Blockchain in the Silicon Savannah

People have said that if the Protestant
revolution was about the separation of church and state,
then the Bitcoin revolution is the separation of money and state. It’s an
interesting thought. My name is John Marena Karanja and I’m the founder of
BitHub Africa. We are a Bitcoin and blockchain technology accelerator based
in the heart of Africa’s silicon Savannah. We are a team of young
engineers who are passionate about innovation. We work with developers,
investors and technology start-ups to help pave the way for Africa to take a
central role in the open and permission-less practice to transact
and do business with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. Corruption and lack of
access to the market has hampered Africans for decades. But in the past few
years blockchain has been taking root and in many ways has bypassed both
corrupt systems and leapfrogged traditional technology. People do not
need computers or laptops to do business. All you need is a phone and an internet
connection. And this is true across Africa. In Ethiopia, the government is
working with blockchain to securely monitor their coffee grain supply chain,
effectively making it fully traceable for the first time. And here in Kenya, my
country companies use blockchain to safely and securely send money across
borders and as such micro loans have become hugely popular.
It is predicted that Kenya will go from nearly 6% connectivity to the Internet
to 70% over the next decade and it will all be done via phones. Blockchain has
the potential to establish better systems, open up financial services and
create an investment culture for every person in every village in Africa.
I, John Karanja, feel incredibly lucky to have a front seat position. I can’t wait
to see where this technology takes us

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