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slow with this week’s blockhead weekly crypto news what’s going on guys let’s
get right into it coin market cap you know not doing too
bad mostly trading sideways this week 121 billion BTC still holding strong
would like to see some movement we’re kind of expecting that other side of the
Bart Simpson when we look at the seven day here but we just did not see it so
it’s tough to say I think with bit max and the possibilities for shorts and
butt and Long’s kind of I think everyone is expecting a bit going to go down at
this point and that’s why it’s not going down of course other than that we got
Ethan XRP battling it out for the number two position he’s popping up a little
this week 128 certainly definitely trying to make a comeback just being
beaten down from all that I see a business of 2017 but definitely a solid
roadmap I would like to see their TPS transactions per second increase a
little bit just to make it a little more viable from a smart contract standpoint
but then again it depends if you are doing smart contracts for transactional
purposes or smart contracts for token issuance and I think eath has always
been about token issuance but we’ll see who knows maybe they could go to the sto
route and be legit tough to say like going holding strong number for us
Bitcoin cash yeah not really a ton of action on the cap this week so let’s get
into the news ripple and XRP face new challenges at JPMorgan launches new
stable coin JPM coin you know it’s funny I’ve had a pretty strong opinion about
this for some time and that’s you know the fact is if a
bank wanted to use cryptocurrency they have billions of dollars they can invent
one in their basement tomorrow they don’t have to use an established one
like ripple or you know xrp or stellar they don’t have to use it I mean they’ve
got billions of dollars I mean most of these banks valuations are ten a hundred
X what any of these Kryptos are and the reality is if they want a coin they’ll
just make their own coin but in essence it’s really not a coin it’s more of a
digital token but nonetheless still interesting as JPM is going to start to
use this JPM coin to settle some transactions and you know give it the
test market you know with that being said I’m sure a lot of these financial
institutions and stuff are already experimenting with crypto currencies
that are just not making it public and on that front I see investments see a
fall of 95 percent you know this is to be expected this is kind of just the
someone repackaging old news and the Cline of IC o—- projects the reality
is the reason why there’s a decline in IC o—- projects is not because of
interest it’s because of legalities most of these ICS and 17 weren’t legal and as
a result they you know were unregulated most had no product and it was just big
money grabs and you know and did not end well so I think moving forward I cos
will come back but in an in a way it’s going to be stos that are gonna move the
market forward so we’ll see but like I said this is definitely most expected
as we move forward and on that front of stos didja bite has beginning the pilot
phase of digi assets on this block training platform what does this mean
this is similar to what Raven was doing where they could you could issue digital
tokens but according to this article it looks like the devs are the ones playing
around with the assets you know I’m not really sure if individuals will be able
to get names like they did on Raven coin or not and you know then they’re
throwing a little dig in there that should help the ditch bite price I’ve
always liked to bite it did moon – about 12 cents last last time in the last bowl
run I think it’s still a solid product in a very secure chain even though most
of the security is through Asics you know I’ve always liked ditch bite had a
soft spot for it just I think they failed to market themselves very well
for what they were and it’s kind of hurt the coin but we’ll see if they can pull
off this asset sto stuff you know Raven so far has a lot of assets but it really
hasn’t taken off and been reflected in the price of the coin yet I am still
long on on Raven coin like the project and we’ll see what happens in 2019 will
Bitcoin bottom at 2000 or 1000 once again this is a a lot of talk about this
you know is the bottom in this about a man but the bigger take away in the
market is does it matter if it’s 2000 or 1000 if it goes to a hundred thousand no
it does not you’ll be kicking yourself either way if
you didn’t get some Bitcoin but this article kind of dips in could be total manipulation Fudd saying
that they’re gonna bet I’m gonna bet you the Bitcoin goes down well that’s great
that yeah moaning about the Bitcoin he goes down everyone else wants it to go
up all right so anyway is more fun like I said I think that the markets so
easily manipulated right now because it’s a lot of money but it’s not a lot
of money to big whales so the price of Bitcoin can easily be manipulated so
stable coins here’s why stable coins could be the future a cryptocurrency
they’ve been talking about this for a long time the you know they’re talking
about different types of stable coins present situation whether or not they’re
backed you know I like stable coins but it’s really hasn’t been seen how stable
coins gonna make you any money it’s a good place to park your money while
you’re waiting but remember goods and services aren’t really all priced in
Bitcoin yet so as a result the stable coin is still being compared to USD 1 to
1 which in essence the whole concept of Vic of crypto is to get away from USD I
go to Satoshi’s or something you know or some kind of other digital credit but
you know we’ll see we’ll see how this goes
honestly I think the whole purpose of stable coins is for traders it’s not
necessarily necessarily for investors because you know the traders like to
park their money after they take gains which I actually think stable coins in a
way have hurt the market because it is allowed the professional traders to come
in and just skim all the profits out of a lot of these crypto currencies and
then just kind of abandon them you know once they get their profits and we’ve
kind of been on that downward spiral since so you know what do you think a
stable coins you like them you use them you do you trust them you know I know a
tether was under under wraps for a long time but that seemed to worked itself
out but anyway it’s that stable coins Domino’s now accepts Bitcoin you know I
like articles like this but I also don’t like it because they make it sound like
it’s so first-person direct of Domino’s when the reality is it’s a third party you know that is going on so it allows
hot L and pizza warning and this website might be unsafe so you click on it it
make a big article says get your pizza and then they say that you can lose
steal all your stuff so I don’t know man I can’t figure this stuff out so anyways
like I said it’s third party it’s not like you can call you’re not being able
to call Domino’s here in America and say hey I want to spend some Bitcoin you got
to use this third party service which uses the third you know the Lightning
Network and then the payment goes through in 30 seconds but still cool
news I like that they’re pushing you know pushing this and trying to make it
a thing so yeah but anyways maybe start with getting a link that doesn’t say
it’s gonna steal your passwords if you click on it that might help adoption a
little bit so big gainer this week arc 52% surge so actually if we look at that
a little more directly on bit screener let’s check it out definitely if you
don’t own arc at this point probably not a good time to buy so especially with
that big of a pump let’s see what it’s there we go
arc so I like using bit screener because it gives you news and stuff at the
bottom down here but anyways Ark what is Ark even do
let’s see Ark is digital blahblahblah helpful
system creative some aren’t a blockchain from an hour
this isn’t watching check basically just got socks a bunch of bullshit doesn’t
even look like it even says what Ark does so basically it was just pumped
don’t know why it’s on buying it so that’s always good
yeah anyways so if you’re interested in Ark let’s go back here one week Wow look
at that big pull back already little support there but way
overextended on the 50-day so anyways yeah my pumpkin who knows anyways hope
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  1. Do you think that they might like the JPM claim to settle debts in China India Russia Venezuela or any other country how is this compared to an Ethan it's attached to the dollar

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