Bo Polny: Beginning July 25, 2017 and into August Watch Gold, Silver, Stocks and Bitcoin

Bo Polny: July 25, 2017 – watch this day. Gold, silver, bitcoin, stock outlook david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Motel today’s special guest is mr. Volpone who is just I’m just gonna call
him a market expert you know some people call him a precious metals expert some
people call him a you know a stock expert you know he’s all the above he’s
incredibly popular and he deserves every bit of the popularity both on YouTube
and also you should check out his website as well I can’t forget what his
website is because it’s right there on the screen yeah Gold 2020 forecast
dot-com mr. Volpone thank you so much for joining me today on looking at the
markets pleasure David thanks for reaching out and I look forward to
speaking with you thank you yeah thank you for doing this I really appreciate
it um you know I’m looking on this amazing website right now at the top you
know Gold 2020 forecast dot-com you’re not shy about your forecasts I like that
I like the bold you know again I’m not gonna call you a top collar cuz you’re
not you just call it like you see it it says in big letters here first $35 so
silver then $60 and then $100 plus in 2017 are you still standing by that
prediction yes absolutely the first target I want to see hit is 36
and that’s gonna be really exciting and depends when that’s hit and so yes I’m
standing by my aggressive targets I for sure see $60 a new all-time highs this
year and it could end one hundred or three digits is very very probable still
for this year but to say that gold and silver are not gonna do incredibly well
this year into your end is not not going to happen so very bullish and I’m
standing by my position yes yeah because silver is even though it’s it’s up
moderately today but it is experiencing a dip and I am so tempted to jump in
there now I’m an ETF kind of and very recently I interviewed miss
Lynette saying who gave me an verbal Smackdown for even mentioning SLV GLD
what is your impression of ETFs are they safe to invest in or should we should
people go with the physical stuff number one is is I I don’t want to give
financial advice is not a financial adviser gotcha but I can very clearly
tell you what what you know in my perspective isn’t what I personally do I
hold zero etf’s okay I don’t believe in them and
everything I hold is in physical format because I the point is if you believe
that gold is money or soon to be money and silver soon to be money and you
believe the word is precious and they will be one day precious then holding it
in paper format is completely completely contour into opposite of what your the
point of having Silver’s are gold because they’re ultimately insurance so
if you’re holding it in paper format you don’t understand the concept of what
gold and silver are because you don’t you either hold insurance or you don’t
hold insurance and if someone else is holding your insurance policy for you
well now there’s a high probability that you will never get paid on your
insurance policy because gold and silver are both money and insurance against the
people that create paper fiat now what we talked about silver and your
particular price target and actually what one last thing is on that is with I
personally to add to since I think what you’re doing is is the right concept on
SLV or you know believing in silver is gonna go up but I thought it very
clearly is here once silver takes out $22 anybody holding SLV is going to get
I think extremely hurt they’re gonna probably lose her whole position so you
got to watch that 22 when it takes out 22 you better I personally would never
hold SLV after gold hits 22 interesting something to look for what about gold
has your price target changed on that recently no no you know from what the
bottom line on gold is very simple in the year 2011 it made a top
I said it won’t go any higher I if you’ve watched my YouTube videos I
actually Illustrated it was a mathematical calculations which is
insane but it worked – the exact day so gold and silver in the year 2011 both
topped twelve hundred and sixty seven days to the exact day from their prior
important tops or cyclical highs and so as of 20 2011 at $1,900
Gold reversed and silver have they been both in downtrends in a secular bull
market and so all you’ve had happen is a price retracement I am if you go to my
web page um in December of 2015 I schedule an interview I mean I don’t
know there’s one other person that did this if there is please let me know but
I scouted the interview a month in advance saying that gold will go no
lower than a cycle time point of December 3rd that price came in at ten
thousand thousand and forty five dollars and gold has never gone lower than one
thousand and forty five dollars and that was cycle low from the high that
occurred in a year 2011 and now gold is in an uptrend regardless of the the
short-term price reversal that we’ve seen but I think if you go back and
watch any presentations that I’ve done or any any any articles that I’ve
written since the year 2016 and says Trump’s been elected that I was very
clear on everything that I’ve stated that Trump holds a $1200 golden floor
and it will not break 1200 since the election and that’s held perfectly and
gold is in an uptrend and you got support at 1200 on gold and today’s low
came in at 1204 1205 in my last week’s forecast as subscribers was look for
support to come in right around 1205 so that’s that’s my position gold is is in
a secular bull market and off the low of 2015 all that’s left
I have said it several times and we’ve missed the spike but it’s irrelevant
because the high still comes in in the year 2018 so next year we have a we have
a cyclical high coming in on gold and so between 2015 and 2018
there will be a low – a new all-time high for gold and it should not be just
just over 2000 it’s supposed to be incredibly you know several thousand
dollars higher above 2000 dollars next year I’m looking at on your website you
have and I’ve never seen anybody else do this and I’ve spoken with Charles nanner
it’s some of the some of the Great’s many other greats David Morgan but you
have your list of exact day forecasts and a very very high accuracy right here
it’s really incredible and you’ve actually mentioned this is a quote from
you life is full of cycles that do nothing more than replay themselves at
different price points how do you determine these cycles well that’s
basically what we talked if you go back and watch some of the videos but it’s
all revolving around the mathematical number of seven okay and and biblically
seven is a very powerful number you have the seven day war i’mso six day war
followed by update of rest would be seven days seven days in a week seven
oceans seven continents it’s just you can go on and on about the number seven
so seven is not a random number then you take seven you multiply it by
the number 360 which is a biblical year okay a biblical year is no three hundred
sixty four point two five days but it’s actually three hundred and sixty when
you multiply those you end up getting to a two thousand five hundred and twenty
it’s when you can drop a zero and then the whole cycle just so you can take a
set then cut that in half to three and a half which is basically forty two months
you can cut forty two months and a half again and you get twenty-one months
twenty-one divided by three is three sevens
so basically it’s just circles circles is a three a circle is 360
degrees and so seven can be broken down into a circle and therefore a circle is
a cycle and yes it all sounds crazy but it’s mathematically perfect and and the
number seven can it’s incredible how it using that number seven which is
basically twelve hundred half of that is twelve hundred and sixty 1260 from the
prior high of nineteen hundred dollar gold you can go back and count to the
exact day Gold tops at 1267 so you’d add in another seven so cycles are nothing
more than circles and yes it is it is not easy to figure this out so you know
people if you know who could like to criticize don’t understand the
complexity of how the markets work but on the other end of it in the simplest
format gold is in a secular bull market and the bull market continues for years
forward and while we’re experiencing is a pullback of an extend a still a new
all-time high and extremely powerful high will arrive next year on a cycle
high because that’s a mathematical calculation which comes in next year in
the year 2018 fascinating and you know it doesn’t sound crazy at all to me
actually it makes a lot of sense and you know for the doubters out there go ahead
and check out the rate of accuracy on gold 2020 forecast calm by the way
speaking of that when people go on to gold 2020 forecast calm what are the
services that you’re currently offering there well first look with if you look
at some of the forecast the cool thing about those is you know there’s there’s
there’s missus that we’ve had and then you know since the markets haven’t
exploded the biggest missus we’ve had and virtually most of all the missus
we’ve had is been on the stock market because that’s the most heavily
manipulated paper asset paper entity that’s out there but but the gold cycles
follow follow the biblical pattern is very very closely so the neat thing is
if you look at those calculations or those those hits and misses the crazy
part is the miss the hits the actual ones that are correct we’re not only
like kind of okay to the week to the month know they’re to the day yeah so
the probability of having a forecast hit to the day once isn’t is
incredible to have it hit twice is beyond that and to have it hit five or
six wrists or 10 calculations that work out to the exact day the probability of
that I guess I’m not a statistician but somebody would have to let me know the
probability of how small that one of my new possibility would be to calculate to
the exact day many of these price moves so no so but so again the what we offer
on our webpage is it is is a stock it is which really through his there’s not
been a whole lot to say about the stock market since its reversed and it’s been
going into new highs but we can talk about that in the interview a little bit
today and then we offer a gold index and the gold enix specifically we cover in
there the gold of a cycle projection specifically will be the move into next
year and so that’s the exciting part because
mathematically there is a cycle time part which calculates out for the top
next year in 2018 and and then you know and then moat and beyond that today we
don’t offer on the webpage but actually I’ll send you the link cuz we’ve we
basically had a large influx of people on it it’s for the some crypto
currencies and so I’ve kind of turned it off but if you like I can send you the
link and you can link it at the bottom of this interview anybody’s interests in
the cryptocurrencies they can subscribe to this link but that’s been the most
exciting part because to be honest gold and silver you know really they’re in
the tail end of a massive six year wedge so there really hasn’t been a whole lot
of movement in precious metals relative to the past you know year is this year
but the exciting part is in the crypto says you know people have been talking
for them quite a bit oh yeah I get questions about that all
the time and speaking of that you know Bitcoin aetherium ripple litecoin so on
and so forth it seems like is there any room left to squeeze out new highs I
mean it’s they’ve just gone up so much so fast recently I feel it’s kind of
frothy what do you think I think if you don’t own crypto currencies you are so
going to miss out on one of the biggest moves financial moves in in history
Kryptos were gonna outperform gold and silver and the reason is is because the
Edit ease that BR gonna even the price of solar might double or triple which is
fantastic that’s nothing to what the cryptocurrencies will do and so if
you’re not invested in crypto currencies I think you know miss vote and so if you
like I actually is I’m hoping the year you might want to ask talk about the
Kryptos but I I did Bitcoin I this is what I give to my subscribers but I’ve
removed the forward portion of time points into the future but I think you
might actually appreciate this and you can see so this I think chart will
answer your questions you know is Bitcoin getting frothy so have a look
here and so this chart just thought the star starts out in April right here can
you see that right there yeah if you pull it back a little bit it’ll be it’ll
be even better see right there David there we go short
term talk yep yes all you’ve got is a channel okay and so on this day I
emailed all my subscribers saying you know tops in so I got out of my position
and I sold exactly one to hit that candlestick top right there so that’s
where I exit all my positions and all you’re seeing is it’s pretty kind of fun
it’s it’s very very bullish you’ve got you got a one you got a five-count small
five-count medium and a five-count massive so off this you’re gonna get a
what once it takes out 1250 you’re gonna get massive explosions so minimum target
on Bitcoin you know in the near term and add another interesting thing is it’s
making $200 higher lows so basically bitcoins moving up by about $100 per
week as of this moment of time and so you know it’s good to go to 3,000 and
4,000 it’s gonna make some massive moves very very quickly so to not own so it
Bitcoin right now 25 you know by the end of the year it’ll be it’ll be
astronomically higher so again it’s going to move with gold but it’s gonna
outperform gold yeah I like that chart because you can get shaken out and a lot
a lot of people will those small downward channels but if you
pull back the chart and look at the big picture and you’d seem like a big
picture thinker to me you can see the channel is still upward and there’s more
room to oh that’s that’s the fun part there actually every low comes in $200
higher than the prior low you those are called higher loans that’s a bull market
Wow very cool and all you’ve got channel formation if this looks that way but
that’s I always step back and look at the big picture like you said and I draw
my wave counts out and I apply my cycles of what I see projected into the future
and all I see is bigger numbers for Bitcoin it’s definitely not going down
let me you know say that and there are some cycle points that I just like that
short-term topic you know I’m going to exit a few down the road because Bitcoin
to be honest is fun to trade but there’s other ones that outperform Bitcoin and
that’s the excitement and so bitcoins like your goal old and then you’ve got
your other ones with your switch are like silver on steroids you know so
you’ve got so they’re they’re moving double triple relative to what Bitcoin
does and that that’s what I have been doing for the past three months now and
it’s been rather incredible in it’s just so it’s it’s really been exciting
because at least you can do something versus just watch the paint run with
relative to gold and silver it’s it’s really you know other the manipulation
is is so incredible it’s gonna soon to end but you know until it ends it’s just
you know there’s nothing to watch in gold and silver yeah and if you put that
Bitcoin a special link there I’ll put in the description if you if you get that
to me absolutely now yeah absolutely now I also like to
get into the just real quick a personal aspect of who you are as an investor and
as a person I mean how did you get into the precious metals and other markets in
the first place how did you how did you find that you have a gift for being able
to identify and relate these cycles well I didn’t know I haven’t got a gifts
or anything I just I’m hard ice I’m very diligent in what I do and I
study a lot I do you know I spent thousands of hours trying to analyze
patterns that no one else sees and then I try to plot mathematical calculations
to them and so that’s really the what I’ve come up with and and then yeah just
you know sometimes it’s just you know you just you just get things they know
that somebody’s need to just get an idea and you look at it and many times these
ideas actually end up coming – coming through fruition as well – because
they’re they’re they’re calculations and there are different ways of doing them
and so you need to always try to find out you know if something doesn’t happen
what was wrong with the calculation because the cycle is the long term the
big picture cycles they’re all perfect because they’re created biblically by
God right so then the air comes in as us as humans trying to figure out where we
are relative in time and so that’s what this so we make the air as individually
but the cycles themselves you know are end up and the long and the big picture
always or end up being perfect personally I got involved in gold and
silver years ago and it all started with you know I guess well you know my
parents came out of Europe and basically you know they’ve seen incredible
problems in the monetary system where you know you wake up one morning and you
know the currency that you are using in that country can be devalued by 7080
percent overnight you know and so here we in the u.s. you know cannot fathom
something like that but what if it ever happened
you know what if that ever happened and that’s the problem you know that I see
happening is I think we’re setting up for that relatively soon and people are
not gonna believe what happened and the people who are like myself or yourself
you know hopefully you David do that you’ve got some physical silver we’ll be
in a situation where we were expecting what just happened and we don’t need to
react we can ingest appreciate you know knowing neut know what happened
appreciate it and not react because we knew it was coming and so that’s the
bottom line is I don’t think that when an event comes
into the information here in the future and gold explodes people like well we
didn’t know that was gonna happen but the cycle said it was going to and and
so all I know is that between now and twenty to twenty 18 there’s gonna be a
very powerful move along gold so the question is what will be the event that
will trigger it and so then of that what they you know that what all of us just
have to wait for it and we’ll yeah no one can know what the catalyst is going
to be but it’s going to happen sooner or later and the more prepared we are you
know like you said it won’t be such a surprise if you just open your eyes and
your mind and just pay attention to the cycles and to what’s going on what’s
really going on beneath the surface and finally just the ESPYs the you know the
Dow the Nasdaq all the above you know we talked about cryptocurrency seeing when
seeming a little choppy well this whole this whole market is is this the year I
mean Charles nanner told me that q3 of 2017 which is upon us is when this whole
Trump trade is finally going to turn into a bust
what’s yeah I’m not expecting it to be a top collar of course but what’s your
take on it well I would apply gold into this equation because when the markets
crash or they take a sharp decline right which way is gold gonna go certainly up
it’s ah it’s not gonna do what it did in 2008 in 2008 where gold dropped because
gold is now the opposite trade to the stock market don’t believe me pull up a
long-term chart in the stock market and gold and you’ll notice as of 2012 after
the top gold has been in a down cycle and the stock market has been in a up
cycle so they’re inversely proportional okay so on the on a gold explosion or a
gold move you’re gonna have the stock market fall so let me show you this I
think you’ve seen I’ve done this before here’s let’s talk we’ll talk boats to
gold and go back right to the stock market okay
but here’s a long-term six-year wedge goal yep okay and so you’ll see 2011
1900 2015 you’ll see it I’m sorry no 2011 2012 2015
sorry 16 I can see that and then basically poked its head out here and
then reversed but this is a live charge us just as of today the the 10th of July
the point being is that you know what exactly everybody’s on the news you know
say Google is gonna do this or that it’s all gonna go down show me exactly
explain to me how that’s bad what just happened to gold
there’s nothing wrong with it everybody’s so emotional about gold but
up but a ten dollar 12-hour drop last week on gold didn’t change anything
we’re still in a bull market trend higher lows okay and so we’re gonna
let’s zoom in on this chart here you’ll see right here when this wedge breaks
this wedge that the cycle the resistance is at 1260
okay so 1260 will shortly break when 1260 breaks expect the stock market to
get hit to the downside so I think netter has quote to you or stable which
would be correct because I would watch very closely on the last week of this
month July and then further more into August but I wanted to
in doing so I wanted to show you something here which is rather cool
member last two years ago with the blood moons remember how that everybody’s
talked about the blood moons I did a math calculation here I want to show you
this there is a blood moons right there these are you with me okay so there’s
the blood moons and nothing happened the last Blood Moon came in on September
28th of 2015 okay so mathematically from September 28th 2015
I’m gonna add 666 days okay which is July 25th to 2017 so I’m actually giving
your this is on I guess I put in made a video of this about a week and a half
ago I’m giving it in to your viewers okay but my Corning is and that adds up
to also a triple seven which is a very powerful number okay so will something
happen on that date maybe very highly probable there’s a very very high
possibility something goes down on that time point which is again the last week
of July so I would not be surprised if we see extreme volatility start then and
I believe that’s where all the excitement is going to begin
I and I would state this again just because we’re looking for a high for
gold next year and silver I would say with extremely high probability that we
will not the world we will not make it until September before gold explodes
with silver so I believe that we’re gonna even see it the end of tail end of
this month or into August but it will happen before September hits and and so
I believe we’re going to see that market drop this month as and at the latest in
August but I again I’m watching closely the very last week of July it takes guts
to make specific calls like that but you have the guts to do it and you have the
you have the methodology as well with the cycles within you know the number
seven just keeps coming up over and over I don’t think these can all be
coincidences I think there’s a reason and a method to this and you know if you
go to gold 2020 forecasts calm check it out you know I don’t see why people
would not want to be prepared when it all when you know when it all happens I
mean you know you got to be at least hedging with some precious metals you
got to be please I’m sorry just just think about it the US dollar i I made a
video titled the trap is set on December 15th of 2016
which is about seven months ago and I said that the US dollar will go no
higher I don’t know how many analysts I’ve listened to every one of them for
seven months have been saying that dollars about to rebound it’s gonna go
higher they’ve been sentenced for seven months in every single analyst who’s
called for higher gold prices has been wrong for seven months consecutive now
okay that was a cycle high and the dollar has a down cycle if the dollars
going down what is the anti dollar gold and silver Isis medals okay that’s the
gold the dollar it is not going to go up it is going to crash and collapse next
it’s got terribly low targets into next year okay so the dollars gonna be
falling hard this year and the next year and so the dollars falling the anti
dollar is gold and silver and everybody should be looking at having some
precious metals in their portfolio don’t just trust the system don’t just trust
the stock market to carry you through to retirement or whatever your goals are
you got to be thinking big picture mr. Volpone has been thinking big picture
for us and with us for such a long time I know your time is precious I really
appreciate all the wisdom today how can besides going to Gold 2020 forecast calm
how else can people tap into your wisdom and foresight honestly watch watch my
videos I don’t do too many videos because it really had I’ve been a whole
lot to say but I didn’t want to do this one with you um specifically was for the
timing aspect of it because I think they were coming into July which is that
slide I just showed you I think we have a very important time points that was
one of the main reasons I wanted to do the interview at this time point so
there was a reason for it and so now you and I David and and the rest of your
viewers we sit back and we watch but I’m positioned on both the cryptocurrencies
and with sighs you know with gold and silver and and I’m waiting and watching
and I’m gonna enjoy the rest of my summer because at this point I’ve done
everything I know I need to do okay I’ve taken care of
my financial house and I wait and I’m honored that you’ve chosen my little
youtube channel to help promote the message that people do need to prepare
and be prepared for this very likely to happen upcoming events so for better for
worse right mr. Baldwin exactly and again if it
doesn’t nothing triggers on that date that doesn’t change a long-term cycle
right but my point very clearly so just don’t misunderstand the words here that
is a very interesting time calculation let’s see what happens but the direction
for gold and silver is up into next year with a floor for gold to 1200 so that is
that is you know the main point to understand with relation of gold right
it’s understood and duly noted thank you sir mr. Volpone you’re welcome
back anytime you can use my little channel for any any warnings we will
certainly heed them thank you sir for joining me today I’m looking at the
markets thanks Dave appreciate it okay thank you for watching please like
comment and subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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  14. Bo say 2006 then 2007 and now 2008. Very good prediction. So 365XPi/7X7 biblical publicationsX12+365Xanoter 7 biblica pubication the exact day to buy gold is MMMMMM I do not know. BS

  15. Bo is the best joke in the sector! How he can even dare to keep poking his head from under his rock is amazing.

  16. Umm yeah, he is just regurgitating what Clif High and his webbot have already "uncovered" so to speak. And to try and back it up he produces a graph showing it will go up. Huh, Clif High already beat you to the punch, two months ago. I think I will laugh when bitcoin breaks down below what his graph says. The biggest problem with with bitcoin right now is the hard fork and segwit2x. Because of that uncertainty, bitcoin will probably break below that point not up. There are three options for bitcoin, up, down and sideways. Aug 1st is the day that bitcoin goes segwit2x, supposedly, as confirmed by the majority of miners signaling for segwit2x. The rest of the miners are holding out for the hardfork which will give us bitcoin (btc) and bitcoin "unlimited" (btu). Check out bittrex for btu price bets.

  17. If some bank owns 690 million ounces of silver how many times can they drive down the price of silver with $50 million in contracts at the least likely watched trading times? Roughly 14 times they can beat down the price of silver. And couldn't the same be said of gold? Yep. To predict the actual day if fool's fodder. What day is Armageddon?

  18. To be fair – he gets a lot of views on his youtube interviews – so a good guest in that respect, but after following his predictions for a couple of years – this guy is just simply clueless – I think recently he even started quoting Cliff high's info. as his own. Ignore this guy – he's full of Pony M'kay…

  19. Another charlatan calling $100 silver. Omg, silver now only in the fifteens handle & yet u still calling $36 soon? Dream on

  20. AISC – – thought you would appreciate the BS Busting All in Sustaining Costs for both Au & Ag – presently the touts are bottom hog calling again.


    IT OUT THE PRESS !!!!!!!!!!


  22. You should be ashamed of making this vid and promoting this lying piece of scum. This Blohard has been lying to you for a long time. Check his record…it's abysmal.

  23. Some people call him Bo Loney, snake oil salesman. Loves how he posts his exact date and time calls, yet never posts the thousands of misses. Personally don't think he's called anything; he just keeps moving the goal posts.

  24. This guy needs pies thrown in his face!…I CANNOT BELIEVE! he has the nerve to show his goofy face after all the dates he has been WRONG!…DO NOT LISTEN TO A WORD THIS BUFFOON SAYS!!!!

  25. popular???? or notorious… both has no clue of what he says. Every time he changes his date. from jubilee… to shemitah and then the 666 cycle. No clue…

  26. in june he said 22 june… NOW 25 July… THEN the next date will be 18 Aug.. and so on… he will say a spike like never before… HE is right that spike has never happened before and therefore will not happen in the future.

  27. people should know bo changes dates in his videos after the date has passed. HE posts videos on his site after a price increase and claims he was correct… and that we should refer to his video…

  28. How will gold out perform silver in 2018 when silver is more rare than gold. We are starting to see a silver shortage, that is the reason the federal reserve dumped 5 million Oz of imaginary silver into the market. They calling that bullshit silver contracts.

  29. Bo has been failing me lately, maybe he should get a calculator, get that math straight..I got a lotta silver..why didn't I buy bitcoin..  : (

  30. It may be biblical, it is still the moneychangers that are the problem…jc got mad and flipped the table…we should all be mad…we know who has caused most of the starvation and strife in this world…the money changers

  31. Cryptos are great exchange contracts…did you hear a top bankster just filed a patent on a new supercrypto that will have street usability…the masses always drove to the easy way…will they all not just become worthless once the masses jump on board to a patent that cant be forked…unless the bank says so?…banksters can fork it whenever they want…i remember the day yahoo was top dog…then the superdog came…google it!

  32. Bo is Bo Phony. He has been wrong so many times. Quit Bo Quit! You're a fancy guesser who guessed right a few times. I lost some money listening to you last year. You suck!

  33. this idiot should be banned or some kind of sanction. he is so full of shit, literally shit is coming out of his mourh. this guy needs to shut up. I've never known a person so wrong statistically as this guy. he's like 0 and 50

  34. I like Bo's bravery but his bold predictions hasn't been on target for a long time. Metals have been in a trading range and haven't seen new highs in more then half a decade.

  35. Bo Phony is a CON MAN. His brand of False Region, Numerology and Predictions have HURT a lot of people. For "every forecast he got right he gets 80 predictions completely wrong".
    I have used Gold 2020 Forecast and know how many predictions he gets Wrong. He is 95% Wrong.
    I predict One Thing, Bo will be WRONG with his July/August 2017 as usual. Then he will be back again with more false predictions. He has No Shame.

  36. It doesn't make me happy to report that Bo Polny has not only been wrong more than he has been right, in other words he plays a game of chance, but at first I actually believed him, maybe even more than once, and it's caused me to look bad to my family as well.

    As far as I'm concerned, Bo should not even be listened to for entertainment purposes.

    He speaks like an authoritarian on something he has no business speaking on, and IMO he's more than likely hurt allot of people with his reckless predictions.

  37. Every time I hear Bo Talk, I want to hand him a straw hat, cane & start playing the music. I keep stacking but Bo has never hit his price projections.

  38. I can't Believe it! It is now as I'm watching on 7/24/2017( Arizona time)11:20 P.M….Gold has just FINALLY hit 1,260.61! Just like Bo said.

  39. Today is July 25th, 2017. I've been awake all day. John McCain recovered from surgery, and returned to the US Senate. Donald Trump threatened the Attorney General again. The markets were up. WTF Bo.

  40. July 25, 2017 update from Mr. Polny: The gold low on the day of our interview at $1205 held perfectly and as discussed with in the interview. Gold, like the cryptocurrencies, is now expected to continue up through August. The cryptocurrency lows should be in today as of today and we should have a powerful up cycle beginning as early as tomorrow Wednesday / Thursday and continuing into August.

  41. Waiting for proof is not easy but I suspect silver and gold COULD rise significantly. I say this without one iota of knowledge about money but I do know how evil everything is in our system. I believe gold and silver have been manipulated downward, for years. So why not see the pendulum swing upward?
    cf. my youtube: The Art of Men Acting.

  42. YAWN! This guy is so bad. No war, market making all time highs. Gold and SIlver big time lagging. Just od the opposite. If he was so msart he would have told everyone to buy AMZN 5 years ago instead of Gold!

  43. Well, its July 31, 2017 and still NO stock crash or gold and silver EXPLOSION.

    where is the explosion Mr. Pony? August will also come and nothing will happen as well.

    And then, in September, Mr. Pony will come out with a new video claiming a stock crash in October or November… And so on and so forth… Just like his past 50 FAILED predictions… I exposed this f r @ u d a while back…..

  44. No one is more serious than Bo…..he's just 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, 7 days, 21 hours, and 49 minutes early… Rooting for you, Bo!!!

  45. you got to be kidding me. Bo Polny. Seriously? That insipid look on his face reminds me of the look on the face of the character played by the actor William Macy in the movie Fargo when his character is caught in a bold face lie and even the look on his face can't hide the guilt.

    How does Bo show his face? How does he even keep his straight face? Is he good friends with Lance Armstrong, that's it? Tell me the last time this charlatan has correctly predicted anything.? Yeah, maybe he lucky guessed a few predictions.
    To give this guy any credibility or to even associate with him is open shame.

    So is he gonna talk about the She Me Ta? How did that work out for him? How many times has he adjusted his forecast on that one?

    Are we in perilous times to be sure, but to listen to Scmo Polny is to have your head handed to you

  46. Bo Polny is a conman and scammer. Do not trust or believe anything he says.
    I am surprised you had this conman on this channel. All other alternative news sites have dropped Bo Polny because they eventually saw that he was a conman.

    Bo Polny doesnt allow comments on his youtube channel. He does this so listeners who know he is a conman cant warn others about his true nature.

  47. Bo Polny is Mr. Consistency ! Always WRONG !!! I hope he is right about Silver, $60 Silver would be great ! The problem Bo has is, the markets are 100% manipulated by our corrupt Government. The price of Gold and Silver will not go up until the manipulation ends. We are near that day, Hopefully this year but most likely next year. I have to laugh at Bo !!! No matter how wrong he is he can always find reasons why he is right 🙂

  48. guys..i don't get the allure of precious metals..when the government gets desperate again they will make it illegal to hold, and they will set the price where they want it..if they've done it in the past, they will do it again..everyone should invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies…especially the ones specializing in decentralization and anonymity..the government will not be able to confiscate it unless the internet is shut down. Now there are a couple of ICO's that just came out with satellites to help with this…heed my warning

  49. David. Why do you have this BOOB on your Show.?? Bo Polny has been forecasting these big moves in Gold & Silver For years.
    The only thing he gets correct are very small moves which are totally inconsequential. The markets are 100% manipulated by the US Government and the Central banks. They click a mouse and place the price anywhere they want it every day. Until the Manipulation is stopped the price of Gold & Silver is going nowhere! Some day the prices he is talking about will be realized, but it will take major fundamental changes in Government and the fall of the Banksters!

  50. Bo, your full of bologna! You keep getting your dates wrong time after time! You see the Central Bankers along with the Federal Reserve and Mnuchin keep manipulating all markets! All they need is a click of the mouse and everything is fine again! They have been doing this for decades! They have become so good at it that they would love to keep this ponzi scheme going on for another 20 years! You can look at all the charts you want, and it won't help until they make a mistake in there algorithms or they want to bring the system down! I do believe in God and I do have faith, but I think your trying to make a fast buck off people which makes you no better than them!

  51. On this video at about 26.34ish Bo said every single analysts who called for gold going higher have been wrong for 7 months. Exactly Bo who have been wrong and you said.

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