14 thoughts on “Blockfolio App Tutorial – Track Your Bitcoin & Altcoin Portfolio”

  1. Do you known which pools are profitable right now? hashflare is deducting 40-50% maintenance fee. earning is lowest ever. 8/9$ per day from earning perday from 10.5 Terahash and 40%+ maintenance fee net income $4 a day. Now I can say cloud mining are scam hands on.

  2. Great application, have you thought about doing an up to date video on how to buy Bitcoin the cheapest and easiest way, the amount of searches on Google are obscene and with so many new people coming into the market, it would be a big hit for you.

  3. Hi Lou, thank you for introducing this portfolio app. Unfortunately they still have a lot to improve. They don't seem to have ETH/GBP for Coinbase exchange and also they don't have LTC/GBP option, this is what I managed to find out so far….so can't really use that app. xx

  4. Please when you speak share with us your lovely face 🙂 You are nice and makes me feel better when I can see you rather than just looking at the screen 🙂

  5. Out of all the crypto YouTubers Lou yours is packed with productive, useful, and worthwhile. I’m not amateur for crypto but I still find your channel useful so for that THANK YOU!

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