12 thoughts on “Blockchain: The Advanced Tech That Powers Cryptocurrencies”

  1. Redundant ledgers would mean authentication checks would increase exponentially with every ledger entry added on. Not very efficient if you ask me.

  2. Sam please stop shilling cockblockchain and Buttcoin. I come here for leftist content not Libertarian bullshit. No matter what the technology behind Buttcoin maybe, it still is a bad investment with no intrinsic value. Cocblockchain is also an overrated, slow, gimmick technology that tries to find a solution to a problem that isn't there.

  3. "it polices itself". you mean like the albuquerque police dept does? from 2010 to 2014 they killed 27 people and wounded another 40, or like "free market" worships say it does? weeding out bad actors and nefarious industries like slavery and sweat shops? so you're saying the trump's will no longer yell "america first" while having their wares made in sweat shops overseas…? lol, okay, tell me where i'm wrong.

  4. Blockchain, makes the banks infrastructure obsolete. What makes the banks useful right now is they are the only trusted way to facilitate transactions between people/businesses. Blockchain (ledger of all transactions), does this without the need for a bank , the middleman. Banks are scared shitless of this. Some are even trying to stop people from buying crypto, because they are trying to "protect their customers" from financial ruin. Yet I can still go into a casino and pay with my credit card, for the house to take my money, guaranteed. It really is a joke.
    Now that regulators have said they wont be banning it outright, those who's business model will be killed by blockchain will be trying to spread more fear to slow the growth. So these kind of pieces that you are running to educate people is great.
    You need to get Andreas antonopolous as a guest.

  5. This guy may be articulated on paper but as guest it's underperforming… Get Andreas antonopolous he is the guy to ask

  6. Way to go Sam! Keep posting the occasional crypto video to get in the algorithm for the bitcoin video people.

  7. Software, hardware… When is there gonna be "just right"ware??
    Jerry Seinfeld bass solo cutaway

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