Both Sides of the Coin

Welcome to Network Marketing Pro. My name is Eric Worre. Today I want to talk to you about the power
of assumption. What happens when we assume? And I think people when they first get involved
in network marketing, they use this power not to their benefit. They use it to their detriment. Here’s what I mean by that. Too many times people assume negative. They assume something bad is going to happen. They assume they are going to be rejected. They assume that people aren’t going to join. They assume that people are going to be too
busy. They assume that people don’t have enough
money. They assume that people already have a job
that they love. They assume that people are living the life
of their dreams. They assume all of these different things. And the majority of the times those assumptions
are wrong. And here’s what happens when you assume those
types of things. You start to project those things. When you assume somebody doesn’t have the
time, you are going to start projecting in little ways the fact that you probably don’t
have a lot of time. I know you are busy, can we just find a little
time to get together. Could you squeeze this business into your
busy schedule? You start to assume and to project those assumptions
into the conversation. And that projection is not healthy when you
use this in a negative term. Now here’s the other side of the coin. And here’s what the leaders inside of network
marketing and in entrepreneurship in general do. They assume success. They assume radical success. They assume people are going to find the money. They assume people are going to find the time. They assume that people are probably not happy
with their current situation, that they aren’t making enough cash flow, that they’re not
working at the job of their dreams. They’re not living up to their true purpose. They assume all of those things. They assume people are going to want to engage
with their products. They assume that people are going to want
to start their own business. They assume that people are going to be impressed
with their opportunity, with their company. They assume that people will find the time
and find the way to get to the company convention. They assume all of those things and more. And with that assumption they start to project
those things. And they project those results. See if you assume in the negative, you project
the negative and that starts to come back at you. Your assumption proves real. But if you assume on the positive, you will
start to project into that positive, in a thousand little ways that you can’t even measure
and the return of that assumption to the positive is going to give you the results that you
and the person you are talking to are looking for. So assumptions and projections are very powerful
things, make sure that you are avoiding engaging in the negative assumption and projection,
and you are leaning in to the positive assumption and projection. That’s what leaders do. That’s our show for today. I hope you got value. Ladies and gentlemen and my wish for all of
you is that you decide to become a network marketing professional, that you decide to
GoPro, because it is a stone cold fact that we have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world everybody. Have an amazing day, see you tomorrow, take
care bye bye, Hey my name is Eric Worre and if you are involved in the network marketing
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7 thoughts on “Both Sides of the Coin”

  1. Love it, Eric … just had a similar conversation this morning! Bravo! Are you working in this incredible NWM profession and if not, Why not? Why not you? Why not today?

  2. Truely said Erric. Your videos changing my life and business.
    Hearty thanks Erric.
    Expecting video on how people work in real life in network marketing.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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