Bottega Veneta Coin Purse Wallet Unboxing

Hello, welcome back to my channel. Today I wanted to share a wallet I picked up from the Bottega Veneta online site. that purple and I don’t like that tonal color and just thought about it
and was like why am I gonna keep something that I don’t actually love all
that much cuz I really don’t like my color so I sent a backhand return this
one is dead and another difference was about 18 partial 184 around but it’s
small and I don’t like when I was in college but when I was not what it was
very easy does it in my hand now actually trying to go way down the other
way to start to think the reason is cuz I had a while and it’s like a no-name I
am really pretty was committed in color and it was really good quality leather
or something and lay out of the loop and tons of the compact didn’t like that one is I thought it was
because of like four hours it was hard to get things out but was actually has
had the greatest needed the designated card slot and that’s what I don’t like
because they’re so hard to get out and that’s what I also didn’t like in the
early wallet cards are so hard to like get in and out when they their specific
slot so I like just the use of money but the ease of use things in 15 just in an
order that I like the way that they’ve been using my having a claim and this
time I am in like a little pricey know what it’s like to keep everyone talked
about it several times and that is not the most used to clean my other
currencies every day and I really enjoyed using the nurse told me resented
like using that system is because i dont have a good place in my my like I don’t
like where queens and Ashley found something that I could put cash into
that I was happy with enemies using for I don’t know why you’re just don’t like
it and I haven’t found anything but I do like and considered by many other
claimants are considered by but I don’t want to buy another and leave it on wall
and I think I’m not stonewalling has been leaving and I’m not really trust
for the moment and so does that mean to look around again as I was when I was
trying to give another mom while others do you think how much I love that and how much it
works for me see so few things I have to complete so I found this little guy and
in here now and hopefully it’ll work early and definitely more so I didn’t
build that first unboxing but the lighting solar storms like this video
tape to get up and give you some boxing to unload another race here it’s a
really nice they offer express complimentary shipping you had the first
one I got was shipped from the USA distribution center in stock and will
ship to APO to UPS two Day Air and this one was not in stock you think
it was sent from the ranch house in Italy to New Jersey and then they should
the next day I got the same building as complimentary stock I color my name address and I don’t know
what the plan is going to see the name of the item and then it comes in the
dark brown box with a black leather or gold lettering and the boxes with Dilip
lost the work’s recording then this color is much more me a break bread and
love how beautiful you do my reaction when I’m not very excited about the
first thing is that I was like this one is really pretty bright red and it
looked on the website but I was looked like for this caller and it will read it
looked on their site there lightings little off and it has the matter and its
lambskin it was so fun was amazing and this time is required for return earns the one said it is so beautiful
and the reason I was because I am interested in purchasing and I don’t own
anything from him so what better way to test out their lenders and holding them
to on the inside and this is full leather leather on the inside as well I
really like that because I don’t like it they do not carry yours and those two
cars are just like place holders they don’t have anything on them and then
this card is the like the control car because this is a caring company and
they have the control cards like Gucci and sit around and then the leather used
for this traditionally crafted item has been largely statement of the chemical
production I really like the whole thing in a moment because I want to go and
this is what I meant by three slots in the middle and what I want to invite
cards and one of the most used cars that he’s all the time in the middle and will
proceed and then another permit and I like the other because we can clean it
much better than it was textile and box and then in here attack on the backside originality
certified and there’s a number assuming that’s there and doesn’t have
any kind of hard and I don’t really hear people talking about the technical data a lot of other companies are interested
in my experience with polly was really interested in trying them out they’ve
been around 150 200 years there I’m so excited to finally amal and I’m so much
happier with this when I’m so glad that I decided to return that one does not
move the first but I think because I haven’t had any in smooth when I don’t
have the differentiation between the difference is going on around the circle
get a little more warning when I use it but I’m so happy to send it to the color
this is so much more me this is a lot this is an orange red under $350 which
is cheaper cost but this is full leather and if you in this is actually cheaper

11 thoughts on “Bottega Veneta Coin Purse Wallet Unboxing”

  1. It's so lovely. I love the colour and their classic woven leather. I have never checked them out though…I have to take a look at their products next time I'm in a department store. [I am in love with the way you say Bottega Veneta!!!] Here in Italy the price of this product and the zippy compact wallet from LV is the same but, if I have to be honest, I much prefer this one. Have you ever checked Lancel? I'm in love with their Charlie bag. I don't know anything about Bally, sorry.

  2. I have a Bottega Veneta bag and I love it. I am thinking about getting a BV wallet. Very lovely piece and the leather is going to soften be be gorgeous….enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this, it's just so adorable!! Saw a lady use it while I was on holiday and last Dec and I'm still thinking about! Could you do a review on what fits in it? How many cards can it hold? Do coins move around into different compartments? How has the leather held up? ?

  4. Thanks for the video, it's refreshing to see something new. I've been collecting Louis Vuitton and Chanel for decades. I've been stepping away from Louis Vuitton for a couple of years. Louis Vuitton is so saturated, I decided to go with Bottega Veneta, Gucci Group bought it in 2001 and now it's part of the Kering Group which is owned by the French. Even though it's head quarter is in Italy. I love the Bottega Veneta product, the leather is amazing and the price of a handbag is awesome! I'm sticking with Chanel and Bottega Veneta, I do love the "no logo" on the Bottega Veneta, it's subtle yet beautiful. Thanks again, for a refreshing video, so tired of Louis Vuitton.

  5. +Vicky Ho I'm so glad you found it interesting 🙂 I agree with you, I
    love the non logo of Bottega Veneta – which amuses me because it's a
    logo, but without being an actual one, you know? 🙂 normally I'm not a
    fan of the Kering brands which is why I was hesitant about BV but I'm
    guessing their independently operated because the quality is unlike any
    of the other brands they have! I'm itching for a BV bag now so bad, do
    you have any recommendations? I like LV for their leather, in my
    experience it's been excellent quality and craftsmanship but growing
    tired of all the canvas bags to be honest ?

  6. too much talking we don't care just show us the bloody purse! When you finally do open it however it suits you! very pretty.

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