Boomstarter Crypto Crowdfunding on the blockchain Update!

what is going on crypto family hopefully everybody is doing awesome alright so today we bring back Cairo he's the PR director of boom starter he speaks about their MVP that goes live today or tomorrow depending on when you watch this video it's basically like Kickstarter on the blockchain and for people who saw the first interview that we did with Cairo and with Maria the link is in the description below in case you missed it but you know there we talk about all the things that they're trying to do and this is just kind of like a recap and a little update for you so now they're saying it's free to join and there's only a 3.5 percent fee when you actually withdraw your money so you guys could actually get paid like the same day that the crowdfunding campaign ends so if you get like a great idea or you need to raise money for an existing business that you're trying to grow this could be an awesome opportunity for people they also allow mining rights so mining to benefit the person that's doing the crowdfunding as well as the person doing the mining just because you know maybe they believe in the project it allows them to mine and contribute that way but to also benefit both parties so it's free right now they say but they're gonna start tacking on like a little listing fee of like 50 bucks and up so things like Kickstarter right those I'm told that you know that's only available in like twenty two different countries and can take like four weeks you know to be paid after the crowdfunding ends you know here they say that you guys could be paid the same day that the crowdfunding ends it is available almost everywhere right so there's some places that you know you can't do this people that aren't part of the UN stuff like that right but things like this man can really disrupt the traditional banks and lending companies and it's just one more great example of how smart contracts in blockchain can possibly benefit you know humanity so this is huge for those that want a chance to win 100 bucks don't forget we do that on every single one of these episodes make sure you guys stick around to the end if how to do that and so I've done enough rambling here and without further ado let's go check out Cairo and boost or get you the other side what is going on crypto family so today we got Cairo he's back with us from boom star so he's your charge of PR which is awesome last time we had Joe and Maria on tell us all about boom starter it's kind of the the crowdfunding platform on the blockchain but we got some exciting news right because you guys are gonna be launching your MVP like tomorrow so that's in let's see today is Wednesday so Thursday probably Thursday Friday depending on where in the world you live like you're in Russia we're in the US so yeah good old time the old time zone differences right so depending on where you're at the next day you guys look external so great to have you back on appreciate it got my coffee awesome and so for people that don't remember boom starters the video that we did with them you know feel free to check it out that was with Maria the CEO as well as Cairo and now they're basically you know launching their MVP so if you could maybe tell us you know what what people can expect you know on the next day or so and what its gonna be able to what kind of value its gonna bring to the community oh yes sure sure yeah think thanks thanks very much for having me first of all yeah certainly where all the other were MVP so this is in a working version of the blockchain based platform I'm made for crowdfunding so you could basically start your campaign from wherever you are in the world which is not very accessible thing to do now with other services which are you know geography restricted like the major services in crowdfunding they put on limitations from where in the world you can start to campaign all these global services and boost art is different in this way because you can start from virtually wherever you are in the world so there's no country restrictions because we don't rely on the rules imposed by the banks and payment providers which are the usual intermediaries in this space in the crowdfunding industry so there'll be some limitations right I mean people like you know North Korea and Iran stuff like that you know okay yeah yeah absolutely so there's certainly of some you know some limitations in this way these are inevitable of course yeah so you know the sanctions lease and things like that override this most the world this is gonna be available which is huge because like things like Kickstarter only available in like 22 countries right so you guys aren't available and everywhere pretty much except you know some of the some of the places that are part of the UN so that's that's huge yeah absolutely I mean this this is this is very good because it's it gets crowdfunding is a 2 hour for you know like a third of the intrapreneurs and start absolutely world which have been excluded from this from this model on business model because it's only it's really only a model available to the emerging companies because they don't have access to in order to venture capital money or probably they do have excessive they they are a lot of kid serious and business engine money but in just you know certain instances of course crowdfunding is absolutely accessible because people just do not have to invest anything to start fundraising and once their idea is cool and people just start believing they start getting the funds in and they actually like selling pre-sales pre selling their product so once the product is cool and people vote with their dollars or kryptos Furion Manero and bitcoin yeah absolutely so this is the sign that the product is going to have demand and the startup is going to raise enough money for them to actually build this product whatever it is beat you know you know a city rock psyche or you know as surfing board which is in the waiting because it has a motor inside it it can be anything like it can be in a cardboard game or you know it table table game made of cardboard so this is for some reason it's very popular in the world so it does raise a lot of attention and a lot of money so whatever it is if if there is an audience for this thing that the startup is producing or is starting to produce and they can raise this money wherever they are practically practically wherever in the world that's right that's great so basically you know the last time we had the interview you guys were talking about you guys are building and town the next day or so you're gonna be delivering it so people if you got a good idea you guys want to raise some money you guys can do it on the blockchain so basically rather than having to deal with like a Kickstarter IndieGoGo where you you know raise maybe a bunch of money and theater cash it's only open to certain parts of the world now we could do this on the blockchain to where we would be able to like accept crypto and when this gets funded we'd have our money you know basically like however long it takes to the block confirmations versus you know weeks or months and stuff like that with some of these more traditional you know crowdfunding campaigns and platforms right so that's exciting right there it opens it up to the world it opens you know it's more more crypto adoption and allows for more instant payments and then you guys also take my heroine too so for people that you know maybe you want to stay under the radar or something these other countries yeah and they might be able to yeah absolutely sure sure so I mean if this is certainly probably not looked white you know they direct competitor to have a traditional major services of the provide crowd funding but it does have you know the books you've been served location-based service like boom star has a very nice advantages as fee is once the startup is successful and they have raised their girl their affairs they're set amounts they can cash into crypto just today after the campaign has finished because on traditional platforms they have to wait like four weeks to get their money out because of you know the rules of the bank the rulers of the payment systems and this is certainly a and hassle for many startups and a surprise because they starts they look to starting building the product and suddenly they have to wait for like a month just to get the money out and this does disrupt their a roadmap and does disappoint their communities as well so this is in this way this is quite advantageous of course no it's incredible because when you think about it you know like you said you having to wait on the banks you have no way to get paid this is all being done like what via smart contract right so you don't like yes you guys are the platform but there's not really somebody in the middle you guys you create that all all the different the smart contract once they're met it just a poisons right and so when you guys you know except the Crypt or I guess when the smart contractor your platform accepts the crypto does it also go a step further and then also transition into a stable coin so that way they're always they're always able to see their balance it's not fluctuating day in and day out yeah you're right because the platform is working in the way that it generates it's my contract that accumulates the money that goes to this to the startup and the smart context of the algorithm is inside inside just govern these fundraising campaigns so if they get they started I be successful they do get the money right away they do have access to the money right away and if they are not successful the money goes back to the backers to the people who contributed so in this way the backers are protected and they have both parties have guarantees and there's no one in the middle we can say so let's see the papers for a month uh-huh let's check out the payments and spend like half a year checking it does happen on traditional krumping platforms yeah and we do we do plan to accept major crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Trillium and also Manero and there is it is a crypto currency of choice because we also have what is called cloud mining and this called money can be done by the community of the startups so this is like a gamification – for start-up to build a more motivated community of course cryptic ransom mining on home computers which is technically possible would not bring a lot of amounts a lot of money so but it will bring people together who can generate just a bit of money and altogether they can generate quite probably cut quite substantial amounts of money in a pool mining for their startup of choice and one of the cryptocurrencies that can be mined in a browser even in a browser is malaria so this is probably notoriously known as a virus mining Manero if we've heard all about this you know mining in you know is in advertisements and so on but I mean this this type of money that we employ is absolutely safe and lawful and you can control it in store boots at any time at any point and it does generate a small amount for the startup and a small amount for the community as well so we your mind and you earn it's just a small portion of it but but you don't have to pay out of your wallet so this is one of the great things because pain out of you avoid the you know the the cash that you have available is one of the obstacles in crowdfunding because people just like the products but they like it on Facebook but the sherry but they don't pay and by way of mining they do get involved so this is a very good engagement to in the first place that's awesome so I mean they can start mining with their with their PC at home obviously it's not going to generate a lot of income for them but it allows them to participate to kind of help the you know I guess whatever project it is that that they're trying to support but what if they hook it up to like some kind of you know build GPU you know server farm or something you got a sick miners running everything I mean if they get well how crazy can they go and how much is gonna make if they decide to go that way say they really love a product I know like a I'm gonna put you know I'm gonna put my entire farm behind this can they do that yeah absolutely so they can certainly use their rigs you can set their farms and you know on the hardware and you know and there you know industrial level mining is absolutely possible but we certainly understand that this industry is quite pragmatic and people this understand earning too much themselves in during these in a bear market period but of course if there's a if there's a personal there's a company it just love the product and they want to channel their money capacity so they can do it of course it's absolutely possible because this is crypto and then you know some of the obvious questions people are gonna have you know as it's great that it's it's launching the next day or so but what's it cost how much you guys take you know from the raise and you know is there any kind of services or things that you guys want to allow them to do on the platform oh yes sure so uh we're not going to charge a listing fee so we don't go when they're going to charge anything for listing for the first month of all the operations so starting the day after tomorrow or tomorrow where we are in the world where they're going to charge anything to start your campaign on the platform and there's a three point five percent charge to withdraw the money so please just have to has to go to the payment provider that converts if you want to convert the money into fee as of later charge for that so this is like very about five percent what if they decide just take in the stable coin yeah the stable coin but this is also conversion so if it is converted physically in this table coin this is also baby the third practice service because when we're not charging this for ourselves so this is the charger of the third party service that we arranged to participate so this is just the amount that has to be provided to to this because this is inevitable fortunately probably but this is certainly lower than the you know they're very 5% that you would get a worldwide on the crowdfunding platform so this is still lower than it's any service providing crowdfunding and speaking of other services we're going to have a marketplace and it's it's going to appear it's other interactive Asians probably not that the MVP stage all the providers that provide you know the designs the copywriting the video editing video shooting and things all the things that have been scientifically proved to improve your crowdfunding results because we have researchers here in Russia by the way researching at a very high level and employee artificial intelligence just to identify what is the criteria that make crafting campaign successful and they have found probably obviously that's a chronica being that it has good design that has a good community with cheering and commenting on the new company news is the simple but probably not a hard way to get and you campaign successful so it's all about the design it's all about engaging the community to share your news to share and engage and we have the tools to to do that to help you they start them to do that exciting is there gonna be any services or any types of you know projects that they can't crowd fund on your platform is there anything out there that's like you know yeah it's too risky you know we don't want it we don't want that on our platform you know because sometimes you know ya come up with some unique ideas and maybe it's not always appropriate right so you guys yeah we also do have this do have these restrictions yeah very probably you know commonplace and things like we don't allow any unlawful actions like you know drugs and unlawful you know in the universal way drugs itself things we don't do this we don't allow any anything that's considered criminal and in the in most of the world like like like baking and this goes live in the next day or so so we'll make sure you get this video app for people I don't want to drag this out too long for you most all the stuff that I'd be asking these in the first video so for people that want to learn more they can just link back to the last video I'll put in the description below for peeps that way they can check it out if they want but yeah unless there's anything else you know pressing that you got to tell the people will get this out so that way people know they can start to download the MVP and start crowdfunding you know the vision or business of their dreams no I think the thing is that they probably should just try and start because you never know what's going to be successful and once your product your idea has followers and once you get noticed and you get funds coming in this just means that you're on the right track and you should keep on trying and pushing for the product and for the customers so you just have to try and give it a try yeah there's no you know there's no investment there's no fee and you should check it out and see for yourself that's incredible so there's after the first month is there a fee cos I know you said the first month the screen is a three point five percent withdrawal fee but is there any kind of boom starter for you that you know kicks on in the second month or maybe 12 months in or every single month or you know a percentage of the total raise any of that kind of stuff oh yes sir we are going to introduce that but when did you introduce that on other iterations when we have the boom star coin fully implemented into the system and up and running there as a means of payment and as a means of reputational acknowledgement inside the system so we'll have this in at stage two and stage three and this is going to start at like $50 and upwards so this is will be the the listing fee that will start to charge a month after we started the platform so this is the this is the you know the time to start without this fees and give us the feedback and prove the concepts and see for yourself what is it what is your idea worth and we'll try to listen to you to the voices to the feedback and certainly appreciate that come on sounds great buddy so I'll make sure to get this video after you guess today or tomorrow so people know and I appreciate the update you know it's always great catching up with you man so take care god bless talking to you thank you talk to you soon hey lay there hey welcome back everybody huge thanks to Cairo so what y'all think do you have a great idea or business that needs funding is this something that sounds like it's a venturous for you you know it's supposed to go live today and like you said it just depends on when you're watching this video might be tomorrow but they're saying it's live so that is pretty freaking cool so feel free to go download it you know right here let me know what you think in the comments below after you guys download it you know test it out try if you want no pressure right again this is always free I'm not even paid to say any of this stuff I just think it's pretty awesome for the community this is something you all asked me to cover a while back and this is a nice little update as to you know not one of those white paper promises right where they're just saying they're gonna do something one day they've actually looks like they've done it right so download it you know if you want let me know what you think and it's pretty freakin cool that it's free so if you got a great idea and you need to raise some money or you got an existing business you want to grow it dude blockchain and smart contracts are pretty fricken awesome so anyways and oh yeah the hundred bucks we do this on every single video right so for people who want to win make sure you guys like subscribe comment share all that kind of cool stuff look for the comment below in the description on how exactly to do it it's super simple every Monday 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time we go live right here on the channel and we pick the winners for every single video that we do for the week the puss we give away another hundred bucks on our crypto beetles Groupon telegram so super simple and then we also do some AMA right so people who just want to talk about the different projects that we covered for the week or projects in general what my thoughts on the market are stuff like that we do that all there as well plus we give away a bunch of free monarchs whack some awesome stuff in anyways love you god bless you you guys want to go there here's the link again sure appreciate every single one even catch you on the next one god bless love you think it's in it again say it again god bless you love you thanks again god bless you love you thank you again get you the next one

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