Blockman Capital Bitcoin Cash review 120619

Welcome to Blockman Capital analysis. Today we’re going to look at Bitcoin Cash. So here we’re looking at the moment at a one month price chart and we can see that it’s a fairly choppy affair. Pretty much you know within a month we’re still at the same sort of price that we were a month ago round about sort of 390 dollars peaking up at about sort of 470 and having a low down here somewhere around about the sort of 350 Mark. So not a lot going on. So why are we keen on this particular coin? Well let’s just stretch this out a little bit we’ll look at a three month chart. pretty different story now. Now we’ve got a low somewhere down around 150 mark and a high somewhere up near the sort of 450 – 475 Mark. So we’re talking three fold increase 300 percent increase over a three month period. Now I don’t know many asset classes that have the potential for 300 percent growth in three months. But here we are and this is a very accessible liquid coin you can trade it on Binance, you can trade it on Bitfinex bitmex – all sorts of different exchanges here a Blockman Capital it’s certainly a coin that we get involved in on behalf of our clients. So if you don’t have the time you don’t have the resources to get involved in this particular aream this is something that Blockman Capital can certainly help you with. And interestingly if we stretch it out -you know have we missed the bump, so look at this six month chart and we can see that overall we’ve got this really decent uptrend. Now let’s start stretching it out a bit further, is there anything to actually have a go at here, you know has has all the fizz already come out of the bottle. Well let’s go to a one year chart. This is just 12 months and we can see here that the high is 900 bucks. We’re down here at 390 bucks. So what have we got. We’ve got the potential here for a two fold increase. Still got a 200 percent headroom to 12 month highs. Now if we actually stretch this out further and now we’re only talking about going back to April February back into sort of 2018. We can actually see that the all time high here was four thousand four hundred dollars per coin. Now I’ll say that again it’s important. Four thousand four hundred dollars per coin. And we’re currently trading at 390 dollars per coin. Nowm we can therefore see this is a very short space of time in real terms the end of 2017 to now 18 months. The potential growth in this particular asset class and in particular this coin is absolutely phenomenal. And it’s something that we can look after Blockman Capital on your behalf. Thank you very much.

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