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welcome everyone it's the crypto lark and today I got to sit down with Pierre from blockchain dot IO to discuss their upcoming crypto currency exchange I co out of France before we get into that interview a massive thank you to all of you for being part of the cryptocurrency community seriously you guys are awesome so thank you so much for continuing to support the channel and you do have to remember this is not financial advice just a dude talking about crypto currencies on the internet this is a nice eel please do your own due diligence before investing your own money because there is always a certain of inherent risk and there is no substitute for DUI o our guys furthermore this is a sponsored interview with blockchain do but I have a course deserve the right to ask all kinds of fun and interesting and tough questions so let's get into it joined today by Pierre from bc io BR welcome welcome thank you for having me today now blockchain dot io that's a pretty impressive piece of Internet real estate without a doubt so can you tell us what are you guys doing what is the elevator pitch for blockchain dot IO yes for quite some time because I started premium the parent company if you will for blockchain otário back in 2011 and since then we've been running a Bitcoin euro exchange one of the very first of the kind back then you imagine that we are only in fact three of them and two the other two have disappeared so we are pretty proud to be a resilient in the Indus base as a Bitcoin euro exchange and in 2017 we realized there was something going on with the other coins market and the possibility that the true application for these technologies was perhaps the possibility for communities to issue their own money and that's uh that may be a big change paradigm shift that we are witnessing today and and therefore there needs to be a reliable safe exchanges to go from crypto to crypto if there are so many isle coins and tokens around that's when we decided to use this domain name that I booked in back in 2012 oh that was good thinking launching wasn't very popular it was in fact the central bankers may not change a popular world because they could not pronounce the word Bitcoin it would make them ill and so they started using blockchain as a substitute and that's fine because then now as you said are realistically a piece of real estate valuable and we are using it now for the crypto change very very cool I was certainly a good bit of foresight on your part getting that getting that domain name it's really interesting to to see like you said about the different communities that are bringing forward their own cryptocurrencies I mean that's that's a very wide picture too it's not just the cryptocurrency projects themselves but literally I think Naples in Italy they're gonna be launching their own town based cryptocurrency so they're the scenes just getting absolutely crazy without a doubt now I wanted to take a little more into hey Miam so currently how many users Atheneum have okay we have a user base today close to two hundred thousand users it's mostly European and and French users because as you as I mentioned it's the Bitcoin euro pair trading pair so obviously there is a bias towards the European customers but with quick with blocks on a tile we are expanding to a global customer base and we hope to turn this 200k user hopefully two million within the next year or so well I think considering the current trend in cryptocurrencies it shouldn't be too hard if you can deliver a good exchange product now do you think that the big limiting factor for you and growing your user base at pame iam was that you only had a Bitcoin euro pairing and he didn't have all the the fun and exciting alt coins essentially yeah that was the limiting factor for growth we are hoping that the you know the the Bitcoin would get used perhaps faster by for instance ecommerce the e-commerce industry and online merchants it turns out the Lightning only became a reality in the last year and some emerging as a network I think we take another into three years before lightning and the usage of Bitcoin and e-commerce becomes more widespread and meanwhile we have to you know to keep going because the the space is going very very rapidly so I think that's the reason we are expanding to all coins and also as I said because we believe this possibility to issue token C's is a huge paradigm shift because prior to the invention of this technology the only option you had as as a company for instance was to issue equity your shares of your company and this shares became a form of money for big companies because it was liquid and they could use it to buy other companies or to buy whatever they wanted to buy this so this was a very exclusive form of money what I call value money as opposed to debt money but now it's a technology the currencies we can have value money for even smaller small communities cities as you as you mentioned and NGOs all sorts of organization can now consider financing their projects with tokens and coins and that's huge about that chip and it's so that's really a sort of parallel paths with the the world of Bitcoin as a payment means which I think will still be the main application a Bitcoin will have all these tokens used as a substitute for equity and debt for financing projects and that's huge because that means you can really finance very interesting projects in a much more efficient and easy way and also you can also tokenize real real assets like real estate or transporting whatever whatever is infrastructure all that can be tokenized with this technology so it's again that's that's huge and we anticipate a huge growth of this market over the next 2 3 3 years because the regulators everywhere will have to acknowledge this bad I'm shift and and and make it somewhat easier for organizations to use this new form of money so it's blockchain dot IO going to be able to list security tokens then yeah absolutely that's the intention that's why we are talking to the market authorities here like the sec the market authority here that's called the AMF is very attempted to change and and we are we have a good conversation with them about being a compliant exchange for security tokens which are going to be the next wave of tokens today it's all about utility tokens and our token BCCI or token that we're introducing locked at i/o is a utility token but frankly I think security tokens are going to be much bigger than you TG children's in the next few years absolutely I mean if you if you have an exchange that can be compliant to list security tokens that's very exciting indeed and now France has had an interesting situation going on with crypto currencies I know that the finance minister Bruno Lemaire he's been becoming more and more positive about cryptocurrencies in fact they call him Monsieur Bitcoin now I've heard at least the rumor goes in France so have you been talking with him and if so what have those conversations been like what is his enthusiasm for seeing you know French exchanges coming to play ok slight interruption there folks we had a little Wi-Fi issue but we're back piers had to change rooms and click into a different internet connection but Pierre can we follow up on that question about the French Finance Minister yes to meet him a few weeks ago and I must say he is very much aware of the potential technology and very keen to use it as a lever for growth right in economic growth in the country so that's very positive the thing is that's true for politicians all around the world the banking industry and the banking Lobby in general has a strong grip over the financing of political parties and the financing of the projects of the governments so it's very difficult for governments to shake off from that grip and take measures to introduce what I call monetary democracy that is a choice a diversity in the money you can use or not use should be left up to the citizen to decide what what money they want to use even though that there can be a national currency of course but the monopoly days of the monopoly over because there is no technological barrier now for for issuing money and managing money so that's a fact that governments must acknowledge but meanwhile the banking Lobby is very active trying to delay with delaying tactics trying to delay the adoption of cryptocurrency and prevent government from passing legislation that would facilitate the adoption by merchants and and and the citizens so that's the situation and the way politicians that are willing to do something and then they have their hands by the lobby that's you know holding the wheel power I am today I'm saying the real power is not with politicians it's with the bankers they they manage all the money so we have to get rid of these monopolies if we want to move forward with with democracy that's that's a fact it's a fact that has to be recognized and it will happen eventually but it will take time because we are in the phase where the banking Lobby is in delaying tactics unfortunately c'est la vie as the French say so interesting interesting hopefully of course the government can went out here in the end and that we do it's at least very encouraging to know that there is someone in the government who does have a positive view of these things now taking it back for just a moment to pay me I'm never actually not really be diving into what blockchain thought I was doing so you ran paying him for a couple of years what do you think was maybe the biggest lesson that you learned from running a Miam well frankly the the particular when you run a Bitcoin to Fiat Exchange you have problems that are really in fact that's them from the friction with the old system with the banking system and you you don't have these kind of frictions with quickly to pick to exchange like doctorate I also I think I think we have a much freer hand to run a blockchain at i/o and it's gonna be a lot easier because we don't have this friction but meanwhile we have learned to deal how to deal with banks which is very important because all these investors want to cash in or out at some point in in fiat currencies so it's very important to have this knowledge how to deal with you know AML kyc requirements this sort of things I would say that it's not the most fascinating aspect of the business and because I don't use it as an engineer in the that's right that's right now let's dive in more to what blockchain dot IO specifically is doing now it's gonna be a centralized exchange we're also going to be using some centralized features in terms of atomic swaps for example so can you explain a bit about the actual architecture of the exchange yes customer will be will have an account on both platforms our customers we have the possibility to switch from the Fiat exchange to the crypto exchange seamlessly using bitcoins as the the period currency so they can move bitcoins free of charge from one platform for another to like I said to cash in or out of the sister of the crypto space and from a quick blockchain at i/o perspective we have give the option to trade also in a trustless manner with this what we call decentralized settlement or atomic swaps that's the other way of saying the same thing in other words you instead of giving sending the coins to the platform giving custody of the coins to the platform you will just escrow the coins or at a rate of time during which you can trade with the other party without counterparty risk so without running any reso you give up a little bit of of performance because unlike traditional trade your train will go through a specific protocol what specific cryptography protocol it's not lightning it's not tunnel bit because there has been some protocols creating channels you know between users between users that's lightning and a little bit for instance but no it's it's a dedicated protocol optimized for trading but still you don't get the same speed as you as you experienced with a traditional trade on the platform so you give up speed for extra security if so for instance it could be a way for people to test out the platform if they don't really trust the platform a platform they don't know yet they can use this feature and then after a while they could switch to traditional trading with with the platform giving the Kasturi – it's really up to the user and I think it's an interesting feature because it gives more freedom to the user absolutely I really like that actually because this is one of the biggest complaints that some people have in the crypto space is that when you have your Bitcoin on an exchange well it's not actually your Bitcoin this actually lets people have the option if they would prefer to have the custody and that speed of trading well you can go and just have that more centralized exchange account but if you wanted to can keep hold of your private keys at all times well we're actually offering that option as well as I think is a pretty powerful offering when it comes down to it so that's that's really cool in terms of really bringing in that extra edge of security for people who want to be in control of private keys at all times exactly and by combining the user base both people that want to trade the trust rest manner and people that want to trade in a traditional way I think by combining these two crowds we have more liquidity so it's more interesting for users when the platform are first the two options that's why I'm not a great believer in decentralized exchanges because if the end the entire exchanges decentralize you are losing the option to trade in a traditional way and yet many people don't want to deal with private keys they just don't know how to deal with private keys so if you offer the two options you have except bigger user base and yet you get freedom well since we're kind of mentioning Dex's here I really want to dive into the all the different services you're offering but I think before we do that I suppose mention the competitions so I've got three different particular competition areas that I want to mention and how you're going to respond to those well the first of course the centralized exchanges so let's just take by Nance so how do you compete with that monster yes development because their growth have been extremely rapid in within a year they acquired millions of customers so clearly there's some to be looked at from a marketing standpoint from the technology side I don't think they've brought much besides you know this the fact that they have done a nice heal so they have a token to have a really powerful marketing campaign so I think what we are I will say that we get inspired by this way of marketing the service and I think we can achieve the same kind of growth here in Europe because we are in a different jurisdiction and people look for compliance sometimes like as we said before I doubt that violence will be able to list security tokens here in Europe because although they have to be compliant and they have a long way before meeting the requirements here so I think that's there is room for for for more than one big exchange like finance there is absolutely we are still in the early days I think people that they are all early adopters in 2018 it's only ten years after the invention of Bitcoin were all early adopters and in the market it's not even big began to become a mass market mass market so again there is room for more than one big platform and we aim to be the big platform of Europe that's it's a great vision of course and I absolutely agree there's so much room out there for so many exchanges to grow and if you get that you know if you're offering security tokens that gives you an automatic strong edge in the market now what about decentralized exchanges I know you have a integration of a decentralization in your exchange model but do you see decentralized exchanges as being a threat to your business because that's for people that know how to do handle their private keys and are willing to spend the time and efforts to manage their private keys most people will use the exchange for trading as you know you come in and out of the exchange and then you can use a hardware wallet or paper were like to store after the trade your coins I think most people will still use the exchanges in a traditional way and the best of both words is what we are trying to provide the users keep this possibility to you to go you know trustless with this interesting protocol but I'd say 90% of our users will still use the traditional way of trading that is sending the comments to the platform so I think it's I don't believe I think well we are giving up too much performance decentralize exchanges the only edge they have is the on boarding because in a decentralized exchange you could theoretically bypass all the KYC requirements that centralized exchange will have in a given jurisdiction and so that's what people that don't want to reveal their identity and that's perfectly fine but most people won't care so much because for instance if they cash out in in Europe or in in a dollar New Zealand then it's it's showing up in there on their bank records and there is no privacy anymore but it's coming from some platform and they think they don't they are not playing that game of you know hiding identities to perhaps fall for the wrong reasons so I think decentralize the changes are always going to be a niche and the most powerful proposition is to combine both both modes that is trustless for nice now another thing that has become popular and that we're gonna move on to talking a little more about the utility is the token and all these things but negative fee exchanges we've seen quite a few of those coming recently we have I think coin X and F coin and all these different exchanges that are offering you money back for exchanging on there change do you see those as being a long-term thing is that just gonna be something hey in 2018 remember all those negative features so what's your thought on this and do you think that that's a competitive model people will resort to all sorts sorts of tricks and tactics and cash back or money back is one of the many ways marketers try to attract customers so I am not surprised some people are trying that I think the most more powerful proposition is school to go with tokens with a nice feel like like we do and in that case you are incentivized as a user as a member of the auction at i/o community to make the logical otário platform a success I think that's much more powerful a long-term proposition whose money back or cash back for platform is obviously not a sustainable business model and we are personally I'm not interested in short-term tactics I'm more interested in the long-term relationship with the customers and that's very very cool now I want to dive in really what does your token do what is the exact utility of the be CIO token okay so it's clearly a utility token and basically what you get is discounted fees on the platform so it will apply to trading fees listing fees and all all the services that the platform can provide consulting fees even if you have a project that you want to finance when I see oh we can help out help the project team with the launch of an idea which is still a very difficult exercise because we have a team that's knowledgeable and because we are going to own ICO right now so all these fees can be discounted if you are holding a doctor at i/o bc io tokens so that's where the value of the bc io token is coming from and there will be all sorts of incentives for for people to also help with customer acquisition summer support and that's when you see the cost the fixed cost of the platform and that benefit can be passed down through to the coin holders also so again that's that's really new I won't say we have the years and years of history to to validate what I'm saying but it's something very interesting yeah well certainly just having like referral bonuses and things like this finance has used that to great effect and actually just offering a discount on exchange fees I mean it's very simple utility for a token but we've seen this be incredibly popular for exchanges in fact exchange tokens have been performed incredibly well in the marketing by Nance's the big example but you look down the line at a lot of other exchange tokens they've all performed very very well indeed and so what kind of a percentage of discount can I get with the token oh you can go hundred percent for very large token holders so it's if they stake large enough quantity of tokens you can go up up to hundred percent for instance for trading fees like I said trading fees are not the only type of fees that the platform can collect so it's purty fine to give hundred percent discount for for some people that are you know holding coins but in general you get on average you get anywhere between 25 and 50 percent discount on the trading fees if you hold a sufficient amount of tokens very very cool now how does your exchange make money I know we've kind of talked a little bit about some of these ideas but so we've got exchange fees and that's that's the simple thing listing fees that's also a simple part but I know that you're also gonna be offering custody services for institutions are also gonna be offering brokerage services can you expand a little bit more on those service offerings and what kind of house that actually you know make you guys money on the back end yes we have people with an IC o—- we can get interested with and get paid with the the tokens that I should buy this IC or issuers so that's a way to collect fees that's very novel because in that case we're being paid and but with the kind of money that show we are we are really believing in the project that we are supporting so it's so win-win situation from a game theory perspective it's a it's very interesting mechanism so yes first of the fees I'd say in general that exchanges have a valid business model and they are not that many around in the crypto space there are lots of projects where the business model is not very clear to say the least as people may wonder whether it's sustainable or not with exchanges I think we have a sustainable business model that's very classical in in in traditional finance so it's it's so valid business models as far as custody fees it's also something we can see even the euro in fact today because of negative interest rates by central banks that's charged by central banks on on private banks you can even have custody fees for the euro or the dollar or the New Zealand dollar you could even see see that so for crypto currencies is different it's because of the I'd say the risk involved in in keeping custody of the coins so it's normal that you pay a fee to cover the risk I don't know if that's the business model because it's very difficult to assess the risk of keeping custody of the coins there is no statistics like I said we said it's really emerging it's not not in the mass adoption phase sole that is very experimental all I can say is we we at premium can secure the coins very efficiently with cryptography so we give up a little bit of convenience for security and constants we keep we'll keep private keys in in shares with speed with secrets and we put in different words across the country so it's not very convenient to be to be honest but it's very efficient but it's gotta be safe and that's the important thing and the choice we're making is here on the safe side because if you start you know being lacks or too convenient then that's when you give up security and you get you can run into problems but that's why custody fees are very difficult to assess as a business model because generally speaking security is something that people don't see until they are hit by a security problem they don't care about security so much so it's a it's a hard sell it's very difficult to market security it's much easier to market convenience so the result I don't think there is a valid business model for custody because you cannot build a business model on something that you cannot really market unless you think you can educate the entire world about computer security which I'm a bit easier just to be safe let's say well that's that's where the service comes in right now you're also gonna be offering ico services so this are we actually going to see icos happening on blockchain dot IO that people can securely invest in via the platform absolutely it's one of the thing we can provide to ice you issuers because they are the pain points if you will in an ICU and one pain point for instance is the platform with which you collect the funds this platform has to be very secure and only changes know how to receive deposits on the daily basis in all sorts of amounts and in a secure fashion with cold storage and all that that's something we've been doing for six years so we can be credible when we offer a platform for collecting the proceeds of the ICO because the proceeds will come in they can come in your own it can come in Bitcoin they can come in either all sorts of payment means so that that's one thing we can one way we can add value to the ICO process and the second aspect that's obvious is the listing because once you have a token you want it to be liquid and and are listed on the platform's mm-hm so that's something we can offer also as an exchange I think exchanges are ideally positioned to be platforms to execute I SEOs or for the years to come and because we said it's gonna be a very growing market huge markets next year I think interesting for us to position ourselves as partners of ico issuance yeah I love it I really do because we've seen a few exchanges working with this a little bit and it's just it's such a better model because what we see happening in the ico industry is that I see a website's get hacked there's all kinds of scamming going on the telegram groups and all these different things but if you just know that you can go to your blockchain IO account login to the website at the right time and just it's all on the website it's all on a secure place it takes out so much to worry because I know that there are people out there who are worried about investing in I sales because of the high amount of scamming and all the difficulties involved so I think it'll be very popular service without a doubt yes and as we said before for security tokens I think it's gonna be a requirement in fact that the ICO takes place on a regulated platform so it's I think for utility tokens it's we can see all sorts of things but for security tokens are gonna be regulated by definition I would say by design the security token is regulated because it's it has there is there has to be a legal framework to attach the token to real reward asset therefore on the regulated platforms will be authorized to perform I see us for these kind of tokens that's really why we're position on that segment I love it you're you're building the framework in advance again just like you did with the blockchain iota back in 2012 really okay we're getting ready for the security tart token market because it's coming and it's gonna be really really big I know a lot of people been talking about it but when it takes off it's gonna be an absolutely huge market we see just the start of this happening right now and then like he said two or three years this could be a massive part of the industry now I wanted to switch over to talking a bit about the team so currently the staff for blockchain dot IO is made up of Pei Miam staff so what's gonna be happening to pay me him are you gonna sort of be closing paying him down and transferring the whole service over to blockchain dot IO and is the pay Miam team gonna come over to that no it's really one team the pending team that's building and operating two platforms we have the economies of scale by doing that and to be honest the for instance the support for for customer support is really a more efficient if it's you know deployed for both platforms question is saying for me questions from users tend to be the same technically speaking also we have we are trying to use the same technology on both platforms so the developers can can be assigned you know one for one sprint on one platform maybe and choose prints now they will work on the other platform which makes it more interesting on so forth for developers because there are technical challenges are not of the same nature for crypto exchange and for Fiat exchange so all these you know is leading us to you know build and run these two platforms with one team it's really one team very very cool now considering that the business is going to be expanding and by the way for anybody out there think wait a second to be running two exchanges it's actually quite common we've seen this happen with quite a few different exchanges where they'll be running different levels of exchanges where you have a one that's got a Fiat gateway for example one that's just crypto to crypto and so this is actually something to seeing happening a bit more in the space but who do you need to hire what are the positions that you need to fill in your mind to make everything a success shortage of blockchain talents and tech talents in general because we are in this period with digital you're transitioning to after a mediated economy your artificial intelligence is coming also as a big way so all this makes for a shortage of talent so yes we're constantly hiring developers and tech talents I would say also that market on the marketing side we have a team marketing team that's not very knowledgeable about you know how to run an ICO for instance which is very very new and though the tactics are very specific to this field and it's very interesting to see these young people know trained for these marketing skills that are applying them to this new field so I think it's very interesting for marketing people as well so we're hiring on both dimensions the the tech team is growing and these were two platforms now and we will be adding coins and tokens also in the in the next in fact on a monthly basis we will be like we like the tokens and/or coins to blockchain at i/o and we live you also will have also be adding also fiat currencies to Panem calm so there is work to be done on both platforms and and obviously new functionalities mean new marketing marketing objectives I mean also on the marketing side digital marketing is reader also an area where absolutely and as as your services expand you'll need to get your rest a job more and more we haven't even mentioned that you're gonna be doing lending peer-to-peer lending those be margin trading coming as well so looking forward you want to be the leading crypto exchange in Europe by 2020 which is not that long way so what is your path to getting there how do you achieve that vision well clearly the ICO is there to finance the customizing position and the marketing efforts needed to achieve these objectives we are self-funded as far as technical development but the ICO is really what's gonna be fueling the marketing efforts so yes there are tactics that work that we've observed on other platforms that we can deploy and tokens really the PCI or token is gonna be instrumental for many of these marketing offerings and marketing tactics that are gonna be applied in the next two to three years the objective being to gain a to to have a customer base of 2 million like I said within the very very interesting the exchange space is certainly a competitive one but history has proven that exchange I SEOs have done very very well now for everyone out there the details of the sale we've got a hundred million tokens going up for sale I'm sorry in total 55 million are gonna be up for sale the price is 70 Euro cents with a 25% bonus on the first day and bonuses on subsequent days and weeks after that there is a link down below go ahead and click on through check out the white paper read up some more information on blockchain dot IO it is certainly an interesting project Pierre thank you so much for coming on to tell everyone a bit about what you're doing over a blockchain dot IO thank you very much thanks so much for watching the video let me know what you think about blockchain dot IO down below in the comment section thumbs up the video share these videos around the internet subscribe to the channel if you're not subscribed it hit that Bell to stay up to date with all of the latest in crypto space make sure you join the conversation over on Twitter telegram or steam it long live the blockchain and peace out til next time

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    Token does not grant the controlling individual any right or interest on asset or
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