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good morning happy Monday happy Columbus Day it is October 8th and it's 10:30 a.m. it's that time again for daily Bitcoin of cryptocurrency news and today's topic is breakout is eminent the bull market is coming and I will explain why and and I think we're gonna see huge moves this week so thanks for tuning guys it god happy monday a lot of you guys are off so a lot of you guys I know are joining from your own home and not from your workplace which is what you should be doing anyways but I'm glad you're here and of course smash up the likes and subscribe to the channel so you can support me and so you don't miss out on any future videos alright guys I apologize the The Maids are here so it might be a little bit loud because they're vacuuming so I apologize for that but I didn't want to delay this session obviously so we're gonna have to get through it today we have a new first a new second goodnight sweet prince so hopefully he or she is sticking around so they get to ask a question but overall we're looking pretty good and and I think we'll go give another minute or so for people to tune in another lens nice Mel Warren Minnesota well sister Flint Michigan all right hurricane Michael in Florida Oh see that's one of the reasons why I never want to move to Florida is there's just too many hurricanes I don't want to deal with that kind of stuff well that's why the Midwest is the best you don't have to worry about anything all right guys oh man Coover answer and Thailand Greece with her yeah totally I I did but I kind of stalled because I'm working on something but I will don't worry and thanks for the connection judges Los Angeles Philadelphia London Iceland Vegas man I'm still waiting for a market you know I'm still waiting for a market to go up we've covered all-time highs like I said we'll throw one of the biggest insider or crypto parties ever seen in Vegas it's gonna be awesome all right guys got enough people tuned in let's get started let's get started we finally broke out of the 220 billion we've seen this range between like 215 216 billion and 228 billion we saw it for the past week and even this weekend we dropped down to like 215 216 and then now we're back up at a time that we broke it 220 1.5 million and it's looking like we're starting to head up even more and overall everything is in green we had some movers like zero X for example shot up huge in a big way because there was unfortunately some some some fake pictures that spread around about how coinbase had a wall of added in there tax reports I verified it wasn't there that seems to be fake however 0x is one of those projects that tightly integrated with coinbase okay so it would not surprise me at all that they get there one of the points that get added next so just because this this this fake pump basically that happened the don't discredit it because if coinbase add some new coins I think 0x is gonna be one of them I also think stellar and basic Jaquan will be to others but remember remember at coinbase already said that they were testing five coins right and they recently released their new their new format or document for getting coins of approved and getting it added on to the exchange so you know they're definitely looking at releasing new coins on their exchange and someone brought this up are they waiting for November so they could time it with back maybe maybe it could be a perfect storm a perfect tsunami of all good things coming all I want and that could be later this month it could be beginning of November I think it's probably a mix between it too and plus we got other things coming right so all this hitting out wants this is why you know we'll go see some crazy games crazy games within the last three months of the year at least in my opinion this is what I'm thinking all right so that's what happened 0x I'll talk about trying a little bit but here this is the chart I was showing right in my thumbnail a lot of people are starting to show the same thing right I'm not claiming a TI expert nor am i claiming the first ad showed this but this is a clear pattern okay you don't have to be experts this is a clear pattern that you can see I'm bitcoins chart that hey every time every time we gain some momentum we wanted to break out every time we couldn't okay and now we're getting to a point where we're not going down anymore if you actually look at the bottom right the bottoms are getting higher and higher so the Bears just have they they can't push us down anymore all these all these guys are saying we're still going up for K 5 K 3 K whatever it's not coming it's not coming okay 6000 was bottom and now every time we go lower we're actually getting higher okay so you know you know there's like a big squeeze right now there's a big squeeze and we're right we're approaching this this wedge if we break out of it and this is what might Novogratz is saying to about 1600 although he's kind of backed off he's not as bullish for the remaining of this year because he says great things will happen to all 90 not 2018 anymore he doesn't think we'll bring 9,000 but I do and I do think that once we break out of here that's when we enter bull country we're gonna start moving up in a big way okay maybe even bigger than this but this is very unhealthy okay but it can happen we have back coming we've got CPOE ETF approved we've got coinbase adding stuff plus winter months plus more adoption news maybe Amazon or or McDonald's or someone else that steps Bitcoin we get square adding payment crypto payments and we got a whole bunch of other stuff this could be like you know a hockey stick okay we never know we never know but there's a lot of a lot a lot of good things coming but right now this week it's gonna happen this week we're gonna break through this I mean the bull the Bears can't pull us down anymore okay once we're here what can we do they could buy it buy a little more time try to pull us down but seeing how the bottom keeps getting higher and higher and higher there's nowhere to go there's nowhere to go but up so I'm very excited I'm very excited about this week I think a lot of people were waiting for this week to come I think big things are coming this week so very excited about this week if you didn't get that already all right so that's what's coming now in terms of points I mentioned 0xy it was pumped because of the fake coin base wallet although I think zero actually still an excellent project Tron also pumped up Trump start pumping up yesterday maybe a little bit before and yesterday and today and that's because Justin Sun is at it again he says that the the TVM they're basically copy everything for me therm tv-am which is the Tron virtual machine should be coming out tomorrow ok so he said two days ago a day ago so she'll be coming out tomorrow that's why Tron is going up also I didn't know this you know how ye RC 20 tokens standard so he's calling it TRC 20 well basically Justin is just taking everything that you theorem has in copying a name but this is why China's going up a lot of people are excited about trying I do like try tryna is one of those projects a lot of people love to hate okay just like EEO is just like Ripple Trond a lot of people just don't like it they don't but I still think that Justin has done a good job especially during this down down trend right when a lot of projects are not doing anything and and people are like you know WTF what's going on and they're losing interest that's why they're selling us why these projects fall they fall off page 1 they're on page 2 their page 3 they fall ninety ninety five percent but the ones that stay active and still bring hope and basically let people know that they're working on something and they're they're executing on their vision Tron is one of them okay and Justin's doing that so so I like trying and we'll see what happens the TBM maybe it dumps okay afterwards because it's one of those buy the rumor sell the news but overall Tron is holding up with in top 15 and it's been up there and it maintains it maintains a step ahead of meal which a lot of people are bag holders in neon wondering what the hell is going on with neo and the truth of the matter is there's nothing there's nothing away but they can't generate the same attention or hype or excitement as Tron so that is that is why I like Tron alright alright so moving on what else is there finance a lot of big finance news this is one of them or I do to all the pressures all the pressures of Finance you know I always say yeah pressures from community because it leaked out or it's rumor or speculation or just fun about them something like 100 bitcoins or 400 bitcoins to list the coin and people thought it was like really shady because we have seen some really you know some unknown coins get added on finance that had no business being on Finance but they get added right so then people are starting to speculate well what's going on right are they just really you just need to pay enough to get on well anyway cz want to stop this they said they're go disclose all crypto listing fees which I haven't seen an official numbers I want to see what they put out and their gold donates 100% to charity now the charity is not like red or anything okay it is what it's a charity that base started uh what is it called well somewhere in here where's the charity the blockchain charity foundation okay maybe they didn't start down I take that back they didn't start that it's some kind of blotching charity foundation I'm assuming I'm assuming that they donate or give funds to blotching projects I'm not sure about what they actually do or who started it but finances they will not take any fees and nor do they need honestly right come on finance there's so many traders on Finance every day and plus there by task point is over a billion dollars okay they really don't need it they can operate free for forever pretty much and be okay so and then this file is the footsteps of coinbase because coinbase said that if they add on new coins it is also gonna be free so this follows your footsteps but things like this just makes finance you know stay ahead of the game no other change out there is doing this just yet nor have announced it and this is what keeps finance ahead and why so many people use finance so they're just operating really really or executing really really well right now all right all right so one of their counterparts Phoenix is doing the opposite they're having a lot of a lot of fun going on right right now in big Phoenix decide that they have to they have to come out of something so there's accusations of insolvency because of diffic the Phoenix ties with tether and they were about to lose their banking license because they were dealing with Wells I think Wells Fargo no not Wells Fargo yeah it was a Wells Fargo or Bank of America or something like that and they got their banking license shut down and then they went to some Puerto Rican bank called noble bank which is going into bankruptcy so then they will lose their bank account but they made a big deal which HSBC recently so that kind of solved that yeah just just refresh your screen guys alright I think it's looking good you just needed to refresh your screen all right so moving on sorry about that I was doing really good and then my internet started kind of crapping out but hopefully that's fixed now alright so moving on besides BitFenix what else is there Venezuela is now forcing people to use petrol cryptocurrency to pay for passports so that I mean the vice president president is getting very serious about making people use petrol rather than own currency because of all the the hyperinflation problems they've been having but I don't know I don't know this is uh this is the right move of course – I think it's making a lot of headway in there it'll be better if people can have the free choice and whether using – or Manero or even Bitcoin you know rather than use petrol but it is what it is but this is another this is one of the use cases for cryptos and Bitcoin right that you get you get to choose you get to make payments accept payments without going through a party like a bank or a country that is struggling with inflation issues so so that's why I missed the article – because Dubai is also doing it they're coming out something called em cash or something like that that is also introducing it let's see sorry I can't find it but they're also doing it they're gonna be the first city that's gonna be introducing a cryptocurrency that people can use to pay online services like banking and still for so that's interesting all right so what else is there now the last thing is IBM IBM food blockchains going live with a supermarket giant on board so what is this giant so carry for Oh actually they have a lot they have a lot besides carry for or care for they have Nestle dole foods Tyson Foods Koger Unilever and Walmart that's that's a lot that's a lot all right so this is for to IBM food trust blockchain so obviously iBM is making huge strides okay I mean another use case besides just you know stability and ability to use it between p2p I mean cryptocurrency is great or blockchain is great for anything with supply chain anything that has to deal with tracking okay tracking the location A to B to C to D right it is great for that and obviously the food industry needs a lot of that from the farmer to the warehouses to the shippers to wherever it goes right it makes sense so that's why IBM's food blockchain is being used or looked at by so many people in the food industry so IBM it's just ahead of the game they're really ahead of the game so they're doing really well and of course they have ties with stellar which i think is gonna help stellar hugely hugely going forward all right so that's it hopefully my internet issues are resolved we are closing in at 220 billion it's slowly going up slowly going up but we're getting very very very very close to this to this wedge line and once we break out of there just like my thumbnail we're gonna see some huge screen candlesticks up that's gonna be a tremendous thing and it's not just today it's not just this week the last three months of the year should be a lot of good stuff coming a lot of good stuff coming in the last three year three months of the years those of you guys that have been patient that's been holding right a lot of bag holders from January in February and March and all the way up to now think we're finally gonna make some moves to recover a lot of that back and those of you guys have been taking advantage and buying the dips and cost average and so forth you go definitely reap the rewards soon but that's just my opinion I think a lot of great things are coming let's turn it back to you guys and see what questions you guys have almost 700 people tuned in today so thanks for tuning in obviously if you like this hit the like and subscribe the channel so you don't miss out adding a new kind of RSI de rothschild strength index it's true rotschild whatever the rockefeller VC firm is there's a lot of it a lot of these guys do want to dump a billion dollars into what that's like nothing to them and that school really moved the market but you remember institutional investors also conformal you know we always talk about formal and loan retail investors just average joe's you and i but one start things really moving up you know it it's the to show investors you're like hey we don't want to miss out on this we want to make some money too they can also FOMO so that's why when things FOMO it's just like it's a it's a crazy thing everyone everyone is getting in and that that is coming that is coming all makers blowing up because supposedly the dye coin is getting added to augur which I don't get why there's so much excitement about it but that's supposed to be the reason I don't know if that's really reason or people are just looking for points to to pump so that's one of the things that's going on right now it's one of the things going on right now is because this trading range is so low even day traders and swing traders and just just average people there they're not excited about anymore B's you can't make any money well at least with Bitcoin right so that's why I think you're seeing a lot more DS pumps on alts which ultimately I think it's good it's not good for a coin to be pumped but I think it's good because you got a lot of money that's going in and out and it shows that there's a lot of people that still wants to dump money in there so that that contributes to everything okay because if everything was just going down stale all the time then you know that there is absolutely no interest but the fact that you still have random alts that's pumping up and once they pump up even though they come down a little bit they actually hold at a much higher level than there were before so that's also very positive so a lot of these alts have been slowly regaining to levels they were maybe three months ago right at three or four months ago not all-time highs but they're a little bit higher than this before so that's also very good bull market in three weeks I don't even think it's gonna be three weeks I think it's gonna be a lot sooner Chris thanks for thanks for that when you expect a nice next financial crisis do you think of it cows from massive cryptic rows I think it can help by I say depends okay if we have what we saw them back in 2008 when Dow crash from 20,000 down to 6,000 no I don't think it's gonna help kryptos I think a lot of those investors are gonna pull on it cripples as well because everyone's fearful but if we have the Dow goal from where what word is now talking about 26,000 down to maybe 20,000 or something like that a good-sized drop but not a financial collapse I think that'll help grip dose and a lot of people are anticipating that a lot of people are anticipating there's gonna be enough another housing bubble and a stock market correction so if those things happen it can help crypto but but it can't be too massive but it's too massive everyone's just go panic I saw everything I did not watch venom I ran out of time I really wanted to but I do you think the back detail gets approved in November Bitcoin ahead 10k that's one of the things I think it's go drive the market up right I'm not I'm not a TA guy okay I just show basic stuff I look at patterns and that's it but I look at fundamentals and back is enormous so many people don't realize the potential fact it is a game changer I've talked about many times there's four different things it brings okay besides just a Bitcoin future that's backed by Bitcoin one day settlements of BTC okay not not cash BTC so that's huge then they got a crypto exchange also huge custody services also huge and of course their payment gateway service which is probably are arguably the biggest thing because it allows merchants to asset the cryptocurrency alright and we already have Starbucks signed up the Starbucks one of the biggest are not restaurants but merchants right and then I really think someone like McDonald's or even subway or one of those big franchises to go to join in and who knows who knows maybe Walmart maybe target maybe Amazon you know Krueger and all these guys maybe they jump into after they see this so I think there's a lot of good things that's come from back and that's supposed to be the first I think the first week of November and because of CFTC ruling recently that says that cryptocurrencies are a commodity so the CFTC most likely will prove that I'm pretty sure it's a hundred percent already the fact would not announce it if they didn't get like like a heads-up like hey this is go be approved there's no way they're going now that ahead of time so I think that's already a done deal so I think in November and when you time that with everything else maybe coinbase adds five different coins at that time okay and then you time in maybe this the SEC then says okay we're gonna allow the CBOE ETF because they want to see what happens you know there's so much stuff there's so much stuff and Plus is November December when things traditionally go up so it could be the wildest you know while dislike rally we have ever seen in history sunny thank you for that that's that's that's what I do that's what I do what a triangle come out something useful while you could argue a lot of these platform fines once they come out with their platform then it's just a matter of bringing adapt makers right after the virtual machine is released hopefully it's bug free that that maker should come on to try and start doing something but besides that I think they realized that so what they're trying to do next is trying to integrate Tron into bit torn because that's a ready a product that's you working already so integrating and trying to on top of that is something that's a no-brainer so that is something that's coming almost several hundred people watching is good it's good all right so what what other questions you guys have for me obviously hit the like subscribe the channel you're new do you feel the rally will only pertain a Bitcoin on the flow to all they're all stone of course it's gonna float adults okay we have seen over the last two years that Bitcoin sometimes it rallies heart there's a huge Bitcoin pump so hard that it drains to all coins out because everyone's in Bitcoin but what always happens afterwards the Bitcoin pump stops and then the money flows to all coins because everyone made enough or it needs to take a breather and consolidate and then all coins start pumping up like crazy that's that's what happened right that's exactly what happened in January because Bitcoin pumped up so much then Bitcoin futures came out a lot of them institutional investors and a lot of the whales like yeah we don't know what the futures go do let's move all that money we made into all's and that's what we saw alt go up like 10x within a month so that always happens so alts will go up with the market but BTC is definitely a leader the leader of it and then it is the most stable so those of you guys that are getting excited about the bull market you don't want to go all in on small cats mid caps you still want to have a heavy you got to be heavy with BTC for stability I'll still go up at the market don't worry about that but have have it as the staple of your portfolio and then spread everything else out 50/25/25 roll that's how it should be hundred million active wallets one stron murders a BitTorrent system yes that is that is true there are a lot of very near future cryptocurrency millionaires yeah right now okay it's nice to be excited when things are going up right but I have this same same feel same same I guess same look into the future when things are going down too because right now right now short-term volatility this means nothing this means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things in two years even a year a year two years three years five years a lot of you guys that are holding down and staying strong and I'm following the right principles and strategy you guys will be millionaires okay there's no doubt about it and there's probably go people that's going to be 100 you know have hundred millions of Kryptos or even billions of cryptos okay it seems far-fetched but the market is so young right now so young and right now we're at the very beginning this is like at the stage you come into when when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and and Michael Dell were still programming in their garage okay this is at that stage if they had cryptocurrencies back then they would have Donna ICO and got funding and continued to build this is at that stage this is how early we are think about how long it took for them to establish themselves and become the giants they are cryptos will be the same way a lot of these companies okay will be leaders in the next five to ten years to 20 years now a lot of you don't want to hear 20 years but 20 years a lot of these companies can be the next Apple or Microsoft or Google or something like that so we're so young at this point I know everyone's concentrated on short-term volatility right short term price action I am too I'm a bag holder so I'm not pretending I'm not but this says really really nothing compared to where things will be just in a few years so just you got to remember that stay strong put that in perspective a good night's sleep print yeah you are number two so if you have a question ask it pass it quickly almost 550 people watching the stream is getting better and better thanks for tuning in guys hopefully most of you guys caught what I said there's a lot of great things coming at the last three months bull market is eminent it's coming so you just gotta stay strong stay strong for a little bit longer but I think big moves are gonna come this week this week any thoughts about data – bashing yeah you know Dana – you know for data – you could tell because he tweeted out like a month or two ago that he was thinking about stop making daily videos because all the negativities and stuff you could tell he cares right he looks at social media stuff unfortunately there's a lot of trolls out there that's getting to him so he recently posted a picture of him with Roger beer and a lot of people bash I'm like you're a be cast supporter now and stuff like that and that was not his point he didn't say he loved be cash better in Bitcoin or he loved Roger he said he just you just appreciate how long Rogers been in the game and everyone start bashing him I know that's really gonna get to him because he started doing all like ten tweets about it and stuff so hopefully he stays strong to make sure that his followers obvious he has 300,000 plus followers he has to stay strong for them and make them realize that hey the same message I'm giving out right you got it this is a community we're all supporting each other right and and make it does no one good when when guys start they're like flip-flopping between bull bearish bull bearish you know it's like that that doesn't help okay so hopefully he gets through that hopefully he gets through that all right so what coins to invest I'm gonna end up with this this is a little bit past 30 minutes all right let me go through can I use a lamb with its fill my boat yes you could you could okay you asked you live mas – put your Lambo in one of the SpaceX rocket and tow your boat to the moon okay that is certainly possible all right so for those of you guys are kind of new to the space that haven't been watching me for a while you know there are certain coins I really believe in okay I've been telling be able to buy them for a while okay of course not this financial vise do your own homework right but there's a lot of good coins I think has a lot of potential I'm gonna go through a top 100 list really quickly okay I'm not gonna go that much in detail but very quickly Bitcoin obviously 50% of your portfolio should be in Bitcoin for stability III um I'm neutral rupal I really like X rapid it's a game changer yo side like I know they have problems but to go resolve it stellar I like par Donnell I like them but I like to see more progress from them right they they've been doing real mass but there's not much going on with card ah no all right so trying I like iota I like look at the difference between Tron and neo now five hundred million dollars it's a big gap they were only like a hundred million before so neo this is what I was talking about in terms of marketing Justin Sun is brilliant at it and Neos not financed coin really good by its utility and plus you say fees and Finance are so good me chain definitely very undervalued okay I like me chain I like Z cash I think Z cash also has a good chance being added at point base but they're one of the better security coins out there or mieze goes very good ontology is very good I like ontology actually better Daniel at this point as a bi 0 X is also very good I think there's a lot of big things coming for Xero life I wouldn't actually be surprised if coinbase bought 0 X that just makes sense nanos very good silica is good icon a lot of people are like icon I'm kind of Neutron them now basic attention coin is very very good very undervalued and brave browser is definitely really good also okay at this a lot of these are neutral okay they're not bad but I'm waiting to waiting for them to do something like for example hallo I think the technology sounds good but you gotta wait to see if they do anything Stratos also a lot of thought in that integration so good for Microsoft developers chain-linked I think it's really good because you can hook up with Oracle's and external api's which a lot of blockchain companies need Mansion is okay fusion I like although fusion is kind of like dead in the water right now but I do think fusion will come back up who coin shares obviously if you use kuku and that's good I have no idea what hyper cashes I don't know how they got on here cyber miles I think they're interesting because they already have a large user base with their existing app 5-mile kind of like almost like Tron in a way because they already have a app and they're gonna integrate cyber miles into it so that's good ahoy be for boy be obviously loop rank of r0x I think they have potential because they have ties with Neil although neo is kind of weak right now so I don't know if they go pivot but they do have ties with neo and cute um maybe maybe they're gonna do something about ron who knows all right definitely not done to coin dinah coin is a coin that has become way too stable and I just don't get okay I'm not gonna done too quick horizon is interesting it's interesting I think they have potential crypto comm used to be Monaco and they bought crypto comm that's very interesting and rebranding themselves of crypto calm I think they have potential beta they have potential powered power Ledger's huge potential loom network has potential you last those a lot of people are trying eyelashes now I like them they just need got on better exchange like finance I don't get why finance Mon list of they were accused of cheating I don't think so they don't seem like the type that would be cheating so at that round of the top 100 real quick what is the nulls obviously believe big believer they've been weak but hopefully they come up big fan of nulls so stratum is good engine coin actually I covered up recently an insider I think they actually had the best universal wallet but that's not what they're really about they're about game development which is really good for them I mean that game development in game currency I should say which i think is good by box token I'm not a fan of buy box anymore because they always seem to freeze all the time storm is okay gift though is pretty good and that's it there's other good ones okay like blues L need cash they're all decent but right now I think I gave him enough and the front page and it's definitely plenty of coins to concentrate on and they are the movers right now all right all right guys that's it that's it I don't like Genesis vision stay strong guys the bull market is coming it's coming it's imminent the breakout is imminent and once it starts once it starts it's gonna be hard to stop okay and this is and this is a time you go reap your rewards by staying strong accumulating buying more on the dips cost averaging and once it starts coming it's gonna be like a freight train that can't be stopped and and and you got to be very happy alright so hit the like subscribe to channel and I will see you guys tomorrow okay take care guys bye bye

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  2. First video I haven't liked George to be honest….your message that you think we are going into a bull market is very misleading….by your own admission you are not a TA guy and to call a bull market now very wrong….I'm dissapointed ……

  3. The same kind of formation was on gold, it still broke BEARISH, so it could happen on BTC aswell.
    It is exciting tho, to see whenever it goes down or up, i wouldnt buy anything right now i feel, and not if it goes up either, but if goes down, FUCK YES.


  5. People really need to learn how to read charts. This won't be a start of a bull run, it only means we will continue to go sideways and holding 6500 support. It's called accumulation stage. Bull run will happen in 2019.

  6. The Economist Magazine 1988: THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix (Bitcoin?). The phoenix (Bitcoin?) will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century.

  7. Venezuelas hyperinflation has nothing to do with currency. it has everything to do with lack of productivity, being in debt in another nation's currency, and over dependence on oil price. Switching over to a petro cryptocurrency is not going to help their fundamental economy.

  8. CARrfour is only the biggest food chain in france and maybe europe..
    IBM is really coming out on top with world wire, and food tracking.
    Massive reduction in fraud costs..

  9. You shouldn't say half the stuff you said in this video.. "bull run this week, all time high, can't go any lower" you have know idea no one does

  10. Can you reassure us that VET is awesome?! I believe in it as many others do but ChicoCrypto has been spreading so much negativity about the project. Can you please challenge him on Twitter or his YouTube? Check out his nonsense video about it. Would love to see you put him on blast. Thanks George.

  11. I still see a test of 3k as bottom. A lot of sellers side lined watching. But I like your outlook with edge to a very very young market. Explain its like getting eth at ico prices.

  12. I highly doubt we will see these huge gains. When you start getting comfortable with a direction expect the opposite

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