Blockchain Will Drive Adoption of Cryptocurrency – [Bitcoin News]

hey good afternoon everyone it is February 4th and it's that time again for daily Bitcoin cryptocurrency news today in the States it's Super Bowl Sunday everyone is going to be watching glued to the TV watching the commercial watching football or what you know what people outside of us referred to as American football so I don't know how many people are gonna be watching this video but for those of you guys are not into football or overseas or you care about Kryptos more than football then I'm glad that you guys are watching this so unfortunately today is not not a good day but not the worst day marva cabbage went backwards a little bit it's you know it's probably 30 or 40 billion less than yesterday and you know what we don't know we don't know what's going on it could be just taking a breather it could be because the Super Bowl there are a couple things happening with the news so let me cover those all right so let's start with the bad news this is a big event that's gonna come up this was released a couple days ago this was this basically states next next Tuesday February 6 okay the the SCC and Commodities Futures Trading Commission is gonna be testifying during a US Senate hearing next week basically it'll be talking about cryptocurrencies and how how to regulate it if there's more regulations that's needed more rules because the SEC has been going after a lot of companies that have ran icos and they were deemed illegal they also shut down this Bank on a rise Bank which they claim was doing illegal banking activities so there's a lot of things going on so this is definitely the biggest thing coming out of the US for next week a lot of people think that you know what the SEC is go come down hard and they might you know say that we're a lot more regulations will come out or maybe you know they say nothing he's the last to releases they came out with pretty much states that you know what just be careful they didn't they didn't come down really hard understands but maybe now they're go change their tune so a lot of people are worried about this so it's definitely something that we want to look at to see that maybe tomorrow see how the market is if it recovers or it goes lower then definitely this this contributes to that alright so that's number one another thing is I talked about credit cards so Bank of America Bank of America JP Morgan Citigroup Capital One Discover card so that means the top five credit card issuers have all declared that they will they do not their go ban crypto purchases with their credit cards alright so basically if you're in the u.s. you're kind of screwed you're not gonna be all by with your credit card everything has to be done with a bank transfer pretty soon I don't see American Express on here and I'm sure there are some I don't see Chase on here so there are still a few left but pretty soon you know you're not going to buy Kryptos with credit cards anymore so another bad news another way that the banks are trying to make it harder for people to get into you know cryptos and another one I mentioned a few days ago that Facebook banned all crypto related ads so now China has banned all crypto ads from basically any local website so again China is tightening regulations around kryptos all right so those are the bad news there are some good news however let's start with South Korea South Korea finance minister blockchain can revolutionize the world okay and this is the view that I am taking and I think a lot of people are realizing this too right blockchain is a technology it's a way to decentralize things and what does that mean so you look at the evolution of IT just think about where data or Computers you started out with you know little desktop machines obviously for our enterprise world you know it went up to these big big mainframes that took up you know rooms okay racks and racks that was in a room and then you look at how that kind of consolidated with computing power and everything advancing that it became much smaller and everything for enterprise is basic servers like rack mount servers that takes a lot less space so you could have one rack that can basic power enterprise but the next evolution for that is to go to the cloud and a lot of people don't understand the cloud but cloud-based it means that your servers or your data or your compute is simply on someone else's servers so basically rather than you as a company rather than have your own servers in your own closet or your data center now you're storing it on Microsoft servers or Amazon servers or Google servers that's what the cloud is that's all it is and that's where an enterprise world but you could think about your phone all the apps on your phone all the websites you go to everything they're being stored on someone else's servers that's moving to the cloud more and more the cloud is still a little bit expensive compared to hosting things yourself but you know what the next few years cloud is gonna be so cheap everyone is gonna be going to the cloud and as internet internet speeds increase your go habits so that even desktop computers you know whether you're using Microsoft Windows for example that's going to go away it'll just connect to the cloud kind of like Google Chromebooks even though they're very limited at this point right so you eventually everything is moving in a cloud and you know what people don't realize blockchain and decentralization is the next evolution because with cloud okay you still have these honking data centers that you know Microsoft Google Amazon even Facebook they have these massive massive data centers around the world for resiliency but ultimately it's very very expensive to operate okay you're talking about the cooling that's required the electricity and they're always continuously adding new servers for storage and compute and stuff like that so there are downfalls only really the big big IT companies in the world can support the cloud these massive data centers everyone else is pretty much renting it okay but that's where decentralization comes in and you can split the load now you can have different like little tiny pieces of everything gets spread around either miners or nodes or you know even mobile phones or computers you're seeing that a lot more in the blockchain space so blockchain is the next evolution that's go revolutionize how IT is done in the future and people a lot more people are seeing that now now that's how let's go drive I think cryptocurrency because once you have a platform that's decentralized hey if you need to layer in a currency why not use a crypto right so think about if you have something like Facebook that that's decentralized right Facebook has their own virtual currency they even sell cards that you can purchase in the store that has you know Facebook Credits I don't know if they call credits or what but think about that if Facebook was totally decentralized okay they could easily sell their own crypto and as their currency on their platform and no one would be the wiser they just think it's like any other currency but it could be a cryptocurrency so that's why blockchain blockchain will become it will be adopted it will become a huge thing and once it does it'll drive adoption of cryptocurrency so right now it's kind of the opposite everyone's focused on cryptocurrency more so on is currency because of how fast it's been growing but really you know what's really gonna propel this and make this long term is the blockchain and how we're gonna revolutionize computing going forward the next five years ten years twenty years it's it's gonna be amazing okay so obviously the South Korean finance minister agrees even Jamie Dimon agrees a lot of people are saying blockchain is here to stay but you know cryptocurrency they just don't understand but you know obviously there's a place for cryptocurrency because of the fact that you know what maybe you want to control your own money maybe you want to have your own bank maybe you want the ability to send money to someone else without a third party knowing about it or a third party interventive reasons why you want to use cryptocurrency but right now for these bigger finance companies banks and and governments around the world they don't want that B's they want to control the ultimate blockchain that's what's gonna really get adopted and really drive I think adoption cryptocurrency alright so an example of that now is light paid okay so litecoin Foundation came out this they're coming out with something called light pay so they want okay they want litecoin to be used widely right so they're coming out light pay which is a payment processor which now allows any business to accept like coin okay and they're they're layering a few things so that you know what for consumers or even businesses you can have you can have a debit card that links up to your wallet but as for a payment processor if someone pays a business with litecoin it's all processed in the background and it goes it gets deposited and the bank of the business so there's no worry about volatility like hey if someone paid in like coin and tomorrow it drops 20 percent of the businesses money they they handle all that so basically when light pay gets the light coin payment it immediately gets transferred to fee on it gets deposited right so light pay is basically a way for like one foundation to increase adoption and I think this is brilliant okay this is something that there are acts coming out with themselves not a third party to get to control it so really there go a lot make it so that it's very very easy for businesses to accept litecoin now and also make it so that people have litecoin make it very easy for people to spend like coins so this is the reason why you'll see that today in a down market like coin is still in the green because of this announcement this is pretty big okay this is what we want to see you know unfortunately in the cryptocurrency space you have a lot of these currency type coins okay that that have amazing tech but they're not being used anywhere okay and even though they're worth billions that's why I keep stressing this like hey where's it being used it can have the best tech in the world but as a currency if it's not being used any word then it really has no value so the only value is just people trading it right but this is you know obviously like coin they want to go beyond it they're like hey we don't want to just be known as you know the silver to bitcoins goal we want people to actually use it and we have a good coin we have many advantages so let's get adoption out there and this is a really good way to do that so that's also good and then lastly this is unconfirmed but circle which is interesting because circle used to buy and sell Bitcoin and then they got out of it now this became more of like a almost like a PayPal competitor where you could send money to each other they're looking at acquiring pulling necks although the song confirm so we don't know right but it was if it's true then they're going back to their roots which is back to cryptocurrency which is kind of interesting all right so that's the news from today we got some bad news and some good news but I think the biggest one everyone wants to know about is what happens during this Senate hearing when SEC and the CFTC both give their spiel about what they see in the crypto world and I SEOs and stuff like that and we'll see what comes out of it all right so the market is down you'll see that yeah litecoin is one of the winners here barely in green but because the light paid they were much stronger tonight everything was actually pretty good last night things were heading up now it's coming back down a little bit so we'll have to see the rest of this afternoon and tomorrow and see where to market is hunting all right so today I did not plan for I didn't do a PowerPoint because unfortunately basically all the games from yesterday is wiped out today so everything is still extremely cheap but I will mention a few of these that I think are really good buys for today so you know in the big caps obviously the the winner today is like coin holding very well and I think light pay is gonna make a difference I think once you get light pay out okay what the option might be slow let's be honest right it's not like every business and it was like hey I'm gonna get light paid but it definitely helps right and it helps get the word out people start talking about it maybe the media starts talking about it it definitely helps you're going the right direction this puts like point up a notch in my opinion I can see that you know what just just how like Ripple just are skyrocketing because of the the the whole announcement with all these banks and stuff and MoneyGram you know what like coin if you start hearing some big businesses start you know utilizing light pay or taking light coin as a payment I could easily see that like white starts going up so definitely keep your eyes out for that but you know what this makes me really light light coin again I've said you know like coin I haven't talked about them a lot because I kind of see them just being stagnant I said as a big cap you know everyone gets their turn in terms of having an upswing and litecoin ever since it hit 300 and try at least oldest take it just became stagnant obviously the correction market doesn't help but now I see that if the market starts doing well and you start hearing about some some companies start adopting light pay I think like coins go stark skyrocketing it could be as high as rippling out right like coin used to be number two and now they're definitely not number two but you know what we'll have to see it's early I know it's early but it makes me really excited about like coin you know some of the other ones I mentioned like stellar because of the transportation Alliance news that I mentioned yesterday I think stellar is not in there yet but if they're included if IBM somehow joins or Stella joins it's gonna be a big thing I still like stellar a lot obviously youth area big coin they're staples you could never go wrong with them Neo Geo's I like iota you know it jumped up to two unfortunately came back down so a lot of these gains unfortunately we're wiped out from yesterday trauma was about four cents now it's a below again so you know what by opportunity is there okay by not fit definitely there I would say be a little bit careful because the Senate meeting okay depending on what they say maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday we might see a bigger drop but then again we're coming off one of the biggest drops are ready and we're pretty at low level so it could be that the Senate hearing has nothing good to say or nothing came out of it and we'd blow right past it and maybe we trend up from there but again you know what we're in the first week of February we're almost to the second week you know we'll see my gut kind of tells me that the second third week of February is when things start going up a lot of people contribute to the lunar year or Chinese New Year and stuff like that we'll see we'll see how it is okay you know what so a lot of goodbyes me chain is in the supply chain space obviously like them a lot you know if you guys noticed that you know tether is not Banting anymore coins okay it's interesting for a long time they have and ever since the whole news about them and picnics and how they don't have enough fuel liquidity surprisingly they're not venting anymore a lot of people I know I really love populous I looked at them their charts actually are really good it kind of just like slowly going up it's not like a big jump and coming back down like a lot of these coins are slowly going up reminds me a lot of like me chain for example kind of just slowly going up so populist I think it's pretty good the idea I think a so so so I know a lot of people like the idea of be able to sell your and crowdfund for that but not to sold on it but overall I think populace is pretty good coin nano is good icon good you know all these ones that really like her kind of clumped together now you got nano icon Tommy's go Z cash Z cash was holding really well it didn't go down that much you know finance coin I'm not such a fan of steam but you know what the platform works I know a lot of people use it let's see you got status status was up huge yesterday and now it's coming back down but just gotten it's in the green so that's good let's see Waltons supply chain I like that I think I like a lot of anything that's really enough supply chain I like you got like COO coin shares kind of went down a bit that's a good buy you know what Artur if 43 cents are just keeps dropping and dropping and dropping I'm you know I'm just definitely really surprised by harder they need to come up with some good press good news good partnerships anything these they're just kind of staying just quiet they need to like pump up the news I mean for this to drop this much it's really bad gas you know dragon chain basic attention coined loop ring like them you know Alif I think it's good ravine is still going up really really high cash vivix vivix okay I'm not that big a fan of vivix cash I do like I think they have a good idea of the world book I don't know how many changes they can actually get to use it though that's the thing but they do have a strong team that was up pretty big now came back down nebulous you got syndicator which people are telling me syndicator is guessing the market trend correctly I'm not so you know maybe it has but some people showed me that was like a 65% chance or something so it could have just been a lucky plus people realize that syndicator it's not all AI right there they're hiring market analysts to provide this data so really right now I mean you can have if you have a whole group of market analysts and you take the average of what they're saying that could be more accurate at this point so I don't know how much of that is really AI or just market analysts predicting things correctly a on power ledger I mean they're all good buys you've been singularity now with the Sophia bot and AI in general this has fallen a lot I mean it's it's falling a lot more than half now enigma for search I like them requests Network you know request network is a lot like who's that the dollar coin now to try and think of I'm trying blame but require request network I mean it's a good idea you request and boy you request payments right so it's kind of like half of PayPal where you can request a payment from someone 10 acts under $2 you got wax which a lot of people were a fan of that definitely went down after the circulation change Ignace miss Cygnus it's down pretty pretty vastly north greatly HP be chain-link quant stamp never the substrate I'm radon vibe so I don't one one of the coins has been going up a lot of people excited about buy because they're Super Bowl ad to go have one with monster I believe in collaboration monster so that's going to be displayed and or show during the Super Bowl sometime today so that's why why five is up it was up much much greater yesterday but it's definitely holding well and everything else what else do I like med block has fallen vastly vastly from its highs poet you got storage experiment power also fell very very very very fast you got man he knows these you know my in my head right I got to get around this is in my head I still remember some of these prices from two weeks ago four weeks ago when things were good and these are so low some of these are so low that you know it's just amazing right you got you got these are like 70% off now right you had experience powered I was like in the 400 millions you had times new bank close 300 400 million right you had what is it like air swapping 300 million storm was 300 million was storm I still really like my box Tolkien was much higher too and so some of these you know you had a nav coin was like at four dollars something at one point right so close to five four hundred five hundred million dollars earth lend I thought it was around I think 20 20 or 30 cents so it's definitely up there so this is like it was a 300 million theta was that it once it hit the market was like 270 million but these aren't like just extremely string below I mean these you know pointman hood remember I thought I was getting too high was approaching 300 million simple token was 200 million Trinity was 200 million Wahby what's up there – a lot of these are just so so so low I mean honestly nulls you know I talk about nulls a lot right a lot of my insiders love nulls and that is vastly lower than where it was – I talk about I do a lot I like item more – an ethos but it's just not idols not moving so it's definitely really low – you know you got unit coin gold you got a lot of stuff on here that's not even – being is not even a third page anymore or second page so there's definitely a lot a lot of buying opportunities right but like I've been saying for the last week or so I still trust at this point I mean markets going down and so even like coin is turning red but at this point if your kids in the market right if you're yeah nothing invested and now you're getting into market this is absolutely like you know taking candy from a baby this is absolutely awesome time to get in and a lot of these coins that are low okay but obviously if you're holding on a lot your you've been class everything down you're getting to a point where if you're wondering it should cost average right now for the low caps I would say hold off because they're just getting slaughtered any time we have down days they go down more that they're coming back up okay so I hate to see you guys keep cost averaging to a point where it doesn't make any sense it's more advantageous to put that money into some of these big caps because the big caps recover faster and go down slower so you always have the strategy where if you put it into big caps and big caps recovery faster then you can sell off the big Cass and binds and low caps that you like so that's one of the strategy so that's something I'm noticing a lot I mean even though you see big caps here you know eight nine percent ten percent you know that's nothing compared to the 15 19 you know percent that some of these low caps are falling right a lot of these low caps you know like dragon chain which I really like 22 percent down even you know gas or you know a lot of these are just not they're going down much faster than the big caps right so during this time of turmoil and correction time and and whatever else that's coming out it's definitely in your best interest to stock up on the big caps because not only to go down lower but they go back faster that's why I've been noticing one of the last two months so that you know what if they recover faster and the market does start start going up right and the low caps starts getting bought up and start going skyrocketing then you can sell off with big caps and buy into the low cap so that's a strategy that I think is really really that really works out right now and obviously in terms of big coin any thorium right a lot of people didn't get my joke or didn't like my strategy of moving to a thorium you throw him deftly if you'll look over since the beginning of December now you throw a household much better that's why I like you through him but that doesn't mean that Bitcoin isn't isn't any good Bitcoin throwing them both at this point are like rocks right so you don't you can't go wrong with buying either one because they will recover no matter what they will recover all right guys that's it for this my Super Bowl edition sorry for all the coughing just too much phlegm don't know why I'm getting a little sick so apologize for that other than that we got some good news got some bad news hang in there we'll see what happens over the next two days all right guys take care goodbye

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