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hello and welcome to another episode of blockchain wars I'm your host Morgan Rockwell on today's episode we are going to talk about a project that I've been working on for the last few weeks in a full-time effort called Bitcoin topia now first before we talk about that we're going to talk about the state of the network so right now the Bitcoin price is six thousand seven hundred and eight dollars and it's been around 6,400 for the last week so it's actual raise and price recently just happened yesterday we are currently 2% up for the last week 20% down for 30 days 60% down for six months but a hundred and sixty percent up for the year so it's been a pretty wild rollercoaster so far for the last 360 days and as of today we have 9065 Bitcoin core nodes operating around the world in total we actually have nine thousand six hundred and fifteen nodes running all different reference clients so we're still hovering around the ten thousand node count which is pretty much an average for the last couple years and we still have eleven of the same countries that have designated Bitcoin as illegal we don't see the United States on there yet but we're always looking we're going to talk about my case that I'm involved with in the federal government defending Bitcoin from such an illegal definition under federal law but first we want to talk about some news that happened recently so one important thing that kind of relates to the project that I'm working on is that our president today declared a new branch of the United States military called the United States space Corps a space Force the same as that Air Force was basically created out of the United States Army we will have an equal yet separate military branch called the space force the same way the United States Marine Corps was created out of the Navy and we will see an admiral and a administration built around this new branch and we will effectively see soldiers in space now with United States flags on their uniforms in little spaceships probably shooting people on the Moon and Mars so it'll be an interesting topic to now see the United States kind of become an actual space bearing military force instead of a space tourist industry and an explorative scientific kind of vibe that we started with a space industry in the 60s and 70s and now we're going to move into the military applications of space so that's an important kind of subject matter all the Bitcoin people out there love to say we want to go to the moon and we're shooting to the moon in price you know it's a good meme to say that we're all going to the moon and we're gonna see the price just skyrocket to be able to pay for things like bases on the moon and spaceships and the most advanced technology that we could dream of we think that bitcoin might be the way to actually pay for those things so what I want to talk about today is something I am working on with full passion now that would maybe bring us to the Moon and Mars and the edge of the solar system starting right here in my home state of Nevada I am officially forming with a very strong team and a good group of Bitcoin developers Bitcoin users funding from the Bitcoin community a project that will actually create the first advanced city in the United States and the world and the cities we have around the planet from Dubai to Tokyo to San Francisco New York in my opinion are not very advanced they try their best to of eight and showcase new ways of using civil development and new ways of showcasing technologies and giving people different types of freedom and liberty and opportunities that may be the rule and the 1800s and 1900s versions of cities didn't really give those kind of advanced opportunities to the masses within those cities so one thing that I like to focus on in my life personally is innovative technology I think that Bitcoin itself is one of the most innovative technologies humanity has ever created and you can compare it whether it's the largest supercomputer on earth or the most attentive bringing technology where most people around the world are now aware of it it becomes more comparable than things like CERN the particle accelerator which is the largest machine man is made maybe the space shuttle that Lockheed Martin put many men and women in space with which was one of the most expensive machines man has ever made and we look at Bitcoin now as a computer it's a monetary ledger that keeps track of the Bitcoin network but in reality it's a connection of computers doing all that proof of work and Bitcoin has now become the largest supercomputer on the planet but it's not actually located in a single place so we want now to bring Bitcoin to what I would call a home when you think of things like Facebook and MySpace and Google and Netflix and Apple you know there's Cupertino and Mountain View and generally Palo Alto or what is called Silicon Valley the home of many of these technologies when you think of Google you think Silicon Valley is its home Google has facilities all around the world including many places in the United States but really Google's home is there in Mountain in Silicon Valley they actually now own a big part of JPL's area the NASA airfield Google controls the hangar and the airstrip out there is leasing it for a hundred years from the United States government so you see these companies have kind of become bases literally taking over military bases and one thing I have seen throughout the last nine years of Bitcoin development is the pushing of the idea of decentralization to many subjects in humanity whether it's voting whether it's money whether its corporate structure how to run a business how to communicate and have uncensored communications between a community online the coin has opened up many subjects many topics many discussions that relate to things such as encryption password protecting financial protections things that maybe you didn't really think that much about until you had a reason to like forgetting your password you know you could ask someone like Google and Facebook to give it back to you but if you forget your Bitcoin password you're essentially screwed and your money is now lost in the ether so one thing that I really want to help create is a home for Bitcoin I helped create Bitcoin Inc a company that tries to protect the trademark copyright the patents the brand the word of Bitcoin itself from being infringed harmed copied or mutilated by other companies or banks or governments and as an American citizen we have these bill of rights very important Bill of Rights to dictate what kind of freedoms I have and you have as a US citizen and we focus a lot on things like the Second Amendment our right to bear arms people talk about the Fourth Amendment search and seizure we have the Tenth Amendment the right for a state to dictate its own rules whether in Nevada where we have sex we have gambling we have cannabis same with California which has actually made Bitcoin legal tender under state law and Nevada which has made smart contracts the blockchain data and Bitcoin legal and tax exempt so we have these different kind of rules whether they're cities states and federal governments so one thing I've proposed to do now is create a city for Bitcoin called Bitcoin topia now this city is many things to me but first and foremost it's a home for Bitcoin that's why it's called Bitcoin topia the idea of a utopian city a perfect city a city that always changes and grows the the pinnacle of humanity and civil development architecture science math housing business recreation all in one place the ideal word utopia has been used for many many years with great failure so what I see now is that Bitcoin things like its ledger the blockchain advancements in neural networks and artificial intelligence automation additive manufacturing like 3d printing these things now can come together in such a unique way that a new type of city can be built and one of the things I want to see happen is a reincarnation or a redo of the original Walt Disney Epcot plan the experimental prototype community of tomorrow this is something that Walt Disney proposed after he bought 26,000 acres in Florida and wanted to actually build not a theme park like he had in California but a city a community of tomorrow an experimental prototype community of tomorrow where people would have the ability to experiment with things that didn't exist yet but they would live there they would work there they would play there they would call this place their home and unfortunately Walt Disney presented this plan to the board of directors at the Disney Corporation to a lot of his corporate partners such as Lockheed Martin Boeing coca-cola and IBM and and all the companies that were actually helping him fill up Disneyland with the modern advancements of the world from animatronics automated presidents and robots to monorails to which we can see now in modern Disneyland and if see tag bracelets with Disney coin these type of things at Disney are always embraced to kind of show innovative ways whether it's the little area in Disneyland called Tomorrowland or even the old Wild West areas of Adventureland where you can actually see advancements and technology to kind of ride you around a boat with alligators and hippopotamuses and show you holographic advanced technologies in the Haunted Mansion where you could see ghosts sitting next to you on your little ride Disney has always showcased these very advanced technologies that we didn't really see in other places around the world that always inspired me as a kid so one of the things I propose to do now is to continue this plan that Walt didn't get a finish because of his unfortunate death and bring back this original plan with 20,000 people living inside an experimental prototype community of tomorrow but the difference is now we have someone my age not 70 who is proposing to do this and we have Bitcoin a funding mechanism that is not dependent on boards of directors or other corporations we have additive printing 3d printing manual churring from many different methods that didn't exist in the 60s and 70s which has made creating things that seem complicated and difficult a lot more cheaper affordable a lot more less time-consuming actually to create manufacture and build things and we also have a great advancement in artificial intelligence automation and machine learning I really see the cities that we live in now as stagnated they don't have the ability to be efficient from the street lights to the plumbing systems to the garbage recycling trash we can see in many cities such as India and Japan and China where abundance of populations has led to pollution and mass waste and recycling problems trash being dumped in the oceans and basically uncomfortable living in confined spaces where populations have grown rapidly what I think needs to happen is a city needs to be developed within United States territory or the United States of America which I will discuss in my perspective if it survives into the future to make sure the United States of America survives into the future it needs a little bit of an upgrade and for the last nine years I've done my best to push Bitcoin voting on the blockchain Internet of Things automation and artificial intelligence I've tried to push these key things to the United States military the United States federal government Congress whether actively communicating with individual congressmen and women or proposing upgrades to Congress itself I've done a lot to try to bring Bitcoin to the government so that it can recognized a way to improve upon itself and I think to do this effectively Bitcoin needs to have a little bit more power and power comes with different types of responsibilities and rights and one way to get a little bit more responsibility and a little more rights is to create a city where we can follow the laws of a state create a city municipality form our own Township here in the state of Nevada create a bylaw for the city a city charter a corporation within that city that protects the borders and the lands of that city where we have the beautiful concepts of articles of Confederacy Articles of Incorporation corporate bylaws city charters and treaties to have a city literally embracing Bitcoin is kind of the dream of Bitcoin to see Bitcoin being used is one of the reasons a lot of the people who focus on Bitcoin investing holding or building Bitcoin products is to kind of see more people use Bitcoin and basically holding Bitcoin is a great use to a lot of people just sitting on it and staring at it because they believe their wealth is protected no one could take it from them effectively or easily and value increases sometimes it decreases but over the long run its increased a hundred and ninety thousand percent in value in the last nine years that is something that not disney stock not goldman sachs stock not the Treasury Department's ability to peg silver and gold to paper dollars no one has come close to the value creating increase in percentages that Bitcoin has no institution organization no company no government no nation has ever come close to the nine years of exponential growth and value that Bitcoin has done and we're only nine years in we have another hundred and forty years before the last Bitcoin is created so what I propose to do is build a city that is dependent upon Bitcoin that uses Bitcoin for every single city service that provides Bitcoin as payment payroll and legal tender to its citizens in this city actually having the government run on voting legislation and rules that are embedded in the blockchain that can be accessed written voted on directly by the citizens phones having the rules of the city embedded in the transactions under Nevada state law which makes it admissible in court to put data in the blockchain it is now secured in the world's digital firebox the truth machine is how I believe our cities states and governments federally nationally and now into the solar system with our space military force and eventually our space government our governments of the Moon and Mars our governments of the entire solar system will have to use something like Bitcoin to be effective and productive to have rules that the purse the value the lobbying the voting the free speech preserved and protected really becomes dependent on something like Bitcoin so imagine a city being built here in the United States in Nevada that uses every advanced technology on earth brings the people to innovate and build and creates these technologies into one city to work together and collaborate with each other over the extremely capitalistic idea that bitcoin is how financially the city then technology and the people interact with each other because we can see capitalism socialism communism monarchism all these isms of forms of government are now going to either disappear or re-emerge in new fashion with some like Bitcoin so how would we have a government whether it's a city a state or a nation function on Bitcoin being the money the legal tender the ledger the proof of existence the proof of data the history how would we see a congress run with voting appropriations legislation using things like Bitcoin transactions using second layer technologies like counterparty smart contracts the Lightning Network we want to see the future embrace these technologies and it's time to take action we don't want to wait for some city some state some government to embrace Bitcoin we want to make them do it now and I believe forming a new city to do exactly that will not only give the opportunity for Bitcoin to be protected used and embraced by local citizens it will be a experimental prototype to showcase these technologies especially Bitcoin to other cities other states and other governments and one reason I really think the United States of America should protect promote preserve Bitcoin and embrace it fully is because we were once a gold nation we were once a silver nation we are here in Nevada in the Silver State and now Bitcoin is just the same exempt from taxation because we are going to become the Bitcoin state we're gonna become the blockchain state and to really embrace that concept whether you have a silver mine or a gold mine or a Bitcoin mine the value is now being created under the old laws in the old ways so I want to see a way of using Bitcoin that is accepting of all people and accepting of all ideas and concepts no matter how crazy or innovative or strange they may sound the idea of flying cars and monorails and robots that speak to you and a supercomputer like a smartphone in your pocket these things work mind boggling a hundred years ago but people like Tesla and Einstein and Edison and everyone in between thought of these technologies visioned them in their mind predicted that they would be here and now in the year 2018 we are in a world of AI Bitcoin automation self-driving vehicles flying cars monorails just like the one right outside the window here so what we want to do is promote these ideas in a centralized place and that's the scary word to most bitcoiners centralized because everyone thinks they're like the Apaches in the Bitcoin community everyone feels they need to be decentralized and there needs to be no leader there needs to be no Pharaoh no King but if that's true you must remember the Apaches all lived in villages and cities they had communal governments they had tribes they talked to each other and in some form the Bitcoin community is full of crazy chaos where everyone argues with each other trolls each other memes each other high-fives each other on Twitter and talk about each other the next day if that is how our so-called community is functioning in a decentralized way some say that that makes us stronger I think in the long run that gets us replaced that gets us intimidated that gets us in the eyes of the Apache coerced in different ways put on reservations treated like savages and eventually our culture getting destroyed by even more dominant culture we don't want to see that happen to Bitcoin so I believe creating a city with a giant pyramid in the middle of it in the ideals of Incan Aztec Mayan culture having the Pharaoh at the top of that pyramid is how the Spanish took down those cultures but we must remember that those cultures left history they advanced science architecture math calendar systems in ways that humanity wouldn't be here if those cultures didn't build they may have disappeared but they pushed humanity forward they put their stone in the ground and it's still here to this day just like in Gaza and the pyramids in Egypt so I believe bitcoin is going to be a new culture of people a new city is needed for this culture and we need to hold our ground so I am giving an abundant amount of acreage in Elko County to the Bitcoin community as a capitalist I'm selling it for a half a Bitcoin per acre so that that land value is pegged to the Bitcoin not to the US dollar price so that Bitcoin users feel that they now own a piece of the earth and the United States and as a property owner and a participant and not just the United States of America but Bitcoin and the internet itself I feel that it is time to bring all of us as a community actually together in the real world so one thing we should do is talk to each other more live next to each other interact with each other play with each other have babies with each other do commerce with each other we need to embrace this idea of a community and when Walt Disney created this idea of Epcot it wasn't the experimental prototype city of tomorrow it was the experimental prototype community of tomorrow and I really believe that is what bitcoin is but we haven't done the hard work yet we haven't built homes for each other we haven't built Bitcoin hotels bars restaurants casinos we haven't embraced the idea that businesses should be built to use Bitcoin from the roundup we haven't sold land and homes and paid rent in Bitcoin together and we haven't shook in each other's hands because most of us are across the world on the Internet so to get into the details of this project I'm going to build this city in a kind of unifying way to bring the massive technology companies of the world into this city the Bitcoin community into this city and even the United States government the military then 500 Native American nations on North American soil and everyone else in between into the city to interact with it either monetarily innovative technology sharing or learning how Bitcoin is actually able to be used so we showcase things like Tesla and Google and Amazon and all the cool technologies that they're all building individually we give them a city where they can try these advanced technologies out without the fear of the City of Austin and San Francisco and Las Vegas ridiculing them putting Oberer and lyft in the back of the casino not building the monorail to every neighborhood telling Airbnb they're not allowed in these cities saying a Hyperloop can't cut across my land or saying Airbnb is not allowed because it competes with these horrible casinos like MGM and Caesars which don't really have the idea to build this great city I live in up to be something like Dubai they abandon Las Vegas specifically MGM and Caesars to go build advanced cities in Singapore and Dubai when most of their money comes from this city up gambling now why is that this is town full of neon lights and robot bartenders and self-driving busses monorails why is not an abundant amount of money falling on the poker tables and the roulette wheel because there's not much inspiration here anymore there's no leadership whether it's the mob or someone fill in city is kind of slowed down for the 10 years I've been here not one single casino has been built on Bitcoin it's been very slow to push past the old laws so I really think that's the problem with technology coming up against old rules one thing Bitcoin topia can do is create new rules so that new technology fills liberated and free and open to try new things so what I want to explain is the second effect of this city where we see the United States of America with a beautiful high-tech technology city in the middle of it but in the future the US Army thinks about something very serious they call this the mega city where a state government and a federal government ends up becoming broke and disappearing becoming irrelevant and then the city government becomes so powerful it has more sway than the state actually did so imagine California government being ignored and the city of San Francisco and the City of LA becoming so powerful it they both do whatever they want no matter what the California state government says and state funds and federal funds are irrelevant at this time because they haven't been coming in anyway so maybe things like Bitcoin get embraced in the City of LA in San Francisco fully and when that happens why would you listen to your state government that's not giving you funds or listening to you so the military really thinks about keeping the high ground and one of the things they worried is that all these mega cities will pop up around the world and all the army bases in all the states and countries will become almost irrelevant because the cities will just lock them out and a new city will show up with armored walls and armored banks and armored networks that no one not even the army could get into so what I've proposed as a American and a patriot and a lover of my country is to intimidate the people in power to take action so besides for forming a city within the border of Nevada which is one of the most rebellious states in the Union I propose that we form a new nation on this property and instead of having a new nation formed in the center of Washington DC expanding from coast to coast I propose we form a new nation instead of USA we have the u.s. be the secondary backup plan the plan B is Bitcoin is called sometimes the United States of Bitcoin because the United States of America has in my opinion not lived up to its plan and I would love to see the United States of America move forward into the future so how do we get the United States of America to move forward into the future how do we get the United States Congress to upgrade to protect the internet use the internet vote on the internet without votes being Seibel attacked and being mimicked and copied and emails being deleted by secretaries of states and how do we upgrade all of these old world governmental things I propose that we form a new nation and a new city with the new money and the internet being its backbone or Bitcoin is the purse it's the turn the tender the dollar it's the basis of the economy or the internet and things like what I created called bit Congress a voting mechanism of using bitcoin transactions to vote write legislation and rules and appropriate funds to those rules I think that's what we need in the United States of America and to maybe get the American Congress the president the law enforcement agencies and the military's attention we form a better nation that uses Bitcoin that promotes an internet Bill of Rights that allows voting and rules to be done right over your phone where we the people become the representatives of our own government once again and one reason I think this needs to be done is because there's some very important historical things that have not happened we can look at what is called the congressional apportionment amendment which would have been our 12th Bill of Rights when James Madison wrote the Virginia plan this to this day has not been ratified as an amendment and certain congressional acts have tried to mimic this idea that our representatives and the amount of them should increase with the population basically pegged to the census done every 10 years the Bicentennial census should be equating to how many representatives are in the United States Congress and unfortunately that's not true because that bill has not been ratified it was denied by one state out of the 13 states at the time and we now have 50 states plus territories we do not have 3/4 of majority who have amended this idea into the Constitution has not been ratified to this day and our Congress is run by tyrants corporations and people on drugs people of 80 years old who don't know how technology the internet and things like Bitcoin and I even work you have our government which is spiraling out of control by We the People and I really believe this is because we the people are not represented in now how do we get represented how do we put our voice there we have tools like smart phones on the internet we have the ability to write things on Reddit and Facebook and Twitter and do polls most of these things have some form of manipulation but at least they're transparent and they stay there they're in the Wayback Machine and the Internet is forever the things in Congress we have a congressional you know record we have history and the Library of Congress where everything that's happened there has been you know preserved and recorded but we still have secretaries of states getting classified emails deleted because they bypass those procedures we still have top-secret classified information happening in our government that we never will see we have assassinations of presidents and 60 years to pass before we even know what the happened we have 21 trillion dollars missing from our private leave funded and owned Federal Reserve and we have 21 trillion dollars missing from our defense budget at the Department of Defense we have no idea how our government is functioning right now and it's because we are not the representatives anymore I really believe if we embrace the internet formed an internet Bill of Rights declared an independence in the United States of Bitcoin claimed the territory of the entire solar system to the very edge of the Kuiper belt where our last Voyager spacecraft is right now with a radio antenna and we claim that the radio waves that expand in all 360 degrees out from the earth out from Bitcoin topia Center is the legal territory of our new nation because bitcoin can be used on those radio waves in all directions and all spaces out to the edge almost to the Oort cloud which is the even farther out edge of our solar system and if we really think about territory America the United States of America has claimed territory outside of the United States whether they're islands to which we call you know places like Virgin Islands and Philippines and Hawaii and Alaska we've claimed a lot of things and I worry that our government now with the space force will try to claim the moon will try to claim Mars will try to claim asteroids will try to claim our second moon that is in parallel orbit with the around the Sun that most people don't even know is there we have objects out there that we can mine and build on and claim but unfortunately there is something very important called the Outer Space Treaty of 1966 treaty on principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space including the moon and other celestial bodies the Outer Space Treaty was considered by the legal subcommittee in 1966 and this agreement was reached in General Assembly the same year this agreement says no weapons of mass destruction are allowed in space no nuclear bombs biological weapons and things that could basically kill the whole planet we all agreed as nations in the United Nations whether it was the US and China and Russia and everyone in between to not do things so stupid that it would harm the entire planet now we do things on this planet that do harm the entire planet but if we start putting things in space that can harm the whole planet with an error or a button push that changes the whole threat level to humanity's survival and right now because of this treaty nations cannot claim territory but we saw in the past presidential administration that Obama gave landing and mining rights to Bigelow space on the moon and said they have private property rights as a corporation so if we're gonna delegate to corporations these rights that are basically formed within nations our nations going to create corporations and now military forces that will go out and claim our solar system are they going to push the United States dollar on to the Moon and Mars when Elon Musk lands and makes a city on Mars is he going to be forced to use the United States dollar or Bitcoin when we want to vote on the rules on Mars the rules of our space station in orbit is it going to be dictated by the United States Congress or something like the internet and maybe bit Congress these are the ideas that I am trying to put into humanity's mind by forming not just Bitcoin topia a city here on terra firma in Nevada in the United States of America but also forming a nation a digital nation that expands legally and claims its territory of the entire solar system as its national borders anywhere Bitcoin could be used in the solar system should now be the legal right of all united states of Bitcoin citizens and who are these citizens are you a citizen of the United States of America by having a social security number a birth certificate being born on this soil if your birth certificate is burned into the Bitcoin network are you now a USB citizen are you a citizen of the United States of Bitcoin by having a Bitcoin address I propose that answer is yes that anyone that uses Bitcoin is now legally a citizen of the United States of Bitcoin that anyone that has Bitcoin that owns a Bitcoin address that has the password in their possession to a Bitcoin private key public key generated address has now the legal rights as a United States of Bitcoin citizen these are the people that will walk on the moon that will walk on Mars that will explore the moons of Saturn and Jupiter they won't be Federal Reserve funded people they won't be on and yen funded people it won't be the rupee and the ruble inside don' on Mars it will be Bitcoin because we need something to traverse the radio waves the internet and the entire space not just the flat territory of terra firma or earth so what I want to do is put the idea out through a declaration of independence which will live up to idea of the Philadelphia Convention the articles of Confederacy being formed into the United States of America government the by Camaro Congress the James Madison created out of his Virginia plan now needs to be upgraded to a bit Congress an internet bill of rights and a new United States of Bitcoin Declaration of Independence and to make this a protected concept an idea of a new government we form a new capital of this nation called Bitcoin topia this city that embraces technology that embraces Bitcoin that gives technology innovators whether their companies are people people the right to use these technologies without persecution judgment or imprisonment taxation arbitration or theft we form this nation of the United States of America over taxation fights over lack of silver and gold over the first corporation the Dutch East India Trading Company claiming tax exemption to sell tea to the US citizens while the US citizens had to be taxed for selling tea to their neighbors we had Shay's rebellion almost burned the government down and raid the armory with four thousand Shiites rebels of the Revolutionary War they're the reason the Constitutional Convention was called and our new government was formed and within hours James Madison single-handedly formed our Congress our house our Senate they asked old George who is the head of this constitutional convention mr. Washington can you please be the first president of this new nation we need to organize the money we need to have the right to be the purse and to tax and to print money this nation was built on paper money as they say John Hancock as governor said the burden is too strong for the people to bear we had no money we had no industry when this country was formed and now as innovators and explorers expansionists as colonialists has manifest destiny says and we pushed the native 500 nations into reservations and reclaim this territory I think we need to think about a new form of government we need to think about our beautiful Constitution the idea of dissolving the federal government invoking article 5 of the Constitution and reformatting our government into something new and better I call for a constitutional convention I asked that the majority of the states come together and form a new form of federal government before the tyrants at Homeland Security at the FBI at the CIA the NSA spy on all of us to death intimidate all of us and censor all of us through the internet through our devices through our banks and our accounts imprison people like me for using things like Bitcoin they come after people like you for writing things on Twitter and Facebook we don't want to live in that nation we don't want to live in a nation where people are fighting over words on a tweet and getting thrown in jail for saying something in a Facebook post the First Amendment is our right to say whatever the hell we want and we must defend that right the Second Amendment is our right to bear arms whether it's a firearm a Taser a Tesla Ray or a nuclear bomb we must protect these rights but where is my internet right where is my right to use the Internet where is my right to use Bitcoin where is my right to vote and create law over the Internet and have it be deemed as the law a congresswoman told me she fears the mob that a plumber should not be writing law and I believe that woman is a hundred percent wrong plumbers should be able to write the law the no woman or man is above the plumbers the carpenters or the bitcoiners we are all the people and we all have computers and calculators and AI we have things like the board account in the blockchain we can form these government's without any individual taking our decentralized freedom our liberty and our pursuit of happiness so if we form a new city we must form a new country we must form a new planet we must form a whole solar system together and to think that far is really crazy to some people it's really out of the mind to think about that level of organization but like I will say again the President of the United States formed a military force to expand through the entire solar system and unfortunately we have no idea what they're going to do they're going to enforce property rights on the Moon and Mars the US space force and the space Corps will invade corporations and property owners on planets and asteroids and in space stations they will demand that you show your paperwork that you show your citizenship that you pay your taxes do we want to live in a world where the United States dollar is dictating what happens on Mars or Bitcoin is dictating what happens on Mars that's my simple question do we want to live in a city like Las Vegas we're nothing but gambling and tourism exists instead of innovation creation and education or do we want to live in Bitcoin topia where everything that humanity can think of is possible where Tomorrowland becomes real where the thinkers and the dreamers and the believers in the future all call each other neighbors in a community of tomorrow Bitcoin interactive technology community of tomorrow will you turn Epcot into bit cot and we put it at the center of Bitcoin topia and we claim from this Center out to the entire solar system in the radial wheel that the city is designed into the radial ball of our entire Oort cloud and Kuiper belt that this is our territory as humans as United States citizens because we all want to be united whether were states or cities or websites or users but America's are not our limitation anymore we are the people of the United States of the solar system the United States of the internet the United States of Bitcoin this is my proposal and my declaration to put this idea out to you the people so that you can think about what I said and think about if it's something you want to say and share with that people you call your neighbors families and friends do you want other people to have those type of freedoms do you yourself want to have those type of freedoms do you want to walk the moon do you want to dig up silver on Mars do you want it to be able to buy oxygen and water from an asteroid around Saturn and pay someone on earth and some satoshis to get that sent to you do you see yourself and our species and our children and our grandchildren expanding that far the expanse we need Bitcoin to expand we need Bitcoin topia to build and innovate and we need the United States of Bitcoin to declare our independence our freedom and our rights so in the future I want you all to know you will see the Declaration of Independence of the United States of Bitcoin you will see the internet Bill of Rights you will see the brand-new Kahn stitute of this new nation you will see the city charter of Bitcoin topia you will see the corporate bylaws of Bitcoin Inc when we think about humanity moving forward it takes the paperwork takes the hard work the digging in the dirt the building of the spaceships and the signing of the treaties to make that possible there is no time to wait I call for all bitcoiners all innovators and technology enthusiasts all military people all native nations all United Nations all states websites and users of the Internet to come together and embrace bitcoin topia embrace the united states of bitcoin embrace the solar system before individuals amongst us like cancerous insects in our hive dictate how all of us live we don't want to live by one other individuals mindset rules or dictation x' we want to live under consensus and consent so I'll leave it at that and ponder this as hard as you can because I'm not crazy and you're not crazy we are living in a crazy uncontrolled world of disorder how can you own disorder if you don't own your own Bitcoin

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