Blockchain Fundamentals on edX

Rustie: Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
are reinventing the future of financial systems Gloria: Enabling new, democratic ways to fund
crypto startups Rustie: Scaling the internet for a new distributed
web Rustie: Blockchain technology, put simply,
is a technological solution to an age-old social problem:
Gloria: How do we work with others who we don’t trust? How do we achieve consensus in a trustless
environment? Rustie: Blockchain is what allows the users
of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to agree on who owns what —
Gloria: Without having to rely on a trusted third party like a bank! Rustie: Blockchain Fundamentals is a comprehensive
survey of relevant topics in cryptocurrency and the wider blockchain space. We’ll be diving head-first into topics such
as: Bitcoin: the inspiration for the blockchain Gloria: Ethereum: the world computer enabling
a new wave of decentralized apps and services Rustie: Consensus algorithms such as Proof-of-Work
and Proof-of-Stake, Gloria: and how blockchain technology builds
on decades of classical distributed systems literature. Rustie: With your deepened understanding of
blockchain, you’ll be able to formulate your own informed blockchain mental models,
hypotheses, and use cases — imperative for understanding the industry. Gloria: You’ll also be able to explain blockchain
to your grandma! Rustie: Whether you’re a computer science
student, entrepreneur, crypto trader, hobbyist… Gloria: – or just a deeply curious individual
– Rustie: …this program will definitely inspire
you! Rustie and Gloria: We hope you join us
Rustie: in exploring how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are poised to affect so
much of the world today.

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