Blockchain opportunities will present themselves in the future

welcome everyone today we’re going to be
talking about engagement, investments and ways to stay as tied to
blockchain as possible so if you go on crypto Twitter or if you go on various
different platforms you’ll see people that are under the impression that this
is the only opportunity to get into a certain project before it’s over and
this is the last good investment that anyone’s ever going to make within their
life and you have the Bitcoin maximalist saying that you either get in now or
it’s too late and they’ll be saying that when Bitcoin is $100,000 and
they’ll be saying that when Bitcoin is $250,000 and the
narrative will continue but I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of people
that are investors in this project or they want to be investors and they may
not have the capital they may not have the resources or may not just be the
right time for them to invest whether you’re young whether you’re in college
and funds are tight or whether you have a family and you have people that you
need to support there are various different reasons why people are not blowing their
entire checks into cryptocurrency which is a very bad idea I want
to let people know that if you feel like you’re missing the boat because your financial situation is not giving you the
opportunity to invest now it’s not a big deal the most important thing is that
you stay educated and you stay on top of things that are happening within
blockchain because there are going to be unicorn companies that are built in the
future on top of these blockchains so this is not the one and done opportunity
it’s never the one and done and if you think that this is going to be the only
opportunity you’re kidding yourself the most important thing is that you stay on
top of things and then when the opportunity is right for you that’s when you take a change and it may not be
now it may not be in 5 years and maybe in 10 years it may be in 20 years
who knows but let’s remember the internet started awhile ago it started
a while ago and there are companies that took 10, 20 years to start building
their platforms on top of the internet Amazon didn’t get popular right when the
internet started and Netflix just came out so Apple hasn’t been around for too
long it’s been around for a little bit we have Uber we Lyft we have all
these new companies that have formed decades after the Internet has been
implemented so the same thing is going to happen with blockchain there are
going to be these companies and these opportunities that present themselves
decades into the future 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years into the future this is not a
one-and-done to think that it’s a one-and-done
it’s naive it means that blockchain is not here to stay if this is the only
opportunity to invest in a blockchain project that means it’s not viable because that means there are going to be no
businesses that build on top of these projects there are gonna be no dapps there gonna be no smart contracts there are going to be no opportunities and
that’s asinine so if you feel left out if you’re feeling FOMO if you
if you log into crypto Twitter and everyone makes you think that if you do
not throw your last paycheck for this last week into crypto you’re done
you’re never going to be able to make any opportunities within the space
I think it’s wrong and I think that they’re going to be plenty of
opportunities in the future the most important thing is maybe staying
educated staying on top of things so when that correct opportunity presents
itself you’re ready to go that’s all it’s about placing yourself in the right
place at the right time and it’s a different time for every single person
so let me know what you think about this and until the next video thank you

6 thoughts on “Blockchain opportunities will present themselves in the future”

  1. I often think of the possibilities for blockchain. Some perhaps highly impactful applications have not even been imagined yet.

  2. Hey man , to be frank one of the most time I enjoy driving to work is when you roll out TCE , I’ve always wanted to tip but the problem I cannot copy and paste the address as I am using my phone only 99.9% of the time , is there a way to make it copied , it is too long to write letter by letter and make sure to be case sensitive, thanks for your videos and also to Rick

  3. As you say for companies it is true, but not for basic infrastructure like bitcoin or Cardano I believe. Network effect too strong there

  4. Thanks I completely agree with you. The opportunities that will present themselves are enormous. Time is our most valuable resource spend it educating yourself.

  5. Thanks for the positive AND informative video that provides a space of optimism for everyone. I'm not as FOMO afflicted as some… but nonetheless a certain percentage of me gets hit with FOMO at times. I've listen to Trace Mayer once on YouTube and the young guy is brilliant and competent. But damn… I was a bit conflicted with FOMO depression and optimism when he said this will become the greatest wealth transfer in history and if you miss out it's only your fault.

    But you are right. New opportunities always do emerge.

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