are there are several different kinds of SD ours there's the official SDR which is allocated or given to its members and then the new one that china was tasked with bringing out was the M or the market SDR and that was what they did with the bond this from what I've seen so far so bear with me in case I need to give you other information down the road as I learn more but from what I can find so far this is supposed to supplement the Oh SDR at first I thought well it must be the MSD are here they're developing a market in it but no that's not what I found what I found was that it was supposed to supplement the traditional SDR which is the official SDR so if the coin holds title to all ten of all assets then you know that would I mean I can't even say that it's backing because it's ether it's not real it's not even as real as as paper dollars which aren't real either I mean they printed them but it's ether so it's kind of hard to say but my bet is it's definitely the Chinese government and the IMF and and the fact that the IMF has been absolutely silent on this hmm yeah why third it's the official you know the official SDR and and the other thing is why not if it wasn't tied to the IMF well it is tied to the IMF because it's the SDR but why couldn't Bitcoin or aetherium just buy the ACCC token why is it that those two combine to make an SDR so this is really disturbing and we don't want to jump the gun here and freak people out too much but again you know and I'm gonna read something else that Brad sent me this is really disturbing because Jim Rickards has been talking for a long time about the SDR the Special Drawing rights essentially being the new world currency right there already is a new world currency it's the central bank's currency and you know this for this to come to fruition with them using this blockchain to ensnare all tangible assets and to put them all in the blockchain and we can talk about the fact that evidently they've already digitized tea in there yeah it was the first one that's completely freaking me out so let's talk about that but let me read this from Brad and I'm gonna get Brad Peters on again he's at Intel software engineer very very bright guy and he's working on a coin called precious coin when he found out about this he said this is the evil twin – what precious coin could do and he says it really does look that bad he says at 1:45 or so in that two minute video that they produced he says it shows a CC and Bitcoin as roots for the SDR International digital currency as they say their source code by the way appears incomplete I think they're trying to here like an open-source friendly project without actually opening up their code perhaps it's just them trying to preserve their competitive advantage or they could be evil bastards hiding the real intent the GPL license which Bitcoin is under requires they share their full codebase so this is sounding more and more nefarious the more we dig into it well and and you know this is from their material and you can see this is not you know well these are anonymous so who knows but who opened up the u.s. super node we don't know but whoever opens up the nodes owns the whole market they even say that in those videos so China's node is open well that makes sense because they're the creators of this was a direct link but how about the US the SEC is still regulating the digital currencies as a security which is why well that's the reason that they give that we can't participate in this real estate deal but this is not you know really originally maybe Bitcoin was designed to be peer-to-peer and and you know private so you didn't have to have trust or or any of this and then it went around the system but since then that's not what I'm reading that's not what I'm seeing and I do have some more digging in and that's definitely not what they're showing us that's definitely not what they're showing us this is not open source you have to go through these nodes and the nodes are limited they say that specifically they say the assets are unlimited which doesn't really make sense to me because even if there's a lot of trees in the forest there are still only so many trees on the planet so how can that be unlimited unless you marry it to derivatives of which you can create an unlimited amount you know that's right and this is going to be a great way to keep this Ponzi scheme as again as Brad said in his previous email this Ponzi scheme now will go on in perpetuity they can just if this is what they're going to do this hold this house of cards will never come down and they will get their beasts system they will have total control if they gobble up all the silver and all the gold we're never going to return to honest money right so write it and you noted in your presentation everything flows through this international node that's cuz that's what they said that's why I said it so it is literally the end of human freedom it's the end of sovereign money it's the end of everything that we want like we've talked for a long time when the system resets there is a chance we can go back to sound money we can have an honest government we can have got this is the global government again as Brad mentioned as you're worried about this is the global government this could be using blockchain to destroy the world and so what you and I are doing here today is developing that community because we have to have enough people that are aware of this and the lie of is where they will get away with it yeah let's talk about the tea that they've digitized what does that mean let's put it in perspective we're talking about them digitizing tangible assets can you think of anything more beastly than digitizing God's creation that's that's how crazy these people are and that's what they want to do so explain that how did they do ties teeth okay well what they did was they now they didn't digitize all of tea in China but they digitized I don't hold me to this but they digitized something like five hundred million dollars worth of tea and they put that tea in a where supposedly in a warehouse so you have third-party verification and then they created so then they turned it into a whole bunch of digits like you see here then they turned it into a token then they put a symbol on it so wherever I don't know quite where that was but maybe the yuan symbol and then they saw it was an IC o—- an initial quaint offering so that's how they did it they turned it into numbers created a token and sold it in an initial coin offering and at 12:41 in your do you know the China China digitizes into SDR coins real estate in Texas US citizens are not invited tell us about that well this is actually a Singapore company it's a it's a now it's a global they're going to be the largest builders of the average family home in the world so they went into Dallas Fort Worth and they bought up I believe it was about 900 acres of property and now it is still in process they digitized some of it right there they're doing the way that they're doing it is they figure that an average house is going to be two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars and there are going to be don't hold me to this because I do have that information here somewhere but I don't know where but anyway so they what they did was they created the coins for it and they're an initial coin offering each coin has a value of $1 yep that's the one thank you Eric each coin has the value of one dollar and now they are selling those icos those coins in an IC o—- to the market but we are not allowed to participate so when I went on first of all everything was in Chinese when I first went on the site now keeps coming up in English but originally everything was coming up in Chinese when I translated that this is what I found and I'll read it to you because you can't really see it and I had to sign off on it before they would let me in the investment offerings listed on this trading platform are being offered exclusively to persons outside of the United States and may not be purchased by any US citizen or resident of the US any person desiring to invest in the offerings on this site must verify that they are not a US citizen or resident and must provide documentation of nationality and residence nationality and residents all investors will be independently verified and if it is determined that an investor is a US citizen or resident the investment will be revoked and all money will be refunded to the investor and I had to click on this little blue button that says I have been notified okay here's what's horrifying about that and you explain to me why that rule would have been put into place other than the fact that they are going to destroy this nation and make us all serfs on the plantation but why would it why would just US citizens be excluded you know what about citizens in the UK what about citizens in Australia look I'm not even suggesting what you do and I'm not suggesting anybody should even go and take part in this if it's unethical or if it ultimately will lead to some beastly system but what I'm saying is that if they won't let us participate they're not even giving us the opportunity to try to protect ourselves from what may be coming exactly exactly now the excuse were the reason that they gave was because of the SE C's ruling that that cyber currency be treated like a security and that was the reason that they gave I don't know that that's a great reason frankly and I also found it really interesting that when they're testing the waters on real estate they came to the US and it's not a US company I think the name of the company that's doing it is let's see serene country homes and so that sounds ok serene country homes on when I did dug into that it's a global company that's headquartered in Singapore and there are Chinese owners of this company along with another digitizing corporation in China so really all of this is emanating out of China and apparently because they are not technically citizens then they can own the property here and therefore create a coin an SDR coin and sell it globally but we citizens can't do that we can participate in this at all so you know I thought it was interesting that of everywhere in the world if we can't participate they would use land in Texas for their tests into seeing how much of real estate are at least us real estate how to digitize real estate and they would use the us and we can't participate I found that quite interesting yeah as do I so if we can't purchase the ACC token as some sort of hedge against a worst-case scenario for we as the people of the United States evidently bitcoin is part of this thing and aetherium is too so to some extent those would provide us a vehicle to try to protect ourselves and frankly given all of this news you're breaking and given the the vast conspiracy here of how huge this is it starts to make one realize how Bitcoin could go to thirteen thousand eight hundred and far far higher I've heard estimates some people saying it go to two hundred thousand it's completely plausible if they're going to destroy the dollar but but here's the thing about that okay there's a few things about that number one what the great idea that they had where it went around the system I think we can see from this that it is not around the system so and the other thing is my bet is when they hit critical mass with ACC they will no longer have any need for either Bitcoin or aetherium and those go away and remember Bitcoin recently did a fork right so even though they said there was a limited amount well guess what now they just doubled the amount that they can grow that's good so these things are no flippin different than the fiat money system and here's the last thing and really keep this in mind you can always convert physical gold and physical silver into any currency good or service you cannot always convert a fiat currency into gold silver goods or services so if you think you're gonna get rich on Bitcoin or that's really gonna protect you that's not the goal of the IMF where the central banks that's not the goal the goal is to capture your wealth and when they say this is the last wealth transfer mechanism I believe they mean it because they want it all all of it so you think you run into the safety of Bitcoin and aetherium I don't think it's safe all right it leaves me speechless because again you know as Brad noted this is the 2018 Economist cover right the Phoenix Rising we're burning pile of fear yeah with a coin around its neck that we all thought was a gold coin and here it might be a token of digitization owned by these central banks the central bank's banker well this is from those same videos and you can see these are all gold and how was Bitcoin sold to us how is digital currency sold to us it's being mined and it's limited and it's private and all the features of physical gold and physical silver and they're showing you it's not real it's not real and what they want you to do with it oh my god this was in their white paper on this is they want you this is the other piece and it's like what does this mean so I don't haven't heard back we've created a contact with somebody over an AC chain and so we're emailing a little bit back and forth and and he's being helpful I have to say I understand more of it from his emails but here you have the real estate token and sitting on top of it says Visa and MasterCard and all around it are all the different ways that you can now sell this where you can use as money to you know go to the movies okay let's use any equity you have in real estate to go to the moon these were to go to the mall and buy stuff let's buy stuff and have an own nothing because all of that stuff is also in their estimation going to be digitized but when you talk about a gold coin I mean how much do those tokens look like what was around that neck of that Eagle and it's all there it is SDR world currency world yep that's what says world currency and all these tokens tied to our chain which is really the SDR okay and what's stunning about this is we're sitting here having this conversation in August of 2017 we've been talking about that economist 2018 cover forever of course that was their 30-year prediction and none of us could really see you know what was coming in terms of how does that prediction come true it seems like they've lost control of the system blah blah blah they need to keep it going in perpetuity blah blah blah and now we have this breaking news that is telling us a completely different narrative that none of us prior to your video yesterday had any idea what's going on let me tell you back in 2011 I mean there's really a lot to be said for having been in this industry and been doing this research as long as I have because as soon as I heard that I went wait a minute wait a minute there was that outline that the IMF put out in 2011 now let's kind of go back and look at what happened we have the crisis in 2008 in 2009 China started calling for a revival of the SDR now I've been watching the SDR really since the 90s it was created back it should become the world reserve currency in 69 when we made that money standard shift so I just went back and pulled the data that I had on it and you know they say it really clearly in here that there is need for that they say international monetary reform yeah the system died in 2008 they knew it it really started to die in 97 but okay another story and then they say here to create a new class of reserve assets tradable sdrs they laid this whole thing out back in 2011 and and people are expecting huge explosions when there's a shift let me tell you so much happens under the surface that's what I pay attention to because by the time is visible to everybody it's too late I'm gonna tell you and I'm getting goose bumps it is not too late they have not completed the digitization process we can say no we can make everybody we can make as many people as possible aware of this and when these guys know that we know what their plan is they're gonna have to come up with a different one maybe maybe I mean I can't obviously guarantee that yeah but I hope that I really I hope that well we have to stand in opposition to the winds of tyranny certainly these winds of tyranny which may spell the end of our sovereignty our economic sovereignty in the end of essentially the end of life as we know it here in this country especially since they want to exclude us from the ACC offering so I want to play this snippet this is from the last portion of their 2 minute 22 seconds I see chained global length listen to this guy's acid digitization with a sea chain linking billions together will allow global circulation of assets together we can build the future a shared economic community and a digital Kingdom and a digital Kingdom blockchain linking not believe us together billions of us together under their beast system this is exact this is biblical in scope in my opinion if this is motivated by the SDR if this is all designed by powers higher than just some Chinese think-tank this could this could be what we've been trying to keep our eye on this biblical in scope if it was just a Chinese think tank why could you not just buy ACC coins why do these two things create an SDR token okay this is not just a think tank they're in my pit look here's the proof you know if you formulate an opinion after seeing the proof that's entirely up to you but the other thing that I'll point out on this because as you as you've seen yourself so many subliminal messages is that there are five little dots down here by the Chinese node there are four dots up here by the US super node now the US super node has already been discovered and yet we can't participate in the eight and buying ACC okay I think this signifies the shift of power that's my opinion and then over here you only have three I don't think that these symbols are random I don't think anything in this was random I wonder if we'll find out later that people in the highest positions of our government can participate in this offering senators congressmen people of that nature they always seem to get the best possible deals on health care and retirement plans so you know maybe they're lonely they're willing to sell us out for this if they can all participate in this new this new monetary system but at the end of the day it's just going to be total enslavement for Humanity exactly and you know what else I wonder just to kind of throw on top of that and I do not know the answer to this the members of the IMF which is every Treasury secretary in every central bank chief well in 189 countries are actually above all laws they treat taxes nowhere so I'm not even really sure where they would be classified as a citizen can they participate in this I don't know the answer to that and I don't know that I would be able to find that out okay I'll keep digging so you know would you start digging you never know what you're gonna find yeah please keep digging promise I will I'm a little ferret like diggin I'm diggin I dig the central banks know what's going on they're trying to get into a position so that they can read power and do a massive reset and let's just kind of think about the original goals that they laid out back in 2011 because I'm thinking that they're doing a great job of achieving those goals I mean with the ACC what I mean it's just kicking off now but the goal is to have every single tangible physical asset set up in that digital coin and that digital coin is really an SDR so global assets you know valued in terms of SDR well frankly they're well on their way for mission accomplished well I think that summarizes things beautifully I know we covered some of that in the piece but I just wanted to end where we began in Y Lynette and I and my friend Brad Peters are so fired up about this new information I didn't know about it 24 hours ago Lynette you're breaking important news so do please keep digging and thanks so much for your time obviously well oh it's my pleasure and thank you so much for calling because you know you've got a nice broad audience and the more people that can share this and become aware of it maybe we can thwart their plans that's my hope yeah yeah and I'll just leave people with this you know as my friend told me my insider over at steam it told me on that interview the blockchain can be used to ensnare humanity or liberate humanity and really the same exact text appears in that a sea chain video where they write blockchain the devil uses it to destroy the world the god uses it to benefit mankind well who to the people at the top worship not the God that we all seem to embrace they seem to they seem to be drawn to a dark power so you know that that term the devil comes to mind Lynette tell people how they can get ahold of you over there at ITM trading well you can get ahold of us at 888 six nine six four six five three and this is the kind of thing that I love to do every Tuesday on our YouTube channel so you too bye TM trading okay very good check out YouTube I TM trading and visit I TM trading dot-com is it yes item trading TM trade calm all right you guys can talk to Lynette and her team about getting precious metals we seem to be up a creek if this is their plan just wait I want to just kind of add something on there physical tangible wealth so precious metals is the only thing that I think is going to save us because again you can always convert it and it's that is the only thing that's really outside of the system okay it's the only thing that's outside of the system and particularly dare I say that the numismatic coins the collectibles that the guys at the top buy for themselves like you pointed out before with the with the retirement and with the medical if you do with the guys that write the laws do for themselves you are more likely to be in the right position words to live by and will have to get you back on in October to talk about a lot of this and we'll do a follow up as needed to before then guys thanks so much for tuning in Lynette thanks again for your help and Erica your whole team there thank you so much our pleasure you guys be safe out there all right god bless guys thanks for tuning in to Sgt report comm for real news 24/7 the antidote to corporate propaganda bye-bye


  1. Sean, can you pin this link so Peeps can watch it first? I watched it before hand and it helped a lot. Thx…

  2. Lots of paranoia going on here, the ACC chain has $0 trading daily, so this can't be accurate.

  3. I totally see where you both are coming from and I understand your concerns but due to the fact that the economy is in debt, our current monetary system is slow and costly, digitizing our currency is not a bad thing. Our money today is already digitized. When we get paid, it goes into our digital wallet aka debit cards until we are ready to use it. You mentioned digitizing tea, there is nothing wrong with that because what it would do is allow you to have more transparency as to where your tea has come from and all the important information needed about the things such as tea you buy. Many of the world is connected through the internet. Each year this connection increases with more smart technology integrations. One world currency can be bad and it can also be good.

  4. In the words of Adam Smith "the invisible hand " the people should be free to import ,export ,sale and buy without government involvement

  5. Hey I know little but enough to become involved a while now to code myself this technology. Now the deciding factor with this digitized.considering the global long term goal of digitalization in the long term benefits of digitization as a society. I have fear of not participating because Americans in the beginning of this process spread the wealth and further the standard of living in all underdeveloped nations. This is why I see the discrimination and actual motive behind the USA ban on ICO for now being that if we invest at the same time as those who need it. We will continue to be rapacious influence in the kingdom we police to build. So we will get our share we must remain aware. So I am getting g a job and doing it with the others that are writing the governance and node values so that as the neural network of processes are full installed the token economy will eliminate many problems we already do not trust these elite making decisions above government we understand by history.

    So the first part in wealth transfer is to get other people wealthy. A junkie downtown psychotic has a larger income than many on this planet and far more opportunities to not be an eyesore at the worst to rest of us here.

    It is right and by Gods lhfe and will that the poor be given first opportunities to become wealthy as this wealth transfer occurs. The Aramaic lords prayer says I quote, my bread which comes from the earth. Give to us day by day:

    I love humans. I love the constitution I love world enveloping constitution we here were the first raise as a standard available to all.

    We are pigs and rapacious selfish and fearful. Not by nature but by its jack if suffering in America.There is enough to go around without to be pigs and whiny sheep. murder one another to be first when the slop is stopped before the the swine drop.

    Please do not be selfish to imply that God atop the auspice of Jesus Christ as a community of minds and spirits in harmony even speak until the poorest of the poor have finally the first break and opportunity to to be a god like the junkie In Our gutters comparatively. We as Americans have not failed yet but we have forgotten where we cane from. Why we developed a constitution capable of giving to all that adopt it the freedom and equality to never live in a gutter any place for any reason to cause imbalance.

    I choose to the give it a chance and the poor first dibs on some wealth I am a common man tgay bad zero opportunity in America to retire with dignity. I invest in crypto currency researching and doing so with the reprimand I hope is shared without malice and with mindfulness to the golden rules rule of action. And pull your brothers and sisters up. The blockchain as long as ledger is honest. No current tyrant or fearfully poor con honest. Will have as large of a control in the actual if a system which is far superior to that which were born into by centuries.

    Say good by to the old Gods I’d fear and fate. trust god to the good. Your bread is of the earth not given by Gods will. If you have the will to partake of that which is free to all that labor in its bounty to enjoy and know freedom from want. Equally into his fill.

    The unfolding is as needed as faith we must not and not be lazy consumers while these things take place. The poor and the sick of diseased water will eat first. I am invested in these projects as I type.

  6. They will then own the world's resources….including water. They will not need laws against firearms, food, and water. They will simply be able to turn off your wallet/ability to use their currency. Our greed is allowing them to work out all of the kinks before it goes online. If it truly would free humanity… would've been outlawed. Especially if they don't already control it. It's the same principal as you printing money at home. They allow it in this sense but no other and we think we are winning? They are allowing us to enslave ourselves.

  7. 'Digitising' in this context just means 'Accounting' for stuff using tokenisation. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, in fact it makes a lot of sense.
    The only thing we really need to worry about with Blockchain is that we should only support 'decentralised' and open source Blockchains. Not imitations I.E. government issued cryptocurrencies, as these defeat the object because they aren't decentralised.
    If ACC is not a truly decentralised technology then don't use it.

  8. this is on "Q" today. it's from last year and I am not a financial expert. this sounds scary. Has this been fixed?

  9. Note the pyramid in ACC logo. Cash is being eliminated. The Chip is the final step in digital money and enslavement of global population. At present the Chip is connected to all new CC's. And there will be no living escape once the digital network is fully established.

  10. We the people will commence doing away with the elites,bankers and politicians why do they think they are safe, look back at how the French acted in the French revolution the elites were beheaded. When a man has nothing left he will attack to defend himself and family death is not a consideration.

  11. this is what is going to happen…the nations WILL hand over their sovereignty to the UN…but the balance of power within the UN will be OUT of Rothschild's hands… the greedy elites are NOT all on the same page that is impossible…..the nations will be officially states of the UN……the first edict will be the total removal of religion … yes ALL of it…..anyone rebelling will silenced….this is the end game……but they will turn on each other a drug dealers turf war ….they kill each other….when the dust settles only 1 in a 1000 will be alive…..yes 99.9% will not survive …..and no longer any reality anywhere…… must love tour enemy and allow greater forces than mankind …the deal with them…..if you do not understand..then you too are the enemy…….Love is survival …but only 1 in a 1000…will understand …..I hope you make not return evil for evil to anyone…..they will not prevail… they are like a drop in a bucket ……What holds matter together? powerful invisible forces .. not man can fight it … they will be non existent forever…….bye bye …. it is a safe universe….it will be OK … Matt 7…he is serious….

  12. Hey guys you need to get hold of David Dubayne/Adapt 2030. He knows what ACCHAIN is up to. He is a trader in Asian marketts and he brought this up last year in his channel. Unfortinatelly the general public is very illiterate about all this blockchain technology and nobody puts attention. There is something else behing this, FOOD.

  13. SDR will never be a currency. It is a unit of account used by IMF to stabilize the otherwise volatile currencies when conducting trade and transactions through the mothership of all central banks the IMF. What they could do is remove the dollar from the basket and reset the global economy and implement one currency from this maneuver but they will not call it SDR. SDR stands for Special Drawing Rights and is a privilege to member nations of the IMF to assist countries that need economic help by uniting economies of the wealthiest member nations. No nation is allowed to hold more than a certain number of SDRs and those who go above that limit the IMF has the authority to move those SDRs to the nations that are below the threshold and the interest from those SDRs loaned go back to the nation’s accounts that provided them. The IMF tries to keep the SDR levels balanced. How do i know this? The IMF website has documents that explain it all, its not secret information; its just the IMF is not a popular website like say tmz would be and this is unfortunate.

  14. Watching the cult like attitude of the Bitcoin crypto currency population, it is foreseeable that these people would take the mark before surrendering their precious crypto currency pseudo wealth.

  15. I commented just last week after China banned Cryptos that this was coming. I also said that NOKO was likely already utilizing this ACChain platform and mining to defeat sanctions.

  16. JEWISH SATANIC BANGSTER Forced taxation is slavery, remember the Matrix,
    “The $$$ (666) Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very
    room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on
    your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to
    church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled
    over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
    Neo: What truth?
    Morpheus:That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born
    into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch.
    A prison for your mind.”
    THE DEEP STATE = Behind Every Major Event In Recent History |

    The Secret Jewish Bangster Covenant … An illusion it will be, so
    large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it
    will be thought of as insane. We will create separate fronts to prevent
    them from seeing the connection between us. We will behave as if we are
    not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished
    one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This
    will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur. We will
    work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death
    will come to he who speaks. The Culling of Man … Rise of the New
    World Order

  17. from the moment I first heard of and looked in to bitcoin, I had an alarming epiphany, instantly, that this was it, finally the road to government/cabal controlled "currency". one where conceivably, the PTB can literally flip a switch and cut one off from their wealth. So the principle seemed foul from the start… I didn't want it at 60 cents and I don't want it now. I realize that I could have made a lot of money riding this meteoric climb but at what cost? a mind set that could no longer see its purpose well enough to attempt to prepare for the onslaught of a crypto that takes control of my wealth out of my hands.

  18. A citizen is a governmental employee, Gov. contractor, sub contractor, agency ect. A resident is a foreighn entity living in the
    US (not america) Please define it. We others born and living here are American state nationals. Not citizens. Good luck

  19. So you buy bitcoins with your hard earned Fiat cash,
    and then you pray some other sucker will buy them for more.
    Sounds a heck of a lot like TULIPS to me.

    But then again, this could be the mother of all plans to deflate the global money supplies, lickety-split.
    When all those bitcoin wallets go Zimbabwe in a New York nanosecond,
    it will give a whole new meaning to the expression "easy come, easy go".

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