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Ten year anniversary undertaking in the making of monumental occasion We are in the presence of giants, you know, these are Interesting times indeed. And what I wanted to talk about was um Hublot and their latest blockchain Partnership some speak endeavor, you know and also Jay-z, and how that has to do with mass adoption Rogers v diffusions of innovation a little bit of a game theory FinTech knowledge, you know, but yours and yours alike So sit back stay tuned and enjoy This experience if this is your first time tuning in. Congratulations, baby, you are now rocking with the best My name is became known as that crypto traitor Both these charts as you will soon find out Every day I graced this microphone with my voices another day. You get the profit as a result. Today is no exception I will check the video right now. Shout out that everybody Rocking out with me. Let’s see if I can get my people in the chat on the screen Where is that screen box live view chat stream alerts. What up? What up? Crypto fam Jenkins money. What up? I Said we get it to pop up real quick. Let’s see if we got a hundred likes on the last video. I Checked this morning we weren’t out a hundred for yesterday’s video But I’ll check it right now to see if we go be picking a winner yesterday’s video 572 views 77 likes I Really got to get this thing to be able to focus There it goes 77 likes we didn’t get it. It’s cooled up You got a chance right now to win some free BTC all you need to do hit that thumbs up button Leave me a comment down below if we get a hundred likes when we get a hundred likes I’ll come back on pick a winner and somebody will get paid. It’s just that easy Terry Cummings. What up, Andrew Jones? What up, logical feels wholeness invalid my vibrations? Hello from Indian. Good see Muhammad. Thank you for joining Terry Cummings hi nice to see you as well. So let’s get it. Let’s do it This is gonna be more Everybody I’m really proud to Be here that just yet. Let’s cut that guy off for a second. This is gonna be more of a theological discussion, you know, not a whole big drawn-out technical and now this is still nonetheless if you new hit the link above Click down below in the description for trading view type my name am bt Kelly 1203 that’ll take you to my page where I post charts To help you make money in the market completely free of charge so What do we got here? We got. Mr. Sean kata. We got the Hublot nice expensive 10, 20 30 40 50 Thousand up to 5 million dollars for a watch and we have the blockchain why is all of this coming together today? Why is it relevant well, um earlier About 10 20 minutes ago. I saw this ad right here on Instagram, and I said Hublot sponsored You know, it said register now and get your unique Blockchain watch and I said, wow, that’s kind of cool. What’s a Hublot I said, that’s the watch That’s the work that jay-z talked about. That’s to watch You know the BK was out in Vegas You know driver driver driver drop some of them Fiat Fiat papers played in the World Series of Poker, you know And I saw a big Cuba collection right there. Follow me If you don’t follow me BK crip, they’ll trade a highlight you boy, you know, I’m saying playing in the World Series of Poker Money ain’t pain cuz it don’t exist. It’s not real but nonetheless they have this big watch over there I took a picture of it and I say Hublot. That’s kind of cool. That’s pretty good. That’s pretty cool Let’s bring it all together. Let’s bring it all home You know I’m saying for a little bit and I was gonna dance I like Diddy and that is what we came up with. Jay-z Actually did a partnership with Hublot back in 2013 Probably didn’t work out too good because he sounded a little man on his last CD for not having enough money But this was one of his partnerships 2013 Released a watch notice. He released it under Sean Carter not under jay-z. So that was a business move in itself, but nonetheless He did this partnership with Hublot and now Hublot is doing a partnership with you know Instagram to promote a blockchain What and all of this is starting to come together and so real quick. I didn’t want to show the video specifically of this announcement I’m really proud to Be here with our new friend the new friend of the brand Casey Of course also named Sean Carter with which we’ve done an incredible partnership today It’s really it’s the first official launch of this partnership One to be always the first unique and different that people well being the first grant went over the soccer world For the American the first one to injure the basketball You see that this partnership is really who is following. This philosophy is really the first time Washburn is really going to be the specific model or the specific one show things like this, you know Don’t get made by happenstance. You know, we said no office We went we went to material really went to design and it took us like four times just because about were correct That’s right you know as you see with the watch, you know, and that we could be very proud of it’s not just uh you know celebrity endorsing you put your name on it is a Copy and paste sort of thing something that’s where you need to the partnership and it was done with the highest level of integrity and in class and uh You know that’s about it is the just the best one that they I would do because We’re really good at what we’re doing So, there you go It was a little low-key little announcement But I think some of those are still pretty cool to include to show that you know These things are happening fine. The scenes moves are being made and as I mentioned, I don’t think it really You know blossomed into the endeavor that he may have liked but it still happened nonetheless Right now keep in mind You know All of this builds into Distribution all of it builds into branding all of it builds into business which ultimately leads to the transfer of Currency energy value. What do you value if you value a $40,000 what well Hublot is the company for you and they just came to the blockchain, right? Hublot teases new blockchain watch for bitcoins 10th Anniversary, I just saw an ad on Instagram this morning It says Hublot will only accept Bitcoin Swiss luxury. What? Manufacturer, let’s see if we clean this up. So Unveiled a special timepiece in collaboration with these guys OS limited to commemorate bitcoins 10th anniversary the new hand-assembled limited edition Big Bang Model is available For pre-sale to celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. I think it’s very Very synchronistic how they’re pre-selling this watch 25 grand had a Relative low price for Bitcoin I’m there To where if they did it at the top, you know? Wouldn’t have been as much equity they received on the blockchain Network on Bitcoin Bitcoin network, right? So a 25 thousand dollar price tag. It ain’t trickin if you got it That’s about for Bitcoin right now forward some change paying homage to both the big bang series and blockchain technology the watch features Big Bang’s Signature industrial design as well as a aesthetic inspired from cryptocurrency to no surprise 210 was chosen For a reason to represent 21 million bitcoins that will ever exist in the world, right? Hugo has partnered with octogon Strategy limited to promote the new model which will officially be launched, November 6th and delivered to customers January 3rd Wow, you gotta wait six weeks bit going to be like 12 grand idea But I guess that’s not that bad Pre-sale registration may raise some eyebrows From the many Bitcoin fans who favor privacy because it doesn’t exist That’s right. If you’d like to order a timepiece that costs tens of thousands of dollars Additional information such as full name address and phone number will be required however, that’s not it get ready to upload copies of your government ID passport and proof of address as If you registering for a regulated Bitcoin exchange, and if you don’t believe me, just watch You blow the new Big Bang limited edition 45 millimeter register now Kind of cool little website, you know, they got their road map. So, you know, they’re legit. They got a road map, you know This is going to be be the first to own Big Bang limited edition. Please register below Sign away your firstborn key it sounding blood give us your name address email bank account all that good stuff Passport hold it up straight to the camera scan it ins and the eyes get close so I can get all that digital information on You this is the problem. This is the problem, right? So there here lies the problem and the opportunity and this is what I really wanted to talk about Right when these huge corporations come over First of all, they don’t value Bitcoin they value Dallas They’re only using Bitcoin or blockchain as like the latest marketing ploy to you know, go out and sell another $50,000 watch because Bitcoin at six grand is relatively cheap Bitcoin at 12 grand, you know, especially with the cost of Deflation for lost tokens and coins in the economy. It’s Bitcoin should be at least about twelve thousand dollars right now they know that so they’re releasing a limited edition special why it’s only two hundred and ten in the world of $25,000 watches But they’re not doing it it didn’t say that it’s, you know front loaded with some new blockchain ERC 20 protocol that’s you know specialized to do this at this feature for the blockchain new FinTech innovation. None of it This is just a marketing ploy To get more dollars and it’s very evident that they value dollars because they don’t value privacy The dollar does not care about your right The dollar does not care about your privacy. The dollar does not care about anything other than Contributing more debt death and destruction all over the world And so herein lies the opportunity If you value any of those three things then keep valuing the dollar, you know, go register for you blow Give away twenty five thousand of them, you know converted over to block tank Give away twenty five thousand and you’ll have you a nice big fat chunky watch, you know one or two hundred and ten in the world, but if you value The components that were integrated by design into Satoshi nakamoto’s white paper ten years ago Then you will understand that you would never give away Your information you would never give away a self holding picture of you and your passport For $25,000 watch For what? Are you saying? Criminals? Don’t buy watches Are you inferring that? The money I used to convert to Bitcoin was obtained legally because I’m willing to Scan my passport There is no correlation or causation between Identification and criminal intent and so this whole web that is being built around us is is is under is being constructed under false pretenses and and billion-dollar conglomerates like Hublot Confirm it. Welcome to everybody and again When they Strictly disregard any inherent Value of the blockchain all to get the next quick buck Remember companies don’t value you they don’t care about you They care about your money your value companies are dead. Entity state entities are vampires vampires don’t exist Without new blood right your currency your is your energy your energy is your blood? this is a game of vampires and And leeches right and they want to suck as much blood from you as possible until you a dead corpse kick you on the side of the road and then have Some some subsidy government assistance program. Come take care of you. I’m saying by the boatloads This is reality. This is America and this is the exchange-traded funds tipping point chasm now I wanted to talk about Arise there’s five forces of defusing Essentially We as bad as it sounds we need these puppets To bring their sheep over these are shepherds by the way We need these good shepherds. You know, it’s a lot of them out there. Just not the one mentioned in a good book It’s a lot of good Shepherds out there leading the Sheep to their slaughter And this is one of them both of them but we need them because It’s a lot of sheeple out there a lot of sheeple out there and we’re very very early in this whole lifecycle that nope known as blockchain, right I would say we’re somewhere probably around six to seven percent on that Blue line right or no on the black line. Now, what what they talk about here. Is this whole exchange-traded funds concept and that actually will multiply the accessibility of Cryptocurrency exponentially because then again The CJ B’s and the sheeple can bring their fake money over by the billions now keep in mind They’re all fake entities. They’re dead corporations. They don’t exist So they don’t have any this whole privacy data rights that they need from regular people, right? So they don’t have to worry about that They just fill out a 401 K 509 see w2w not all that crap you know with numbers and letters and they bypass all of those all of those loopholes but um, they bring a lot of fake money over to the market and in turn you know our Valuation of fake money goes up higher right but I don’t value fake money I don’t a USD cuz you has DN done nothing for me, but nonetheless when experience traded funds bringing their fake money over that curve will multiply exponentially and when that happens we’ll reach this tipping point, which is about half of 33% about 17, you know seventeen and a half percent somewhere it near And that’s when you know Bitcoin will boom. That’s when Bitcoin probably will surpass gold And total market cap. It’s nowhere near that right now It’s like less than five percent of gold or something like that less than one percent about something something crazy And so that’s why we’re so far down. We’re still I would say between 3 and 5 percent Towards that whole lifecycle So essentially multiply Bitcoin probably about 20 and that’s when we’ll start to come up to that Tipping point that will then probably multiply about 20 to 200 again This is a transfer of wealth, this is the opportunity this is the greatest transformation of wealth in history of humanity Blockchain is just one vehicle. That will be Facilitating that transfer right? So understand understand that the sheeple Need to be land, right? And they look to these celebrities and these billionaire Business owners like they don’t they don’t realize the reason he got a billion dollars. Is it because there’s a billion people out there? I got nothing I’m saying you can’t we can’t have one without the other and that’s that’s what caki stock right capitalism has led us to is is a Place where there’s a lot of billionaires and a lot of broke people, you know I said this before we don’t even have middle class anymore We have the rich the poor and the working poor, you know And most people find themselves amongst the bottom two Okay Terry come and said why what what will they do with all that info anything? They want sell it strip it down pimp it out. You know, it’s their data Your info becomes your property your data their property. So, you know Sure, you’ll start getting Solicitations sign up for that for that watch. It will start getting salacious solicitation from BMW You know JP Morgan Charles TD Ameritrade Charles Schwab You know government don’t know who you are first and last name birth certificate passport, you know, if you got enough money to spend $25,000 on the blockchain. What else have you bought lately? That question will be answered, you know, and it’s just it’s just the endless game of This trust in this information I choose not to participate You know, somebody asked me which way I swung on the political field other day I said whichever way to money swing, you know It’s easier to be a coach or a hole and manage the whole game when you ain’t playing on the field So I know I don’t you know, I’m not red not blue. Not not liberal elite pro prohibition abortion gun rights reform Regulation who cares? You know, like I said I think sometimes they just play scrabble and they just throw words together that don’t even make sense Neil come pro left liberal I Don’t know I don’t I don’t I don’t even follow it anymore And that’s what I said. Don’t put yourself in a box. Don’t allow yourself. Look up to the top a label, right? Because when you become a label, right? Do this impromptu real quick Never allow yourself to become a label Because by you doing that That label is all you’ll ever be I will give you one label what you should embrace willingly At every opportunity you can As this label will allow you to become one again Right now we don’t have humans we have slaves we have property we have Corporations we have vampires and we have property right the cattle sheep Animals, we don’t have humans. We have animals actually look up and uh Black black logs dictionary first edition second edition somewhere near look up human. It’s an animal. It’s a beast Right, it’s not it’s not a living breathing organism And so again here NIH’s the opportunity is to recognize that recognize You know what? They want recognized what they need and recognize how you can benefit between the allocations of those paths coming together right, and so that is what I wanted to share with you all I think it’s very Opportunistic that Shawn Carter you go bitcoin six grand Hublot 25 grand all happening on bitcoins 10th birthday, you know, this is this is the early game early early early game This is like, you know football game Kickoff you know four quarters is we probably about we probably about right after the first series, you know First team had the ball second team had the ball and now, you know, we bout three or four minutes in the game That’s it. You know, it’s a lot of game left. This this game is far from over Bitcoin six grand is cheap Telling you right now Gold $1,200 cheap silver 14 dollars an ounce Come on, I told I told it dude working working at a burger joint yesterday Hopefully watching this video talking about some Bitcoin I said, do you know about Bitcoin he was like, yeah I know about it. I got square app. You know, I see Bitcoin right there. I said do you got something’s like nah? You know MacArthur couple videos, you know, buy yourself some Bitcoin buy yourself some silver, right and understand This is the greatest transformation of wealth in the history of our nation of the world of humanity Probably in the last two to five thousand years of recorded History his story by the way, not mine. But his recorded history greatest transformation well You can benefit change of values change of worth value USD that doesn’t depression guaranteed value blockchain Transparency autonomous decentralization Right. These are some of the words that start to come to mind When’s the last time you’ve heard of the dollar being transparent and decentralized? We have a centralization problem at the top of the pyramid young-sam. So there you go Yes agreed logical fields on it right there with that being said everybody is that time of the day signing out Bost boy BK No matter where you stayed was able to Bay, California all the way back out dude. Jerk money. Good night Good morning, and good day. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time Thumbs up the video leave me a comment down below. Let me know what you think And also let me know what video you’d like to see in future do that for me you appreciate mine Till we meet again. Stay grifter go beads Like a boss You

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  1. Thank you for sharing your intellect. Thank you for your benevolence. I greatly appreciate you. And thank you for your great ability to articulate what is happening to the world in regards to our financial situation, you have helped me understand many things. ? plus, I love the way you say “Peace”, …..BTW, I used to live in South Bend. ❤️

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  4. Bare with me as I convey my opinion on the symbolism of the Hublot Blockchain watch in the words of a layman.

    As I understand, human emotions/actions are currently under the impression/influence of the energies of the universe. This includes how we perceive time itself. As humanity transitions to a world where man and machine are unified, we will no longer be under the direct influence of the 'space energies'. Instead, we have a new Reaper/timekeeper/Kronos/ruler of human emotion; BLOCKchain (Saturn/cube).

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