BLOCKHEAD Weekly CryptoCurrency News – Week 10 2019

blockhead cryptocurrency news CryptoSlo with more crypto gains what’s going on guys yes it is time for blockhead
again it’s Sunday and as I promised I will deliver this week’s cryptocurrency
news today actually there is so much news that it’s kind of hard to fit it
all into a reasonable session but I’ll do my best so let’s start with coin
market cap we’re sitting at 134 billion dollars Bitcoin dominance at 51.6 this
is a very key value to watch on alts because typically when BTC dominance
dips below 50% that’s when we see a lot of altcoin runs east 136 not really much
there XRP 31 cents not really doing much the big surprise is litecoin this has
kind of been on its own little separate path still holding very solidly at 56 91
around $57 like I said this it’s it’s looking pretty good I don’t some white
going back during the run and you know it’s definitely capable of getting up
there so that is coy market cap let’s get into the next bit of news
Tron main net account succeed to a million now I don’t know if you remember
this but just it just seemed like a month or two ago that we had 1 million
accounts I mean Tron is just exploding the price hasn’t really reflected that
but one thing’s for sure the usage and number of transactions being completed
on the Tron network is massive and with the new T tether TRC 20 coin coming it
could be T rx T or D I don’t know what it’s going to be we’re gonna see some
very interesting things on the Tron system and ecosystem for the DAPs they a
lot of it is being driven by the at market obviously if you don’t know
about apps you’ve been living under a rock because there’s a lot of exciting
things going on so check out that main net or download the Google Chrome Tron
link browser extension and get started with Tron which brings me to a great
little article I found what is Tron what is TRX so this is a compiled to 2019
what is Tron wiki Guide it’s very very cool it has everything you ever wanted
to know about Tron in these links and you just follow it and you can get up to
speed very quickly you know what is drawn but you know this is great great
great information that’s been compiled to you if you’re new to the Tron system
and community so which brings us to some other exciting news there’s talk about
adding anonymous technology to Tron Tron ZK snarks so think about it
Tron is heavily traded in massive amount of transactions in it could be anonymous
just like Virg Manero so this is very very cool that they’re talking about
this and we’ll see where that goes how should I store my Bitcoin this is a
great thing to revisit because we have all kinds of new people coming in to
crypto all the time and you know honestly if you look at a lot of these
situations people got wrecked when a lot of these exchanges happen look at the
Canadian exchange that just happened that guy it was found that those
accounts were drained last April I had nothing to do with this guy dying in the
magic Keys being lost the guy drained the frickin accounts so you know this is
a good article for you if you’ve got some Bitcoin on coinbase or finance that
you should not store all you’re a bit going in one place and think about some
cold storage which means that it’s not connected to
the internet anyway and you have your private keys and
nobody can take your bitcoins so good little reminder for those who’ve been in
it or new people on destroying your Bitcoin which leads us to the nano X so
this is very cool um I had gotten an original ledger and honestly I was very
disappointed with it it was super hard to use very complicated to set up no
phone integration and to my dismay you could only store basically you have to
download the wallet for any coin specific coin that you want to store in
your ledger well it hardly had any memory and you only could get like four
or five coins on the ledger in my opinion was kind of stupid just I mean
if you only wanted to store just Bitcoin I guess it was alright but the new nano
X what makes it so cool bluetooth technology increased memory you can
store like a hundred different wallets on there and it talks to your phone
which is nice because now you know you can interface with your phone instead of
those stupid little buttons trying to figure everything out so if you haven’t
already gotten pre-ordered a nano X I got a link down below
get yourself a nano X this is a fantastic place to store Bitcoin and any
other things that you want to hold long-term you know fantastic on the
blockchain with your private keys Manero so if you did not know recently um
people noticed that the mining outputs on Genesis mining have been decreasing
rapidly well today we had a big Manero upgrade and XMR improved ASIC resistance
privacy and securities so once again they have updated the yeah they have
updated mineiro because the stupid Asics keep attacking this point and I
definitely think that this is what you know it’s been holding this coin down
this Asics keep attacking it but for GPU miners
this is good news because once again you should be in profit decent profit again
I still have my Genesis mining contract but you know they extended it for a next
year but it had significantly lost value in the last month it popped way back up
it was doing really well and then went back down because the Asics came back so
check it out Manero upgrade today so this is good news for people that have
contracts and jeet their GPU whining engine coin oh so if you miss the pump
on this this baby blew up it was sitting around 10 cents for you know let’s see
let’s look at the long okay so five cents five cents change sideways three
cents well how it was down there two cents
BAM so what is engine engine is this it’s a tradable token for game assets
basically I thought it’s confusing because there’s engine hardware that is
in Samsung s10 phone which drives the new s10 you noticed or Bitcoin stuff so
but be careful on this one I personally would look for a retracement back down
to what’s already broken the the 50-day so I’m thinking about 0.135 about 13
cents ish before you consider buying back in but I mean it’s definitely you
can see it’s it’s down below the trend line it’s probably a little over Seoul
but I still think it’s gonna keep retracing so I’m actually gonna do a
video on that one let’s see any youtube video ideas oh yeah engine video ideas
so yeah I guess there’s a blog and a couple of things that tell us what
engine does and it is actually being employed in about 10 different games
I’ll have a list of those games and you know this basically makes it so that
users can move their game assets in and out trade etc etc but now it’s not like
it’s on fortnight or anything so I don’t know if this is just hype and pump but
it definitely seems like a pretty cool to jet project to check out but not an
18 cents know when it’s was traded this low forever and then all of a sudden it
just sky pumped so yeah maybe pick up a little bit of this if it retraces down
so which actually before I move on I can talk about Raven a little bit
Raven had that massive pump and we’ve been following it I know I did that
video will the Raven pump last so as you can see let’s look at this and SATs okay
708 okay as you can see we had this massive pump and that’s what I said in
this video that it is unsustainable fundamentally for Raven to stay up here
in that thousand sats point I’m not saying that Raven won’t be over a
thousand SATs it’s a fantastic project and I love Raven it’s just that you
can’t have a parabolic move like this without a retracement and if you sold at
the top and you you’re like oh I saw my ran in no problem you can see the
support line here on the 50-day now let’s see do the 13 and 34 okay so you can this
thing is driving me nuts come on and stick what just doesn’t want to change
on me there we go okay 13 34 so you can see it’s well
above but it’s broke through the 13 and now it’s headed down to 34 so if it
breaks us 34 you definitely you’re gonna see this go much lower but I would have
I sold mine I sold my coins around 6:30 I’ll probably buy back at around 450 to
500 that’s where I’m assuming this is gonna go
like I said Raven is a fantastic project but there are seven million coins every
single day and if you look at the Raven difficulty
if it stats oh it’s down oh not sure what’s going on but I know difficulty
skyrocket on Raven but once again you have miners the miners pressure lots of
pressure from the miners and you can see when this goes red it goes it goes down
so basically everybody foe mode in this is this is not as high as last time well
that was the beginning everybody followed in its skyrocket parabolic and
this is like I said Ravens a great project just buy back in once it goes
back down so anyways Starbucks wants customers to buy coffee with Bitcoin so
we’ve had a lot of talk about this first it was third-party and Starbucks said
they weren’t gonna do it and they’re gonna come out with a Starbucks coin
except you in Bitcoin means amount of paperwork so this is so huge like if
Starbucks would take Bitcoin it oh man just the network effect an adoption
effect it would just be massive but getting into it you can see that there’s
a lot of tax stuff and things going on with this even if they were using the
Lightning Network and so we’re still staying tuned on this but I think 2019
once again it’s going to be a massive year of adoption for Bitcoin actually I
read an article the other day that was saying that there was only 0.0 0.4
everyone on the planet or something so definitely interesting article for
crypto tax tricks from Deloitte that will maximize your tax return so if you
don’t know what Deloitte is delete as an accounting firm that specializes in
corporate taxes in probably high in people taxes so crypto tax trick number
one using the highest cost basis to grow so to wash sales are legal you sell it
and then you buy it crypto trick number three air drops and
chain splits can be helpful or not in crypto number four lost coins maybe a
theft loss so this is a very cool article and I’ve talked about this
before if you’re not maximizing paper losses on crypto you know get with the
program talk to an experienced tax attorney if you don’t know the game but
especially here the wash sale that’s a big one you know so like let’s say that
you’ve had a very big losing coin you can sell it and buy it right back it’s a
wash sale but you can take the loss on paper but you still own your coins so
this is this is the type of things that you need to be aware of to maximize your
gains because you know I tell you what when the coins go up the IRS is gonna
come looking for you when they’re going down take the paper losses but keep your
coins so check out this article on crypto tax tricks from Deloitte
um moving on to the dabs so little Tron news so on dapper eight are looking at
nude apps today we had quite a few we had Tron Orca which is another pyramidal
type one in an ROI I’m definitely not getting into that a bit BT Ford II
wasn’t much interesting but any things that are interesting on here I really
didn’t see much a couple weird ones and magic button you push the button and
then the next person pays more for the button so lotto
you know once again for nude apps looking for things that are verified one
nude apple on Tron then I was very interested in it was the one called
bankroll now this is a cool cool one it’s supposed to go live tonight at five
o’clock and I will get my affiliate link down there I might throw a little into
this but what makes bankroll different than the other ro eyes is that it will
have anti whale technology meaning depending on how many funds are in the
ROI fund will depend on how much your ROI percentage is so if you deposit too
much your ROI will actually be less and the system will warn you of that
so as the pot grows you can put in larger things so basically it keeps
whales from coming in and wash you know cleaning out the fund so because they
the whales may be in it just to withdrawal straight withdrawal and not
reinvest and grow so I’ll have that linked up hopefully later tonight
bankroll a new ROI game a little different than others I’ve yet to see if
it’s going to be verified so I know I had actually gotten on the telegram and looked to see if it was verified so vein
teller nice Channel oh yeah he’s telling me nice Channel okay so anyways but I was where was it
they grow well yeah big teller so just go live tonight yeah so I’m not sure oh
yeah 5 p.m. yep seven hours 15 minutes okay yeah
but anyways like I said I’ll have a link down there if you want to get into this
but this one’s cool because of its gonna allow the pot to grow a little more
organically and let’s say is it verified yeah he didn’t the answer so I’ll try to
post an update on that when I find out if it is verified or not in anti news so
Angie’s hanging in there and around 33 we had a dip wish I could have got that
at 27 that’s below mining costs remember you know people that are freaking out
about auntie going down it’s still around 32 to mind and we are still
parabolically on an up trend so hold your auntie strong it’s gonna go up it’s
gonna go down there’s people that are day trading it I know the divs on TV and
on trauma that were a little low last night but you know this is long term
just wait until poker comes out and all this other stuff and you know see if
these guys deliver but verified isn’t meme okay so the owner of this site bank
teller says verify doesn’t mean is your iPhone software verified oh geez you didn’t turn it he didn’t put it in
there so anyways I don’t know I approached that one with caution but
check it out throw a couple hundred in there got the link down below you know
get low ROI from that but anyways this is crypto slow hope you liked today’s
Sunday blockhead news and have a great day the script oh so if
you’re not talking gains then we’re not talking

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