Blockchain Top 5 Cryptocurrencies in Japan – Oct 25th, 2017

blockchain top-five the blockchain top five hi I'm Dino your host now the blockchain top five today we are talking about the top five coins in the big country of Japan five Moana coin motor coin has become quite popular in Japan although small compared to the top five coins we're gonna feature today it is actively traded on the Japanese exchange safe and can be traded with Bitcoin one cool thing is it is tested the activation of seg wit even before litecoin speaking of full light coin like coin was the first major currency to activate a code upgrade called seg wit on may 10th of this year the segment activation opened doors for the Lightning Network on light point which allowed for faster and cheaper transactions and now litecoin is trading on Japan's largest exchange bit flyer and you can spend light coin at big camera soon with more Japanese vendors accepting it every day three ripple ripple after the conference the rice seemed to crash people are going to be holding it for a long time and many banks are already using ripples inter ledger technology to save money on interbank transactions some consider it a corporate coin and so far in 2017 it's gone from half a cent to 25 cents and above great growth the mr. ripple exchange has XRP and JPY and ripple is the highest volume out of all of them to aetherium like a superhero this one two hundred and seventy two million dollars per day trading the etherium price is being stuck around the three hundred dollar mark during october in japan aetherium volumes have been high compared to the surrounding countries and japan is already planning on opening seventeen new exchanges which will likely trade aetherium and other smart contract tokens look for aetherium to go even more in volume soon aetherium has lots of internal trading volume as well that's not shown on the charts and japan was a crucial part of ethers initial price rise to $400 one Bitcoin super granddaddy of all bitcoin is the biggest volume of any currency in Japan and this follows along other world trade markets as well it's considered legal tender from the Japanese government this is a big thing while the duped Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin are not the real Bitcoin is being accepted by many Japanese businesses if you are a risk-averse trader or new to crypto best to stick to trading and holding the big coins like Bitcoin and aetherium that's all subscribe follow like be friends I'm Dino Dino Oh namaste share the video and please subscribe to blockchain top-5

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