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with more crypto gains welcome to blockhead news let’s do it
so looking at the coin market cap we are not doing too bad
total market capitalizations at 183 billion which is a nice bump up BTC
dominance has increased so we were sitting at 57 97 on Bitcoin so not bad
at all not bad at all it kind of makes me wish I would have stacked up some
Bitcoin more Bitcoin you know you keep saying it just keeps going it actually
looked like we had popped up there decently yeah the six came work ish just
for a little bit but one thing we have noticed is that the alts have not
followed so typically when we get a nice jump like this we get a nice bump on the
alts and it just hasn’t happened yet so not really sure what’s going on you know
that’s kind of a topic for another video of the basically that how Bitcoin and
the alts are related but anyways he’s sitting at 163 which is a little
retracement yeah XRP doing nothing as normal sorry
litecoin 76 56 not too bad not too bad a OS at 490 finance at 22 84 Wow that’s
crazy so card on o drawn yeah two three since
not the greatest but you know so anyways we’ll keep an eye and see if we if
Bitcoin does stable out at this level we should get a little bump on the alts so
all right Bitcoin started at zero reach 20k can XRP ever hit the predicted 589
level price now I I really articles like this bother the crap out of me because
what they do is they use a language called pre supposition presupposition is
when you kind of inject something that’s not truth into the the sentence to it’s
kind of to trick people XRP at $589 I just this thing is done nothing
Ripple’s done nothing I’m not sure what’s going on with ripple but it just
it hasn’t moved yeah I’m not sure what’s going on with it but $589 I’m not gonna
say it’s not possible it’s but it’s definitely not probable in my opinion at
this point Biff and X will launch one billion dollar le e oh token to recoup
frozen funds so this is funny so Biff an axonal tether debacle of the
850 million are yeah 850 million dollars so now they’re going to launch a bit for
next token so this is going to be similar to the B&B coin and basically
it’s to make up for all the lost funds but I don’t know it’ll be interesting to
see if there if this ieo goes off as planned you know especially if people
have lost faith at all in exchange but you know what’s really sad about all
this is that you know the greedy are just like even when they’re making money
they’re even making more money because they’re cheating the system so you know
it just kind of sucks Facebook has spoken to Visa and
MasterCard about a token launch so this article is talking about Facebook and
how they want to kind of create their own token but obviously it’s most likely
going to be tied into payment so a way to pay each other on Facebook which
natively will be pretty cool but you know again these people are late to the
party but then they end up taking the party over but anyways yeah so Facebook
Visa MasterCard not really sure why they need Visa and MasterCard probably to
settle the transaction so if Visa and MasterCard are get into going to get
into crypto then they definitely pick the right place to do it on Facebook
because of the proliferation of their network Jack Dorsey Square reports
sixty-five million in Bitcoin revenue so if you didn’t know this the square app
which a lot of the smaller businesses use they take Bitcoin as payment
as you can see yeah it’s pretty cool pretty cool so when people go to buy
stuff from the smaller businesses actually have you been seen some bigger
businesses using a square so they are continuing to take it they definitely
made the right decision because bitcoins literally almost doubled up to six K q1
revenue 64 million and Bitcoin so that’s pretty cool that’s pretty cool so keep
an eye on this just more mass adoption news
the Dow plummets at the end of trading as Fed strikes that so this is just kind
of a little side news to the market keep an eye on the Dow man you know it just
keeps going up going up going up and you know it’s kind of almost like a big FOMO
run reminds me of when Bitcoin mooned
but you know just something to think about make sure you have your
investments diversified because yeah as soon as those interest rates go up
everything will come to a halt crypto winner has been a blessing for backed IC
over vales so you know these guys I tell you what I kind of have a did testing
for the big financial institutions because you know they the way they’re
going into crypto they are doing it on to the side on to the table and secretly
and yeah there are no rush basically this article talks about how the CEO is
like yeah the price is down but you know you got to think about this this just
lets them buy even more on the cheap you know so I’m just not a big fan of
institutional crypto investing yeah because I think the the derivative type
products and stuff that they’ll create off of it made to get them rich won’t be
good for the end consumer but you know that’s my opinion
the Satoshi timer don’t know if you’ve seen this but this website is when I
first read the article it kind of seemed like it said they were going to
unveil the real Satoshi but this could be a huge publicity stunt it’s tough to
say but anyways you can put your email in here and follow them on Twitter in
nine days they are going to reveal Satoshi whatever that means so I’m not
sure but check out go Satoshi comm if you want to be part of the fun didja
byte founder says coin is tential e being suppressed this is an interesting
article basically it talks about how finance and a couple of the other bigger
exchanges haven’t listed digit byte which to a way it does kind of make
sense of you know why isn’t digit by being listed but on the flip side you
know sometimes it seems like the didja by team is a team of one I’m sure
there’s other people working on it but it just yeah I mean it’s a great coin
don’t get me wrong and even during the moon run it of 17 you know it went up
decently but it did struggle it did struggle didja bytes always struggled
even though the fundamentals of it being a great coin with a great blockchain are
there it just it just hasn’t found its you know it’s calling so we’ll keep an
eye on that I personally do like did you buy it and have a little stack of it
always had had a soft spot for I used to mine it you know before the Asics and
you know get you some digit by it’s still cheap so like a penny
krypter mark is not dead how IES are revamping the industry so ie owes so
what these are basically as an IE o is an internal basically it’s a release of a token by
an exchange so the concept is is that they’ve already met all the standards of
the exchange to be listed so it makes it a better more secure token does that
mean that you have a better chance of it doing well that’s tough to say I mean
look at B TT when it released on Finance the early investors for 4x to 10x their
money while everyone else kind of got left holding the bag so you know I don’t
know but I know finance launchpad has done this ieo concept several times with
several new token launches but yeah so just more articles about how they’re
gonna change the ico structure because so many people lost so much money on
icos probably won’t see that era again bitcoin hash rate spikes over 50 million
tera hash is just insane yeah Wow it’s pretty amazing so kind of just
shows you you know it’s Bitcoin dead don’t think so
it’s pretty solid yeah look at that number that’s crazy it’s crazy 58
million terra hash wow so wow that’s that’s amazing
on to the dap news so what do we got going on on tron today actually one good
part of news are we are starting to see some other smart tokens on the dap
review which is kind of cool so maybe we will expand out into those as these pop
up what do we have here dollar divs bt poker dice i did see this and actually
um kind of a warning to people because this poker dice site popped up and it
does have a do tron feeling to it so i know a lot of people got stung and the
do tron debacle this feels do tronic where do Tron’s
shut down all of a sudden and left everyone bag holding so yeah just be
careful on this one like I said it does kind of stink of do it’s kind of funny
so Tron profit Network truncates on pot yeah just nothing great I personally been
kind of holding on the side on the DAP so I mean I still have my court apps but
yeah so nothing too crazy going on looks like there’s some blaze economy clones
and a couple other things like that but nothing of super interest poker dice I’m
going to stay away from that yeah I’m a little jaded actually because the the
daps lately last couple weeks everything’s
just kind of dried up a little bit so I’ve been kind of hanging on the
sidelines now as far as iOS T goes we have nothing really new nothing major on
the iOS T front obviously play endless game yeah so Tron bad Tron bat has been doing pretty well now
one thing to note the slot mining has decreased exponentially we did that we
had these like 30 million TRX pots and they’ve dropped very very low so what
does that tell me especially with how far we got the whales mined the first
few stages and now they’re out and they’re collecting devs which was
figured I mean I personally these were fun but the price to mine on them is
just it’s really high it’s really high like I said they’re definitely fun and
they’ve added two new once we talked about that last week but yeah as far as
the divs go yeah I’ll stay I’ll stay with what ante but you know the drunk
the Tron divs have been good we had a couple really good days and a couple ok
days but it’s definitely still one of the most consistent daps out there
endless game this is iOS t there’s my divs
so I’m sitting on about 4.5 million IET this has gone up quite a bit
the having is at 6 billion I haven’t been mining this is hard because I
started playing play because the divs were better and
but I still had a goal of trying to get to well five million was my first goal
and you know ten million would be pretty sweet now the cool thing about endless
game is it was one of the oh geez and I think if they have a some kind of mining
incentive or something they will probably take off pretty pretty well
this chests never works out it’s always point to yeah and I always take play so
I was hitting this really hard sitting on 1.6 million the divs last night 876
not bad not bad yeah not too bad so I did have like a 2k div the disk did
have seemed to slow down a little which makes no sense based on their new payout
system but I would expect that these divs will still continue to be pretty
decent remember how we were talking that they’re taking in the house hedge and
actually I was mistaken it’s half of the house edge and they’re giving that away
to the players as divs so it’s not on losses so this was kind of a ingenious
system but I would think there would still be
incentive for people I think what’s happened is people burned through their
initial stack because when they announced the whole dev thing you know
people people hit it hard probably burn through their stack and now that’s why
divs have slowed down a little bit because people were just playing the
divs that they have yeah so oh and actually I did have a important thing
about Tron bet something to keep in mind if you go and turn my scroller off if
you go to home you’ll notice that when you click on dividends it shows both
live in ante and it looks like the ability to freeze is gone right what you
have to do is you have to actually go to one of the games like dice moon or ring
you click on that and then you see how there’s two dividend tabs so this lower
dividend tab is specific to Tron bet okay and that’s where you can freeze
your ante whereas the dividends up here shows both all partnered apps and ante
so just a good little tip for you guys in case you were having trouble finding
where how to freeze oh and also no I think that’s about it yeah honesty
nothing nothing major I’m gonna do a video tutorial on iOS to play because I
think it’s you know it’s worth it it’s a little confusing to new users and I just
think the basics would be good to go over Bank roll credits
so credits continues to do pretty darn well as the divs keep rolling in we did
have a little sell-off down to 37 million which is good for long-term
holders because you continue to receive I do know they’re working on a new daily
that’s going to be very interesting and there’s also changes to luck because
there were some people that were trying to gain luck and they keep attacking it
so now from what I’ve heard is luck will directly feed credits even on wins so
this puts more people in this system so if they want to game the system they’re
gonna get credits and then they’re gonna pay the fees and then the people that
how credit holders will benefit so yeah that’s about it that’s this week’s news
I appreciate you watching like subscribe I also mentioned that I do have a really
awesome giveaway coming in promotion for the crypto slow Channel but other than
that this crypto slo if you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking
have a great week

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