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slow with more crypto gains what’s going on guys welcome to blockhead Sunday
cryptocurrency news so let’s get right into it
first thing we’re gonna do is load up Chloe market cap give a quick summary
Bitcoin sitting at four thousand twenty-nine market capitalization total
one hundred forty billion with BTC dominance of 50.5 as always we’re
watching that BTC dominance as it decreases a little it’s usually a signal
for rally for the alts looking at your other top Kryptos you theoria mat 137
and litecoin still holding steady at sixty point
three four it changed a little bit since I did the intro for the vid Tron had a
little bump up to three seven which is nice but what everybody’s talking about
is Raven coin yep Raven coin has had a insane pump as you
can see let’s go to the all five five eight so it’s pretty much pumping to an
all-time almost all-time high now if you it’s actually higher than it was in the
last pump but the BTC Fiat value is less so it’s still actually lower the
original pump when BTC was around 6k was to like a thousand SATs and we saw about
a seven cents price we did see a little sell-off here looks like it went up to
six cents and we are trading well above the SMA EMA 50 so keep an eye on that
you know there’s several articles out there and this is not meant to be fun I
am a raven coin supporter as you can see with my t-shirt I love my raven coin
been in project since the beginning I did sell
some of my bag on the way up but I’m hoping to buy back in I’m gonna retrace
so this article just kind of talks about you know how it’s just blowing up and it
is a little suspicious because you know we are still in a bear market and this
article basically saying that it was attacked by a pump group but who knows I
think Raven is a great project but as always value needs to be transferred
into these coins for them to be stable and as of the moment there’s still a lot
of legal for Raven coin so it is a more long-term hold with that being said
mining it forget about it 179,000 on the difficulty in eleven
point nine three Tarrasch that actually is dropped a little bit but the coin
rank is you know it’s sitting pretty solid thirty three you know once again
just be careful don’t FOMO into it I mean if you were gonna buy I would at
least let it retrace back to the fifty I mean we’re well trading well off the
line you know back down in here three three three nine ish and that’s actually
let’s look at that in sets let’s see yeah that’s 869 yeah so it’s trading
well above the averages right now so just be careful and as always don’t FOMO
yeah that’s raven coin could Jem and I reach Amazon’s level in ten years so
this is an article talking about the Winklevoss twins and Gemini I do know
that Gemini has more recently added has have added ACH transfers and I have
considered using my Gemini account a little more the one thing I don’t like
about coinbase is the fact that it you know it’s
uk-based and stuff and I always worry about that if something were to happen
you could get funds trapped and you would have no repercussion where Gemini
I do believe it is in the States but I could be wrong have to do a little more
research maybe I’ll do a specific video on Gemini and how to use Gemini as an
exchange but basically Gemini would be your portal for Fiat so yeah it’ll be
interesting to see now the one thing that could be lacking is the fact that
it’s not a DX and I know by Nantz is the leader and that as far as you know being
a decentralized exchange where the security is higher and your your coins
are a little safer than on a centralized exchange Cardno price prediction a da
aiming for the moon first of all any time I see the word moon in an article
I’m gonna be suspicious rises for the fifth consecutive week looking at card
ah no I told you what I bought this a while ago not a ton and all I did was go
down and you know I’m not I mean yes news era Windows updates I mean look at
the chart this thing has just been smashed let’s look at the USD I’m not
saying it’s not a good project but you know they’re talking smart contracts and
stuff and I just you have to think about this a theorem has thousands of
developers and conferences and card on oh it shows one dude in his basement
talking about how amazing this coin is going to be I just don’t think that they
have I’m not saying it’s not a good coin I just it you know I just don’t think
the development is there and when you compare it to Tron the development seems
light-years behind programming in smart contracts so I mean
look you know let’s look at the one month
yeah it’s moon I wouldn’t buy it right now
maybe retrace back to about four four to possibly buy a little bit I don’t know
but again I just don’t think hard ah no has the the support of the developers as
much I mean I don’t hear a lot of buzz about it and I’ve been in the the
telegram and I’m just like you know so I don’t know Vitalik I’ll lose hope in
humanity if Tron or sips theorem so this is just an article talking about a
theorem versus truant now the funny thing about this is I I kind of have a
opposing opinion Tron is a is a crypto that has been game aside Tron is primary
primary use right now is gamification and games and fast transactions and
theorem really can’t compete in this the theorem really initially was a fund
raising platform for icos and then because of legalities that whole thing
went out the door stos or the future there’ll be you know they’ll be
moderated SEC and they’ll be legal I would think for a theorem in that view I
think a theorem is way overvalued personally it’s slow there’s a lot of
production but without the I cos I just don’t see the value in East now there
could be I’ll have to do a little more research in teeth but ethers going to
need to speed up ethers gonna need to go the sto route because you know
illegal icos are not the wave of the future those coins are getting shut down
left and right so you know this whole battle between Tron and eath it’s I
think it’s they both kind of serve different purposes you’re not really
issuing I mean there is some there is i co quote activity on Tron but it’s kind
of different it’s more about raising funds for platforms versus companies and
eath was eath was the the basically the father of all these scam i cos and 18
where everybody lost all their money so anyways i just kind of see the coins as
different purposes so check that article out if you’re interested in eath and i
honestly don’t know why people hate on Tron i mean it’s super fast the games
are fun and people are using it and it it just doesn’t make sense they’re like
oh that’s a crap point it’s a crap point yeah so ripple might lose its banking
partnerships due to JPM calling phenomena this is a great article
because you know you look at something they’re like oh man
the banks are gonna use ripple ripples gonna go to ten dollars a coin
I think ripple has some use but once again JP Morgan has billions of dollars
if they want to invent their own coin they’re not gonna pay to use someone
else’s coin why would they give the they’re not gonna give up control you
have to you have to think about that they’re not gonna give up control of
their of the network the network is more important than the money and you know
people banks will just invent their own coin they have the money to do it
they don’t need ripple so I’m not saying ripple doesn’t have a lot
of great technology and it’s it’s cool it’s just that these banks Towe don’t
really technically need this you know which brings a whole nother point is the
the interim of a lot of these coins is going to be for companies to build their
own centralized version of the company coin and call it a cryptocurrency
that’s what people were gonna do that’s what people are gonna do so even though
it’s not a real crypto the thing is that people will make it user friendly it’s
basically a token on its digital credit and these credits can flow around so
really a lot of companies already have points or credits they just don’t have
it packaged up so that you can send it between wallets and trade it with your
friends that is what is going to be cool you know which brings me I’m surprised
visa hasn’t created a digital feel like a digital tethered token that you could
send from from person to person that would be super cool too so anyways JPM
coin phenomena and that brings us to Bitcoin argues against centralized
crypto currencies once again you know the security of Bitcoin is is pretty
much unmatchable on a matchable from the hash rate which is supporting it but you
know they’re talking about all these centralized currencies that you know run
on nodes or run on master nodes and stuff but it just further talks about
you know centralized versus non centralized but here’s the thing if
coins don’t make their coins easy to use then a lot of companies will come out
with intermediate quote pseudo kryptos that aren’t cryptos but they’ll make
them user friendly and people are going to use these digital credits
and they’re basically gonna think they have crypto but it’s really not crypto
so you know this goes back to the enthusiasts versus the traditionalist
versus a person but the reality is a lot of this stuff is just not user friendly
you know I got a ledger oh you know it was a couple months back I went to use
that thing man the new the new ledger is a thousand
times more user friendly than the old ledger the old ledger was just a pain in
the butt to set up with these micro display and stuff no phone integration
limited memory but the new one kicks butt and actually I have a link down
below if you want to get one of those new nano axes
they are pretty sweet compared to the old Ledger’s the web needs a digital
currency the time for seamless micro payments now this is this is a very good
article and I do agree with this and this actually kind of brings about one
of my ideas for a cryptocurrency but you know this just kind of talks about if
you think of the bat browser and all that that’s kind of micro payments steam
is kind of micro payments I think the problem with micro payments so is it
needs to be a tethered micro payment a tether micro payment and like the
reality is I think the Tron USD tether is going to definitely definitely
definitely help out this whole concept of micro payments because it will be a
stabilized value and you know everyone’s like crypto crypto well getting the
stabilized value is still very important because people want to know if they get
$0.10 it’s still worth 10 cents and I think tethered micro payments are going
to be the future for the web for tipping and everything else I mean I don’t want
to get I don’t wanna get a tip and then it’s
worth half as much because the dang thing crashed right so but anyways
Fitch brings us to the end of the news and then we’ll talk about the DAP right
all so looking at the dabs today on Tron it looks like we’re seeing a lot of RO
eyes RO eyes popping up left in or right ever since the success of bankroll but
you know here’s the word of warning and caution you know look at black pearl did
so the ROI is down to 133 5 6 – so this thing has been contracting at a very
very fast rate and it will soon be 0 and actually I haven’t checked the media me
– token let’s see back up sites games not active
I’m sure the Mita token is just crushed yeah actually I’m surprised it’s still
23 cents but you know that kind of brings us back that a lot of these ro
eyes will fail they will fail unless they have an eco system to support the
daily ROI so like here’s another 1/100 ROI
125 percent a day 50 percent a day 100 percent a day how do you make 100
percent in a day oh yeah so that makes me suspicious so
again be careful with the RO eyes that don’t have some kind of plan to support
the ROI I mean ROI can’t be the only thing
you’re gonna have to have feet or gaps that basically keep this thing going
nothing else jumping out at me too much I know
Tron crush and a couple others are not on the radar are launching like I said
I’m not really getting into any other RO eyes I’m already in bankroll and pretty
happy with what the roadmap is for that but a very cool one is crypto racing so
this is this is pretty cool like you get in here let me make sure
I’m on the right yeah okay so it loads up that’s more music so you buy cars you
get parts I have not seen what the arena looks like are the actual racing but
this is pretty cool I like it doesn’t seem to be functioning yet I clicked on
it and I tried to it looks like I can buy a car and do some other things
crafting arena yeah racetrack I’m not really sure exactly how this works
see I think I’m broke and eats more Tron but anyways check out Krypto racing
looks fun should be pretty cool the other game I’ve been playing is this
darn Tron orator kind of waiting for the first payout the dividends one ruby is
thirty four point one zero so I’ve got about 40 I have had a couple good runs
on this where I turned a couple hundred into a thousand or two thousand I do
think that if these guys don’t come out with their dice game which is bash after
the launch on April the big head out on April 1st so the divs are supposed to
pay out April 1st this sites gonna have trouble if they don’t get those dice
going because this game is fun and it’s fun for a bit but it will lose novelty
quick and and also the randomness this thing goes on smashing sprees where you
get like five very very low Reds in a row it doesn’t seem to make sense
doesn’t seem as random but it’s still fun and if you play it right what I’ve
been doing I play you can customize the auto escape
and I golike 1.25 1.24 and I’ll just play that maybe throw a bigger game
value out there once in a while but other than that it’s a fun game but once
again they need to come out with their bash dice game soon or you will see this
fail moving on to bankroll bankroll looking
good contract balances 88 million total deposits hundred million so this thing
is still soaring just in case you didn’t know there is a stats page now we’re
even click on it and see all kinds of cool things distributions last 24 hours
last 7 days all time so pretty cool the walkthrough video as always which is a
tutorial on using using bankroll click on that if you’re new to it and I’ve got
the link down below if you want to help support the channel social up here is
for the telegram guys are pretty supportive and helpful in there but what
everyone’s waiting for is Bank luck the big bank luck launch hopefully coming
Saturday next Saturday and as I’ve stated my my theory for it is I think
it’s not gonna be going flip I think it’s gonna be dice it just makes sense
but I think it will be dice with a twist that we’ve never seen before
done in daps I just I just kind of think it’s gonna happen that way
so as always all my links are down below if you want to help support the channel
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