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alright coin market cap sitting at 144 billion so not too bad BTC dominance
slipping a little bit down to 50 point to possible sign of a clean run we shall
see Bitcoin at 40 105 not too bad but there’s a lot of hype right now looks
like it really needs to break the 4200 to get going to that next level but
honestly at this point it can drop so rapidly that I don’t give it much merit
so really what’s gonna fuel Bitcoin is going to be use and I’m seeing that
through Tron I mean its bottom line use use comes before price so if people are
using it then the price will follow eath sitting at 140 1.63 XRP still doing just
kind of hovering around that 30 cent line cos for 18 you know that’s a nice
leg up if you got in in the low when it was at the lows like going at 60 65 so
not too bad not too bad as always raven starting to drop a little bit I know
I’ve talked about this in some way other previous videos but keep in mind that
the inflation rate of Raven is very very high due to the number of coins minted
every day of 7 million and fundamentally nothing has
changed about Raven it’s a fantastic product project but it did go up very
quickly very quickly you know from that one cent range all the way to six cents
so just be careful there as you can see it’s trading way up off the 50-day
moving average and it really hasn’t fundamentally unless there’s inside
information been any reason for it to trade so high in seven million coins I
mean if it just keeps going up then it’ll be in the number one coin
market caps position in no time due to compounding effect so you do the math
and make your own decision each transaction cost Bitcoin network $45
large improvements needed to be visa so I’m not really sure what the point of
this article was but you know ultimately visa has done nothing but give Bitcoin
problems you know from banks stopping people from buying Bitcoin with their
Visa card to people trying to launch crypto liquidation that you could spend
your coins on a Visa card visa just does not want to competing platform that’s
why I think really Bitcoin just needs to come out with its own lightening boxes
and perpetuate those two businesses with lower fees and just bypass the visa
network completely so check that article out um it’s kind of interesting talking
about the amount of money going through the network and such and pretty
interesting this is very cool Tron acquires first global blockchain app
store steps to decentralization vision once again as I have spoken Tron is all
about use so they have acquired coin play so what they want to do is kind of
make like a google play store of apps but for Tron so you would be able
to go to this this ecosystem the store and from there you could be delivered to
all these great DAPs so you know you’d probably have reviews it’s just a more
easy way to find gaps and perpetuate the use and adoption so very cool
acquisition going play looking forward to see what he does with this Japan’s
biggest railway company to test out crypto payments this is actually pretty
big news once again it’s all about use you know everybody’s so focused on the
price and sitting on their bag that this really honestly is the most important
part of the crypto adoption is use get the use you will get the the price so
this is a major railway and you know they would accept crypto payments so
very cool news as far as which crypto it is so no time honestly I think it’s
gonna have to be something fast Bitcoin unless it’s on Lightning Network
because I’m going to be fast enough let’s say open payment channels but that
might add a lot of complexity it’s gonna have to be something faster so we’ll see
where that goes local bitcoins has to enforce AML
procedures so this is actually a pretty interesting article because I know on
Craigslist there’s been several like I don’t know if it’s there for real or not
but sting operations of people trying to sell their bitcoins locally but what
local bitcoin is is a marketplace that connects people kind of like classifieds
where there’s trading of Bitcoin and other things but now they’re talking
about anti money laundering procedures ultimately what it comes down
– is we are entering a battle with our government that you don’t have a right
to have money that they don’t know about and that’s really honestly it’s it’s
your money but they’re already assuming that you’re a criminal if you’re not
making all your transactions transparent so you know check this out who knows they might have kyc and
everything but basically if they say AML that means the government is tracking
this site and they’re looking into the transactions to make sure they’re not
illicitly laundering money so another US bank stopped customers from purchasing
Bitcoin so you know we reserve the right to sole discretion so regions a bank
deposit whatever Regions Bank is I don’t even know if they’re that big but
anyways just another article of how again the banks trying to control the
movement of your money it’s your money so another reason and this kind of goes
along the lines of you know true adoption of crypto is when people are
only trading crypto for crypto and not crypto for Fiat I mean Fiat can be used
at different establishments grocery stores etc so we’re gonna see where this
goes SGO trading without a license is a big no-no in Hong Kong so stos are the
new secure securitized tokens now this is this goes back to what I was talking
about with Raven I think Raven is a fantastic project but before you’re
gonna see the true value of Raven you’ve got a lot of legal groundwork to cover
before you see Raven really truly you know go crazy
but anyways they’re just talking about you know how you you can have
securitized tokens things could be securitized and people are trading
without licenses and kind of the concept of stos is that
they are government regulated so think of it as a government regulated crypto
big for consulting firms dominate blockchains
job market says indeed so this is very cool so if you’re possibly thinking and
getting into a job of blockchain programming in solidarity anything like
that it’s saying that the big four accountants are leading the way in
blockchain jobs so this is very cool for the tech heads I myself of thought of
learning how to program some smart contracts and such I really think that
those skills are going to be needed in the future and you’re gonna have a new
wave of people that are you know really grasping onto this technology and
blockchain programming is just gonna be huge in the future so on to the gaps so
looking at the Tron adapts look at my new button what’s going on that DAPs so
we did have some things happen over this weekend um I did my review of Tron crush
and how a bunch of people didn’t get divs and there was a coins being minted
on the side that’s why they did the coin swap that is suppose that I can’t prove
that but that explains why the price was so low on Kiwi it dropped to $2 and then
they pulled pulled the coin I would assume that’s when that exploited person
tried to move a ton of TCC’s also into the crapper was 150 site so it was not
an exit scam let’s pull up pull him up however what they did do was they turned
the website off and now all you see is an index
this basically dropped the ability of possibly even getting paid if you were
in line now I do know that the discord is still up and running but once again
I’m not gonna keep my fingers too crossed on that the trend here is
massive amounts of ROI games so you know sure na Polly that kind of looks cool
what do we got now let’s see what Renata Lee yeah ROI yeah so basically all of
these are Oh eyes but what you have to watch out for is they simply most of
them are failing and they’re not sustainable
also in big news we saw p3t I think those PT on p3t one of the biggest ROI
dailies basically the contract was going into the crapper and that was because
p3t did not support now I did see that they had disabled the reinvest button
from what I had heard but anyway so it’s another daily that bites the dust besides that bankroll is still churning
along let’s do an update on that see what the stats are 105 million 138
million in total deposits very healthy we are waiting on luck the launch of
luck so we’re gonna see how that goes that should be pretty legendary once it
gets going but yeah honestly all these key and ROI
type games I am staying out of the only one I’m into is of course bankroll
because I like the sponsorship I like that they’re building the ecosystem i
know tron bank is big too but you know tron mate doesn’t have the whale ceiling
limit like bankroll and we saw how fast p3 got drained so you know I give that
honestly glad I’m not in Tron Bank because I don’t think long term it’s
gonna be around very long so also on other DAP news I have been playing the
iOS T games there’s two now bat hash I’m sorry I just it’s too complicated
I can’t I just can’t can’t get into it turn off the new okay so yeah I’ve been
playing endless game pretty cool links down below
similar to Tron bet actually earlier today the system was not up let’s see yeah it’s still not rolling but endless
game 100 billion tokens there’s going to be a having at six billion so the the
IET will go to 0.5 so I’m most likely going to keep remaining until we hit the
6 billion I like IOT iOS T
sooo the price is doing today it was almost up to a penny there for a little
bit so yeah not bad a little pullback off the off the big pop but I mean
overall it’s definitely trending in the right direction we could see it come
back down the line at like 8 to 8 3 but the general direction of this is up with
an age next major point resistance around 1 to 5 if we break out also on
the iOS t/o and on that note of iOS T that brings me back to I did start a
little tutorial series on the playlist and let’s see where that is right here
so anyways to get started with iOS T there’s the Google Chrome I wallet how
to add funds into your iOS T and how to add gas and gases like energy electron
that you need to play the daps so that a playlist is on my site if you
want to get started with iOS T like I said seems very early with these iOS T
games because not the adoption isn’t doesn’t appear to be as far along as it
is with you know the Tron Network but definitely seems to be early still with
a lot of people getting into iOS T and the div the divs on endless gain we’re
starting to pick up you do need quite a bit now what am i
rolling I’m rolling on 96 and I’m typically keeping this around 25 and
then I do Auto bet so that seems to be the best odds and I will say it does
seem very fair I’ve not seen any wank enos like you know it rolls and I’ve had
times it’s exceptionally fair I mean it yeah
it definitely seems like you get your 96 because theoretically your spell if you
rolled a hundred times you’re supposed to win 95 times by the odds but now also
there is IO st bid this is pretty simplistic the first thing you have to
do up here in the corners title to English and let’s see if I want anything
oh I won so so I don’t even care I’m just going through and buying them all
because whatever see if I won more than one I just won one looks like I just won
one yeah I don’t even care so basically people can keep rebidding and this
little counter counts down once it gets to zero the last person wins regardless
so that basically just means it will accept 39 bids this works out 99 bids
the big Christ price increases each time and if you’re the last person you win
the top amount on this top amount won’t crease as the bids come in but every
time someone bids it resets the timer so pretty simplistic game kind of like a
mini FOMO but the odds on are very low like 0.3 iOS T so it’s really not a lot
so you know you could throw a bit in and hope it goes through so yeah but other
than that there’s a couple other iOS T’s but I’m kind of just waiting for there
to be a lot of new ones now and then there was I was t joy Oh snake gating
game I didn’t see this one this is new Oh looks another Chinese issue I don’t
know I don’t know how to play so snake eating game so you eat the other snakes
I assume similar to hyper snakes but it’s iOS T snakes so 5 iOS T yes I’m
gonna have to work on that one obviously I did not know what the controls were so
a better way to look at this would be to look at the guide oh you just do it with
your mouse left click to speed up eat beans to increase the length avoid any
other snakes well use your mouse okay I got it
oh you can’t hit the wall either you can whip around yourself oh man this
is pretty challenging interesting so I’m not really sure maybe you have to be the
last snake surviving or something to win so like here so I’m back to the bid game
three two one I won so that’s it boom so people aren’t playing so I’m just gonna
keep taking my free iOS T so anyways that’s this week’s blockhead news hope
you enjoyed it this is cryptoslo as always if you’re not talking gains then
we’re not talking

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