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cool I saw we're live on your channel welcome hello give people a little bit tuning yeah so yeah so I'm gonna start on my channel – yeah um and this is the first time we've actually spoken to each other so you know I just learned a little OTT about you I mean the first 15 minutes but it's amazing it's it's crazy how we actually got into crypto at pretty much the same time like 2012 right $10 per Bitcoin yeah it was the same when I had got to have a chat with Omar the other day so I feel like I know you Omar but you don't know me good welcome everyone my channel so I'm going live as well hopefully everyone finger on my end is fine so if you guys I'm on the chat my chat channel as well so give me a shout out if my audios broken so just quick introduction alex is from Nuggets news down under in Australia and I think it's the first time actually explored the Australian scene so what we're gonna do is we're gonna keep it very casual discussion today I just talked about everything crypto I think we had a huge list of just pretty much everything from how we got started to what's happening in various areas China in Australia and we also got quite a different topics like gaming or dabs or anything in the future so we're welcoming its second yeah and for my audience I've been a big fan of Michael because he definitely covers some things that we don't have great knowledge on so he talks a lot about gaming I've got lots of friends in China he was sort of got into crypto through the mining side of things so I'm really looking forward to picking his brain about all that excellent let's give me one second so I'm just trying to figure out how this works so I had a double repeating audio so hope you guys are fine and then I'm all for just double check YouTube to make sure YouTube's alright because I'm streaming for restream and restream drugs a lot for me sometimes so yeah sounds good on Aaron's thanks miss the locks as always is Ivan did Ivan coin that to smash the likes um no actually I think it's a popular YouTube term and then like Superman and I pin and everyone says that so yeah every because it's just yeah it's it's running me alright so I think we're good I think we've got people streaming with it's the stream sign so we're time to stream but you know for me at least that's what happen some people actually believe Australia doesn't exist my who because of the flat earthers they tell us the Australia doesn't exist because of the time difference but anyway we weren't getting to that flat our first man I love it alright so we have your voice is very low mic just let me fix that a little bit so now it should be a little bit better and then um we should be good we've got Alex from crypto candor so welcome Alex yeah Alex s Chris dream gives me trouble – yeah I hate it I hate restream with a million oddish hopefully should be good and we see Joe Brandon and Zen crippled traders so welcome everyone and we should be live and YouTube there so I started not YouTube Facebook there hi everyone so Alex do you want to get stung tell us about how you got into Krypton sure sure sure so my crypto journeys have been a covered by a lot of mistakes I think I started off my channel just kind of talking about and sharing all the mistakes I made in crypto so started off in 2012 at that time I was talking like a little bit longer story at that time at 3 gaming GPUs was just reased gaming computers and that they were all fit with gaming GPUs and the reason for that was because I was running a lot of like bots on the elbow three okay so I did that and then they they were always fully used so then I was like looking for ways to farm you know make money and I found this Bitcoin thing like what is this weird internet money and I got into it from the mining side so I knew that my GPUs were good mine bit Queen and I got emails like um even emails from this day like that daily about mind was point three Bitcoin but you know obviously at that time it was not nothing right it was like it was $10 per Bitcoin at that time so that time you know my group my girlfriend at that time was like you bet you were better off picking cans off the street like you're a dumbass so that kind of sucks um then I I was like okay fine it's still kind of cool and I was calculating you know how because electricity was free so I was like okay yeah sure harvest them as much as as possible and it's kind of pure profit for me I just need to figure out how much I need to make for my GPUs and so I started off like kind of being a super noob coming to the space I sold very early just to cover cost and also when it pumped from ten to fifteen dollars I'm like it's a bubble guys it's a bubble ten feet like 50 percent pump in a day yeah so so very a lot very early then um I think three years later and my dad was like hey you know that Bitcoin thing we talked to me about like that's $1,000 per Bitcoin right now I'm like God so um so that happened and then obviously I left everything in mt.gox because like that time was like exchanges they must be really safe they know how to keep Bitcoin you know I left all my crypto in mt.gox that was great and in that fell apart so made a lot of mistakes in crypto but at the same time I think I learned a lot and then I learned you know okay gotta keep your private keys you gotta do everything and the funny story was um I went back to every mining pool I was in and there used to be a lot of like 0.5 Bitcoin 0.7 Bitcoin one big point I just left there I was in like a few different pools because I was trying to man I sometimes you know you just don't take it out so I was like picking up all the pennies that before and just like harvesting that because those were of so much money so it's kind of like I was kind of lucky I wasn't super diligent yeah but I didn't get that much and I think my biggest regret I said was that when Vic went did hit a thousand I was just so deterred from going back in because I felt like oh man that's like there's so many regrets along the way right and when big coin shot up to I think two thousand three thousand I was like I was like just like full of regret like I'm hoping a Crashdown so back to like ten dollars so I can bike and hopefully I can like hoping I can the turn back time but I think and because of all that regret it didn't really do anything I think that was the the second biggest regret was that had too much regret yeah so I never learned about etherium they never learned about all the other coins out there um and then um it's kind of funny I kind of got back into crypto and then I was like maybe I just should talk about it and I started this channel I didn't really think much of it I was just thinking okay look you know YouTube why not make it two big conversation and I learned a lot from everyone on this channel so that's what I'm super super super thankful off straight up these notifications just gonna try to mute that you're alright I can't even on mine so I'm sure right right right right congratulations is in order because the channel nearly two hundred thousand subscribers is uh pretty insane for something you start off as a bit of a hobby yeah super lucky so I'm just totally didn't expect it still learning a lot cuz I don't think I'm like the most YouTube friendly guy like not very charismatic or you know I'm constantly very self-conscious to myself but that's that that's the thing let's say you just start and then you figure out where you can go I completely agree like I'm a bit of an introvert and I don't like public speaking or big crowds but it's very different its kind of comfortable to get in front of a camera and let it put it out there to lots of people but it's very different to actually doing in real life mm I yeah I think so and I think it's a sub experience right it's all about that 10,000 hours that malcolm gladwell was always talking about you got a got a really refined that craft and i think it's been an interesting two years really glad to do a lot of this and it just takes a lot a lot of time trying to figure out what you want to talk about and then I shared that and you know community is really really awesome I better share all my regrets then wahoo so guys I got into Bitcoin in 2012 but my journey probably started when I start studying in 2007 so I'm a pharmacist and my real interest was investing and that was in the GFC so I was watching all these documentaries conspiracy theories and I just wanted to find out about how the world works and how money works and I was a gold-bug back then gold and silver and people were telling you that they were going to go the moon and every year they'll saying that the world's gonna crash and next year and after a while I thought you know you gotta look at both sides of this equation and how they're pumping but I was 2007 rates so right before the financial collapse so you probably oh okay and then around 2012 I read about Bitcoin room Zero Hedge and I just thought wow because I've grown up with computers and I loved them and I thought this is just the mixture of computers and the digital modern age and that gold and silver anti bankers and a movement that I was so passionate about and definitely lost a lot of bitcoins to hacked exchangers in the early days there was one in Australia that went under and I only put my coins on there because my computer was getting serviced and I didn't want to leave them on there for the people to find and that's a huge regret I guess that's why I'm so passionate about getting people to learn how to store their crypto and at least yeah for sure for sure and then I I'm a big believer in karma so if that had have never happened I lost a lot of bitcoins I would have never found that theorem and then I started making videos for the wider public rather than just talking to my friends and family who thought I was crazy for all those years about Bitcoin and etherium and it's just really nuggets news has just really taken off from there really but I'm very excited where we're going now we get to see blockchain being experimented in different industries and I think he's still the king and I think money is still the best use case for blockchain but I think aetherium and other platforms are gonna show us all sorts of different use cases we haven't even discovered yet and that's why I want to talk about gaming and other things today yeah I think it's it's um the money aspect of it is amazing and you can hear that argument recently I went down the rabbit hole again I mean I knew that the financial system was messed up but I didn't know how much so just when the JPMorgan coin came out and I was just doing lady more information I knew that HSBC was laundering money for the Mexican cartel I knew there were so many things messed up about the 2008 financial crisis but I just didn't know that all these banks are fine so many damn times for essentially money laundering yeah for they didn't go as far as fighting terrorism okay so I think none of them got found for it fighting terrorism but you kind of kind of know if they smile if they're hiding money for and laundry money for the Mexican cartel you know what else can I do they also they're also fine for currency manipulation consumer rights protection you name it and it's not even like it's not even like they were accused of doing something this they were like fully found guilty and pleaded guilty even the JP Morgan case they pleaded guilty to money manipulation with like and could call like fixing trying too many big currency prices before other banks I'm like well we've just had this Royal Commission like a literally a Royal Commission into how bad the banking behavior has got and and we've got a housing bubble now I think the cause of it yeah it's it seriously it was just it was just a stark reminder of how messed up the the financial system really is so that's why I made the the video like JP Morgan is a scam like a like I just I guess it's just the you just need a repeat boost of that you know I think that's probably something that we should dive into now what are people gonna do what's the public gonna do as we have you know at first is JP Morgan and then it's another Bank and then it's you know Facebook coin and like one by one everyone's gonna put their own sort of current see and I think people are kind of gonna realize that it's not really anything like Bitcoin and it's kind of gonna bring people back to the values of what Bitcoin came from yeah I think so I think so I think and this bear market really taught us a lot as well it taught us that they're just gonna be a lot of failure but anyways let's talk about the failure stuff later above the other edge coins and the other ideas but I definitely want to focus on the idea that I think Bitcoin really disrupted the banking sector it's it's crazy how you think about it I mean JP Morgan one of my arguments was that JP Morgan didn't actually invent bit blockchain they just adapted it for their own needs so it's kind of like proof that blockchain is the best technology out there for purposes of sending and transmitting value across different nations so it's a good validation of our technology they took a freely available technology yeah the second thing is they're validating the idea that they I think they only really deployed a coin like this because the idea of us keeping our own currency and not us taping up being able to transfer that currency works if it didn't work if we didn't challenge your system I don't think they would have been on the innovation path you know there was a lot of technologies that you know if you think about it what they were trying to disrupt with the JP Morgan coin is really just international payments right so disrupting the wire transfer and the reason why do you wire transfer was never changed was because there was no reason to change it yeah right these banking cartels they they can make their fat paychecks just off of wire transfers and essentially sending digital messages to each other there's not even moving physical currency so it was probably one of the lightbulb moments for me when I went overseas and had to send a present or buy something for a couple hundred dollars and it was like a $50 international transfer fee and then you got ripped off on the exchange rate and from a $200 present I probably pay another hundred dollars and I thought you know we're leaving this digital instant world where you and I can sit here and have a high-definition conversation if we want to send each other money like we're getting absolutely fleeced and it's worse in some other countries and remittance car tolls for sure for sure and it's like both sides to right back in the day if you sent a wire transfer it's like you got your bank charge you buddy and then their bank charge you money in doesn't even make sense right so so yeah so what are your thoughts about this JPMorgan coin like you know yeah I just think it's like it's just another us stay stable coin for all intents and purposes but saving they're talking about it being private mean how so it's got even less use case than a USD stable coin it's not gonna steal any markets yard I think of Bitcoin whatsoever if anything it's probably gonna just people say Bitcoin and blockchain and these things legitimate it's not a bubble it's popped and hopefully people come down the other funnel and find out about the technology but I want to ask you what you think about Bitcoin and these arguments in the different camps about story value medium of exchange unit of account actually think bitcoin is all those things depending on who you are and where you live if you're in Venezuela it's been a great store of value if you if you're in China and you can't take money out to get money into Australia then it's a great medium of exchange and it's all a scale whereas I think we all sit here and argue black and white he said this is there that yeah I definitely think so um I think that um crypto daily actually brought up that there's so many ideologies in crypto and he didn't want to kind of be oppressive and say my god y'all ideology is right at the end of the day it's so international so definitely I totally agree with you what you said there in fact in China Bitcoin is a she a big store of value as well simply because um right now the RMB is not a very fluid currency you can't really easily move it in or out of the country so people choose it and and I and not just that you can't move it in another country but also the government could potentially say hey that's mine I really want to pick your brain about China where you think they're art but I going to come out with this regulation or they're gonna pick one or two change and say hey we're gonna monitor those onto those really closely do you think the floodgates are gonna open or is it always this sort of I just don't talk about it's never officially banned but it's not exactly leg away though well Ashley okay so so in terms of legality China's really messed up because what is what is official doesn't always matter so that's where you have to read in between the lines so China officially eye seals are all bad so coins anything that's not a currencies banned and a currency technically the use case is also bad you're not allowed to have exchanges date-date they came and shut down all these exchanges but then what happened was that the exchanges to keep alive the the rumor and I believe this is that they gave portions of shares equity shares to key figures in the government so Ashley now you can almost consider these exchanges like okay X will be essentially like government-run entities now they're fully within the grass with their CCP also exchanges the exchange leaders are not allowed to leave China so that's actually quite interesting so so basically they said okay you've done some illegal things but you can keep doing them but you're not allowed to leave China you're essentially just like stuck in Beijing but I think I think it's interesting how each government is reacting you know in Australia at the moment so if government have said give us some feedback how should i cos be rated and actually crypto be taxed and myself and another gentleman who's a lawyer are going to present to the Australian government in a couple of weeks and hopefully they're a bit open-minded and they listen but it's very interesting to watch what Muldrow doing versus other countries that just say no and I I definitely think there's some industry here and you're gonna miss out on it if you don't sort of adopt yeah for sure for sure for sure I definitely see so and Malta is just really going head in first I think the situation with China was that they wanted to keep it under control because they don't want value leaving the country so that's why they basically took control over these exchanges they want to make sure that Bitcoin does not become a way that becomes unmanageable right now I think the lucky thing about Bitcoin is that it's still small on the government radar because I mean we just got what 130 million billion three hundred thirty billion dollars a market cap and we don't even know if that's real or not okay so when I gets the trillions then the Chinese government's really gonna be like okay and she now Ben Bernanke or someone came out and said crypto is too small to even worry about our knowledge and I think that next run up it has when all of a sudden it gets into a little percentage of their market share in their country they in Asarco we've got a through something now like this is starting to compete yeah I think so too I think so and even for regulation wise right now a lot of regulation is being built around a bunch of these scam EIC use that just make these false promises throws out the word blockchain and boom Bob's your uncle but eventually when it starts becoming really disruptive for the banking system that's when when regulation and all these governments are really gonna pay attention I think about recommendations is an easy fix just for us to register who they are and what they're doing and that way you almost get rid of all the scams straight away because I think people were sort of wising up and people were getting smart to the scams and the bad ico so i think the space was kind of maturing already do you think that was the best ride I think it's always gonna be bad the space was maturing for the people who were in the space I mean that the problem I think in China was the offline stuff it wasn't really the online scams that was a problem I've been to a conference called fin wise so this is done by the Eric grew from Metaverse that was my first crypto conference I just passed it by pure chances and um they were like I think 50 60 cryptocurrency projects also let us sitting there and it was what they say offline because if they say stuff offline you don't have a record of that so they can say whatever they want so there was like what T chain marriage chain I don't know anything like some weird travel chain it was like anything can think of Plus blockchain and a lot of these people who they were soliciting to don't have any sort of blockchain education because it was offline because it was just attracting a bunch of random investors and stuff so that continued on for for quite a long time even after China technically Bandai SEALs they moved it to Macau and then there was other ways to solicit offline and I think that was a scariest because offline people can just say whatever they want and they can just run a lot of times you just end up like raising a bunch of capital even if they're registered raising a bunch of capital and just running away so I want to talk about gaming in my cuz this is something that I'm you know being growing up with half life and all that games I just love how computers have evolved and so are you a big gamer are you growing up definitely half-life counter-strike Super Nintendo 64 I never got fully into like a World of Warcraft or dial or any of those but certainly grew up with a lot of computers and has some land parties on weekends when we're in high school nice that those were the days right where you carry the computer out and age of eight wise there's a simpler time I tell you oh and Age of Empires is great but AJ Kings right did you play Age of Empires or age of King age of kings time yeah just all those ones but somehow a nice I was gonna say be someone that's loves stocks and investing as well it's been phenomenal to watch nvidia and AMD and these chip and graphics card processors just go up so much in price but i actually think that the in 20 or 30 years from now we're gonna have more devices and more just processing power everywhere around us and I think gaming VR and augmented reality it's all gonna kind of meld into people gonna work from home and so many internet-of-things talking to each other do you want to talk about how you see this all so the play in it yeah so gaming has really changed a lot so yeah so dude and and the gaming really branched off too so right now at almost everyone's a gamer via our mobile phones so you know that's that's kind of cool right so back in the day was kind of like oh is this kind of more nerdy culture or geeky culture where we played all these games but now every gaming is fully mainstream so there was this big push in gaming to make everything kind of bit core or a very soft core so he got candy crush which is extremely fun but there were also hard core elements in it where there are certain levels that were impossibly hard and the game designers do very well that there's this impossibly hard and they would use them well qalaat of that for money so I think gaming is actually really cool and the innovation for crypto in gaming was I think I hate just a descriptive kitties yeah so cryptic kitties really took off I mean that's that's how everyone talks about cryptic crypto games and they start off of the crypto Kitty's idea because cryptic kitties made a lot of money right so from the investment standpoint everyone wants to invest into ideas to our like crypto kitties and I'm from a freaking aetherium standpoint you know they they broke a theorem for three weeks essentially making transactions extremely expensive we've got a quick donation here from vention who's saying that in argentina in 2012 they seized retirement accounts and he started buying silver so he's got Bitcoin to pay his health house off so good on you and thanks for the donation there but but days keep going Michael when talking about where you see do you see this VR a melding and surgeons working from home with their computers and stuff like that no too far too thirsty I think it's just a bunch of bad words so I think with these are different ideas right so if we go back to the idea of crypto kitties it brought us this idea of something that's written fully on the blockchain that's cool but the problem with crypto kitties is that it's pretty much a pyramid scheme I think it's a lot of people don't realize this from the get-go but you're you're buying cats um and a lot of people are buying the cats for the purpose of just breeding more cats mmm so your biggest primary pillar in that game is always all pretty making more cats and it was a big breeding Factory we see it's slightly a bit different now you got more variations to play with and some people collect cats but women cryptic videos was blowing up aetherium why prices were so expensive was because there were breeders who were programming and these spots that would breed their cats so then they can sell their offspring as fast as they can and that way they can make money from it so you can see you see these articles that you know people were making tens of thousands of dollars off cryptic kitties and it's just kind of like the pigeon king if you look at these cases in the past where there's a breeding scam where you buy these pigeons off the pigeon King and you try to breed them and then you stop back to him and then at a certain point it doesn't work because it's a pyramid right but so there are this these elements but what there is also fun elements as well – Krypto kitties that's why a lot of people do still enjoy them so yeah so I feel like Cooper case was a good interesting example it's a good a bad example I showed out what one showed us what we can't do but it didn't really show us the true potential of what we can do so right now we're kind of in this awkward phase we're like okay how do we go beyond cryptic kitties how do we become because there are so many clones right tron dogs crypto Lamas whatever you call it yeah just using that that that collectables and you you want to move beyond just simple collectibles like that um so every time people talk about gaming I'm like just move beyond crypto keys think of be a little bit more imaginative and do not do not fall into the trap of making a card game because everyone then says okay I'm gonna be super creative there's this cool card game called hearthstone where you play collecting cards but you don't actually trade those cards so they're like okay we're gonna fix that problem so we saw I think there's a zombie battlegrounds and a bunch of other like these card games I think even point-based wants to requite call it got a lot of gods unchained yeah all these games were trying to basically do hearthstone but with trading that is like the biggest mistake one can ever make in gaming which is to copy an existing gaming model but change the monetization scheme because if you change the monetization scheme you're gonna break everything basically so what are your do you have any favorite gaming projects or non-block change so the companies that you really bullish on yeah so so for me personally I've been looking at the space and I've been seeing more better projects going on so as you'd probably know I'm not a big fan of all the big ones uh what what am i policy is you know what um I might support them twenty thirty dollars just support them trying out an idea but I don't ever think that this is an investment I think a lot of people they go ahead in like our game is gonna be huge it's not an investment but rather it's a it's a it's a kind of a Kickstarter supporting I want to support your kind of thing so that's what I'm being doing I've been saying okay look you know you guys have some cool ideas I'll just throw my twenty dollars that's that's pretty much it I seen it's for something that we told people very early on that personally I've got a majority of in Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin the things that I got into early and when I'm investing in something small I put in you know 1% and so many people you talk to them and I got 50 % of their bags in this one coin or pretty yeah love and you say guys you don't realize how risky these are their tech startups their blockchain stops and it's an IC o—- like you just can't go too heavy for sure for sure so yeah so um that's what that's what I think it's it's important um everyone says I'm like everyone I think has this mentality of not everyone a lot of people have a mentality of just all in you know balls-deep that's kind of the culture back in a day but yeah realistically you gotta hedge your bets even though it seems like all kryptos move together sometimes but you know and I shouldn't be right they're so different right you know tokens and all these things they represent something but what they can represent is totally different right they can you can't organize a cow and that should be very different from tokenizing I don't know a house should have moved together okay talk about some of your favorite projects but it's frustrating for some of the great projects that I love in Australia that have made a lot of progress they're doing really good things but they're down whatever the markets down 90 percent so yeah yeah so I think to the market inefficiencies haven't been weeded out yet and it's kind of interesting just to talk about markets and everything like that but one of the discussion topic was like you know is markets are krypton markets efficient and the answer should be hell no like a lot of people still don't understand crypto markets and there's a lot of information discrepancy as well so initially before I was talking about you know how us on the internet we're informed in a certain way and then there are people who are budding funds and the access they have people more access to information because they can directly speak to founders or projects or you know they can speak to blog stream or core developers so they have access to more information and insight and then there are older funds that have even more information because you know they were the ones who created a theory I'm like they were sitting beside Metallica if you think about fan bushi if I'm bushi has been around you know they were incubating a theory so that's scary how much kind of access to information they have and we need to share that otherwise it's gonna be a messed up space I think we we have a lot of centralization in crypto in terms of centralization of information just a question we've got we've a check going on and it goes back to as you're just saying centralization in crypto and China what do you think about mining and been in China and how that's gonna all play out do you think people are gonna turn away from Bitcoin and focus on mining previous state coins gonna become really important or what do you think about mining um mining there's so many misconceptions of binding it's not you know funny there are mining pools in China that's right a lot of the miners actually left China because of or they're living outside of China they may stop basis so we know something like fish F to pools fish he's not based in China anymore I won't say where he is but he's not in China so there's Chinese people who are running pools and people aggregate that data so it becomes it seems like a large portion of that mining is in China but what a lot of miners are potentially doing right now is I heard that one of my big mining friends is working on project say in Canada where there's 2 cent electricity so it kind of like it's much more decentralized than what we think it is because you we get the out get information from the pools but even the pools themselves may or may not be in China so that that's um that's one of the misconceptions about mining I saw these ridiculous things before so I just want to dispel that because you know eels was saying before that oh look we got 21 nodes and look how how you know perfectly decentralized we are but mining pools don't represent mining communities their own money individuals they just aggregate a bunch of people together so we don't really know how many miners there are and there are small players I what I do say is that centralization in mining is coming from the fact that it's getting hard or harder to make a profit with just one person alone so one of my big miner friends all he does as he sources cheap electricity so he kind of put my name operations as a multi-faceted many people operations so he would just be in charge of one small aspect it might be someone who is sourcing say Asics or producing Asics there might be someone who is sourcing land or getting deals for the government and getting tax breaks so – become such a big operation and needs a lot of people and that's why money is still profitable for a lot of people a lot of people you see on the news that oh my name is not profitable anymore because we calculate electric see costs at like 12 cents per kilowatt hour and then that's not gonna make a profit you're gonna lose money try coming to an area where it's like 30 cents oh right right so so that's why that's why um there's so much like false news and the worst part is that the the miners community has encouraged that so because they know that the more people that comes into this space if they tell people hey look it's easy to make money with mining you just need you know three or four friends that know that their the more people come in so so the mining community doesn't this is actively dispel that illusion but let me tell you guys that mining is profitable that's why they do it and then it's not a lot of them moved out of China already they might be Chinese run and they might have other partners but I don't think when we read these stats that 70% of mining comes from China and it'll all fall apart if they get shut down I was just so like sitting here in Australia we can join a Chinese pool and it's a misrepresentation so yeah I'm for sure for sure for sure yeah so yeah just take questions so I don't have access to your one I should I should I just wanted to quickly talk about what's going on is strife more Sophy awful yeah yeah sure I think a lot of people don't realize that you know Australia since 2015 you've been able to pay any bill in crypto or bank deposit it's called living room Satoshi is the website and they support 14 different crypto currencies now they've just adopted lightning so you can now buy you know your coffee literally with lightning Network so Brisbane Airport we did the official release so every shop at Brisbane Airport and there's another Airport that's got FOMO that's gonna be coming on all right soon and you can ring up and book your whole holiday to Australia with crypto already we've traveled by bit who by Nance bought a 10 or 20% stake in so there's so much happening here in Australia we've got 250 registered exchanges which is insane for the number of people that we have how is that even realistic how do these exchanges even make money because like if you have like 200 300 exchanges like well that's that's what worries me you know I'm getting messages on telegram saying hey will you make a video about our new exchange we need users and it's kind of like what's your point of difference like you know only at least so many coins and then if you're small then the volume is terrible and if you just lease Bitcoin then you've got no a difference to another exchange and the it's just like the Aussie oh it's 99% of these exchanges are gonna die that's scary man cuz I mean because yeah because we were talking a little bit before the stream of how crazy Australians are for for crypto so I do a lot of meetups that you guys see in different regions you know it means be very you know yeah together so back in the out season there was so many made ups and we're getting four or five hundred people to some of these meetups in Melbourne and Sydney blockchain Australia who I've just joined the board off they're gonna organize a lot more meetups going forward and try and have sort of one location in each city where everyone knows that there's gonna be a meet-up at this some already some great meetups regularly in Sydney and Brisbane but I think you know what's like in crypto winter where people will come out and start talking about it more once there let's be honest this is a pretty depressive sort of timing krypton people don't want it right but so did you notice um doing yours shifts though like um in Hong Kong actually I've been getting notifications that all the events are starting get packed now so it's kind of like interesting date they're actually like they're – you think I'm doing like talks twice because they're there's just so many people is that happening Australia right now or I definitely think we've noticed an uptick in interest and we're getting new subscribers and and all that sort of thing ticking up even though the price hasn't yet so I think we're sort of washed out all the people that were just purely speculators and they're gone now and I think we're seeing the people to come in are genuinely interested in group dough and I'm looking forward to going around and seeing how many people we do get here so the first ever meet up we had there was just one person turned up in 2013 no no forget that yeah yeah so so you actually did events all the way back in 2013 that's crazy in Tasmania which is my home state yeah we had we tried to get Bitcoin ATMs and we got one and we try to turn like really pop the tourism side of things but it just never took off it was just too early right and and if you're just in Tasmania so right now do you do you have a say an OTC desk so you guys all meet up or at Bitcoin cafe do you guys all come meet up or a bar or something that you guys hang up in yeah so we have maple cafe if you're in Launceston the that they're one of the 300 merchants that are supporting all these crypto currencies that have signed up to that website I mentioned before you can go in and buy your beers in your lunch and pay with litecoin whatever you want and that's just started take off now since finance board stake in this company in the words spreading about crypto we had a Chinese family ring up and book their whole holiday and pay for their flights go the Great Barrier Reef everything in Bitcoin and well nice nice sort of the word spreads I think it's just gonna really grow so yeah nice we got we got Norman says yet to Spain yeah my channel ask we got I see you so so yeah I'm trying to follow up the chat so I'm like I'm probably the worst multitasker in the world so I have to apologize good luck chamber to everyone haibach shame Brad let me see as saying business from real utility proof I think we're seeing a shift I think we're saturated I think all the actual IDs and platforms and things that actually do have some sort of utility I think that's been done to death now we've got one of everything and people want equity in a blockchain based business or we're going to see actual businesses just using blockchain privately behind closed doors for enterprise and that doesn't even really need tokens and so on so that's sort of three areas I see Brad apart from true crypto currencies that we're using in everyday life I guess so this is regarding crypto use yeah bryce is saying about the switch to sort of business blockchain use and away from utility tokens and stuff like that yeah that's that that's a whole minefield right because business is like what what what what problem are you solving right when it comes to application of blockchain I think we really need to see like what what are we trying to solve in this circumstance and it's actually quite hard because not everything is known right now like maybe there might be a great idea just for example to take the Tait token GRC 20 like that it took like two or three years before year C 20s really took off as a token yeah it takes a long time especially for businesses to see the use case I think right now we're still looking at a few concepts but what you're seeing is also a little bit true in a sense that they can use blocking behind closed doors and the the block scenes without a token surprisingly no one talks about I mean hyper ledger what the hell is that right no one cares about hyper Ledger's like yeah but it's it's amazing for business use I mean iBM is pushing that really hard it really depends and depends on like which parties trust and don't trust each other so it's a whole new rabbit hole for me yeah and if you've got a blockchain that needs users and they are gonna use the token then you create network effects versus if you're working behind closed doors and you don't need or don't want to build a community there's all these different news cases I think so what's review okay I'm gonna ask you a question about Bitcoin so I mean got into Bitcoin very very early what are your views on Bitcoin out I mean there is this sort of a bit of fun about Bitcoin not being very state-of-the-art see a little bit more behind so what what are your views what weather usually and also course gotten crazy tea that's the other narrative so what are your views there I really I really think that Andreas does provide the best sort of balanced approach so I think that you need to have layer one is a bedrock and look at how hard hard folks have got to get through like we had 90 or percent of miners signaling for segue to X and we still couldn't get it through and so I think it's so hard to make adjustments to that base layer so I think we do need layer 2 and that way we can no scale far past these other things and just like Bitcoin mining was centralized at one point I think that lightning Network you know we've already got plenty of nodes in Australia and we're gonna find routes and we're all gonna have them running you know nicely and help each other and I think that network effects gonna take off but I think that bitcoin is going to be the ultimate hard money the ultimate store of value in Australia people Park so much money in real estate because they think it's going to go up over the long term why what happens when Bitcoin just starts trending higher and people's think well I'm gonna park my money in something else so work anything that's a store of value I think Bitcoin can compete with that if it stays these sound hard money and has all its properties and I think yeah the network effects in the method of payment if you want to send a large amount of money and it's gonna cost you 20 cents that's not really a big deal on the main on layer one and if you want to spend your little your payments during the day and layer two and you have some 500 dollars in your phone I think that's fine as well that's what we're gonna find that medium yeah I think so too um talking about lightning I definitely feel like it's one of the gonna be one of the things that everyone's gonna be talking about this year because it's actually quite easy to use if provided that you can't set it up properly so I first started off with lightning Network just using the blue wallet I'm not sure if you guys use that so so that was easy right it's easy mode you just connect to it you transfer your Bitcoin on to the wallet and just transfer a little bit amount and you put it into a payment channel in San Theo then you want to go up to a little bit more hard core and you're like okay I want to run my own note because if you run your own note that's like when it's most decentralized you can join this network and provide liquidity to the network so I'm currently at that stage right now have you been running your own node have you been doing any of that nerdy stuff no I haven't all been using wall of Satoshi which is a custodian wallet but I think that's the next step so I get people familiar with invoices how to tip you know tipping me on Twitter and store the other day so we can see each other with line yeah yeah I in started didn't work very well for me I don't know I think that's a week but yeah definitely be but I think we're creating there one by one and yeah people will have their wall then they'll use it just like with Bitcoin that they use it on exchange and I think you know I will download the wall and install and backup my private keys maybe run a node once that gets easier so I think this is all this is all coming yeah I think so too um I think I think it's kind of funny because the only issue that so I'm gonna go phone up for a nerd here so the only issue is that if you're using lightning and the note goes down that's when you got report to the blockchain as they look okay this is all these are all the transactions that happen Bitcoin please arbitrate it so layer one arbitrates these layer two transactions this is why you're okay with centralization or people accuse that of centralization because there's not that Minos enlightening and you all connecting to one or a few of these centralized nodes that provide a lot of liquidity and you can stand from combining to each other but the the good side is the flipside is that you can always improve on the blockchain that everything happened so the only time that you can prove it is that the note goes offline then you have a certain amount of time to submit your proofs to the blockchain but if you don't have your proof stand that becomes a problem so that's when you want to run your node so recently I've been trying to figure out how to run my note so I got the Lightning daemon running and then connecting that to my phone was just such a big pain I just it just seems to be like one small error in whatever I'm doing so I think I'm like just two more days from like fully running my node and connecting it to right now I'm the blue wallets a little bit hard to get a node on but right now no I have not used I mean I'm trying to use zap because it's the easiest one to install on your on your node because you install the zaps connect and then you scan the QR code and then you connect your node up with your wallet the other stuff anything else it requires even more things to be installed so in terms of installation gotta install the Bitcoin daemon that's the first one and then you gotta install a lightning daemon then on top of that you got records I'll install some way to connect and communicate with this lightning daemon with either the zap connect or there's another like website host thing that you want to do for blue wallet so for blue while it's even hard I got installed on a server to like wire three things together it's it's insane so once that company that have bought out a little bit coin box that you can run your own oh yeah that's that this has cancer so I think we're gonna have that for lightning and if I can buy a Casanova sit on my desk and support the network yeah you did a review for that rate the the cat I thought did you do a hardware review for that oh I haven't reviewed the code okay okay I got fired it's not you dinner yeah I saw stuff I saw someone do it my boy what's his name Jack Palmer Jack farmer yeah Jack's Impala that's right yeah Jackson Palmer exactly that way yeah right sir any other questions Oh what else did you want to talk about well we better wrap it up soon and have some lunch yeah we better wrap it's been an hour so an hour and a half actually we know it's been hours so so yeah so I think it's gonna be easier like what once the hardware comes out and that rolls out like when I was installing my note I was like I should just like buy one of these and I think I will I will buy one of those things to plug at home but I just wanted that like I just wanted to do it myself it's kind of like yeah do it for the first time Winnie Carmichael uh hopefully soon hopefully soon are you gonna travel yourself are you gonna go around Asia to to check out you know what's happening the agency in European scene or the American scene definitely we wanted to go I'm glad we did pull out of the dev cons on that when it was crazy in the bull run because I know you went to it and I just got this vibe that it was so fake and so busy and it wasn't really worth it for a lot of those ones what everyone was just trying to sell you in I see oh but I'd love to go in an environment where it's can be I mean you get to talk to good people well well yeah the Deaf cons are actually okay so def cons are like the theorem def con was fine neo def con was actually good – they actually had like classes to teach people how to develop I think that's really cool what what gets crazy is like the other ones like the general ones where it becomes like you know it's just like you definitely even consensus like consensus was like it was bad it was pretty yeah yeah so Def Con said great I think that's a great way to start to learn I'm actually very interested in checking out any Yost once so I did if their him at the Neo I did the VJ Meetup I did a bunch of the depth everybody the – conference but you know I think for me I love focus on building and working in the crypto winter and then once things are good again and you know we've got more money to spend on travel and stuff and that's what I'd love to go out and travel so what are you most excited for this year what what do you think is gonna be like one of the biggest trends this year I'm having a baby next week so I'm pretty excited about that market crypto things are awesome things I'm sorry about that crypto I think we're gonna see the people realise that this wasn't a bubble and a fad and when Bitcoin starts to go up again or whatever project it is has a good milestone it gets users and it's just on these sort of onwards ramp and who knows what's gonna start the next bull market if it's only gonna be some small coins or it might be everything again I don't know but when but when the general public realizes that hey this thing that everyone was laughing out and calling dead and the media bashed when they realized that it wasn't a bubble and it's not dead and this is gonna be an industry that's what I'm most excited about I think so too I think so and it's gonna be a long time I think I think the bull market sorry the bull market made us feel we are closer to adoption than it really is I think in many cases especially for businesses to accept Bitcoin it's gonna be hard what we see a lot I mean recently I've been you know buying on g2a if you're gamer g2a as a city keep selling platform and they accept Bitcoin or so for some countries kinguin I think it's doing that too you see a lot of these online like cd-key or even VPS or cloud services they're starting to take Bitcoin I think there are some there's a legit reason for them to do that because payment come payments so expensive so they don't want to get you know they don't want to pay that 10 12 percent PayPal premium yeah but for four shops it's actually a much harder like physical shops is much much harder for them because it's they did get customers that can pay cash it can pay credit learning about this extra Bitcoin thing it's gonna be a little bit harder for them so it really depends like we I don't feel we're still very far away from adoption and the reason why you're taking it like are you taking just as a medium of exchange are you taking it and storing it you know these are these are interesting questions that we're gonna face in the next 10 years I think yeah well I think we'll continue to have cycles so the next song who might not necessarily be the mass adoption everyone's using yourself we might have all these little ones before so yeah we're gonna have a lot of little ones that's gonna be great so I think that's that's gonna be cool man because I've loved having you so much you're so thanks for joining us today yeah thanks so much man Alex great to meet you up for the first time so cool man well thanks for tuning in to us yeah thank you guys so much for tuning in and check out Nuggets news you're on YouTube and on Facebook a lot I see you on face

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