Blockchain: The Digital Credential Revolution

(soft piano music) – Digital credentials are
the wave of the future and at McMaster engineering, we’re already there. For instance, we’ve launched
a digital credential for co-curricular activity. And this coming June, every McMaster engineering
undergraduate student who graduates will get
a digital credential. To do so, we’re using a block chain backbone. Why? Because we believe in the
cells of an identity of data. That data should belong to the student. – Block chain is an intriguing technology and its uses are exploding
beyond cryptocurrency. This was an excellent
opportunity for McMaster to begin to explore block chain and this was a really good use case. – Once we get the credential, students own that credential
on the block chain platform. They can share it or keep it filed. When they share it with employers, employers have an immediate
link to verify the data. – The notation of being able
to verify your diploma by using your phone was a very exciting one for us. Students now can produce
it at a moment’s notice for an employer, another
institution, or even grandma. (soft inspiring music) – What the digital diploma means to me it says a lot. It’s wild to think that
we’re one of the first schools to do this and it says a lot about the fact that we’re willing to push the envelope and try these new things. It opens the opportunity
for validating yourself and giving your, having your
own credentials in your back pocket when it comes to
international travel. With an engineering degree, we have the privilege and the opportunity to
potentially work abroad and get to be able to have
that with you at all times. It’s amazing. (soft music)

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