44 thoughts on “BLOW-OFF TOP Incoming For Bitcoin!?”

  1. You’re killing it man. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. I really appreciate you. Also I think the pundi Air drops stop on May 31st. Might wanna let our homies know that a big sell off is coming. I think the snapshot is at 6am our time. I might be off by a bit tho.

  2. 6:19 "Till thee air drop comes"….? What airdrop's this please? and how do i get my hands on them ? Thank u n luv your vids 🙂

  3. The sound isnt that bad coz you’re close to the mic. I’m an audio engineer. Curtains and carpet will help a bit but yeah some foam will help.

  4. U r far from arrogant or narcissistic, my friend. Hyper-critical people r projecting on u, evidently. most other YouTubers plug their content 3 times in every video & go to gr8 length to market their classes. All u do is offer people to join.

  5. Every dip, is bought up, you can see it jumping back, to much bullish news, to be barish 🙂 the people buying btc right back up are bullish, it's a verry confusing time for TA, trolling 🙂

  6. You have earned the right to be confident and express it. Nice job and thanks for all the education.

  7. Great video, im sorry if im being thick but can you explain to me your percentage gains! if youre entering at 8425 and closing ~8700 how is that 27%??? im confused, obviously im missing something, cheers

  8. how did you manage to get lower Highs in the RSI? It clearly shows (just a bit) a higher high. Plus the RSI gets to 100, and we were at 94 a couple of days ago…. Even you volume analysis doesnt even make sense, of course the volume will drop after every pump, but in general terms we have higher volume from april.

  9. Lol while I was writing this comment you said what I was going to say. The 5560 boys took huge profits May 12 and the market continued higher lol. Im pretty sure I’m not wrong but we may experience another long drawn out downtrend before we bottom. Moon boys leave your comments below ?? lol

  10. We like you Sami, because you are (one of) the very best analyzer and human being. Thank you so much.

  11. 'To truly be at 'ONE' with one's self is to lose our Ego… we all are beautiful in our own individual ways' … buy more bitcoin/smile

  12. I don't think you should tone it down I've been making a lot of money too check out my new ride people with balls say what the feel also drive twin turbo Porsches and gt3 from their crypto ganes hahah

  13. I dont see any structural issues. Neither do i see any bearish divergence. Its too soon to conclude that after a couple of days

  14. there is no bearish divergence, you cant just draw lines randomly. it is still higher highs and higher lows on the rsi. It, can't go up into the sky because rsi only goes to 100

  15. Dude if you can predict bitcoin correctly then you sir must be a time Traveler from the future. Point in case you should be a billionaire lol good day sir.

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