Blockchain will stop corruption – Patrick Byrne

developments all about corruptions all about women and ending corruption when you have a corrupt rule of law everybody's just building on quicksand and nobody gets anywhere I spend a bunch of time in Asia and figure that out myself by blockchain by introducing blockchain into these processes it's going to there's all kinds of this whole class of humanity that are rent what economists call rented extractors they're just in these positions and every time you're in India for example I don't want to pick on one country and you run a factory and you want to buy you want to hire you're expanding you want to use more electricity you go to some petty bureaucrat and you apply to hire 20 more people and they use more electricity and you fill out forms and of course you pay them off something so at every little juncture of economic activity in India there that there's this more but Mexicans call la maldita there's the little bite that can all is gonna get frozen out as this as these things move into blockchain all that gets fro smell don't tell I actually don't want the crooks to know because I don't think they're gonna understand how badly they're gonna get stumped by blockchain blockchain is going to end corruption around the globe over time as more and more governmental process and move into it it's going to become harder and harder to be to get your more data

5 thoughts on “Blockchain will stop corruption – Patrick Byrne”

  1. Bitcoinˢᵛ is going to stop corruption in a system that is not anarchy. We need laws to form a culture. In an anarchic system, everybody's corrupt. Everybody's looking out for themselves.

  2. The only thing that is corrupt is Bitcoin and the crypto markets in general. Vast majority of all Bitcoin is owned by a small handful of unknown shady characters who control the markets and pump & dump at their leisure for their OWN profits. Bitcoin was developed by the people for the people unfortunately those people are the 1%. Biggest scam in modern day history.

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