45 thoughts on “Blockchain USE CASES – Programmer explains”

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  2. Hi Ivan, is EtherOpt in operation ??? I was told EtherOpt is a decentralised options exchange built on Ethereum. Thanks in advance.

  3. "Security" part: 7:25 "what we mean by that…" (total bullshit overload that caused camera stopped working) CoMmOn sEnsE: "Let's increase our security by spreading our sensitive information to unknown people. Block chain is secure. It's like uncrackable ENIGMA machine". My point is that blocks are secure, data is not. Securing data is paramount, not media (CD, USB, Blockchain etc). I don't want to be decent (as asked by poster) because you don't deserve it. and your story is pure shit.

  4. If a Hospital used blockchain for storing blood types and the wrong blood type was originally entered on the blockchain how could it be corrected if the blockchain is immutable ?

  5. Thanks for the video! There aren’t a lot of videos on blockchain on youtuber, let alone female in tech talking about blockchain. Hope to see more of these videos in the future! 🙂

  6. Just watched your video…. I would to know how does A smart contract shows me where my contribution ended? I mean I may transfer to Organization A. Org A promised that the contribution will goes to one project in Cambodia. How donu see the trail of your donation?

  7. Elsa is sweet. She is nice. Bring her to more videos. She makes the videos more interesting. You have been helping her on Blockchain, I am also a Tech Enthusiast, can help her with some more tech knowledge.

  8. universities issuing its own crytocurrency to fund their curricula and students/token holders get inexpensive education… would that be possible?

  9. great videos as always Ivan (and Elsa) 
    I'm really excited for coins like Horizon State (decision coin) that could eradicate voter fraud and decrease election costs. what do other people think about HST, vote coin, etc…?

  10. I'm 99% sure thst she's wearing a rape whistle. That's so fucking pathetic that Sweden has let globalism entirely ruin the country's values like it has. You shouldn't have let this happen, you should have never let in a threat to innocent people, especially girls like Elsa simply because you insecure pussies want other people to think you're nice and generous. What a mess Europe is becoming, you guys need to man up and tell the EU and your moronic liberal politicians to fuck off.

  11. Hey Ivan, i am understand theory part means what is blockchain and why everyone is talk about blockchain. but still i am not understanding that how i am implement it in my data sharing application. although i have made an blockchain in ruby. but i am not understood that how i am connect it with real blockchain concept. can you please guide me how i can implement it in real scenario…..thanks in advanced.

  12. Countries which dont have banks on mobile do not have mobile and internet nor people capable of storing private key without getting hacked.

  13. Hmm… I was thinking a blockchain can be used for like sites that have user reviews and such. Like suppose I write a bad review on Amazon or something. In the past, occasionally, I have had friends who were contacted and offered payment to revoke their review.

    And of course, there are biased people that like to attack people they don’t like. Just look at YouTube.

    So with this in mind, a Blockchain can be used to keep the reviewer’s identity private.

    And, since these types of data do not need to be received immediately, the resulting slower transaction speeds wouldn’t be much of a haste.


  14. So… what would you say to someone who has an idea or a use case, but isn't a programmer? In other words, what are good/smart ways a non-programmer can launch something using the blockchain?

  15. Hi, Ivan. Do you think Ethereum will replace Hyperledger? If no, can we trust whether IBM is serious enough to develop Hyperledger as an open source project?

  16. I think we can use blockchain to create a decentralized version of WIKILeaks to prevent from central authority intervention.

  17. Hi Ivan, great vid as always. Although being new to crypto I came across content that was contrary to what I've learned about btc so far. Check out the vid titled, "drive to cryptocurrencies, who is really driving this bus…" and also "Lynette Zang (9/29/17) Bankers new SDR crypto blockchain will enslave humanity". Both videos have a ton of references to back up the story. I thought you should also be aware of this since many people look to you for real information. Thanks Ivan!

  18. Blockchains for the smart energy grid. There are already startups testing this idea on micro grids. It's going to be HUUUGE, believe me!

  19. Hey Ivan i love your videos. A suggestion, can you please make a video explaining cloud computing vs blockchain storage ?

  20. One more thing: I think Elsa is very very sweet. But she doesn't know 10% of what you know. She is not adding information about crypto, and she is not well versed enough to be offering an opinion that is anywhere near as valuable as yours. I don't mean to be rude and I know she knows a LOT about crypto (much more than me), but compared to you it's obvious she is still very much in the learning phase….I find myself waiting for her to finish talking so I can resume learning from you again.

  21. You guys are on fire! On fire! Keep up the good work! 🙂 Blokchain 1.01: public money management – definitely talk about that in the future…

  22. I have a security question. Is it possible that someone makes a virus that messes with the blockchain, so for instance all of the transactions are seen as tampered with, thereby crashing for instance the market? Just a thought….

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