Blockchain technology ready to replace cloud storage

When it comes to cloud storage all lines
lead to central but Norwegian based Iagon is on another
track altogether. “So I Iagon is decentralized cloud service that’s
optimized by AI.” It uses a network of computers and laptops including home
PC’s decentralised clouds of storage for data which has been sharded the owners
of these computers act as miners who are then paid in tokens for the use of their
storage so you and in a sense can be a miner if you’re if you’re with your
laptop you can provide storage based processing power to Iagon in return you
get tokens the company earns a 10% commission from the profits its miners
make and uses artificial intelligence to learn about its miners we’re learning
behavior in terms of performance availability cost benefit and trustability information used to give a miner a cloud score and based on that cloud
score you can price your services higher or lower depending on the client’s needs
Iagon says it’s decentralised service solves three major problems with cloud
storage including security we have no central point of attack we’re completely
secure and that’s the main advantage we have. Privacy you can only access your
data or your files through your private key and only you have access to that. And
because it doesn’t need one giant computer for storage and processing
he says it’s much cheaper. We’re able to decrease the cost by up to 80 percent
cheap but not nasty Iagon a guarantees that because the data is sharded it only
accepts the client that can access it making it hack proof. In order to get the full
picture you need all the shards combined together and then there’s no way of
telling from the hacker point of view where the rest of the shards are. We use
the blockchain as a security layer to store the hashes the decentralized cloud
model is also used for companies or individuals looking for additional
processing power. Virtual reality, VR, they need a lot of processing power, the gaming
industry needs a lot of processing power so what we do is we provide that
processing power from these miners and it’s looking for more customers to get
on board the Iagon Express.

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