Bob Moriarty: American Empire, Military Overstretch, & Economic Collapse

this is the geopolitics and Empire podcast and we're speaking for the first time with Robert Moriarty he's a decorated Vietnam veteran who flew over 800 missions and I believe was the youngest naval aviator in Vietnam he is also a successful investor author founder of three to one gold calm as well as three to one energy calm thanks for coming on the podcast well thanks for inviting me you have a very interesting site thanks I just wanted to mention in the beginning when I was much younger an undergraduate student some 15 years ago or more I was slowly coming to the realization that much of the narratives we were taught in school by the media by the government and repeated by our closest circle of family friends neighbors and acquaintances that a lot of these narratives were false so I began to seek out better sources of information and I ended up purchasing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of books on Amazon and compiling hundreds and hundreds of bookmarks of internet websites your website 3 2 1 gold was one of those and I believe I noted at the bottom of your page it has been visited by hundreds of millions of people I think and I find it amusing that many years later I ended up starting this podcast and I'll get to speak with you and so anyways my first question is related to one of the core themes of this podcast which is Empire and it's one of the core themes because I feel that in history one of the principal driving forces of International Affairs is Empire whether it's you know the current moment happens to be the American Empire I mean if we were in the days of the British Empire I'd be talking about the British Empire or the Spanish and so you are a Vietnam veteran and so you've experienced a lot you fought for the Empire can you give us your thoughts on the Empire and whether perhaps I'm wrong and giving so much weight to it no I don't think you're wrong but let me point something out I I went to China about 10 years ago out of property tour and when a big dinner a big formal dinner it's quite impressive with the officials from the local community and the company and a newsletter writers and one of the things that they expect you to do is is to drink a lot to smoke cigarettes and to make a toast and and I was kind of at a loss for toast and then I started realizing and a you just brought it up a very important thing every country by and large gets a century the the Dutch had the 15th century the Spanish had the 16th century the French had 17th century the British had the 18th century the United States had the 20th century and and there's this cycle that goes around that sometimes you're on top and sometimes you're on bottom but the key to it is that Empire starts they have a high point and then they have a rapid decline it's extremely important to understand the world is go undergoing a sea change and the United States Empire is in a rapid state of decline and and Americans write about it and talk about ok this is what we need to do to maintain the Empire but in fact you know everybody gets it century everybody gets a world reserve currency for about 90 years and then somebody else takes over it's part of the natural order of things that Empire begin they live and they die and regarding the American Empire what would you say are some signs you know we can look back a lot of people have looked at Rome for signs we see decline in culture in your books you write about military adventurism and you know America hasn't won many wars in in decades you know I've interviewed Johan galtung the esteemed peace researcher who predicted the American Empire would decline in 2020 others like Alfred McCoy say 2030 as well as I think Michael Clare and other academics so what are your thoughts on this decline will it be a slow burn like some other empires and what are some other signs well let's go back to Vietnam and i'ma turn turn the interview round a little bit I'm gonna ask you a question in very simple terms what should the only purpose of war be what should war accomplish the only legitimate purpose of war and I am you know I want everybody to absolutely understand this I'm not a peacenik I'm a warrior but I am totally against war the only purpose of war should be to accomplish peace now unfortunately and I learned this when I was in Vietnam because I was there for almost two years the United States and the military-industrial complex the purpose of war in the United States today is more war and that tends to be incredibly self-defeating because I mean even though even the Chinese in the and the North Vietnamese back in the late 60s called the United States a paper tiger and at the time I thought that's absurd you know we can send over 27 b-52s on on an air strike we can bomb 300 meters by 5 miles I mean that's power but power has to be used appropriately and and we were fighting to keep people from being independent I've been back to Vietnam twice since I left I left in 1970 and in the last 10 years I've visited two mining projects in Vietnam they run by a communist government we were told communist governments are bad but the people are happy they're prosperous there is no prostitution like there was then god I mean the only danger about Vietnam is riding around on a motorcycle those people they're dangerous but it's a wonderful country and they're wonderful people so we thought a war spent billions of dollars and accomplished absolutely nothing that was the beginning of the end for the American Empire every empire ends when it gets involved in military adventurism it happens is the burden should happen to trench it out a little Spanish it happened to the Russians and it's gonna happen to the United States we have bankrupted ourselves and I'll be real candid I could talk to a hundred Americans and not a single one of them could explain to me what we stand to gain in Afghanistan and we've been there for 18 years and yeah I mean you're right and seeing the way that empires go in history and you know given the history of the Cold War I'm just looking at where all this might lead to or where this might end you know we have nuclear weapons now and do you think our world leaders are crazy enough to stumble into thermonuclear war because we've seen them use unnecessarily nukes in Japan and what are your thoughts if it could get that bad okay if an unfriendly state fired one EMP weapons 300 miles over Kansas it would killed 90 percent of Americans in a year and the war would be over in an instant when an unfriendly power and that can be any unfriendly power has that kind of potential why would you want to be challenging people on a constant basis I see the United States literally committing suicide it scares me the extent to which Trump threatens China Trump threatens Iran Trump threatens Russia for what I mean what exactly what threat are they to the United States and the answer is absolutely nothing now you know that was my next question your thoughts on the rise of China and Russia and you know if we read the reports lately we see them slowly taking over influence around the world making economic deals arms deals as they advanced slowly and into some of America's previous playgrounds such as the Middle East Africa and Latin America with infrastructure deals energy and so on and I mean as you mentioned do we really I mean maybe down the line as China Russia get they grow in economic terms in military terms do you see at some point they might become a threat well when you move into a neighborhood do you resent your neighbors becoming rich and powerful or do you try to get along with them that's a good point yeah I mean if you've got any sense she do i I don't see China is the enemy I don't see Russia's Yetta me I certainly do not see Iran as the enemy you got to look at it and say you know are we truly being threatened now China is interesting because for eighteen of the last 20 centuries China and India have represented the world's greatest GDP is it even remotely possible to keep China down and the answer is of course not the Chinese you're amazing people they're amazingly talented they're amazingly hard-working people they're just good people do they have geopolitical interests that they're trying to maintain yeah of course they do but every country has interests if you remember what Benjamin Disraeli said in in the 1850s I believe it was England has no permanent friends and England has no permanent enemies England only has permanent interests there its natural conflict between countries and I don't mean conflict in terms of warfare I mean conflict in terms of economic advantage of Mexico and China are not Mexico China Mexico and Canada have different forms of economic policies in the United States students in the United States as well Canada gee you're subsidizing milk production we don't like that that is a natural conflict and it's one of those conflicts that true leaders will sit down with the Canadians and the Canadian to sit down with the Americans say okay well here's what we need and here's what our problems aren't here here's how we think we could solve this what you don't do it it's dynamite your neighbors home in the middle of the night now why the United States would threaten Russia is is totally beyond me I would send combat from July of 1968 to March 1970 I flew I think 834 missions total that was about 1,150 hours of a first pilot-in-command time in fixed-wing aircraft I got a pretty good basic understanding of conflict I can look at somebody I can talk to somebody and give you a pretty good idea of how they would react in combat I would not mess with period okay if Putin wants to be a badass he is a true badass and that doesn't mean he's a bad person I look at Putin of serving the interests of Russia and personally I don't see any anything wrong with that I wish Trump would serve the interests of the United States rather than the interests of Israel and he serves Israel first and the United States second and that's very dangerous and one more question on war and and military before I asked about the economy one thing you mentioned briefly in the art of peace was the use of false flag operations and there's all manner of staged attacks or false flags and you mentioned the Gulf of Tonkin as a type of false flag and I've actually you know we've had the documents Declassified now so we know for a fact that you know nothing happened that day but it was used as a pretext to start the war and I've used that primary source material in my university classes when I taught on this subject so people I mean we have the primary source documents and so we can go straight to that and you know it's funny how often the US will talk about false flag operations of other countries but as soon as you talk about us false flags you know you're some crazy conspiracy theorist I taught world history with an American textbook and noted the descriptions of you know the German false flags during World War two and sometimes they didn't even talk about those or they would mention that the Japanese when they dressed up as Chinese and attacked their own railroad but never from the US so could you just tell us your thoughts a bit about false flag operations because I think they're also a very they're very effective and how important do you think they are and which other ones are important to note I I'm gonna put you other spots I'm gonna see just how good your history is when did the Gulf Tonkin incident take place that was not like August 4th 1964 uh I'm not sure it's ports but it was the first week of log it's very good because you did get that right no I actually turned 18 in September of 1964 I graduated from high school in May of 1964 so the Gulf of Tonkin incident was near and dear to my heart because you know I I was prime age for for being a draftee now I I would highly encourage everyone that lessons to this to go to Google and read the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and when you read it you go my god were these people insane were they even sober when they pass that that's crazy now let me explain the Gulf of Tonkin incident for those people who are not historians and don't know it I think it's op plan 98 or op plan 15 I can't remember specifically but the CIA equipped some South Vietnamese Navy PT boats and financed them and armed them and sent them up to attack North Vietnamese PT boat squadron the Turner joy and the Maddox were us destroyers that were sent to safeguard the PT boats so if if you're actually familiar and and this information it's been available 40 years if you're actually familiar with the Gulf of Tonkin incident this was an armed attack on an independent country that had not committed aggression against the United States or South Vietnam and it was run by the CIA you go back to it you can go all the way back to 1948 when the CIA was created the the CIA is behind most of this stuff the CIA has become a military power of political power an economic power of its own and it's very scary but the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a false flag Johnson wanted an excuse to attack North Vietnam and and he runs around screaming we've been attacked well there appears to have been attack on one night but on the next night their clothing it's not an attack and and it was a false flag now you mentioned something earlier you hit on something that's very important you're young enough that you've grown up pretty much with the internet because it's been around for 20 or 25 years I of course I mean computers were extremely unusual when I was a kid and in fact I remember when there was no television what has happened and this is absolutely vital for everybody to understand that throughout history the elite have controlled the narrative and they've told the peasants the bourgeoisie as it be have a think how to vote and how to act when the internet came along all of a sudden it gave guys like you and me a voice and if enough people want to listen to you enough people want to listen to me they can hear an alternative point of view so it used to be you know Kennedy gets killed and it took years to realize hey wait a minute it couldn't possibly have happened the way the government's say and and Martin Luther King was killed it takes years to find out that that James Earl Ray was a patsy Gulf Tonkin incident perfect example now they have a false flag operation and 15 minutes later or half the Internet is out there showing and it couldn't possibly take place the control of the narrative has changed and what that means is there's gonna be a lot more power to ordinary people and then elite need to realize they're losing control and that's inevitable because the flow of information has changed and what you're seeing is the elite are fighting tooth and nail to keep ordinary people from learning what's really going on you know many listeners who will already understand that much of the media is junk but I'm still astonished to meet people who buy in to these Official narratives you know this podcast is growing slowly and we've gotten largely positive reviews but I always read a few small handful very negative reviews that call call me Russian propaganda conspiracy theory which I take is you know as an insult and that our guests are fringe nut jobs which is insane because half an interview former diplomats and best-selling authors and people such as yourself so you know how would you break down the the media propaganda because as you as you've said and one fear that I have now is they've let the internet be open for a while and now they seems they've started to censor it and and start turning the screws and closing closing down and so how do you see the propaganda today well here's what's interesting and there's something unique about me you may have never had another guest with the same kind of experience we are taught that governments are powerful we are taught that governments are led by whites people who have lots of information and and they're out to help us as you grow older you find out well gee there may be some flaws to them anybody spent 20 months in combat in Vietnam they would not have any belief in the power of government we took the same Hill half a dozen times and I was there long enough that I thought you know I've been here before I've taken this hell before and we would go out and we would lose three or four helicopters and we'd have a couple dozen guys die and they would run around shooting people and and and looking around and then we'd pull out and we go back in a month later and do exactly the same thing I mean I I don't see how any rational person could look at Afghanistan and and conclude it's anything other than a total and absolute clusterfuck we have nothing to gain we attacked a country that had not threatened us and wants no damage to us and it's like Brer Rabbit and the briar patch you know what should stick your hand in there you're stuck forever we don't have leaders in the United States with the maturity or the judgment or the courage to say gee we made a mistake we shouldn't have done that Libya literally today has a tank battle going on between one faction and another faction and the faction with the biggest guns is led by an American and I'm sitting here saying who on earth thought Libya was a victory for anybody and I I just cannot conclude how anybody thought that was a really good idea and we have turned Libya into a place you can go downtown and you can buy it slave now that's not progress folks that's declines and you know we're slowly running out of time and I want to get to the topic the economy and you write a lot about the economy in fact I just finished reading the third book of yours and your books on investing are very short and on the economy are very short very affordable only a couple of bucks and they offer so much no-nonsense practical actionable intelligence and I recommend people go and get them you write in one of your books that we have an absolutely insane level of debt and that in the end you cite professor Laurence Kotlikoff you know that the u.s. owes over 200 trillion and debt and ultimately all that gets paid either by the lender or Bower borrower so could you give us your view on the US and in general the global economy and what you see are the greatest dangers well strange you know you just get on it right there there's a very important concept that I do not see other people writing about but it's important for for investors actually it's important for everybody to understand if you loan me 50 bucks and you pay it back or I pay it back then I paid $50 if I don't pay you back that you've paid the $50 we have a level of government or level of debt in the world something substantially higher than 250 tree and globally that mathematically cannot be paid now something mathematically cannot be paid it will not be paid and it's actually the source of most of the conflict in the world today it's conflict between the haves and have-nots I look at it and I'm not sure that I'm correct but I'm pretty sure that I'm correct it goes back to money being a variable rather than being a standards I'm presuming you're economically literate if I asked you how many times between today at noon tomorrow will the value of the dollar on the commodities exchange trade how many times will it change value in a 24-hour period countless I mean exactly a thousand two thousand five thousand ten thousand but if the length of a meter changed ten thousand times in a day or the weight of a gram changed ten thousand times so today you just simply couldn't have a economy couldn't do anything when we won off the gold standard we lost the ability to have something that was very important it was not to have money that has value and money that serves as a true measure now all of the conflict in Sudan today in Libya today in Paris with the yellow vests in Brussels in Canada in England of literally goes back to confusion in the financial markets about what is real and what's not real and what is value it in all of recorded history we have never had negative interest rates because if you look at the definition of interest you simply cannot have a negative rate it cannot be wiser for me to loan money to you than to sit on it under my mattress and the concept of I'd loan you a thousand dollars and you pay me nine hundred and ninety dollars a year later of is-is-is totally impossible it's just it doesn't work mathematically that's a long explanation of saying something simple we have discontinuities in the financial markets we need to reset we need to go back to economics 101 we need to have government's not spending beyond their means now promising things to get votes we need to live within our means in that sense sounds simple but at the end of the day that's gonna be the only solution you cannot have government's spend more money than they can possibly raise it's not possible you mentioned the yellow vests and I mean you're there in France so I guess you're close to some of that action and we see around the world this rise of anti-establishment populist movements from the left and the right and as you mentioned it's happening all around the place you know I'm a Mexican citizen you can see it in Mexico we saw Occupy Wall Street in the US and you know it'll come again something like it we see it all over Europe now and you see do you feel this might build like some sort of crescendo in all of these countries and then how might it end well we're gonna have a crash okay and in my latest book and it's really funny cuz something either look really smart or really stupid I say we're gonna have the great reset and the great reset is going to come this year if all you do is look at what the US stock market did in December it tumbled but it didn't even tumble 20 percent I think the worst it was down was 19 percent the Fed panicked okay and threw money at the market and that stock market has recovered but what the Fed is doing has got everybody sitting down at a poker table playing high stakes poker and they're using monopoly money when people realize they're playing high stakes poker with monopoly money they're gonna throw their hands up and say I don't want to play because there's no way I can win all of the conflicts the revolutions the yellow vests rustle Sudan Libya all of that goes back to economic and stability and unfortunately we're going to have to go through the force fifteen hurricane to see what comes out the other side but the good the good side to it is we know things are gonna improve we just have to go through a bad phase first and just I believe today or yesterday famed investor Ray Dalio came out saying that the American Dream is dead and that he's all for capitalism but it needs to be reformed meanwhile many analysts see a wave of socialism and Marxism hitting America in the 2020 elections and if Trump is reelected I'm sure beyond that what are your thoughts on that and the economic inequality and political divisions were witnessing in the u.s. well if you can imagine going to a party and you would have seen this and that sixties and seventies where everybody's on LSD that's the state of the United States today I mean the media is beyond a joke it's just simply patently absurd everything is political the government has blend bought and paid for it there's total corruption news favorites like The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post in New York Times Pravda put out more truth than they do today and it's in the Empire it's the kind of stupidity that she get it into vampire and it's a cycle and something that you've got to go through I'm not particularly concerned because you know if you want to understand the United States go read Gibbons decline fall of the Roman Empire we're doing that same thing I can't quite figure out whether trumpets Nero or whether it's Caligula but each one of the other and other guests we've had on we had a cultural historian more as a berman who said a similar and has said the Trump is helping to accelerate the fall of the Empire and you know I'm neither for I just kind of observed these events and I'm neither when Trump does something good I applaud when he does something bad I complain and I wanted to ask you about go you know how important is gold for the individual and for governments we see some dumb Western governments selling their gold like England and Canada and others like Venezuela getting their gold stolen by England and other countries in the East such as Russia China I believe Turkey and Kazakhstan buying gold like crazy so what are your thoughts on gold well the interesting thing there is that the people you know you've got one group of countries getting rid of gold in other group of countries by its much gold as possible the one thing that you know is one of those groups is can be absolutely correct and it's a little bit hard to tell but when you bring into the equation 250 trillion dollars with worth of debt what that means is there's 250 tree and pieces of paper that says this is $1.00 of debt so you could either hold gold in one hand and/or pieces of paper saying this is a dollar debt the other hand and I would challenge anybody to say they would rather hold the debt then then the goal because at some point time they can realize that piece of paper that says debt on it is actually a piece of used toilet paper all you do is see what its value is take a sniff you know exactly what it's worth so from a rational point of view people should be holding something and that's I'm not a Gold Bug per se but they should be holding something of real measurable value that's gonna be valuable no matter what happens to the financial system we are going to see a crash in the world that's gonna make a 1929 look look like kids play there there is a global interconnectivity today that it's never existed before and when the crash comes it's gonna affect every single person on earth and you can either protect yourself and do what it's rational or you can believe all the that governments and banks in the media or payouts hey now you know one of the most important lessons I learned on my own lately I guess later than that then I would have liked but as well recently reading your book and nobody knows anything is that most of the financial gurus I've listened to our you know they don't know anything and some of them are charlatans and that you know in many ways nobody can predict the future as as they say and that you write that it's important to study the psychology and sentiment of the market and to be a contrarian investor and you know a few years ago I failed to pick up the signals and narrowly miss the getting in on the crypto bubble at the beginning and you know I missed that boat but you know it would have been fun to write up but at the moment is there anything investment wise which you are interested in whether they're at the top or at the bottom what I try to do is take what it's a very complex area and that is invest you notes profit and and make it as simple as possible and and it is as simple as buy what's cheap and sell what's expensive now in in the precious metals of platinum it's cheap and rhodium and palladium are expensive if you take the dollar out of the equation then it becomes a simple of mathematical figuring look at what's gone down the most and look at what's gone up the most and sell what's gone up the most and buy what's going down the most and and all the other newsletter writers and promoters hate me for saying this it pretty much is that simple I stayed totally away from Bitcoin and then in December 2017 I looked at it said you know this is gone totally curvilinear this is absolutely nuts you cannot put a value on Bitcoin and at the time there were about I think 1200 or 1300 variations of Bitcoin today there's 2500 now I would challenge anybody to tell me you you really believe that 2500 pseudo currencies are gonna have some value that couldn't possibly be true so bitcoin was the greatest financial collapse in history it went from over 800 billion to under 150 billion there are still a lot of fools out there who want to believe that crypto currencies are gonna survive a crypto currencies or electronic beanie babies and and beanie babies that you can buy for 3 bucks on eBay will have value long after crypto currencies who got the Bitcoin heavens and maybe if you could tell us a bit about your latest book on resources you know one thing that I find interesting I'm here in in Kazakhstan which has the monopoly on uranium about 40% and you know one thing that for me sounds interesting III think there's a trend of the building of nuclear power plants in the near future we see in Saudi Arabia they're building one in China they're talking about building nuclear power plants and recently Kazakhstan listed Kazatomprom on the international stock exchange and so I mean for me for example that that looks like it makes sense to get some uranium but can you tell us about resources in general as well as your book that just came out well again it is as simple as buying them was not cheap but selling that one they're expensive hmm I invested in a company in Arizona in 2001 and it seems to me that uranium was about eight or twelve dollars a pound or something like that and literally everybody hated uranium and that's when you want to buy a commodity now the only thing that makes anything go weapon value is inflation if we had real money that didn't change value ten thousand times today we would realize that but uranium was so hated that everybody sold it and all the companies producing it went out of business and then it went from there do I take 145 or 147 dollars or something absurd in 2007 every commodity does that silver did it silver went from four dollars in 2001 to $49 and change in the April of 2011 and and everybody wants to analyze demand and everybody wants to look at the interest rates and everybody wants to look at Trump and everybody wants to look at the Fed and then you've got some nut cases talking about conspiracies and it's all rubbish buy what's cheap and unpopular and sell what's expensive and popular everything goes up everything goes down and and that's it don't don't get married to a concept there are people who think you should worship gold and I'm not one of them gold just happens to make a handy form of money but you can do the same thing with salt you could do it big rocks you could do it with pieces of paper the only thing you need to have money is somebody standing behind it who will make it good but if if people will keep it simple and buy what's cheap and sell what's dear they'll make a lot more money than by listening to gurus and the interesting thing about literally all three of the last books that I've written I think they're gonna be just as popular 50 years from now as they are today because they contain universal truths yeah I mean really simple a good sound advice has helped me a lot and is there any anything else that I haven't mentioned that you think is important any final thought for us on war empire the economy you said this year is not looking good there's no such thing it was a good war or a bad peace and I believe this is the year of the big reset I I think I I see things forces in play right now that there's gonna be lots of surprises this year and many of them are gonna be negative and anything that we haven't covered this time we can cover in an in another interview all right it was great having you on as a guest for the first time mr. Moriarty I've already read three of your books I recommend listeners go by them and as well visit your websites three two one gold calm and your newer website three two one energy calm thanks for the interview okay very good thank you I hope you enjoyed this geopolitics in the Empire podcast and interview I would like to remind you that our website is geopolitics and empire calm and you can sign up for our mailing list that goes out each weekend with the latest podcast and a long collection of important news headlines it's good to sign up for the newsletter in case we experienced censorship and the platforming you can help the geopolitics and Empire podcast by subscribing to and interacting with all of our channels such as YouTube Twitter Facebook gap mines and steam it you can also help us by leaving a rating and review on your favorite podcast platform such as iTunes cast box stitcher Spreaker and so on finally if you value our work and our mission and would like to see us continue interviewing experts from across the political spectrum please consider leaving a one-time donation via PayPal or Bitcoin or becoming a regular monthly supporter on our patreon all the links can be found on geopolitics and Empire com thanks for listening

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  1. Bob is wrong regarding cryptocurrencies … it's peer to peer money and is far superior to the current systems digital FIAT.
    The Big question is will governments control it or will they leave it to free market forces.

    When the financial crisis happens, people are going to flee the FIAT system and BITCOIN is most likely going to seen as safety play !!

    Problem is, governments and bankers change the rules as they go along .. when the financial ship start sinking the rats are going to make sure they come out on top !!

    They have confiscated gold before … don't put it past them to do it again !!
    They may ban BITCOIN totally as well …

    Thank You for the interview, … interesting point of view … agree with most of it

  2. M.E.G.A. = Make Empire Great Again! Can we PAY the Russians (or somebody) to PLEASE drop 50 megaton atomic bombs on Wall Street and Washington D.C.? It's our only hope. Do we have to BEG?

  3. Americans love war and the politicians know it. I live in red state and when Trump bombed Syria, they always proudly fly the flag and brag about how Trump kicked the crap out of Assad for using chemical weapons on the poor women and children.

  4. You know you're talking with a true vet by how he/she talks about the government… Moriarty doesn't sugar coat it. He'll speak his mind to a three-star general. He;ll criticize LBJ and Reagan. Moriarty is anything but a "flag waving patriot," and "my country is right even when it's not" vet. He can tell you exactly what is true and what's not true. He's a warrior of old, the real things, as was Smedley Butler — heroes who can go to hell, come back, and tell you what is and what is not. How many people do you know have gone to war, have come back, and then dedicate their lives to talk about peace?

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