BLOCKHEAD Weekly CryptoCurrency News – Week 6 2019

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slow with more crypto gains welcome to blockhead blockhead is my new series
where I will touch on cryptocurrency news for the week that I find
interesting and I want to share with you so let’s start with going market cap
sitting at a hundred twenty 1 billion dollars not too bad a lot of this we had
that nice bump on litecoin if you saw it if you got in it bumped from 32 now it’s
$46 a lot of people probably sold at the 42 to 44 range but a lot of the experts
are calling for a run to $50 this is really really great news for litecoin
I’ve always liked it and it’s definitely a solid currency Bitcoin XRP a theorem
like : yo s same stuff Tron but can’t keeping an eye on this it has fallen a
little bit we’ve got the air drop coming up for B TT still holding strong on that
long-term as I’ve said before kind of need to see Tron come up with some stuff
besides the casino type adapts so overall not a bad week in Bitcoin having
it’s nice little run honestly I think that was kind of the driver of a lot of
these gains if we go to the one day actually a 7 day had this nice half a
Bart Simpson up looking pretty good so anyways that’s the basics on the coin
market cap let’s get to some interesting articles Bitcoin price holds above 36 as
Mel cooks creditor seek exchange revival alright so I don’t know how I feel about
this I came across this article and they are talking about
no jokes trying to come up with a plan to come back the real question is do we
really need this exchange back in our life I don’t know man after basically
the effects of this exchange have haunted us for years it was such a blow
to the market back when all those coins were hacked and I really do believe that
they never did get to the bottom of really what happened there was
definitely some interesting articles out there on with the mysterious trader BOTS
and all that stuff but I don’t know what do you think of Mount cokes coming back
it’s kind of scary actually I’m not really a fan so anyways that is Mel
cokes next set of news crypto dungeons becomes the latest blockchain game to
join Tron ok so if you’ve been following a lot of gaps a lot of the theorem gaps
are getting ported on to Tron because it has a lot faster confirmations and just
overall makes for a more pleasant experience now I was reading this crypto
dungeons this looks like a plug you know does it look interesting yes now here is
a counterpoint to this let’s go back over to the DAP radar for Tron and I
want to kind of give you a little advice on this and as you know a while back ago
a game called evolution land came out and this was a port basically from a
theorem as well okay now as you can see evolution land only has 92 users so this
was a pretty cool DAP that started up looked like it had a ton of potential
and quite honestly it was in my opinion was a cash grab because the game isn’t
wasn’t truly through as much so basically what
happened was people bought all these lands and these apostles to mine
resources but the game has really gone nowhere and the usership of it has
dropped to zero and I know a lot of people invested heavily in evolution
land and it just kind of fizzled out so that’s kind of a warning to you if you
do check out this crypto dungeons you know just be careful how much of your
hard earned Tarek TRX you invest and stuff like this because you know a lot
of these things will use secondary coins and you know they just have the
potential to leave you hanging and you’ll have a bunch of worthless and
nothing so crypto dungeons if you’re into the RPGs check it out yeah like I
said I personally won’t be investing in any of this but the biggest thing to
keep in mind is a lot of these games are just not fully developed and they launch
and I do feel like I said it’s kind of a cash grab so anyways check out crypto
dungeons on Tron alright so here we go big news 12.7% of Amazon customers call
from crypto products or services so this is a really cool article surveyed a
thousand people talking about different products that people could buy that are
related to cryptocurrency now I know there was an article that said litecoin
is now accepted at Amazon I don’t know if that’s truly official yet but I do
think Amazon could lead the way for crypto purchases as far as offering
liquidity for people that want to spend their hard-earned crypto on payments on
products and services so I do think Amazon could have a very large network
effect on you know people using crypto to purchase products helps with the
adoption maybe build a wallet in to the app I don’t see why they wouldn’t
have an Amazon calling or something from you know similar to that that people
could use be pretty cool so that’s Amazon litecoin developers two
men integrate nimble Wimble now there are some people that said that the
reason behind the bold run for litecoin was related to the memo Wimble
technology I don’t know how much merit I post to that but it’s definitely cool
that the litecoin foundation is still actively developing litecoins
and i know there’s a lot of people that say litecoin intercept rash point but
litecoin still remains one of my favorite coins for moving payment around
I mean it confirms quick it has a decent amount of you know liquidity you know if
I’m moving exchange to exchange I usually like use light coins but the
concept of this article is the minimal Wimble technology is privacy technology
that allows transactions to happen without traceability and I do believe
you know a lot of the privacy experts are saying that privacy will be very
important once crypto gets going right now it doesn’t really seem that
important to a lot of people therefore you’re not seeing the value in the
privacy coins otherwise like verge and all these would be you know really
mooning at this point so I just think the market is a little early for these
types of coins but it’s great to see someone like like going put technology
like this into their coin to further the value proposition peer to peer trading
event as well last year was more than India and Canada combined actually there
is a lot of buzz right now on the internet that the volumes of OTC are off
the charts and the reason why is everyone is is
getting their crypto off radar and it’s way way way more than what you’re seeing
ongoing market cap and in the public’s eye which makes sense people want to get
in low and not spike the market by buying lots of crypto over the exchanges
or they just don’t want to be known or their exchange possibly you know they
can’t access exchanges and they’re blocked so a lot of OTC stuff going on
right now and this article really just really supports the fact that the crypto
market is actually moving much faster it’s just happening behind closed doors
okay all right this was a really cool article
85 percent of a narrow network is reportedly dominated by Asics so there
was actually a very technical article on the median that talked about the ability
to find nonces and these are basically like signatures that the basically they
can identify these Asics and you know it’s even more detectable because of how
you saw after the fork to the new kryptonite algo and then the Asics came
right back so it does seem that somebody has been able to figure out how to get
these Asics working on Manero the interesting part is that a lot of the
hashes are found in lower values and they’re talking about that any that a
high percentage so basically the person has been able to code a mining software
that will limit the numbers that are being fed into the hash so that it can
more effectively find Manero blocks so this is a kind of a good thing to be
aware of if you’re a Manero investor very cool
security token leaders meet for sto future global conference in Singapore so
this was this was kind of cool more talk about the stos and again we
had the launch of t0 recently and you know we were hoping for some Raven luv
but we have not seen that so far but the platform is open but it’s to
institutional investors so we have to wait a little bit before the average Joe
can get involved in this you know they throw some fun in there the future is
uncertain but one thing’s for sure in the future everything is going to be
tokenized so a lot of these sto tokens security tokens are going to probably be
worth quite a bit in the future but right now we have to figure out what the
incentive is for people to tokenize their assets and this could be driven by
you know the bigger institutions and stuff but we’ll definitely see I doubt
that the banks are gonna let 2-0 grab all of the all of the money so yeah very
cool so but I personally like the security tokens but you know whether or
not they’re gonna moon anytime in the future it could be three to five years
out so we’re just gonna keep an eye on these and keep hoping for the best for
the future security tokens all right thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed
the news I’ll leave links down to the articles below this has been my new
series buh Lochhead cryptocurrency weekly news this is crypto slow if
you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking

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